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Loohan's blog for January, 2016

Jan 1, '16: (9am) Historic Mississippi flooding threatens 17 MILLION people: Levees burst, water rises to record levels...
Down the page are depicted a bunch of volunteers. Only humans volunteered, although St Louis is only about 60% composed of humans.

Europe's winter warmth puts nature in tailspin. I have a shadow of that here. It is January, yet i have not brought in my potted olive trees. My kale, lettuce, mint, and turnips are still doing well outdoors uncovered. I planted some fancy red garlic in mid-November, but now the leaves are 15" long. With garlic, you want to plant it late enough so that only a small amount of growth occurs before the real cold hits, or it may not recover.

I suspect something funny is up with the gender of Julia Roberts. I remember in the '80s being a bit nonplussed that people found her attractive, despite that garish mouth that is twice too wide. Her legs don't look that great, either. I'm sorry, but to me this has always been a fairly unattractive woman.
Almost all her pics on google are only head shots, but i found a few of her body. She doesn't seem to have an Adam's apple, and her shoulders do not seem that wide. They do seem a bit wide in the red pic.
She does not have a clit vibe nor the vibe of any male genitalia.
Of course, the original satanist SSer is dead and has been replaced by clones a couple times, but normally the clones are identical in terms of gender plumbing.

(9:50am) Creatures that have never been inside a womb can change their minds, too: Clone Founder of Feminist Group That Goes Topless to Protest Abortion Becomes Pro-Life, Apologizes.

Here's an exercise for you: how many male clones can you spot amongst the femi-zioclones in this Hadassah slideshow? All the ones in this pic are males.

(3:35pm) Cher stumbled upon a shocking skin secret - one that's changing her life. Never mind that that satanist slut has been dead a while, and is on her 4th clone replacement.

I had not been to chatzefratz's youtube channel in a while. Meanwhile, bad things have happened to him and his family. He was imprisoned in a torture building and messed over. Then his wife was framed and imprisoned, and i think their 2 kids were taken away. He is apparently in hiding now.

One of his videos mentions Bob Larson. Who is this guy, i wondered. According to his bio he is quite the darling of the CIA media. Yet, he seems clean. Why would they promote him? I still don't know. And why has no-one ever asked me about him, if he is so well-known?

I see only humans in his vids. I watched a couple of his exorcism vids and they seemed believable, although i got no vibe off the demons.
He says Jezebel is the demon he has to deal with most, and usually Leviathan is around, too. I got no vibe off these until i looked up their likenesses in Wikipedia. Then i could tell they were still alive, although i never got an overtly DORy vibe off them. I jailed and destroyed them. Hopefully this released a lot of people from possession.
We are still jailing more of Leviathan's species.

He seems to deal a lot with ancestral curses, something i am weak at dealing with. I tend not to detect them even when people claim to have them.

Jan 2, '16: (8:10am) Swiss have Khazarian Brachycephalic Craniometry Cephalometry from Central Asia Mongolia. Interesting. If you look up pictures of Swiss people, most of them are not SSers, yet they have the same genetically repty vibe.
BTW i still don't buy his stuff about Pharaohs (the vibe just ain't there).

Unreal. Now Rhode Island Mandates 7th Graders Get Dangerous HPV Vaccine. These sickos are out of control.

I've been doing some cleanup on the Bern area. Found another European werewolf enclave: on the north side of Bern University. The triangular area enclosed by Hwy 1, Hwy 10, and Neubruckstrasse is home to thousands of them. Of course, they will all soon be dead and replaced by werewolf clones, most likely.

Jan 3, '16: (8am) Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters. I see the Bundys (CIA synthetics) have been replaced by ordinary repticlones. This suggests that orgone-blasting with the April2014C Program does bother these synthetics. Although, many other synthetics still resist change.
Of course, these CIA agents are persecuted by the gummint.
I can't find pics of "Ryan Payne, U.S. Army veteran, and Blaine Cooper" but they feel like CIA clones.

The CIA says
We're going to be freeing these lands up, and getting ranchers back to ranching, getting the loggers back to logging, getting the miners back to mining where they could do it under the protection of the people and not be afraid of this tyranny that's been set upon them.
Because, God put the land here for pedophile ETs and their parasitic lowbrow human followers to rape.
(Of course, it's more complex than that. It was satanist ETs who set aside the national parks, forests, BLM lands, etc. with various caps on "development".)

