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Loohan's blog for January, 2013
Jan 1, '13: (9:40am) Extreme fog.

About that battle yesterday, the repts that were attacking have been taken care of, but occasionally a few still try to approach Earth.

I just came across something interesting on the Earth Liberation Front website. I think it is interesting regardless of how one feels about ELF's former choices of tactics: page depicting turncoats who snitched to the FBI to save their own asses. None of those snitches are still ensouled. Yet, further down the page are pics of people who didn't collaborate with the feds, but went to jail. All of these are still ensouled. As is R. Crumb, BTW.

Now, as far as i can discern, none of these snitches are shapeshifters, satanists, CIA, or the like. I think they were sincere members who then sold out to save their skins. But it gets more interesting if you read down ELF's home page, which starts ranting about Leslie James Pickering and Craig Rosebraugh, who happen to be CIAlizards, as are Pickering's editorial collective of Arissa Media Group.

Just as an aside, the article on Rosebraugh mentions his association with the Institute for Social Ecology. I happened to attend the Summer 1977 session of the Goddard College Social Ecology Program, headed by Murray Bookchin and Dan Chodorkoff. Sincere, ensouled people. Another cool guy is Brian Tokar, whom i met in the anti-nuke movement in '78. I don't think he was associated with Social Ecology at that time.
Bookchin's wife at the time was the much-younger CIAtanist shapeshifter Bea Bookchin, and there were numerous other CIAtanists playing student, including in my own dorm.
The Organic Gardening instructor, now deceased, was a shapeshifting satanist.
There are a few CIAlizards on the Institute's present staff: Patti Garbeck, Brooke Lehman, Peter Staudenmaier, Darini Nicholas.

OK, back to that ELF home page: further down is mention of Steven Robert Scipes, a former US Marine sergeant, and the Emiliano Zapata Unit. Well, here is Scipes today, a CIAlizard university prof.
Also on the home page is this graphic: A Brief History of Ecoterrorism. I would like to reiterate something i have mentioned before: Ed Abbey (deceased) and Dave Foreman were NSAtanists. Not to mention shapeshifters.

If you want to delve further into this weirdness, here's an article by Paul Krassner (ensouled). This is a long article, and i have only read page 1 so far.

(5:55pm) Had traces of snow today, and much melting of the last snows.

Honest cop learns what happens when you fail to overlook lizardly improprieties: Female Trooper Who Pulled Over Speeding Cop 'Fears For Her Life'. Note that nausea is a common symptom of psychic attack by shapeshifting reptilians.
Oddly, i don't think the black police major nor the journalist in the (choppy) video are shapeshifters, but Fausto Lopez and many of his buddies definitely are. They evidently think the police force should only employ their own kind.

On Nov. 2 i linked to this Mars Rover article, commenting that that does not feel like Mars. On Nov. 22 i linked to another such article (having forgotten about the earlier reference), commenting that this was the Arizona desert. Now, supposedly, Mars Rover finds Rats. Here, for comparison, is a pic of an AZ Round-tailed Ground Squirrel taken from this page.

Jan. 2, '13: (8:45am) Chemtrails, chemclouds, haze.

ABC News Investigations of the Year: Phantom Debt Collectors. There are 2 things i find interesting about this:
1.) That so many people can be intimidated into paying money they don't owe to someone they don't know, merely on the basis of empty legal threats. I never thought a scam like this would net enough to be very profitable.
2.) ABC of course made no mention of the fact that "legitimate" banking institutions also indulge in browbeating people for money they don't owe. And this is, presumably, much more effective, as these banks are big, established institutions. For example, years ago, Amazon Chase credit cards continually billed me for money i did not owe; mistakes in their favor that they utterly refused to discuss in any manner, despite many attempts on my part to clear this up. Eventually they trashed my credit (resulting in a record barrage of credit card offers including at least one from Chase) before issuing me an unsolicited new credit card (which i never activated).
I have refused to use credit cards since.

