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Loohan's blog for January, 2007

Jan. 1, '07: Ah, yes, 2007 is off to a good start. Been effortlessly kickin' butt today.

Time for Swami Loohan's predictions for 2007:

Deadly orgone is already almost a thing of the past. The demons and naughty ETs will continue to be eradicated, leaving us with no DOR-based weather mod whatsoever, no DOR-based meddling with vortexes, no DOR being beamed at good people.
This means again, little or no hurricane problems; decreasing droughts. No cetacean beachings, hopefully. The good part of the human population will continue to become healthier and saner on average, and more able to take effective action against the criminal oligarchy.
Meanwhile, the bad guys have been coming increasingly under mind-control causing them to make mistakes and be exposed for what they are. Expect plenty more juicy scandals. Expect accelerated deterioration of physical and mental health on the part of all black magicians, especially the important ones.

They will continue to do stupid, destructive things including spraying as much chem as they can, and otherwise trying to poison us. Genetic engineering and other evil technologies will press on. They may attempt to make more nuclear tsunamis. Their warmongering and covert terrorism may be quite a challenge to deal with.
But we will continue to become more powerful, more psychically capable, and more focused as the opposition shrinks.

  *   *   *   *
Where's Saddam? The real one? In downtown Flagstaff, AZ, in the protection of Secret Service clowns, undergoing some protracted plastic surgery regimen. He likes the AZ climate.
I found him in a rather unimpressive house yesterday. I emailed Al the map pic, knowing that the NSA would intercept the info. So today he's been moved a few blocks east, to an even less swank neighborhood, and the SS scum tripled to 27. If they keep him in one place too long, i'll publish it.
Now, if anyone wants to actually pay a visit to the former king, email me for particulars. (Watch them increase the SS again now.)
Yes, 2007 will be fun. For us, not them.

If they had not made such a media event out of hanging his poor double, i wouldn't be quite as pissed off.
You see, Saddam is himself MPD, and an MPD handler. The double that was hanged was not programmed in the USA, but in Iraq, by Saddam's people. Saddam had the access codes, which he gave to his Neo-Con buddies.
That they would abuse and kill a human being this way is not a novelty. That they would elect to irritate Cmdr. Loohan with this absurd media skit is foolhardy, and i intend to make them squirm a bit.
Sometimes i almost get the impression that they neglect to consider my delicate feelings when they broadcast tons of steaming bullshit in my face. It's as though they lived in a delusionary world of their own where they can do whatever they please without paying for it. Excuse me, but i refuse to go along. They never even asked my permission, offered any bribes, or anything. The effrontery.
They have zero style, zero class, zero judgement. And they consider themselves world rulers.

  *   *   *   *
(11:30pm) Within a couple hours of my posting, they moved him again. He and the 27 are now inside the largest building immediately NE of the intersection of 17 and 40, just south of the University. I guess they wanted to impress me with royal opulence; the place is huge. And not so exposed. I suspect they might intend to dig in there, in which case i'll post the pic.

Jan. 2, '07: Here are my impressions about Saddam's hospital schedule, the future details of which they will probably change once i post them:
He had been in the first location i found for 5 months+ of what is supposed to be a 6-month procedure.
His next appointment is tomorrow at 2pm their time. After that, he will no longer be returned to the present location, but yet another.
After that, he is scheduled for 6 more visits over 2 weeks, after which he will supposedly be done.
He has a job lined up working for a US company on US soil, but i haven't tracked down more on that, yet. Rest assured that i will hound him henceforth.

Jan. 3, '07: I don't know about y'all, but i'm feeling pretty darn good on this full-moon day. Despite the fact that yesterday and most of today was pretty chemmy.

This morning i noticed that the chem-clouds had HAARP ripples, even though i had been keeping the Gakona installation cleared of feed-ins. Duh, i had neglected to check for feeds into the other transmitters. Soon took care of that.
Feel free to try this at home: if you notice ripple clouds, merely yank the reptilians/greys into a jail. You don't need to know where they are, as they are energetically connected to those ripples.

Jewish spirituality: Here's something that was sent to me by an Israeli friend. Hopefully he won't mind my posting this.
Ideas compiled from the Book "Angels' Healing" by Margalit Eilon.

Before doing any of this get permission from the patient to treat him !!!!!!!!!

SOUL RESCUE From the Dark side:
{... call upon the angelic Group Of "Eh-He-Ve" (E is pronounced like in "men"). Ask them for General assistance and to act as a link with another group called "Neh-Ha-Ma". Ask the group if the patient needs Soul recscue from the dark side. }
Call upon the Power animals of the patients (maybe like in a totem). Ask the animals to go away if the person doesn't need RESCUE.
Say the following "I connect the patient to the power animals in 7 links per animal. If the patient doesn't need rescue, I cut the ties".
Order the animals to go to the "Dark Worlds". Imagine that you have scissors and you cut the ties. The animals maintain the balance between good and evil and a piece of soul comes back to the patient.

Cosmic War against harrasement from the dark side
Call Upon the "Eh-he-ve" group and ask them to start a cosmic war against the dark force to liberate your patient and to send in Guarding angels that will stay with him night and day to protect him. Repeat when necessary even every day.

Soul Spark retrieval
Get into meditation and repeat the following "I, Joe Smith, am sending a call throughout the universe and call upon all of my soul sparks that left me to come back and regroup as one whole soul."
"I, Joe Smith, am posting a message on a cosmic Bulletin-Board and call all of my Soul Sparks that were lost, stolen, given or went away from me in any way in time and space, to come back to me and regroup as one whole soul" The sparks are assembling near the patient wait a few seconds and then:
"I welcome all of the sparks that returned and ask you to get inside me and fill me as one whole soul".
Depending on the amount of sparks that left you may feel quite a sensation.
Say to your soul "I welcome all the parts of my soul that came back. I bless you. I bless my soul and wish to connect with you. I ask that you forgive me for hurting you. My soul I ask you to fill me with your presence and love throughout my body."

Energy thieves and retrieval
Declare I disconnect my self from any bad influence and from any energy thief.
Call upon your energies to return to you as in the first two sentences of soul spark retrieval.

Big clean up
Call upon the angelic group "Ha'ah'rah'kah Ha'gdo'lah" = and the angels RazEl HodaEL BarkhiEl connect to them in 1000 or more links. Ask them to start the process of the big cleanup. You can also ask to strengthen the process or to speed it up X10 every second or so. Call your body and ask it to release any bad energy that's inside. Warning it's a powerful process that may steer up bad energies inside and may cause a bit of pain if it's hard to let go.
Comments: I did a search for Margalit Eilon, but apparently all her works are in Hebrew only. Here are some pics of her friends apparently doing healing, etc. These people are real clean. [Note Dec 2017: the linked page is dead. Also, see this.]

I started the "big clean up" a few days ago, and feel fine. I have not attempted to accelerate it.

  *   *   *   *
Oh, yeah, i trust King Saddam is comfy in his new digs just west of Flagstaff, right about where 40 becomes 66 [error: both numbers apply]. There is an intersection with S. Thompson St.
Just SW of this intersection, on a private drive, stands a huge white building. But our boy is relaxing in the little squarish building on the west side by the parking lot.
Damn, i love the internet!

Jan. 4, '07: Black Magic Lite: Just an interesting little phenomenon i noticed:
Yesterday at work i had some customers, an attractive-looking Native American couple. They seemed to have a certain grace and depth about them, and i would have immediately liked them, except that the man had an evil vibe and some Seraphim demons jammed to him from recently doing up a cat.
I get that he has never molested or raped anybody, has never been involved in killing a human being, but has done a lot of ritual sacrifice of animals.
Neither he nor his wife had evil parents, are MPD, nor even have significant reptilian DNA.
Moreover, they both dowse as having very clean (i.e. unselfish) core motivation. This is the first time i have noticed a black magician with a clean core motivation.
No doubt all the spells he had cast were for noble purposes, and he thinks he is doing something good.

Whether by coincidence or not, he last did a cat on 12/29/6, which happened to also be the date "Saddam" was hanged. It also was the date of the last Pentagon ritual, and there were many other rituals going on that evening, though they were so wimpy that i only realized it a couple days ago while tracing something back.
I do not know what is the numerological or other significance of this date. There is no mention of it in this occult calendar (that looks like a good MPD site, BTW).

