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Evil ETs of the Salt Lake Area and beyond
These ETs are from near the center of this pic. They, like the M32ers and so many others entrenched here, are caucasian-looking humans that breed with numerous races on Earth.

House Locations and some businesses

Pictures of People, Cars, bugs & spiders

RELEVANT BLOG ENTRIES: Not all these entries are about the particular race from that particular area. I included entries about some other ETs as well as DIA satanists that were also harrassing this one individual. They seemed to be working together. However, as time progresses, it is mainly this one race that still stalks him.
Also, SLC is home to Mormons and some M32ers. I omitted those entries here because these people do not seem directly connected to the stalking activity surrounding this individual.

One thing unusual about these ETs is that somehow they seem to manifest DORy insects and spiders. I included some pics of these. The guy there reports that they seem to materialize in his room. Sometimes he swats one and they seem like any other dead bug, except DORy. Sometimes they disappear instead. Sometimes they change into a non-solid state and enter his body and disappear, acting as painful etheric implants. I have had to remove many of these from him. Also he has removed many.

We have also taken care of vast numbers of U bases in the larger area, especially in the mountains just east of Salt Lake. Many of these had spray-planes, choppers, and DORy light propellor planes that stalked this guy. These bases and aircraft belonged to these same ETs.

OK, here are the blog entries:

Feb 13, '11: (5:15pm) DIA in SLC: The DIA has a presence in Salt Lake City. I found out because someone in the area wrote me for help with etheric implants. These traced to 6 DIAtanists who work here. And their boss works here. That is Levolor, a DIA proprietary firm.
Another DIAtanist works here (high school?) and is involved in MPD/pedo stuff there.
This bldg has some kind of ET transmitter in it. Abell 2218 tech put there by DIA.

(7:55pm) More weirdness. That guy in UT that's been implanted by the DIA wrote me:
This morning a yellow looking garbage truck (with no opening anywhere that I could see... Very odd for a garbage truck) pulled in a street upwind from the house 50 feet away and proceeded to spray some sort of yellow/brownish mist/smoke into the air. It would back up, pull slightly forward and spray a ton and do the same process at least 5 times, no lie. It had regular diesel exhaust and from the yellow compartment a completely separate, different colored, fume. Also before I went to an interview (that I think went pretty darn well) I saw a -larger than a cargo van- white van with no windows and an A/C unit on top pull right next to the property and stay there for a few minutes.
I think the "garbage truck" is here (George A Sanders Construction), where 43 DIAtanists work. I don't know where the van is, but suspect there were 2 of them in it who normally work here with 22 more DIAtanists.
Come to think of it, this whole block in the center has the DIA vibe. I think 62 more work here.

Feb 15, '11: (7pm) Here's a pic taken by that guy north of SLC, UT a couple days ago.

March 6, '11: (5:25pm) And now several times a day i scan for the ETs doing seemingly useless overflights of my friend in Utah always using holographic light propellor planes, and Antuvozy destroys their entire species.

March 8, '11: (11:10am) Light rain this morning.

More about our friend in Utah:
Last night he wrote:
So today I was suspicious of an older Cadillac that was red with a white top that stopped and drove by real slow to examine me when I was on the corner getting wifi. I've been around the surrounding blocks and am sure that that car does park anywhere near here so it's reasonable to say they weren't just "passing" by.. Maybe. An over middle aged man wearing sunglasses on a very cloudy and overcast day.
These clowns trace to McJunkin Red Man Corporation (website with management pics) which has 35 gov't satanists working there. Locations. Supposedly
McJunkin Red Man (MRC) is the largest global distributor of pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) and related products and services to the energy industry based on sales. MRC is the leading PVF distributor serving this industry across each of the upstream, midstream and downstream markets.
Looking at Industries Served i see that one of them is pharmaceutical. Getting a vibe on that, i found that this vibe seemed to be related to their Denver location, which is given as here. But that is another of their companies, WESCO, with 380 locations.