I should make some more April2014C stuff, i guess. I know of 2 CIA synthetics in my little town of 500. Both personalities had been through several repticlone cycles beforehand but now are synthetics, the opposite sequence from the Bundys'.

Jan 5, '16: (4pm) Heavy chem happening here today.

Oregon CIA Clone Militia Hopes Opposition to Federal Government Will Spread Nationwide

Now, the Hammonds, by contrast, are humans, and may not be complicit in the CIA scam. But what kind of humans? According to this Vice article
according to the court brief, Steven Hammond... allegedly gave one box of matches to his then 13-year-old nephew, Dusty Hammond, and instructed the boy to walk along the fence line that separated the Hammond property from federal land and drop the lit matches "until he ran out."

Dusty later told investigators he did as he was ordered, striking matches and dropping them into the grass. He soon saw smoke coming from the direction where the other hunters had walked, and found himself surrounded by a raging wildfire.
Even their attorney is human. I really doubt they are clued in to the CIA scam. And it may even be that the CIA deliberately chose the Hammonds to "support" because they have a track record of not-very-defensible felonies. Helps to make "anti-government" activists look like obnoxious a-holes.

Just to complicate things further, the CIA has a clone William Mount saying that China wants the minerals under the ranch.

*   *   *   *   *  

So who are the real terrorists here? Immoral Patsy -- How the FBI Groomed Mentally Disabled Teen With a 51 IQ into an "ISIS Terrorist"
Even "defense" witness Helen Waldrop and "defense" attorney Gibson Holladay are repticlones and CIA assets.

Jan 7, '16: (2:55pm) Been getting some light rain today.

Father of alleged TA gunman suspected of being accomplice. I doubt this repticlone has ever fathered anyone.

Sandy Hooker widow embraces clone cops who accidentally killed her clone husband. This enlightened being is a good role model for us all. Let's just love and trust the cops who undoubtedly always do their best to act correctly in a complicated situation.

Muslims Just Raised $100,000 for the very agency behind the terror hoaxes.

Jan 8, '16: (9:50am) Fog here.

5,000 Swiss Army Troops Will Protect World's Clone Billionaires During Annual Davos Orgy of Waste.
Lots of EHETs, werewolves, repts, etc. under Davos area now being addressed.

(10:30am) Odd energy about Dulles Airport. I have been blasting it for days, yet still haven't broken through some odd energy barrier/phenomenon, which especially seems to be shielding these 2 long bldgs.

(3:35pm) Fair bit of chem today, and now ripples. All caused, as usual, by the usual chemmer repts.

Jan 9, '16: (8:25am) The ripples didn't last long after i noticed them.

I got about 0.3" on the 7th, and last night it rained a little more. Lite drizzle now. Might get more rain today; maybe a little snow.

Truly asinine all-clone staged vid: Jimmy Kimmel Shows Video of People Congratulating North Korea on H-Bomb Test. Humans are dumb, but not that dumb.
BTW i have some doubts about these N Korea nuke tests.

CIA Clone Ali Saqr al-Qasem publicly executes his own mother in Raqqa after accusing her of 'apostasy'. Pretty cool trick, considering Mr Test-Tube Baby never had a mother.

Jan 10, '16: (8:10am) Got faint snow flurries yesterday afternoon, and a few are drifting in this morning. Total precip around 2/10" since yesterday.
Also got the first hard freeze of the season.

I am getting better at spotting trannies, but, damn, who couldn't spot this one? Repticlone too. Look at that macho chin and jaw, not to mention the broad, square shoulders.
This one dowses as having intact male genitalia.

Funny how one sicko repticlone troll can derail a discussion with a few offensive and illogical one-liners: commenter Margaret Power.

Jan 12, '16: (8:10pm EST) I am in Virginia now at my mom's house. I left at 4am on the 11th. Saw a bank of real chem (nano-aluminum vibe) over West Memphis. I think this is the first time in years that i have seen metallic chem. There was even a little tuft of chem that had rainbow colors. But east of Memphis the non-metallic chem was very widespread, and we had to fight the ripples for hours, caused by the usual chem-repts. Much of the chem was also very streaky and feathery, some of it with jagged zig-zags where the wind changed directions. Totally unreal-looking. I took a bunch of pics but now can't get them off my camera onto my laptop. Maybe some other time.

