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Evil ETs of Portland, ME and beyond
On Nov. 22, '11, I mentioned yet another group of ETs, for example these at Superior Lumber in Charles City, IA.
Some background:
A while back an old friend of Mordok that lives there wrote:
"Hmmm, this is something rather interesting! 43.086429,-92.681803 on Google maps this area on the map is completely fake! I suspected it . So, I went out there today and sure enough they do not match. The shape is all wrong. The size is roughly the same. The boarder along the road is the same but along the side by the junk yard it is all wrong. Inside the junk yard is wrong as well. The middle of the yard is a perfect square in real life as it has been for many years."

If you plug that into google maps, there is a too-neatly-edged inserted rectangle. What is the significance of this? I don't know, but that spot had a U base, and the surface of the town of Charles City has at least 4700 of these nasty ETs that cause illness etc. just like the M32ers. They also are heavily into U bases. We cleaned up a huge mess of these for a long distance around Portland, Maine and are presently working on Charles City and Milford, IA.

These are old friends of Mordok (a father and son) being stalked nearly to death in Charles City as well as Portland, ME, respectively.

On 2 occasions, these ETs have impersonated NSA, flashed badges, questioned and detained the son. The 2nd time was recent, and in response to our emails with Mordok regarding the google map glitch. Apparently those wacky NSA folks went and told the ETs about the contents of our private emails, the better for the ETs to impersonate them. The ETs detained the lad in a black SUV, according to the dad:
The Federal Government (NSA) stopped my son and talked to him about me. They illegally detained him in a black SUV . They claim something totally false about me. Completely stupid as a matter of fact. Apparently, they don't like the fact that I discovered that they tamper with Google maps. They are reading all of my emails in and out AND ARE FALSIFYING CLAIMS to make me look bad...
They have been attacked by various other occult and overt means, e.g. the son was allegedly pushed in front of an oncoming car by one who is a city worker.

We found bunches under the Portland area, and for a wide region under the Atlantic and as far south as Kennebunkport, as well as inland a good ways. I have the impression that the vast majority of these ETs here were underground, and (hopefully) have mostly been taken care of.

3 of them here

Some of their Proprietary Businesses: