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Lecture 1b

February, 2008

Over a year has passed since I cut Lecture 1a. Due to endless logistic problems, I have decided it is much easier for me to just type out what I have to say, so I no longer foresee an audio lecture series. I want to wrap up some loose ends here that were left from the first lecture.

First off, I said that apparently the Jewish religion is not a scam, unlike many others. However, that was poorly phrased. I know almost nothing about the Jewish religion. All I know is that the original Hebrew race was highly spiritual, and that some of this lives on in many Jews, despite all that has happened. However, contemporary Judaism (like Christianity and Islam) is strongly influenced by Mosaic law, which may not be all bad, but it should be mentioned that Moses was a black magician whose god was Yahweh, not Jehovah.

For that matter, Mohammed also was a black magician whose god was Yahweh. Yet, the word Allah evokes Jehovah, not Yahweh, oddly enough, so many Muslims actually have a close connection to Jehovah.

Also, although I do believe that it is important for some good Jews to be in the Palestine region doing good work at this time (and this is happening) I want to make it clear that I in no way support the Masonic Zionist state of Israel. All the people in Mossad, IDF brass, ADL, AIPAC, etc. etc. are Satanists, and have nothing in common, except maybe a portion of their genetics, with the original Hebrew people. Real Jews don't do torture-sacrifice rituals for demons.

OK, back to my narration. Up until some 30,000 years ago, the Americas were pretty clean of dark practices. Then came the first wave of the corrupted, hybridized Hebrews. Between 30K and 5K years ago, there were 13 waves of these. Seven hit the Americas, five hit Japan, and one hit China. No doubt there have been other waves hitting other continents, but the details escape me.
By the time Columbus came along, a large fraction of the natives were into black magic, worshipping Yahweh and/or Ahriman. Columbus and his men were, of course, Satanists who were very cruel to the natives. But 100% of the natives of the Carribean were worshippers of Yahweh. The priests would do the blood sacrifice as the rest of the town participated in sex orgies to feed the Seraphim.

Even some of the Inuit in the northernmost reaches of North America were into black magic practices.
In 1990 I was involved with the Seattle Rainforest Action Group, which among other things had "adopted" a village of Lacandone Mayas in Chiapas. Now I realize that ~45% of the village's inhabitants were black magicians.
And in 1991 I watched a TV documentary on a tribe of Amazonian Indians that had only recently been discovered. There was considerable concern about the possibility of inadvertently infecting them with unfamiliar microbes. These people had no clothes and almost no technological development. Yet, I realize now, all had a vibe just like high-tech Freemasons, because they were devotees of Yahweh.
Around 2000 or so, I was in the Smithsonian Institute watching a group of Ecuadoran(?) men doing an entertainment thing. They were playing flutes as they walked around in circles, etc. Very dark-skinned Indians, some with scars on their faces. All dressed up in modern white shirts and dark slacks, yet they looked like they had just been pulled out of the jungle. I thought they were pretty cool at the time, but now I realize they were all Yahweh-worshippers into dark rituals.

On 5/11/6 I wrote in my blog:
I was backpacking in Smokey Mountains National Park in 1978, and it was getting dark and i was looking for a place to throw down my bivvy sack, when i came upon a nice level site in the otherwise hilly terrain, and i really wanted to stop there, but i got a quite strong creepy vibe, and so continued on despite decreasing visiblity.

This is what i now get happened there: In 1718 three evil Indians and 6 whites took a 29-year-old Cherokee woman and tortured her to death to feed Ahriman. This was to place a powerful curse on the Cherokee Nation. And that curse was still in place until this afternoon when i broke it.
I wrote that before I had figured out about what had happened to the Americas. These Indians were, I think, from Florida, but were not Seminoles. Seminoles were clean.
The 6 white guys no doubt had no idea that the demon that these Indians called Mockoone was actually Ahriman.

I have no idea why a small country like Japan was hit so hard, nor why Australia was spared. The Australian aborigines are dark-skinned Caucasians, as are the African Hottentots and Bushmen, who coincidentally also were spared. Not all Africans were so lucky.
In fact, I've dowsed and re-dowsed this countless times because it's hard to believe, but I always get that 86% of the Africans that came across on the slave ships were black magicians. As were the Africans that sold them to the traders. And the traders were also Satanists, as were 59% of the slave holders.

The slaves' black magic practices were suppressed, advertently or inadvertently, by the slave owners, with the result that black magic mostly died out among the slaves. Of course, modern American blacks have largely caught up with the national norms.

The history of the world consists largely of black magicians v black magicians. I get that 42% of the people killed by the Spanish Inquisition actually were black magicians. And the Nazis persecuted the Gypsies, who are all Satanists, as well as rival Masonic lodges.
Over 1/3 of the people sacrificed at the WTC on 9/11 were Satanists. There is no lost love amongst such people. [Update June 2014: Actually, what I missed in '08 is that most of the people "sacrificed" on 9/11 were still alive! Until our forces took out most of these in misc. (mostly CIA) underground bases in 2013. They were shapeshifting reptilians. See here for pix of some of these. These are all dead, as of 2013. A few others are still alive on the surface with new identities.]

Another interesting thing is the Indian caste system. Although it is true that it has abusive aspects, it is also true that the Brahmins have no reptilian DNA nor blood-ritual practices, whereas the Untouchables have plenty of both.

In my audio lecture I speculated that various benevolent entities that have attempted to intervene in Earth matters were from later waves of Creation. Now I am more inclined to suspect that they were from other time-lines. Since last summer I have become much more aware of other time-lines, and have interacted with myself and others on several other time-lines. Quite a bit.

There is a lot about this that I haven't figured out yet, but apparently, for some reason, various negative time-lines sprang up early on, as well as many positive ones. Ours, in case you haven't figured it out, is not in the latter category. In the more positive time-lines, human life-spans tend to be measured in thousands of years.

Power spots exist in numerous time-lines simultaneously. One reason that the demons and evil ETs have their human slaves do nasty stuff on power spots (e.g. nuclear blasts and facilites, black magic, Montauk tech, etc.) is to not only allow more nasties into our time-line, but more importantly to create windows of vulnerability into other time-lines. I call this "cross-corruption". With one exception, all the time-lines I have found have had some evil ETs and/or demons, due to this corruption. Some originally pristine ones had become at least as bad as ours. My friends and I have been busily cleaning them up, as well as ours.

Cool link: Rabbi Weiss holds forth on Zionism.

Update July 10, '08:

There are 81 tiers of evil repts. Around their "Darpa" base here.
And 100 tiers of good repts elsewhere. The high-up ones are very active on higher dimensions. I'm just noticing these heirarchies.
Whereas heretofore I have believed that all good repts are a result of evil repts having been abducted by good beings and genetically modified, I can see that most of these guys have some other provenance. I suspect it's just that in some time-lines, repts turned out good, in others bad, and later they crossed into each others' time-lines.
I still think that the good repts who act as protectors for Earthlings do trace back to abducted evil ones, though.
[Note 6/'14: This paragraph on reptilians was written at a time when I had very limited awareness of the many types of reptilians around, both good and evil. The Darpa repts were non-physical, evil slave-constructs which have probably been extinct for years now.]