I looked around for a pharma factory around there, but was drawn to a nearby bldg for Brakes Plus, which is also a satanic gov't proprietary (same agency) with locations. Not sure what the connection is to pharmaceuticals, if any.
I don't think it's about street drugs. More like chemical weapons.

Looking more, i was drawn to this DORy bldg which hosts a very DORy Feldhakes & Associates CPA firm. This is another proprietary of this agency.
Then a U base was here with 121 of these satanist people. Chem lab?
Then this bldg, City Glass and Construction, 37 more of them.
Also nearby, another U base with 11 of them.

This Utah guy also wrote
Then about 10 minutes ago I felt an extremely quick rush of nausea and everything seemed to zoom out visually then flush back to normal and the lights fluctuated then I saw a blue light sphere type thing outside flying away in a north direction. Sitting on the couch facing north looking out the window watching tv. I feel nervous about it and almost very concerned. What the heck was it?! I couldn't see what it was outside as I can hardly see outside across the street due to the heavy snowfall. I did see the light outside though.
This was ETs from a small Mars base of 30 (now wiped) whose homeland is M109.

(1:50pm) Allies have found 5 U bases of Wesco's. Chem labs making warfare poisons.
Then they found a guy here in NJ. Incredible energy kickback when they smacked him. Shapeshifter, i'd wager.

April 22, '11: (9:20pm) There's a guy who lives here who was stalking our friend near Salt Lake.

April 25, '11: (7:50am) In their endless quest for self-disclosure, some more weirdos stalked my Salt Lake friend in SUVs, encouraging me to trace them to this big bldg where maybe 75 or so work. But they are still being cagey about who they are and with what agency.

June 2, '11: (7:20pm) The ridiculousness never ends on this forsaken planet. Coming up next: the great battle between Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Venerable Grand Commander Loohan.

How did i get into this? Several days ago my friend in the Salt Lake area was out busting (yes, he's been busting lately with my kind of stuff he's been making) and got a weird vibe from a car that had Supreme Master TV plastered all over it.
I checked out the vibe of the car, occupants, and website, and they all had this freaky ET-like vibe i couldn't quite get a handle on. But didn't seem really DORy, nor could i detect any gov't connections or the like.

I let it simmer on the back burner for a few days, but it still felt the same.
Finally a little while ago i tried hitting Ching Hai with all my orgone stuff for a little while to see what would happen. After a few minutes she started throwing demons at me! I jailed them and now she's hitting my crown with psi attack. But she does not seem that strong. I already went back to blasting stronger foes.
Her energy is dirtying up nicely from the blasting. I still have not found connections.

June 10, '11: (2:30pm) Aaand, my friend near Salt Lake had an entity "drilled" into his ear canal by some short humanoids in M31.

June 18, 2011: (6:30am) My friend who has been gifting Salt Lake City was just getting nailed hard in the physical heart (causing palpitations, etc.) by 3 guys here who are probably more ETs.
I don't think i ever found the home galaxy of these SLC ETs... I think they are from near the center of this pic. Now our forces will attack them there.

July 31, '11: (5:25pm) There are 4 real DORy ETs working here at the SLC airport.

Sept 2, '11: (3:50pm) Apria Healthcare is ... those ETs as abound around SLC. They have a search engine for their 550+ locations (including Little Rock, but i found out too late to bust them this time). All those people depicted on their site at this time have their vibe. And there are people of different races. For some reason, with this ET bunch, i haven't been able to dowse their breeding details. In fact, i had the impression they kept to themselves.
Their main office appears to be here in Lake Forest, CA, south of L.A., and i have the impression of 141 of them in that town. Their Little Rock office has a conspicuosly DORy bldg nearby. DORy because of one of it's ET tenants, Dr. Helen B. Casteel, MD.
The location of Apria is apparently what is presently shown as an empty site just south of the good doctor here.

Sept 9, '11: (1:05pm) This neighborhood adjoining Hill AFB has at least 21 houses with at least 39 of those SLC area ETs. I think they work for the USAF.