(8:25pm) Damn, i realized that many of those gun-control celebrities mentioned last month are shapeshifters. It is getting harder lately for me to detect evil and reptilian vibes; an inevitable side effect of progress being made against DOR.

A couple interesting links i came across:
Just Say No to GMO Hemp!
40-minute vid: Sandy Hook: Cop in CT on Contradictions, Inconsistencies & Gun Grab. Note that Ben Swann is favorably mentioned in the interview, but he is a satanist shapeshifter.

Jan. 4, '13: (2:50am) Mixed clouds yesterday.

I went to bed real early and woke up in the middle of the night and just typed up this bulletin on werewolves.
We are in-progress on mopping up these critters and their masters.

(10:45am) Sunny with some chem-clouds.

Another most dubious site: Janosh. BTW i read somewhere (Svali?) that Janus, pronounced ja-NOOSE, is a trigger word for some MPD victims. Not sure if that has any relationship to this person's name.

OK, to re-hash a bit: we deal with numerous strains of shapeshifting reptilians. The old reptilian strain that corrupted the Hebrews, Native Americans, Japanese, Indians, many Europeans, etc. and of which i have a fair bit of in my genes, is one. The strain that corrupted the black Africans around Nigeria long ago is another. And i have the impression that several other strains arrived subsequently, including probably 5 strains two centuries ago (including M32, NGC4144, probably MIBs...).
Somewhere in between we got the Jesuit strain and a small population of the Elite Jesuit strain.
The first strain, i suspect, was pure rept DNA inserted into existing populations, notably the Hebrews. Also possibly the African one was directly inserted into the locals. But subsequent ones arrived here already hybridized with off-world human DNA. These latter people most often tend to breed among their own, making 100% ET DNA offspring down the centuries, and also (except for the Jesuit strains) tend to hybridize further with Earthlings who may have very little rept DNA or maybe already a lot (from other strains) to make half-breed M32ers, etc., who also have enough DNA to shapeshift. Then most often, 2 such half-breeds will marry and make further half-breeds that can shapeshift if activated. Sometimes innocent people have enough DNA, but know nothing about this stuff. Also i suspect many benign Asians and others have enough of this DNA and do know about this stuff, but are not evil (e.g Bruce and Linda Lee; viable souls). And some are not evil in terms of magical or sexual practices, etc., but still work for the evil ones (e.g. the now-soulless Jackie Chan). Must be tough staying clean in this evil-dominated world if you want to be successful; even Bruce was ostensibly friends with some evil celebrity shapeshifters. [Update: in July 2014 i noticed that Jackie does draw on shapeshifter U bases for psychic strength, something that only evil shapeshfters do.]

Apparently all the different hybrid newcomers have different, yet similar, pure reptilian parentage, as well as similar, (usually or maybe always) "Caucasian" human parentage. And oddly, the Caucasian traits seem to vanish when these breed with other races.

One thing about the pure reptilian side of it: all these rept strains are of a class that have a non-physical as well as physical phase, as well as, natively, having astral bodies/souls that can be jailed. Antuvozy can delete these entire pure rept races by manipulating their morphogenic blueprint or something, to force their physical selves into the non-physical phase, where they can be "physically" jailed and destroyed just like astral demons.

So what about this "Pureblood" hybrid strain i mentioned in the werewolf article? I was unable to locate any parent reptilians for them, and thought maybe they were already extinct. But, an hour or so after i posted that werewolf bulletin, i was "contacted" and slimed by a powerful reptilian of that strain in a U base around southern Chile somewhere. Antuvozy did in that race for me within minutes.

Without Antuvozy, we would be in deep doo-doo, as all these reptilian parent races were very psychicly, militarily, and numerically powerful.
In addition to these, she has deleted countless other dangerous evil races that have popped up, that also have this non-physical phase. Without her help, things would be much worse.
And that's only a fraction of what she does to help out. She's fairly awesome.

