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Shapeshifting Reptilians

June 26, '12: Lately I have been on a voyage of discovery about reptilian shapeshifters. Some salient points about the ones living on Earth's surface, ostensibly as normal Earthlings:
  • As much as 30% of Earth's population might be shapeshifters.
  • This includes the other ET "human" races (actually Caucasian-looking shapeshifters who came here in part to diversify their DNA by breeding with different genotypes) such as M32ers, NGC4414ers, and various others such as several strains found in the Salt Lake area. Some of these strains or klans, I believe, have only been on Earth for 2 centuries.
  • Probably less than 1/3 of shapeshifters here have the tell-tale blood-ritual vibe. Until very recently, I was unable to discern anything wrong with their energy.
  • They are not all rich, clever, and famous. Some are low-IQ, poor, meth-heads, drunks, prostitutes, retards, or low-life criminals prosecuted and jailed by their own kind.
    Many are on Welfare, food stamps, Medicare, and other handouts. Around here many live in funky ancient single-wide mobile homes. Some don't bathe.
    Many are rural poor who seem absorbed in everyday life. Many are/were relatively primitive indigenous people, e.g. the Paiute Indians.
  • They are all incestuous bisexual pedophiles, and most are extremely promiscuous, largely amongst their own kind.
    A small minority of the males renounce women and become exclusively gay.
  • They have very strong (or had; we've been taking them down many notches) inherent demonic psi-attack/vamp energy. They implant with demons and other etheric implants.
    Most of their power comes from drawing on the (formerly vast) undergound populations of their own kind, most of whom never had surface lives.
  • Gang-stalking reports by correspondents suggest some of these ETs are very psychic. However, I live surrounded by NGC4414ers, and most seem convincingly clueless as to what I'm about. Some people are constantly stalked and harrassed by newcomer strains, yet I can hardly get them to notice me even when I'm kicking their ass.
    The only ones that seem very psychic to me anymore are the Elite Jesuits; they have taken over the remote monitoring/influencing functions discarded by such former annoyances as the Watchers and the grays.
  • There are huge numbers of reptilian-human hybrids in this and other universes. Breeding with humans is not something they only began on Earth. Many of the ones here now have exclusively off-world DNA.
  • There are many flavors of these hybrids. Not only the M32ers, etc.
    • The topmost seem to be the "Elite" Jesuits. Bill Ryan once interviewed one of these named Charles (deceased). These seem to be a strain of their own that has not bred with Earthlings. They are widespread in other galaxies. Right now the main stronghold seems to be in Galaxy Cluster Abell 2218; however, I don't think they have any DNA from races in that galaxy. I think we have eradicated the pure reptilians from elsewhere they are bred from.
    • Next highest seems to be the regular Jesuit priesthood types. These are Earth humans interbred with Abell 2218 reptilians. The pure Abell 2218 reptilians have been eradicated, but not the hybrids yet.
      Examples of this type of reptilian would be all Jesuit priests including 8 Rothschild banksters (the latter now killed and replaced by clones).
    • Then there are Earth humans interbred with an old strain of reptilians that corrupted the Hebrews, etc. See Japan, Hebrews, Reptilians, and Satanists, an earlier bulletin.
      This type has long been extremely DORy when coupled with blood-ritual practices. Examples are John Travolta, Dustin Hoffman, and my own father's side of the family, as well as my mother's mother's mother's side.
      But until recently I could not discern them if they were not into blood rites. Examples: Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Bill Collier. Same type of rept DNA.
    • Then there are oodles more such strains. Some individuals are here as full-blooded ETs and some interbreed.
    • Many black Africans are reptilian shapeshifters. Especially in this area we have hybrids with yet another old reptilian strain whose offworld pure reptilian parentage we have eradicated. These Africans are mostly not Satanists, but into other forms of black magic including blood sacrifice. They are actually the most dangerous enemies, black magic wise. Examples: The 2 on the left may be dead now. They were nasty witches and shapeshifters. The one on the right is still alive, but doesn't have enough rept DNA to shapeshift.
  • When they (at least, the newcomer strains like M32 and NGC4414) interbreed with other races here, the offspring usually look like full-blood Negroes, Asians, or whatever they bred with.
  • Until cleared, shapeshifters all have the type of snake demons brought to our attention by Franz Erdl and Wiolowa. But cleared of these demons, they remain evil.
  • They have evil cats that look like various types of regular Earth cats, but are demonic in nature, and come from other galaxies. These breed with Earth cats if they can.
    Some have evil DORy dogs, goats, etc, but once the snakes are removed from the dogs, they become normal again.
  • Some types (at least the NGC4414-related types) are able to seemingly manifest DORy insects and spiders with sometimes magical powers (such as vanishing or even disappearing into a person's flesh to become an implant).
    The Nigerians also have some weird ET birds that are hard to overcome.
  • The ones that are alive now are all terminally evil and beyond redemption. So far that is my impression. Yet, good people may have had past lives as shape-shifting reptillians.
  • Normally, I think only evil human ET souls incarnate into the newcomer strains like M32ers. The newer strains usually either keep a pure bloodline of their own type of ET (e.g. Joe Biden, NGC4414) or else strive to make half-breeds. The half-breeds are very often the result of a union between 2 half-breeds. They seem to prefer to avoid making 3/4 breeds or 1/4 breeds, but I have noticed a few 1/4 breeds and even know a 1/8 breed. Most often 1/4 breeds don't know.
  • The offworld hybrids seem to have the same short lifespans that we do, suggesting that all shapeshifting reptilians may be slaves of some sort.
  • My observations of the NGC4414ers in my area lead me to conclude that they do value a stable nuclear family, even though they are promiscuous perverts. If you covertly watch their body language on the street, they seem like normal people that are affectionate with family members in a normal way. Husbands and wives seem to be close. Children are treated kindly in public.
    In fact they mainly seem like the most ordinary, banal, easygoing, not-too-bright people. Most seem to consume all the poisons meted out by their fellows in the food and medical industry. Many drink and smoke pot.
  • Around here, many seem to be avid church goers. There are several churches run by NGC4414ers and attended mostly by them. Too many for such a small town.
  • Usually it requires some sort of deliberate rite of passage involving sex to activate a shape-shifter. It does not require blood ritual. Indeed someone who has much reptilian DNA but has not been activated and is clueless can become involved in satanist rites with non-reptilians, and not be activated thereby, I think.
  • Sometimes it happens that a child with much rept DNA ends up in the custody of an Earth spouse and never gets activated.
    Sometimes clueless offspring spontaneously get activated. Or perhaps something in the entertainment media activates them.
    I once saw a video (which I can't find now) of a French girl who seemed genuinely baffled by her "feline" irises.
  • I believe they can be deactivated, too. Shapeshifters eat junk food and get cancer, etc. just like everyone. They die in rest homes with dementia if they don't die in a hospital. You can't just have them shapeshifting all over the place.

David Icke has suggested that the shapeshifters are few and we are many, hence they have to rule covertly. Not true, in my perception. For every decent human on Earth that has a spine and integrity, there are several shapeshifters and several other soulless, terminal wretches. And there used to be probably tens of thousands of CIA clones and various other types of shapeshifters living underground for each person on the surface. Not to mention evil Sasquatch, repts, etc. We have been eradicating huge numbers of these subterranean dwellers. And there is no end in sight yet.
And there used to be huge numbers of grays as well as of overwhelmingly DORy non-physical demons.

Shapeshifters run virtually all of the media, governments, corporations, entertainment industries, and religions in the world. And militaries and police forces. They have almost all the weapons and jails.

So why haven't they simply rounded us all up and put us in concentration camps? Some other game is being played, that I have not quite figured out yet. They sure go to a lot of trouble, though.
Their agents also comprise most of the UFO/ascendance/DNA activation people to be found on the web, and quite a lot of the "alternative" media that makes much noise about Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grovers, Zionists, Monsanto, etc. Shapeshifters seem to be in the forefront of exposing themselves. And all the while also generating as many distractions and red herrings as they can. They give you the truth, often buried in lies. Some sources are almost pure truth, others are pure bunk.

Anyway, that's about as much as I have figured out about these critters. There are things I still do not understand, such as some of the more wild visible distortions and phenomena noted on youtube videos. I have never noticed any shapeshifting except on a screen (including irises on live TV). I find it hard to believe all these human-looking ET bodies around me are holograms. They look and act so ordinary. Yet I know that this joker is of the same genetic strain they are.