Why the illuminati are still doing ritual, i don't know. To the best of my knowledge, they are getting no desired results from it.
It has been a long time now since i have caught even any ETs doing effective black magic, in terms of DOR generation. All these greys and repts that lately have been feeding into the transmitters have been just using their own, weaker, demon-like energy. I have also been often encountering bad nordics hanging with repts or greys, but no DOR production there.
I haven't had evil Venusians, Pleiadians or Lyrans come across my screen at all in quite a while.

Anyway, guess what? It's raining here in the Ozarks.

  *   *   *   *
Meanwhile, back in Flagstaff, our harried former king has moved to a much more aesthetic location surrounded by trees.
S. Plaza Way ends in a T at S. Riordan Ranch St. Just SSE of that intersection one can see this handsome location.

Jan. 5, '07: And this morning, Saddam has been moved to a more secluded, defensible spot on a dead-end road, W. Coconino Ave. That last big white building on the right before the road ends.
I did a search for plastic surgeons from the mapquest map, and got: "1020 N San Francisco St # 200, Flagstaff, AZ" as listing several, including a Mr. Bruggerman. Just thought i'd mention that a` propos of nothing at all whatsoever.

(11am) Damn, it hasn't been an hour since i posted that, and they've already found a new surgeon, in Austin, TX, a town i am most familiar with. And booked a private flight for Saddam and 3 of the SS guys. A new SS team is converging on Austin to replace the others.
Seems a bit silly, as i could probably already get the surgeon's name from the web. But i probably won't have to, as now they will probably forsake Austin, and find another place.

They don't seem very bright. My advice is, keep Saddam underground. Surely there are qualified hackmasters in some of those U bases. If not, abduct one. Saddam might as well get used to life down there, anyway, or maybe on Mars.

Hmm, the plane is scheduled to take off in 2 hours. Maybe i'll wait a while before posting this.

(5:30pm) I'm about to upload my 11am info, now that they've gotten all settled into the Marriot right off I-35 in South Austin. I am so familiar with Austin that i was able to dowse that without a map. I did some tree work for that particular Marriot in 1983, i think it was. Marriot, incidentally, is owned and run by darkside Mormons.

Those boys are real pros: their plane took off precisely at the time they had telegraphed to me, 1pm my time.

(6:30pm) Such brilliant pros that i think they found a surgeon not listed in the yellow pages. At last, some worthy opponents to make life interesting.
The trail fizzles out with this website which says to call for a consultation.
"Hello, I am a former NWO puppet-tyrant who's supposed to be dead. Working on a new face. Can you keep a secret? Whom would you recommend for a client of my caliber?"
He works north of the river, that i know. I may have a more precise fix, but this is much trickier dowsing than i'm used to, so can't swear by it. If you look at Google Earth for the Capitol building, you will see a large building immediately NW of it. I get that the surgeon does his work out of a 3rd floor office right in the NE corner of that building.

  *   *   *   *
Things have been pretty mellow the last couple days. No greys or repts trying to feed into HAARP any more. Very few evil spacecraft near the Solar System, and not much detectable elsewhere. And i have not been getting hit as hard. And haven't detected any black magic going on by any life form.
Got a whole 0.3" of rain from that last system.

(7:45pm) Well, i must have been fairly close to the mark, because now they want to head over the border. No, you morons, there is no safety for Saddam in Tijuana. Hmmm, made him up to look like a Mexican, did you? Brilliant: no one looks twice at an old Mexican even in the US.
No, i suggest the deep recesses at Dulce or on Mars. Seriously. He'll just have to get used to the lifestyle.

(8:30pm) And why are these SS guys such frightened little bunny rabbits? Because they are aware of the existence of a dedicated group of loyal and savvy Iraqis who want to arrest and expose Saddam. Incidentally, this group has 4 Mossad infiltrators, whom i am trying to shake up a little.
Anyway, Saddam is right now at the Torreon airport. I think they are thinking of heading SW to Cerro Minillas.
But that will likely change any moment. Mars, i say, Mars is the answer.

(9:30pm) There are 6 SS guys and Saddam in a Humvee heading toward Matamoros. I suspect they don't have much of a plan at this point.

(10:30pm) They expect to find succor at the Mossad base just west of Matamoros [correction: about halfway between Torreon and Matamoros, and there are at least 2 Matamori in Mexico]:

The good Iraqis already know all about this place. What goes on there? Cocaine refining. Training in assassinations and torture, using live victims. Plastic surgery. Probably several other things.
Very strong, evil vibe coming off the DNA of the inhabitants.
Nobody will mess with precious Saddam there. And he'll feel right at home, a VIP.
Maybe he can live there instead of Mars.

Jan. 6, '07: Yes, i trust that yesterday was one of the more thrilling days of Saddam's life.
After i signed off last night, here's what happened. I'm not certain about every little detail, but here are my impressions:
Like i said, the good Iraqis were onto this base. Now, this Iraqi group is comprised of less than 200 individuals, and operates on a shoe-string budget. Nonetheless, they considered this base important enough to have a few agents in the vicinity, to keep an eye on it. This is hard to believe, i know.
Moreover, they considered my intelligence reliable enough that i think this is what they did, more or less: they drove west of the base on the highway some distance in 2 vehicles. One guy in a car went maybe 1/2 mile further that the others, and parked to keep a lookout for a Humvee full of men heading east. The 3 others may have been in a pickup that had a (squared-off?) log in it, about 16' long and 10" thick. The guy further west communicated with them by walkie-talkie or cell phone, to let them know what traffic was doing. When the time was right, the other 3 guys would wrestle the log out into (a dip in?) the road.
I picked up on this unfolding scenario about 25 minutes before impact, and proceeded to hit the bad guys with all i had and generally mess with their minds, hoping to distract them. Especially the driver. I don't know if this helped.

I suspect the vehicle was hauling ass, as these guys' cover was blown and they wanted to get into a safe haven pronto.

Apparently, the Humvee hit the log so hard it flew out of control, perhaps ending up standing on its side. Three of the SS guys were killed, and the rest of the passengers were injured, i suspect fairly seriously. The Iraqis did not trifle with them further. Maybe it was a bloody mess, and they wanted to split.

Eventually the men were hauled into the base, and the Humvee to a darkside repair shop on the south edge of Cerro de Rosas de Alamos.

Right now, the injured men are languishing in the base facilities. Unfortunately, i do not get the impression that any amputations have occurred.

Thanks to those out there who have been sending orgone at this base.
Around 10am today i noticed something that had somehow escaped my attention earlier: there is a base almost 300' below the visible subdivision, which had 14,000+ evil soldiers in it. For what purpose i don't know exactly. This seemed like a probable legitimate target for the good ETs, so i invited a smorgasbord of them down there to scope it out and take whatever action they deemed appropriate.
It took them almost an hour to eradicate the troops. They left 5 good reptilians down there to hold the fort.
I think something very important was accomplished.

I'm not sure if Saddam and the SS clowns are highly popular with the Mossad people right now. I might never have discovered that base had they not led me straight to it.

Only thing i don't get is, the base is really not that far from the airport. So how did it take so long for them to get there? I'm having trouble finding a good scale map of the area, but i think it's only about 10-15 miles from the airport to the base, which is about halfway between Matamoros and Torreon. So how did i know at 9:30 that they were heading out that way (i think it took a while for their ride to show up, plus they were a bit confused about what to do next after i posted about their plans to head SW, so their departure was delayed), then realized at a few minutes before 10:30 that they were headed to this base, yet it was still a while before the impact? Perhaps they stopped and debated what to do next after i posted that they were headed towards Matamoros, but even so...
I knew about the "accident" 25 minutes before it happened (not that i measured the time, but would check every few minutes by dowsing how much longer it would take) when it doesn't even seem like it would take more than a few minutes to drive from the airport to the base. I could not have been aware of the trap prior to making the 10:30 post, as that post is what informed the Iraqis so they could lay a trap to begin with. Though they might have suspected the base as a possibility. But it was not until more time had passed before i got that they were doing this, and there were about 25 minutes left to impact time.
There was likely very heavy traffic in the city area (Torreon has over 1/2 million inhabitants, and it was Friday night) but that still doesn't explain everything.
It doesn't seem to add up in the real world, yet i distinctly get that it did happen.

Make of it what you will. The 3 SS guys definitely croaked at the scene. The others are definitely at the base, and i'm pretty sure with broken bones.
And right now, Saddam is in the building in the center of this pic, with the line drawn through it. The SS guys are elsewhere.