Jan. 5, '13: (6:05pm) Mixed clouds.

Thought i'd check out Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S03E04 The Ozarks. An all-CIAlizard cast, including several i don't think i've fingered before: Steven T.Huff (whom they admit is "ex"-CIA; that link shows his new "house", which is the subject of the video), Mark Dice, Lisa Larue, Clyde Lewis, Donna Osborn, Freda Cruse Phillip, Sheriff Joe Kyle, Rev. Lois Monroe, and "White Rabbit".

There is no undergound stuff under that big bldg; just strong allegations thereof. We got the area programmed with the CIA-revealing pgm, etc.
Toward the end, White Rabbit leads them on a "long drive" in an unspecified direction. There they seemingly cruise right into a huge U base. Only thing is, they won't say where it is, even though it is right on major railroad tracks and anyone driving down the highway can just cruise right into the U base. Must be a big secret. Anyway, i get no vibe off this base at all, can't program or mark anything in it, nor place any astral object in it. I think it's some Hollywood mockup.

I noticed Ventura is dead as of a couple days ago. Also, as i watched the vid, that sheriff as well as 2 of Jesse's helpers (Sean Stone and Tyrell) happened to be in U bases.

The vid also has a short section in Mountain View, AR, which is 35 miles east of me. The population is like 97% shapeshifters. In the video, they claim that incredible numbers of banks are springing up there. I haven't been there in many months.

Also i found it interesting that google refuses to show you where Ozark, MO is (oooh, big coverup!). But mapquest will.

(7:50pm) Now here's a weird one: Cash only at the Vatican: Credit card ban in Holy See after city-state falls foul of EU money laundering legislation. "That is because Deutsche Bank Italia - which until now provided the service - has ruled that the Vatican does not fully comply with EU safeguards against money laundering." Excuse me, but Deutschebank is one of countless Vatican assets. However, unless i'm confused, that statement seems to contradict another one further down, suggesting that another authority made Deutschebank quit it. This seems more likely, although, what higher "central bank" authority would not also be a Vatican asset? Hmmm... General Managers and Governors of Banca d'Italia, the central bank; Vatican shapeshifters.
So the Vatican-controlled and owned central bank tells the Vatican asset Deutschebank not to provide certain services to the Vatican, because the latter lacks EU (Vatican-controlled) safeguards against money laundering. Well, ha! it's not like all those devout Christians would be into drugs and arms sales or anything, of course. That would be preposterous. They would no sooner be involved in such things than, say, rampant pedophilia and satanic rites. Or engineering cognitive dissonance.

Another CIAlizard: French intellectual, Thierry Meyssan.

Jan. 6, '13: (8am) Clear sky here so far.

Someone asked me about Dan Winter, so i re-visited him. Something not right about this guy. He does not feel like a shapeshifter, but i noticed he was soulless and had a dirty vibe. There were demons all over him. It was unclear whether they were attacking him or were buddies of his. I removed the demons but he still feels dirty. Very similar to the mysteriously dirty vibe of Judy Wood, whom i mentioned last month.
But it gets bizarre. Evidently, he had/has a major legal issue with Stan Tenen and the Meru Foundation, a pack of satanist CIAlizards. In this court order, Winter lost his web domain to them, and had to post an ass-kissing, shit-eating "corrective notice". More dirt about Winter from the CIA. Yet the CIAlizard site Red Ice Creations promotes Winter.
There are other agents confusingly involved in this mess, such as NSAtanist shapeshifters Drunvalo and Hurtak. I can't make much sense of it.

Also i ran into mention of other interesting CIAlizard friends of Drunvalo's: Adam "Yellowbird" DeArmon, and Kiesha Crowther - "Little Grandmother"

Jan. 7, '13: (9:05am) Sky was clear all day yesterday, and remains so so far this morning. However, that won't last long, since day after tomorrow has 60% chance of thunderstorms. All stormfronts must be preceeded by heavy spraying.

