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Loohan Remote Combat Services

Loohan's Remote Combat Services
Plagued by demons, devils, astral critters, greys, Nordics, reptiloids? Intelligence agency radionics, satellites, hidden transmitters? Got Freemasons, witches, Illuminati, Satanists after your sorry hide? A foreboding, heavy presence smothers you wherever you go? Well, you've come to the right place, because Commander Loohan can handle all those creeps. For a small fee, of course.

Got men in black parking white vans full of electronic equipment right by your house? Got helicopters hovering over your roof? Little green aliens on Alpha Centauri shooting at you with ray guns? Red-eyed leering gargoyles infesting your dreams?
Commander Loohan quite understands, and will be delighted to take your money to set things aright.  

Note: Not long after I published the foregoing, to fill a perceived vacuum for such services, Tim Rifat came out with a new site, which is recommended reading. As you can see, he'd been thinking along similar lines.
I highly recommend you take your business there if possible, as he can offer more complete and lasting relief from evil entities.
I always recommend that the beleaguered invest in a few of his crystals, anyway.

But, although his prices seem very reasonable for these new services, many afflicted people can hardly come up with next month's rent, so I can offer them some relief on the cheap.

These days the black magicians are losing ground fast. Hence, many people who are somewhat persecuted, whom I then assist, will see their persecution levels drop dramatically for the simple reason that the opposition is running lower and lower on resources such as demons and the evil energy they produce.

Some of the things I do are different from what Tim offers. Here's some of what I do:
  • Map the locations of hidden transmitters in your immediate environment, neutralize them, and nail the covens sending DOR to them. The last two items are not complete or permanent, but usually these days they are slow to regain lost ground, and I will monitor and continue to pick these things clean.
  • Periodically check to see if you are being hit by radionics, satellites, or other remote transmitters, and clean that up. Again, this is something that requires occasional maintenance.
  • Remove etheric spiders, werewolves, octopi. In many cases, the main problem with a person will be 1-5 strong octopi smothering them. Easy for me to dispose of. Once removed, these critters will usually be replaced periodically, so I have to monitor the person for a while.
  • Tell you if you have any evil energy devices in your possession. Many "healing energy" and "orgone" devices these days are deliberately infected with evil programming. Similarly, many crystals may be (often inadvertently) corrupted with evil energy.
  • If you send me a list of friends, neighbors, associates, relatives, I can tell you which are into black magic. I can also help your acquaintances with attacks against them.

    In some cases, efforts to clean up an individual will lead to a mess of ETs, an evil cult, an underground base, or other large target. In a case like this, I don't charge extra for this work. Why? Because I have a few good friends that share my enthusiasm for eradicating evil. I don't pay them. In the event of a large, important target, I will ask their assistance, and we will pulverize it. Again, complete eradication may not occur, but the troublemakers will, in most cases, probably pretty much leave you alone as they expend their largely-depleted resources coming after us.

    How much $$ do I want for this? In most cases $50 will keep the grosser stuff off of you for months. It does not take me much time to do most of these things. If you have other family members or friends you want me to help, of course this can take more time.
    Some rare individuals are more harassed in unusual and relentless ways, and may require more work. Indeed, if they are not too broke, they are best off contacting Tim. Or I can get you some temporary relief while you come up with the money to pay him.

    for a free consultation.

    I am not trying to hard-sell my services. I am glad that Tim has started doing this. People need somewhere to turn, and that is my main concern.

    Meanwhile, entertain yourself with my Paranoia Bulletins.