  *   *   *   *
Missing jet mystery deepens: I say it's here:

The center circle is a bit off. The plane should be in the very center of the circle in the close-up pic. I could be more precise with a better map.
My impression is that somebody was alive still on Wednesday, but after that, if there's any life-force, it is too weak for me to detect.

Jan. 7, '07: Yeah, yeah, i know what you're thinking: Loohan's totally wigged out now. I have trouble believing some of this stuff i've been posting lately myself. I am going to have some friends test my ability to locate persons, to get an objective reality check.
If it turns out i'm as hot-snot as i think, maybe i'll be able to eke out a subsistence by finding missing persons/objects.
Not much demand anymore for protection against demons and ETs.

I have not caught any greys, repts, or other "ETs" attacking anyone or feeding DOR into transmitters in days. I have not found any demons powering any attacks. The only things hitting me lately are NSA astrals, always in conjunction with octopi, werewolves, or spiders. But the attacks are fairly infrequent and quite wimpy.

  *   *   *   *
At this time, Saddam is in another building more in the center of the base, west of where he was. Scanning his body, i find nothing amiss except extreme pain energy in the left knee joint. It may be shattered.

Jan. 8, '07: (12:30am) Nope, i can't prove squat that way.
I had thought i had broken through to a new level of dowsing ability with this Saddam stuff. Despite very low overall DOR levels, i have been able to get remarkably crispy responses on most anything having to do with his ever-changing whereabouts. All i had to do was dowse whether he was here or there, and zoom in on him. Alas, i can't duplicate this on ordinary people. Unless i figure out a way to pump a huge surfeit of energy into them. Problem is, there is not much evil energy available these days, and good energy does not make much difference to the already-sweetened Earth.
The thing is, Saddam has had the focussed attention of dozens of well-paid darksiders on him at all times, many under stress over security matters. And then the very effort to maintain secrecy, to hide evil with guns drawn, looking about nervously, creates ripples in the fabric of the grand cosmic wazoo, along with, perhaps, the "karmic" disturbances associated this puppet's impact on history.
I believe all this energy and attention is why i can track him. Indeed i was reading the intentions of the SS guys before they made moves. I am really largely tracking the attention and intention of the SS and other darksiders involved.

Attention may also be involved in the airplane thing, though at this time i am less certain i was correct on that one.

(9:15am) Saddam is still in the same building near the center of the base, and right in the center of this circle.

Jan. 9, '07: (9:30pm) Saddam was moved out of bed today, and has been spending most of his time sitting on the toilet, is my impression. Due to the agony of movement, he's parked there indefinitely in a state of peristalsis run amok. He is getting a lesson in humility and what it's like to be powerless. Some bad person has been sending him highly cathartic frequencies. I just joined in. Maybe his stomach will come out his ass overnight. Think cascara sagrada, ex-lax, cayenne, in an epsom salt slurry.

I also suspect that someone hit them in Torreon on the night of the "accident" and this explains some of the delay. At that time, Saddam had to go real bad, and a couple SS guys kind of had the urge, too.

Jan. 10, '07: I woke up last night around 2, and Saddam was still enthroned. Woke again around 6, and he was laying down. By late morning he was back on his perch again, and i think he's remained there since. It's 7pm now.
A couple hours after i posted last night, there were 8 people working on his bowel functions. Now there are still 7 at it. He seems very weak.

This catharsis thing was pioneered by Al years ago, and i have neglected to use it much. But now i'm hooked.

Mike Beebe got his greasy butt inaugurated yesterday as the new governor of AR, and he's already committing gross treason by allowing thick chemsoup to creep across the state he is pretending to be governor of.
I'm a bit busy with other targets, but i gave him a blast, and i do believe he had a good bowel movement as a result.

Core Motivation: As i have mentioned, i have been dowsing people's core motivation for some time. I believed that a DORy core motivation meant a selfish attitude that is a precursor to evil.
However, today i have had some insights about this. There are numberless things that can cause this, and "core motivation" is a misnomer, although that term serves to dowse it.
In Scientology, there is a term called "evil purposes" and counseling to remove them, called Expanded Dianetics and the False Purpose Rundown. Ironically. I actually had a fair bit of the latter in the mid-80s, and it was actually pretty good. "Evil purps" are formed in a person during a traumatic confusion, and then held by the person ever after, at least latently. Actually most are probably deliberately injected during trauma-based mind control of one sort or another.
I suspect that what i have been feeling as core motivation is due to active evil purposes that people have.

First i looked into one individual, whom i had repeatedly dowsed the core of for months, and traced the nastiness i found in his core. It seems that in 1044 AD, he had some sort of incident in which he was very disappointed with the British. He felt cheated, betrayed, or something for reasons i can't find. Ever since he has been locked onto wanting all British to suffer horribly for this. Not very logical almost a thousand years later. He had actually written me about this desire, so it didn't take much to ferret out the purp, though i had not expected that, in itself, to be the whole matter causing the dirtiness.
A thought came out of nowhere that i could deactivate the purp by removing a particular speck of it (that's the extent of my comprehension,) so i did that, and ever since his core has felt clean!

My mom had a dirty core. I have long thought of her as a matrix-enforcement type; the sort of person who would always choose conformity and slavery for herself and others. Especially conformity. I dowsed and found that indeed, this was her evil purp, instilled long ago. Now she feels clean.

I proceeded to "do" a bunch of other people i know that i knew had dirty cores, and found that actually i don't need to get any particulars, all i need to do is intend to remove a key speck to their purp. Some people have more than one active.
We'll see how this stands the test of time. Other experiments i had previously made to clean up people's cores were quite ineffective.

Then i tried doing this on illuminati types. It seems to work. I did a bunch of prominent big-name jerks, and i'll do some more. Not sure what, if any, behavioral changes may result.

Jan. 11, '07: (3:30pm) Heavens. Cmdr. Loohan was having a splendid day doing outdoor chores on the homestead, when suddenly, his testes were the target of a multi-pronged attack unlike anything he had ever experienced within the last several weeks. Oooh, they really took the gloves off. Not only the usual NSA, octopi, werewolves, and spiders, but small greys again, and actual Mossad astrals from Tel Aviv! And i think they might have had a few reptilian black magicians feeding them energy.
Most people would probably never have detected an assault of that magnitude, but Cmdr. Loohan is very delicate.

Meanwhile, i kind of get the impression Saddam has not left his porcelain perch since i last posted. He must be strapped in place, fading in and out of consciousness, with his bowels convulsing and heaving non-stop, concerned attendants fluttering about, aghast.
Let this be a lesson to others... like maybe the Mossad guy who sent those astrals.

(8:15pm) I just flashed on something. Remember the Aztlan bunch? Rhetoric about Native Americans taking back what was stolen from them by the US. Very anti-Zionist and anti-Jew as well.
Chinese-controlled Satanists running the show 100%. And sincerely anti-Zionist and anti-US. But fully as evil and Satanic as their foes. That's why they hate Jews (and, covertly, Christians). And they're in Mexico. And Mossad is in Mexico. And it's possible that the Aztlans recently learned something about that. It's possible the 14K underground troops were there to counterbalance some Aztlanners in a crisis.
It's just that i keep getting these images of hordes of Aztlan thugs overrunning the base and converging on Saddam squatting on the potty, videocams running...

No, that's not an official Swami Loohan prediction. CIA is down there, too...
My inclination is to cut the Aztlanners some slack for the duration of this episode. Get back to them later when they're less useful.

Jan. 12, '07: Local weather forecast: I just checked wunderground, and saw something unlike any forecast i can remember seeing here before. 100% rain chances today, tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night, and the next day. And 90% that night.
"The rain may be heavy at times."

I find 4 of us still working on Saddam, who still hasn't moved.

  *   *   *   *
Pine tree orgone: See today's update on my gardening page.

  *   *   *   *
(7:45pm) Saddam is laying down now. He must be pooped. Four of us still on him.

I have (barely) noticed some very weak attacks by reptilians today. As well as the usual. Very weak.

(11:25pm) OK, it finally went down. You can quit nailing Saddam if you want. He is... in transit. I won't say where, because i don't want him to fall back into the hands of the cover-up artists.
And i'd just as soon Saddam remain alive at this point, in case the Chinese want to prove who he is by his fingerprints, and raise a public stink about it.

Speaking of which, i just caught 18 Chinese psychics on my case. Then 2 Russians. Funny number. Then i think it was 9 Mossad psychics. Then another Chinese one. About this time, the NSA astrals started yanking on my nuts again, too.
The foreigners weren't astral attackers. I suspect they were trying to read my mind, and remotely influence my thoughts.

Jan. 13, '07: Clone hunting: The guy pretending to be the deceased David Rockefeller at the last Bilderberg meeting is actually his clone, also an illuminatus. Likewise, there is a clone of the deceased Sensei Dennis, but he knows no martial arts. And Mike Beebe has 2 clones. [Chertoff also has 2 clones.]
Oh, Mikey? Next time i see any chem floating around here, i have a very special surprise for the three of you. And some folks at NOAA. And some pilots. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

And Nancy Pelosi has a clone, too. You girls be good now, if you don't want a spanking.

(6pm) It has not been a good week for poor Saddam. He is now the property of nasty rival darkside interests aside from being in pretty messed-up physical shape. About 800 evil Chinese around him now; the Mexicans are more peripheral, lower echelon. OK, you guys, better do something imaginative with him quick, because i intend to blast the crap out of all you sickos fairly soon, and publish a map with your base.

I think the CIA knows quite well where the Aztlanner base is.

The Mossad guys that were in the other base are no longer there. They are imprisoned.

I have confiscated a few reptilians working with the Chinese Aztlanners. Also i have found a few lizards at times feeding into the transmitters again, And i have been faintly hit by reptilians several times today.
Even found 6 yellow nordics on me this morning. Other than that, it's been the usual NSA & Mossad astrals, octopi, spiders, werewolves.
All pretty wimpy, though.

  *   *   *   *
The weather: Rain rain rain. I am fortunate to be somewhat south of a colder zone where the rain is freezing on the trees. Springfield, MO already had major power outages from broken trees earlier today, and they are predicted to get like non-stop freezing rain on into tomorrow night. But here we are fortunately not supposed to get cold enough until the very end of the storm period. It is sad what it does to the trees when the weight of the ice reaches the breaking point of the wood. I have a lot of damage from earlier ice storms several years ago.

(9pm) The Chinese seem mostly interested in dragging Saddam back to Iraq to have him show them where something is. So, screw it, i'll share my impressions of their route: I think they are driving to Matamoros (the one on the coast) and catching a ship, possibly China Shipping Lines. Air travel is uncool here for the Chinese. Right now they might be just over halfway between Torreon and Saltillo.

The Picacho Chinese base is sort of west of Torreon just a few miles. The Mossad base was just a few miles east of Torreon.
A while ago i found a bunch of green nordics and greys, nobody else, just a few miles south of Torreon, under the highway in a valley. Must be something about this area.

Jan. 14, '07: I think Saddam and the Chinese are at the Days Inn at 715 North Frontage Road, room 246, in Brownsville, TX, 78520. Drop on by with autograph requests. I suspected last night they were actually going to Brownsville, which is immediately north of Matamoros. But thought it unlikely they would be able to cross the border with the CIA on them like they are. CIA has the motel staked out, and the Chinese are probably aware. Not sure what the plan is. The CIA doesn't want them to get Saddam on board ship, as then the Chinese will have ample opportunity to interrogate Saddam at their leisure. I suspect the ship arrives tomorrow. I guess the CIA is reluctant to rush the Chinese because Saddam is a hostage, and has something the NWO boys value, probably the same info that the Chinese want. It might have something to do with this article from which i haven't read yet (pdf file). But beware, Sitchin is darkside.

Even if the Chinese get the info, it might be a challenge for them to do anything with it in US-occupied Iraq, especially with me ratting on them.

I think there is only one toilet in the motel room, and they've only rented one suite so far, for 6 Chinese and Saddam. They may find the facilities inadequate when the sudden urge strikes all at once. Likewise, the 9 CIA guys in 2 vehicles parked outside may have to endure some discomfort.

I don't know what the big fuss is over Saddam. I could probably dowse out wherever this place is. The auction starts at one trillion dollars. Otherwise, should the US or Chinese find what they're looking for, i will be sure to make the location public.

Been getting more of the same kind of mild attacks today. Even a few greys got in on the act. More of the same kind of weather, too.

(5:30pm) I just realized that the CIA is flying in 18 backup guys. On a plane with 2 toilets, i believe. I think they only took off recently, and are still over VA.
I will continue to monitor the situation and ensure that everyone who wants to join in enjoys a thorough evacuation or two.

(6:10pm) You guys are great. I have 6 of you backing me up on this.

Oh, yeah, the Aztlan base: as i was blasting away last night i belatedly realized it was a target for the ET friends to handle, which they did. Mopped it up and left 4 Lemurians there. I wonder what happens to all the rotting corpses in situations like that. I think they are still where they dropped. I presume the Lemurians do not have to breathe our air.

Tell you one thing: these Chinese don't seem any brighter than our white boys, which is reassuring.

(7pm) The CIA jet with the 18 guys landed at Birmingham, AL (East Thomas Gardens Lake reservoir on the west side of town; seems to be a CIA spot. Especially in the big building there.) They plan to clean up and continue on. A shower while their clothes are being laundered. I think 6 are on the crapper right now; those are all the available seats.

(11:25pm) Beware Chinese Psychics! I found 9 more trying to read my mind when i was dowsing earlier. I don't think they were successful. Then i scanned my friends and found 18 on Archie. They want your dowsing info, perhaps, Archie. Nailed them some. More potty stuff. That tends to discourage them. I don't think they're astral, just doing work from in their bodies.

Jan. 15, '07: It rained most of the night. 32F this morning, but almost no ice here. Total rainfall for storm was 5.4".
Daffodils have sprouted up about 3" already, despite the fact that i have had a lot of weather in the 20s lately. Seems a bit early for that. Now we're slated for a couple 12 degree nights.

I think all the players are still where we left them last night. Must be a nasty scene in the CIA cars. The other CIA guys still are in Birmingham. I made sure that all the bad guys at the Birmingham base as well as on the 125 darksiders on the Chinese ship experienced vigorous and repeated peristalsis.
I found a website for the Port of Brownsville that even has a list of the ships presently in port or due soon, but i don't think our ship is on it. Yet, i have the vague impression that the Chinese ship is now heading into port. Matamoros/Brownsville are actually inland a few miles, on the river. I think the ship is now heading north on the last stretch to the port. But i'm not real confident of that. I think the guys at Birmingham plan to leave for there around 1pm my time (CST).
There seems to be 9 of us working on this now (are we numerologically correct, or what?) and it would probably be a good thing to continue this for a few more hours.

  *   *   *   *
I am probably at least as mystified as everyone else about this Michael Devlin guy in the news who kidnapped those 2 boys. Logically, i would expect Devlin to be another intergenerational MPDed Satanist who used sophisticated mind control to keep boys as sex slaves, probably MPDing them, too.
But, i detect no such things. I can't detect that Devlin has ever has sex with a male or a child. Or that anyone in this story is MPD or into black magic. Or that the boys have ever had sex of any sort, or were traumatized.
Makes no sense. Why would Devlin want a couple more mouths to feed? What would motivate him to abduct those boys, and cause all that emotional pain to their families and friends? And why did the one boy stick around for years? Truly bizarre.

  *   *   *   *
(5:30pm) OK, the good Iraqis have custody of Saddam now! I'm not sure how they pulled it off. Three of the Chinese are dead; i don't think any CIA guys were injured, nor any Iraqis. I'll write up what little i know in a bit.
The Iraqis are not even being pursued, whether because of our deterrence powers or some other reason, i do not know. They are being tracked, and the guys tracking them have no constipation problems at this time. Even though there is presently some cloud cover over the region, i think they are being tracked visually by satellite. I do not detect transmitters on the Iraqis' vehicles.

I noticed a big gnarly chemtrail through a break in the cloud cover here, so i am also working on all chem pilots, all evil NOAA personnel, as well as the 3 Beebes.

  *   *   *   *
Fourteen of the Iraqis had converged on Brownsville, and had been monitoring the scene. These Iraqis are much smarter than the degenerate Sataninnies with their bloated budgets and hi-tech. They are also deeply religious. Even though Mohammed was a darkside agent, there is enough truth in Islam to give it broad appeal. Mohammed did not create a whole new religion; he built up on Judaism and Christianity. The word Allah is very old, pre-dating Islam, and refers to Jehovah (and/or the One Source). The word does not have an evil vibe like "Yahweh" which refers to the Demiurge. And some scholars say it is the original name for Jehovah. Some peoples also used the word Yah, which despite its similarity to Yahweh and Yaldabaoth, does not invoke this creature.
So when Muslims invoke Allah, they are invoking the good guy, and hence many Muslims are actually very close to God.

