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Loohan's blog for January, 2017

Jan 1, 2017: (8:50pm) Norwegian TV sorry for spoofing Holocaust. Golly gee, people sure do some dumb tasteless stuff spontaneously-like. When the group reaches an oven full of ashes and the remains of a human rib cage, one of the students enthusiastically inquires whether the oven is for making pizzas.

Couple Receive Hundreds of Mysterious Letters Addressed to Santa Claus, Fulfill Them All. Again, what are the chances of this happening to a gay Freemason CIA couple who is so generous as to become Santas? Whose "story has gotten some attention from big media outlets like the New York Times"? Sure is a freaky world we live in.
Yeah, one guy looks a bit TG with his steep jawline and narrow shoulders, but they both dowse as male humans.
How recent is this news? Well, here is a thingie for a 2010 "documentary". But that's just the appetizer. Now The duo stopped by ABC's Good Morning America Thursday and revealed that their story will be headed to the big screen.
Don't you just love the focus on kindness, generosity, inclusiveness, and cooperation? What's not to like?

I'm heading to Virginia in the morning, so i may be incommunicado a couple days.

Jan 7, '17: [mis-dated. This post was actually several days later] (9am EST) Sorry for the hiatus. I had bizarre technical problems uploading. Meanwhile, i have accumulated a few notes:

Made it! I got to VA on the 3rd. Had no stalking on the way up, and almost no attacks. Nevertheless, did some stalking and attacking and serious busting myself.
Been having bizarre issues trying to upload my blog.

New Law: Showers For Homeless Community College Students. Er, since when do American colleges not have free showers available? I have taken so many showers in various college gym bathrooms, mostly in colleges i was not attending. It never occurred to me that some students can't wash themselves. All they have to do is go in the gym and turn on the spigot. When i was bumming around living in a van i used to home in on colleges for free showers. And back in the day, many community colleges even had them.
[Had brain fart, sorry. Failed to note the Community in the title. I'm sure many CCs don't have gyms or showers.]

Honest, truthful CIA repticlone fired by DOE for not defending Obama's climate action plan.

Betcha this is another fictitious "event": Homeless Man Had Worn The Soles Off His Shoes; Cops Buy Him New Boots. Right. The guy had soleless boots he was wearing on his size 15.5 feet. OK. Oh, but there is photographic proof...

This also vibes as a non-event: Gunman kills 12 people in southeastern Brazil, takes own life. Corporal Marta Aurelia is a repticlone, too. A commenter says "This comes on the hills of a national debate in Brazil to legalize the right for civilians to bear arms."

Do i really need to try to list all the fake news daily? No way i can put a dent in it. But here's another one:
Inmates freed in attack on Bahrain's Jaw Prison: Interior Ministry.

Israel sentences repticlone UN employee to jail over alleged aid to Hamas.

Man stabs 11 children in Chinese kindergarten. Luckily, his kung fu really sucked. According to the official Xinhua news agency, three children were seriously injured and rushed to the hospital for treatment. Pretty hard to hurt them Chinese kindergartners with a mere knife. So many of them have Golden Bell Cover to deflect saber attacks.

Israeli teenager, 19, killed in Istanbul nightclub attack. Lian Zaher Nasser is a live Mossad human clone. Which did not stop "Thousands" from attending funeral of Israeli girl slain in Istanbul shooting.
Attacker yelled 'Allahu akbar' as he fired, says Israeli survivor of Turkey terror. Dr. Ayia Ihsan Abd al-Hay is a Mossad repticlone.

Another human clone: Esteban Santiago ID'd as Airport Gunman; Flew With Gun in Checked Luggage.
And, oh yeah, let's throw in a little pre-fab conspiracy theory: ANOTHER AMERICAN KNOWN WOLF? Fort Lauderdale Shooter Known to FBI, Worked for Security, Amid Backdrop of Mass Drills.

CIA human clone: Jamshid Piruz (Jam shid upyuraz) -- Afghan Murderer Attacked Cops With Claw Hammer Because Left-Hand Drive Britain Is Too Stressful

Here's a Medical Reality Check For Solving the Next Suspected Fake Shooting Event. The author, Bernie Suarez, might be OK. He seems to be a regular human. In addition to having his own site, though, he is heavily involved in CIA media. They promote him, and he promotes plenty of agency hoaxes and controlled-opposition protests. But he might mean well. Or he might not.

