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Loohan's blog for November, 2005

Nov. 6, '05: I juiced up the 9 most of the day on my laptop, but after i came home, things deteriorated. They had now gotten iron all nasty. Carbon was very nasty, too.

What to do? My impression is that the Council of Nine members probably do not hang out in the chamber under the Sphinx, but send their energies there from wherever they are stationed. So i instructed my ring to tear up the connecting lines to the Sphinx and under it. I am not sure if they send the energy to the chamber beneath, to the "control panel" in the center, or both. But this action cleared up both the Sphinx and the 9 for the moment.

Again, Set seemed the dominant perpetrator, but #6 fired up after i messed with set. I suspect this one is on Pluto.

I might as well take the time now to revisit the subject of using a PC to send energy to a target. This remains, to me, one of the most powerful techniques. I put the mouse pointer on the pic of the target, and put orgone on the mouse cord. Since the components of orgonite are now under attack, and have various fluctuating amounts of DOR given off by them, i sometimes use charged crystals instead.

Unlike other radionics-type technologies, for some reason this works for a longer time period without any refreshing. There will be some attenuation after 2-3 hours, and one can refresh it by moving the mouse around or changing target pics, but even if one does not, it appears to be fairly effective for many hours at a time.

I live off the grid, on limited solar power. For months i ran my laptop for like 20 hours a day, despite much chem-haze and overcast, doing my best to keep the world from falling apart. This stressed my batteries badly, and it took weeks of minimal usage to get them fully charged again. Fortunately i have other powerful technologies now.

But if i lived on the grid, i would run a PC 24/7 as this is really extremely powerful and makes a huge difference. In fact, i would scout around for free or cheap old PCs. All they have to be able to do is hold a pic on screen for long periods. You will need to adjust the settings so that the screen saver doesn't come on.

If i had a bank of 3-4 PCs running, i could really keep a lid on things.

There are many target pics i have uploaded to my site. Email me at the "ordering" link on my html pages, and i can send you links or pics. Or make your own. For my own use, I usually shrink them down to 4X4 pixels, and plant them in a labyrinth pic or the like.

Ah, here is a pic of the dreaded spot in the Sphinx:

Nov. 7, '05: Lately i have been monitoring some orgone tools that we have been using as a movement. Copper, iron, carbon are under constant attack and feel dirty much of the time. Magnetite, malachite, and many other minerals. Charged water, indeed all water, feels somewhat dirty at times, though not as bad as a couple weeks ago when they were real bad (during hurricane Wilma). Even the crystalline grid (of Chris's charge as mentioned in OTB 14) and the Lemurian seed matrix feel a bit dirty at times lately, due to overwhelm, apparently. Hell, even "the Godhead" feels tainted in recent days!

So what have they NOT managed to dirtify so far? The only thing i'm aware of is the agnihotra flame, and its ash. They feel pure and sweet every time i check, no matter how nasty everything else is. I do hope it will remain so.

Archie had a great idea last night: he built an agnihotra flame inside the center of the Sphinx! It's still going strong this morning, and the Sphinx is feeling fairly good now.

I guess it would be more properly called a homa flame, as agnihotra, by definition, is done only at sunrise and sunset, whereas this is hopefully eternal.

I easily put one in the powerful underground transmitter in the adjacent property, which i suspect is ELF/microwave/DOR. Likewise the tunneler near me, which i also suspect is ELF/microwave/DOR, as well as the SCA units in Marshall, and they're still holding well an hour later. It can take a few minutes to really make the targets feel clean. The Sphinx one probably took hours. There were probably other people working on the latter, too, certainly myself.

Woops, i just got hit a bit by the some of the thus-gifted transmitters. But i get that the flame is still strong inside them. We'll see what the long-term effects are, and how well the fires stay lit without rekindling.

Here's some info for those who may have purchased a Rifat Sedna crystal, as i posted about a couple weeks ago:

Nov. 8.'05: More fun with etheric homa:

First i should mention that the homa and ash energies, as felt by myself on a piece of paper, DO now reflect that they are under bombardment at times. But the flames seem to be holding.

Oh, yeah, yesterday Set annoyed me, so on impulse i placed a burning homa pyramid in him. I felt an immediate "disturbance in the force" as though this act had quite a disconcerting impact on the whole darkside. Set had been playing a pivotal role in the bad stuff going on, and when he got hit, i felt like a shuddering vibration in the whole system, unlike anything i've noted before.

Of course, they never take a hint. Very shortly everything got real nasty, especially Satan. So he got issued one, too, and things again lightened up briefly, then got very dark, and it was Yaldabaoth's turn. I've never seen such a bunch of masochists volunteering for a spanking.

One by one, i got all the major devils and dark goddesses on my list. Then i willed for ALL demons of any type to each have one. Did this work? Well, tentatively, i think so, though it seems too easy. Things did get pretty mellow.

This morning when i woke up, things were not bad, but not real clean, either. I tried mentally connecting with all the homa fires, but every time, i'd get slammed in the head with some bad energy to encourage me to forget that.

I think they can sort of live with the fires in them, and operate somewhat, sort of like if a human had a piece of old shrapnel in him, that hindered him with pain, but didn't completely cripple him.

However, mentally stimulating the fires spurs them into much greater activity, which seems rather devastating.

I had to send my ring to take care of whoever was keeping the hex in place that was causing me to be hit whenever i placed my attention on the fires. This took several attempts, as they had some kind of defense going, but eventually i was able to link up unhindered, and then things really sweetened up.

Mantra: Homa is traditionally done with vocal intonation. The agnihotra chants are specifically for sunrise and sunset. Other chants are used at other times.

I asked my Indian friend, and he said Om eim hreem shreem is a great one for bringing in positive energy. "Eim" is pronounced like "I'm". He also mentioned Om shanti shanti shanti as a peace chant.

Also, in my opinion, one need not use official chants. One may be guided by one's higher intelligence to intone various sounds. I once read a great book called "Toning" which i recommend, on using sound intuitively for healing. [Actually, you don't need the book. The concept is that there is a mechanism whereby one can intuit the sounds necessary to heal.]

Anyway, y'all feel free to place more pyramids in important locations, and link up with all the homa fires mentally, and intone positive energy into them.

On another subject: I have found it feasible to take positively-charged crystals, and throw their energy bodies into demons, just as i do with my Sedna ring. They seem to stay indefinitely. I can mentally spin them for greater effect.

What's even wilder is that, since i have been using Rifat's crystals, i have developed some abiltiy to program crystals for the first time. I think this is for several reasons:

1) Rifat crystals pump the user full of "psychotronic fuel" which is apparently a type of chi that has particular application for doing higher mental and/or psychic work.

2) There may be some sort of osmosis going on, whereby some part of me subconsciously understands how to do it, just from being around these programmed crystals.

3) I start with crystals that already have Chris' charge in them, which seems to facilitate programming.

Rifat says he makes his anti-demon crystals by trapping the energy bodies of demons in them, forcing a piece of the demon to work for you. Now, i would not be interested in having demons work for me, except that it appears to be a necessary way to really defeat them. Not only does one deplete them further by having them do the work, but one now has a great energy supply with which to attack all the demons.

Lately i have found that it is easy for me to trap the demons in crystals. I start with a crystal that has Chris' charge (otherwise it is possible that the stones might not stay safely positive; i don't know). I hold the point on a piece of paper that has the name of some particularly active demon that is raising hell. The name is written in caps and encircled with a small circle. I just draw the demon into the crystal, rotating it on its axis slightly in a CCW direction, and feel/visualize the demon being drawn in. [Of course, i have the intention for the demon to be dominated and neutralized within the crystal.] Rifat says that demons are seen as black shadows. When i feel that is done, i set the crystal down for a few minutes, not touching it. I don't know that it is necessary to do this, but the stone will give off a bad vibe for some time. I check the crystal's energy not by touching it, but by proxy on a piece of paper. After a few minutes, or even 20 or 30 minutes if it is a particularly powerful demon, or if i have scooped up a big bunch of them all at once, the crystal will be very sweet, and much stronger. This state seems to last so far, but i've only been playing with this a few days. I don't know if there is a limit to how many demons one should put in a smallish crystal. I don't think so. I have one fine medium-sized crystal that has maybe a couple hundred demons, and it is very strong, and seems a very potent weapon when used as a wand or when i throw its energy body into a big bully like Babalon.

This is not for everybody, but i wanted to throw the information out there.

[note from 12-25-5: Warning! I forgot to mention that each such crystal needs a "bioparticle" partner, for it to be safe and effective. He talks about this on this new page. It is dangerous to make only the single crystal. As i understand it, he makes a black hole in the crystal, which is linked to a white hole in the BPC. As of last night, i have been experimenting with programming BPCs with more specific freqs for a specific target type. A reptilian target requires a different freq than an aeon, for instance. My crude form of dowsing indicates that the toxic freqs for reptiloids is significantly different than for repts, hybrid human-repts, archons, aeons, etc. Seems to me that most of these beings are susceptible to a freq that is not quite sweet to me (though i program the BPC to return to me only those energies most beneficial to myself). The repts require a sweet vibe. Anyway, so far it seems much more effective to make the vibe specific.]

Pluto base: I sniffed out a rather hot spot on or near the surface, in addition to the one in the core. I have placed homa fires in both, and it's not an exceptionally urgent thing. But worth some attention. [in the very center of the circle]

Nov.9, '05: Last night i scooped up all the Enochian demons

in a rather large crystal i've been beefing up. They were real active at the time. It seemed like merely doing that put a big chill on the DOR situation.