Last night i noticed the strong familiar presence of Jehovah in Brownsville, due to the fervent praying of the Iraqis. I don't think Jehovah particularly wants to be worshipped, and i doubt he is able to anwer everyone's prayers, but he is a smart warrior who is always interested in helping in such truly important matters. And he responded to the summons. I had the distinct impression that these men had a working relationship with Allah. And quite unlike the media stereotype of (Mossad-influenced) Muslims, i also had the impression that they sincerely dislike violence, and seek to avoid harming even Satanists as much as feasible.
I felt they were praying to Allah to help them, to create an opportunity. They did not want to blow Saddam away, but arrest him. Their chances seemed slim to me, but i also prayed that Jehovah would help them. And sent him some juice.

I knew much of the day that the Chinese were planning to leave at 3pm my time. I had to go to work this afternoon, and wasn't able to monitor what was going on as well as i wanted. I waited until a minute or so before they were to exit, and poured on the intention for the Chinese and CIA guys to mess their pants again.
Shortly thereafter, the Chinese and Saddam were heading to the port, as were the CIA. I think maybe half the Iraqis were already at the port. But i figured there was no way the Iraqis could pull it off.
Next i was able to check, the Iraqis had Saddam, and 3 Chinese were dead.

I really don't understand what happened. I do not know why the Chinese were allowed to cross the border into the US unmolested. I do not know why the CIA did not blow them away after they left the motel. I do not know why the now-15 Iraqis were allowed to drive back through the border into Mexico. I do not know how the Iraqis expect to proceed, and wouldn't tell if i did know.
Anyway, i will monitor the situation for the safety of the Iraqis. It has been an honor working with such competent and dedicated people.

I had posted a while back that the larger Iraqi group had 3 Mossad infiltrators. I tried to send them palsy energy, nervous trembling, etc. to make them identifiable. They were not harmed, but they are no longer in the group. I think they were expelled.

(7pm) I guess it must be dark over eastern Mexico now; in any case the Iraqis are not being tracked at this time.

Jan. 16, '07: A little update on mobius strips for those interested.

Some fairly intriguing things going on with Saddam, but i'm not at liberty to state more. Everything seems under control. I detect no attempts at interference with the Iraqis, but it is possible the US guys (probably not the Chinese) know the plan and are allowing it because they hope to catch Saddam later. This is highly uncertain to dowse, though.

(2pm) Most remarkable people, these Iraqi allies. They get things done in their own ways.
On 2nd thought, i doubt that the NWO boys know what's going on with Saddam now.

(9pm) Yup. This will be an interesting story to tell someday when it's safe. Maybe years from now. I don't know what this is leading up to, but things are happening. Saddam was turned over to other members of the group elsewhere. The tall greys know where these Iraqis are: i just pulled some off them, and will watch more closely over them. Allah is with them, and they seem to have enjoyed good fortune so far. They were in great danger for a while, but are in a somewhat safer zone now. But the ETs are going to be after them for a while now, i suspect. And maybe they will communicate to the bad humans where Saddam is.

(11:15pm) I'm not having difficulties keeping them clean; maybe there's not much of an ET problem left here.

  *   *   *   *
More about the "big clean-up" i mentioned Jan. 3: I noticed some people out there have taken my recommendation on this. Some of these are MPD victims. I have the impression that the process is clearing up the evil energy stored in these trauma alters. Whoa, even more penetrating than Scientology!
Impressive, but not surprising. MPD practices have been around for vast ages, and if these angels couldn't deal with it they wouldn't be the real deal.
Incidentally, i don't think people carry their alters into their next incarnation. But they do carry some of the stored trauma and associated "abberations" as LRH would say.

Jan. 17, '07: (1am) Life is so fascinating lately. Dan Burisch (see Dec. 23) has had a heart condition. I found an implant earlier today. Moved out its energy. Not sure whether there is a physical component left behind or not.
Then a little while ago i decided to turn my power tools on the subject of his physical health. Well, a few minutes later, a vaguely unpleasant, unfamiliar presence came to check me out, displeased. Took me a while to figure it out: a tall white (see Aug. 8). After bagging it, i continued a few more minutes, and the other 8 came by to visit.

(5:40pm) Think i got about 180 tall whites from that scene so far.

Had some issues this morning with reptilians sending their juice into HAARP from various locations on Mars. I wasn't slowing them down much until i remembered to check for the big saurians, and bag them first. Always try to remember that if you're blasting bad guys or trying to scoop them up, and they seem too resistant.

Got hammered a fair bit by all the usual suspects, but nothing very traumatic.

(7:30pm) It has been action-packed this evening so far.
Including such things as 9 rept ships, a grey/rept base on the moon, And then, Mossad astrals jump me from the Estes Park Mossad base. This is the first i've noticed it acting as a source of psychic attacks. I feel DORy energy from a level of 300 to 1100' under this circle. This "DOR" is mainly coming from the colons of some 900 evil people i'm sending laxative love to.
There was a saurian i had to bust, a few reptilians, and some kind of shields powered some time back by spells, which broke when i removed the seraphim demons.

(Yawn) By the way, it was 9 degrees F at my place this morning; the coldest so far for this winter. But it's supposed to stay above 20 the next few days. Looks like more precipitation likely Saturday.

(8:15pm) Looks like we recently picked up some firepower. I get that there are now 20 of us working on that base. Welcome, new folks! I think i recognize a couple...

(9pm) Then i got hit by ass-trals from the Mossad base in Tel Aviv. Like a gnat compared to Estes Pk., though. Mossad seems to have a problem with me lately for some reason.

(9:30pm) And all that stuff was partly to distract me from something else: a coven in my neighbor's house doing doggie sacrifice to cast spells against me. My psycho Master Mason narcotics-trafficking neighbor, his poor MPD wife, his 2 evil sisters, and 5 other people from Conway are mixing their feces with dog blood now. Weird.

Jan. 18, '07: (7:30am) Heh-heh, thanks guys! I slept quite soundly. Fortuitous that some new people came on board just in time for that. Also some 70K good ETs of various sorts responded. They get nervous when menacing people are in my vicinity. There are still 20K at it. Not sure what they're doing, but all those people are still passed out on the floor, i think. I haven't done anything to wake them up. Though i think there are still 20 of us blasting them.
The guy's wife is still in her evil alter. Her handler is one of the other people from Conway.

At one point last night, i had the impression the 9 were standing in a circle around the dog, holding hands, resisting the assault, strengthened by "Satan". What the? How did he get out of jail? I scooped him up, then realized it was only a reptilian.
Apparently for some time other demons (Enochian, Goetia, Seraphim) have been filling in for Satan, Lucifer, etc., probably with many practitioners none the wiser. But now even those have pretty much stopped responding. So now reptilians are taking up the slack. I just realized this, and will have to watch more closely. I don't think the repts hold a candle to real demons. The lizards would rather be doing ritual themselves, to add the demons' energies to their own, but now they, too, are having problems getting demons to respond. One important difference, though, is that the repts are not a threat to the practitioners, as long as their purposes are in alignment. Unlike the true demons. So, although the humans can no longer get the demons to work for them, only against them, they can get the repts to work for them. But how much harm can they do that way? Probably not much, but i'll pay attention to this in the future.

(12:30pm) Just noticed HAARP clouds. It was reptilians from 9 spots on Mars. Saurians, too. Then i noticed greys, also on Mars, also using saurians. Got them, too. Now i can't find anybody feeding in DOR, but the ripples keep happening, anyway. Happens sometimes.

(4pm) Thanks for the blasting on that. I think there were more repts and greys that i was missing. It's been overcast for some time, so i can't see whether ripples remain.

Ok, i guess it's time for an update on the neighbor situation. So far, none seem to have revived or moved. Except the guy's wife. I think they are all being killed except for her. She was spared because she is an innocent victim. In fact, i think some angels or something shifted her back into her primary persona who knows nothing about any black magic goings-on.

Unfortunately, i strongly suspect she died anyway. Imagine waking up to find yourself in your bedroom, but where the bed is supposed to be is a board with a bound and gagged, tortured dog on it, still alive and in its excrement. Human shit squirted all over the place. Your husband and relatives laying about disheveled, partly-clothed, and paralyzed. You are mostly paralyzed still yourself, can barely prop yourself up for a look around. Perhaps you are able to vocalize some sounds, but couldn't awake the others. You are 60-ish and not in the best of health. You have no recollection of ever seeing anything so incongruous, disgusting, and shocking. And the stench!
I noticed she had awoken shortly after 11am, but within 10 minutes or so, she apparently died.
Now, i've been wrong before. I have thought people were dead, but some didn't stay in the grave. If you look at my entry for Sep. 9, you will see i wrote
On Wed., Aug. 30, i got wind that someone was planning to shoot lead bullets into me 2 days later. Within 24 hours, the person who put out a contract on me was dead, as was the hit man and his chauffeur.
Then i retracted it on the 12th. The man who'd put out the contract was this same neighbor. An NSA agent Mason acquaintance of his had told him (my impression) who i was, about my anti-Masonic website and activities, and that i might be responsible for some of the symptoms he'd been having. He hates me anyway, has been doing black magic against me since '97, along with other nasty things. So he hired a hit man. The NSA wanted him (a notorious mad-dog psycho) to put out the hit and get caught for it so that they could get rid of me in a plausible way. Here Loohan had all these conspiracy theories about how the gummint was out to get him, but the gummint never paid any attention to this nut. How did he die? A crazy neighbor of his that he's had a history of altercations with had him killed.
But i digress.
The wife does feel pretty dead.

This was actually not a blood ritual. More a cigarette-burn ritual. I get that my neighbor picked up the dog in Greenbriar, from a do-gooding secret-handshake buddy who takes in stray animals and tries to find them a "home" for a small fee, with practitioners of the noble craft. It is a castrated male, which is why his testes aren't burnt. His penis and right eye are, and a few other sensitive places. He's still alive, though unconscious.

It appears to be the intention of the ETs to grind the life out of the rest of the bunch. Except 3 younger ones they want to spare: i think these are the man's daughter, her husband, and their son. All MPD, incidentally. I think. Although these have not awoken or moved yet, either. If they live, they may look the same, but they'll never be the same people, if you know what i mean. So don't hit them with any bad energy.

(9:40pm) Whew, that poor dog finally expired.
At one point i had to clear away a bunch of repts that were trying to hinder what's going on there. Then i found one feeding off the dog, a higher echelon one, apparently, all fattened with the free lunch.

Jan. 19, '07: (8:30am) Right after the pooch died, i think so did the husband of my neighbor's wife's MPD handler. Then shortly thereafter, the younger of my neighbor's sisters likewise bit it. Leaving alive only my neighbor, his older sister, and the MPD handler. Except for the 3 others they spared, who have a great vibe now after some purification.

There was some interest yesterday evening after my 4pm post. Someone at CIA was very curious to know if i was full of it; so much so that they wasted 3 teams of astral turkeys. And someone in Greenbriar (also spelled Greenbrier) from my neighbor's drug ring read my blog, and hopped in a car with 3 other Satanists to see what they could do. Nasty job, but someone's gotta take care of it. I salute them for their courage. But alas, they had car problems a couple miles north of Greenbriar, and had to walk back with their diarrhea freezing in their pants legs in the cold winter breeze. No cell phones on them, amazingly. They were not happy campers.
Then when they got to a phone, they helpfully notified their cohorts in the Searcy County Sheriff's Dept. which has long had 4 Satanists in it.
By the time i realized this latter, all 4 were in a vehicle just 1.5 miles or so east of me, heading this way. All ready to hold their noses and do the cover-up thang. Let's see, maybe food poisoning killed them unfortunate pillars of society. But alas, the Sheriff's crew, too, was besieged by problems, and i don't think they will be selling any more meth.

Incidentally, it was Sheriff Loggins whom i was referring to on Sep. 9 when i said
As that was going on, i picked up on another law enforcement joker closer by who didn't want hassles involved with a murder, but hired 3 thugs to beat me up Tuesday morning at like 2am. I asked the Pleiadians to bust them, too, and they did.
After which Loggins was replaced by a CIA guy. This guy was among the 4 yesterday. C'mon, CIA, we need 4 more doubles down here, on the double!

  *   *   *   *
Super-storm in Europe: I have detected no weather mod activities on this except for the HAARP efforts i've mentioned, which probably had relatively little effect.
Today there is a fair bit of stale chem floating around here, but i have seen no ripples, and i detect no DOR feed-ins to HAARP or the like.

  *   *   *   *
Another person who was in that Sheriff's Dept. vehicle yesterday was Investigator Don Coppenhaver (sp?). In late 2001, a crazy old local woman and notoriously dangerous driver caused a collision with me. I came around a bend heading in to town, and there she was in my lane, hauling ass up the hill. Presumably she had just veered off the highway to turn up the steep hill, and didn't want to waste her momentum. She also didn't seem to feel any need to take her foot off the accelerator once she saw me, nor veer into her lane. There was plenty of physical evidence that she still was partly in my lane at the time of the collision. Also, despite the 20 degree uphill slope and the fact that she scraped the entire left side of her Honda Civic against the corner of my F-150 pickup, she did not come to a stop for quite a while thereafter.
Coppenhaver was the man on the scene. He did not write any tickets, but he was extremely selective in the the info he put on the report, and submitted no photos of all the evidence pointing to her wrongdoing. She, of, course, lied through her teeth about it, to show her gratefulness for the effective effort i made to spare her injury. My insurance company ended up paying 5 or 6 grand to fix her vehicle, whereas i had to pay to fix mine. And my rates went up.
There was something bizarre about the accident, and her demeanor when i spoke to her. I suspected she was possessed or influenced to run into me. I also felt that Coppenhaver was a slimeball at the time. After i saw his report, i suspected he must be a Masonic acquaintance of my neighbor, who must have told him about my anti-Masonic and anti-meth leanings.
I now know that the woman is an MPDed Satanist, as is Coppenhaver.
From that point on, i have made a habit of usually carrying a camera when i drive. My previous accident, in Austin in1984 or -5, also was the other person's fault, but because i didn't have a camera with me then, either, he was able to lie his way out of it, too.

But this neighborhood is gradually getting cleaner. The real law is around now.

(2:40pm) The chem outside just started rippling again. Saurian-protected repts and greys again, but now from Earth.

I have had a few fresh trails laid overhead. I can't help but wonder: did NOAA recently invest in bulk quantities of adult diapers? I'll let you dowsers out there play with that one.

(3:10pm) Oops, Mars again, too, now.

  *   *   *   *
A note for the Iraqis: I do not detect any tracking implant on Saddam. I do not detect anyone who ever placed any, nor anyone trying to track him via a transmitter. For what it's worth. It is entirely possible they are stupid enough to overlook such a precaution.
I do not detect anybody evil who knows his anything about his whereabouts.

Incidentally, for you orgone heads, it is a good idea to give Saddam a good reaming out once in a while. He is the re-incarnation of the biblical Nebuchadnezzar. And i don't mean as a human soul, but as a powerful insectile demon (archon). Even without doing black magic, he "naturally" has strong DOR. A few days ago i took away all the parasites i had put in him, wanting to clean up his vibe around his captors. However, his vibe was just as bad when i checked earlier, because his own energy rebounded. Basically this is an insectile demon which i am apparently unable to jail because he is incarnate. He is a living devil, make no mistake about it. Blasting him will keep his powers in check.

  *   *   *   *
Well, the folks at the Little Rock suburban CIA base want y'all to know about their top-secret location:

Just don't tell nobody. Actually, they telegraphed to me their intentions of coming up this way. Very civil of them. In return, i politely asked them to reconsider. They have 76 evil employees, and 8 toilets. Long lines outside.

Jan. 20, '07: A couple more tidbits about that CIA base above: It is a residential base. The employees live there. And it goes down to a depth of 200 ft.

  *   *   *   *

(7:30pm) Not only did i find 9 repts in this one on the west side of Sacramento, but an insectile demon! Most unusual to find in bases these days.

I'm on a big kick this evening of encouraging the ETs to shut down major transmitters, computer systems, etc. At least it feels like that's happening. They are much more encouraged if i scrape away the saurians, greys, repts, etc. first.

(8:30pm) Wow, 35 people blasting that base! I think we picked up 15 power hitters from down under. G'day, mates, welcome aboard. Touched that you care about US CTs. I'd already had the ETs work on the Telstra tower and a couple other biggies. I'll go through my AU file and see if we can knock out some intel computers, etc. You can email me targets down there. Pine Gap still seems clean.

It feels to me as though the computers/systems at all the HAARP-like locations, etc. i can think of are down. GWEN system -- the tower in AZ was the only one standing after the first assault. There seems to be a fair-sized something there. I found loads of greys, etc. It went down, too.
Pentagon, Vatican, some Mossad bases, some Russian stuff, IDF, AU Intel & AU Defense, banks, MI-1 through 13, Chinese torture camps, IRS, UN, Fed Reserve, NOAA, NSA, CIA, ONI, DARPA, DIA, DEA, Halliburton, Carlyle Group, DOW, Monsanto, Proctor & Gamble, Mormon Temple in Silver Spring, MD, Scottish Rite Temple just north of White House, etc. etc. etc.

However, i don't know if that means anything in the real world, so i'd welcome feedback if anyone notices anything definitive. I question my sanity at times.

Jan. 21, '07: (5:30pm) Yup, sometimes i wonder about myself. I didn't realize until midnight that i had forgotten to upload that last pic. Yet, i dowsed that 35 people, including 15 Aussies with 64 radionics machines, were blasting that target. It is barely possible. The only info they would have had was that it was on the west side of Sacto, and it had had some creepazoid critters in it.
At this time i am getting that there are the numerical inverse, 53 blasters, hitting that base. Maybe i'm nuts.

And what about those people next door? Last i'd checked the remaining 3 were still paralyzed but alive on the floor in there. An hour and a half later, i drive by there coming home, and i see smoke coming out of the flue! They have a wood stove they sometimes use.
So, either i'm totally deluded and it's business as usual or ETs have walked into those bodies, too, and i was wrong about them wanting to physically kill them. I had thought it odd that they were taking so long to die. These are not young people.
I can't find any evil coming from there. Vaguely, i get that the 3 are now sitting in chairs, probably slowly coming out of paralysis.
The other 3 that had gotten different treatment i think are now Lemurian walk-ins. I had the impression they had teleported to the residence in Conway of their assumed bodies, and on my prompting, one of the first things they did was fill up 3 garbage bags with DORy occult paraphernalia that was in the house. The stuff was so funky i felt the need to disinfect it as best i could.

It might be them next door now. It's much harder for me to dowse benign beings than black magicians with any certainty. Anyway, i get no DORy vibe on any of the following next door at this time: evil beings, evil intentions, anyone with evil parents, anyone with evil alters, anyone who has ever done torture ritual. Just clean as a whistle.
It sure would be cool to have some groovy neighbors replacing that magnum first-class a-hole. If i weren't such a craven coward, i'd walk down there and knock on the door for the first time in 9.5 years. But, ah, it's cold and muddy. I got another 3/4" of rain. And i'm in the throes of self-doubt.

And yet... certain things seem clear. I apparently do have ET allies capable of paralyzing people. I think it might take continued effort on the part of a great many to keep them paralyzed, so i am loath to importune them frivolously. But dig this:
Yesterday morning i kept getting hit by astral humans from NSA & Mossad. Lately these have been usually stronger than the fauna, repts, and greys. So i had my friends paralyze the one person most responsible within each agency for sending those astrals at me. Since then, not one hit from them! Apparently their colleagues got cold feet when these guys keeled over, unrevivable, from their toilet seats.
Then yesterday evening, CIA Langley was dumb enough to send 18 astrals after me, so i did that guy, too, and since then, no more astral geeks!

So what about the 2 people i think died next door? I can't get a vibe off their corpses, assuming corpses they are. The dog i vaguely suspect may have been buried, but they would probably not have had time for that. Unless they mentally moved the body under the Earth or something. I do not know what their capabilities might be.

And about that shutting down of HAARP computers, etc.: last night they fired up more computers at a few of those places, so i asked the ETs to monitor that scene, and i detect no more of that. We shall see whether any more "scalar signatures" occur in the sky in the future.

OK, i have a little favor to ask from some of you blasters out there. The Octopus demons are still an obnoxious force to be reckoned with. The spiders and werewolf demons have gotten weaker, and incidentally, seem to always be sent by greys these days. But the octopi seem to be sending themselves. I have been using a lot of my resources to enfeeble them.

My concept, accurate or not, is that each species will have a morphogenic blueprint -- a pattern that exists somewhere in some dimension that all species members are connected to and maybe dependent on for the integrity of their form.
So i target that. That's largely how i apparently hopefully exterminated the Cthulhulian squid demons. Hitting the blueprint weakens them all, and their natural enemies tear them up.
Anyway, if it's not much trouble maybe some of you can send something to the blueprint for the octopus demons.

(11pm) More religious blather:
A little while ago i remembered something i had read in the The Wandering Taoist trilogy back in 1989 or so. As i recall, the protagonist of the story had an extra-special pair of knives that had been specially forged by a Taoist martial artist magician using spells. The knives were supposed to bring good luck in combat against bad guys, and indeed they worked pretty good. But now he had wended his way to NYC or someplace, and he didn't feel it was any longer appropriate for him to carry these things of violence that might get him in trouble. So he threw them in the river.

Well, i claim them, cackle, cackle, mine! I checked them out. No blood, torture stuff. No demons. Just a benign Red Nordic. In fact... damned if it isn't Allah/JHVH/Jehovah again! That was about the very last thing i expected.
But then again, i already suspected he was a Warrior God.

Jan. 22, '07: Tomorrow's my birthday, and my big treat is that "Bush" is going to sing me Happy Birthday on national TV. Maybe he'll abdicate his throne to me. If not, well, sharpen your weapons, ladies and gentlemen.

  *   *   *   *
(12:20am) Shortly after i posted at 5:30 yesterday, the 3 that were sitting in chairs stood up. Pleiadians. But something kept nagging at me. Could i trust them? They felt clean... pretty much...
Finally i pried it up. The Pleiadian that had walked into the body of my Mason neighbor was a darkside infiltrator! Somehow hard to spot. I scanned the other "discarnate" ETs and found lots more. They show up when i use the words "hiding it" while scanning. Scooped them up. Yanked the infiltrator out of the body. A different Pleiadian has it now.
It's not a dangerous situation unless they incarnate and aren't spotted. But i'll keep an eye on things.

(8:15am) By the time i noticed the infiltrators, there were about 3 dozen other take-over projects ongoing. I found about 25 of the walk-ins were darksiders! Mostly Lyrans. Got rid of them. All hard to detect, but producing a nagging feeling until i dug them up.
This is not a reflection on the good ETs. "Historically," even the good reptilians were unable to detect that they had entrusted the Hebrew race to evil repts, and the results were devastating. Even 25% of Jesus' disciples (John and James of the evil Zebedee, and Peter) were darkside agents, not to mention that Judas had been MPDed by his evil parents.
But, hey, i'm on the security detail now.

So far they have shown no interest in taking over bigwigs. But they do find it appropriate to take over the evil small fry peppering the landscape around Cmdr. Loohan's abode. Some of these are absentee landowners. Also the darkside owners of nearby successful businesses and ranches. Hopefully, we will have an economically-viable community of good folks here soon, with a decent land base and other resources. And no bad guys for miles around. There may be opportunities for human activists to seek a rural lifestyle here.

Other than that, the only other person they have shown interest in taking over is the tenacious obnoxious creep hassling my Indian friend.

  *   *   *   *
Regarding the "big clean-up" mentioned Jan. 3: I finally got into the deeper stuff. I've long had unresolvable issues in my solar plexus, and last night they started to come unglued. Very good. Having to massage the muscles around it, etc. Unpleasant energies coming to the surface.
This might have been partially precipitated the other day when i dowsed some past lives in which i was a black magician, and asked the angels to heal them. Which they did; i only find sweet energy when i scan them now.