Sept 17, '11: (8pm) Salt Lake City: Check out the exotic people in the pic here. "The Wheeler Farm Story began on June 17, 1886, when Sariah Hankinson Pixton married Henry Joseph Wheeler..."
Those same ETs that have overrun SLC. Just like the M32ers, they have been here a while.
Now, i have credible eyewitness reports of demonic-looking goats at this Wheeler Farm. Indeed, i bagged the souls of 222 evil goats in the area. And incidentally, 421 of evil cats in the SLC area.
It is a very DORy farm. After i peeled away some demons, i found a U base with 62 ETs, which is being scrubbed now. Also i think 11 live and work on the surface there. (google map)

Sept 22, '11: (8:45am) Plus i found many thousands more of those SLC-type ETs in U bases in NV and UT already this morning.

Oct 24, '11: (12:40pm) We keep finding more "nations" of evil human ETs here:
  • Here in SLC lives a couple whose home galaxy is still cloaked from me despite it being under heavy attack. [update: NGC 4388] They are not from the same place as the other SLC ETs, but work with them, and there are a bunch of the latter all around this same neighborhood. Like 54.
    This newly-discovered bunch had a lot of U bases too, many of which we have already wiped. Haven't found more on the surface yet.
Oct. 29, '11: (5:30pm) This whole area for a few miles around Lehi, UT, is packed with DORy U bases of the same ETs as prevail in SLC.
And we have been working on it all day!

Nov. 3, '11: (9:40am) Asperger's Syndrome and the CIA: Mordok has Asperger's Syndrome, a mild form of autism. He just noticed that all the Asperger's sufferers he knows of had small U bases around them with satanist CIA clones. There is a vast number of these little bases around the US, which Lt.Veo is chasing up. I think they are psychicly persecuting anybody who has autism, as they can be dangerously psychic. In fact i started blasting one soulless Asp. sufferer who had gone to the darkside. I tried blasting his connections, and bizarrely, it turns out there are U bases all over Europe with incredibly vast numbers of the 2nd type of ET in the SLC area, that we found last month. I just tracked them to their home in NGC 4388.

If you suffer from autism or Aspergers, feel free to send me your addy or at least zip code, so i can make sure those bases go bye-bye.
The CIA, knowing this is happening, will choose to leave the clones there to get killed rather than try to move them.

Nov. 5, '11: (4:50pm) The guy who has been having ET issues in SLC area mentioned that when he went to the University of South Alabama (USA), he was often sick and felt bad.
So i looked it up on the map. DORy vibe for a couple thousand feet around. Huge base around 600' down with 2,508 CIAtanists, 42 grays, and 9,206 SLC type ETs. Furthermore, if you are sensitive, check out the long straight high-speed tunnel at 3000' depth, heading ENE to rural PA where there were thousands more of these ETs & CIA.
And now an enormous area of hundreds of square miles has flared up strongly. More grays and these same ETs.

Nov. 9, '11: (6:30pm) Hey, my friend in the SLC area has a problem he needs help with. He rents a room from 2 soulless gay guys [correction: not gay; those are at another house he considered renting a room in] who seem clueless. They are letting this stalker neighbor ET into the house a lot.

Locations of houses and some businesses. These were found because they attacked my friend from these locations.
These are just some of the links to give you a flavor. I don't have endless time to format these.

Update March 3, '12: BTW the Utah guy is a Pleiadian incarnate with the spirit name of Bal. He is interested in telepathically linking with other activists.
He recently moved to another house, this one in Salt Lake City itself. He had to quit a job he had in Snowbird, a place full of satanists and ETs. Then in SCL he started getting stalked by MIBs. From Feb. 6 blog:
Our ever-suffering friend in Salt Lake City is now being stalked by effing MIBs! That are associated with All Resort limousine service out of the airport. The airport has long been a hangout for those other ETs as well. I sense 23 MIBs associated with this company.