Of course, it is not easy for me to evaluate that, as someone else may have also done something powerful at around that time. Many people are working on the problem in various ways. In any case, for whatever reasons, things are real mellow again this morning, like they were most of yesterday.

Also yesterday i put etheric homa fires in many, many physical locations. Things were pretty nice for hours, but in the evening got kind of nasty again, as though the homa fires were overcome somehow. It seemed to start around the time i lit the sunset agnihotra fire. I hadn't done agnihotra in 10 days or so, and intended to really do a good one, linking the "real" ceremony to the etheric ones, and blasting agnihotra energy throught the copper pyramid to all copper everywhere.

But as soon as i lit the fire, they slammed copper real hard, and kept hitting me with local transmitters, satellites, radionics, etc. I was able to counter that somewhat, though, and still did an OK ceremony.

But then things got pretty DORy, as though they had energy aplenty to override everything, and trying to juice up the etheric fires seemed worthless. DOR crystals seemed to have a lot to do with that.

Lately i've noticed that when the big extra-galactic demons (DOR batteries is what i called them in a thread at Yahoo; they are found by going through a portal in center of the Milky Way to another kind of realm. They apparently consist of 4 famous dark goddesses and a 7-headed demon) and the other demons all get fairly neutralized, the evil ones rekindle the DOR at the DOR crystal sites. "Rituals" written on paper gets real hot, as do some or all of the sites, as do protective blocks or barriers to POR. Incidentally, the old Mansfield Hollow place has gotten real active again.

Anyway, at this time, the etheric fires seem to be working again.

I hope to put together a demonology page one of these days, with whatever useful info i am piecing together about demons. One can glean a lot from Rifat's site and Wikipedia.

Nov. 11, '05: The DOR situation has been pretty controllable lately, overall. I know there are some people out there helping big-time lately.

Yesterday i programmed another 10 crystals, which i keep "in" demon targets. This seems very powerful. Keeps the big baddies fairly tractable. I will need to make more. I just want to observe a bit how these work out.

In addition to demons, i stuffed in the PDF. That's what Rifat calls "the psi-damping force" which he says is put out by the Council of 9. I got a vibe on it by writing PDF on paper and encircling it. Yep, it's there. A source of usable energy. It seemed like i succeeded in adding some of this energy to the crystals by treating it in the same manner as a demon.

Another powerful find of a weapon: . No, you don't need to buy anything. I started using this yesterday; that is, using the freq i commandeered into the war. I figured "they" would find out about soon enough, might as well put it to the test now. Don't S&T it; it brings through very bad energy much of the time, thanks to me. When i first found it, it had the sweetest energy i've ever encountered.

What this guy has done, for all practical purposes, is create a demon-killing "god". This vibe is very easy to move with the mind, at least with my fine mind. I can latch it onto things, like "all sacrificial blood", "all water on Earth", all planetary cores, all sky-chem around Earth, Chris' charge, all orgone devices, etc.

Except for the chem, one has to keep insisting that the target accept it for a while. But once it "takes", the polish lasts a really long while, compared with other freqs i've used aggressively. The vibe of tri-vibs or tri-vortex gets very dirty-feeling when worked hard, but so far has always emerged the victor against fairly extreme evil forces. It recovers and gets pretty sweet if i don't work it.

I've been using it for a couple days, and at this time feel confident it will be one of our premier weapons.

I don't think people using his products will be harmed by this. Hopefully.

He has a big charging tube that he charges objects in for 72 hours. For a fee, you can send your own object(s) for him to do. He wants them wrapped. Now, if someone were to do this, but happened to write "all evil beings" "all sacrificial blood" "all water" "all radioactive substances" "all transdimensional tunnelers" "my Aunt Gertrude's left hand" etc. etc. etc. in the wrappings, well, all these things would be like totally blasted beyond any tech we've had for 72 hours.

Here's something that works real well, that i just discovered. You will need a crystal. Write "TRI-VIB" or "TRI-VORTEX" in the middle of a blank piece of paper. [Then draw a tight circle, square or rectangle around it.] Then write near that, in separate circles "PDF", "ALL SACRIFICIAL BLOOD" "ALL EVIL BEINGS" and what-have you. These should be close enough to the Tri-Vib one that you can connect to them with the crystal. In other words, you have one end of the crystal on TRI-VIBS and the other end on "ALL EVIL BEINGS". Leave it there for half an hour or whatever, then turn it so you're juicing "PDF" with the good vibe.

I'll be experimenting with keeping several of these wheels going at once.

Nov. 14, '05: I just noticed that Rifat now sells a Platinum/Sedna ring at (scroll down) for $240, which i think is the same thing as the Sedna PC i got for $440. I have emailed him asking about that.

