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The Four Ages Marbles

. Historic info. If you really want these programs I can do you a 2.75" diameter epoxy sphere containing all these pgms plus a couple more, for $250.

These spheres have 2-part programs which come from the Antuvozy, a shamaness in Pitwexin's timeline.
On July 20, '08, I wrote in OTB 27c:
The set of 8 stones that Tim sold me as Silmarillion Orbs ... is a set of pgms that Tim ripped off from Pitwexin's lineage, and added gobs of garbage programming with stealth viruses to. A lot of cleanup was necessary. Antuvozy created the pgm some 50 years ago, and there are 474 sets in their time-line. The last one added was years before Tim started selling them. I'll have more to say about that someday. This set is not available for free downloads. I will have them for $250 if some backordered spheres ever get here.

These are 4 1" diameter snowflake obsidian spheres, filled with sophisticated programs pertaining to the 4 Yugas, or ages, and their qualities. You can read all about the programs at this page, about 1/2way down.
I bought Tim Rifat's "Silmarillion Orbs" in late 2005 for $660, about a month's wages for me. I was desperate at the time for weapons against the demons. I was very pleased with them for a few months, then the stealth viruses started to bite my butt.
The "pulsars" Tim talks about are evil Nordic ETs that had him conned, and installed all kinds of stuff to serve their nefarious agenda, such as being able to harm any user who started to go after the evil Nordics. His orbs are 2" diameter quartz balls. Twice the diameter of the ones I offer. And many times the volume. Why? The programming in mine is not compressed or compressible. Tim needed all that extra space for his additives to the original programs. Garbage and viruses.
But I didn't know that at first. I loved the orbs. Merely holding the 4 orbs in a sock in my left hand weakened the attacks on me so much. They were great defensively that way. I wore them in a belt pouch for many months.

These days I have hundreds of pounds of programmed stones and resin-based devices that are vastly more powerful than all Tim's stuff combined. I no longer carry the orbs, but have them integrated into my orgone setup. But someone less endowed should find these very effective for protection.
Mine have the original programs, which in my shaman friends' timeline are traditionally put into carefully selected Apache tears. Obsidian is better suited to these programs than quartz is. I get that snowflake obsidian is at least as good as black obsidian or Apache tears.

  • Four Ages Marbles: $250. These come with companion stones. By default, I will give you 4 tiny tumbled stones with the companion programs. The companion programs, unlike the sphere programs, are compressible, and actually only take up the space of a grain of sand. So if you prefer, I will put all 4 into one single stone, which can be a tiny tumbled stone or it can be integrated into your master companion stone if you have one for some of the other programs in OTB 27.
    Also (if you ever change your mind or lose the pebbles) these programs can be shuffled into a different stone by the rightful owner, or you can contact me to do it for you for free.
    Guarantee: You may return them anytime within 6 months for a full refund minus shipping costs. Or keep the stones and I will refund $235 of it and clear the stones.