Somebody asked me about Rami Bleckt, a satanist shapeshifter who was associated with mysterious U bases in Czechoslovakia. Mysterious in that, in addition to Czechs, there were people of some other, so far untraceable, nationality down there.

Jan. 8, '13: (8:25am) Sure enough, around noon yesterday the chem-clouds started blowing in. Then it got a lot worse. Slightly "HAARPy" chem-clouds out now. Bagging some demons involved.

Another shapeshifter site: Curezone.

Video: SANDY HOOK "BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!!" Has some interesting stuff about United Way supposedly posting a page to collect money from the event, 3 days before the shooting.
Also has dubious pic of a little girl (who does not look or feel like any of the Parker girls) doing the hook 'em sign. I haven't found any explanation online yet of where this pic supposedly came from.
Also, the part about the dead girl sitting on Obama's lap after her demise, might be dubious. It is also possible that the Obama pic was deliberately engineered thus, to provide more psyop fuel.

(9:15am) Are the Los Roques islands the new Bermuda Triangle? All i know is, i feel a strong portal centered right here.

Got rid of the "HAARP" distortions in the chem-clouds. Forecast is for 20% rain chance today, 30% tonight, 70% tomorrow, 80% tomorrow night, 70% the following day, plus some more chances further down the road.
I guess i will be able to get an idea soon as to whether we have broken the last couple years' weather mod.

Jan. 9, '13: (7:35am) Did get a tiny bit of rain last night. And there appears to be a massive system heading this way.

CIA clones for gun control ready themselves to battle CIAlizards at NRA: Gabrielle Giffords and her Husband Aim Fire at NRA as They Launch New Gun Control Group. Should be thrilling.

Another CIA site: Portal 2012; The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light.

Jan. 10, '13: (8am) Got no more rain yesterday, but a bit more overnight. Supposed to get more today, along with a high of 70 F.

Reptards squabble amongst themselves: Douglas Kennedy sues nurses, hospital.

Get your CIAlizard version of Linux: Zorin OS. I prefer Ubuntu myself.

OK, some good news i have been holding out on posting until i received the green light: starting around mid-November, many evil people have been getting replaced by good organic robotoids. So far, over 3K evil people on Earth's surface have been replaced, and this process is snowballing.

You see, there are many freaky things that evil ETs traditionally do, that do not require black magic, merely high tech. These things are not usually done by good ETs, but can be. This includes "unexplainable" hyperdimensional abductions, and replacing persons with organic robotoids.
The Alah-kur have been doing this lately: making robotoid doubles, abducting the evil person (who often is an evil clone replacement of the original), scanning the brain of the person, and inserting its pattern into the robotoid, then returning the robotoid to the abductee's bed.

Some things to be alert for:
  • Evil people, including those in positions of power, suddenly becoming genuinely good, and using their resources in a direction opposite to the NWO agenda, much to the consternation of their former friends.
  • Formerly hostile individuals becoming genuinely friendly and helpful, maybe apologizing for past misdeeds.
  • Cessation of criminal acts, e.g. child abuse, by such people.
Some more points about this:
  • Many, maybe most, shapeshifters are not able to discern that their spouse/friend/associate is no longer a shapeshifting reptilian but an organic robotoid.
  • Just because someone suddenly acts friendly is no proof they are not still evil shapeshifters.
    Both Mordok and myself have noticed that shapeshifting replacement clones sometimes behave in a much more informal, familiar, and chummy manner toward us than the original ever did.
  • The reason that our allies are now "allowed" to engage in such interventions, is because the CIA knowingly, with malice aforethought, shot itself in the foot, with full awareness of the consequences. Or maybe they are just stupid as hell, i really don't know. They engaged in actions so crudely and flagrantly illegal that now a much wider range of intervention is "permissible" (by what overseers i do not know).
  • Got a personal tyrant? Maybe a shapeshifting spouse that has you under their thumb? You might be able to get the Alah-kur to replace them.
  • So far i don't think any of our robotoids have been in danger. They are closely monitored by our green reptilian friends, and recently a "bureau" of our M82er friends has been established to direct and maintain the behavioral programming of the 'toids.
    Our military strength is superior these days, and if any of our 'toids do get taken out and replaced by evil clones, we can correct that situation much more easily than the opposition can undo our efforts. In fact, people opposing us at any level are likely to be replaced by us.
(1:45pm) Lite drizzle and heavy fog. Most of the storm passed me to the south. Didn't get much. And it hasn't hit 50 F yet.