Nov. 15, '05: Full moon today. Things are mostly mellow right now, and have been since last night, as far as i am aware. Somebody out there is helping a lot.Things have been up and down a bit the last couple days. I stirred them up yesterday morning , when things were smooth, by juicing the PDF, which was about the only thing very dirty. They didn't like this. I was trying to drain them before the full moon, so they hopefully will not have the energy at the time they want it. Right now i don't know if they are playing possum or really are that weakened.

So, here is what i'm noticing when trying to deplete them: There seem to be only a few demons able to provide much power to the other devils and demons, once these latter are drained. These "big demons" appear to be, in approximate order of importance: Yaldabaoth, Babalon, Satan, Yalatha (the 7-headed demon; there are other 7-headeds around, more of which i'll write about aome other time), Lilith, Kali, Nuit. Also important are Set and Satan's servitor demon.
It seems when these are kept chilled, the others usually have little staying power. However, keeping them chilled can be an ambitious undertaking at times.

What seems to happen when the stored DOR is worked out of the demon network, is they do rituals to restore it. The DOR crystal production sites seem to usually be the preferred spots, though there may be others, especially on "holidays".
What happens is that one or more of the DOR crystal manufacturing sites will flare up, as will sacrificial blood, DOR crystals, and blocks. These latter are the transmitters used to shield the ritual sites from POR. I actually have 3 categories on my list of blocks. These are physical blocks, transmitter blocks, and magical blocks. By blocks i mean any type of shield, barrier, deflection mechanism, etc. used to avoid the light of positive energy. There is some overlap in these categories. If transmitter blocks is hot and i juice them, then magical blocks will flare up.
I recommend to other activists to pay more attention to such things if they are able to, as this can often make a huge difference.

By the way, i am not insisting everyone should concentrate on powerful demons. Someone told me the other day i shouldn't spend so much time on the devils. But there are many good reasons why i do, one of them being that that is what i am able to perceive and monitor most easily based on their energy. This person is able to RV the enfleshed humanoid illuminati types, and feels that it's important to nail them, as well as the lower-echelon grunt workers, the miscellaneous treasonous mercenaries who pump the chem into the planes, etc.
If that's your bag, great! Do what you are able to do. That's very important, too, as without henchman and black magicians the demons lose the use of their high-tech tools, and the power they get from blood rituals performed for them. Without these, they are of comparatively little danger.

But anyway, what i'm more about is denying them energy from the top down. So you nail the big boys; the next thing is DOR crystals, including the mother. It happens that my Sedna ring is especially good at that. I put it on the DOR crystal and sacrificial blood detail, and (usually!) it just stays on them, keeping them pretty clean indefinitely.

But even then, despite this, plus all the etheric devices, Tri-Vib, etc. sometimes the negative energy will still rise up pretty high, and i will be unable to determine where it's coming from. What i suspect is happening here is something discussed by Rifat and others: supposedly there are locust-like larvae inhabiting virtually everyone's aura above their crown chakra. Everyone has one large(?) one above their head, leeching most of their energy. Fry it, and it will soon be replaced by another. From my own observations, sometimes they will apparently act as DOR transmitters to send horrible DOR from Satan into the host. Fry Satan, and Yaldabaoth will take over. Nail them both, and the larva will temporarily clean up. This was apparently happening to friend of mine, who, i suspect, was then in turn forced to transmit the negative energy with her energy body.
Tim has a set of crystals he'd like to sell you that supposedly handles that, among other things. I'm not sure, but i believe my Sedna crystal keeps them off me.
Anyway, i suspect that this is another way they collect energy to convert into DOR for their network. Sometimes "larvae" written on paper turns pretty nasty. It is good to nail them. I also dowsed that 726hz will repel them. You can use the NCH toner set at 726 and probably sawtooth and see if it works for you. I also cast some units at this freq, and that may be part of the reason they seem to stay off me. However, with the ingredients of resin/orgonite being compromised in their energy much of the time lately, i haven't been pouring. One could program crystals with the freq. Incidentally, sometimes "ALL QUARTZ" feels somewhat dirty, though they don't seem to have succeeded in locking the bad vibes into all quartz. Yet.

Thanks to whoever is working on the PDF (psi-damping field) today. This must really be annoying to them. Good job.
And remember, that Sphinx spot is still very important to keep nailing!

(Later) OK, it's mid-afternoon now, and things have gotten a bit nasty, requiring a lot of work. I reconfirmed that larvae are an important part of the DOR machine, by juicing them up and seeing the results. However, even with that, things are a bit rough.

One thing i would like to comment on is the increased intensity of microwaving coming from the satellites especially, and also local transmitters here. I first noticed a few weeks ago that the skin on my face would feel a bit burned when they turned on the MWs strongly. A sensation reminiscent of a light sunburn or a mild niacin-induced flush. This goes away (so far) as soon as MWs are quelled. And i don't mean the MW per se, but the demon energy piggybacking on it. I chill the demons responsible, and i no longer feel the effects of MW, ELF, EHF, etc. even though i haven't addressed the transmitters. I no longer notice any ill effect, not can i discern the freqs by finger-dowsing. Leading me to tentatively conclude that these weapons are not powerful enough in themselves to do much damage without the demon energy attached.
Anyways, the burning sensation is getting pretty strong lately, always with satellites flaring up strongly, too.
Nailing Satan usually brings temporary relief.

