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Arcturan Protective Program Offer
Note: This is a free programming offer limited to people in certain specific geographic areas only. It does not apply to most people.

These locations are
  • Holland
  • Paris
  • Salt Lake, UT area
  • Toronto area
  • Norway (excluding panhandle)
  • Turkey
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Denmark and NE Germany
  • UK from Manchester/Liverpool latitude up to Aberdeen (excluding Ireland)
  • Central Russia and Dal'negorsk area in SE Russia
  • Iran
  • Tanzania
  • Alaska
  • Greenland
  • large remote area around Lac Labossiere in Quebec
  • possibly other areas I may find
At this time there are already individuals in the Salt Lake area and Denmark doing this, but more would be fine.

Explanation: The Earth is crying out for this program in some places. Whether a place needs this program is not related to how big or bad it is. Rome, Zurich, London, DC, do not particularly need this program.

Terms: This is a proprietary pgm not normally available for free to the public. But individuals of good character may have it programmed into their stuff by The Committee for non-commercial gifting of these areas. If you live in one of these areas, you can even pave your home with it, I don't mind. Give it to all your friends in the area. Toss it all around. Keep a bunch in your car. No limits.

Note that your first line of defense is the 3 standard programs: Strontium-Barium, Violet Flame, and the Water Pgm. [Update Sept. '12: I am currently recommending the July 2012 Program as the most effective thing for gifting at this time.] The Protective Pgm is not superior to these. Except maybe in Toronto, where the need for the Protective Pgm exceeds all at this time. In fact Toronto has already had a fair bit of it since before the last G8 (or however many) meeting, when I sent several pieces there to be deployed.

Technical Details: The cool thing is that you only need plain resin (polyester, epoxy, pine sap; even acrylic or urethane would probably work) and molds of specific shapes. No additives are used, so there is no need for me to mail you powders for this program.

If you live in one of the designated areas, email me to line things up. Unless you are psychic and already know you are connected to The Committee. If you do not live in one of the designated areas, it is unlikely The Committee will put this pgm in. They might put in a substitute so you don't end up with an inert lump of resin.

Suitable Shapes:
Square, pyramid, tetrahedron, triangle. Pyramids and tetrahedrons can be truncated, as in the example here. Corners can be rounded.

It is odd, but the pgm only works in these shapes. I once had a thin, wide square with this pgm and accidentally dropped a hammer on it, pulverizing one corner. I had to throw it away then, because it was inert!

Do not put anything else inside the piece, unless it too has one of these shapes, and it is centered with the same alignment. That is, square and pyramid shapes are OK inside squares and pyramids, and tets and triangles are OK in tets and triangles. For example, in this pic I have a strontium-barium square centered within the Protective Pgm. Note also how rounded the corners are on the larger cast. Not a problem. In fact the mold used there is actually more of a truncated pyramid. Square objects can go inside pyramids and vice-versa. Ditto for triangles/tets within each other.
Do not put triangles inside squares, etc. Protective Pgm pieces can be used as is or re-cast within other orgonite. So if you want to use shavings, coils, rocks, etc. that is fine but do not cast them inside the piece you want programmed with the Protective Pgm. In a case like this that program will not take, so The Committee would use different programs. I always keep a bunch of little cast triangles, squares, and pyramids around to put inside larger things I build.

Despite its name, this program is also good to include in aggressive weapons!

See also the top entry of OTB 40. Both of these molds are excellent for this pgm, especially the Mayan one! The entire mold is geometrically compatible with this pgm! In the pic there, that cast has 5 layers of the Protective Pgm and 3 layers of other pgms.