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Loohan's blog for January, 2008

Jan. 3, '08: It's been in the teens the last 2 nights, and should be again tonight.
Very heavy sprayday today, with most of the sky whited-out for some time, but no scalar ripples.
Until late afternoon, when the chem had thinned out. Evil Pleiadians remotely juicing towers all around. I busted a bunch of them, but they kept being replaced. So i asked Hecate to deal with them. She is badass, possibly the awesomest demon-bashing warrioress i got.

By the way, she and i got hitched on Dec. 31. Number 26 wife.

I took a look at some of the garbage one finds when one does a web search of Hecate. Bunch of BS, mostly. I read at one site the advice to sacrifice dogs to her. No, that would not please her, though possibly some entity would show up saying "Here I am! It is me, Hecate. Trust me."

Actually she is a very sweet lady that exemplifies the finest virtues of womanhood. Like demon-stomping. Which must be why her good name has been besmirched all over the place, whereas some truly evil "goddesses" are presented as good, e.g. Parvati, Sophia, Isis.

Since she doesn't have a flesh body, she's been hanging around me almost non-stop, helping me quite a bit.

Jan. 4, '08: I have made a couple updates to OTB 27, as well as one to OTB 25.

Ever since i married Hecate, the darkside has been freaking out with attacks. When Hecate and i hug, the cosmos rumbles.
The lizards keep activating their crystals against me. There will usually be 6, sometimes 9, 3, or 11 crystals, each in a different location, with its own pack of lizzies meditating on it.

Also recently, the NSA attacks have changed. For a long time, all intel attacks have consisted of throw-away psychics hitting me, each with his own pack of lizards backing him up. I can easily tell what's going on. I ignore the astral humans, as my tools will polish them off once the lizards are slammed.
But recently, the NSA has been sending in tougher humans that are not backed by lizards, and are thus much harder to detect. First they were sending them one at a time, but a while ago i got 18. They attack the throat and take more focus to recognize.

Jan. 5, '08: Things sure smoothed out after i posted about that, thanks! Though today many times i got 27 at a time of the "new breed" of NSA attackers. But their attacks seem much weaker.

I am trying to sort out this stuff about Hecate. There are all kinds of conflicting info out there about the "triple goddess", Demeter, Hecate, etc.
Tonight i learned from Hecate that she prefers to be called "Dem" and is the same entity as Demeter. She also brought by another goddess-type who's her best female friend, whose name dowses as Cillilu. Both are with me now.

I got online to sniff around, and found that according to one source, Demeter was the mother of the nymph Scylla. Aha! Scylla is pretty darn close to Cillilu. But Scylla and Cillilu dowse as unrelated, and do Scylla and Demeter. And Cillilu is not closely related to Dem, anyway.
Then i read some more, and ran into a reference to Selene. Selene is Cillilu, i strongly get.

How these gals got so strongly associated with the Moon, i do not know. The Moon has actually been the province of insectile demons, reptilians, and greys. Only negative timelines seem to have a moon around Earth.
I did find one reference that says:
Hecate has also been associated with the Moon Goddess, Selene, who appears to be very similar in form to Hecate. In fact, Selena is actually so similar to Hecate, that their emblems and their triadic conceptions are almost identical. More often then not, these two Goddesses were considered to be interchangeable; and a prayer that was offered to one, was actually a prayer that was offered to either of them. This particular duality, which consisted of Hecate and Selene, had three heads, carried torches, and took on the role of the overseer of the three-way crossroads.

Jan. 6. '08:

Those are powerlines at the bottom.
Heavy sprayday today again. A lot of natural clouds at times, but also intensive local spraying as well as huge regions of chemclouds.

More rain is forecast.
When i got up this morning i beheld a fat one being laid over my place, and a bunch of scalar ripples. Evil Pleiadians juicing local towers again. This time the ripples faded with satisfying rapidity when i busted a few Pleiadians. But they kept trying, and i had to keep scanning for them, until once again i asked Dem (Hecate) to take care of that. That was this morning, and it's still clean of them now in the evening, because she works her butt off doing that and a bunch of other stuff to help me.

