Zero Point Energy products

It all started when I received a mysterious energy pen from a friend in the mail. There were no explanations or instructions. Right away The Committee started to improve the programming in it.
After inspecting it, I figured it should be good for acupressure if nothing else. I happened to have a bunch of aches and pains all over that day. After working on myself for some time, I noticed I felt a lot better than I would normally expect from self-massage.
Also I tried it remotely: doing map work on an evil-feeling spot from which demons were attacking me. It worked remarkably well.

This was my introduction to "nano-wands" which supposedly use zero point energy. There are various brands on the market, and quite a price and quality range. And the most expensive are not necessarily the best. And different vendors might sell the same brand for quite a difference in price. (pics)
(And don't ask me to explain "zero point energy". I don't understand none of that stuff. I don't know whether my products nor the metal commercial pens really emit zero point energy or what that is, really. I'm just trying to capitalize on the fad.)

Some of the wands might be of poor quality or counterfeit ripoffs. Also, due to individual differences, some people respond better to one type of pen than another, and some don't notice anything much at all even from the best pens. Thus you should make sure the vendor will refund if the pen does not impress you.

The wand I got was a "Wellness Nano-Wand". I also get a good vibe off a pic from the Iyashi Wand.

The Committee seemed to indicate that we could make similar items out of epoxy. I made some. I was impressed because they felt twice as strong as the steel one, even after the steel one had been improved 30% with reprogramming.
But eventually I realized that my original epoxy wands did not have all the healing qualities present in the commercial pen.
They are still superb, though.

I really like them for ear acupressure (finding those achey spots in my lobes and working them) as well as acupressure in general. They also are good for auric work, charging water and food, and probably most things the steel pens are used for.
They can be used for blasting demons. A friend discovered that the butt end is even better against demons.

One oddity about the ZPE program is that the predominant energy seems to come out of the part of the item that was in the bottom of the mold. Usually when one casts orgone devices out of resin, the energy direction is toward the open end of the mold. But not so with the ZPE pgm (normally; The Committee can reverse this, but it takes several times as much work, so they seldom do it). Nevertheless, the butt end is better against demons, and I believe the tip is better for healing.

That butt stuff applies to the original ones as in the pic to the left. However, later I made some improved ones for healing. These do not seem to have the same demon-blasting qualities out the butt end, but are superior for well, er, disclaimer time, uh, putting out energies that may assist the body in healing itself. This product has not been scientifically evaluated and I have no medical credentials.

In the pic to the right (click for large pic), we have 3 other types of wands. The one marked A is what I call intermediate grade, but it may be the best choice for some people.
The one marked B is the best kind I have made so far. It is essentially the same as A, but has 2 stainless steel screws imbedded near the butt. These have special programs that make it more powerful (including, supposedly, a negative-ion program according to my dowsing, though I can't say I have measured the ions coming off it). But I have a hunch that some very electrosensitive people may not like it. Also I get that it is not well-suited for constant carrying or wearing as a pendant. Style A and the plain one are. One can drill a 1/16 hole near the butt of any of these, and slip a piece of monofilament line in to make a pendant. But B and C might best be worn intermittently.
I can do this for you for $1, or if you want to do it yourself, I will mark the best spot to drill upon request. Do not drill too large a hole.
See also note in red below about BPA.

The wand marked C is a bit more expensive, but for most people is probably inferior to B. It has a neodymium magnet and a copper coil. I get that it is 98% as good as B, but, it has different energies, so I like to use one of these sometimes, too.

The blue sections of all these wands contain 6 different programs, including ZPE, far infrared, and 4 others I don't know the details of.
The grey sections of A, B, and C contain the Arcturan "meridian-balancing" program as well as 3,000+ healing frequencies.

Update May, 2015: The C wands actually turned out to be by far the most popular, but I have stopped making them because they are a total pain to make. Now I offer the BigC Wands which are much easier to make, and hence I can offer a much better deal. These wands have 2 neodymium magnets with the Meridian-Balancing Program, and a bunch of epoxy with the ZPE Program plus 5 other pgms and 3000+ healing frequencies. I get that these are equivalent to 22 of the original C wands (original one also depicted for comparison). They have a useful linear range of about 20 feet. (end of update)

Note that, due to the difficulties of casting epoxy into narrow tubes, you may anticipate some cosmetic imperfections, such as grey streaks down the sides. This applies to wands A and B, because they have grey bands way down the tube.

I also made up a bunch of B's and a couple A's with a different color scheme (
pic). Specify if you prefer these. The pigment is activated charcoal, which modifies the energy a bit.

Note also that the nature of epoxy is such that it gets a bit melty when heated. If you carry it in a tight pocket on a hot day and sit down, thin items like these may bend a bit. You'll have to straighten it and let it cool. Same goes if you accidentally run it through the clothes dryer.

Plain: $17
A: $25
B: $30 (discontinued)
C: $38 (discontinued)
BigC: $60

Personally I find, working on myself, that ZPE wands are useful for making negative attachments, implanted gunk, etc. from psychic attackers perceivable. That is, only when I play over the area with a wand do I notice a stickiness from the etheric crud. And different types of wands may stir up different kinds of gunk.
The wand won't necessarily remove it all.

There is an interesting youtube video here. The guy suggests that different wands work on different chakra issues. I don't agree with him that there are 8 chakras. Some people have 7, some have 12, a few have 24, 48, or 96. The wands he says work on chakra 8 actually work on 8, 9, and 10 for those who have these chakras.