N. Korea holds mass rally after Kim Jong-un's New Year's 'nuke' message (PHOTOS). Naturally, the larger the crowds in the pics, the blurrier they are. The North Koreans are a few decades behind when it comes to cameras, ya know. Check these large, panoramic, crystal-clear images: example, example.

The hard-looking military repticlone woman on the right in the pic here is the Taiwan govt's Triad Liaison Officer. She oversees Triad activities and makes sure those Masons don't work at cross-purposes with the govt.

Israel ramps up security, says truck-ramming 'new type of attack'. They do this to insert big reminders eveywhere to be vewwy vewwy afwaid. But i laud this nonetheless, considering that these big square chunks of concrete got the Plasterite Program.

Rights groups slam Saudi Arabia for cracking down on activists. This Ahmed al-Mushaikhass-hole repticlone was in a CIA U base 200 miles SE of Oman when i saw this article. This base was part of a large network under the Arabian Sea that the CIA evidently craved to become unencumbered of.

Pure coincidence or bizarre, dark conspiracy? In this pic Maduro and Allen look identical, and are juxtaposed on this Tavistock site. If you look at other pics of these repticlones you will find they do not look alike.
(Click on pic for larger image.)

The flow of absurd BS never relents: ISIS burns 2 Turkish servicemen alive, releases gruesome video. Both the human CIA agent at the top and the barbecued "Kurd" Sefter Tas are still alive. No video here.

Real intriguing: new CIA front group for kiddies called Radical Monarchs.

Jan 14, 2017: (9am) Demographic analysis of the region: last year i reported that half of the repticlones in TN and VA had been replaced by werewolf clones. However, most of those have been replaced by repticlones again. I think that's because the anti-WW dual program came out months ago, and i poured gallons of it in wands, some of which i souped up the range on, and which i largely aimed up this way from AR. Then the Nov2016 Program came out against WW and repty clones, and i also was blasting them remotely with this. I was merely hoping to pre-tenderize them.
I have noticed very few reptilian SSers who have not been replaced by clones, yet there are a surprising amount of WWs left who have not. There are also still a fair bit WW clones around, but nothing like last time.
I gather that the non-clone WWs are more resistant to the orgone programs. Of course, as soon as i spot any, they are doomed, as they can't take the energy when specifically directed at individual WWs.

Driving east of Memphis in TN, there was also still a big zone in which much of the highway traffic was WW clones and WWs.
Haven't noticed a single Sandy Hooker yet up here. Did notice just a few on the way up.

Afghan migrant caught 'masturbating in front of girl in swimming pool'. The migrant admitted the act to officers, who later released him. Outrage amongst local residents was sparked when local media reports said that man had been immediately released by the police. Yeah, sure, whatever you say. Let me tell you something about Germans. My mom is German and i have been there a few times as a child. Germany, at least back then, was a place that had a certain sense of social Korrrektness. It was a place where if someone saw a stranger parking illegally or tossing a piece of litter, the offender would be likely to be berated; a place where miscellaneous minor anti-social behaviors were not shrugged off. I suspect the same attitudes still prevail among the human population, so it must be jarring when the fake humans engineer hoaxes in which the Polizei totally flout social traditions.

Jan 16, '17 (2pm) Who Is Spraying Us? Raytheon, MITRE Corporation, MIT are Prime Suspects: Peter Kirby. Peter A. Kirby is a researcher and author from San Rafael, California, author of "Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project." In addition to being an MPD CIA human.

Don't be fooled by the CIA's anti-vax clique. Tony Terry and step show highlight CDC "Vaccine Justice or Else" fundraiser. This guy is a CIA Freemason sellout human. Thumb up sign. Check his Wikipedia page for his connections.

Wow, the werewolves are really out today. Especially around Centreville, VA. Seems to be a major center of werewolves. And almost all i saw were non-clones. That will change.

(6pm) Today i went to a different gym than i usually go to out here, to check it out. The guy who showed me around the place was a Category 2 Egyptoid! With that classic male columnar forehead and no brow ridge.
Of course more than half the "people" in there were repticlones with some WW clones. As i was doing some lat pulldowns, one WW clone walked by me giving me a hard, lingering sideways glare. Then a few minutes later when i was on a different machine, he walked by again from the opposite direction, glaring at me and mumbling something under his breath. Pretty funny. Normally these fake humans treat me very politely, even sometimes exaggeratedly so. Unlike the treatment many of my readers get.

Jan 17, '17: (8:50am) Emad El Sammad is some kind of rarer evil ET. I have run into these before and posted about them, i feel, but don't remember more specifically. The Sep2016-2 Program for frying werewolves does seem to hit him pretty well.

