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Loohan's blog for January, 2014
Jan. 1, '14: (11am) I just found lots of U NSAlizards under much of the Atlantic Ocean. These are newcomers. Apparently, just as the CIA replenishes its underground with offworld CIAlizards, so does the NSA. The new NSAlizards were brought in from the Sombrero Galaxy, probably through a portal here.
They were psi-attacking some people in Lagos and throwing demons at them.

A review of the released "full investigation" into the Sandy Hook "shooting". I have not checked out the release myself.

I checked out Almine a couple years ago, before the shapeshifters were de-cloaked. I thought she was OK at the time, although i could not relate to her revelations at all. I think she was even a 96. Now she has no soul and a ridiculously obvious repty vibe.
She is also prominently featured on the CIA's

(11:55am) CIA always mines the "gay controversy" for distraction value. Conservatives urge boycott of Rose Parade over same-sex wedding float. These 2 in-your-face lizards are CIA assets. Of course, San Diego’s bi pedo CIAlizard Karen Grube is staunchly against same-sex marriage.
Meanwhile, bisexual pedophile Franklizard Graham chides Christians for not fighting beside Phil Robertson in ‘religious war’. And Mark Zmuda, Gay Vice Principal At Washington Catholic School, Forced To Resign After Marrying Partner. Of course, Zmuda and the rest of the school's administrative staff are shapeshifters. A few days ago i blasted them and they went undergound to die and have been replaced by clones.

Jan. 2, '14: (5:45pm) On the edge of the storm here in N VA. Getting faint rain/sleet/snow but harder stuff is passing by not far north.

Unreal. Reptards destroy flutes of ensouled man. I have not spotted one single ensouled person since i left AR on the 24th. And i have been in many crowded buildings and roads. No doubt these reptoid customs parasites hadn't seen one in a long time either, so they gave him the nazi treatment.
Yo reptards, you need to get off our planet at once. Not only are you grisly murdering pedophile rapist thieves, but you have no class. Die! Take your tacky Miley Cyrus shit and git!

Jan. 3, '14: (10:20am) Got around 3" of snow here in N VA.

This area north of lagos has some 70 mafia witches on the surface, that have been persecuting my contacts in Lagos.

(6:15pm) Heehee, we're watching Democracy Now on my mom's big TV, and the phony bitch Amy Goodman can't get her irises [pupils] under control.

(6:45pm) Phil Lebeau is another flagrant one to watch. I've seen him twice now on the news, and his irises [pupils] were long lozenges each time.

(7:40pm) Andromeda Galaxy and M95 are DORy with offworld CIAlizards at this time.

Jan. 4, '14: (9am) Many years ago i posted about some hokey-as-hell "ancient" Mayan artifacts that had actually been manufactured in an Israeli U base or some such place. Well, now we have some new contemporary cartoons carved in rock: Reptoid Mexican Government Releases Proof of E.T.’s and Ancient Space Travel. I suspect these artifacts were made in Mexico City. Article brought to you by CIAlizards.
Juan Carlos Rulfo and Producer Raul Julia-Levy do not feel repty, but Raul Julia-Levy has a history of fraud according to Wikipedia. He seems to be a compulsive liar.

Jan. 5, '14: (12:35pm) The snow and ice is melting off. Slight sprinkles at times.
Sunday traffic report: i drove my mom on a shopping expedition to Fair Lakes. About 90% of the traffic was NSAlizards, many of them blood-drinking serial killers. There were also some CIAlizards, other SSers, and the occasional soulless Earthling.
Don't know where they were all going, but a lot of them were also shopping. Went into the Whole Foods at Fair Lakes, which sometimes is devoid of repts, but today about 1/2 the shoppers there were NSAlizards and some CIA.
Then we went to Costco, and there were bunches more of the same. Mostly in the food section. Also many of them were in the clothing section. About 40% of the Costco NSAlizards were Asian: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc.
Also many Costco employees were SSers.
Naturally i couldn't resist psi-attacking all of these parasites, but they did not attack back. However, driving home, and still now, i am being hit by quantities of suicidal NSA U bases.

LOL, the ultimate Controlled Opposition? Pope in danger from "Mob" hitmen. The ensouled dupe who wrote this crap actually believes it.
The article mentions Nicola Gratteri, "a top anti-mafia prosecutor". Trouble is, he is a mafia shapeshifter himself, and high Mason.

Jan. 6, '14: (10am) Another NSAlizard: Jay Essex. "He has helped people with spiritual counseling and brain activation/enhancement worldwide."

(2:45pm) Another lizard puke: Kunde-ra. This sleazeball does not have wings or higher selves. Also most of his "testimonials" feel like from non-existent people. Except the one from his lizard wife, and the one from Alexandra lizard.
Also check out this crap. And most of the links in the left margin are for shapeshifter sites.

Jan. 7, '14: (11:40am) More slithering CIA phonies:
Dero7 and "Team Light".
Arkangel Makintoch.

Sandra Walter of Ascension Integration.
Aniel Lia Love.
Anrita Melchizedek, founder of The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network.
Oribel Divine. Ryhmes with horrible, i presume.
Joe Eigo.
Danielle LaPorte and her DORy, blood-drinking team.

Some of that stuff day before yesterday morning may have been gang stalking. When i went to the fitness club that afternoon, large quantities of DORy CIAtanists and NSAtanists joined me. I was surrounded by them, trying to psi-attack me. They were fairly wimpy. Also noticed a few soulless Earthling CIA/NSA agents there.
This is a club that anyone can walk in and pay $5 [$7.50] for a day pass. But many of them acted like seasoned fitness buffs. One CIAtanist felt like a ju-jitsu expert.

Then just now, i went to Staples nearby with my mom to get some ink cartridges for her. Again, loads of very DORy CIAtanists and a few NSAtanists happened to pull in at that time and joined us.
Then my mom wanted to go next door to the Dollar Store. In no time, the store was full of more such agents, psi-attacking with all their might. Note that this is on a record cold day when most people are not in the mood to go shopping if they don't have to.

The difference in this morning's stalkers is that they did not rely on the usual zillions of U bases to draw attack energy from. Yesterday they did, so we nailed oodles of these.
The ones today instead had their energy pumped up from doing cat sacrifice rituals last night. They were able to find some strong demons to respond. The ritual was here last night, 320' down. Taking out 300+ CIAtanists there now.
33 ensouled kitties were slowly tortured to death. We are comforting their souls now; i think about 22 of them are going to be warriors with us.
We have jailed all demons of that species. And we are reaming 666 loser satanists that got charged up off that sick shit. A bunch of them were slated to surround me at the gym again. See you there, punks. Looking forward to kicking your sorry degenerate asses again.

