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Loohan's blog for January, 2015
Jan 1, 2015 (5:55pm) These "choppers" were generated in a CIA U base under Maywood, NJ 07607, which is being taken out.

12 hours later, i was awakened here in VA by a super-noisy chopper myself. It must have started around 1am or shortly thereafter. I slowly woke up to this unbelievable racket over a densely populated (largely by clones) area. It sounded like multiple engines, or at least 2 reverberating. It went around and around in big circles above, occasionally hovering in place for periods of time.
Finally i got up and went to the window. Every minute or 2 it would pop out into view over me, and circle slowly CCW [CW] (from my viewpoint). This continued until around 2am.
was a physical craft from a base 10-20 miles east.

Also my room was sweltering. I went down to the thermostat, thinking my mom must have left it too high, but it was on 70 F.
I was still awake an hour or 2 later when another one made a single pass directly overhead. This was from a U base a bit further east than the previous one.
My mom slept right through it all.

Extreme chem here today. In fact there has been quite a bit of chemtrailing since i entered VA.

Jan 3, '15: (9:05am) Raining here.
The forum is down. CIA hackers have been making it send huge volumes of email, probably spam, and the host has apparently disabled it until we fix that. We are taking out a U base...

(10:50am) The message board is working again. The admin has disabled outgoing mails from the forum. That means, if users have subscribed to a forum, they will no longer get notifications in the mail.

Jan 5, '15: (4:45pm) Got a little rain again yesterday.

CIAlizard terror cell "arrested" in West Bank.

Northwest Arkansas Armed Forces Reserve Center (map, street view) is a CIA center of suspicious activity.

And, it appears that the Dec2014A Program is also a very potent anti-demon program.

Jan 7, '15: (6:15pm) Got about 2" of snow yesterday, and now it's supposed to be below freezing for 2 days.

Ah, more "authentic news":
Turkey detains Dutch lizard journalist on alleged 'terror' propaganda.
Russian FSB Lizard "Physicists" Launch Campaign to Rebuild Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower and Power the World. Indiegogo page.
'Israeli kindness changed my life,' says lizard clone Hamas escapee in Canada. "His maternal grandfather, Said Bilal, was the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Nablus..."

What about those 12 killed in attack at French newspaper that caricatured Mohammed? I think the lizard gunmen are here [ground floor], and are not the patsies named by the lizard cops.
Let's see, what else do we have here? We have a "graphic" video showing nothing graphic. We have some pics of the dead cartoonists, whom i suspect actually were sacrificed. Bernard Velhav definitely was a SSer. Charbonnier has a definite "off" vibe that makes me suspect he was an agent, either human or one of these other kinds of doubles.

Jan 9, '15: (6:40pm) Yesterday it was 10 F at 9am.

Another CIA organic robotoid: Dahboo7/Dahboo77/Dahboo777. Anytime you see this sort of language, your CIAmeter needle should be pinging:
The Underground World News Website is focused on providing services with the highest levels of Truth to you.
Underground World News ~ Bringing You World Wide News the Mainstream Media Don't & Won't Cover !
The forum admin has had to ban some IP's that were delivering loads of spam. If you should attempt to sign up with one of these IP's, you get re-routed to a 404 page.
In which case you should email him or me.

Jan 14, '15: (9:15am) It rained all day on the 12th, melting most of the snow. Then we got a little more snow early this morning, maybe 1/4".
Extremely heavy chem whiteout in the region all day yesterday.

Clones who disclose the truth:(6:30pm) Could use some help blasting some mysterious ET here that are hammering my friend in Queens.
Also another friend of mine, as well as Bal, are harrassed by some other nasty mysterious ETs here.

Jan 15, '15: (10:15am) Unemployed Ohio man allegedly planned bomb-and-shoot attack on U.S. Capitol. Cornell and his parents feel like ordinary human paid actors to me. Both FBI and CIA SSers involved in this. Taking out some related FBI U bases in Falls Church.

Bal made a batch of orgonite that i think is the new Jan2015 Program by ChemmerBuster. He used glitter, but i get that plain resin is just as good. It seems tolerant of many powders and shavings, and should be strong against etheric and physical bad guys.

Jan 22, '15: (5:05pm) OK, i'm back home in AR now, got back a few hours ago.

By the time i left VA, the wands in my truck were 12X as powerful as on my trip up, due to improved programming. I reamed the east coast while there, and fried my path back. I stopped for over an hour at Melton Dam to fry ORNL. Spent the night at a funky motel in the funky town of Jackson, TN. Hoowee, many varieties of underground repts were there, as well as U SSers and EHETs. And a couple blocks from the motel was a very run-down, low-rent, DORy satanist lizard ghetto.
The allies are still clearing around that town.

Jan 24, '15: (7:45pm) There was totally extreme chemtrailing around Nashville on the 21st, BTW. And whiteout further west.
In other important news, the cheapest gas i saw was $1.63.9. The 2nd highest was 1.73.9, which i was able to take advantage of.

Only accumulated about 1.5" of precip while gone, plus any that may have evaporated out of the can. [Later i realized there were 2 pinholes in the can, though.] It was soggy when i left, but the ground is dry now.

CIA Clone Sentenced to 63 Months in "Prison".

A couple years or so ago i posted about a few ET races that i knew from past lives, who were on their way here to help us. I can't find the post now. But this is one of the craft of one of these races.

Jan 28, '15: (8:30pm) It drizzled all day on the 25th, but that didn't amount to anything. Today, heavy chemtrails.

Heehee, Dozens of Repty Pro-Life Youth Hold Die-In on White House Lawn to Protest Abortion.

I updated OTB 27 with another program Joe came out with this month, for nurturing the Earth or something. I put some in my garden which was already gifted with many programs, and it feels different in a good way.

Jan 30, '15: (9:15pm) Stunning Viral Clone Video blows me away. Over 90% SSer clones (or other doubles). At least they are replaced by clones now, but probably far fewer were clones when the vid was taken. When i first saw the story i posted 2 days ago (i think i first saw it on the 26th) none of those lizards were clones. Now all of them are dead and replaced.
So, aren't "they" ever going to run out of resources? At this rate, soon there will be very few sexually-produced SSers left on the planet. And hopefully we will whittle down their EHET handlers. How will they maintain consensus reality?

CIA clones all around in this article: Code Pink Tries to Arrest 91-Year-Old Kissinger, except the "reporter" is a synthetic.

Jan 31, '15 (9pm) I got an intense vibe off of Pedro Hernandez. At first i thought he was a satanist ET, but on digging further, realized he was programmed by satanist ETs. When i tried to find the perps, i found that countless U bases (with CIA and EHETs) all over the East Coast were lit up.

Then i thought this Patz kid looked familar. I found i had posted before about this case, in June, '12:
Watched an interesting vid The Locust an Evil Spawn, about Etan Patz and also read this article. Very bizarre. None of the suspects, confessions notwithstanding, killed him. None of them even have a noticeable evil vibe, for whatever that's worth.
Etan is still alive, and is a satanist shape-shifter with 42% rept DNA. His parents are CIA non-satanist shape-shifters.

The video also mentions the Fellowship Church, run by CIA shapeshifters.

Lesse if we can locate this DORy Etan. Why, he was in a U base here, with 226 other CIAtanists.
Damn, we just cleaned out millions of little CIA U bases in MX, TX, etc. but now a bunch more flared up in connection with this.
OK, Etan is dead now.
The video has been removed. And now i realize the Fellowship Church has a very strong EHET vibe, too. We can fix that.