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Loohan's blog for January, 2012
Jan. 1, '12: (11:15am) Yesterday the chem also cleared off as the day wore on. And early this morning the sky was still clear. Now i got the usual chem-clouds and occasional spray-drone. Despite no rain likely for the next week.

Another turtle born for the New Year. An auspicious sign. This one does not have the kind of programming as yesterday's child. This one is an attack VEO who specializes in latching onto a single individual and relentlessly chewing on their head. The lead witch in Lagos really doesn't appreciate this.

Jan. 2, '12: (6:30pm) Clear sky today. Cold tonight.

Real nasty vibe all over Dow Industries in Vegas, which seems connected to a lot of widespread DORy underground activity west of Fayetteville Regional Airport, which is home of the smallish American Airlines chemspraying op.

Jan. 3, '12: (8:25am) Cold, clear except for a few banks of chem.

Trey Scott Atwater, the NDAA, and Fort Bragg – Did We Just Dodge a Bullet? Atwater is MPD, of course, as are his sons.
Also i get a strong bad vibe here of 24 satanists that may have been in on it. But i can't be sure. Seems odd that a gov't op would be stymied by another gov't scam like TSA. Like, would they not have thought of that?

(6:50pm) I had to make another trip to Lowe's in Conway, and ended up pissing away the whole day busting. I took my Yuga-optimizing turtle with me (i now call him Yurtle, a contraction of yuga+turtle).
He is pretty amazing. For one thing, anywhere he goes, he removes some kind of negative matrix structures or something, leaving the area feeling much cleaner.
I did not find any more M32 businesses down there, but did find a bunch more of their houses. A high percentage of the houses in this area are theirs.

The sky was clear except for many ordinary contrails, and some drone-chem. Most of the drone trails were not much longer than the regular contrails; not much of it stuck.

(7:10pm) More darkside healers:
Brandon Bays and Candace Pert.
Also darkside Indonesian shamans: Luxamore and his wife Mulan.

(7:25pm) Dogs Found Skinned in Colorado. I suspect this has a lot to do with 2 satanists living here.

Jan. 4, '12: (7:10pm) Hardly any chem noticed today. Unseasonably warm; clear sky.
But check out the backround image at Mercola. Is this new? I never noticed it before.
Here is the image, of a pastoral setting with the usual chem-clouds. But only the chemmy sky shows around the ad in my browser.
Say it ain't so, Doc!
I guess he's still pretty naive in some ways.

Jan. 5, '12: (9:25am) Mild weather, clear.

Battle of the shape-shifters: Scottish Rite internecine rage, if you believe the bullshit: Vendetta: Newt Gingrich Has Made It His Personal Mission To Destroy Mitt Romney. Can't the Vatican keep their pet dogs from fighting each other? Aren't there enough young boys to go around?

(10:15am) A few days after my 2nd-to-last busting of Conway, i found thousands of M32ers under UCA as well as just east and west of UCA.

Now this morning i am being hit by tens of thousands under this area under the NE side of Conway. I think Yurtle belatedly latched onto them.
There are 2 elite Ta'l warriors down there working on wiping them out. The M32ers must be scattered along numerous tunnels.

(11:30am) Ron Paul seriously compromised? A few days ago i asked Mordok to be on the lookout for Ron Paul clones. Noticing that various MSM sources, as well as Pentecostal shape-shifting child rapist Palin and as DORy CIAtanist Ann Coulter were starting to make pro-Paul noises, i suspected a switcheroo might be planned. But so far we have not noticed any Paul clones.

But now i am running into all kinds of evidence online (example) of Ron being seriously compromised. I used to assume it was mere naivete' that made him exalt shape-shifting arch-pedophile Reagan; now i'm not so sure. He apparently has ties with the CIAtanist John Birch Society, has lectured at the ultra-Jesuit Georgetown University, has given the "hook 'em horns" sign at lectures, etc.

All i know is, he is a 96, and i still can't cull him. And in years past i have had to scrape demons off him that seemed to be attacking him.
But a year or so ago, Angela Merkel was still a 24, who seemed under demonic attack (maybe it was more like mind-control that felt to me like attack) and i had trouble culling her for a while.
And for the longest time i could not cull Medvedev either, even though he is a criminal murderer and another Jesuit agent..

And what about Alex Jones? I take some flack for supporting him. He is a 48 that i can't cull. His (gasp, Jewish) wife is a 12 i can't cull. On his team, all are ensouled except for CIAtanist Steve Watson, whom i presume to be a covert infiltrator.

So in dunno. If i vote, it sure won't be for any of the satanists like Santorum, Romney, or Terry. Nor for CIA shapeshifter Obama.
Maybe i won't vote.

(noon) Also, Ron Paul's wife Carol is supposed to be Eastern Star. To me, Eastern Star feels like the female version of Scottish Rite, with the same intensely Jesuit vibe. It is my belief, for example, that ultra-tyrannical satano-bitch Pelosi is one of the highest ranking Eastern Star members, doing her best to fulfill their agenda.
But Carol does not seem to be a satanist. I did, however, just cull her unfit soul.