The tunnelers, by the way, cause a tensing-up of the jaw muscles and surrounding meridians (shoulders, neck).

Nov. 16, '05: I've been watching this a while. The jaw-clenching is coincident with EHF (extra-high frequencies) being hot, and the sunburn-like sensation coincides with microwaves.
Last night after i posted the foregoing info, they dazzled me with a display of technological diversification by first transmitting only MW from the tunnelers for a long time, then transmitting only EHF from the satellites. Gollee, do you suppose if i sold my soul to the devil, i too could command such sophisticated equipment, instead of being a barefoot hippie with no plumbing or fridge? I'll have to give that some thought.
Then, of course, there's HAARP and related transmitters. I haven't monitored them that closely for output types lately, though i think they are mainly EHF.
I've been hit a lot all day with these freqs, virtually non-stop, though usually whittled down to a fairly minor strength.

The "magic wars" are on. They've corrupted my friend Sittingtaoist's crystals and even his agnihotra bowl! They give off satanic vibes. It is suspected that in his case, they have found a way of hijacking his energy to do this, don't ask me how. I get that he has problems with werewolf demons, who may be responsible for these shenanigans. This type of demon seems rather ubiquitous. I have issues with them here. They seem more active around the full moon and pagan holidays, making me think that they are empowered by blood rituals. I recognize them by an eerie feeling of something wrong, a foreboding, and a creepy crawling sensation in the upper abdominal muscles. They have a very toxic, anti-life vibe. There is an herb, monkshood AKA wolfbane, that is supposed to repel them.

I said the magic wars are on. About 24 hours ago, i did something to the mother cluster, and the center of the Sphinx, which turned them positive. The mother cluster is still holding perfectly at this time without attention. The Sphinx almost so; i just noted it was a trifle off, and had to polish it a bit. Also, i did some work on my quartzite, and it's a lot better, though i need to do some more touches on it.

On Nov. 8, i described how i trap demons in crystals. Well, guess what? I find it quite easy to do this remotely, even on crystals that are under DOR stress.
They, for reasons i have not figured out yet (is it just massive stupidity on their part?) chose to pressure me into discovering this, and using it against them. Had they not picked on Sittingtaoist this way, and messed up my quartzite, it would probably not have occurred to me to do this. But i packed demons into my quartzite remotely, and it obviously worked. So i did Mt. Rushmore, which is granite, not pure quartz crystal, yet it seems to be holding so far. I suspected that the "control panel" in the Sphinx might actually be a large crystal, so i tried that, and it worked. Then i did the mother cluster. All these things were dirty at the time, though they had been inoculated with Chris' charge.
I trap the demons with a domineering attitude of jailing and enslaving them, forcing them to work against evil. Also, the prior positive charge presumably helps. Of course, one only gets a hologrammic piece of the demon, and they are still troublesome.
The mere act of drawing them into the stone really enfeebles them for a while. This is becoming one of my favorite ways to chill down hyperactive demons. Even "trapping" them again and again in the same stone seems to work that way.
I will be experimenting more with granite edifices. I suspect even concrete slabs work, but need to monitor this a while. There may be many substances, even metal (HAARP towers) that will hold demons if charged. I will experiment more tomorrow.

Wow, i just checked some pics, and the entire Sphinx is DORy, except the "control panel" spot. Likewise, the countryside all around the mother cluster is DORy, but the cluster itself is clean.

Nov. 17, '05: Well, they didn't seem to want to let me sleep last night. Things got pretty nasty at times. Finally around midnight, i just went ahead and tried stuffing demons in the HAARP towers, the tunnelers, and the satellites. Things got mellower after that.
Amazingly, these are apparently still holding. I didn't do all of HAARP, just the towers, so there is still DOR there, but my impression is that the towers themselves are clean. So this suggests that demons can be trapped in steel (and who knows what else). It is possible that the tunnelers or satellites contain crystals, too, i don't know.
Wild statements like these get me in trouble, but i throw the info out there for those able to discern. The mother cluster and Sphinx are still holding. I do not know what the longevity of these phenomena will be.

(Later) A side note: UFO pics. These craft have very bad energy, except for the white spots (especially evident in bottom of 4th pic down) which are the white hats, evidently. DOR vs POR confrontation, right on film for those who can feel it.

Anyway, things got nasty again a while ago, and that included satellites very strongly and tunnelers somewhat. The Sphinx and mother cluster held, though benefitted from a little shot of juice.
Odly, it seemed that re-compacting the demons into the sats helped a lot. I'm not sure what's going on there.