(12:50pm) BTW Staples is a real ripoff. We will return those cartridges we bought for her 2 printers. I just ordered the exact same stuff on eBay for about 1/2 the $$$.

Another CIAlizard:
skyflowerkrista AKA Mlle WayTooMuchMakeup. Just kidding; her AKA is Krista Thrasher.

(2:25pm) Wow, clones are suiciding heavily again. I first noticed yesterday that Harry Reid-clone was underground. Then noticed more Congressclones doing the same. And today, several clones lined up on Icke's headline page were waiting patiently underground for me to nail them. Plus a bunch of lizard cops that harrassed a boy for the crime of being ensouled and having an ensouled mother.

And after typing the above, i opened my newsletter from Freedom's Phoenix, and there was Donna Hancock-clone in a U base. Scrolled down a bit more and there was a pic of Greenwald (who was still alive) in an article about Snowden-clone. Both were in different U bases. Snowden-clone's base was conspicuously connected to thousands more CIA bases.
Further down the newsletter was this story: Parents call police for help, cops show up and kill their 18-year-old son. Sure enough, the lizard sheriff and administration were dutifully waiting in a U base with 70 more SSers. Woops, wrong Brunswick; wrong state. Had to track their location by phone number, which is Memphis, as that seems to be the only clue on their site for which state they are in (typical lizard mentality). Except no Brunswick County comes up in TN in google. You reptards need to get off our planet because you have no sense of logical organization.
Ah wait, the news article also mentions Boiling Spring Lakes police department, and these are in NC like the murdered boy. Furthermore, google also offers the same Brunswick website when asked about the Boiling Spring Lakes police department, so i presume the sheriff was in NC after all, even though they have an area code that the google lizards associate with Memphis.
Reptards. I'll be glad when these low-IQ parasites are all gone.

(6;30pm) Well, the wussies never showed at the gym. I knew they wouldn't, because i didn't head there until all their attack energy was gone. Only 1 SSer in the room when i was working out, and he was minding his own business.
I did have 1 Earthling NSAtanist walk into the sauna while i was there, whom i suspect was stalking me, but he walked back out within seconds after i nailed him. Also a few agents came into the bldg after i was done working out, but they seemed like they were just there to work out.

Jan. 8, '14: (11:55am) I thought we had eradicated the bighead demons months ago. A couple weeks ago someone emailed me that he had seen one, but i got no vibe. However, last night i got attacked by some. They were apparently hiding in some dimensional pocket somehow. We wiped those out, and then i got attacked by another such bunch, which we also took out.
There may be more. If you think you detect any, tell Lt. Veo.

(1:20pm) More CIAlizards: Angeleve, Andrew Bartzis/Bartiz/Bartziz, atlanticobr.
NSAlizard alleged supersoldier: Max Spier. NSAlizard Erin Green Hicks.
Another shapeshifting agent: Sarah Stanga.

(6:25pm) Spotted my first ensouled human since i left AR on the 24th: another driver on the road.

More CIAlizards: Toby Alexander and his certified practitioners of "DNA activation".

Jan. 9, '14: (9:15am) Last night Bal ripped the cloak off the Bigheads, and we were able to jail billions more. Also, there were, and still are, loads of some other kind of demons who also attacked me, that were bred by the Bigheads.

Polona Somrak AKA Polona Aurea Dawn is not malicious, but a very MPD soulless Earthling. Taking out lots of U bases in north Finland that seem involved.

Jan. 10, '14: (7:45am) Getting lite rain on top of lite slush.

Last night i was attacked by lots of Bigheads. Jailed billions again.

The evil human ETs we've been fighting seem much weaker. I am still hitting them with a bunch of stuff, though. But they haven't hit me in a while.
Several days ago the Ta'l found an apparent HQ for them out in space and destroyed it. Also yesterday i noticed the chem ripples were caused by those hairless reptilians instead.

(10:25am) Oh, quit it! FSB Lizard Slut Claims She Was “Stripped Naked” by TSA. Appalling.

Just caught Rand Paul-clone in U base with 52 more CIAlizards.

Wow, ensouled vigilantes!

(2:20pm) Meanwhile, north of the border, i found another evil DORy band of repty "Native Americans": the Alutiiq (pix). Article.

Satanist "security" lizards: 50 State Security.

(7:25pm) I had a realization yesterday: many shapeshifters (including clones) have orgone-resisting spells on them. Especially politicians, news anchors, and others who get fried by disillusioned Earthlings. Also those who stalk me. So far i have only found 4 or 6 of these spells on them, never any other number (but that could change).
I first noticed this watching Amy Goodman and her flab-faced cohort on Democracy Now. They each had 6.
I just now got 6 off Noam Chomsky. (I can't stand evil people who convincingly present themselves as good.) Assange, Manning, Rudkowski, Wilcock, Icke, Jones, and suchlike agents had them. Just got 4 off Miscavige-clone.

So far i have not found any on movie or rock stars, inexplicably.

Lt. Veo or Fo can remove them in a second. So can my 40D self, i just realized. Once removed, you can blast the lizards much more effectively.

Jan. 11, '14: (10:50am) Still drizzling. Drizzled and misted all day yesterday and should continue today.

I and at least a couple other people got attacked a bunch by Bigheads again last night. Jailed billions again.

Some way nasty ETs messing with Bal: i think they are 5' reptilians. You can catch their vibe in NGC 6050 and here.
We did nail 700+ of their craft near Earth so far.

I found this building, or rather a CIAlizard within it, attached to the other ends of 4 cords to a guy's calf. There are 50+ CIAlizards in there. There may be a Jehovah's Witless connection, but according to google, this is an address of ARRI, which is a German shapeshifter company. Article.

(11:30am) Nailed Bandar-clone in a U base, along with hundreds of other Saudi lizards.

Beware: Occupy Money and the UsuryFree Network are more shapeshifter scams, connected to Asian big banking. Specifically, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Agricultural Bank of China, and Mizuho Financial Group.

(2:30pm) Also, shapeshifting women (including 2 who stalked me at the gym that day) sometimes have "sex appeal" spells on them, which can be dealt with just like the shielding spells.
I just took 6 off Michele Obama-clone.
And 4 off Barry-clone; first time i noticed these on a man (and i use the term loosely). Ooh boy, and their daughter-clones had them too.

(2:40pm) Another lizardly MI scam: Tomboy Pink and Camp Autolift. "Live the Truth and then write about it" LOL.

(5:10pm) Just caught Gary McKinnon in U base.

Cylinder UFO Following NASA Space Station On Live Cam, Jan 10, 2014. This DORy thing had vibe of 33 offworld CIAlizards. Finding more like this. I guess they followed the Space Station because they were tired of living.

(6:40pm) NSA group: Earth Defense Headquarters. Gail GoPaul is an organic robotoid; the others are SSers.
NSAlizard: Captain Mark Richards.

(7pm) CIAlizards: Return of the Ancients with Sandra D. Sabatini & Antara Davis, as well as these clowns, 3 of whom happened to be in U bases just now.

NSAlizard: Dahboo77, who also just happened to be in U base.

(8pm) CIAlizards: Douglas Dietrich.
And Jay Windley and Echnaton. These last 2 are lunar landing hoax deniers just caught in U bases. Next they'll be debunking the notion of shapeshifting reptilians, i presume.

Jan. 12, '14: (8:55am) It finally stopped raining last night.
More battles with Bigheads and their minions last night, but they seemed slightly weaker.

NSAlizard: Christopher Greene of AMTV. He also has a YouTube account.

Donald Marshall. "THIS IS NO HOAX THIS IS NO JOKE My name is Donald Marshall, I have been cloned by a large secretive cult known as the "Free Masons" and "The Vrill Society" and "Scientologists" together called the Illuminati. They make replicated bodies of people to victimize in terrible ways, they clone children for men with underdeveloped penises to have sex with.
Hey, dude, i know the feeling.
Daniella Breen.

(5:55pm) Something is not right with Yazidi Kurds. They don't feel repty, but do all feel DORy and black-majicky. Into animal and human sacrifice. Also immigrants into Germany are working with the lizardly German Army on gang-stalking and black ops. Today we have taken out a bunch of Yazidi in German Army U bases.
The Yezidi Devil Worshippers of Iraq
"Such accounts as have been recorded tend to identify Yezidi practices with the sex rites and orgies of black magic, voodoo, and Satanism"

Kenneth O'Keefe
Another SSer: awakenedsoul1111. Neat trick since he has no soul.

Jan. 13, '14: (8:20am) On the other end of 2 cords attached to the left calf of a little girl in MO, i found U bases of a "new" strain of SSer under the area of Ellsinore. They were adversely affecting her behavior. Also noticing some under St. Joe and Gilbert, AR. And other places.
These parasites originate from this nebula which i can't find a name for. I think they are another of the myriad "new" SSer strains that invited themselves here 2 centuries ago.

(9:35am) A friend in DK wrote:
"This doctor is now in all media in denmark and wrote a book that all pills against mental disorders are dangerous.
He is a hero for many now, but he thinks natural medicine is fake, and something i dont like about his picture."

Peter Gotsche is a shapeshifting reptilian. Apparently the Danish version of Jon Rappoport.

Just caught Stephen Lendman-clone in U base.

Exercise for budding psychics: 'I'm Not A Lookalike' Project Showcases Strangers Who Look Like Twins.
One of these 2 is a SSer. Can you tell which?
Ditto these guys.
And these.
What about these? One or both?
What about these gals?

Woman ejected from moving LAPD car says cop was sexually assaulting her. The woman is ensouled and the cops are SSers.

Jan. 14, '14: (12;40pm) Raining again. Started last night.

We went to Fair Lakes Whole Foods again. Almost everyone in there today was CIAtanist repts. And they were trying to psi-attack me, but they had little "juice" as they were not drawing on U bases (yet we found and nailed some anyway), nor were they charged up on fresh sacrificial blood (although it is that time of the moon phase again). Dunno what they expected to accomplish other than getting beat up.
Then we went on to Costco again, and the CIA did not join us there. About half the people in Costco were NSAlizards, mostly unaware of me (i think) although one followed us most of the way home while trying to psi-attack me.

BTW, ritual human sacrifice has become a rarity these days, because it is almost impossible to find an ensouled victim, whereas about half of all cats and dogs are ensouled.
Another thing i notice around here is that most of the blood rites are done underground.
Liberated some cat and dog souls from such CIA rites yesterday.

Even if the satanists can find an ensouled child, often it is of greater value as a potential psychic slave or something than a sacrifice.

(2:20pm) Been getting a lot of attacks from NSA U bases since i came back from shopping.

Peter4101 is NSAlizard occultist who attacks a friend of mine.

There is plenty of attack activity worldwide today toward others, too. Full moon thing, i guess. Getting lots of CIA bases, etc.

(6:15pm) The NSA attacks on me stopped around 4:30, but shortly before 6 the CIA started doing the same to me. And Bal.

There is a pattern to how these multiple U base attacks work. It will always be 3 X 3 X 3 X 3 etc. "bases", but usually exponents after the 3's. If you dowse the exact number, the attack will be broken of its force. But about then another 3 X 3 X will come online. This can continue for hours, at huge expense for them. If any of this is real. The only reason i have to think it's real is that it consistently works.
The "bases" are usually only a few (like 3 or 6) shapeshifters in a cell undergound.

Once they realize you are onto them, they will widely vary the patterns of the exponents. E.g. 3 to the 4th power times 3 to the 9th power times 3 to the 8th power times 3 squared times 3 to the 5th, etc.
Often the last X3 is somewhat cloaked. Sometimes the last several numbers are cloaked.
When things get hectic, i just dowse the exponents that come after the 3, e.g. 4, 3, 7, 5, 4, 3, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0. The 0 means that is all for that leg of the attack.

I have a small sentient orgone turtle that helps me with this. If the attacks are continuous, i get him in the groove by telling him which agency, and get him jump-started, then he takes over. There is still low-level discomfort as the perps keep hammering away as fast as the turtle can dowse them.

(6:25pm) Now they stopped attacking me and are attacking Bal harder, including with zillions of implants.
So i got the turtle helping him now.

(8:25pm) Those attacks seem over now.
BTW, this same sort of numerical pattern is often used by ETs attacking remotely from bases or ships out in space.
This sort of pattern is much less common these days than when their resources were more plentiful.

Jan. 15, '14: (9:40am) Quantum Sound Therapy. I think Emoto is just a fool when it comes to recognizing evil, but Robert LLoy and Helena Reilly are CIAlizards.
Also, Lloy is associated with Tyhson Banighen, a blood-drinking CIAlizard.