Rand Paul is a 48 whom i can't cull.

(7:45pm) Sweltering low 70s this afternoon. Only saw 1 spraydrone, and its trail didn't stick.

I got an "important" vibe off this article about Bill Heywood and his wife being found dead.
They were satanists. And killed by 2 female satanists.
Susan Heywood was suffering from medical issues, according to longtime friend and co-worker at radio station KOY, Charlie Van Dyke.
Hmm, Van Dyke (Wikipedia) is another satanist.
And further down, the article mentions KTAR program director Tisa LaSorte, (Google profile), another satanist who has more satanist friends. I get real hot vibe off Marc Young for some reason...

OK, so what's the big deal? A lot of people in this business are satanists. Why the vibe of importance?
Ah, it mentions
Active in Valley philanthropic causes, Heywood was the honorary chair of the Starlight Children's Foundation Sparkling Starry Soiree fund-raiser in 2011.
Starlight Children's Foundation. Totally CIAtanist. But what are they up to? I don't think it's the usual...

Jan. 6, '12: (8:45am) Another Kennedy set to run for Congress. I don't think any of the Kennedys (images) had viable souls, not even John F. And a few have been satanists. Here are pix of Joseph P. Kennedy III. He is a satanist.

(12:15pm) Voters not rolling out the red carpet for Joseph P. Kennedy III:
Kennedy, 31, is the son of former U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy II, grandson of the late Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and great-nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy and the late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.
The only other satanic Kennedys i have ever noticed are Joseph III and Edward AKA Teddy. (And the J. Robert Kennedy of Chico San who is also a satanist Kennedy, probably unrelated.)

Dutchsinse just posted a video about Venus aparently being hit with a large object as Comet Lovejoy was nearby. (Amazingly, my youtube audio came back on just now, even though it was still off earlier today.)
We have 4K+ allies in the Venus base at this time, and no damage occurred there.
I do get a funny vibe off this "comet" (pic). Possibly Draco.

Jan. 7, '12: (5:05pm) Speaking of Kennedys... On Dec. 20 i wrote:
Snowbird, UT: (map pic) seems to be composed mainly of satanists for some reason. Also there are at least 31 of those SLC-type ETs there.
The reason this came to my attention is that my Salt Lake friend got a job there, lucky fella gets to have all the fun. And he just spotted satanist George Skakel 3rd (Wikipedia entry for his grandfather) there. Skakel #1 married a non-satanist and they had a bunch of kids who all became satanists, including the woman who married Robert F. Kennedy!

(5:15pm) More bizarre DORy CIA newage, this time in NZ: Dick Sutphen and Tara Sutphen.
Brrr! Get a life, CIA!

(6:20pm) Interesting article about the Nigeria situation.
CIA, me'n Yurtle are going to eradicate you scum, as you obviously crave.

(7:15pm) The other day after i busted Conway again, i said i had not found any more M32er businesses. However, i had forgotten a URL on a home for sale sign: That site has little on it except for a link to And that page has little info, too. But this is Eric Martin, a full-blood M32er who is trying to sell his house at 2420 Sapphire Dr.
Where ya gonna run to, loser?

Jan. 9, '12: (8:10am) On the 7th and early on the 8th we had bunches of chem-clouds and hybrid clouds. Since then it has been heavily overcast. Got slight sprinkles last night.

Nigeria unrest ‘worse than 1960s civil war’: president. Close-up pic of their black-magician president who is 100% bought off and complicit in this murderous CIA scam.

(9:35am) Also, another Nigerian scam: Nigeria fuel strike brings country to a halt. Um, this is a major oil-exporting country. This "crisis" is manufactured to create more chaos.

(2:15pm) Chem-clouds galore today.

Bureau of Counterterrorism formed, because one can never have too many Orwellian bureaucracies working together on false flag events, and harrassing innocent citizens.

(6:10pm) We have some very dangerous, DORy enemies Thorp brought to my attention: They live on Algol.

Jan. 10, '12: (1:10pm) Light rain, cold.

Here is a site of interest: His youtube videos have been censored, but you can still find them here at this time. Not everything on this page is his or good! Go down to where it says The Truth EXPOSED pt.1 and get that series. I have only watched the first 4 or so so far. He is not always right! Sometimes he wrongly conflates 2 individuals (sometimes with very different earlobes). But for the most part, he is right.

Apparently an actor's group has been involved in a lot of the media "news" productions. What is noteworthy about this group? None are satanists, and few, if any, are MPD. They do not have that DORy occult vibe, or obvious agency vibe. In fact, they had no particular vibe at all until i had Lt. Veo fry the lot for some time. Now i can feel a distinct dirty signature off the actors.
They are, as he says, associated with Maurice Strong.

(2:20pm) Actually, in other vids he does mention some people who are obviously satanists/MPD.