In the early 90s i read a book about Perelandra by Machaelle Small Wright. I don't think the book is mentioned anywhere online anymore, or else i don't recognize the title. It was very autobiographical. But now i become aware of the fact that they are doing a demonic healing thing. Of course the original "White Brotherhood" demons are long dead, but other species take over the functions.
The Perelandra staff seem to be sincere humans but they are being used. This sort of thing is not uncommon.

On Jan 26, 2012 i wrote
Someone asked me the other day about Barbara Ann Brennan. She is a good person, but i noticed then that she had taken on a horrible vibe. I couldn't figure it out.
I had bought her first book in late '80s and read her 2nd in 1995. But i suspect her energy only got nasty maybe a couple years ago.

Mordok figured out she had been channeling some evil entities, which had gotten a hold on her. Plus there were DIA U bases near every one of her facilities. I presume they were just doing woo-woo stuff down there. Any kind of deep healing is a threat to the nazis.
Meanwhile, i bagged numerous species of demons he stirred up.
She feels a lot cleaner now, but still tainted.
The dark side uses the very things it opposes the most, such as truth, beauty, healing, protection against demons, feigned love, positive energies, spiritual truths, etc. to entrap! To gain your trust. They will harm their own interests to a high extent in order to gain your trust, in the hope of covertly undermining you.

I, too, have been fooled. Which type of energy does the darkside revile the most? That of the Sacred Feminine. But they can even fake that. I doubt any physical agents can feign that convincingly, but hyperdimensional ones can. A blog excerpt:
July 19, '16: (11:45am) I am bummed. My harem has shrunk another dramatic bunch...
This includes thousands of girls i did not know that well, but also many that i had deep connection and love for...
My 200+ etheric cat girls that protected and rescued me so much in years past. And just a wide variety of individuals and groups i had picked up over the years...
I don't think any of these were evil...

(1:30pm) Forgot to mention, i had 8 dream-plane girls that had been with me for over 5 years, who turned out all to be evil. One of these was Lara, already mentioned. But let me tell you how deep it gets. In 1992 i had a dream, and just before waking up i distinctly saw a girl looking at me, then she hopped over a picket fence, and i woke up. I had a feeling of a strong connection to her, like she was my soul-mate.
Then i never saw her again until 2010 when she reappeared, we married, and she also got me 5 of her female dream-plane friends, all of whom i loved.
Then in early 2011, she also brought in Lara and Red-Sash Girl. I was wild about them, too.
They have been with me most of the time since. Covert agents right in my space 24/7.

The darkside is highly allergic to female energy, and desperately struggles against the Sacred Feminine in multivarious ways. So i assumed no agent of theirs would be able to nourish me with Sacred Feminine energy, or any convincing semblance of love. I was wrong.
Also if interested see July 11 and 13.
Later i reported that most of them got their souls back. But then (i am reporting for the first time) later, i found more agents in my harem, mostly ones among those whose souls had gotten restored. Specifically, all the "good" beings associated with Jessica Schab, which included all the Ridevu's (6 oversoul-type beings on different timelines) as well as the "good" beings that split off from her in her youth. As well as Jessica's higher selves which i had rescued from oblivion when Jessica's soul died. These were all covertly evil even though they had been priceless allies that enabled us to vastly improve conditions in the multiverse! It was Jessica's higher self who gave us the Therapy and the concomitant stone program that turned many evil races into our allies. This made an enormous difference, and seems quite stable. Also it was Jessica's higher self who designed and originally programmed my awesome multipurpose radionics device which is still one of my best units.
That's how deep it gets. The only way i can discern if someone's love is real is to feel out the energy in the very core of their heart center. If they are fake, there will be a void there where the energy should be sweetest.

Anyway, all those gals got deleted.

And then, months later, a few of my 222 [correction: 223] hyperdimensional cat girls of a particular species came by. I had always loved these. They could take either of 2 different forms. One was a cute petite feline humanoid, and the other was a rhino-sized long-haired housecat. Years ago for some time i always had 50 of them in their large form surrounding me for protection. Their long fur would trap toxic attack energies which they were able to neutralize. This gave me great relief.
But now i have a paranoid routine of dowsing the heart cores of my wives. I noticed theirs were dirty with apparent demon attacks. It is quite normal for demons to attack people's heart centers, so i deleted the demon species involved and re-checked. Nothing there! Almost immediately, that entire species winked out of existence. That was last Nov 13.
In Oct 2009 i posted a photo of a chem-cloud that had been morphed into a cat-face shape by one of these girls (close-up). Some of the cat girls were hobnobbing with sylphs up there. But the face looked kind of demonic, i noticed even at the time. But i brushed it off, because i "knew" better.