Another CIAlizard: Ashanna Solaris. She had at least 50K U bases backing her up, energetically.

(4:25pm) OK, answers to the quiz of the 13th: The SSers are, left, right, left, both, right.
Actually that was not a fair test because it is hard to discern who is what when they are so close together. Especially if they are all hugged up in a gay-friendly kind of pose. Sorry about that.

Jan. 17, '14: (2:45pm CST) OK, i am back home in Arkansas now, and i have vast volumes of vital verbiage i need to type up. It will take a long time. And some of it is unbelievable info about highway demographics (Bal will probably relate perfectly to my newfound awareness, though).
It will also take some time to catch up on my emails.

OK, some important data: there are 2 new resin programs from Antuvozy that no-one has made anything with yet (but i am itching to pour as she has all sorts of projects lined up for me).
These programs require plain resin with no additives.

The Jan2014A Program is top notch against all evil or parasitic nuisance soulless vertebrates, including Sandy Hookers, mice, poisonous snakes, raccoons, shapeshifting reptilians, feral dogs, Sasquatch, Earthlings, etc. Probably not effective against robotoids and synthetics, however.

The Jan2014B Program does not attack any beings, but is supposed to be effective for neutralizing demonic energies (including those from physical ETs and hybrids). At least that is my impression. LIke i said, i haven't made any yet.

(7:40pm) On the night of the 16th [15th i meant], i had trouble getting to sleep, which is usual when i'm about to go to VA or back. I get attacked. However, they seemed weak. The Bigheads attacked a little. I think mainly i was stirred up because Antuvozy chose that night to seriously upgrade the programming in the orgone stuff in my truck. I had several powerful wands aiming downward as well as much other mighty hardware. As these items went to many times their previous power, they stirred up a bunch more stuff, from which i got kickback. Maybe not kickback exactly; more like a nervous response due to the "karmic" connection. I always feel it when a bunch of U bases or something get nailed because of me. Sometimes it makes me feel nervous.

I did get maybe 4 hours of sleep nonetheless, waking up at 2pm. Was cruising by 3am.
This time i thought i'd go back via Richmond, Roanoke, and Tennessee. The Richmond to Roanoke stretch is always good for kicking up DOR.
I went off the highway into Richmond briefly, then got caught in some deliberate no-exit toll road traps. But after a while found my way to Hwy 60 West.
The whole stretch from the west side of Richmond to Roanoke is heavy M32er territory, both above and below ground. On Feb. 7, 2012, i decribed a busting trip there.
This time i had many new programs and much more powerful devices. It felt like i was stirring up almost non-stop U bases of M32ers and hairless repts the whole way between the 2 cities. Almost all cars and houses were M32. And M32ers are the shapeshifter strain that has the strongest inherent demonic energy of them all, IMO. NGC4414ers are very mild by comparison, usually. These have to draw from U bases or blood rituals to get much oomph, whereas M32ers are in themselves DORy demons made flesh.

Also there were a few CIA&NSAlizards.

Then i hit Interstate 81 south, and right away started noticing that a lot of the trucks were driven by CIA. Then i noticed a whole northbound convoy of dozens of trucks driven by NSAlizards, escorted by dozens of cars also driven by NSAlizards. Hmmm... i thought... better put some tracking on these guys.
I think they had some big cargo that ended up in a U base here in Portland, ME.

After that i noticed more and more trucks driven by NSAlizards and CIAlizards. Also cars driven by the same, as well as HS lizards.

Around the time i hit the TN border, i remembered about Sandy Hookers. I had completely forgotten to check for these critters the whole time i was in VA! In retrospect, i am sure i crossed paths with a great many.

Going though TN i got sharper at de-cloaking agency scum, and soon realized that almost all truck and car traffic was from CIAlizards, NSAlizards, Sandy Hookers, HS lizards, and even a few FBI lizards! Yes, almost all. There were also some other SSers and an occasional soulless Earthling.

I hesitate to write this stuff, because i fear the men in the white lab coats might abduct and fluoridate me. But it's true. I noticed this all the rest of the way home. Earthlings are no longer driving our highways between cities! Well, hardly any.

I did not notice this on my ride through KY on the 24th because i was numb from lack of sleep, plus i was not checking for Sandy Hookers. The latter usually don't have a vibe unless i deliberately try to light them up. Maybe the new program will help with that.
Then on Christmas day i got more aware around the time i hit the WV border. As i reported, it was mostly SSers from there to Charleston. In Charleston (like most big cities) the traffic had more Earthlings. Also i spotted that Sandy Hooker, which alerted me to look for them. Then after i left Charleston heading north, again it was mostly SSers and SHers (Sandy Hookers).
Then the whole time i was in northern VA, most of the traffic was SSers. Then of course on the ride to Richmond (on the freeway from the capitol of the US to the capitol of VA) there were mostly SSers. Then from Richmond to Roanoke, same thing.

All the way home, i saw mostly SSers and some SHers. I spent the night in a motel a couple hours east of Memphis. There was only one SSer in there, and he left to go to another motel a couple hours after i arrived! He couldn't stand the orgone. About half an hour later, i felt him get another motel further east. He was heading in the direction where i came from. His vibe was super choppy not only because of the orgone, i realized. He was under attack by 2 discarnate dogs, rescued a couple days prior from a CIA ritual. Somehow they had noticed he was a satanist who habitually killed dogs in rituals. They were pissed. He went into a U base today and got killed.

So i hit the road before dawn this morning, and again, almost nothing but agents on the road. Made it to Memphis as traffic was getting thick. Good. Just trundling along slowly, i bust more deeply. The following picture is inadequate because the camera was too low to capture much of the traffic. It was practically all agents on both sides, as far as the eye could see.

I left the highway to do some more good busting of downtown. I have busted Memphis heavily in years past, yet there were still DORy lizard nests 500' under the central skyscraper area.

Downtown i noticed mostly Earthlings on the street.

But then again, as soon as i got back on the highway, it was mostly SSers. In West Memphis, AR, i turned north to Marion, then west on 64. I saw almost nothing but NGC4414ers, NSA/CIA/HSlizards, and SHers (not many SHers) all the way home. I had gotten much better at discerning which SSers were agents, and realized that many of the SSers in my own area, traveling on Hwy 65, were also gov't agents. In fact, one followed me into Leslie, then when i turned left to go to the PO, there was another at the intersection. Then when i went into the PO, another one came in and gave me a real phony big smile.