Update June 29, '12:

As we continue to fry the previously-cloaked shapeshifters, my own discernment is sharpening. I just realized that some guys i checked just a few days ago are shapeshifters after all: including, gasp, David Icke.
Check out at least this last part of a video called Reptilians in The Matrix Movie 1080p HD BluRay.

I had been growing increasingly suspicious of Icke lately, but he felt clean and seems so sane and likable. Many times i have been reading some of his material, and been struck by how parallel our thought processes are.

Years ago i read where Matthew Delooze points out that Icke follows the same pattern as illuminati rock stars, etc. insofar as instigating large gatherings of people in venues designed by "the serpent cult" to vamp energies off the public and mind-control them.
And lately i've been seeing this on Icke's site daily: Join the Great Gathering of Consciousness - Wembley Arena 2012 which says
'You can dam a stream and you can dam a river, but you can't dam a tidal wave.' - David Icke
Exactly the sort of Jesuit newage pap that a realistic misanthrope like myself gags at. There will be no mass awakening with all of us proletariat holding hands and ascending into the Golden Age together, sorry.

Hmmm, well what about Matthew Delooze, who has supplied so much enlightening info? Oh gosh, i'm afraid he's another one.

And what about that lovable Credo Mutwa? He was real cloaked, but now he feels like a DORy lizard too.

Aaargh, and even Jordan Maxwell, who seemed clean just a couple days ago. Now culled, the lizard. He was pretty forthright about the Vatican. My icons are crumbling on all sides.
And Jon Phelps told much hard truth about the Vatican, but tempered it with the false apparent belief that Luther and Calvin were not themselves Jesuit shapeshifters. Still, i was convinced that he meant well.

And, Dutchsinse!

So the repts gave us pretty much all the inside info about how they work. They gave us the internet and computers; forums, email, google maps. They got us started on orgonite and chem-busting, and provided us with all the tools necessary to kick their ass, but at the same time totally stacked the deck against us.

There's nobody left to trust but Cmdr Loohan...

Update July 8, '12:

I said earlier that it usually requires an event to activate a child's shapeshifting. This was based on the observations of the NGC4414 ETs in my town. Some of the kids do not feel activated. These also will be found not to have U bases appended to them. Other kids do feel activated and do have the bases. There is no set age at which they are initiated; some are intitiated rather young, others not until adolescence.
Also the "not activated" kids will have a better vibe, and act normal (not throwing DOR, demons, etc.). However, does that mean they don't shapeshift at all? Or does it just mean they have not been activated as "demons"? I think I was perhaps a bit mistaken.

One can do an image search for "babies". A large percent of the results will be of genetic shape-shifters. Some of these have dubious pupils in the pics. For example this boy did not have U bases nor does he dowse as activated. Nor this one. Nor this one. (Getting a lot of bases off their parents, though.)
I found no activated babies.

If you want to exercise your sensitivity, you can get pix of beauty pageants. Most of the pix are of kids, and virtually all the pix are of shapeshifters. Beauty pageants, like competitive eating contests, are for shapeshifters; who else could stomach participating in such a thing? You will find most of the kids are not activated. But then, often the date of the pic is not obvious. This little girl is activated but i suspect the pic is 5-6 years old, and she was only activated a year or so ago.

      *       *       *       *       *

List of Particularly Noteworthy Shapeshifting Reptilians
who do not have the blood-sacrifice vibe:
("C" after their names means the original has been killed and replaced by a clone)
These are all people I was previously convinced were good as gold; at least sincere.

David Icke, Alex Jones (C), Dr. Deagle, Ron (C) and Rand Paul, Cynthia McKinney, Marci Kaptur, Dennis Kucinich, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Alex Collier, Bob Lazar (deceased i think), John Lear, Dutchsinse, Credo Mutwa, Jon Phelps, Jordan Maxwell, Matthew Delooze, James Gilliland, Leo Zagami, Gary McKinnon, José Argüelles, ... [Some of these have now been killed and replaced by clones.]

Update June 2014: Some more strains of shapeshifting reptilians: Romani (and at least some other types of Gypsies), Basques, Khazars/Ashkenazi.

Update Jan 2016: More SSer strains: Dalit, Iriquois, Nez Perce', Galapagos Islanders...
Now almost all shapeshifting repts (even small children) have been replaced (usually more than once) by SSer clones and/or other types of doubles. In fact just this month i noticed that a great many are being replaced by werewolf clones!
And for some reason, i have not seen any more of the evil ET cats in years.