(Evening) Well, it was another kind of gnarly day. It seems no matter what breakthroughs are made, i still end up spending most of my time getting hit with something and struggling to chill the DOR scene down. Yeah, the sats ended up frying me to the point where i now feel slightly sunburnt even when MWs aren't "hot".

Hate to say it, but "AGNIHOTRA ASH" and "HOMA FLAME" both are extremely nasty much of the time lately. We have spread around so much ash, and i know i spread around thousands of etheric homa flames. And the ceremony itself has a big impact. It's just too much for them not to attack it radionically. And the DOR level coming out of those words on the page is scary sometimes.

Sittingtaoist even got some of his ash stash corrupted in a lasting way. He took some and felt ill and depressed. The ash and some mudballs he made had the same old satanic vibe.
His situation is fairly uncommon, though. However, i would not eat it even when it's clean now, as it will remain a radionic target after you eat it. And anything gifted with ash is not receiving benefit from it when it's hot.

I've gotten to where i can do amazing things with just quartz, and now they've got all quartz under the gun heavily a lot of the time, too. Not good.
And several times a day, i turn "ALL WATER ON EARTH" from strongly negative to positive. And the metals, carbon, and other elements are still usually messed over or tainted.

Nov. 18, '05: Things got better not long after i posted that, and when i awoke at 3:30am, were very clean, with virtually no DOR hitting me. And still are pretty well under control, except for some "prickly" feeling MW stuff hitting me. I think someone out there has been doing something powerful.

I did something a bit different myself last night, though i don't think that accounts for the majority of the improvement.
More about what i was saying about larvae: Last night i read something at
Since all humanity consists of a human possessed by an archonic parasite which inhabits the core of a humans energy bodies is attached by the top of the head to an archonic insectile overseer that is linked to an archonic 'nurse' that tends the flock of humans for the nine archonic Masters' all of humanity can be seen as one gestalt archonic insectile. Against such consolidated opposition very few Psi-Masters survive. The Psi-Lord makes strategic alliances with dark energy/matter predators that feed on the nine and their nurses, thus taking over entire races from the top down.
Translation: according to Rifat, the members of the Council of Nine are actually demons of an insectile type, same as the larvae. Also he calls this type of insectiles archons or adversary demons. Adversary demons guide their hosts to do stupid, self-destructive things, etc.
Some of this exists in gnostic mythos. From :
Using this stolen power, Yaldabaoth creates a material world in imitation of the divine Pleroma. To complete this task, he spawns a group of entities known collectively as Archons, "petty rulers" and craftsmen of the physical world. Like him they are commonly depicted as theriomorphic, having the heads of animals.
Anyway, i ain't no psi-lord yet, nor do i have great ambitions of taking over whole races as my zombie slaves, but to each his own. If you take them over, please make them recalcitrant towards the matrix-masters. And keep the morons out of my way. Oh yeah, Tim says further down:
A Psi-Lord uses occult entities and their rituals for fuel so grows more powerful as temporal powers in the Matrix are destroyed. That does not mean dark energy/matter allies from outside the Matrix are not dealt with, but only to tempt these allies into following Divine Will, at the expense of the anglo-demonic reality, the one rule being only to give them love - nothing else.
So last night i wrote "ARCHONIC NURSES", "ARCHONIC SUPERVISORS" [erratum, i meant archonic overseers], and "dark energy/matter predators that feed on the nine and their nurses" on paper and encircled them separately. At the time, these archons did not feel strongly DORy, but plump, vulnerable, and full of psychotronic fuel, as though i was the first one ever threatening them. Which seems hard to believe. The predators were a bit DORy-feeling, as i would loosely call it. I did not juice the predators, being unsure if POR is toxic or offensive to them. But nailing the archons causes the predators to sweeten up. I suspect they don't much care if it's POR or DOR; energy is food to them. Then again, how much difference is there between POR and love? If they like love, presumably they like POR.
I suspect that when i turn my Sedna crystal on these archons, it may soften them up to make predation easier, and the predators then munch on them, getting PORy in the process.
Theoretically, keeping on these particular archons will starve the 9 and deny the enemy energy from a major fuel source. Incidentally, Rifat says that the nature of energy stolen by the larvae is sexual, and that the matrix is composed of stolen sexual energy. So...

Nov. 20, '05: Things have been pretty nice, energy-wise, for the most part since i posted last. Thanks for the help out there! It's hard to evaluate objectively just what is being done right or by whom, but i suspect that nailing the archonic nurses and overseers might be real important. I've been doing that off and on.