Also now i understand why Bal is always stalked on the road:
One, almost everyone on US highways these days is an agent of the reptard gov't.
Two, they have pretty much wrapped up the trucking industry, and the last thing they want is a psychic orgone freak in their midst.

This is why he gets a rougher treatment than i do on the road. They swerve, cut him off, grimace, give the finger, expel dubious chem-smoke in his face, etc.

To be continued.

(8:35pm) If you look up US truck driving schools, you will note they tend to have that CIAlizard vibe. Bal trained at an Earthling-run school, but it has been aggressively infiltrated.

Roadside truck weighing stations are ostensibly run by individual states, but actually are run by CIAlizards. I drove by one in West Memphis. It's the gov't agents weighing gov't agents and the occasional Earthling holdout. Bal says they do DORy backscatter X-ray stuff at some.

It makes sense that the ET government would want to wrap up the trucking industry. After all, the CIA and NSA are into all kinds of profitable businesses. They like making money as well as having penetration into the world of the governed.
Also, although presumably most of the stuff being hauled is just ordinary consumer goods, the industry also provides a good cover for moving things discreetly. Especially since so many underground tunnels have been destroyed. Not all companies that ship by truck are involved, but they are infiltrated. And a great many of the companies serviced by trucking are CIA or NSA proprietaries, or run by other Freemason shapeshifter types.

Yes, this all makes logical sense, except for the cars, SUVs, pickups, vans, motorhomes, etc. What are all these lizards doing? Driving up and down the road so that the highways don't look so desolate in these happy economic times? Apparently hardly anyone else can afford to burn gas up and down the highway anymore. But TSA has driven away a lot of airline business; aren't there more people driving long distance? Maybe. But a very high percentage of US airline traffic has always been shapeshifters.

And on the interstates, most of the SSers are gov't agents. What are they doing? Where are they going? What do they do of value to the bosses? No doubt many of them ostensibly have normal jobs which they are competent at.

As an aside, that reminds me of something bizarre i saw coming home. I was on 65 north, i think it was a bit north of Clinton, AR. I was realizing for the first time how many of the SSers on that road are CIA and NSA. Then i saw a car stopped over on the shoulder. Strong NSA vibe. As i got closer, i saw it was a State Police car! Then i realized, it feels fake, like he is really not State Police at all. As soon as i went by, he pulled into the road, not to follow me, but to make a U turn and head south. He was oblivious of me. Even though most of the other agents on the road had been made aware of me, he had not been.
Funny thing: right now i feel him here, at Batesville Parks and Recreation. There are 9 NSAlizards in that bldg right now.

(8:55pm) Sandy Hookers work for CIA and NSA. There are over 30 million of them on the surface in the US. Also they are in U bases in the US, Africa, Europe, Singapore, Mexico, Bolivia, etc. etc. The more we light them up, the more U bases we take out. Usually there are lots of CIAlizards with them.

Celebrity news: Leonard DiCaprio (satanist lizard) went into a U base a while back, and got replaced by a SHer. Dead satanist lizard Brad Pitt's clone recently went underground, and has likewise been replaced by a SHer. (Angeliclone got replaced with another clone.)
Other SHer replacements are for such people as Mark Wainfor, and the Hale Irwin family.

(9:20pm) BTW, yesterday the Bigheads were rippling the chem as i drove. I had to call on ChemmerBuster several times to shut them down. Then today was amazingly clear all the way home, but the Bigheads attacked me with aggressive energy attacks. Also everytime i liberated liberal quantities of congealed epoxy, i got CIA or NSA attacks from U bases aplenty, using the numerological protocols i mentioned on the 14th.
Also yesterday, i got implanted by those evil humans again, the ones i've been blasting for months with 894738204 Hz (see Nov. 3, 2013). I have been blasting them all along with all my freq blasters, but i had taken some other weapons (like that ugly wand of Dec. 23 which is now twice as fat) off of them to blast stuff on the road. So they regained enough strength to implant me again.
These ETs make the nastiest time-release implants. Gina was finding and removing them before they went off, but the removal process was painful and nauseating.

I also stopped off again at Melton Hill Dam by ORNL yesterday. Saw 2 DORy Tennessee Valley Authority lizards there, who went into a tunnel that evening and perished.

Jan. 18, '14: (6:40am) A reader wrote:
Most of my orgonite seems to be losing power as time goes on. The orgonite is not chewing up chemtrails like when I first made it.
To which i responded:
Demons can sometimes blanket or dampen orgonite. I sense this is happening to yours. Jailing some demons. Mine never diminishes.
I gifted Melton Hill Dam again yesterday, and a few hours later felt demons working against the new pieces.

Also a few days ago, Bal alerted me that ES2 was being smothered by a very nasty, powerful demon. I bagged it and a bunch more like it, which cleared up ES2.
Generally, this sort of thing is fairly rare these days, but it's worth being aware of.

And a few days ago, another reader wrote me:
I just remembered, when I was 20 years ago member of Krishna society, there was a deity called Narasimha-deva (Half Man - Half Lion), which has the purpose to destroy demons, protect from evil, etc...
My experience was at that time, when I went alone at night in the dark street of Ljubljana, from my back appeared a gang about 10 guys who wanted to attack me. When first one touched my shoulder I spoke loudly: "Narasimhadeva!". They jumped back, and I just went on....after few steps I turned around, it was nobody there anymore.

Although the Krishna Consciousness cult is run by Jesuit satanist SSers, Krishna is a good guy, and so is Narasimha.

Jan. 19, '14: (5pm) Once you get connected with Narasimha, it doesn't matter if you say his name right or even remember it, let alone chant mantras. He has a kind and helpful vibe toward me, and automatically helps anyone i know who needs it.

Yesterday morning there were large herringbone chem-clouds, rippled by the Bigheads. Today, all clear.

I poured some of the Demon Disintegrating pgm and it helps. In fact, as soon as i put a cube in my pocket, my feeling of well-being was much enhanced.

I also poured some cubes of the other 2 new pgms, but they aren't cured yet. And i poured some more of the DD pgm.

(6pm) Also today those evil human ETs tried to implant me again. I think the last (hopefully) of the previous batch of implants were pulled out last night.

The Sherwood, AR Walmart Supercenter is a substantial NSA hub. Feels like 600 or so come in and out of there. Probably special meeting rooms, etc. Dig that crazy vibe: map.

