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(page started April 19, 2013)
My timeline: I got involved in Scn in 1979, joined staff in '80, blew staff in '87, and have not been involved since. In 1992 I read Bent Corydon's liberating book L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman? In 1999 I got my first computer, and soon started reading a bunch more stuff about the Babalon Working, etc.
See also my "bio" link above.

In 2002 I started making "orgonite" and started making web pages relating to that subject. The first such page I made was the Coil Info page. But it didn't look like that at the time.

For the first few years it had this spoofed-up pic of L. Ron Hubbard at the top, and a tongue-in-cheek subtitle about Loohanetics and Coilitology. And it still has a link to the Axioms of Coilitology (a spoof on the Axioms of Scientology).

But in 2005 I deleted the pic of LRH. Why, did the church hassle me? Not at all. What happened was that the demon spirit of LRH attacked me with very strong, violently toxic energy. Why did he attack me? Evidently he was defending some evil beings like Satan and the Council of Nine (Egyptian dieties). Immediately when I first attacked the Council of Nine is when I got the first attack from LRH. Much to my amazement. So right away I deleted his pic, as it was radiating strong evil energy that could harm readers who saw the pic!
Later he attacked me again when I attacked Satan. And subsequently, we tangled a great many more times.

The following year, I became able to jail and, in later years, destroy "astral" demons, and got rid of Elron and countless others.
(Note: it turns out Satan and the Egyptian dieties are OK after all; they were merely possessed by demons, and have been fighting on our side since I jailed their possessing demons in 2006.)

Also in 2003, I had started writing "Orgone Technical Bulletins" from "Loohan Communications Office". This was a spoof on the HCOBs of LRH.
Probably a few people have wondered how I came up with such a weird, pretentious format, but there you have it; it was a joke on the cult.

L. Ron Hubbard did not have a human soul. He had an Archon soul (a type of demon). Archons are no longer a problem now, but it used to be customary for some of them to incarnate as reptilian-human hybrids. These were high illuminati satanists. Example: the occultist John Dee re-incarnated as John D. Rockefeller. Rasputin re-incarnated as Putin. Remove the archon, and the person continues to behave the same, but has lost most paranormal power.

Ron claimed to have been Cecil Rhodes. I believe this is true. For more on this, see my July 27, 2010 blog entry here. He and his buddy Xenu long worked good cop / bad cop scams together.

Note the vertical pupils. This is an oft-occurring hallmark of shapeshifting reptilians.

(But wait, you might ask, why are the pupils not parallel to his face angle? Why do they remain perfectly vertical? This is because weird stuff happens like this with these critters. For example, here is a video of a CIA shapeshifter at Project Scamalot interviewing another CIA shapeshifter. This link should take you straight to the 1:09:50 point, where a short sequence begins in which you can see her pupils do the same thing.)

Youtube is full of videos of personages shapeshifting.
Like the Satanist, MPDed, Scientologist John Travolta.

This is a pic of David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board, that I ripped off of a church site years ago, because of the chem background. He is dead now, but has been replaced by a clone. Both versions were MPDed shapeshifting reptilians, and MPD handlers, but only the original was a Satanist.
Miscavige's loverboy Tom Cruise is also a shapeshifting MPD victim, and Misc-clone is his handler.
Virtually all evil shapeshifting reptilians are promiscuous bisexual pedophiles, except for a minority who don't do women.

David's father is also an MPD satanist shapeshifter, but not his siblings or mother. Some people have enough DNA to shapeshift, but know nothing about this stuff.

Black magic in the contemporary church: LRH was a deranged, dysfunctional, drug addicted Satanist, but he was not MPD nor an MPD handler. Presumably he knew about that stuff, and could have chosen to direct his "auditing tech" to resolve such things, but then he would really have run afoul of his fellow shapeshifting Satanists. Besides, he wasn't really about freeing people from bondage if he could help it. In fact, many of the "Clears" I knew feel to me like they still have major unhandled, this-lifetime MPD/SRA engrams and valences (alter personae).

But under Miscavige, who muscled in after Ron died, the cult got worse in many ways. I don't think MPD "tech" is widely used in the cult, but, under Miscavige, some people were inducted into black magic. Several of the staff I knew in Austin later developed the corrupted vibe of black magicians. I haven't figured out yet what practices they engaged in to achieve this, but these people feel very much like those who practice blood sacrifice to demons. And their changes occurred in LA, not Austin.

Further, Miscavige is connected to a large quantity of shapeshifting reptilians who psychically attack at least a few members of the church.

Around March 2013 I happened to see a pic of Tory Magoo, who has a most interesting background and strikes me as a very sweet, kind soul. I got a horrid vibe off the pic, as though she was a shapeshifter. But it was just that she was under constant psychic attack by underground shapeshifters, and she had been stuffed with etheric implants. We got rid of her implants over time, and also my ET friends "terminatedly handled" the particular evil underground ETs that were doing this. (Also a much broader cleanup of such critters is ongoing).

Then in early April 2013, I saw a pic of Mike Rinder (his blog, Wikipedia) and his girlfriend(?). They were in worse shape than Magoo had been. It felt like their surroundings were stuffed with demons, and they were stuffed with demons and other etheric implants. We pretty much cleared up his house and the brunette, but we are still working hard on him. Two of my Sakudas have been working on him full time, and he still has a lot of crap in him.

The shapeshifters working with the church in this manner are what I call OSA lizards, as they are closely associated with the Office of Special Affairs. The ones that do the psychic attacking are blood-ritual Satanists.

Around the turn of the century I read a fair bit of The Pilot's stuff. At one point he reports that he was auditing himself on an e-meter because he felt mysteriously bad, whereupon he discovered he had been raped by church agents. Actually 1 agent in the company of 2 others. This was to implant "black dianetics" mind control.
In 2005 after I became able to discern Satanists, I realized that these 3 people were OSA Satanists. Then in 2012 I realized they were also shapeshifting repts, and I found them underground with others, where my allies "legally" terminated them.

By that time The Pilot was long dead. But his soul lives on.
"He was found dead... in the pool of his house. When the police took his body out, his hands were tied with a wire, and something heavy and concrete attached to his feet."
Whoever did that ain't around no more. [Update: a true statement even if Ogger killed himself. The coroner's report make it look like it was likely a suicide.]

Scientology has, to an unusual extent compared to other shapeshifter cults, developed to an art form the black magic of getting good people to do evil, in the belief they are doing good.
Unlike other religions, they put well-intentioned Earthlings (often with good souls and high IQs) in some top posts, where they will lie, cheat, steal, persecute, etc. because they have swallowed a world-view that makes such behavior seem rational, ethical, and for the greater good.

Many, like Magoo and Rinder, eventually come to their senses and leave. Most of the old core Scientologists and "Clears" have left the church; many have been declared "Suppressive Persons".

Many now post at the Ex Scientologist Message Board, the most heavily trafficked forum I have ever seen. Some of these people have over 12,000 posts. It has a very high "speed of particle flow". I joined myself in January, 2013. It also has many stories of the old days of the cult.

According to this post,
Dick Gregory did a radio show about Scientology years ago and explained that $cientology was a US Government black budget intelligence collection operation to capture the brightest and keep them busy so they wouldn't cause problems for the Feds.
That may be a slight oversimplification of how things were under the egomaniacal Hubbard, who strikes me as having been somewhat of a rogue, but may be pretty correct about the cult under Miscavige.
So very much of what the agencies do is to distract people with bullshit. And Scientology excelled at tying up (and often destroying) many of the most potentially valuable people.

There are also several other similar forums.

Lists! I have lists! of people who have been in Scientology or are on some way key to the cult. List here.

Update April 2014: CIA and Scientology:

The more I delve into this, the more it looks like Scientology was a CIA op from the start.
I can't find the quote now, but somewhere on ESMB, Arnie Lerma says something to the effect that a George Washington University prof told him that long ago, LRH was tortured in a MKULTRA program. Now this prof, of course, was a satanist shapeshifting Jesuit agent, but I suspect the info might be true.
In the early days there was an Alethia Taylor (link) who was LRH's personal secretary. She was a CIA satanist shapeshifting reptilian and, I strongly suspect, his MKULTRA handler.

In my remote busting of OSA and agents on ESMB, I have determined to my satisfaction that OSA is a subsidiary of the CIA, although not all OSA employees know that.

One wing of Scientology is Narconon, which was founded by a CIAlizard, and is largely staffed by CIAlizards.

Another wing is Applied Scholastics and their Delphi Schools. This has in recent years become a pedophile MKULTRA kiddie op! I think probably all the kids living at such institutions are raped.

And the kids who were recently in the Hollywood Cadet Org are also all sexually abused as well. You can see some starting around 0:51 here. If you are psychic, you can discern that they are all sexually abused.
Most of this concerted kiddie-rape is a relatively recent development.

Also, while I was involved in the cult in the '80s, there were 2 CIA satanist shapeshifters on staff, and one public. There may have been more CIAlizards, but without the blood-drinker vibe, so it is hard for me to detect them now without pictures.
When I was on the west coast in 1985 and '86 with the "Battle of Portland" and the "Religious Freedom Crusade", I met many more CIA satanist Scientologists (though I was unable to recognize such things at the time).

The Church of Scientology is CIA.

Update August 2017: I have been getting much more aware of hoaxes and how prevalent they are in media stories. It has been no different within the cult of Scientology. Many of the horror stories have been planted. I now doubt LRH was an MKULTRA victim, and even if he was, that was not what defined his activities. He had to have been a Freemason, for one thing.