Also, in early December i culled 3 other misc wives as well as deleting the entire species of Um (oom) elves, which i had blogged about years ago. I had 8 of them.
So far i have not found more agent wives, but i remain vigilant.

(2:35pm) Had to go into downtown DC today. I blitzed it right proper in advance of Mr Make America Great Again, so he will have a cleaner slate to start off with.
Again, i noted an unseemly quantity of WWs driving around.

Jan 18, '16: (7:50am) A reader wrote
I saw your post about Perelandra. Very interesting...Back in March of 2016 I was taking one of their products. During that time I was getting some heavy stuff in dreams, females with masks on, tormenting me. It was very strange and I suspected it was related to the product.
Yes, the products have spells from demons. We will try to remove them.
Disgusting. Hello, stupid Earthlings! The corrupt multiverse is no place to indulge in groovy positive spirituality and "working with nature" while ignoring the overriding reality that we live in a demonic, booby-trapped realm. This is why my approach to spirituality is primarily to reject, confront, and overcome evil. And that is a big enough job to keep us busy a while.
I sometimes get correspondence from people who don't want to do anything uncomfortable like dwelling on negativity. They think they should just be allowed to wallow in mellow grooviness because they are so spiritual and good. They merely want to "raise their vibrations" because some CIA or Jesuit site told them that that is how to leave evil by the wayside, instead of "lowering oneself to their level".
Forget raising your vibrations. Raised vibrations suck in demons like a magnet.

Hoaxes, hoaxes, hoaxes. Here's a trivial one with a female human Freemason "who has lived in Ealing for 33 years": Pensioner is fined £80 for pouring her coffee down a drain in the street rather than putting the liquid in a bin.

(5:15pm) This is a bit unusual. A couple weeks ago i noticed that all the staff of Jewish Voice for Peace was in a U base, and they were terminated. They got replaced by Mossad synthetics.
What makes it unusual is that they were not ETs (as far as i can discern), but human trannies. I do not know why they were underground. I do have a couple devices for blasting human tranny agents with which i was occasionally tickling them, but it seems unusual they would go undergound to seek relief. It may be that they risked going undergound for some other reason. Or it may be that they are some other kind of ET that merely feels human to me. Or it may be that the U bases have some kind of orgone shielding, which is why hybrids etc. seek refuge there when blasted.
I have not noted other human trannies running underground when i blast them. Yet. But i keep hoping.
Interesting: these same devices also work well on these TG synthetics.
These units do, of course, also work on TG ET hybrids/clones but then i have plenty of other stuff which blasts ET hybrids/clones strongly regardless of whether they are TG, so i never use the TG blasters on them. But i don't have much firepower that does all that much to synthetics. These JVP phonies can be blasted much harder with anti-tranny stuff than anti-synthetic stuff.
[Of course this also applies to other TG synthetics such as Mike Pence (who used to be played by another type of fake human but has been replaced by what i officially term a "synthetic"), Jill Stein...]

Jan 20, '16: (5:15pm) Interesting. Supposedly
As a research scientist at Tufts, (Pat Flanagan) developed a 3-D holographic sound system, which could place sounds in any location in space as perceived by a listener.
For many years i have witnessed fake planes and choppers which usually have very convincing sound effects seemingly issuing forth from them.

CIA repticlone conservative students ARRESTED by CIA repticlone cops for handing out Constitutions.

Jan 21, '17: (8:15am) Anti-Trump Inauguration Day protests break out across US and around the globe. And just who printed off all those sharp-looking signs? "RESIST TRUMP". Yes, the Vatican wants you to expend energy RESISTing their hollow hoax actor clone slave while completely ignoring reality.

Yesterday during the inauguration, "they" tried to get DC DORy again. They had brought in dozens of satanist werewolves, plus some MIBs and M32ers. There were 33 WWs in this Navy bldg (map) for example. So i had to find and nail them. Also, all the marching repticlones were "protected" by 3 U WWs each, and some figures by 21 WWs each. (Lately i often notice that repticlones in the media have 3, 6, or 9 U WWs feeding toxic energy into them to fortify them against orgone assaults.) All these WWs were in an area just north of Michigan. Once we nailed these U bases, the marching ninnies etc were "naked" and got fried. Had to neutralize a few DOR transmitters, too. Got DC feeling real clean. Thousands then scurried undergound yesterday night.