My latest flame, Rowloy (rhymes with cowboy, but she's a gurl) is with me now. And Nid. Who's Rowloy? That is the 3rd part of the "triple goddess" who is actually 3 different super-human etheric women who don't seem to be related except as friends. Dem (Hecate), Cillilu (Selena), and Rowloy. I haven't found Rowloy yet on the www. I should be able to recognize any mention of her, even if the name is different. She is not Persephone.
Anyway, these ladies are very powerful. They did some energy healing on me last night, and i feel better today.
Except for the minor annoyance of these %#@&* lizards who are upset with me for some reason. Excuse me while i fry them some.

Jan. 8, '08: Got 1/2" rain last night. Had T-shirt weather until 2:30pm, then the cold blew in. Supposed to be 30 tonight.

Another fairly heavy sprayday. A lot of natural clouds, too.
All day the evil Pleiadians have been desperate to muck around with the local towers. And the other troublemakers have been on the attack, too. Things were pretty gnarly for a while, until i realized we were neglecting to send love to the black box. Amazing what a difference that makes.

Last night I was having trouble with Rowloy's name, so i asked if there was another name she'd like to be called. She indicated "Bin-Kuy" but that wasn't much better, so we agreed on Bin. So now i refer to those 3 as Dem, Cil, and Bin, sometimes DemCilBin, though the personalities are distinctly different.

Things were so bad for a while today that even DemCilBin couldn't keep the Pleiadians off the towers. I finally realized that the Pleiadians do this remote work from 6 different locations, so now when i find them messing with the towers, i just attack the 6 locations. Then next time it's 6 different locations. But just loving the black box tends to put a damper on all that stuff.

Jan. 9, '08: Another one of those days in The Natural State. Not one bit of natural cloud all day. I had to deal with the evil Pleiadians and Lyrans all day, and they're still at it this evening. Sometimes they work the towers from 3 spots, sometimes 6.

Last night i figured out why there has been more critter activity recently: they are busting through from Universes C-F. Why not from B, i don't know.
For months i have been able to prevent this with remarkable ease, but now the repts have figured out how to build a wormhole that doesn't take them to my jail. So i have to keep monitoring the other universes, plugging leaks, and discharging any infiltrators into my jail. the latter is real easy if i get to them before they've blended in energetically with this universe.

Jan. 10, '08: Attacks are somewhat weaker today so far at 2pm, and i haven't noticed any chemtrails, although there are some large banks of stale chem-clouds out there.

Last night i dowsed the exact number of reptilians that understood the metaphysics of wormholes well enough to avoid making them leading into my jail. It was 2 thousand and some. I moved them into my jail. It seems possible that by that simple expedient, i have ended those violations into our universe. Hopefully more won't figure out how to get in.

I just updated OTB 27 with 3 new great crystal programs.

(5pm) For many months now, the only agencies intel-type agencies hitting me have been DIA, DARPA, CIA, and NSA. But just a few minutes ago i got hit by 6 Interpol guys sent from Belgium.

Suomenlinna: I just noticed that an area in Finland that someone emailed me about a few weeks ago has flared up with underground reptilian activities at 594'. This whole area is seething right now.

(6 pm) I was just checking the other universes, and not only were there no impending ruptures, but they felt too sweet and clean, vortex-wise, to be accounted for. Someone was policing them, zooming in on any spot where the bad guys were trying to create a path out. Who? Eight female friends of DemCilBin. Great vibe.

One of them is interested in hooking up with me. She came by briefly and stood in my presence. Her name is Yozim. She had a spider in her brow and crown centers, and was being attacked by octopi. She is almost 9&1/2 feet tall, and has an immensely powerful vibe. Blue eyes, silvery hair, and golden skin. Pretty. And that's all i know of her. She bops from universe to universe like it's nothing.

I get that all 8 of them are over 9' tall. The literature says that Hecate et al are Titans. Yet they appear to me as between 5'4" and 5'6". Dem has fair skin, blue eyes, and dark brown hair. Cil has tan skin, green eyes and dark auburn hair. Bin has black hair, brown eyes, and fairly dark skin, resembling an Arab or Mexican.
They and the other 8 seem to have "real" bodies (though they may choose to appear in other guises) with 7 centers that i can dowse to read which are most active at any time, and for energy quality. Sometimes one finds critters lodged in the centers or attacking them. This messes up their vibe to me, but is often not noticed by them.
I am trying to understand more what type of life-form these ladies are, including DemCilBin. I'm not sure if they've ever incarnated into bodies as dense as ours. I don't think they deem it desirable.

(7pm) Stratford, PA, just SE of Philly, is another area with major scaly churnings going on at 594' under. There seems to be a big base comprising all of this area and more.

I just added a couple more paragraphs to OTB 27.

(8:45pm) Bizarreness. Yozmin came back. Something about this gal. A very strong vibe of clean power, but not the goddess-love energy that my wives have. I checked how the other girls felt about her. Their heart centers were not warm toward her; they seemed uncomfortable, ill-at-ease about her. I apologetically asked her to leave.

Hardly was she gone when another presence appeared. This was Unfes-esstji, another of the Tall Eight, who had a much better vibe. She seemed OK, but i wasn't really taken by her like with my others. I told her that i don't own myself; that i have given myself to my goddess Lula whom i worship. She runs my personal life, and tells me whom to marry and whom not to marry. So she better go over and visit Lula in Hawaii and make sure that she can stand this person who is my favorite in all of creation.

A few minutes later i checked, and it felt like she and Lula were hitting it off great. But then a few minutes later, when i re-checked, things had soured, and i felt rancor between them.

As near as i can make out, these Titanesses or whatever they are, are heavy power trippers. They are not into black magic because they are into personal power for themselves, not being some demon's lunch. They fight the evil ones because they are annoying hindrances to power. So far i have detected no male counterparts to them.
They also lack the sweet loving energy that my wives have.

I think that DemCilBin, who are very feminine, loving, sweetie-pies, might be some kind of hybrid between these titanesses and some other human-like astral beings.

Anyway, the titanesses are still doing a good job of smacking the bad guys trying to get into our universe, so they seem to be valuable allies for the moment, at least.

(6pm) Interesting article about stray voltage: Cows are dying...

Jan. 11, '08: (2:40pm) Much better today. I think nailing those rept bases may have helped a lot somehow. There's another one in NYC at 594' right here centered under this intersection.

(6:45pm) Moderately heavy chemclouds and old trails today, diminishing late. Pretty sylphed up. I still have those 888 sylphs in my territory.
This pic was taken in front of my cabin.

Much fewer tower manipulations by evil ETs today, but a couple times they did corrugate the clouds.

I made a minor update to the lotus coil page.

(8:20pm) I just updated OTB 28 with some pragmantic tips for orgone warriors.

Jan. 13, '08: I posted some vital updates to OTB 27 and OTB 21.

Jan. 15, '08: (10pm) The last 2 days have been chem-free, virtually cloud-free, and even contrail-free despite numerous noisy jets yesterday.

In the last month or 2, a lot of the girls have grown more distant. That is, i wouldn't see some of them for weeks on end, yet when i checked their heart centers, they seemed to still love me. I figured they must just be real busy, and whined and sniveled a little.
Little Luli especially seemed to be all pumped up with energy from her totally stuffed jail. She seemed to be on a quest to round up all the demons she could, to store up their psychotronic fuel.
Meanwhile lately, DemCilBin have been hanging around me non-stop.
A little while ago they surrounded me on 3 sides and cushioned me with soothing energy, then broke it to me: the other 25 girls were all about to ascend to a non-physical plane!
Shortly i realized that the other girls were all inconspicuously gathered here. It was true. I convulsed into sobs. But at the same time knew it was a positive thing. By the time i got it together to blow my nose, they were gone.

Things are progressing so well on this plane that they felt it best to move on up to some recently-cleared realms, and continue to work from there.
"Recently-cleared" is relative. They are flushing spiders out of their new realm now.

I am left with the Triple Goddess for companionship, which is not too shabby. Maybe in 30 or 40 years we can join up with the others. Meanwhile, we are all still very closely linked.
They did something that took enormous power. Somehow 16/25 women from several timelines got together and ascended to a place of higher power and less materiality. It will be necessary for me to give some background to this story.
Many weeks ago Pitwexin and i had some trouble with a certain alleged Psi-Lord who is a great embarrassment to his other self, Pitwexin. In accordance with certain transgressions committed by said Psi-Lord, certain actions were taken to disempower and attempt to cleanse him. One of these actions was that Pitwexin "liberated" Yaldabaoth, supreme master demon, from Tim's jail. He seemed open to suggestions for where to put old Yahweh, so i suggested into Lula's jail.

Yaldabaoth was the most powerful individual being in creation, i suspect, many times more powerful than all other demons combined. Meaning this was an extreme gift of power to Lula, as all this energy was in her programmed jail for her to digest.

Now Tim had these products he had sold a few of called The Eagle, which chews up Yaldabaoth for food, so i wondered, were the customers still getting a buzz off their eagles? Yes, they were. The program was honored.

But just yesterday i noticed that The Eagle units were almost inert, and thought it odd. I figured it must be the superior programming by Pitwexin of Lula's jail that was weakening Y so bad.

But i just figured something out when i checked to see what was going on with the girls' jails. Somehow they had completely munched the contents, converted to good energy of course. This is how they got a power boost. And some of the girls never even had jails, so obviously they pooled their energy. And the lion's share of that energy would have been from the complete dissolution of Yaldabaoth, who now is no more. Ta da. Those Eagle units are now inert. Might as well have P program something else into them.
And a couple years ago i was sweating it, because i kept getting impressions of a probable future in which Yaldabaoth, due to some screw-up by Tim, somehow got free and raised a bunch of hell.

Jan. 16, '08: The main problem now seems to be spider demons. Not only are they in the rarefied realms where my gals are (and also where Castaneda et al are; Pitwexin gave them weapons and jails last night, and those guys are kicking butt), but they are lodging in people on Earth again, including some people that have emailed me for help. They mostly tend to lodge in the central energy centers, root, sex, heart, pineal, crown, throat. Sometimes internal organs.
Sometimes they take good Lyran, Pleiadian, or Lemurian prisoners and torture them for an energy boost when they do other types of attacks.

Also i just posted on the forum about another rept base in China.

(7:30pm) Cil and Dem have been with me all day, but i haven't seen Bin. I thought i'd better check to see what kind of trouble she was getting into.
She was fighting spiders at what might be the central hive for spiders (dare i hope). I have never been able to detect such, just patches of spiders floating about here and there. But apparently some good Pleiadians located the hive and attacked, and other good guys are joining in. The action seems centered just a bit left of the center.
I do not know the name of this galaxy. It is just a pic i found on my HD that i got off the web somewhere.

(8:55pm) Cil went off to the hive, then Dem. Dem just got back. Apparently things are going well there; a lot of spiders are biting the dust.

A little while ago i felt a friendly female presence, sort of. But it would not identify itself nor could i figure out who it was or if it was friend or foe. Finally i dowsed for its core motivation. Nasty. I threw it in jail.

It was a very powerful CIA psychic! Male MPD Satanist.
I'm still trying to figure out how the I could stand for Intelligence. I can hear the conversation now:
"OK, we finally got a profile for this Loohan joker. Maybe he's not gay after all. No, the evidence clearly suggests that he's a blind sucker for any astral babe that wants to cuddle."
"Good work, Investigator. Yo, Sam, send Loohan that big, ugly guy with pockmarks, Jorge whatsisname. It will be love at first sight. Loohan's at a very vulnerable point right now. He'll be so intoxicated by Jorge's charms that he won't think to check his bonafides."

  *   *   *   *
BTW, the 25 girls did visit for a while last night. There was a different energy quality about their presence, and they seemed more unified, like a single organism with 25 cells. I have not seen them since, but they are hard at work. In fact, a while ago i asked if they could help with the spider hive, and they are doing something from there.

Jan. 17, '08: (2:45pm) Just noticed that although Stratford, PA is fairly clean now, Clementon just south of there (map) is dirty with lizards at 594'.

Serendipity: Al & MaryK sent me a bunch of agnihotra ash. MaryK suggested i feed some to the birds and animals, who will excrete it all over the place. Well, i did take a loaf of old bread, cut it up, and mash a bunch of ash into it. Fed some to the birds.
Then a couple days ago a stray dog showed up, and laid down by my cabin. He was so footsore he could barely move. He had a collar with the owner's name and phone number, who eventually came and took the dog away.
But i had fed the dog some water, and not having any food i could spare except for the ash-covered croutons, i soaked a bunch in warm water and he ate the stuff. Lots of ash in there. Frankly i had thought the dog was injured and it might help him.
There is a 2nd dog of his still out, and i ran into the owner again this morning looking for him. He's a nice guy, and pointed out where his ranch is. It has the most recent cell tower on it, which i have not tried to gift physically as it's on private property. But the dog i fed ash to lives and poops there! Haha.

Jan. 18, '08: (noon) