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Loohan Communications Office

Orgone News Bulletin Volume 2

Continued from ONB Vol. 1

June 27, 2005 cont'd: I didn't feel real good when I woke up this morning, and after a while, I decided to check a local area map. I found that a base just about 5 miles from me had fired up, and was generating heavy DOR!

Let me back up a minute. A few weeks ago, Clyde told me he heard from a credible source that there was a big underground base right near me, and gave the approximate area. I could not detect anything. I emailed a local map to my dowser friend Archie, and he drew the black line contour of an alleged base almost centered around the county airport.
The town on the north edge is Marshall, AR, the county seat. He said the base was defunct. I figured I must have inadvertently killed it a couple years ago. I could feel no energy from it, and had no proof anything was there.
I juiced it a bit anyway, and so did Archie initially. As you can see, it is several square miles in area.
Apparently they fired up new DOR machinery last night, and the entire area Archie outlined seemed to radiate it. However, that little black square structure right off the runway is the center where most of the energy came from. There was also a spot just off the west corner of that building that I had to work on. The round thing is just a map symbol for airport.
The airport is relatively recent; it was only built a few years ago. The road going SW to NE just south of the base is on a ridge with plenty of towers that I have gifted several times. In the southern tip of the base, you see it says KSNE-FM. That is actually a red and white FAA tower, though last time I went to gift it again, a couple months ago, I didn't bother, as I saw it had nothing mounted on it anymore, and I felt no energy.
I live just about 4 miles southeast of the southern edge of the map.

I had heavily rocked the highway going through Marshall, and spread a bit of orgonite and charged water bottles around. But I have never done the heart of the base. I was planning to tomorrow, and that's still in the works. But the energy they use these days seems to largely smother the effects of any nearby gifts (unless they are remotely juiced). Which means I will photograph some devices and gravel before I spread them, and then I will have a good link with which to juice them with my energized mouse. This worked very well in DC, etc.

But back to my wild yarn:
After I figured out where the DOR was coming from, I made a post at the yahoo cloud-buster forum asking for help. Then I started in on it. I worked my butt off for 3 hours or so with almost no effect! And I've been getting pretty sharp lately. No-one seemed to be helping me, probably because it was a weekday morning. Then again, people may have been trying, but having no more success than I was.
I also had the distinct impression this DOR was radionically attuned to me, personally. I felt the horrible energy coming at me from the north. It affected me mentally so that it was difficult to concentrate, and the only way I could get any relief was to keep my energized mouse pointer parked squarely in that black rectangle. It didn't have any lasting effect once removed, but did cut off most of what was beaming at me as long as I kept it there.
Meanwhile, my ISP had gone out! Coincidence? This is unusual unless we have a strong storm.
I finally cropped out the building and S&T'ed it, but I couldn't upload it or post. But I did print off several small copies and set them sandwiched between orgone devices.

As a technical aside, lately I have been getting into doing that with pics whenever I'm not using my cylindrical wands, etc. for other purposes. It really is very powerful to sandwich the pic between 2 units that are bucking faces toward each other. Bucking faces is a great way to deal with f------- bases.
I am told it is best to change or rotate the pics at least every 24 hours.
The pics can be quite small. Might even be better that way.

Anyway, once I did that, I could function a bit, and I looked at other pics in my collection.
It was a disaster! The Earth was in rotten shape to the core. DOR taking over. Very, very, scary. I could not post to alert anyone else. So I took the S&T'ed pics of the Earth and the Earth's core, maps of the local area, etc., and sandwiched them all.

It worked! I could feel the pics on the screen cleaning up. I would put a paper pic into the orgone, and its digital counterpart would slowly over a few minutes become better. Still pretty funky feeling, but much less distressing.

Finally around 4:30pm, as I was in the garden, I noticed the local oppressive feeling lifting. Evidently someone had read my earlier plea, and was able to do something effective. I looked at the map, and it was a lot better. And continued to improve. I kept the wands on the paper pics.

I believe they deliberately coordinated this: they built some new-generation DOR machinery (the tenacious bastards never give up, even though we've neutralized their DOR crystals, most of the spray fleet, and dozens of bases) in an old base near me, attuned the emanations to me, cut my ISP so I couldn't alert anyone about the world-wide threat (I'm the person who's been finding and monitoring most of the DOR bases) and then proceeded to give it their best shot at reversing their losses.
But then, I'm probably certifiably paranoid.

Did agnihotra that evening, for the first time in a couple weeks; it had been very buggy out, plus I had been extremely busy doing remote work. The agnihotra seemed to repair some etheric damage from whatever they had beamed at me, and I felt much better.

June 28: By the time I got up, the base and building felt in really nice shape. I am grateful to whoever all helped. I do not know why I was unable to put much of a dent in the bad energy.
Did agnihotra again at sunup.

Today was my day for running errands in Marshall. But first I stopped by my local ISP office. I have a wireless LAN coming off a (gulp! I confess!) small microwave tower a couple miles away. The relay unit on that tower had developed a problem yesterday morning. Perhaps because only a few people people are dependent on that tower, no-one had gone out there yet to fix it. If someone wanted to knock me offline without inconveniencing too many people, that would be the tower to target.

By this time I was pretty calm about the situation. I got a haircut in Marshall, renewed my vehicle tags, did some shopping.
And, oh, yeah, took a swing by that airport. I had with me 10 gallons of charged granite gravel, a quart or so of slingshot-sized charged clear quartz chunks I got cheap, a sack of TBs Clyde had given me for another purpose, but I figured he wouldn't mind. A lot of these were tiny mini-TBs good for slingshotting. Also I had a number of epoxy items I had made, 6 charged water bottles with orgonite, and about 3 cups of agnihotra ash. I had photographed everything but the ash and gravel.

I had never gone down that road before. It ended at the building in question. The place seemed deserted (Marshall is not a big town). There was a locked wire fence, but one wall was totally accessible. Also, there was a tower right off the west corner [correction, the south corner; I believe the nuke reactor may be off the west corner, with a shaft coming up inside the building behind the gutter on the left in the pic. This would place it under the paved area in the dead end.] a bit, within throwing/slingshot range.

I was pretty confident no one would mess with me. They know the rules: no one interferes with Commander Loohan when he's on a holy mission. So I must have spent about 20 minutes there doing it up.

I threw a dollop of ash against the metal wall. Some of it stuck. I spread the rest around, also tossing some on the metal fence. I sloppily dumped 10 gallons of granite around, also charging the bulding and fence with that. I got out my slingshot and peppered the area with quartz, epoxy ice cubes, and all of Clyde's tiny TBs. Driving out, I found places to toss all the larger orgonite, including 12 muffins from Clyde. Also a creek to accept the bottles.

I came home and downloaded the pics. Boy, did that tower and building feel super-sweet now! Between the gifts and the fine remote work some people are doing on it, at this time it feels like possibly these might be the most awesome positive orgone devices in the world. That may slack off a tad when people move on to more important things.
I printed off pics of the gifts, and sandwiched those between orgone devices for good measure.
I think I have a handle on that place now. Even if they were to successfully amp up the DOR to the point where they nullified all the goodies, I could still recharge them remotely, and shut the place back down.
And I have errands in Marshall every few weeks. It is an easy matter to pick up 10 gallons of gravel to take with me. I need to do more on Hwy 27. The rest of the base does not feel squeaky-clean yet, despite the abundant and intense good energy.

I finished writing the above at 3:27. Tried to upload it, but still not enough bandwidth. Then right at 3:30, a bad feeling rapidly came on and built up. The same feeling as yesterday. I checked the pics. They had cranked up the DOR and completely overwhelmed all my good gifts, despite the fact that pics of the gifts were cooking in orgone! The building felt extremely negative again, as did the whole base.

I felt panicky, my mind a bit blank from the DOR pressing in on me. Should I take all my "weapons" off the pics, and set them on my laptop in battle mode? No, they were already beaming at the right pics. The only thing that could make a difference was to take some of them off, and sandwich my mouse wire in them.

So I did that and it took 10 minutes of zinging the pics of the gifts I had spread, to crush the revolt, and turn it back to more positive that it had been around 3:20. In retrospect, what I was noticing then was the beginnings of a build-up. It had felt cleaner earlier.

So I kicked their butts once more, but these guys just never seem to admit defeat. I am developing a grudging admiration of their tenacity. I fear they will just beef up some more, and turn it on again when I'm away from my laptop. Then I'm screwed. Unless we clean up the situation pronto.

See the arrows on this pic? These refer to 2 structures that felt nasty. I screwed up this morning by forgetting to take the map I had printed out. I did drive down Hwy 27 anyway, but I had used up most of my gifts by then. All the gravel. I did see a State Highway Department building which I suspect may be one of those buildings. [retraction: I went back later and that building is nowhere close.] I was just about to nail those buildings remotely when the heavy DOR turned on. I did work on them some after I took care of that.

At 4:22 they turned it on again. This time, after 25 minutes they relented, or maybe I whipped them, not sure. At about 5:20 I got online on a dialup elsewhere to post for help and upload this stuff. At 5:25 they cut it on again. As I'm writing this. Extremely powerful.

Around 6:05, their force went down a good notch, but it's still pretty nasty. We've been charging the shaft of the tower, at least I have, and that seems the most effective thing right now.

The rest of the evening continued like that, with up and downs in the DOR. I crashed out, got a few hours of sleep, got up in the wee hours feeling the oppression.

[edit note: I replaced the original pic with a more effective one. Also replaced some of associated text.] This is the distilled essence of the transmitter setup. It can be used with the mouse technique mentioned May 25. One can also keep printed pics sandwiched between orgone units.

I sandwich much of my mouse wire between powerful units. I right-click and open the pic in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, hit Enter to center the pic and surround it in black, and rest the mouse pointer on that. If shrunken down to a dot, I use my special pointer, otherwise one should point the very tip of a pointer into the center of the pic. I find this technique helps quite a bit.

This base seems the most powerful one in operation at this time. As I noted a couple days ago, it has the power to turn the whole world very negative. I recently checked the rest of the world, and things are predominantly positive. This is because we are keeping on this one. Things are at a stand-off. Meanwhile, they are probably putting the finishing touches on similar bases elsewhere.

October 31, 2005:The reason I have not been updating this page is not because nothing much has been happening, but au contraire, because I have been too overwhelmed with the task of fighting the demonic order. This has taken almost all my time these last months. The chronicle of what has been going on is at the Yahoo cloudbuster forum. You kind of have to back up to sometime in Spring, 2005 and work forward to get the full picture. It has been wild and beyond belief. I wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't been living it.
I do not have the time to offer a synopsis here, but I will try to make a few salient points as I find time.
First I should say, in regards to the two houses mentioned above as having DOR transmitters, this is no indictment of the property owners. Turns out every house for miles around has them, including mine. More on that later.

The source of deadly orgone: The most significant discovery was that deadly orgone does not occur naturally. At least, that is how I see it. Reich wrote that the most dangerous component of ionizing radiation was a "deadly orgone" component. What no-one knew until lately (except for some demons, illuminati, etc.) was that this is always tacked onto radioactive material by a demon source!
The first demon our group became aware of is Baphomet AKA Azazel. It was he who was making the DOR crystals mentioned on the previous page. It was also he who was making radioactive substances into extremely vicious DOR radiators, by tacking his energy onto them.
We could neutralize all the DOR by neutralizing him. In those early days, it seemed like he was the main problem. It was presumably he who caused Reich such problems.
It was only after we had him on the rocks for a while that radioactive substances once again turned dirty, and this time it was Lucifer who was doing it. Then later Set. Then eventually, any little 2-bit demon seemed able to do this.

Remote corruption of my quartzite, and all copper, mercury, silver, and other metals: A few days ago it came to my attention that the quartzite I have been using as a CB was emitting terrible DOR! Then I realized that all copper everywhere was also doing this. All of my copper coils do it, not to mention pipes, copper yantras, wires, etc. Check any picture of copper or orgone devices incorporating copper anywhere on the web, and if you are sensitive, you will note that they are all corrupt at this time. Also, mercury, silver, and other elements are under this attack.
This fluctuates, as we are trying to counter it. But I suspect it is a problem we will have from here on out, until good finally (hopefully) predominates over evil.
Brass, which is an alloy consisting mostly of copper, seems immune so far, however. The culprit seems to be radionics coming out of various US government agencies. It is my experience that dark-side radionics also always has demonic energy piped into it. The primary specific demons involved in this particular project are: Councilmember #5 of the Council of Nine, Lucifer, and Ahriman.

November 6, 2005: Announcement: I have stopped posting the weirder stuff at the Yahoo cloudbuster forum, as many of the people there can't handle a glut of (to them) unverifiable and exotic statements.
Unfortunately I feel compelled to state the truth, no matter how bizarre or destructive to my credibility. Also I need help on these things, even if only a few people are interested enough.
My time for posting info is very limited, thus I will post in a blog kind of format with minimal hand formatting. Once posted, I will not edit, except in rare cases where I feel it important to correct a mistake or something. Any edits will be in square brackets [like these].

None of this will make sense to you if you have not been following the forum, and even then, it may not.

Without further ado, here is the blog.