Please send SASE (that's self-addressed, stamped envelope) to:

Dexter Ator
POB 573
Leslie, AR 72645

I found out the hard way that with normal postage, letters are machined by the PO, with the result that envelopes get torn and the stones lost. "Non-Machinable" costs extra. Please put 49 cents postage (for in the US) on the SASE.

Be aware of this if you send me a crystal you want charged, as some people have done. Someone sent me some stones, and the envelope arrived in a larger envelope saying "DEAR VALUED POSTAL CUSTOMER I want to extend my sincere apology ... inadvertently damaged ... blah blah." Two of the stones were left.
You can send a thick, padded SASE with extra postage. Might be a good plan if you have a crystal of value you are sending me. But not necessary otherwise.

If you are overseas, and maybe we can work something out. I respond well to small paypal donations.