Here is how I would rate the chakra activities of the wands I have mentioned above:
Wellness Nano Wand, standard: very strong on 5, weak on 1-4 and 6. Nothing above.
Wellness Nano Wand, reprogrammed by The Committee: still strongest on 5, but not as strong. 6 almost as strong. Fairly strong on 1-4. No activity above 6.
Iyashi Wand: smooth, even power on 1-10. The reprogrammed version is slightly stronger, sweeter, and smoother.
Loohan's plain blue wand: very strong on 6, almost as strong on 2, fairly strong on 1, weakish on 3-5.
Loohan's A & B wands: these 2 are very similar but B is stronger. Both are very strong in an even way on 1-6, but nothing above that.
Loohan's C wand: Very strong on 4, almost as strong on 5. Fairly strong on 1-3. Weak on 6. Nothing above that.

Water-Charging Disks:
These have 1 layer of the water-charging program sandwiched between 2 layers of the ZPE program. Energy direction is toward the larger face.
Use for water, food, and other watery substances like human bodies.

For the most powerful results, sandwich the liquid between 2 disks.

If you prefer a dome-like top charger (pic) these are also available.

My impressions:
Starting with filtered water that has already been charged up to begin with, I find that these items seem to reduce surface tension and further improve the flavor.
With raw milk, it seems to improve the flavor a bit, plus the milk stays fresh all day unrefrigerated.
These effects are most pronounced when the liquid is sandwiched between 2 disks.

Price $22 for the disk, or $24 for the dome

Products that only have small sections of ZPE programming:

Meridian-Balancing Pendants: I was guided to make these like this. Supposedly, this shape is better for pendants than a flat disc or the like. The grey section contains the same special mix used in wands A, B, & C, but has only the meridian-balancing program. The tip has a bit of turmeric and the ZPE program with 3 other programs tacked onto it.
Guaranteed to be the best wearable energy device available for holding your energy body in alignment under the stresses of modern electropollution, etc., or your money back. You can test with kinesiology. (You should do this with any orgone item you get. I know of at least one famous pendant vendor who packs black magic into her pendants.)

It doubles as a very ergonomic acupressure tool.
Comes with a length of 25# test monofilament. Shorten this to a length you can barely squeeze over your head, and tie well so you don't lose the pendant. If the nylon line ends poke your skin, round them by applying a flame to the ends.
Best worn over your heart center or a bit above. Not very effective if carried in a pocket on your side. (For that usage, the next item is good.)

Price each $15

Note: Epoxy contains a lot of BPA. Much food packaging contains BPA. BPA migrates to your food from the packaging. Hence, it is reasonable to assume that some BPA will migrate through your skin if an epoxy surface is in long contact with your bare skin, especially if you are hot and sweaty. These pendants offer much less contact area than flat ones, but still.
I could make these out of polyester resin, but I don't know if the chemicals that might seep out of that are less harmful.

Meridian-Balancing Squares: These are for carrying in a pocket on your left side. They are much better for carrying on your side than the pendants. The pendants are much better for wearing over your heart center. You can use both for slightly better protection. Keep the grey side towards your body for best results.
These are easier to make, hence cheaper.
(The pic is of an Energy Rectifier unit as described below, but the programming will be different; the same as the pendant.)

Price $8 each

EMF-Mitigating Units for appliances and cell phones: These have the same physical composition as the pendants, but the grey sections have the Energy-Rectifying Program instead of the meridian-balancing one. These are also OK to carry on you, but better suited to putting on electronic devices.

Also I have available long, thin ones (ER 7
pic) for taping to electric cords, e.g. on laptop adapters. You don't want to affix insulating objects to transformers or other items that need to be able to radiate excess heat. So for laptops, you can tape one of these to the adapter cord, between the wall plug and the adapter.

Sizes and prices::
  • ER 1: slightly under 12mm diameter $5
  • ER 2: 31mm diameter $6
  • ER 3 35mm square, thin, low profile $6
  • ER 4: 47mm square, 10 mm high $8
  • ER 5: 87mm square $15
  • ER 6: 99X60mm, 12mm high $15
  • ER 7: $7
    (I can make other shapes, sizes, thicknesses by request.)

    This is a close-up of ER 4. All these units have a bit of the ZPE/turmeric layer on top.

    Instructions: Measure your cell phone or whatever to make sure the unit you want has enough room. Get the largest ER that will fit. Cordless phones are also dangerous, and have more room on them.
    Use silicone glue to attach. This glue can take days to set up in the center of a bond where air can't get to it, so don't use the phone for a few hours, then be careful for a few days. Duct tape can be used to secure it as it sets up (if there's room).
    A very strong, fast-drying glue is F26.

    Update about the Energy-Rectification products: I will not be making more of these if stock runs out. I have become more aware of a type of harmful energy known to dowsers as vertical negative green. If you have electronic stuff around, you have vertical negative green, and the Energy-Rectifiers on this page do not address this! We do, however, have free programs that do address this.
    DIYers can read more about this subject here and here. The relevant programs are the March2015B pgm, PRG pgm, and Strontium-Barium pgm. The March2015B pgm even goes into quartzite and some other stones.
    The Orgone Brick and MarBies on the main page, and the Variability items, do address vertical negative green.

    The Meridian-Balancing program also does not, even though it has been verified on a Voll Dermatron that it balances your meridians. It is suggested you carry something with the program(s) that do correct vertical negative green in addition.