When i was heading east out of Nashville, i realized i was surrounded by werewolf clones. In fact, all the way from Nashville to my turnoff from 81 in Strasburg in northern VA, the traffic was about 1/3 werewolf clones, 1/3 repticlones, and the other 1/3 was a mix of SHers, humans, synthetics, and robotoids. I do not know why so many lycan clones at this time. Are they replacing repticlones with lycans because the latter have a nastier vibe? And why is this only noticeable on this stretch of highway?

BTW, was looking at some clone BS on TV here, and noticed that media slut Lisa Desjardins is a lycan clone.

I went to the little Springfield Whole Foods Market with my mom, and spotted among the customers (aside from the clones) 5 robotoids and 5 synthetics. Isn't that a hoot? Synthetic "people" eating natural food, when most humans eat synthetic "food".

Jan 13, '16: (9:55am) Recently it has come to my attention that there is a network of tall buildings around the world that act as freaky ET-tech negativity transmitters. First, someone wrote me about this bldg in Brazil, which supposedly has been empty for years due to some problems, but was radiating some vile energy.
Then i found out about buildings in Malaysia: the Petronas Twin Towers (note the chem-clouds), Menara Kuala Lumpur, and The Elements twin tall bldgs.

I don't know what's in them, but the allies are able to neutralize the vibe. They are finding more bldgs in the network.

Hmm, after typing that, the Malaysia bldgs flared up again. I found an undersea U base that seemed to be running this, with some SSers in it. More of them in areas under around the Hawaiian islands.

(8:55pm) Yes, they must be replacing replacing repticlones with lycan clones. There are lots driving around here. And many of the houses in my mom's neighborhood now have lycan clones, which i did not notice in years past.

Finally coaxed my camera into giving up its load. Most of the pics are pretty poor as i was shooting through my windshield. This one was taken somewhere east of Nashville.

Some of the chem i saw here today looked a bit like this.

And where are the sylphs? It has been a long time since i have seen their impact on chem, although i sense they are still around.
This smearing is not due to sylphic action.

Jan 15, '16: (8:30am) "Islamic State militants attack Jakarta in first strike at Indonesia". Luckily, no-one was hurt. No corpses.
Oddly, the TV news last night had a clone "expert" declaring that the attack was not very effective because they did not kill anyone. Yet, other sources claim deaths. Also oddly, the original link to the Reuters story has been killed, and the article replaced with a new URL and edited version now lacking the hokey pics of the fake corpses.
Starbucks is in on it, of course.

Turkey detains 12 academics from the controlled opposition for criticizing military campaign against Kurds. They don't list them, but i sense clones.

Repticlone just nailed in U base: Gloria Keys, the rancher's daughter.

Jan 16, '16: (1:05pm) Heavy chemtrailing yesterday. Got some rain overnight.

Pretty decent website and forum about 9/11:

Star of David = Seal of Solomon?

I got onto this line of superficial research just now because i was intrigued by something. My mom handed me an old leather-bound prayer book, copyright 1856, that was owned by my grandfather Erich Welter's mother. This woman was, according to my mom, of Prussian nobility, yet i get no repty vibe. She was married to an American doctor in Missouri named Lingenfelder, before dying at an early age of cancer. We have lost her nee name. But the prayer book has a Star of David embossed on both sides of the cover.

The book is entitled Flowers of Piety, and one can see a later version of it here, but that edition has crosses embossed on the cover instead, and had a different publisher. It is described as a Catholic prayer book.

Trying to figure out the hexagram-Vatican connection, i found this reference: Understanding the Differences between the Star of David and the Seal of Solomon, which seemed enlightening, except the author and site have a repty vibe. Essentially, it says that the difference between the Star of David and the Seal of Solomon is that the latter has intertwining triangles instead of flat, 2D ones. (There are also other "Seals of Solomon".)
My book has the intertwined version.

Looking further, i found another reference, The Star Of David Deception, by sincere Christians. (Note that the commenter Rose is a clone replacement for a male Vatican satanist Rosicrucian, who lives on the 3rd floor here.) But is this reference pure truth? I do appreciate that they tell the truth about the Jesuit/Rothschild connection.
I have not researched this subject in depth, and even if i did, i probably would still end up with more questions than answers.

And what about Solomon? He is a central figure to Freemasonry. Some of his wives were blood-drinking SSers. Yet, his soul is still extant. Furthermore, years ago i had to repeatedly rescue a lady in TX who channels Solomon, and she is still ensouled. She was being attacked by satanist SSers. Go figure.
[Update Nov 2017: Solomon was an Egyptoid ET. I have not heard from that lady in many years.]

(8pm) Big wallop of CIA clone hooey: Martin King assassinated by US Govt: King Family civil trial verdict demands arrests of today's ongoing complicit criminal liars. The King family has always been composed of CIA lizards.

Another site i stumbled across that looks pretty good is I was just checking out this page about rock 'n roll. About 1/3 of the way down is a pic of the Beatles with Jimmy Savile. Note that the beak-nosed Lennon (the satanist one who supposedly got shot) is absent. Apparently the Beatles were played by a number of different lizard actors. And their music was written by a Tavistock human.

I was saddened to learn that Dave McGowan died a few months ago. But his great soul lives on.
If you haven't already, you should check out Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation (his site seems to be down right now which is why i linked a mirror) and maybe the video CIA Hippie Mind Control: Inside Laurel Canyon with Dave McGowan.

(8:20pm) CIA synthetic gets brain cancer.
CIA SHer Sherri Shepherd Appeals Judge's Ruling Making Her Pay Child Support for "Unwanted" Surrogate Baby.

Jan 17, '16: (9:30am) And now they connect 2 hot-button psyop items into one story: North African men suspected of stoning transgender women in German city. Next: "Syrian pro-life transgender male fracking executive beheaded by ISIS drone for having too large a carbon footprint".

LOL, now CIA clones are rooting out CIA agents and advising which CIA clones can be trusted as genuine freedom fighters: Why Is the CIA Taking Over Burns, Oregon? "Many of us in the Independent Media have tightened up our organizations in an attempt to protect our operations from being compromised. We speak amongst each other about limiting access to ourselves and our organizations to those with whom we absolutely trust and know their respective backgrounds. Simply speaking from my circle, I trust Steve Quayle, Doug and Joe Hagmann, Dr. Ted Broer, Sheila Zilinski, Paul Martin, John Moore, Randy Yarbrough and a few others. Remember, this is only my small part of the world. There are many others deserving of the public's trust."
So many articles coming out now vying for the Steamingcrockofshit Award.

Jan 18, '16: (7am) Tabublog does have a lot of good info, but of course, like all non-psychics in the truth movement, they end up quoting, referencing, and promoting an awful lot of repty agents. For example, Chip Tatum is a NSA clone.

The truth movement will very seldom get much more close to the truth than tabublog and the likes unless they effing upgrade their intuition, their psychic sensitivity. This is not only due to the agents everywhere in contemporary times, but also the agents everywhere in ancient times. If you do not have a fairly accurate "truth compass", you are reduced to being entirely dependent on logic, study, and observation. Logic and observation are actually good things; by absorbing material from people who have scrutinized alleged facts, i quite often am nudged to realizing pieces of the puzzle which i had neglected to notice by my own means.
However, if you do not know that "they" always tell the truth somewhere, you will tend to give credence to every agent that tells much truth, thereby opening yourself up to their disinfo. If you can't spot SSers, etc., you will fall for every Zen Gardner, Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, etc. because the truths they tell resonate with you.

For example, the tabu article Jesuits; Rulers of Evil proclaims that "It's NOT the Jews, It's the Jesuits!". Wow, right on! Exactly what i've been saying for years. But some of the links on that page take you to other pages that reference Phelps a lot. And Phelps did tell an awful lot of truth about the Vatican, but he was a Jesuit SSer himself, who painted the Rosicrucian blood-drinking satanist Jesuit SSer Martin Luther as a hero. Anybody believing this will think that Protestantism is a counterpoint, rather than extension, of the Vatican, and hence be poorly equipped for understanding that in this world, almost all religion and other "spiritual paths" are Vatican-run.

Another link on that page takes you to the (authorless?) Chronology of 500 Year Jesuit Deception and Flat Earth. Um. Right off, it promotes CIA clone Eric Dubay. And further down disses Galileo. Galileo is a 96, still ensouled, and incarnate in the US. Probably in his late teens now. Many years ago a reader wrote me that she saw a 10-year-old kid on TV that was in danger of being turned over to psych interests because he was complaining about demons or ETs harrassing him. That was Galileo, and i gave him some cover.
(Yes, Galileo did seem naive about the Catholics, and did turn his daughters over to a convent where they were horribly abused. But i presume he did not know what went on there, because the girls were MPDed and didn't consciously know themselves.) [Update: Galileo was/is a hoax actor.]

Or how about Christopher Columbus Never Set Foot in America? Much truth there, but it says
Columbus discovered that the islands were inhabited by friendly, peaceful people called the Lucayans, Tainos and Arawaks. Writing in his diary, Columbus said they were a handsome, smart and kind people. He noted that the gentle Arawaks were remarkable for their hospitality. "They offered to share with anyone and when you ask for something, they never say no," he said. The Arawaks had no weapons; their society had neither criminals, prisons nor prisoners. They were so kind-hearted that Columbus noted in his diary that on the day the Santa Maria was shipwrecked, the Arawaks labored for hours to save his crew and cargo. The native people were so honest that not one thing was missing.
Well... the Lucayans may have been innocuous. And the Taino, who according to Wikipedia were an Arawak people, may have been OK. You can find pics of them on the net. They have a genetically repty vibe (from interbreeding with corrupted Hebrews), but not a black magic vibe. The other Arawaks, however (at least some groups) were shapeshifting repts who worshipped Yahweh and Ahriman with blood and sex ceremonies, not unlike Colombus et al.

The Jesuit satanist SSer who chronicled the atrocities,
One of Columbus' men, Bartolome De Las Casas, was so mortified by Columbus' brutal atrocities against the native peoples, that he quit working for Columbus and became a Catholic priest.
Yeah, or he was doing the disclosure thing.
Why the claim that the DORy-assed Arawak were such sweethearts? Was it an early case of the Jesuits making themselves look even worse than they are for some reason? They often do such things, e.g. with tales of persecution/incarceration of Mandela, Yulia Tymoshenko, Manning, etc.

(6:45pm), however stands way above most truth websites. I guess they have scrutinized the matter so intensely that they have ferreted out most of the contradictions, deliberately-sloppy fake evidence, etc. and narrowed things down to a fair degree of accuracy. I checked out a bit of their Truthers and shills forum and was gratified that they seem duly suspicious of a bunch of characters i fingered years ago. Furthermore they have done research that i have not, which helps me understand better. For example, it never occurred to me that most of the "victims" of 9/11 never existed. I used to think that some people did get killed, but now i'm leaning away from that.
[Urk! Note of Feb 2016: scratch that last comment. I had a senior moment. I completely forgot that 3 years earlier, i had delved into such details in the Comments section here. I just re-checked what my impressions were back then, and still feel they are correct. I copied them here:
I realized i had never really gone over the Flight 93 alleged passengers, etc..
They are depicted and named here:
The odd thing is, they all feel fake to me. Like they never existed, and neither did their families.
The flight 11 people
were real. So were the ones in 175 and 77. In fact, many were shapeshifters/satanists, as is the norm for plane passengers, let alone crew.
The "confirmed dead at Pentagon' list
feels like fiction. Yet oddly, the Partial list of missing persons in the Pentagon
feels like all were real people who are now dead.

How about the Official list of the victims of the World Trade Center attack:
Now this is intriguing. Some of them never existed, most of them are dead, and some are still alive! First llive one listed is this guy Andrew Anthony Abate, whose pics are up on google. Shapeshifter; think he's living out west now under new identity.]

Been watching some nauseating repticlone horseshit on PBS "news" Hour, which my mom insists on absorbing with maximum credulity. Noticing that when i watch these clones on TV, i can sense multiple backup clones for each. Also noticed that Bernie Sandersclone has no male genitalia but does have a clit.
Earlier they showed the purported American prisoners who just got returned from Iran. These guys all seem human, but oddly, the loved ones whose embrace they returned to are repticlones.

Jan 19, '16: (10pm) I have a short Hit List of a few repty agents who are really tough and hard to nail underground. Progress is slow but inexorable. Last month we finally got NSAtanist Monarch freaks Don Bradley and family. This afternoon, that revolting phony liberal and CIAlizard Amy Goodman threw in the towel. Just could not take the orgone anymore. Of course, many clones are lined up to replace her. But it is good for my morale. I had been blasting her for several years.

BTW, so far since before leaving Arkansas, i have not spotted a single shapeshifter who is not a clone. In the motel on my way up, i did feel one werewolf driving by on the nearby highway, and he suicided the following morning. And i have had obnoxiously low-flying choppers carrying satanist SSers come over my mom's house, and these guys also quickly suicide after i blast them. But everybody else (other than the human minority here) are werewolf clones, repticlones, SHers, synthetics, and robotoids.

And since i am here in spook central with an intense orgone presence, the SSers and SHers have been suiciding left and right. And they no longer get replaced with repticlones; the lycan clones are getting thicker and thicker.
I initially speculated that the reason for all the new lycan clones was because they are more intrinsically DORy. But it occurs to me that another factor might play a part: maybe the repty ones are getting less viable due to the ongoing deterioration of the Reptilian Web.
What is noteworthy is that the full reptilians such as the "numbered" repts seem to be fading away. Right now i am not aware of any activity on their part. It has been diminishing markedly in recent weeks. The main problem remains the EHETs and the demons they apparently control, such as bigheads and coneheads.

Er, OK, no reptilian activity except that the chemmer repts are still at it. When they stop doing the chem thing, i will click my heels. But of course the EHETs or something will carry on.
But the EHETs may be hurting too. They can only stand being constantly jailed en masse for a few years, hopefully, and it has been a few years.
If we get rid of them, who will run the clones etc?
And we will get rid of them eventually. Remember the years when Abell 2218 was the Unholy Terror of the universe? Now nothing is going on there except a few ally ships sniffing out and mopping up little pockets of dregs.

Jan 20, '15: (1:30pm) "Secret" WA state psyop being leaked by the CIA: Navy SEALs Carry Out Domestic War Games, U.S. Citizens Normalized As 'The Enemy'.

Chemclouds here. They are predicting a big snowstorm in the DC area in a couple days, so my mom and i went to the Springfield Whole Foods to stock up a bit. Of course, others (mainly WW clones) had the same idea. So the store was packed mostly with WW clones. But, instead of EHETs running them from outside, now it's these creepy-ass demons running them from within.
So i started jailing these demons, but instantly they got replaced. So i had Green Coil Turtle block the replacement mechanism (a type of spell), and sucked all the demons out of the store. But then the EHETs started running the clones again, although the EHET presence felt weak.
Nonetheless, after that i had a few CIA WW clones attack me with EHET energy. They can still do that, but this was easy for me to shut down.

Now we are jailing these demons en masse.

Jan 21, '16: (7:50pm) Looking at the radar map of the approaching storm, there are EHETs in the sky with the storm. Also skyfish, Bigheads... not noticing the usual chem repts though.

Jan 22, '16: (9am) That does it. It finally clicked in my little brain that the whole Guantanamo prisoner thing is another phony contrivance. Another case of the bad guys making themselves look even worse than they are, as a psyop. I have long been highly suspicious of the gleeful douchebag actor Shaker Aamer (shake America), but this takes the cake: Guantanamo guard: 'CIA killed prisoners and made it look like suicide', in which a CIA clone calls the official version of events "impossible". I sense multiple copies of this clone, and indeed, most clones shoved into the public eye. I see there are some vids on youtube about the Gitmo hoax, which i have not watched.

Another hoax: Teachers, students sue Compton schools, demand 'complex trauma' be treated as disability. I can't find any images of "Virgil" & "Phillip" (to protect their anonymity no doubt) but the brothers probably don't exist.

Jan 23, '16: (9:40am) Well, we have like 2' of snow built up and it is still snowing. Strong winds have not materialized yet.

Interesting article: Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced. No repty or obviously satanist vibes off the 2 versions of Hawking or their wives. Or even the MacArthurs. The Foundation presidents and board members, etc. are another story, however.
I sense that the imposter of Hawking is still alive.
The author Miles Mathis has a site that i suspect is very interesting for science buffs. He is still ensouled, even. I'm no science-brain so i have merely been reading some of his "conspiracy" stuff like this, and while i don't agree 100% with everything he says, it is mostly right on.

