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Japan, Hebrews, Reptilians, and Satanists

Feb. 26, '12: Long ago, hordes of corrupted Hebrew/reptilian hybrids and reptilians landed in Japan, interbred with the locals, and turned some of them onto Satanism.
Most Japanese people dowse as having 30-33% reptilian DNA, and on average maybe 10% Hebrew DNA. This is much more reptilian and Hebrew blood than the average "Jew" has. Most Israelis dowse as having 0% Hebrew blood; I presume that these are Khazars, but Khazar blood has no vibe that I can discern, so I can't be sure.
Oddly, Scottish Rite shapeshifter Netenyahu, who professes to being a Khazar, dowses as having 30% Hebrew blood (and 32% reptilian).

One interesting thing is that the Japanese royalty AKA Yamato Dynasty, all have 42% rept DNA and are shapeshifters, but are not Satanists or blood-ritual black magicians.
Japan is not the only country run by shapeshifters who are not Satanists. The Obamas (30-31%), Angela Merkel (32%), Ratu Epeli Nailatikau (41%), Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (33%)...
And check out these guys.

I do not know why many shape-shifting leaders are not black magicians. Some of these, certainly Obama (deceased) and his clone replacement, are puppets, whereas the Yamatos actually rule.

Note that, as far as I can figure out, if someone has enough reptilian DNA to potentially shape-shift, it requires some kind of activation before it happens. Ordinary Satanic practices may not do this, yet some other practices that do not involved blood rites will do this. Hence there are a few lowbrow Satanists who have plenty of rept DNA but know nothing about shape-shifting, and there are evil shape-shifters who are not tainted by blood rites.
How much rept DNA is necessary? I do not know what the lower limit is, but 30% is definitely enough. In other words, all Japanese people could shape-shift if activated. If I'm right about this.

I find it interesting that Japanese government does not have Satanists. The Japanese Satanists seem to be mainly in some of the samurai, ninja, and Yakuza clans. Examples of Japanese shape-shifting Satanists include Toshiro Mifune (41%) and Norio Hayakawa (31%). The Saotome Aikido clan are shape-shifting satanists that trace back to the corrupt Hebrews of yore. They have turned a lot of other Aikidoists onto black magic, for example Koichi Tohei (32% -- but not a shapeshifter as far as I can tell).

By contrast, in China it is pretty much only the oligarchs, the Politburo, etc. that are Satanists. Scottish Rite shapeshifters at that, although some Satanism was brought to China long ago by the corrupted Hebrews.

The original Hebrews were a fine people. And there are some special souls that were supposed to incarnate into Hebrew bodies, but the reptilians ruined the Hebrew race in this timeline. There are about 5K true Hebrew souls floating around in this time-line, discarnate. Also about 1400 have incarnated. They can incarnate into any human body that has less than 1% reptilian DNA.
I have 5 true Hebrew wives. In happier timelines they have physical Hebrew bodies and Hebrew husbands. These ladies are pure of heart and utterly lacking in the arrogance characteristic of so many "Jews". They are very advanced in metaphysics and healing. They have done healing work on many of my friends.

Feb. 27, '12: So what, you may be wondering, is the deal with Benjamin Fulford? Is he an agent? Not that I can discern. I have not been able to cull him yet, but then again, I have also been unable to cull such dubious characters as Assad and Karzai so far.
I think he is sincere, but haven't studied him much because so much of what he writes seems like fantasy that I can't feel anything on.
I once watched a video in which he showed a ninja who opposes the NWO. The ninja seems real and sincere, ensouled, but he was saying there are like 150K of these guys ready to take down the NWO. This is a gross bluff; in actual fact the number is unfortunately far fewer, and the NWO know that.
And now Fulford has been working with a ghoulish-looking gay NSAtanist named David Wilcock, so his credibility has suffered more in my view.

But what about this "LAWSUIT THAT COULD END THE BANKSTER RULE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION"? I haven't studied this in depth, but this "Dragon family, a reclusive group of wealthy Asian families" feels like another mess of non-Satanist shapeshifters with 40+% rept DNA. Are we seeing a genuine conflict between shapeshifter groups? I suspect so.
A couple months ago I read an article in which Fulford claimed that a Rothschild had visited the Japanese oligarchs, and left unsatisfied, as the Japanese were breaking away from Rothschild control. It felt like there was truth in this.

But things are not that simple. See my blog entry for yesterday at 12:50pm. These criminals are working for the Japanese Security Bureau. The Japanese government is complicit in the Fukushima weirdness.
I haven't been able to make much sense of the situation.

March 2, '12: In reference to something I mentioned earlier, there was a big energy shift yesterday and scads of people got culled, including Assad, Karzai, and Fulford. Note that this does not in any way signify that Fulford is an agent; a lot of people got culled who are not.

March 24, '12: Well, maybe there are some Satanists in Japanese government. I just noticed this DORy shapeshifter, 42% rept DNA: Yukiya Amano.
He used to be in the gov't; he is presently the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

June 26, '12: Recently I have noticed that most shapeshifters on Earth do not have the blood-ritual vibe. These have been impossible for me to detect until we de-cloaked them a couple weeks ago. Amongst them are Benjamin Fulford and that ninja he videoed.

January, 2018: Note that I no longer put much faith in the accuracy of the percentages of rept or Hebrew DNA I used to dowse. Also, there is the matter I was missing before, of Egyptoid DNA being mixed with the majority of shapeshifting reptilians -- and the Egyptoids are also shapeshifters.
Also I said earlier that there were about 5K Hebrew souls extant in this timeline, whereas now I sense 800,000+.
Plus, I said that Khazar blood has no vibe I can discern, whereas actually they (Ashkenazi) are all reptilian-Egyptoid hybrids.
And, I said "the Yamatos actually rule" but now have doubts they did. I think we have been given fake VIP hoax actors for ages.
And I said that about 1400 Hebrews have incarnated here, but I no longer detect these. I think they abandoned their incarnations.