Another CIA youtube channel: freeradiorevolution.

Jan. 11, '13: (8:35am) It did get into the low 50s yesterday. And only got down to 40 F overnight. More pea-soup fog this morning. I did hear some harder rain for a while last night. Total precip here from that system was slightly over 1/2". Oh well; now they say 20% tonight and 80% tomorrow.

Another "eye opening" article on Sandy Hook, this one by shapeshifter James Farganne, apparently an associate of shapeshifter Jim Stone. The article links to more contrived, intriguing, CIA BS.
You see? Just as with 9/11, etc., they manufacture, well in advance, all these interesting paths for conspiracy buffs to pursue.

Blast near Israel ministry injures several people. Tentatively, the Mossad agent who did this might live here.
Funny how google still only has poor-resolution images of Tel Aviv.

(9:20am) Sun just poked through to reveal heavy chem-clouds.

Batman's grandfather "founded" Skull & Bones: short video. Note the numerology: 1966, Episode 33.
Wikipedia article: Homosexuality in the Batman franchise. Hmm, "C'mon, Dick" indeed.

Another CIAlizard site: Memory Hole by James Tracy, PhD.

Jan. 12, '13: (8:30am) Those clones at wunderground are screwing up. Yesterday was supposed to be cooler than the day before, but it was much warmer, with heavy chem-clouds and the occasional spray-drone.
50 F out now. Today, they give 100% chance of precip; tonight as well. Now, partial overcast with much chem-cloudery and a few spray-drones in evidence.

Another CIAlizard site: Check the Evidence.

Jan. 13, '13: (8:30am) Got some serious rain. It rained all day yesterday, and we are still getting a few ice pellets now. This time, the main brunt of the storm passed right over my area for most of the afternoon and evening, with plenty of thunder and lightning. Got at least 3.6" so far. Most of the remainder of the storm is passing to the south now.

Jan. 15, '13: (10:35am) Brrr, the ice still has not melted off the tree branches, etc. The wunderclones predicted lows of 18 F and 19 F for the last 2 nights. However, my pre-dawn readings were 10 and 12 here.
10% chance of precip, they say. It is 19 F and snowing here.
Maybe we have overcome their drought engineering again...

(4:25pm) The wunderclones have really lost the plot. I got 1.3" of powdery snow, whereupon they admitted there's a 40% chance of precip. Also it was supposed to get to 39 F the last 2 days, but it didn't make it above the mid-20s here.

Been doing a bit of cleanup in the NYC area. Found some intriguing characters: Home Defense Site.
Also somebody needs to gift this nearby DORy structure: 9/11 Monument.

Jan. 17, '12: (7:55am) Heavy chem and significant spraying yesterday, which all blew over by late afternoon. And it is clear out now.

One can never work too many scams simultaneously: Police Union Seeks Funding For Trauma Treatment. It seems that some of the shapeshifting, in-on-it Sandy Hook "cops" are suffering from PTSD, poor things.
Yet despite being blind-sided by the trauma of it all, the cops have been doing remarkable investigative work: at the end of the article it says "A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source." Ah, that sure does make sense.

