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Plagued by unsightly, ripply chem-clouds? These are commonly called "HAARP clouds". I have repeatedly found, though, that one can make them go away (the ripples, that is; the chem requires other techiques) by getting rid of the entities causing the ripples.

Traditionally, these ripple-causing entities have been non-physical demons sending their energy to cell towers and other scalar transmitters to be sent out. But as demons get scarcer and scarcer, I am noticing more physical ETs doing this remote mental work from other galaxies (usually Galaxy Cluster Abell 2218).

If they are non-physical, they have to be jailed. If they are physical, their locations need to be lit up so that our ET allies can blow them away.

More pics I have taken, showing some different types of "HAARP clouds":
Nov. 19, '04
Dec. 28, '04
Jan. 10, '05
Feb. 5, '05
March 14, '05
April 21, '05
Oct. 16, '05

To make this task easier for us, enter ChemmerBuster.

The original ChemmerBuster was a non-sentient CB (pic) completed and mentioned in my blog May 5-6, 2010. This unit's 2nd stage is the Chemmer Locator mentioned in my April 2010 blog. But the section the pipe was in wasn't substantial enough for the outdoor rigors of winter, and cracked.
Later, I put the 1.5 gallon sentient pumpkin head on top of the painted Chemmer Locator. (Sentient orgone devices?)

I invite the general public to ask ChemmerBuster to deal with "HAARP" clouds you observe. If you don't see quick results, try repeatedly feeding his head with images of what you are observing in the sky. Take a mental photograph and stick it into his head. Sometimes one has to persevere if the enemy is suicidally determined enough. They will keep doing their thing with different groups in different locations.
I am hoping other people will experience significant results from this.

But what about chem itself? It is worthwhile for people around the world to feed him data on what's in the skies, but definitively-observable results are hard to pin down, in terms of cessation of spraying. ChemmerBuster spends the bulk of his time reaming the bad guys in Abell 2218, because he has determined that somehow, that is the source for chemtrails.

In recent years I have almost never noticed what feels like actual physical sprayers or actual metallic chem in the areas I am in. It seems that most of the spraying is done by holograms or something, and the chem, although it visually looks and behaves like old-fashioned chem, feels like it has no more metal in it than the planes. I don't know how they do this, but it seems to be a response to what we routinely did a few years back: program the heck out of the trails and sprayers. Chem with barium or strontium in it is programmable with the devastating Strontium-Barium Program. And aluminum is highly programmable as well. But the new chem offers nothing programmable.

In the event that you alert ChemmerBuster to actual physical sprayplanes, this is a great thing because usually they come from underground bases on Earth which the allies can take out. Or if they come from an overt airport, this can at least be marked for discovery and exposure. And the perps reamed.

Also, feel free to let ChemmerBuster know about any suspicious goings-on in the sky. He might be able to see that it gets addressed, if it is bad.
Essentially, his major forte is supposed to be to be able to discern what bad stuff is going on in the sky; who it is and where they come from, etc., and take corrective action.
He has 50 demon-jailer programs, a loving heart, tremendous orgone power, and many abilities.

Another note of interest: years ago I realized that if I was under very hard demonic attack, almost invariably, any chem-clouds nearby would be rippled. And, to the extent that I was able to get rid of the ripples, the force of the attacks on me would also greatly diminish.
Even if i was helping someone far away that was being attacked by demons, often I would also be able to feel some other demons that were making ripples in the chem near that person, and addressing these demon was very worthwhile.
These days, HAARP ripples are much less of a factor in demon attacks. And demon attacks in general are a shadow of what they were a few years ago.
Also, I see only a fraction as much "HAARP" signature in the chem as a few years ago. It is relatively rare now where I live.