Meanwhile, as the poor people of Nigeria tighten their belts, Austrian Press exposes Oil Minister, Allison Madueke.

(3pm) Not unlikely, this Austria incident was meant to be discovered, as a psy-op.

BTW, this guy feels like another one of those actors.

Jan. 11, '12: (7:15am) Got at least 2" of rain. Overcast.

Can you spot the actor? I only watched the first 45 seconds of this video. Spotted the clean-cut dude. Anywhere i stop the vid to take a capture, however, it goes blurry where i stop it.

(6:30pm) Heavy chemtrails this afternoon. Long, sticky drone-spew.

About those Algolian ETs: i am not sure, but think they are humanoids, maybe 7' tall. They have been attacking Mordok, probably for some time, but he only figured it out after i posted about them. He has found U bases on Earth, as well as bases in Universe FF.
Also, my friend in Groningen, NE was attacked today in the heart center by them. I found a U base in south Holland with 340 of them.
They have not attacked me yet.

(6:45pm) Is there a deeper level of psyop to all this actor business? Did "they" expect someone to discover and publicize about all this play-acting stuff?
There was that guy who gave dallasgoldbug the finger on camera, even though dallasgoldbug was not previously onto him.
There was that other guy, another professional actor, who allowed his face to overtly scowl for the camera.

This morning on page 2 of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette i saw this. You can expand the pic in your browser. On the left is an article about Tamara Tunie, an actress i had never heard of. But they made it very clear she is a professional actress. Then right next to her is an article with a pic of Laura A Gerald, MD who looks absolutely identical in this pic to Tunie. The face(s) is very distinctive. The only difference is that Gerald is sporting thicker eyebrows.
I did a search and found profile pix for the 2. Not too sure. One of the pix is of poor quality but seems to have a much more attached lobe, which is the only thing making me unsure. The rest of the ear seems similar.
Neither of them has a soul, and they feel alike to me.

(7:40pm) Yet another evil Catholic "exorcist": José Antonio Fortea. As i have said, the Harry Potter books are a Mossad (Vatican) op.

(7:55pm) On Dec. 10 i mentioned that Blackwater/Xe had undergone another name change, to ACADEMI. I have not run across that name since. Now, supposedly, Monsanto owns the company of so many names.

(8:25pm) Hehe, if you are sensitive, see if you can guess how many of these "dead" people are actually alive and well: Is Syria torturing babies to death now? Country's darkest secrets leaked... Leaked my ass, you CIA clowns.

Jan. 12, '12: (9:05am) Colder. Got a bit of snow on the ground.

Last night the Algols did attack me, first causing mild nausea, then later attacking me astrally from several universes. I ended up bagging loads of their astral bodies from all 50 corrupt universes.

They only attacked me after i sicced my new turtle on them. This one includes programming from our recent new allies, including the Vicarah!

(noon) I saw a post from yesterday about a "dark read yellow feature over NoCal" on the Unisys map.
That is where Vicarah and Red Draco have been hovering over the base of some evil Draco! They are duking it out. The base seems at 4.1 mile depth, with 3,333 Draco. Now that i started blasting them, they are hitting me back some.

Jan. 13, '12: (8:40am) That spot on the map finally went away at some point overnight. Our orgone blasting broke the standoff, but it still took a long time to eradicate those Draco.

I got attacked some more by the Algolians from other universes. Both remote energy attacks (no big deal) and astral visitations. I get the impression there is quite a variety of different appearances in them, as with Earthlings, although they all looked Caucasian.

Thorp says they are silicon-based, but i have my doubts, as they seem to take the same programs the same way as carbon-based vertebrates. And i do sense some evil silicon-based life-forms in the Antenna Galaxies, and these do not take the Strontium-Barium program.

I have the impression that many of the Algolian males are gay, curly-haired, Greek-looking with round cheeks.

Clear except for some chem-clouds.

(11:20am) And more chem-clouds and some trails that partially stick.

There was something on Dutchsinse about radioactive bathroom items from Nu Steel in India. I did a web search and got DORy vibe off a Nu Steel in AL, but the vibe may have nothing to do with them. ETs all over underground just south of there. Humans from Regulus.

Jan. 16, '12: (11am) Heavy chem yesterday, overcast but mild today. Modest rain chances.

More on dallasgoldbug and I just culled this guy. I have to distance myself from at least a lot of what he claims, based just on the difference in energy signatures between some of the people he "exposes" and the people he exposes them as.
The following people are ones that so far i have been unable to cull, despite what he is saying. The people he equates them with are soulless, sometimes satanists:
David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Stephen Greer, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Amy Winehouse (deceased but is a viable soul), and probably a few more i will remember later. [Update 2016: dallasgoldbug, Icke (that version), Maxwell, Greer, Manning, and Assange were SSers. Dallasgoldbug, Assange, and Winehouse were also transgender. They have all been dead for years now, although all except Winehouse have been replaced by repticlones.]
Apparently he has engaged in some fraud to make these people look alike for his videos. He had me seriously wondering about my dowsing, because even though i was quite suspicious of Assange and Greer, i just can't bust them! And they feel completely different from the people he conflates them with.

I have not figured out his motive, or who he might be working for. Maybe he is just a con artist. The thing is, he is right about some things. Only a couple months ago i defended Abbie Hoffman to someone, but after i saw dallasgoldbug's excerpts on him, i was able to cull the dirty dog! Also Adam Kokesh is soulless; an agent. Also, i, too, have serious doubts that Gabby ("it's not whom you know, it's whom you blow") Giffords, who enthusiastically parts her orifices for any well-placed satanist who might advance her career, was actually shot. Why damage such a perfect ASSet who will do anything to get ahead?
And it is true that the CIA and media constantly manufacture fake news, for example, the totally bloodless "bullet-ridden" (sic; think it should be riddled: to pierce with numerous holes; perforate) body of Yusuf i mentioned last month. And also last month, i posted about the shape-shifting CIAtanist in London, "arrested" by other satanist Masons. And there's the BS about Tymoshenko's "opposition" to and "incarceration" by her fellow shapeshifters. The media is chock-full of manufactured BS.

I did write him a few days ago about what i had maybe found about Tamara Tunie, and i did get a reply. But the reply was totally non-sequitur, and i suspected i had received an email intended for someone else. I wrote back, but received no further communication.

(2:45pm) Other people he implicates that i can't cull:
Benjamin Fulford, the Quail Hollow Farm people that got raided, Sheriff Mack...

More actual agents he alerted me to:
Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers, that black Marine sergeant dude as well as several other Occupier types, The Kyron Horman scammers...

As far as the SPLC goes, i have never found any satanists there, but also no ensouled people...

(4:15pm) Unseasonably warm. Overcast with heavy chem as well as natural moisture.
I get hit some by Algols: musculo-skeletal aches, mild nausea, headaches. They are pissed because they are being fried by Vicarah-pgm orgonite.

Announcing a new free public Vicarah pgm. This is a no-brainer, requiring only that one can connect to The Committee for the programming. And that one can cast resin. The resin can be plain or can have cocoa and/or iron oxide in it. It can also have metal shavings that don't pack too tight. Steel seems particularly good. No coils, rocks, or creative genius required.
R&D thread on Vicarah tech.

One can even make sentient orgone devices with the same ingredients if one uses a critter mold for this.
R&D thread on sentient orgone devices. Sentient ones don't like to be alone much. It is best to keep them near nice people, animals, and/or more of their own kind.

(5:20pm) AZ Senator Kyrsten Sinema resigns to run for Congress. Cinema? Another actor? Not sure what the deal is, but she and her entourage all have the same weird nasty vibe. Wish i had teeth like her, though.
They don't feel like satanists. Possibly they are NGC 4414 ETs.

(5:30pm) And on her team is Jim Crounse of Mack Crounse Group in Alexandria, Va. In that pic, 6 people in the front row, as well as at least 3 of the others, have this same freaky vibe.
And we have Karl Struble of the Washington, D.C.-based firm Struble Eichenbaum, who also has the same kind of team members.
Ditto Grove Insight.
All these people seem to come from different work backgrounds, however, making it unlikely they are ETs. So why do they all have this bizarre cult vibe?

Jan. 17, '12: (8:15am) Ridiculously warm. Actually it has cooled off to 48 F in the past hour, but was warmer earlier. Had slight rain a few hours ago. Overcast.

I feel much better this morning.

Jim Fetzer is a CIAtanist i have had on my agent list for 6 years or so, who has just moved in on Project Camelot. Kerry is promoting his blog "Exposing Falsehoods and Revealing Truths". Yeah. Joshua Blakeney feels like a sincere dupe, though.

(4:05pm) It was so warm last night, but temperatures have been plummeting since dawn. It's 39 now, and must have been in the 60s at dawn. Yet, the overcast cleared off early and the sky has been totally clear since, whenever i check.

I think all these people making Vicarah orgonite is helping out big time. You can make as much as you want, gift areas with it, whatever.

I am only 24 minutes into the Bill Wood interview here, and think it's the real deal. The guy is visibly nervous about the choppers flying low during the interview, which came from this U base presently being scrubbed.

Jan. 18, '12: (7pm) Overcast today with plenty of chem too, and drones laying long trails.

I wonder why CIAtanist Pat Buchanan has such a hot, toxic vibe lately.

(8:40pm) Hmm, 31% rept DNA... BTW i'm not really sure what that % stuff means. Does that mean 31% of certain sequences are rept? And it's a crap shoot whether a rept sequence turns out recessive or expressed? Or what? I admit i don't know. People with the same parentage will read as having widely different %s. I'm 21% but my brother 11%. Dad was 42% and mom is 6%. I've forgotten too much of my Mendelian Genetics to know if that makes any mathematical sense.
But anything over 30% for sure seems to have shape-shift potential if activated.
I sort of have the impression Pat did a ritual 2 nights ago with 32 other gov't shapeshifters here. In any case, that house is sure DORy.
Before i could find it i got distracted by some Algol U bases in the East. Then a few small CIA U bases that seemed connected to some of the people that were in that house 2 nights ago.