Jan. 20, '14: Martin Lizard King Day. (7:40am) Took this pic right over a satanist lizard area on New Year's Day. A powerful sylph eating a hole in the chem.

(12:45pm) Warm yesterday and warmer today, in contradiction to wunderground's predictions. Still clear.

The Bigheads implanted me with implants similar to those the evil human ETs use.

Nasa says Mars mystery rock that 'appeared' in Arizona from nowhere is 'like nothing we've seen before'. "We're completely confused, and everyone in the team is arguing and fighting (over what it means)."

The People's Voice YouTube Channel Hacked And All Content Deleted. "It is my experience over all the years that some of the deepest evil that I have come across has claimed to be opposing evil and 'working for the light' and the good of people." Straight from the horse's mouth.

(6:45pm) Some chem rolled in after sundown.

So what about Icke's TPV? I haven't watched any of it, but i go to the Icke Headlines page daily and see the links to interviews of mostly ensouled people.

Of course it is administered by Tavistock reptards. They abraded Chris Spivey by offering him the second hour after their guest of honor (who is a blood-drinking M32er).

Jan. 21, '14: (10:10am) I was bare-chested yesterday as it was up in the 60s, but today is supposed to stay well below freezing. It was 20 F at 6am.

I am always trying to fathom the mentality of reptards, and figure out which of their seeming conflicts are real and which are just show. I think this one is for real: Assessor Targeted by D.A.; Nye County's Shadow Government. Everyone pictured on that page is a shapeshifting rept. The targeted assessor as well as the targeting DA, as well as Sandra Musselman are all blood ritual satanists as well.
The ensouled author considers assessor Shirley Matson "to be a very fine human being and an honest, outstanding public servant."
I have not studied the article in depth (that's Loohan-speak meaning i barely skimmed it).

(5:30pm) CIAlizard: Zion Zeta (in case her name didn't tip you off ;-)

I have been getting hammered by the evil human ETs. Then i realized that they, as well as the Bigheads, also had shielding spells. As soon as i removed these, the foes weakened and became more affected by the orgone programs people are using against them. So naturally the bad guys are real interested in replacing these spells in a hurry. So naturally i put Lt Veo on monitoring for new spells, but then of course the bad guys eventually find ways to sneak around him and nail me...

Jan. 22, '14: (7:55pm) It was 15 F at 6:30am. It's supposed to stay fairly cold for a couple more days.
So we got a hellacious spraying to protect us from global warming.

The Worst Drought In The History Of California Is Happening Right Now. Not detecting any obvious DOR-based drought transmitters.
Assuming the facts are correct, i wonder why the 20th century was unusually wet in the West.
Time to move to my area to form a permaculture-and-orgone based community. If you want to eat in the future, that is.

Although it has been a trifle dry here lately, too. I was gone for almost 4 weeks during which ~2 inches accumulated in the 5-gallon bucket i set out. And there has been no precip since, and 0 chances forecast for the next week.

Jan. 23, '14: (8:55am) 8 degrees F at 7am. It is probably colder in town. Wunderground had predicted 17.

Somebody asked me about Alternative Intelligence. Immediately when i opened the page, i got hit by 666 NSA U bases. Alternative indeed. This page is run by NSAlizard Mike Oprisko, who also has a Sells DORy crap.
Mostly (but not entirely) other NSAlizard shills post on his FaceBook pages. Like Christopher Blessit Bonzani (Bonz Blessit), who supposedly supplies the black-majicky DOR pendants Oprisko sells.

Overtly criminal clone governments:
Mexican Citizens Topple Cartels And Are Rewarded With Government Retaliation. Translation: lizard clones assert dominion over ensouled Earthlings who dare to cast off vicious oppressors.
Israel to build 261 more settlement units in West Bank.

Jan. 24, '14: (10:30am) It was 7 degrees F yesterday at 6pm, and 2 F at 7 am this morning. Chemmy yesterday, and clear so far today.
When it's too cold, i can't pour epoxy. I am working on the logistics of being able to pour in colder weather; should have it together by next winter.
Looks like i will be able to do 1 pour tomorrow and 1 the next day, then not again for several days.

Soulless Muslim morons do exactly what the Zionists want them to do: beat up an ensouled Jew. Mossad is chuckling with glee.

MIB disinfo website: Gnostic Warrior, run by Moe Bedard.

(8:55pm) It was clear all day. Windy now.

This neighborhood in Slovenia [correction: Croatia] is full of shapeshifting Hare Krishna cultists. Krishna is a good guy but the cult is run by satanist reptiloid Jesuit agents.

What's interesting is that i keep clearing the underground and they keep quickly moving in more lizards down there.

Jan. 25, '14: (6:40pm) They made up today for the lack of spray yesterday, including lots of real long trails, X's, etc.

I'm still dealing with those implants i got on the 17th [16th actually although i mentioned them on the 17th]. They come up in sets that follow the same numerology i described on the 14th.

I think i laid a hurtin' on the Bigheads last night. Antuvozy and i tweaked an older device to hit them in a different way, which seemed to result in a fair amount of devastation. They had been finding ways to dodge the Demon-Disintegrating orgone somewhat, but the new energy demolishes their defense so that the DD pgm can work.

Jan. 26, '14: (6:30am) Swedish gangster who claimed he had photos of the king in compromising sexual situations is found dead with four bullet wounds to the head (according to CIA website). I think the 2 perps live in the 2 pink-roofed houses on each side of the marker arrow here. The smaller bldg might actually be a garage, but i suspect one of the men lives in it. They were hired by a Swedish Army SSer in a U base a few miles north.

Criticism of the super-rich is like the Holocaust, says super-yacht owning Silicon Valley billionaire Clone. A few things i have figured out about negatively-oriented shapeshifting reptilians: although individuals may have genuine vices, addictions, lusts, compulsions, and idiosyncracies, in general SSers ultimately
  • Don't care if they are dirt poor or filthy rich.
  • Don't care if they are healthy and athletic or a multiple amputee on IV in a hospital getting chemotherapy.
  • Don't care whether they live or not, even if they are wealthy and powerful.
  • They reason they steal and horde all the wealth is not so much greed as to deprive us. After all, it costs them far more than all the resources on Earth to do this.
(4:20pm) Video: Full Aerial footage: Deadly pile-up on I-94 near Michigan City. The reason i post this is so that sensitives can check out all the CIA and NSA reptards. Also a few of the trucks were driven by Sandy Hookers.

It was 70 F in town today, but it's supposed to chill back down a lot. Extreme spraying today again, with some extra-long trails.