Confession time: I came here thousands of years ago as a member of the race that uses the all-seeing eye symbol. Had a falling-out with them, and was dumped on Earth to be an Earthling about 5K years ago. Subsequent to that, i found 3 lives as a black magician. The first of these was "lite". This life had come up several times in Scientology auditing. I was a priest in what is now called Nepal. Not particularly evil, though we were of an aristocratic caste and kind of liked it that way. Kept occult knowledge to ourselves. There were 8 occasions in which i was part of an animal sacrifice ritual. In 3 of these i slashed the throat myself. However, there was no torture. Still, it was the Enochian class of demons that responded to these ceremonies, and they tainted me.
The 2nd was from 32 AD to ???, and had also come up a few times in auditing, though never the occult parts, of course. I was a Roman Centurion who persecuted Christians and stuff. It was a miserable life, and i died of gonorrhea, i think. I had an evil Dad, and was MPD.
Then in the 7th century i was in Tunisia, a bedouin darksider, also MPDed by daddy.

(10pm) Wow, yeah, i feel a certain euphoria. Looks like we'll have plenty of resources: heavy equipment, cleared land, forest land, small parcels with houses, ranches, businesses...
Much of that we can sell on the open market. In some case, the buyers will be darksiders, and we'll take them over, too, and sell the stuff again. All perfectly ethical, mind you.
This seems to be the way the ETs want to do it: take over from the bad guys while creating the alternative economic and social structures, and spread outward like an amoeba, engulfing the world. I'm no longer going to be a hermit, looks like.
And it's not like the ETs are on an imperialistic trip. Actually, they are not all that excited about taking over MPDed sleazeballs, nor of using their tainted genetics to breed more humans. This is for the Earth humans mainly.
And i think they got some kewl off-world alternative technologies to share. No reason we can't build a factory and employ people.
Not to mention do tractor farming, dairy, poultry, orchards, healing center, bike trails, crafts, martial arts studio with fitness machines and steam baths ...
And nobody will be able to mess with us.

Or maybe i've been drinking too much coffee. Except that i don't drink coffee.

(12:30pm) Correction: i have found some bigwigs they are taking over.

Jan. 23, '07: ...the implications of which finding could prove to be profound eventually.

Well, the Concentrated Idiocy Agency has sent 3 more teams of 6 astrals from Langley, so now they have 4 guys down.

They hardly were able to tickle me, thanks to the support of many of y'all who are sending protective energy this way. My latest far-fetched theory is that the Aussies have some network acquaintances, and now there are 189 people backing me up. Thanks for all the help! The octopi are taking a licking. They seem to know it's my fault, and occasionally tickle me faintly.

Serious chem here today, but i have so far seen no HAARP symptoms. Yet Clyde reports seeing them on the 21st, whereas i thought all that stuff was hopefully shut down since the evening of the 20th.

(4pm CST) Two hours until the speech. I get that many people are targeting George W. Bush, and their effort is wasted, as W is dead, in case you hadn't heard yet. If you don't quite believe me, at least phrase your target in such a way as to include any imposter. I'm pretty sure the guy who will be speaking is the one depicted on the left side of this page.

Jan. 25, '07: Easy S&T: it has been a long time since i have used the technique described in OTB 15 to concentrate the energy essence in graphics. Sittingtaoist emailed me about a free program (shareware actually; he says the crop function stopped working after a while) [Correction: it never did work for him; probably a bug. Freeware for private use.] available here: the PC Image Editor, an MSPaint-like program that S&Ts in one easy foolproof operation. Just open the image, go to Filter ---> Reproduce, set the sliding scale to the right. Repeat as many times as desired.

To the left we have a pic of the word "Allah" (Jehovah) which brings through his energy, which is pretty good lately, as there are very few greys and repts left to hassle him, compared with a year ago. To the right is the same pic run through the process a few times. Even though the pigmentation has faded out, it brings though the energy of Jehovah more strongly. I think if you used the letters JHVH instead of the Arabic, you would end up with the same energy.

By the way, those Taoist knives (their energy bodies) have been sticking in the morphogenic blueprint of the octopus demons for days now.

No chem today; just clear skies. Fairly bad yesterday, but still no HAARP stuff seen here.

NSA and CIA have hit me a few more times with astrals, but it's not nearly as bad as it was. I have the impression their top guys are paralyzed.

Jan. 31, '07: Well, they've hit me a lot since, mainly today in larger groups of 18 now. Even Mossad got into it a few times. Even though (i think) each time one of their honchos gets paralyzed. There may be certain reasons why they are getting increasingly desperate.

I left home on the morning of the 29th, and arrived in the DC area (VA) the following afternoon. My annual visit with my parents.

HAARP signatures: On the way up here, i kept seeing small spots in the sky where the chem was a bit rippled. Mostly, this was from GWEN sytem towers that the opposition kept sneaking back online. Also some of the other big transmitters. Gakona is down, possibly permanently.
I kept urging the good ETs to knock out the transmitters again. The ripples would go away for a while, then come back.
I forgot about it from yesterday afternoon until late morning today. I checked and found all GWEN up, as well as a bunch of other big transmitters. And big saurians, greys, and reptilians protecting the hardware from the good ETs. A major battle ensued between Cmdr. Loohan and the forces of darkness, and eventually my jail was packed with bad guys. Not only the weather mod ones, but all the ones that were attacking me, including lots of tall whites, greys from Earth, Mars, the moon, Pluto, Zeta Reticuli, Rigel, etc., octopi, repts, intel astrals... They were really out to get me earlier today. Then things calmed down, but when i looked at the chem-smeared sky around 5pm, there was again some scalar weirdness, and i had to scoop up a bunch more saurians, and it went away again.
So if you note any scalar clouds, here are some things you can do:
  • Scoop up the big saurians, greys, and repts that are likely to be protecting the transmitters.
  • Scoop up the greys and repts that are feeding their DOR into the systems.
  • Once the coast is clear, ask the good ETs to shut down the hardware (they may already have jumped on it by then).

    Oh, yeah, one cool thing:
    When i last made this trip a year ago, the freeways were transmitter hell. This time, no DOR detectable from any roadside transmitters or "cell" towers. I even went through some countryside i hadn't seen before, and all the towers were null. No doubt they are still pumping out the freqs, but i can't feel anything because there is no demonic energy left to piggyback on them, and there are not enough greys, repts, etc. left to DORize all that stuff.
    Furthermore, all the etheric orgone balls (mentally-generated positive energy balls) that i'd stuffed into towers, road signs, metal bridges, and guard rails last year were still there! Kind of got back into that activity a bit.

    Another matter of interest is that we have uncovered an interesting activity in Arlington, VA. As i posted on the forum, i think i found a guy who pre-recorded the last State of the Union speech, who apparently was in very marginal health and died from some minor slapping around. I think. Another dowser wrote me that he thinks the guy is still alive in "Crystal City". I'm fairly sure that is incorrect, but i think it is one of those fortuitous errors that sometimes happen when one is close to something hot. That is, i have often gotten wrong "hot" reads on stuff that was close to the truth, but important for me to pay attention to.
    Crystal City is in walking distance of where the guy's apt. was. One can find it by typing Crystal City, VA into The star will be on the vortex.
    On the 28th, i found something funky going on in the city center vortex. I pulled out a Saurian and 9 repts. Still more scrutiny needed, but i had other things to do. Then later, i re-checked and found another Saurian, and something else right in the vortex, but what? An etheric machine? I snatched it up and tried to figure out what it was. It was an evil crystalline life-form, like a crystal cluster about 5'x5' in size. I have not detected any more of these anywhere. I think it had been there for maybe 700 years, and might be the reason the "city" was thus named. I mentioned this to my dowser friend, who wrote back that it was his impression that the crystal was on a mission that "might involve starting World War Three with the Russians." Funny thing is, i think he's right, except that it's with the Chinese.
    Also, the place was acting as a portal, and repts kept popping in there from some other place in this galaxy. I got that there were 9 such portals on Earth, but only this one was particularly active. I put traps in them to shunt the lizards into my jail. I presume these portals are of a different class than the wormholes i'd done this with earlier.
    Incidentally, there are 2 Marriot Hotels right around there. The one at 1700 Jefferson Davis Hwy is NSA-run, and i think most of the "clientele" is composed of NSA agents who are in some sort of nasty training at the nearby Pentagon.
    Fortuitously, i'm in the neighborhood with a heavy box of agnihotra-laced clay balls kindly provided by Dragon Al & Assoc.

    For those able to help, i can always use some assistance with the octopi. Also, ever since i called for an attack on the tall whites a few days ago on the forum (many thousands were rounded up) the whites have been on my case. Almost any time i check, i can find 13 of them on me. I jail them and they get replaced after a while. And occasionally, hundreds of them jump me. From what i read, the tall whites are very plentiful in the galaxy, very established. This needs to change.