I did watch Trump-clone's speech for a minute or so, which was jam-packed with non-stop hand signals.

Then yesterday evening while my mom was absorbing PBS (Pablum Bull Shit) nyooz, i noted that many of the repticone "grass-roots" CIA Trump supporters they interviewed had Egyptoid traits. This seems to be some kind of Egyptoid exultation rite over the fact that we got yet another Egyptoid/rept president. Then they interviewed CIA repticlone feminist protest organizers.

So what has been going on that actually is important, meanwhile? Well, yesterday morning in the wee hours, my little hyperdimensional warrior-girl Babs (whom i seldom get to see) came to me all excited and moderately slimed by the Hive Mind.
Lately i have been feeling more and more that the "Hive Mind" is actually a single big demon that only seems to be everywhere. We have been jailing away at its substance for months. Anyway, Babs had found his location in some dimensional space, and snuck up and implanted something in his throat: the energy body of a huge crystal (the "Mother Cluster" mentioned in past years) and locked it in place. I locked it in harder. I think old HM is getting weaker.
Also, Vozy and to some extent Eenia have been developing the programming in my big WW fryer until it is off the charts, power-wise. And it affects much more than just WWs.

Jan 22, '17: (6:50am) Another ridiculous hoax only a total moron could believe: Man Shot Outside Of Milo Yiannopulos Event.
The Seattle Times reported that police asked the crowd to remove pro-Trump hats and other attire when leaving Kane Hall, where Yiannopoulos spoke.
According to Times reporter Katherine Long, "police snuck Yiannopoulos audience out through underground parking garage after telling them to remove Trump hats."
Yianno is a FTM CIA repticlone (hand sign pic). And Trump is a highly controversial Egyptoid/repticlone CIA pseudo-tranny actor-puppet that we caring people should all get real emotional about.

As Trump Takes Power, Politicians Around the US Move to Make Protesting Illegal.
The bill would exempt motorists who hit demonstrators with their cars from any liability in cases where the victims were "obstructing vehicular traffic on a public road, street, or highway."
Riight. Do they really want to stop protests? Not at all, since almost all protests are inspired by the CIA or other Jesuit subsidiaries, and the few that aren't also play into their agenda.
Do they really want to inure people to the need for government control to ensure order? Do they want to get people upset about the threat of draconian crackdowns which will never materialize? What do YOU think? Please let your voice be heard in the Comments section below.
Just kidding :-)

(12:30pm) Very eeenteresting. Delving into my personal genetic background. I have mentioned before that my dad's side of the family was way repty. But what about my mom's side? I dowsed many years ago that my maternal grandmother's parents were satanists. I asked my mom about them once and she said "We never talked about them. They were bad, somehow. We never saw them or discussed them." Also my mom said her mom had an aversion to sex, which is why her dad philandered...

But what about my mom's dad? He was a famous man (Wikipedia, Gutenberg bio).
I am visiting my mom and noticed she has a distinct brow ridge, high cheekbones, and a sloping forehead [and huge ears]. Hmmm. And i have significantly less cheekbone than she does, and not much brow ridge, hmmmm.

So i looked for pics of Erich online, but there is nothing much. However, i got my mom to show me old family pics. And ascertained a few things:
  • My mom had these same facial traits when young.
  • Her mom looked like an ordinary human woman.
  • Erich had scant brow ridge, a small mouth, a somewhat Egyptoid-looking forehead, and a steep jaw angle. All pseudo-tranny traits common among Egyptoid males. Also my mom has said that there was Prussian nobility in his side of the family, which always made me wonder why there was no repty vibe there.
  • His dad looked more Egyptoid than he did.
I looked through a bunch of pics, many well over a century old. Most of these exist nowhere else. Here are a few:

Also intriguing is that Erich's parents cross-dressed their sons when they were small (but apparently not later). Hmmmmm....
My mom mentioned this but did not have an explanation.
His brother's name was Hugo, and he died younger. (And check out this pic of Victor Hugo, whom he was presumably named after. Ah-hem...)

Erich was a wealthy man but in his later years had a satanist SSer paramour who was a prescribing physician (and may have doped him up) and who apparently somehow ripped off most of the inheritance he meant to leave for his kids.

My mom said he was a sickly man on many meds. But he lived a long life and had a full head of white hair even when he was 80.

Jan 23, '17: (12:50pm) Most of the weather in the DC area has been drizzle and light rain ever since i got here. Today is no exception. Not sure if the influx of orgone is a factor.

Anti-Trump Protester Displays ISIS Flag, Beheading Video. This guy is some kind of CIA synthetic type creation. The fat guy is a CIA repticlone.

How Romaphobia Became the Last 'Acceptable' Form of Racism. I would just like to point out that that top pic contains only repticlones.
And Walter Winter is a satanist SSer who thus far has escaped underground termination. We'll see how tough he is...
I have to wonder just how many Romani were killed by the Nazis, really.

Jan 25, '17: (9am) And what about Mordechai Vanunu? I have been wondering about him for a while, since i have awakened to the ubiquity of media hoaxes... Israeli court convicts nuclear whistle-blower for violating terms of release. On the one hand, he dowses as a human, does not seem Egyptoid, and seems to hang out with other regular humans. His wife Kristen has slightly mannish shoulders and legs, which suggests possible Egyptoid heritage, but who am i to cast the first stone about that?
He does have a bit of a MKultra vibe, but then he was supposedly messed with that way in prison. (In fact i vaguely dowse that he was not MPD before prison, and that he was imprisoned.) He does not have an obvious Masonic-connected vibe, yet even in that last link is a pic of him flashing the V sign. Another one (of many easily found) here. Pretty in-your-face. Is he really so ignorant as to not know this is the sign language of his supposed enemies?
The honey-pot who allegedly lured him back to Israel was a Mossad satanist SSer, and is now a repticlone. The Negev nuke area in Demona Dimona did have underground nuke stuff and extensive U bases many years ago when we addressed it.

The "alt" as well as mainstream media love stories about him. Is he just an innocent guy, a bit mind-controlled into flashing V signs (i have not noticed other Masonic signs, but email me if you find them). [Update Sep 2017] Maybe. Unless i find more evidence to the contrary, i have to label him a sincere individual being used.

Jan 27, '16: (11:30am) Video: Leftist Thugs Viciously Attack Woman For Wearing Spanish Flag. All human actors in the vid. The "victim" is male. Actor Willy Toledo, of course, is an actor. And a repticlone. And we are supposed to believe that Alejandro Espin Sogo, a leftist repticlone politician, was one of the videoed human "perps".

Women's March Speaker Kidnapped, Raped & Tortured Gay Man to Death. Good old Donna Hylton. Not bad for a CIA human clone.

The CIA lists a whole buttload of their hoaxes here, including the repticlony #weareallmuslims and the repticlony Syrian refugees to Trump: We are not terrorists.

Jan 29, '17: (8:50am) Man, lots of "very special" disclosure articles found on Tavist-Icke this morning. CIA busts CIA:

Child-Beheading-Terrorist Supporter Wins Getty and Sunday Times "Defining Images" Award 2016.
It's a bit too early in the morning for me to try to comprehend all the verbiage in this article, but i find it odd that the only comment i can find about this flagrantly photoshopped image of the purported photographer, does not seem to even mention that this is the same repticlone twice in one pic. Or that the image is deliberately shopped so shoddily that any child should be able to see that the 2nd head is way too large for the guy on the right, and at an odd angle with a lengthened neck. And is blurry despite the foreground and background being crisp.

Robert Steele: TIME "Owned" by CIA?, sez a CIA repticlone on a CIA site. Yes, of course, the CIA owns virtually all US media.

Doug Valentine on the CIA as organized crime and drug runners. I did not watch this vid, but i see 2 CIA repticlones on the cover image. Doug Valentine is provided with his own site in which he interviews other CIA repticlones and no doubt provides a heady mixture of truth mixed with BS. Who Killed Martin Luther King: Why A Jury Said The US Government Was Involved. Looks like rilly hevvy stuff. One could spend hours sopping it up.

SNOPES caught misleading readers about key facts related to charity funding for John Kerry's MTF daughter. Rilly deeep, and cuts right to the core of the trooth.


'Spiritual' couple say [sic] their infant was taken away by DHR. Another fake-ass story. Or rather, fake-belly. These are sleazewad human CIA actors. The child does not exist.

Jan 30, '17: (8:10am) Got snow in the wee hours, about 1".

British Reverend and Quaker activist arrested 'trying to disarm warplanes bound for Saudi Arabia'. Both greaseball human Masons. You don't need to trust me too much about that; just look at the article's 3rd picture.

(2:15pm) Alexandre Bissonnette: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. All i need to know is he's a repticlone govt agent.
No pic yet of his trusty sidekick whose last name varies depending on the publication.