Jan. 19, '12: (11:40am) Extreme striated white-out and drone spraying to the south earlier, but it seems to have mostly abated now to moderately smeared.

Another bizarro CIAtanist: fishermanpete.

(12:10pm) Human head found near Hollywood sign. I suspect the killer is 1 male who lives here.

(2:05pm) Mostly clear here, but...
I took this pic a little while ago from my place.

I might be onto something about these hologrammic drones. I suspect they may be projected by cloaked craft flying parallel.
I first noticed this apparent phenomenon a few days ago off someone else's pics.
Now i noticed this DORy spot under the apparent plane in my pic.

Still, this doesn't go far towards explaining how vibeless, apparently non-metallic, chem can visually behave just like the real thing.

(2:10pm) Please, i do not want to receive any more emails asking me if i know anything about the weird groaning sounds the Earth is making. If i figure anything out, i'll post it.

(4:45pm) Iranian women's activist shot dead in Houston. I think the guy who did it lives here.

Jan. 20, '12: (9:45am) Extreme, drippy fog, cold wind, brrr.

A reader brought to my attention satanist Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson and the Center for Neuroacoustic Research.
On the contact page, it gives the center's location as One Carlsbad Research Center, 2382 Faraday Avenue Suite 250 #23-24, Carlsbad, CA. 92008-7262. But google maps hasn't heard of that Carlsbad Research Center, nor knows anything about any Center for Neuroacoustic Research at that location (map). Google gives their location as here in Encinitas. Both locations are DORy.

I did not get an obvious vibe of NSA, CIA, etc. so i looked on the map for other locations related to this guy, and found a U base in Irvine. 3 of them, in fact, which had dozens of satanists in each.
Then one here with 74 more. And another 50 miles north with 22 more. Another by Black Lake in Callender with 42. Another 3-4 miles north of Vandenberg AFB, with 41. Another off Maricopa Hwy with 22.
A bigger one here had 232 satanists.
Another base under some wierd array of poles here in Palm Springs. Only 2 satanists, but neuroacoustic machinery below, being taken out. And a base under North Palm Springs with 31. One under Banning with 32. One under Moreno Valley with 21. Another under the Yuma (AZ) Proving Ground here, with 71. Another offshore of San Diego here had 540 satanists. And at least 4 more undersea U bases further west.

(10:20am) Every once in a while i see an article that reminds me why i crave to kill all nazi parasites. This is one such: The world war on democracy by John Pilger.
Now if you look up Chagos Archipelago on google maps, you will only see a few clouds over the ocean. If you look up Chagos Islands you will only see land masses that have been blotted out by by the censor.
A small graphic of the islands is here. And there are plenty of pix here of installations on the main island of Diego Garcia. I first posted this last link on 10/26/10. At that time the area was intensely DORy. This morning we are taking out gray bases in the Chagos area.

Jan. 21, '12: (9pm) Please, people, if you write me from an invalid email addy, my reply bounces back.

Clear sky today, cold.

Another highly dubious "cult" of sorts exists around the deceased Hilda Charlton. Quite the posturer for someone with such a dirty vibe and a non-viable soul.
Also some of her soulless followers have a similar evil vibe:
  • David Pomerantz of Gracelight has a real low www profile (google search); a tax-exempt "charity". The place also has a nasty vibe (map).
  • Alan Cohen
  • Erik Berglund
  • Chris Rudolf, a meditation teacher.
  • Rick Jarow of Vassar College. I got a nasty vibe with the same cult flavor off this college, but it seems to emanate entirely from Rockefeller Hall (info). I sense 21 students there with the same vibe! All in the philosophy dept. And i strongly suspect CIA $$ might be funding their tuition. I guess it must be something important they are doing.

Jan. 22, '12: (8am) Heavy fog again.

Another bunch of weird DORy soulless "healers" in Holland: Snu-Nieuwetijdskinderen, whatever that means. These all have the same dirty vibe. Furthermore, others like them live near them. If we check the location of the androgenous Jaco Elken, the bldgs all around there have the same vibe.
Also a number of them scattered around the location of Karin Anthonissen - Lagerweij.
And this bldg a bit west of Germaine Domatilia houses at least 22 more of them.
Haven't quite figured out what the deal is with these people. Another ET bunch?

(4:15pm) Still heavy fog that drenches everything. And as soon as i got home from work, it started raining a bit.

Those weird poles i mentioned 2 days ago that had a transmitter under them, are windmills (google map). The company that put them in is composed of a bunch of satanists, just as is the one that's been wanting to rape my area. These "electric generation" projects are over-subsidized, inefficient, noisy, etc.

Supposedly nieuwetijdskinderen is a word for indigo children. Who are these "therapists"? We got them stirred up. They are broadly infecting the universe, mostly in "blue galaxies". Here are some pix where i can especially feel their vibe:Kinda makes one ponder WTF is going on.

(4:35pm) I suspect Gordon Mellema is one of them. It's funny; i got a horrible vibe off the video before it loaded. Then when i watch the guy talking for a few seconds, i feel disarmed and feel an affinity for him. Something about his demeanor seems gentle, kind, likable, etc. but it is some kind of hypnotic put-on or something. Very dangerous.

(5:15pm) That guy has a page here of some sort, i suppose, if one were inclined to download the software to view it. But this got me onto the "IndigoEvolution" in the URL. I googled that, and found, with more of those creepy ETs, and James Twyman, another one.
Then i googled "indigo therapy" and found -- The Okura River Retreat (map), with the vibe of 22 more of these freaky ETs. I feel lots more in the region of Northcross, the town just south. The most powerful toxic vibe comes from a male(?) in this house.
I feel at least 3,431 of these ETs in this area of several square miles.

(5:20pm) Nailing a lot of deep undersea bases of theirs now. These are many miles below the sea floor in the middle of the oceans!

(6:35pm) It sure has warmed up in the last couple hours here.

Another of these ETs: Peyman. He infiltrates. His friends that he has listed are clean. The little boy and girl here are DORy ETs; his kids, i think.

(7:10pm) And if you thought all that stuff was weird, wait'll you see a shapeshifting CIA clone performing fellatio on an entire nation full of Jesuit-run nazi's: In scandalous new campaign video, Obama takes Israel pandering to dangerous levels. Unless it's a spoof video.

Jan. 23, '12: (8:40am) Clear today except that about 1/2 the sky is whited-out with chem.

The town of Steenderen, NE, just west of Jaco Elken, has 600+ of these ETs.
Didam has another 250+, especially on an around Steenstraat.

(9:45am) Back in NZ, an ET hotspot:
City Impact Church. What a name. Click on "meet our team" too. And the different locations, which include Toula Village, Tonga, where many live. Also much of the rest of Tonga is infested with them; at least 4500. This is intriguing, as i found pix of what look like natives but have this same vibe: schoolgirls (3 of these; i think the ones in front), children (I think 4 of these are ETs. If you check the other pix on that page, though, there don't seem to be any more).

Is this another case, as with the M32ers, of white ETs breeding with different races in such a way as to hide the white parentage in their offspring?

There is also a City Impact Church in New Brunswick, Canada. There are at least 600 of these ETs nearby. Plenty more in U bases for 50+ miles around.

Back to NZ: Remarkable Physios is one of their businesses.

Jan. 24, '12: (9:20am) Another clear morning except for a bunch of partially-rippled whiteout and the occasional chemtrail.

Unusual MPD MTV illuminati pawn: Lana Del Rey. Unusual in that, unlike the rest, she has a soul. She has a serious MPD vibe, but not from early childhood.

She comes from Lake Placid, NY. On the map, the DORiest place is just across from the high school, Shipman Youth Center, run by 5 satanists. Many of the kids on their photo page and on their faCIAbook page also have the MPD vibe.

Ah, but wait, when she was 15, she was shipped off to a boarding school in CT. But nobody seems to disclose which school. So i went on a fishing expedition. Feels like The Ethel Walker School (map). Meet the administration. Extremely DORy bunch of satanists. Do i detect a CIA connection?
Taking out some U bases around the school.

(11:30am) Ripples long gone, but sylphed chem remains.

Shapeshifter convention about to start in Davos, Switzerland. The DORiest spot in Davos right now is this bldg.

(noon) Another bizarre satanist "lightworker": Adeon. Check out the Urban Dictionary. He owns as well as 2 little girls that he sometimes farms out to other rapists. purveys the usual illuminati tripe about Ashtar Command, Ascended Masters, etc. One bizarre thing is that most of the members feel like innocuous people, but none feel like indigos or the like. None are 96s.
However some of his friends on myspace feel less clean. E.g. Mamas CanRockit and many of her friends.

(4:05pm) Warm. Funny that wunderground predicted that today would be cloudy, when there hasn't been a shred of a natural or part-natural cloud all day, only flagrantly obvious and sylph-feathered chem. I even saw a drone disappear. It was laying a trail, then turned off the spray and continued a short distance, then *poof*.

Satanist Mexican gangs taking over; article. The title is a little ambiguous due to poor syntax. They do not mean that 1.4 million plus enter each day.

The CIA was behind arming and supplying the black gangs. I get more of a Chinese/NSA vibe off the Mexican ones.

(5:30pm) Mostly clear around my place. Looks like rain forecast for a couple days though.
Saw some drones go by leaving ordinary-looking contrails. I think all these drones have a DORy spot a bit below and behind them, which might not be a cloaked UFO but more like a chakra at the "end" of a wormhole. The planes manifest nearby from these chakras. If you blast these spots, the energy lands in another galaxy. There are 9 such galaxies; i haven't looked them up yet.

Each of these galaxies has an unknown number of machines we are hunting down, that do this remote chemtrailing.

Jan. 25, '12: (6:55pm) Dang, there was a State of the Union Farce last night, and i spaced it off. Neglected a key opportunity to fry the Clone in Chief.

It started raining during the night, and didn't stop until late afternoon today. Probably will get more. Got 2.75" in my 5-gallon buckets, so i guess i got something over 2" so far.

Shock Docs: Total Federalization of Police Under New Homeland Security Mission. Chertoff, you hideous nazi pedophile murderer shapeshifting Zio-turd, let me remind you what a loser has-been you are. Years ago i killed your archon soul. I killed your HS radionics lab. I kicked your ass all over town.
Now you team up with this flagrantly all-satanist Aspen Institute to forge the future of "law" enforcement? Bwahahaha!

Luckily hard-core felons who habitually rape children to death have no authority. And any police force overseen by such has no authority over honest people. That means that, any member of the public, when confronted with illicit or unfair attempts at "law" enforcement need only cooperate if
1.) They feel like it, or
2.) They are illegally forced to.

You had better be ready to use illegal force on me, nazi cowards.

(7:25pm) A couple days ago Thorp sent me a link to this video. The quality of the video is too poor to convince, but these were giant ETs. They are dead now, because they were back underground when we hit them. I found a mess way south in Peru, and we took out loads of the DORy things all the way up the Andes to Ecuador.

Meanwhile, he had also sent me a link to this video. This is another one of the same kind! And were subsequently rubbed out in an area that covered most of TX, some of OK and MX, and Hot Springs, AR!

I don't know why they are here, what they eat, etc. but i sense they are dangerous and evil. There are no doubt more big pockets of them. For example, i just found some here in France. And i won't be surprised if it turns out they are under most of Europe.

Jan. 26, '12: (8:05am) Fortunately that area only seems for a few km around.
They seem to prefer tunnels around 500' deep, but here and there are shafts going down to around 2000', which seems to be the depth where they prefer to live.
Now we are starting on a patch here in Sweden.

(9:25am) Got a bit more rain last night. Now it's overcast, wet, and there are some more rain chances today.

That Swedish DOR spot has grown to about 20 mile radius so far.

Someone asked me the other day about Barbara Ann Brennan. She is a good person, but i noticed then that she had taken on a horrible vibe. I couldn't figure it out.
I had bought her first book in late '80s and read her 2nd in 1995. But is suspect her energy only got nasty maybe a couple years ago.

Mordok figured out she had been channeling some evil entities, which had gotten a hold on her. Plus there were DIA U bases near every one of her facilities. I presume they were just doing woo-woo stuff down there. Any kind of deep healing is a threat to the nazis.
Meanwhile, i bagged numerous species of demons he stirred up.
She feels a lot cleaner now, but still tainted.

(12:20pm) Somebody wrote me from Roanoke, TX, just north of Ft. Worth. He has been having medical issues. He turned out to be bewitched. I found M32ers all around there underground! We have already nailed 3K+ there.
Knowing their propensity for taking over hotels, i looked up Roanoke hotels. They own a lot of these.

(12:30pm) Holy crap, i had inadvertently clicked on a link for Roanoke, VA instead! And those hotels are M32er for the most part. Maybe helps explain why i had to bust Roanoke, VA a couple years ago; it was very DORy.
Oddly, they may not have any hotels in Roanoke, TX.

(2pm) I think we may have eradicated all the M32ers under Roanoke, TX. And it is possible there were none on the surface there. We took out the 2 witches that had messed this guy up.
If there are none on the surface, then how did they know about him, and why were they attacking him? It's one of those mysteries.

(2:10pm) It appears that base in Sweden is connected by tunnels to many more in the entire Eurasian and African continents. Even the tips of South Africa, Thailand, and India, and far east Russia, are flared up. 400 Ta'l warriors are running them down, assisted by 5K good 16' tall Green Draco, 2K M51 humans, and other allies.

(4:55pm) The Venusians have completed 7 anti-gray resonators. You can feel them at this time at the base in the center of this pic. They may be moved out soon, to be deployed elsewhere in our Solar System.
If you know of any grays anywhere, see if you can connect them to the resonators. Imagine the grays and the resonators being in 1 place. Space and separation are illusory, anyway.

Jan. 27, '12: (7:30am) Yesterday when the grey cover parted, it exposed low, fluffy chem that got shredded by orgone, as well as chemmy hybrid clouds up above. This morning there are just a small amount of pure chem-clouds.

DORy ET "healer" witch of the morning: Jyoti. I think she's one of the same kind as those "indigo healers" i mentioned on the 22nd.

(9am) I felt that today is a good day to start pouring some more Vicarah-program critters. As soon as i finished the first pour, i stepped outside to see a big trail overhead being left by a drone.

I said earlier that there were 9 galaxies these chemmer-machines were on. So far, over 50 have been found.