I said recently that bad guys often have "sex appeal" spells on them. These can be on any gender, and age, but i've mostly noticed them on adult lizard women.
And many shapeshifters have spells to protect them against orgone, etc. from disgruntled Earthlings. Any that stalk orgonauts will have them. Also major network newscasters and anchormen, etc.

Well now there is a designated turtle with the specific public function of stripping such spells off bad people. ETs that attack remotely also will have protection spells. Unless GreenCoil Turtle has recently ripped them off.
It only takes him a fraction of a second to yank someone's spells. If you are battling anyone with crystals or orgone, chances are you will see a marked shift in how things are going if protection spells get stripped. Possibly you can even do it yourself without help.

Spells are liable to be replaced, eventually. Or rapidly in the case of protection spells on ET groups. But the turtle is smart enough to monitor ET groups we are having running battles with.
I made him a couple years ago.
It is unlikely that he will perform any other function for others than stripping "desirable" spells off of evil beings.
[Update: he is now a master spell-breaker, and you should try calling on him if you suspect you have spells on you. I use him for clearing spells off victims all the time. He will respond if he "hears" you and finds spells.]

(5:15pm) Anybody get a vibe off this? VISUALLY CONFIRMED: Enormous Craft Detected on Moon. Of course this is on a NSA site and it's about NASA. I get no vibe off this and wonder if the moon pics are doctored. I did not install Google MoonViewer, and the coordinates don't work in Google Earth moon view.
I have to suspect this is total bunk.

Jan. 27, '14: (7:55am) Something fishy about this story; NY POLICE CHIEF ARRESTED FOR CHILD PORN. Since when does Homeland Security bust shapeshifting police chiefs for child porn? HSI is top-down shapeshifting pedophiles. This story smacks of a psy-op, maybe just to make it look like HSI is going after actual criminals.

Maryland mall shooting. Sigh. BTW i ate a seafood dinner in that mall once in 1974. Let's see if we can find a single person in this story who is/was not a spaeshifter [shapeshifter]...
One interesting thing is that the CIA has reverted to the old practice of putting "victims" in U bases, knowing they will be destroyed there. Brianna Benlolo just died here along with "shooter" Darion Aguilar and 6 other SSers. Tyler Johnson, a mile north of there, along with 5 other SSers.

Nope, looks like all the cops, witnesses, reporters, etc. were shapeshifters. And even the other shoppers.

Jan. 28, '14: (5:50pm) It was 9 F at 7am, and it's supposed to be 12 tonight. Chemmy today. Earlier the Bigheads were rippling the chem amazingly, with very long thin striations. Unfortunately the chem did not photograph well.
However, i did upload a pic of Saturday's spraying over town.

Jan 29, '14: (9:15pm) 10 F at 6:30 this morning. It was cold, windy, and clear all day. But the next few days are supposed to be milder. Meaning i can get some pouring done.

A new free resin program has just come out, which i will try tomorrow. The Jan2014C Program seems to be a variant of the excellent Jan2014A pgm, but more suited for remote work, whereas the A pgm is more suited to proximal busting. The C pgm requires between 2 and 4 level teapoons of fine iron oxide powder (as sold by pottery suppliers) per 8 fluid oz of resin. No other additives. This iron oxide comes in red or black and possibly other colors. Any will work fine.
This pgm goes into black tourmaline (AKA schorl) as well. I have some stones programmed now and am using them to great advantage against misc physical ET scum. I'll try to take a pic of some stones tomorrow.
This pgm was authored by my 100D self, Antuvozy, and Vox.

Jan. 30, '14: (9:40am) Sunny with chem. It was 16 F at 7:30 am.Very blustery out! I just went outside for a few minutes, and an icy wind went right through me.

Been focused on the hairless reptilians since last night. They had been keeping a real low profile towards me lately, but hounding my friend in Queens.
Of course after i reamed them for a while, they turned their attention to me.
I made a new little freq blaster last night with a big schorl, a piece of Demon-Disintegrating epoxy, and some metallic tape, wire, etc. and dowsed some freqs. After a while settled on 76084 Hz, which might be a good long-term freq against these guys.
Also i was hitting them with a bunch of other schorl with the new pgm, as well as the usual rept blasters.

Funny thing is my Queens friend keeps insisting that these repts (which i know as physical) attack him astrally, and he jails them. But they don't have astral bodies.
Last night they attacked me astrally en masse, however. Evidently, like the grays, they have a solid phase and an etheric phase. I was able to jail vast quantities of them within minutes, and since then they have gotten low-profile again with me. But i still feel they are the most important target at the moment.

(10:15am) Another person whom several people have asked me about is Teal Scott who has a youtube channel. She is ensouled (as far as i can tell) but i have never been interested in her vids.
Then a reader directed me to Who and What is Teal Scott?, and hot model pics of her.

After some study, i wrote back:
This is weird. As far as i can tell she has a soul
is not MPD
did not get tortured by satanists
does not have agency conxns or sex appeal spells
something not right with her womb, like she's had hysterectomy maybe. But she's kind of young for that.

Her lovers are soulless Earthlings.
Maybe she is just a psych case craving attention, i dunno.
But apparently she does have agency connections i missed. This morning i had a strong sense of a CIAlizard "handler" in her space, possibly doing hypnosis. At the same time i got strongly pulled to look up a NSA U base under the Reno, NV airport -- which seemed connected in some way. I do not know where Teal lives, as i haven't studied that much about her. But i googled her name + reno and found this mention on a Nesara (=NSA) page, associating her with CIAlizards Andrew Bartzis and Chris Hales. I think Hales is a handler for her, but the person hypnotizing(?) her this morning is a female i can't find referenced anywhere, who seems to be a subordinate of Hales.

(Also associated with these CIAlizards is another one: Kauilapele. BTW Hales is another CIA infiltrator of OPPT.)

So, although Teal does not seem like a classic Project Monarch slave, she is apparently nonetheless a MKULTRA slave being falsely presented as a survivor of SRA/MPD stuff.
Also her womb has absolutely no discernable energy. A healthy young woman, or even a worn out but still pre-menopausal woman always has distinct female energy there. Teal has none, which made me suspect she is either a transvestite or a fake human. Yet, she has no prostate vibe (male-to-female changelings still have prostates), and she does have an assemblage point.
I still get no vibe whatsoever about her alleged earlier satanist abusers. I presume this is all fiction.