(9:55am) The smiling, laughing newsclones on TV now are emitting toxic energies from both the flat-faced reptilian demons and EHETs. The newsclones have not been replaced by lycan clones so far. Each has multiple repticlone copies we are nailing as we notice them. So far most copies are in U bases with a few above-ground.

(6pm) I was exaggerating about the depth of the snow this morning, but now we probably have close to 2' as it has snowed a bunch more and is still snowing.
Still none of the real strong winds that were forecast. I suspect the demons we addressed were intended to ramp up the wind speeds.

I got attacked hard a couple hours ago from DORy underground locations in the region. It took me a long time to de-cloak the identity of the attackers, because they had obfuscated themselves well. It was the chem repts!
Then Bal sent me pics of rippled chem in Wisconsin, and instead of the usual chem repts doing the rippling, it was just skyfish and bigheads.

Jan 24, 2016: (11:40am) What now? Such a scarcity of human homeless people that they have to photograph a robotoid imposter? Nice neat clean clothes.

Another bizarre CIA distraction psyop: Proof that John Lennon Faked his Death. This is very long, so i only read about 1/3. The actress with the book is definitely a CIA repticlone. But "Staycer" is not the (satanist MPD SSer version of) Lennon who allegedly was shot, as the author postulates. However, the author can be forgiven, as Staycer is a clone. Oddly, he is not a repticlone, but one of the human-feeling ones like those Chinese soldiers i wrote about recently. He does not have an MPD or black magic vibe either.
Apparently the human clones can be morphed to duplicate anyone, just like the repticlones. Which also makes me wonder if the Chinese govt deliberately chose to make phalanxes of identical-looking soldiers, in order to flaunt the truth.

Gays against Zionism: Protest shuts down Israel lobby group at Chicago LGBTQ conference. The protesters all feel like sincere humans.

Jan 27, '16: (11:10am) Oh brother, i am weary of even commenting on the constant stream of BS: Eyewitness: Oregon Militiaman Murdered by Cops; "He Had His Hands in the Air". Also a mess of CIA clones were arrested by the feds out there.

British [wo]man deported from US because of 'skin color'. I think she's human, but she has a real strong NSA vibe.

(5:05pm) Went shopping with my mom again. The lycan clones are even thicker. And some (mainly those with CIA, NSA, or HS vibe) were slamming the flat-face rept's energies at me. The EHETs are who is sending these rept demons into the clones to attack me. The energy comes through the clones even before the clones have a chance to notice me.

The other day a "human" messed with me on the road. Only hours later did i realize he had that "parentless" vibe, and was a CIA clone. And this guy's parents dowse as SSers, so apparently now individuals who were originally SSers are being replaced by these vibeless clones. Again, this might suggest that repticlones are no longer as viable.

Furthermore, a friend in Brazil who had a sister who was a black magician (Condomble' i think), wrote me this morning that he suspected she had been replaced by a clone, because she looked different. Sure enough, this DORy human had been replaced by one of these clean-feeling clones. He doesn't want me to post pics of the girls, but the clone is noticeably prettier than the original. In fact she has a very sweet, innocent, gorgeous face.
I surmise that the original must have been hanging out with SSer friends underground and gotten killed by our allies.
So how did they simulate her appearance? Beats me.

Jan 28, '16: (7:20am) Ugh. I looked at this article about Darfur and wondered why the woman had such a harsh male repty vibe. I'ts because she is being gang-raped by 3 SSers as i type. The refugee camp in Ajuong Thok is a rape-fest for hundreds of SSers. And the victims are not just grown women, if you get my drift. Very DORy.

Jan 29, '16: (8:50am) I am noticing more and more of the human clones. BTW they are all MPD. I spotted 2 of them in Gold's Gym yesterday. Another is the lovely replacement for Sir Bernard Ingham. And then we have Sunil Yapa.
Programs are being developed to nail these critters. Some of my devices at home are being reprogrammed. Found a U hatchery (NSA) this morning under Long Valley, NJ 07853. Another under Miller Place, NY.

Jan 30, '16: (8:05pm) Clone-run CIA site where you can learn about "the Sex Magic of Isis": Ori-Shalem.

I could use some help cleansing this area immediately east of Phoenix, AZ. I have been working on it for hours but it is still quite rich in DORy underground ETs and whatnot.