OK, let's take another look at what Rifat says at (Note: it appears that his sites are being gradually re-vamped, which is good, except that some useful info may be lost. So you might want to copy anything interesting to your hard drive.)
Interaction with dark matter beings, the inorganic beings will become commonplace. These beings, like humans, are good and bad. Since they live for millions of years their knowledgebase is enormous. They crave energy...
So what am i leading up to? That's right, the headlines you've been waiting for:

Extra! Commander Loohan Contacted by Space Aliens

After i posted that blog stuff on Friday then 17th, i had an impulse to check on another activist that's been quiet lately, to make sure she wasn't drowning in DOR. Quite the contary, she had phenomenally good energy! Much better than i'd ever noted in myself. "Wow!" i thought, "Whatever she's been smoking, i want some!"
I haven't been in touch with her, so i don't know for sure what she's been up to, but i suspect she may have been contacted before me.

About an hour later, as i was fussing over my pages with crystals, i suddenly had the feeling that a car had pulled up outside my cabin. I stared at the empty driveway, a bit bewildered why i had this strong feeling. Then, it felt like someone was gently pressing quilts made of wonderful energy against me from all sides. I felt it was the dark predators offering a lavish gift of what they value highly, energy. I checked my vibe on paper, and it was even more intensely positive than the other activist's had been when i checked. Of course, that was mostly temporary. I also checked the vibe of my cabin, and it was similarly super-positive.
About that time, i felt the bad guys hitting me with MW again, and i went after them with a powerful crystal i've been using and programming against demons. It seemed the dark matter beings, or some of them, jumped on the crystal, supercharging it with power! I set that crystal on the ground outdoors overnight, and it did a lot to sweeten up the neighborhood. It still is very powerful.

The following morning, it occurred to me to direct these beings to the mother cluster which has been most sweet since! The rest of the grid on that pic has DOR, but not the mother, which has wonderful energy. I also sicced them on "the crystal in the Sphinx". However, perhaps that center spot is not a crystal after all. The real energy of the type these beings bring in is not in the center, but in at least 2 other spots within the Sphinx. Since these spots did not previously attract my attention with negative energy, i have to conclude that either the bad guys didn't know about them, or they somehow did not have access. Anyway, parts of the Sphinx have that wonderful vibe, too, now.

Also, i had noticed that the black stone of Mecca, which pilgrims touch to supposedly cleanse them of their sins, had gotten extremely dirty. I had reprogrammed it and cleaned it, which helped a lot, but it was still a bit dirty. So now i directed these beings to it. It seemed much better for a while, but i see it still has problems. Actually, if the stone is that triangular object one can make out, then it's in great shape. But the whole surrounding "womb" is nasty. I suspect there is some ET tech in the womb, and they cranked up the DOR in response to the stone being turned good.

Incidentally, there is stuff about dark matter and dark energy, from a physics viewpoint, at

Nov. 21, '05: An interesting link on dark matter. There's a pic of an alleged dark matter galaxy, and a sensitive person might be able to detect the energy difference within the drawn oval.

Nov. 22,'05: Yep, nailing the archonic nurses and overseers does seem a good idea.
Overall, DOR levels continue to be low. Often it is pretty nice for hours, even outrageously sweet for several minutes at a time.

There's stuff going on that i don't fully understand yet, involving the new energy associated with the dark matter allies. Especially in the ground energies around my neighborhood. Very nice. Also, now when i juice a pic with my mouse cursor, it seems this new energy is coming through me to the target.

Nov. 23, '05: A tip about those archonic targets: now they are no longer unprotected. When i tried to juice up the archonic nurses right now, they wouldn't sweeten until i first got "WHOEVER IS PROTECTING THE ARCHONIC NURSES".

(Later) Heavy chem here today and yesterday, but mostly low levels of DOR most places. The universe feels a bit sour right now; i'll try to give it some polish in a bit.

Today i was strongly attacked by previously-unknown (to me) beings. Sorcerers and demons together. Actually, the person who ostensibly spearheaded it is someone who ostensibly has been a part of the orgonite movement for about 4 years. He was very keen on me knowing it was him, and me "blowing his cover" thereby further compromising my credibility and having the group engage in a bunch of ugly name-calling and back-biting.
Hence, i have no immediate plans to publicise who he is. I have, however, added him and his pals to my list of items i monitor and strive to keep cleaned up. They will remain on that list for 6 years or until their demise, whichever comes first.

(Later) I missed it earlier, but those mysterious demons this crew works with are the Goetia demons. Somehow, they seem to be providing DOR energy even when the big demons are sedated.

Nov. 24, '05: [erratum: date was actually Nov. 25] Actually, i caught them drawing on Ahriman this morning, too.

More heavy chem this morning.

A couple recent additions to the list of DOR crystal factories: they have one now at Alice Springs, in the center of AU. Also one at Palmerston North in NZ. It is right at the N edge of the lake in the center of town.
Incidentally, the old Mansfield Hollow, CT factory is still active oftentimes.

Things were mostly mellow yesterday. I hardly got touched by the MW and EHF DOR. But this morning, things flared up. I finally realized that there was a battle going on between the dark matter allies and the big demons. I put my ring on the job of frying whoever it was, and all the big guys and gals cleaned up. Also, the dark allies were extrememly DORy when they were fighting the demons, but then they sweetened up, too.