(11:45am) More about Teal Scott that i missed: Her ex-husband was a NSAlizard. Actually, i think he died in that Reno base a while ago; his presence was probably why i found the base. Also her daughter from this lizard is a DORy MPD SSer herself, and CIA asset. That pic comes from this article. Who knows, some of that stuff about her past might be true. She chronicles various alleged abuses to her womb. [Oops, no, she has a son, the baby in the pic on that page. The girl pic is presumably her when she was young. The son is the DORy MPD SSer. One can make mistakes of transference after 1 wrong assumption; i have made this sort of mistake before.]

Norway lizard-clones nominate Snowden-clone#2 for Nobel. Great.

Detroit Police Assault Reporter for Questioning City Council Clone. If you are of the exalted lizard clone caste (as are all Detroit City Council members) you get to have your own soulless Earthling black nazi slaves to put ensouled Earthlings into place.
The weird thing is that these Detroit Fox news guys are not shapeshifters. This sometimes can be found in smaller cities in the US but it is more rare in a city like Detroit.

(1:45pm) I made some mistakes in my last post due to my haste and not studying. I corrected the one about her child above. But also the depicted guy is not her ex, but her, well, latest ex (who will be replaced of course). He is the guy who died in the base. I am told the ex is this Shadow House CIAlizard. (I am amazed i did not feel any agency connections initially on this woman.)

(2:40pm) The CIAlizard whom i sensed programming Teal this morning is Flavia Fortuna AKA Flavia Paiva.

This sort of thing is rare, as far as i know, but i should bring it up: Difficulty getting programming from The Committee:
My friend in Redmond WA poured some Demon-Disintegrating pgm recently and got NO programming. Also a few days before, he poured some of the Jan2014A pgm and got nothing on one project, yet a couple small items he poured at the same time from the same cup did. This has happened once before: some time back he poured a CB in one spot and some TBs in another. He was working on both at the same time. Yet the CB did not get programmed at all, while the TBs did. He does have unusual demon activity in his house.
And my friend in DK who has had problems for years with stuff getting corrupted, still occasionally does. Not just Committee programming, but the bottle he uses to make homeopathic preps also gets corrupted. However on today's cast, his stuff did not get corrupted. He tried to get the new pgm in a piece of schorl as well as some resin. Both were inert just as with the Redmond guy.
In the case of the Redmond guy, when i found out about the DD pour, the resin was still a bit soft, and we were able to get 70% potency programmed into it at least. In the case in DK, of course we are programming the stone, and the cubes are taking some programming belatedly as well, maybe 20%.

Hopefully this isn't happening to too many other people. Both of these individuals have unusual situations. If you are in doubt as to whether you connected with The Committee (actually ChemmerBuster does most programming for people these days) you might want to keep pours small and email me to check.

(5:45pm) Wind died down. Heavy, heavy chem today. Much whiteout, some long trails left by drones. The evil human ETs still seem to be behind this. Even though i said the repts were the priority at this time, i confess i kept a bunch of freq blasters on those humans.
Still dealing with those etheric implants they stuck in me on the 16th.

Yet another CIAlizard "remote viewer": David Morehouse.

(6pm) BTW Teal Scott is a (Bird Tribe) Arcturan. She is definitely messed up though.

Ah, meet an impeccable soulless lizard warrior of the Toltec path: Gary van Warmerdam. He promotes other authentic soulless spiritual lizards such as Don Miguel Ruiz, who in turn promotes other like warriors, including the DORy satanist Victoria Allen.
Pardon me while i throw up.

Jan. 31, '14: (10:30am) Overcast this morning.

A reader asked about Michael Hastings, since i haven't mentioned him in the blog. The reason i never emntioned him is just that i don't know what's up with this guy. My initial impressions were:
No soul.
Not alive.
Not a rept.
Odd that he would allegedly turn to the Israeli embassy for help.
Car incident has the odor of another deliberately goofy manufactured psyop.

He was a Rolling Stone reporter. Rolling Stone feels clean, but that does not prove Hastings was.

Since he was dead by the time i first heard of him, i am unable to detect whether he had an assemblage point.
So i just neglected delving further. But now i am looking around a bit. His widow is Elise Jordan, a shapeshifting rept with an intriguing background.
He does have 2 supposed brothers, making it unlikely he was a Sandy Hooker or something, as the brothers seem like regular soulless Earthlings. Except for a funny dirty vibe. One is named Jeffrey. It is difficult to google that name without getting a zillion different Jeffrey Hastings. But at least according to a forum post i read, this is him, and possibly this. Both have the same dirty soulless vibe. I get the feeling he raped a few girls in the military. The more i blast him, the dirtier he feels.

The other brother is Jonathan, who is depicted with Michael a bit down the page here, and who also feels dirty.
But this dirtiness must have a traceable reason; what is it?

In the interview, Jonathan says
I feel that the investigation was pretty thorough. The LAPD was very easy to work with, and I think they did a good job. I certainly have no real complaints about them or the coroner's office, and I think everyone in my family is satisfied with the report.
We know that the LAPD is as corrupt and evil as a rept-run PD can be. Of course, this does not prove that they covered anything up here, or that Jonathan is complicit with them...
Jon and Jeff definitely feel connected and beholden to some dirty gov't repts. I get a Homeland Security vibe, if i'm not mistaken.
Jon says also We went to a tiny Catholic school. I get a strong NSAtanist vibe off this school, which might be related to all this. Come to think of it, that dirty vibe is partly MPDness. I think all 3 brothers were SRAed/MPDed at this school. Ah yes, the Wikipedia article says He attended Rice Memorial High School, a Roman Catholic secondary school in South Burlington, Vermont. Hmmm, Meet the Faculty/Staff.

So presently, my impressions are that Michael may have been a well-intentioned guy, but MPD and used by the gov't without his knowledge. He does seem dead, although i have doubts he died in that car. His widow and brothers are gov't agents.

(2:45pm) NSAlizard: Col. Riley of PFA. Many of the commenters are also blastworthy shills.

I just uploaded a pic and some more hot advice about the Jan2014C program at OTB27e.

(6:45pm) Another CIAlizard "remote viewer": Paul O'Connor. IRVA is a mixed bag.

Amazingly haunted hotel: i have been clearing demons and ghosts out of the Raddison Hotel all day, and have only put a dent in the mess.

Really big NSAlizard proprietary: Seneca Companies.

It's been misting for hours.

I am finding numerous satanic rituals being done in U bases again this evening. Dogs.