(1:10pm) JEWISH HERO AARON SWARTZ; EXPOSING ELITE CHILD ABUSE... I really lack some insights into this guy and his death. He did not have a rept vibe that i detect; nor a soul. I get nothing on any murderer(s), but then i could easily be missing stuff these days. But i think there is a lot of truth in this article about the pedophile establishment. But, it also says
"Swartz was a research fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics [lizard central], which is based at Harvard and in Israel.

"This much-needed program was organized by Lily Safra, the plucky spouse of a Syrian Jewish banker who died in a mysterious arson on his mansion in Monaco...
[oh yeah, i remember reading about that...]

"Edmond Safra was a banker for the Aleppo Jewish community, which over the millennia has been renowned for scholarship and good relations with Muslim and Christian neighbors.

"The Aleppo synagogue... was the center of traditionalist Sephardic moral resistance to the secular, authoritarian and Eurocentric Zionists led by the Rothschild clan."
Hmmm, pretty groovy kinda guy... except he was a shapeshifting satanist, as is his widow. Safra Foundation honors 10 top shapeshifting achievers and funds shapeshifting group Seeds of Peace. Safra was Lebanese. The Aleppo jews are not shapeshifters.

Jan. 18, '12: (11:50am) We did get a few little puffy chem-clouds yesterday afternoon. Still clear today.

Regarding my legal situation last mentioned on Nov. 6, i went to my court appearance today. Trial has been deferred to Feb. 15.

Jan. 19, '12: (6:35pm) It remained clear yesterday. Today was clear too, except for some chem on the south horizon. Warm, too.

Freaky. What do you think of Texas State Representative Steve Toth's warm and sincere smile? This guy is another one of those CIA artificial humans like in Sandy Hook. He and his shapeshifter buddies are standing firmly againsts federal tyranny.
Moreover, 2 "cops" composed of the same type of critter visited a friend in MO yesterday, claiming that neighbors had complained about the (nonexistent) drug scene at his house. Funny thing is, they were U base denizens.

Jan.21, '13: (8pm) I'm in Virginia visiting my mom now. Drove the last couple days. Perfectly clear skies yesterday, except for some short normal contrails.

Today, a big mess of chem-clouds, but no sprayers seen. Much ripples in the chem caused by Jesuits in Abell 2218. Got rid of it, but as i drove north, more bits of it appeared.
This pic was taken at a rest area a bit south of Roanoke today. This is some chem in which the Jesuits are losing the tug-of-war to the orgone and sylphs.

Instead of going via Memphis as usual, this time i went almost due east by backroads to northern TN, then angled down toward Hwy 40 in TN. It is more direct. I spent last night at a motel just east of Knoxville. I'd been doing some busting on my trip. Had an interesting, acute, intense attack.

I was wracked by shivers of panic and paranoia. My body was writhing with no volition on my part. Various muscles (e.g. in my thighs) twitched chaotically. The sound of a low chopper "flew" right over my motel room, but it was an illusion sent by CIA.
After a while i realized it was, duh, bunches of demons attacking me. I am away from my usual stash of powerful jailer pieces. These demons were being sent by bunches of small CIA U bases. The CIAlizards in the bases were psi-attacking me, too. I didn't realize the CIA was still so psychically strong. Then i realized that these U bases were near Aldebaran, as well as on a couple other galaxies. Aldebaran is a star. There are 3 planets near there from our perspective, but i don't think these planets go around Alebaran, but rather some other star behind Aldebaran, much farther away. This seems to be a stronghold of the CIA. I'm calling them CIA because they have that vibe. The CIA-Revealing program lights them up. But they predate the CIA.

Once we nailed the locations that they were hitting me from, they would switch to attacking from other locations, which we would nail. But after a while of hitting their bases, i didn't feel better. Then i realized there were all these radionic transmitters in these exotic locations, as well.
After these were taken out, i felt much better.