(7:35pm) Our friend says he faced down a MIB stalking him in an All Resort van: "Had a talk with him(face off) and won :) chicken shit." So maybe they are wusses if you don't let them intimidate you.
(End of blog excerpt)

He has been making my kind of orgonite and gifting, which has helped a lot.

From today's blog; there is a link to many pix of these ETs.
More news from Bal, our Pleidian incarnate friend in Salt Lake City: i got an email from him:
i was out walking the dog around the block at around 8PM my time and a truck pulls up to a stop sign about 30 feet in front of me. there are absolutely no cars around and he could've gone way sooner. i get to the corner and he starts peeling out and purposely acts like he's going to run me over, cutting the corner into the snow, and driving right past me about a foot away.
Bal marked this ET guy well. I think he is the owner/mgr of this joint. Note it says "2-a-Day". I did a web search, and the only thing that comes up is 2 a Days Sports Bar in Houston. I get instant ET kickback from this Houston place. There are pix of these DORy ETs here. Which means there are probably plenty around Houston. We are starting out by nailing the U bases.

That SLC ET with the truck lives
here, and there are more of them in that neighborhood.


March 16, '12:
(1:30pm) Bal in Salt Lake City was just attacked by 3 ETs associated with Batters Up More Than Sports Bar. But none of the 3 ETs depicted here.
Check out the ET sluts. These ladies are professionals.

March 30, '12: (7:50pm) Bal has a job building sheds and works at different locations daily. Yesterday he helped built one for a guy here, about whom he had these observations:
built a shed for a Korean Vet today... seemed to shape shift when he was coming in and out of the house. didn't recognize him as being the same dude the second time i saw him. and the third time he was more like the first time i saw him, but not exact. his eyes were real weird looking. like he was wearing fake contact lenses, or he just had cataract surgery or something. i was building near Utah Lake. The area feels nice ever since i've gifted it. also there was a young man sitting on the curb in his car. then he got out and went inside the house i was building a shed for. came back out and went back to sit in his car...
I suspect the younger man is a nephew.
These ETs are from the region of the lady's left breast in the illustration of Constellation Andromeda (not to be confused with Andromeda Galaxy, which is but one galaxy in the constellation).
We wiped out ~800K of them under the area around Orem, UT.

And, in yet more SLC news, here are 2 businesses of the more common type of ETs there:
Shanta Yoga.
Armitage Martial Arts.

April 21, '12: (9pm) On the 30th of last month i mentioned that Bal in SLC had been building sheds, and had built one for a bizarre ET from Andromeda Constellation. Well, he's been doing that regularly for such ETs since. According to Bal in
"Elko, Nevada. Rock Springs, WY. Duchesne/Roosevelt/and Vernal, UT. Lehi, UT. AMerican Fork, UT. Highland, UT. South Ogden, UT. everywhere around here. i wouldn't be surprised if St George, UT is filled with 'em. oh, Evanston, WY. Spanish Fork, UT. Heber, UT. Orem/Provo, UT. Especially Herriman, UT."
The salesman for the outfit he works for is one of them, and is closing all his buddies, probably in part to spearhead his rise to prominence in the company.

Lately Bal has had jobs up in the Rock Springs, WY area, for these ETs. I thought i'd try to find some of their businesses. Only 1 had a website with a pic of ETs (Wyoming Trucks). All the businesses were automotive-related except for a J C Penny store, owned and run by them. 30 of them work there. The others:
Rock Springs Honda-Toyota
Chester's Automotive & Truck
An O'Reilly Auto Parts
Jack's Truck and Equipment
Five Star Auto Sales
First Choice Ford
And 1 DORy female works at Rock Springs Head Start...
Also i sense that 40 of them work as engineers employed by several ordinary companies in the area.

Update May 8, '12: I am unable to spend the time to keep updating these various separate ET pages. If this subject interests you, there is more info here and there to be found in my blog subsequent to the above entries, including at least one more ET race in SLC, the "shed-loving" ETs.
It turns out the dominant type of ET is actually the same race as the NGC4414 ETs, except they come from a different place.