Jan. 28, '12: (5:25pm) By that i meant 50 galaxies, not machines. Now it's at 68 i think.

Heavy chem today and yesterday. In the 60s F today.

Warning: DORy shapeshifting satanist: Ernest of I wouldn't even know about this guy except he wrote me a nasty email about how i should perform fellatio on him and he would pee in my face. As soon as i read it i got slammed by a big wad of toxic energy. The energy had been saved up, with the help of demons, in some kind of etheric capacitor. It had been generated by 3 rituals done by a coven of 13, each involving the ugly demise of a little ensouled boy. Then he rigged it so that when i read the email, i would get slammed.

I have to admire such straightforwardness. Obviously he craved mention in my blog. Also, he didn't mind me finding the U base that had 3300+ more of his ilk. These all seemed to have 40+% rept DNA. Maybe after we clean up the DOR underground i'll hunt around above-ground and see what else might be of interest.

Jan. 29, '12: (6:10pm) Looking around this evening, there are many more little nests of those shape-shifters around Bucharest and for at least 50 miles around.

Today was warm and clear. Saw no chem until 4:30pm when chem-clouds drifted in.

Another weird "spiritual" cult can be found around Panache Desai. All 4 of the people at the bottom of here have the same weird dirty cult vibe, almost ET-like but i doubt they are ETs. Also he is associated with another fraud, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center. He and all his ministers have the same cult vibe. Most of his staff and followers do not, though.

Jan. 30, '12: (3:20pm) So warm today i was gardening bare-chested. Planted some beets and radishes. Not much chem so far today.

Area 51: We "cleaned this up" underground some time back, but a couple weeks ago when i heard Bill Wood mention there were a bunch of American UFOs down there, i looked again and we found a mess of them and apparently wiped them out.
But then this morning i checked again, and found a buttload more U bases around there as well as lots more connected by tunnels in a wide area encompassing Caliente, Goldfield, Death Valley, Las Vegas, and St. George, UT. All had evil US military clowns. Many were 1-4 miles deep.
There are still loads more. The region is full of them.

Jan. 30, '12: (1:05pm) That area is still being worked on.

Totally grey day here.

I was reading this article Presidential Commission: Directed Energy Weapons Used On American Citizens in Tests which mentions the travails of a nice black lady named Connie Marshall (her site). Took a look at Louisville on the map. Found a U transmitter NW of town, which has been taken out. Also big U base under the airport, with 652 evil gov't people of unknown agency. One under Waterson Park with 352 more. Another under Shepardsville to the south, with 542 more. Pioneer Village with 243 more. Clarksville 241. And lots more.

She mentions harassment by a Jim Haynes of the DORy Blue Grass Automotive (map), which has the vibe of 22 satanists working there.
More satanists' names mentioned here: Jerry Abramson, Chief White, etc. all are satanists. More here. And i haven't had time to really delve into her site.

(5:20pm) They had a base under each of 17 more KY towns, especially south and some to the east. This is some kind of black ops network. I am not getting the impression of drugs, but children. And the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services is involved in all this. There are 6 of their satanists in the Frankfort office about 40 miles east of Louisville. 2 more in the Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs in Louisville. In fact there was a big U base right under their office. (The 2 individuals presently shown on google maps as being at that address are not the bad ones.)
This parking lot has the vibe like lots of these satanists come there to deliver kids to new owners. Likewise this one. These have been extensively used as transfer points.

(6pm) Ah, time to scope out Connie's website some more. First i clicked on this page full of pix of satanists. Lessee, LMPD Officer John Terrence Keeling & some nameless pigs. And wow, Yvette Gentry. All part of this same crime ring.

And there's a link there to Mayor Greg Fischer, another one. His family is soulless, his kids MPD. I sense he really craves little boys bad. Can hardly get through a week without one.
Wow, and down the page is Congressman John Yarmuth, another hard core pederast. "In 1990, Yarmuth founded LEO Newsweekly, a free publication with approximately 150,000 monthly readers." This publication also employs 6 more of these satanists.
And i found this cool PDF Executive Branch Organization Chart which displays how omnipresent this satanic child-trafficking group is.

(6:40pm) Keeling's house is here. And the 4 Keelings mentioned here have this same vibe too.

This secluded area has the vibe of them, too, as well as that of many kids passing through. I especially get a vibe where the green arrow is. Playing field? And of course those 3 houses.

Unfortunately street view doesn't work on this map, or rather there is a big berm blocking the view. But that parking lot, the big bldg (Masonic Lodge?) and the house have the group's vibe. I don't detect the vibe of child-trafficking here, though. Just pedophile men, maybe mostly cops. I do not know why the vibe is stronger in the parking lot, as though more time was spent in cars than in the bldg. I do now get the vibe of drug dealing, between cops.

A top male lives here, alone except for transient kids at times.

(8:30pm) Yeesh, now Mordok discovered a tunnel running from Lexington, KY to Huntington, OH to the east. ETs from Galaxy M66. I think 7' humanoids.