Then i realized that Bal has also been getting hit by these guys, but with different symptoms. Also a friend in Long Beach. They each had different sets of U bases and transmitters after them.
Now they seem to be focusing on Bal strongly again. Transmitters being taken out now.

Jan. 23, '13: (11:35am EST) Heavy chem here yesterday; moderate this morning.

Thanks for the help blasting those offworld CIA. They are still after Bal, and they have been attacking the lady in Long Beach a bunch more, too. They seem to be leaving me alone lately for some reason.

As we know, the gov't has long been conjuring up straw-man "right wing conspiracy theories" against Obama, like the birth certificate issue, etc., and having their Operation Mockingbird CIAlizards on the "left" debunk them for our entertainment. Now the CIA has a new one: Shock claim: Obama only wants military leaders who 'will fire on U.S. citizens'. James Garrow is a CIAlizard with remarkable alleged accomplishments of which some people are suspicious.
However, there is also always the possibility that the CIA tales contain some amount of truth. The General James Mattis who is being ousted feels like an ensouled Earthling.

Jan. 24, '13: (6:05pm) After i posted yesterday, the sky got covered by heavy chem-clouds. Nonetheless, we got about an inch of snow last night, and will probably get more tomorrow. Of course, there were also some chem-clouds today.

Another newage lizard: Barbara Marx Hubbard. And per her bio, she is associated with the following (shapeshifter) groups: the Club of Budapest, Giordano Bruno University, Wisdom University.

Jan. 27, '13: (5pm) We did get about 1/4" more snow on the 25th. And yesterday was overcast with faint snow flurries. Today, chem-clouds.

DORy satanist CIAlizard: James O'Keefe of Project Veritas.
Another shapeshifter site: The Temple of The Presence.

Dutch pedophile exposer to stand trial, high-ranking pedophile still walking free. From World Mathaba site, which seems OK. Except, of course, that they post articles from dubious sources.

(6:45pm) BTW this guy Belgian MP Laurent Louis stands against war in Mali and exposes the international neo-colonial plot is, unfortunately, just more shapeshifting controlled opposition.

Jan. 28, '13: (8:35am) Ice pellets, light rain here in Burke.

Abused dog gets second chance after nose, lips cut off. Interesting thing is, the dog has no soul, because angels freed it during the ritual. Which may be why the dog was dumped alive. I think the perps may have noticed the soul was gone and hence the torture was no longer feeding demons very much.
I think 3 satanist shapeshifters here did this. And they have a friend just north here who was also involved. And 3 more just east here.

Jan. 29, '13: (5:45pm) Warm. Chem-clouds and sprayers.

Another CIAlizard group: America Majority Action.

In years past, while visiting the DC area, i would spend a lot of time and gas driving around, orgonizing the place. I haven't done any of that yet this trip, though. What is wrong with me? Well, i got these wands.

Since i made that forum post, the wands have been upgraded to 50X the potency, with the ranges increased as well. By Antuvozy, who is still working on them. And they were already insanely, impossibly, powerful for their size.

I'm located at the red "A". During the last couple days, as all this programming was going on, i've had 4 of them always pointing toward NSA HQ in Ft. Meade. The path goes not only through DC, but many other juicy places like Arlington, College Park, the Baltimore-Washington Airport, and on into Baltimore. Of course the energy path is not a thin line but more of a spreading wedge shape.
The whole path is getting vigorously fried, on beyond Balto.

Also, these wands seem to leave a permanent imprint on the landscape, much like Earthshaker technology.

And one wand i usually keep pointing straight down. Flushed up a few deep bases.

(6:35pm) Pic of NSA HQ for those who want to pitch in with some remote blasting.

Jan. 31, '13: (1pm) We did get a fair bit of rain last night after some yesterday. Sunny with chem-clouds and hybrid clouds today.

The wands are now around 62X. The range? We are frying Aberdeen Proving Ground and Edgewood Arsenal, which are nasty places NE of Balto, and just happen to also be in the direct path.