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The Qikxie People
The Qikxie (kick-kSEE) people are white, 7D humans that look like us, except they are only 1/2" tall. There are two types; 1/2" is how big the stronger ones are. The majority are 3/8" tall.

Like all hyperdimensional beings, they can appear to change their size in relation to our world. To me they often appear a few inches tall, or even 5'+. I.e., they can manifest in the astral in normal human size if they want.
Since 6/22/10 I have 14 Qikxie wives. That's 2 sets of 7. The ideal group for orgone magic is 7; 2 of the larger type and 5 of the smaller type. But for that, one needs to build a special device to their satisfaction. Such as this demon jailer I made in late June, 2010. At any time, 7 of my Qikxie gals are in it (as well as some devas, sprites, and pixies). See those dark spots in the dome-like top?
I also have a healing disk that is worked by 7, but they only inhabit that at times when they want to do a healing session on me.

The Qikxie want to help us by entering into orgone devices to bust evil, chemtrails, etc. But only a very few orgone devices would stand to benefit from this relationship. Of my entire vast pre-existing arsenal, only Moby Brick and 1 of my CBs are appropriate.

They can only inhabit and anchor their energy into the device effectively if it has a tiny orgonite "baby face" of certain characteristics in it. The larger Qikxie need a different size face than the smaller ones. I have molds for both. I put 1 cast from the larger mold into 1 pipe in Moby Brick and another into 1 pipe of my blue CB with the 3 narrow pipes, and since then, Moby Brick works 26% better, and the CB works 32% better. Each got 1 male of the larger type of Qikxie. There is quite a turnover, actually, so no-one gets too bored.
Most CBs would not benefit. But Sittingtaoist's CB improved 100% (by my reckoning) in terms of orgone power, after he inserted a baby face I sent him into one of his pipes.
If you feel you have a device that would benefit from a Qikxie helper, email me and I'll send you a cast face cheap. If I agree.

But of greater practical value to most CB owners are the crystals I am about to talk about:

Tale of Valor: On the night of September 3, 2010, as I was trying to get to sleep, I was suddenly confronted by an unusual little package of intense energy coming up to me. It was one of my Qikxie girls of the larger variety, and she was under incredibly intense attack by gazillions of demons!
We jailed all those demons, and then I realized she had something for me: a tiny 5D crystal of some power. This is what the demons were so upset about.
I got that there were more of these crystals to be had. They were hidden in various places by demons who didn't want them to fall into the hands of the likes of me. They could not be used for evil; the demons just wanted them to remain unknown.

I was able to telekinetically bag thousands of these crystals. Then I realized there were 3 more similar types of crystals, and bagged those, too.

Then I had a vision in my mind's eye of a small hand held up with 2 fingers outstretched, similar to a peace or victory sign, except that I sensed the girl wanted to let me know that there were 2 things she wanted to draw to my attention, and the crystal was just the first. The other was that part of her left breast, including the entire nipple area, had been fried off, apparently by some kind of energy weapon!
Several of my healer girls were called in and went to work on her. Reconstructive surgery took a couple days.

I have a big stash of these crystals now. So what good are these crystals? Well, probably most CBs and many other sophisticated orgone devices would benefit from 1 or 2 of them correctly placed in them retroactively. No two of the crystals are exactly alike, and The Committee has to select the best one(s) for the individual situation. They have emplaced such crystals in 27 of my devices so far, including all my CBs. Not to mention another 40 items I had already placed in the wider environment. None have more than 2 of these etheric crystals; it just would not benefit anything.
So I have this huge glut of these things, much more than I can foreseeably use. Therefore we are giving them away free to good homes. If you want any in your CB or other devices, you can call on The Committee to check out your wares and emplace the crystals if they would improve them. Or email me. Expect 20-70% improvement in orgone power if your device is appropriate.

I think 100% of the devices I have with one or more protruding pipes got the crystal(s). And in years past I threw a lot of such around, sometimes simple little potato-masher things, sometimes hefty multi-pipe items. These all have their new crystals.
Here's a blurry pic from late '04. I think 3 of these ended up in the Oak Ridge National Labs, TN area.
Guess I could make more... the improvement is about 20% on simple potato-mashers.
Also they often seem to go well inside capacitors, as long as they're at least cigarillo-butt size, such as the one in the pic at the top of the page.

The Qikxie people have always been around, but heretofore may have been unknown to humankind.
If you are able to telepath with any kind of nature spirit, pixie, sprite, deva, elf, etc., ask them if they know any Qikxie people. They will probably go "Oh, yeah, been rubbing elbows with them all my life. Great little people. There are some around here."

I have the impression there are about 20 quadrillion of them on Earth, which is not many considering how tiny they are, but they seem pretty evenly spread over the land mass, at least where there are trees or organic gardens. If you have an organic garden, or pretty close to organic, you probably have Quixie helpers. Even just a nice space with some neat shrubbery and stuff will do. They like orgone devices, too.

One cool thing they can do (but it takes some energy and they probably won't do it for most people, I suspect) is get rid of tomato hornworms! If you have ever grown tomatoes or tobacco you are probably only too familiar with these voracious camo green catterpillars that can half-destroy a plant in hours.

This summer (2010) I have been growing 11 tomato plants, and have not seen a single hornworm! I did see a bit of hornworm damage a few times earlier on, but never a caterpillar.
I think they take over the motor controls of the worm and drive it way far away from any acceptable food source, which makes them run out of energy and starve.
Unfortunately they don't seem able to do this with other garden pests.

Update Nov. 8, '10: It actually took until the evening of Nov. 5 to completely heal the wounded Qikxie girl. Seemed like it only took about 3 days to get her to 99% fixed, but the rest required lots of healing including weeks of sophisticated radionics work.
Very bizarre to see this type of injury.

I have some 5,000 Qikxies on my 10 acres, Findhorn has 14K. Perelandra has about 15K now, and as I write, these feel very active.
If you're cool and you garden, you've got them. The White House organic garden has none. Lundberg Farms, which was bought out [correction: infiltrated, not bought out. See Dec. 11, 2012 blog entry for more details] by satanists some time back, has none. The satanist-owned farms associated with the satanic Arrowhead Mills people have none. The garden of a local, good-hearted friend who gives away much of his produce but also uses a lot of harsh chemicals, has none. There's an intentional hippie community in MO composed mainly of soulless culls, no satanists. Their gardens have none. The NSAtanist-run Aprovecho Institute's organic gardens have none, even though there are a few good people still there, too. On the other hand, Zendik farm has 342 Qikxies on 2 acres, even though the group has long been infiltrated by 2 male and 1 female NSAtanists.
Large organic farms owned by decent people usually do have plenty of Qikxies if they are not too monoculture.
It has long been thus, but I don't think people have consciously noticed them before.

[Note of Jan. 2014: Findhorn has a bit of a rancid vibe, owing to the fact that a small percent of the people there are shapeshifting reptilians. Also it was actually founded by shapeshifters. Nonetheless, somehow the place has enough positivity to support benevolent etheric entities. I still sense 14K Qikxie there, as well as devas, sprites, etc.]