Many of the splinter groups are also CIA. Mayo,, you name it.
Most media-prominent "disaffected" Scientologists are CIA actors. Even most of the disgusting stories about LRH's weirdness were planted or staged.

I was checking out the Lisa McPherson story and noticed that she turned into Terri Schiavo (another hoax actor) before she died. Then i found someone else had already noted the similarity.
Lisa is still alive; a CIA Category 1 Egyptoid. Er, correction, she was still alive Aug 10 when I caught her in a CIA U base in CT.

Update September, 2017: How hilarious. The shit is so deep. Back when I originally penned this issue, I was not at all recognizing Egyptoids or transgenders, so I failed to spot numerous agents that are obvious to me now.

I stopped going to the Ex Scientologist Message Board years ago because I felt the people there were too hard-core stupid and contemptuous of any truth. Now I realize a bunch of them, in fact probably most prominent and vocal critics of the cult, are CIA.

For instance, Tory Magoo, mentioned above, is an obvious MTF and a Category 1 CIA Egyptoid.
And Mike Rinder is another Category 1 CIA Egyptoid.

What about The Pilot, Ken Ogger? Probably also CIA. He is dead now and i don't get much vibe. There is a pic of him here and he does look passably Egyptoid.
I have not read his stuff since around 2000 but I recall he said a number of dubious things such as how positive and wonderful Constantinople was, and how there seemed to have been a time-line split in 1963. In the other version, Nixon won the election over Kennedy and got into WWIII with the Cubans.
The 3 satanists I found probably were just friends he was connected to.

Also, above I referred to a forum post in which Arnie Lerma (another CIA Category 1 Egyptoid!) quotes Dick Gregory (who was a human{?} CIA Freemason) telling what actually seems to be a morsel of truth. But what about the other posts above that?
Brother Ankh and The Amen Ra Squad will be hosting a very informative in depth and well-studied connection between “The Cult alliances with the Black Community” series starting with the Rev. Jim Jones and his influence of Black America leading to the tragic deaths of over 900 people while also laying the foundation of cults still exploiting our community like the Church of Scientology.
LOL, how obvious to me now how this is pure CIA faux conflict stuff. And bears such a "subtle" Egyptoid signature.

Other CIA Egyptoids include Ingo Swann, Ken Urquhart, Andre Tabayoyon, David Mayo (FTM), Paulette Cooper (MTF), Jon Atack and I'm sure, plenty more. Like Bent Corydon, the author of L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman.

And Steve Hall, who runs a CIA shill site. And who is depicted here doing a half-hidden Masonic M hand sign, with his Category 1 Egyptoid wife who is also doing a hand sign.

This blows my mind, because I knew him personally from 1979 until he left to join staff in Clearwater, which must have been around 1984. The first few times I saw him he really tripped my gaydar. He looked queer in a sensitive, handsome way. He had a job setting up mannequins for fashion displays, how macho is that? Yet, he acted straight and married a loose, hot-looking staff member, who soon left him for another staff member.
At that time, Steve, myself, and the guy she cuckolded Steve with, were all on church staff in Austin, in the Tech Training Corps training as auditors. When you train on Scn courses you are often assigned a "twin" who is on the same course as you, and you do drills, etc. with each other and share responsibility for each others' progress. And for a pretty long time, Steve was my twin. I remember getting in some hissy spats with him; only now do I realize he was being deliberately annoying. He had some other strange quirks but was an intelligent guy who seemed dedicated to the cause, and I generally thought well of him.

Fast forward to around 2005-6 when I got partially psychic about certain things. I realized he was MPD and his parents were satanists. Oh my, the poor fellow! No wonder he was so fucked up,

Then 7/27/2011 I received an email from him (which is still archived in gmail) asking if it is me; he had found me on Spokeo.
I told him of the stuff I was up to at the time, fighting demons, satanists, etc. and he stopped writing me.
But I really felt for this guy, this poor victim. Obviously his compulsion to be a Scientogist came from Project Monarch commands, I thought. He had a 96-chakra soul. In fact, he hung onto his soul longer than anybody else I knew in Scientology. Moreover, since 96s have souls on other timelines, for years I strongly felt that one of his souls on another timeline was a very good friend of mine and did things to help me a lot, though I could never get the slightest details. Where the hell did that come from? Egyptoid magic. Back when they had souls, some Egyptoids were capable of the wildest spiritual deceptions. See my page on Jessica Schab for an extreme case.

Anyway, surfing today I stumbled across a couple more bizarre CIA sites about Scientology: The McClaughry's Blog and Chalet Reports. The CIA has thousands of "monkeys" typing billions of words of convoluted conspiracy and "truth" bullshit to tie up your mind reading for the rest of your life. But almost everyone they write about on any side of any issue is one of their agents.