Significantly. But the battle is still ongoing. Lend a hand, if you can. Remember, these are sovereign beings who don't need to help us. They're probably just in it for the feel-good of destroying such an ugly parasitic setup, not to mention the food. And right now, i believe we need their help badly.

More big demons; these were all flared up in this battle -- see this page about 1/3 way down. There's a list of archons that were supposedly the first archons created by Yaldabaoth. I just found this info a couple days ago. Note that weeks ago i posted at the Y! forum that i'd found a being named Yalatha as a major "DOR battery" whom i presumed was birthed by Yaldabaoth. Later i posted that this being is a 7-headed snake.
So i was gratified to see that this webpage lists as an archon a Yao, who is a 7-headed snake, birthed by Yaldabaoth. I am still seeeing if there are any other correspondences to beings i've been working on. So far, Sabaoth appears to be Satan. Sabbataios might be Osiris. But most of these do not appear to be members of the Council of Nine.
There are, IMO, numerous errors on this list. Ariel's vibe does not match Athoth's, and according to other sources, Ariel is Yaldabaoth, which is correct, IMO. Adonin and Adonai don't match. Adonin is evil, Adonai has a sweet vibe right now, which i will continue to monitor. Yao and Jehovah don't match. Jehovah is clean. Despite the various things one can read, IMO, Jehovah, Yahweh, and Yaldabaoth are 3 discrete beings, BTW. Some Gnostic literature equates Yaldabaoth with one or both of the other two. [correction 11/28/10: Yahweh and Yaldabaoth were the same critter. In Jan/08 it was dissolved.]

But if you go for the first names given for these archons, you will have some very good targets.

In the post where i mentioned Yalatha being a 7-headed snake, i also equated him with the Hindu god Nagaraja, as he had the same vibe, and was energetically interchangeable with Yalatha for my purposes. But my Indian friend wrote me that Nagaraja is a sort of corrupt term, a generic term meaning "the king of snakes", and that actually there were 2 evil 7-headed snakes named Thakshak and Kalindi.
I expected to find energy correlation, but when i sweetened up these 2, Yalatha only responded by becoming dirtier as they became cleaner. I read these as 3 separate beings, though Yalatha gets fired up if i pick on the other two.
Kalindi has not seemed much of a problem in recent weeks, but Thakshak seems to be a high-level demon, often strong when the others are weak. Often he adds his vibe to the MW beaming me, or to radioactive materials. He is worth beating up on.

Also i would like to mention that Set has remained a fairly constant source of trouble, and needs plenty more attention.

Nov. 26, '05: Alright, alright! If we can keep DOR levels this low for a few weeks, the enemy will shrivel up. Actually, the enemy is doing a good job of acting kinda shriveled already.

If you've been following the Y! forum, you may have read that i've been juicing "ALL LIQUID SKY-CHEM" and that doing this has profound repercussions on the DOR. So i recommend that y'all write those words on paper in caps, circle them, and give them a long blast frequently. It appears that the stored chem may have considerable properties making it act like an amplifier/transmitter to the POR put into it.

Nov. 27, 05: Woke up after midnight to find the chem dirty again, as well as the demons fighting the dark matter allies. I got nowhere until i isolated and nailed Baal, the first in the list of Goetia demons. When i did that, the coven that's been attacking me the last few days also sweetened up dramatically, indicating that probably the same group that was creating the magical countermeasures to juicing the chem was also the one trying to remote-kill me.
Once Baal was nailed, the chem sweetened right up.
Also, once again, the coven drew on Ahriman.

Nov. 29, '05: Things got a bit nasty the evening of the 28th, but otherwise, DOR levels have remained remarkably low most of the time. Of course, i beat 'em when they're down.

I got a reply from Tim Rifat saying that the Sedna PC and Sedna ring are very different.

The Aeons: According to the gnostic mythos, the godhead emanated these powerful beings called aeons. They were in couples or hermaphroditic; it's a bit unclear. The last he made was Sophia, who concieved a child by self-impregnation, which turned out to be a monstrosity which she aborted and put in a space to itself. This is Yaldabaoth (hermaphroditic).

The gnostics believe the aeons are good. However, i find that many have a bad vibe. Like Sophia.

The first and most powerful emanation was Barbelo, who is apparently Babalon. This explains why, as i posted at Y! a while back, when i juice "THE EXACT CENTERPOINT FOR ALL EVIL" Babalon sweetens up, suggesting she is more powerful than Yaldabaoth.

I get that the aeons were originally positive in their energies, very much so. The godhead and the newly-minted aeons had the most wonderful and rich collective energy. However, somehow, somewhere along the line, most aeons became corrupted and evil.

I believe i did something today that pulverised that insufferable bully, Babalon. We'll see.