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Loohan's blog for January, 2010
Jan. 1, '09: (9:35am) We made quite a bit of progress on various fronts in 2009.
Take the Texas drought, for example. Here is the weekly TX drought map online. You can see by the chart how much progress has been made since this time last year.
Get used to it, NSA. It's only going to get better. Which hopefully means that hurricane activity should stay relatively mild in the future.
Every time i check, their TX drought transmitter plane is aloft over TX or southern OK, another big waste of black ops funding.

According to the monthly climate summary here,

A dry November for the U.S.

After recording its wettest October on record last month, the pendulum swang [sic] the opposite way in November, with the continuous U.S. recording its 18th driest November on record. Hoevever, Virginia had its second wettest November, thanks to the rain dumped by 'Noreaster Ida.

Unusually low tornado activity in November

November was a quiet month for tornadoes in the U.S., with only 4 preliminary reports. November 2009 was the slowest November since 1980, which had 3 tornadoes, and tied for 3rd quietest since extensive records began in 1950. The autumn as a whole was also calm with only 80 tornadoes reported in the U.S., compared to the 2006-2008 year average of 164.

U.S. drought

At the end of November, 9% of the contiguous United States was in moderate-to-exceptional drought. This is the smallest November drought footprint since 2005. Drought expanded across Arizona, southern California, and southern Nevada, but improved over drought-stricken Texas. For the first time in many years, the U.S. Drought Monitor shows no areas in the highest classification of drought--excpetional drought. The second highest category of drought, extreme drought, covers only a small region of northeast Arizona.

U.S. fire activity

November, like September and October, saw below-normal U.S. fire activity in all respects.
I see that the people who do that site, like me, don't like spell checkers.
The reasons for the expansion of drought in some areas elude me so far, however. I mean, i detect no previously-undiscovered bases/transmitters in the region.
Wet and overcast here this morning.

(8:35pm) It pretty much dried up outside, so i went cruising with Earthshaker. Took it all over downtown DC as well as parts of VA and MD. Spent a lot of time stopped at red lights. Probably about 150 red lights today. Anytime i had to stop or slow to a crawl, i stuck a test tube out the window to liberate some agnihotra ash. Lost a few strontium-barium items in judiciously chosen places, too.
Skies cleared for a while enough to see a fair bit of chem. The demons pounded on me, distressed by my activities.

At one point i passed a super-DORy church bldg. Driving around the front, i read MOHAMMAD MOSQUE #4.
i just looked that up (link). It's affiliated with Farrakhan, the satanist employed by the Chinese. I never noticed his followers being satanists, particularly, so i am not sure how the bldg got so DORy. Minister Abdul Khadir Muhammad is a 7, not munchable. (Sevens are the least suited to be spiritual leaders after categorized scumbags.)

Jan. 2, '10: (5:35pm) Which is not to say that 7s can't excel at anything and are terminally worthless. Some examples of 7s are Jackie Chan, Marcel Marceau, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, BKS Iyengar (who is more of a hatha yoga technician than a spiritual leader).
7s can have their shit very together in some ways. Oddly, i haven't found any 7s who are famous musicians. These are mostly all 12s or else satanists. With rare exceptions. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull is a 48. Jimi Hendrix (now reincarnated) is a 96. Ditto Django Reinhart. Stevie Wonder is a 96 who had FHS for millenia.

And, oh, yeah, Haile Selassie is another 7. Sorry, Rastas.

Another Category 4 scumbag i had processed a couple days ago: Barney Frank.

Man, DC feels like it's sweetening up a bit.
I did another hour and a half or so of drive-by earthshaking today, around the Burke area.
Mostly natural clouds and blue sky today.

I just realized that it's been a month and a half since anybody but myself posted on the Destroyers of Evil forum. Yay! I am shooting for obsolescence of that forum.

(8:35pm) The energy significance of Washington D.C.'s Masonic layout:
A couple years ago i read in a post on a forum that the upside-down pentagram north of the White House is an energy pump, designed to take energy and pump it south into the Potomac where it will charge the water going into the Atlantic, and thus spread the energy to the world. Probably some of the Masons involved were good guys who did not know it was intended for evil dominance.

This pic is one from probably late 2005 in which i marked all the DORy underground transmitters at the time. I think these were other-dimensional uranium-based transmitters which were very ubiquitous at the time. Later, after we neutralized uranium as a DOR transmitter in 2006, i remember finding underground covens of 5D reptilians, etc. in such locations instead. There was tremendous interest in DORifying this layout. DC was horribly DORy. And strongly tied to the then-demonically-possessed Egyptian god Set.

But after years of work things have largely cleared up, and for some time now there have been 3232 sylphs over the greater DC area, as well as 1/2 billion Arcturans of the Turtle Tribe under downtown.

So i am hijacking the pump with good energy, and i think it is having a very broad effect.

Note the emphasis on the (yellow) north-south line through the center. Back then "they" were terribly fond of creating north-south lines of strong DOR in many places.
The head Scottish Rite temple is on this line a few blocks north of the White House. Symbolically and energetically this means that they intend Scottish Rite to be above the presidency; the force that really runs the country.
I hope to make at least one more run over there, during which i plan to drive Earthshaker up this line (16th St.) all the way to Chevy Chase [error: i meant Silver Spring] and back. Among other things.

Have we ever come a long way in the last 4 years. DC feels better all the time.

Jan. 3, '10: (10:35am) Italian nuclear physicist assassinated in Rijswijk, Netherlands. My impression is that the parties responsible have an office on the 2nd floor here in the Vatican.
I also found a forum that has one "Pulgosa" claiming that the scientist used to cheat at poker and owed Pulgosa money when he died. Also says he went "bonkers" and "Well he stopped bathing... And wore the same clothes for weeks...". I cannot determine whether these statements are true. I do have the distinct impression that Pulgosa is a Vatican satanist, but not in that same office.

Note that Wayne Madsen speculates that Mossad did it. Very close, Wayne; the Vatican runs Mossad. But i think Mossad was out of the loop on this one, as they say.

(10:40am) Waitaminit, that map location is at ground level. The office is underground, 2nd floor from the bottom. I think the floor of the office is about 32 feet below the asphalt. And there are no offices above it.

(6:10pm) I seem to have stirred up some U bases in areas north and west of Richmond, VA: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

I don't know if these are "real" or in some parallel realm. No transmitters, yet this seems to have something to do with mind control. All of the same US agency i'm not familiar with. Maybe after more blasting i can figure out more.
#1 has a depth of 112-328' and 312 satanists. #2 has a depth of 315-547' and 117 satanists. #3 has a depth of 111-200' and 236 satanists and... there's something else significant about this base, but i haven't figured out what yet. #4 has a depth of 320-435' and 211 satanists. #5 has a depth of 200-310' and 115 satanists. #6 has a depth of 122-319' and 210 satanists. #7 has a depth of 111-321' and 113 satanists.

(6:25pm) I accidentally overwote last month's blog with an older version, truncating it. I have no backup copy as i am having to work with my dad's PC as my laptops won't connect to the net here. If by any chance anyone happens to have a copy of my Dec. blog, please email it to me.

Jan. 4, '10 () More chemclouds today, as yesterday.

Another satanic site someone brought to my attention: 3 satanists running it.

And here is an interesting story about media spin on the Mutallab story.
And here is the scoop on the Obama's relentless pursuit of Change: Record US aid goes on armaments. I'm sure, um, he's just doing the best he can in these times of terror.

(4:30pm) I just want to reiterate that i accidentally overwote last month's blog with an older version, truncating it. I have no backup copy. If by any chance anyone happens to have a copy of my complete Dec. blog, please email it to me.
There was some important info those last few days of last year that i am loath to attempt to re-create.

I think the "sharp dressed man" is now here in Big Stone Gap, VA. I think he's in the south corner of the house in the center. The same other 2 CIA guys from the Philly house are there, too.

(8:25pm) Now those agents have vacated that house and are heading SW. I can play this shell game indefinitely. I wonder why they don't stick that guy into a nice, safe U base, though.

India: Some important targets --
KCR, a key satanist. And another one, Sonia Gandhi. And a satanic agency in New Delhi, R&AW.

Also i think the actual assassin hired by the Vatican who killed the physicist Ferrigno is a satanist named Greist (i had help on that one) who resides in the house on the outside corner of the road here in Holland, the country where the guy was killed.

Jan. 5. '10: (9:25am) Whew, a reader sent me a copy of that Dec. blog, and i have restored it.

More chem-clouds here this morning.

(9:30pm) And some more chem-clouds and a few trails spotted later.

I watched a newly-posted Alex Collier video about the Moon. Newly posted, but it must be from around 1995. There is also a Pt. 2 about Mars, etc. but i only watched the 1st half of part 2 because the quality of the info was deteriorating.

A few things i want to say about this, because people have asked me about Collier and his Andromedans before, but this is the first time i've looked at his material.

Alex is a 96. His blue Andromedans are all 24s! My ambassador, Fo-Touki, is now in contact with them. I think they are physical beings.

You will also see a blurb under the video advising you to check out something of Stewart Swerlow's. By all means, if you have nothing better to do with your time, you can study NSA satanist spew and try to pick out the info from the disinfo. For the same reason, i personally would ignore Alex's glowing admiration of Sitchin, a satanic Mason.

He mentions that Hoagland at that time was withholding the info about the Moon being an artificial satellite. However in Hoagland's later interview at Project Camelot, he did talk about this. I don't know why Hoagland was quiet about this earlier.

Collier shows many slides of the Moon, pointing out artificial structures. In some cases, it is quite convincing, but in others the picture quality is too poor (it's a small video of a projector screen). Most interestingly to me, he says that there are loads of evil (physical) ETs living under the Earth at a depth of 100-200 miles. This is true! The same type of reptilians as i found on the Moon. Not the same species as i found more shallowly under Romania last year.
I can only make them out because i am blasting them with something powerful, and i can tell that my weapon is locked onto a real target.
The Romanian repts were easily killed with orgone, apparently, and there are only 12 left, because i initiated therapy on them late in the game. They accepted therapy and the 12 are still in therapy but behaving. These deeper repts are of a different strain, and have so far rejected therapy. Enough orgone might kill them off eventually.
Tentatively, i get the impression that about 30% of these deeper repts are under China, and that this is the biggest concentrated area for them. I get that there are a total of 36,242,051 of them on Earth. Mostly deep underground, but a few are on the surface at any time. He says they are responsible for most of the mysteriously missing children, which i think may be true. Snacks.

He also says something, if i remember correctly, about the "Orions" wiping out Earthling settlements on Mars sometime back, but i have in recent years found various satanic USAF, etc. bases on Mars with live satanists, so this may be false.

In part 2 he says something about a lot of the Andromedans not wanting to help Earth because we are such irresponsible assholes, etc.
I can see the truth in that, but ironically the Andromedans never seemed to do anything effective that i could detect about the horrible demon presences in their own galaxy. It was someone on Earth (moi) that had to mop up various nasty DORy hives there.

(9:45pm) Oh, yeah, another Category 4 scumbag processed: Mel Gibson.

Meanwhile, our 3 CIAtanists that were in VA yesterday are now back at that house in Ferry Pass, FL. And they seem to be the only ones using the house now.

Jan. 6, '10: (7:50am) Cool website of the day, complete with chem-cloud pics: the Chertoff Group. I found out about this from this article.
Which brings us to the money shot. The body scanner is sure to get a go-ahead because of the illustrious personages hawking them. Chief among them is former DHS secretary Michael Chertoff, who now heads the Chertoff Group, which represents one of the leading manufacturers of whole-body-imaging machines, Rapiscan Systems. For days after the attack, Chertoff made the rounds on the media promoting the scanners, calling the bombing attempt "a very vivid lesson in the value of that machinery"—all without disclosing his relationship to Rapiscan.
There you have it, free enterprise in Amerikkka.

(7:55pm) Too effing much! Rapiscan has gotten a grant! You must read the details here. Is this a great country or what? Maybe i should apply for a job at Rapiscan, d'ya think?
Keep those printing presses rolling. Only a million $$ per job created.

(9:15pm) Last night i found what i think is 4.5 gallons of HHGs or the like that someone threw into the Potomac just outside DC to the west. Found it on the map, i mean. I get that 2 local guys, a 24 and a 48, did it, maybe a couple years ago.
This is the first evidence i have noticed of locals in this region having a brain. Except for a lady that has been deploying stuff Al and i sent her.
I was able to get permission from the guys' higher selves to have The Committee reprogram the stuff.

I have been making more forays into N. VA. Spent a few hours today.

It appears that with Earthshaker on board, it is seldom cost-effective to throw strontium orgonite out. Better to just loiter a bit and let Earthshaker do its thing. Except that the stront-gonite is most excellent to throw into bodies of water.

Sometimes i just park in the lot of a church, Marriot, or whatever i want to bust, turn off the key, and cool my jets a few minutes. Sprinkle a bit of ash for spice.

A weird phenomenon: my allies keep sniffing out these (usually upper-middle-class, sometimes more upper-class) suburban neighborhoods that have unusually high concentrations of satanists. Some pockets, cul-de-sacs, etc. have 50-100% satanic residency. And the weird thing is, i don't think the people themselves know that they are surrounded by fellow satanists. It's like they just pile up in certain spots, due to morbid energy collecting in certain areas due to Earth energy lines and/or past rituals in those areas. My allies consider it real important to bust these. They are often rather indifferent to mere cell towers.

Jan. 7, '10 (8:55am) Of course those cell towers have long been programmed, as well as anything programmable around them and indeed in most of this region here.

Speaking of matters cellular, here is an important article about the dangers of cell phones and other wireless communications in enclosed metal structures, and in terms of secondhand effects on others nearby.

I am surprised at how much the energy has improved in the region since my run yesterday. My allies guided me to do different things from what i would have done on my own. Took me into a bunch of those DORy neighborhoods. Went out to Centerville and Sterling.
By the time i get outta here, DC and much of the surrounding area should be polished up and shining brightly.
What will be the effect of this? Well, for one thing, evil people will not feel comfy around here. Years ago there were numerous satanists living in my parents' cul-de-sac. Bit by bit most have left and been replaced by non-satanists. I think only 2 remain now. And they might be feeling like they should be elsewhere.

(9:55pm) It's OK to put it on BBC when it's only some black people in Africa doing it: Witch-doctors reveal extent of child sacrifice in Uganda.
Former witch-doctor turned anti-sacrifice campaigner Polino Angela is a 12. Still has a human soul. I presume he reformed prior to my across-the-board processing of black magicians in '08.
The other sorcerors mentioned no longer have souls.
I am not able to detect demons involved. I presume that some of the 3rd rate created demons that are still extant come out of hiding when there's a sacrifice, but later get swept up in one of my routine purges. Probably not very powerful at enforcing spells anyway.

(3:45pm) Pretty cool antiwar youtube video by veterans.

Fairly heavy chem-clouds yesterday and today here.

(3:50pm) If you go to Google Maps and type in Rapiscan, it will give a long list of locations you can zoom in on. Right now the DORiest one is the one in Torrance.
I see there's one in Arlington, VA and one in Fairfax...

(8:20pm) As of an hour or so ago, there had been no attrition in the numbers of those "deep" reptilians i mentioned a couple days ago, but now i get that about 20% have been bumped off. How, i don't know, but i do know whom by.
A while back the Chitauri, another underground reptilian species, completed their therapy and are now working with us. When i found those deep lizards, the Chits said they knew all about them, their weaknesses, habits, tunnels, etc. and would deal with them. They didn't want me to mention it until they hit sometime this afternoon or evening.
According to popular lore, the Chitauri are physical, though i get a strong 6D vibe off them. I see that back in August i reported that they had a 4D vibe. Whatever. Maybe they are physical but have strong hyperdimensional vibes. Maybe the emphasis shifted when they became good.

They have not yet addressed the bunch under China, but these have been forwarned by the others. The Chits seem confident they can handle this. I think there are about twice as many Chits as there are remaining deepers. But i'm blasting the deepers anyway.

(8:30pm) Hmm, looking again at my August entry, i said "I get a 4D vibe off the Chitauri, but they are easy to bag -- i presume these do not have solid physical bodies."
I think they are killing the deep ones with energy they send out through etheric rings on their right hands.

(8:35pm) The center of the fighting right now seems to be here in west Russia, at 114 mile depth.
The ones under China seem agitated for some reason. Chits have now killed off 23% of the deepies. History in the making.

Jan. 8, '10: (9:20am) Now the Chits have mopped up all the deepies under the Earth, and 60%(?) of those on the Moon. There were more on the Moon than on Earth.

(10:20am) A couple days ago i was a bit confused as to why my allies guided me to bust in a swath (taking in Centerville and Sterling) that was to the west of where more DOR was. Why didn't they have me do the nearby Langley instead of Sterling? Then i was surprised how much that made a difference in the areas east of Centerville and Sterling.
Last night i figured it out. There is a big NSA base under Centerville. The transmitter is here pointed east! It was hard to pinpoint on the map. And i did not drive down those roads closest to the transmitter, just many surrounding roads. This suggests that my guides did not know the exact location of the transmitter. Then again, with my advanced technology, i get that even if i went back there to do a more thorough job, it would only give about a 6% improvement; not really worth it.
The transmitter is at 212' depth. There are 412 NSAtanists down there doing who knows what all. The base sprawls a little. It is from 120-311' in depth.

The other NSA base is here north of Sterling, again suggesting that my allies did not discern the exact location. I did go up and down Hwy 7 just south of there. This transmitter is at 222'. There are 210 NSAtanists in the base, which is at 100-212' depth. Again, the transmitter is aimed horizontally eastward. This one could receive a 12% improvement if i drove over to its location. I probably won't make it, but we'll see.

I get that these bases have been there maybe 6 years. The transmitters went online 26(?) months ago, mainly in response to the cleanup i've been doing east of there. They were designed to be hard to detect or pinpoint; obfuscated. To dirty up the place very covertly.

(11:10am) There are no doubt plenty more of these deep lizards all over the universe. The Committee has come up with a program that mimics what the Chitaurans are hitting them with. I am having them program a piece of quartzite with it. Probably any type of quartz is good for this. It is a 1-part program requiring about 2cc of volume. Larger stones get numerous copies and are stronger. This could be broadcast radionically or whatever, to make the deepies "itch" wherever they are and be easier to detect. Though the chits already know about at least some of their locations. I already detect more Chits sneaking up on more deepies in 4 locations outside the Solar System in this galaxy.
In fact i notice that The Committee is retroactively tucking this pgm into some of my big devices: Moby Brick, my square CB/grid-blaster, and my other massive grid-blaster. They are only putting 1 copy in each.

(noon) BTW that big snowstorm was mostly north of where i am. We only got an inch or less here.

Mass UFO sighting in France investigated and confirmed by police. These ETs are not good guys. They are 7' tall, gorilla-like, 5D vibe. Or were. The Recyclers are in progress on extermination of that species.

There isn't a permanent link to the story yet, but if you go to David Icke's headlines page now, you will see pics of a bubble-gum-like substance that was dropped in Icke's neighborhood. quote:
... Mike said that he first came across the 'gum' 20 years ago when he was a professional health investigator and his interest was renewed when he began to see it all over Ryde.

His view is that the 'gum' is a carrier vehicle for viruses or poisons aimed at the population and his guess is that the origin is somewhere like the biological weapons research establishment at Porton Down, near Salisbury in Wiltshire, home to the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, an agency of the Ministry of Defence. This is a very sinister place indeed ...
I think he's correct about the source. Here is that location, according to google. But the heavy DOR is coming from this bldg a bit east.

(4:30pm) Shortly before 1pm, a Chitauri messenger came by to indicate that they were done with the Moon. A few minutes later he came by to let me know they were digging into the deep lizards on Mars. They are now 40% done there.

(5:25pm) There is a hive of evil ETs in the Circinus Galaxy. Don't know much about them yet, except they are apparently physical. I got onto them by watching this video which i consider fairly unremarkable except that i get a good vibe off whoever he's channeling, and an evil vibe off the "visitors" he talks about, which i traced to Circinus.

Jan. 9, '10: (8:55pm) The Chits finished up on Mars and are fighting on Uranus. I think they are 25% done with Uranus.

(7:55pm) Made another 5-hour run today, chauffering Earthshaker around VA, MD, & DC. Hit Georgetown and Silver Spring a bit. First i took the beltway around the west side to Silver Spring. Instead of going down 16th to downtown, they had me go down Connecticut Ave for some reason.

But later i went back up on 16th Ave. (the yellow line on the map) to the Scottish Rite temple.

Here's that map again. The temple is by the 2nd black dot down from the top, on the east side of 16th Ave. Right between the 2 "horns" of the inverted pentagram. It takes up 1/2 of 1/2 a block (google map). It may not be clear from the google map, but that's a drivable alleyway immediately south of the temple. I drove real slowly around the 1/2 block twice, spewing agnihotra ash along the way.
"Supreme Council" indeed. Maybe i'll do a couple more laps next time.

*   *   *   *  
Yesterday was overcast. Today the sky was actually clear all day, except for a couple tiny natural clouds i spotted.

*   *   *   *  
The Chits are now 72% done working over Uranus. The other 4 contingents of Chits have been kicking butt elsewhere in the galaxy.

(8pm) Oops. I have been getting Silver Spring mixed up with Chevy Chase. The latter is a bit west of Silver Spring. I couldn't have taken 16th down from Silver Spring, had i been there in the first place. Connecticut Ave. is at an angle from Chevy Chase to downtown.
I was guided to turn off at the Chevy Chase exit and take Connecticut downtown. So i actually haven't been to Silver Spring yet with this thing.

(9:20pm) Another error: when i zoom out on the google map i see that the temple is actually a few blocks north of where i said it was on the other map.

The Chits are 82% done at Uranus. I think they are down to the toughest 18%, as there hasn't been numerical progress in a while.

Jan. 10, '10: (9:30am) The Chits are done with Uranus and are now 22% done with Saturn.

(3pm) Now they are around 42% i think.

Did a couple more hours of cruising Earthshaker around VA.
So far, clear skies today, except for 1 short CT fragment i spotted.

I can really feel yesterday's work on the map. It's affecting the whole US, at least. If you look at that google map of the temple again, you will see it has what looks like a pyramid peak. No doubt the center of that peak is on a key power spot. And now it feels pretty sweet. The Arcturans under DC are helping direct good energy there and to the Whore White House, etc.

Jan. 11, '09: (8:05pm) My friend in Tucson has taken many remarkable pics of exotic hyperdimensional critters/UFOs, good and bad, around the Tumamoc Hill power spot. I'm trying to get her to put them all in one centralized location on the web that i can link to.
This is a sylphed cloud. This was taken by her after she spread around some strontium cubes and agnihotra ash. It has a great vibe.

Here in N. VA they sprayed a bunch today. By mid-afternoon it was all hidden by natural cover that moved in. Chance of light snow tonight.

Jan. 12, '10: (noon) Got no snow. Still grey out.

The Chits are 92% done with Saturn.

Bethesda is getting solidly busted today. I graduated from high school there in '72. It's a great area to bust. My mom had to go there for a surgical procedure that takes several hours. I stashed Earthshaker in the trunk of their car.

(7:20pm) Yeah! That helped a lot. They were out there from 11am to 4:30pm.

The sky became totally clear here by late afternoon.

The Chits have been struggling against the last bitter dregs on Saturn. I think they're still only at about 94% there.

Jan. 13, '10: (9:45pm) Chem-clouds this morning.

Just saw this youtube vid of a TV news report on chemtrails. It's pretty good.

And who is doing the spraying in the US these days? NOAA seems to have gotten out of the business last year. It's the NSA and some other, unknown, US agency.

BTW, the Chits are at 96% on Saturn.

(8:35pm) Now i think more like 98.2%.

There is one bright spot in this Haiti earthquake tragedy: there is no feeding frenzy by demons. Years ago, the spot would have been very DORy, like New Orleans after Katrina hit. Now i feel no demons present to fatten on and exacerbate the pain and suffering.
There still are some demons extant, hitting me occasionally. Not only the mass-produced ones but also occasionally i run into some truly exotic critters (or they run into me) that have to be eradicated. But by and large the globe is feeling better every day.

Jan. 14, '10: (9:40pm) Today started out with clear skies, but gradually chem-smear engulfed the region.

The Chits finally bumped off the deep repts on Saturn, and now they are 2% done with Neptune.

Jan. 15, '10: (8:50pm) Another chemmy day here.

The Chits are at 42% on Neptune now.

The Amerikan SS:
For some time (~20 years, i get) the Secret Service has been all-satanist.
The guy who made the video on this page has some after him.

A couple days ago i asked a Pisol reptilian to keep an eye on this situation. But for the last 24 hours or so i've gotten a strong vibe of 4 Pisols working on this issue. I suspect they are somehow protecting this guy from two SS jerks who still have a hard-on for him.

(9:45pm) Somebody or something has definitely been good-vibing Port-au-Prince. Every time i check, it feels sweet on the map. Even though there are nests of demons around the Carribean and the rest of the world (i keep reeling them in, but more keep appearing).

2,3,4 years ago Haiti was a super-DORy place. There has been a lot of black magic in Haiti. But watching the TV news, i haven't even spotted any Category 1-4 people among the Haitians shown. They are all 7s and 12s, as far as i've noticed.

Chits are at 45% now on Neptune.

Jan. 16, '10: (8:40pm) Heavy spray today. Rain coming in soon. Ripples in the chem-clouds, always caused by 2 disposable demonic species. Within seconds of my flicking the entire species in jail, 2 more species take over. So i can't get rid of the ripples. They still have zillions of these penny-ante species.
I keep meaning to mention, these 3rd rate demons we have been dealing with recently do not use the standard numerology (3, 6, 9, 11, 13, 27, 33, 66, 99, 333, 666, etc.).

Today i was prompted to go bust Annandale, VA. It had some vague, diffused DOR under it i couldn't identify. So i went there with Earthshaker. Also visited a couple big steel towers a few miles north of there, right in the middle of a residential area. One of them was really huge. Wish i had brought my camera along. I busted those well.

Looking at the map now, the DOR in Annandale is in a small spot in the center here at 241' depth, but i still don't know what it is.

(9:20pm) I get a particularly bad vibe off this: US will deploy 21,000 troops in N Iraq.

(11:20pm) Yow! Some of the hottest rhetoric i've heard in a while: Ron Paul tells it like it is.

I just read the following from David Icke on his site:
Satanism at its ‘highest’ levels is also designed through the rituals and the manipulation of energy to imprint its low-vibrational mind-patterns into the waveform fabric of our reality. As the ‘death bed confession’ document says: ‘What most people do not realise is that Satanism is a ritually based practice and that this repetition has – over time – left strong impressions upon the Morphic Field!’

This is the ‘sea’ of energy (information) in which we all live and if you want to manipulate every fish at the same time, what do you do? You manipulate the sea.
(Due to his webmaster's unwieldy and bizarre coding, that might not display right. But it's) Well said! I would add, these practices have left deep impressions in the earth!

Sanity is breaking out all over: EU delegation urges trial of Israeli war criminals. I mostly attribute that to the phenomenal work of Cmdr. Loohan.

Jan. 17, '10: (9:15pm) Well, we've been getting that rain. Not a lot, but things have been wet.

The Chits are at 97% on Neptune.

I still haven't figured out what is under Annandale.

I've been catching up on some of my web work. I just updated my gardening page, including some tips on container gardening. And i uploaded a page about the Triple Goddess, or at least my triple goddess.

(10:35pm) Grid-blasting the internet: It is really effective to take pictures of a powerful grid-blaster (explained in OTB 32), such as this one and this one and upload them to a big server. Like email storage. I already have these 2 pics on Hotmail and Yahoo, and of course my host server is super-busted. Feel free to upload these to any other online email accounts you may have, or web storage, etc. It makes a huge difference to the whole server complex of the company. Give credit for the pics if they can be viewed by others.

Jan. 18, '10: (12:25am) It had been a long time, but i just now got jumped by some astral human attackers. That is, the astral bodies of physical humans. 33 of them. But not from our galaxy. They are from this spot in the Antenna Galaxy. Pic cropped from here.

(7:50am) I had a few more of them hit me. My impression is there are 2 billion+ of these humans, and all are evil. I think we nabbed all their astral bodies so that they won't attack anymore.

Meanwhile, i broke through to inside that Annandale spot. Of all things, it was black mice, 5" long from nose to butt. And not one of the cheapo created species. I do not know what they were doing there. But they are now scrubbed.

(10:20am) This is really weird. I just read this article about all kinds of coincidences tying together Detroit, Abdul Mutallab, Tiger Woods' accident, Robocop, Henry Ford, and much more into one amalgamated symbolism conspiracy. Compelling, yet stretches one's credulity a bit. Sure, most of that stuff could easily have been engineered, and probably was, but what about the Tiger Woods part? Woods is not a Category 1-4 scumbag. Of course, it is possible to be a scumbag and not fit into those categories (e.g. Abdul Mutallab, Sr. seems a very dubious character, whom i can't get anything on). But let's say the illuminati somehow got Woods to deliberately wreck his car. What would that take? How easy would it be to bribe him into doing that?

(8:25pm) Today was warm and mostly sunny, but with lots of little clouds, both real and fake.

I went on a 4-hour cruise with Earthshaker through parts of N. VA. Plenty more of those nasty neighborhoods with extreme levels of satanists. And a couple neighborhoods that seemed normal on the surface...
Like this one in Springfield. There is something DORy right in the center under Neuman St. (which i drove over) at 128' depth. And the other is here, also in Springfield, depth 31'.
Maybe after a few days i'll be able to break into these.

Jan. 19, '10: (12:10midnight) OK, got 'em handled. The first was 10" green 4D lizards. The 2nd had 26" tall green humanoids.

Now, for a hot target, actually 3 close together, pick out the tinyurl links on this thread.

(9:35pm) Heavy chem-clouds today and a few trails.

The Chits are at 98% on Neptune. Progress is slow on these last dregs.

Now about the target(s) i mentioned yesterday. That big bldg is McCarthy Wilson law firm.
[update: Actually, i later realized that is only 1 of many tenants in the bldg. I think there are 2 more businesses in there that are CIA proprietary. The law office i got onto because that's how google labeled the bldg.]
I think all the attys on this list are actually CIAtanists except the retired one at the top. This does strike me as rather odd; CIA professionals apparently involved in ordinary legal professions. Too elaborate not to be something more than a mere cover, but i haven't figured it out. Or maybe it's just an income source that will survive the ongoing downsizing of the drug war?
In any case (summarizing from that thread) there are 2 underground chambers(?) near that bldg, presumably linked by tunnels: here at 120-200', and here at 111-200'. The first one is an important power spot, the 2nd one much less so, but is important to the first one.
There are 113 CIAtanists involved in this base, which includes the lawyers! All these personnel at times visit these powers spots. Why do the lawyers go there? Mojo to make their cases win in the courts? I'd like to know what is in those deep chambers.
I detect no transmitters in the underground, just 1 mind-control one in the bldg in the center of that pic, probably at 3rd floor level.

Now, not far west of that spot, we have another base that does not seem directly related to this CIA base. Unknown agency. I detect no underground stuff there except for 3 transmitters here at 210', here also at 210' and here at 320'. The main bldg is here, and there are 224 gov't satanists associated with it.
Al Gray sniffed this base out somehow, and thinks it may be a DUMB, but i am not detecting anything underground except the transmitters themselves.

Jan. 20, '10: (6pm) Hoowee, was The Force ever with me today!
First off, i had a morning appointment for a medical checkup (doc sez i'm "in excellent health"), first one in ages. It just so happened that the office was only a few miles from Rockville! So i went out to all those places i mentioned yesterday. Busted them real good. Parked Earthshaker for some time on each of those parking lots. Spread a little ash and a few strontium units.
Also drove around Rockville, taking in the sights. Lots of corporate offices. Big Lockheed-Martin complex. Enormous Marriot fustercluck.

Then i took the beltway over to Silver Spring. The Mormon Temple is very showy on the north side of the beltway before i got to Silver Spring, but i didn't have time to drive over to it. I took 16th St. all the way down to the House of the Temple. Hot damn, there was a parking spot right in front! I turned around and parked. Then i noticed a sign out front saying open to the public -- guided tours. Too much! I filled my 2 plastic test tubes with ash, as i got up the nerve to go in. Then i saw 6 non-satanist tourists go in there. Good. I went in behind them.
The tour is free for Masons, but $7.33 for non-Masons. I splurged. The tour took an hour or so, during which time Earthshaker was doing its thing.

We had a nice young satanist docent show us around. Everyone i saw in there, except for us tourists, was a satanist of course.
We were encouraged to take pictures and ask questions. The other tourists were quite naive, and i acted the same. Except for surreptitiously sprinkling ash everywhere we went.

I found out what's directly under that pyramid peak. This is a shot upwards to the ceiling of the main ceremony room. It's a skylight with a pyramid frame above it, apparently.
This is the altar directly below it, with the holy books of several religions on it, and our docent.
But what really drove me wild is the Grand Commander chair. We were encouraged to sit in it and have pictures taken. I thought, this is me. Here is the pic. Don't i just fit in that throne with my regal Commander air?

After that, i just drove the rest of the way down to Lafayette Park, down past the monuments, and back home.

Heavy chem-clouds today.

(9:40pm) Here in Denver, 3rd house down in the center, are 2 women and a man that i believe are responsible for weird attacks on a fellow orgone activist.

(9:55pm) Israeli mercenaries HQ in Houston: Instinctive Shooting International. There's a map link.

Jan. 21, '10: (6:20pm) Heavy spray day here.

The Canadian Parliament: map, article with pic. This place does have a super evil vibe. Do we have any warriors around Ottowa?

(6:25pm) Two links i consider very important about health:
  • article on wheat
  • 1-hr interview about vitamin D3

    (8:40pm) I have to fight back tears sometimes when i watch the news about Haiti. These seem like basically decent people for the most part, who've known few comforts in life. I don't care what the satanist Pat Robertson has to say. Any alleged pacts with the devil are null and void, as there are no longer any demons left of such stature. Satan, Lucifer, and Ahriman have been exorcised of archons and are now on our side, killing the 2-bit demons that are left. The relatively few remaining archons are cured and working for us too now. The Enochian and Goetic demons are either dead or in therapy.

    It pisses me off that the US satanist powers and their lackeys like Obama are using this earthquake situation for their usual machinations.
    Doctors Without Borders issued a statement yesterday protesting the US military’s continuing refusal to allow its planes to land at the Port-au-Prince airport. It quoted Loris De Filippi, the coordinator at Choscal hospital in the Cité Soleil neighborhood of Port-au-Prince: “they are begging us there in front of the hospital. It’s a very unacceptable situation. What we are trying to do is to expand our capacity to answer these calls. But we need supplies to get to the airport—and we don’t know why the planes are being redirected.”
    From this article.
    Why are we not surprised.

    People have asked me if i think the earthquake was engineered. I am unable to detect any foul play there, or anyone who did this. But there is this article saying "A Haiti disaster relief scenario had been envisaged at the headquarters of US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) in Miami one day prior to the earthquake."
    Either it's a coincidence, or they kind of expected it soon from natural causes, or they did help it along, and i'm just not able to detect that. I'm favoring the 2nd explanation at this time. Ordo ab Chao doesn't necessarily require that one cause the chaos. One can just opportunistically exploit it. Never mind that their behavior is totally predictable, and obvious. We have the media to smooth things over with banal explanations.

    (9:35pm) Speaking of Ordo ab Chao, here is another pic from inside the belly of the Temple. Warning: 903 KB. Man, does it feel orderly now!
    And here is the bust that sits just to the right of the alcove in the last pic. The docent said that Pike's carcass is interred in the wall behind the bust, 1 foot deep. And here is part of a roomful of Pike's memorabilia. And here is the front entrance. I was very lucky to find a parking space right in front. This pic was taken thru my car window. And i was very lucky that those 6 tourists showed up right then. Maybe they wouldn't have done the tour for just 1 person. And if they had, that big docent would have been right in my face all the time, with no-one else to distract him. I was in a state of grace yesterday.

    Jan. 22, '10: (10:20am) Light rain here.

    Just read this article about Haiti.
    Whew, 5K criminals escaped from jail. Some 44 of these are category 1-4 scumbags, and i have locked onto them. Half a dozen Pisol repts are now doing what they can to prevent mayhem from the escapees. That's not very many, but they can call in a lot of help if they find an emergency situation ongoing.

    This "Brendan Gormley, chief executive of the UK Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), a UK-based umbrella group of 13 major aid agencies" was a Category 4.

    Ah, but altruism is afoot:
    Hope for Haiti Now, to be broadcast at 0100 GMT from New York, London, Los Angeles and Haiti, will feature Madonna [Category 1 illuminati servant], Bruce Springsteen [Category 1], Beyonce [Category 4 illuminati servant] and other major artists.

    (6:40pm) I said the other day that that one building in Rockville is a law office. Actually, i later realized that is only 1 of many tenants in the bldg. I think there are 2 more businesses in there that are CIA proprietary. The law office i got onto because that's how google labeled the bldg.
    I probably could have walked in and dusted down the halls of the bldg.

    The Pisol repts have intervened in dozens of potentially violent situations in Haiti already. A couple times 20 Pisols were required in a spot.

    Meanwhile, our new Chitauran allies have mopped up on Neptune, and are 22% done on Pluto.

    (8pm) There are some new interview transcripts on Project Camelot. Duncan O'Finioan / David Corso, Alex Collier. I haven't really read them yet. But i noticed some mention of Super-Soldiers which i so far gather are new, improved versions of Duncan O'Finioan; MPDed, hybridized, part-machine warriors.
    Anyway i immediately got a vibe off this, which traced to this spot in central Idaho, on the east side of Craters of the Moon Nat'l monument. If you zoom out a bit you'll see Big Southern Butte Airport to the east of that a bit. The airport is used a lot by these people.
    The base is at a depth of 330-511'. It has a transmitter at 111' that my ET monkeywrenchers are working on. And presently i detect 1,120 gov't satanists down there. And 1,100 super-soldiers who are not satanists, but MPDed.

    Jan. 23, '10: (8:45pm) Lots of chem was visible later yesterday when the natural clouds parted. And today was a very heavy spray day. I noticed some of the trails were having a problem sticking.

    Watching the news today i heard that (satanist) Bono was also at the fund-raiser for Haiti.

    Also they said that 50% of Haitians are into Voodoo. Voodoo is definitely not good; the Voodoo Loas (dieties) were evil red Nordics (same species as Jehovah and Antuvozy, only evil) that i jailed and destroyed some time back. But none of the Haitians shown had the vibe of the blood-ritual black magician. I couldn't bust them. I guess Voodoo does not entail blood sacrifice, or if so, only by very few people.

    Hey, nail this guy a bit for me, will ya? He's satanist and a bother to a friend of mine.

    Jan. 24, '10: (8:10am) CIA audio tape surfaces in which the CIA pretends to be Bin Laden, and as him, takes responsibility for the underwear bomber's pathetic antics.
    By making it audio-only in this day and age, they were able to produce the tape for practically nothing, with no assailable images of imposters. I'm so impressed.

    (12:35pm) Rainy day here.

    Very interesting. I was just looking at a page on Project Camelot that i hadn't looked at before. It has this pic of a "a classic representation of a Gray". But this is absolutely not a likeness of the common 4D short greys that i am familiar with. These latter are now extinct by their own volition, because they could not live with themselves, so repentant were they once cured of their extreme evil tendencies. As i have suspected, these physical "grays" referred to by former gov't people are a different species entirely.
    I have a clear idea of what the classical short 4D greys looked like. Because last year as i reported, one of their messengers had to get my attention to let me know they had found another mantis hive, and were attacking it (this was not long after they had switched sides). To get my attention he made me see his face very clearly for a couple minutes. I have not found a pic of exactly that face on the web. It was rather good-looking in its own way.

    Anyway, these physical greys have a base on Jupiter's moon Io, right about where the square dot is here. That location might be slightly off; i had trouble zeroing in on it. They are evil. The depth is 223-311'. I think there are 3,111 of these ETs living there.

    The Chitauri do not have a solution to this species; they just happen to be very good at nailing those deep reptilians, and should continue on that project.

    (12:45pm) Their home base is ESO 69-6. Pic to the right.
    Which is interesting, as in the past i think i have read that the "grays" of gov't collusion come from the same places where the 4D greys were common, e.g. Zeta Reticuli, Orion, etc.
    Was this just a subterfuge because these "grays" wanted to obfuscate their real location?

    Jan. 26, '10: (11:20pm) Arrived back home in AR today.

    Saw a fair bit of chem-clouds on my way home (when the sky wasn't obscured by rainclouds).
    As i was driving up the dirt road on the last stretch, i watched a couple trails being laid down and not sticking. But there was older stuff in the sky.
    At 8:30pm, i went outside and noticed that the moon seemed to have a halo of chem around it. There was a very wide radius of crystal clear sky around the moon, with about 2/3 of a circle of chem around that, and more hazy chem outside the halo. As if the light from the moon were busting chem completely for a wide circle.

    Aside from just driving Earthshaker home and stirring stuff up that way, i went off my path several times to do extra busting. In Knoxville, i was guided to drive to one of those neighborhoods like in VA, where ~80% of the residents are satanists. But this one was a lot bigger than the ones i found in VA. Rather upscale.
    Spent the night of the 25th in a cheap motel a ways west of Nashville, and did my usual grid-blasting. Somehow i was not moved to turn on the TV and watch the State of the Con Artist Address.
    Then on this morning, (the 26th), i was guided to drive around Memphis for many miles, eventually ending up at the big pyramidal convention center, which i had busted years ago with ash all around the parking lot.

    The Chits are now 32% done with Mercury.

    Jan. 28, '10: (12:50pm) Oops, i could have sworn i read somewhere that Slick O was going to give his address on the 25th. Guess i missed it on the 27th instead.

    The 5-gallon bucket i had set out before i left home only had about 6" of water in it when i got back.
    Overcast. Now we are expecting an ice and snow storm over the next couple days here. Though Wopwex (my Kami) and the 7D girl (another type of nature spirit) have been working hard to see if they can avert another ice tragedy like the one this time last year that did so much damage.

    While i was driving back, i happened to note that the TX drought plane was on the ground. I marked the spot, or tried to, by attacking it. Now that i look for it, however, it doesn't appear to be a landing strip. But something's there in Lufkin, TX. Right in the center you should barely be able to make out a white dot. Which looks smaller than a car. I don't know what it is, but it has the DORy vibe of 3 NSAtanists associated with it. Who are in turn associated with that plane.

    Jan. 29, '10: (3:55pm) Well, the good news is that the amount of freezing rain was negligible, and there is no more of that in the forecast.
    The not-so-good news is that several inches of powdery snow have fallen, and more is supposed to come. It is snowing lightly now. And it probably won't melt off for several days.
    When the snow is this high, i can't drive even if i put my ice chains onto an old F-150 pickup i keep around for such occasions.
    Luckily the boss said i could blow off coming to work this weekend.
    And i have food, drinking water, and firewood.

    Jan. 30, '10: (4:55pm) And internet, even.
    It stopped snowing last night, leaving 8" of powder. It stayed below freezing today, and is supposed to get down around 11F tonight, then warm some over the next few days.
    Blew off going to work this weekend.

    I am taking advantage of the time to work on projects, mainly Earthshaker2, which will be smaller than Earthshaker1, but disproportionately powerful, because it will remotely draw on Moby Brick, my square CB/GB, and Earthshaker1.
    It will be for lending out to people in other states.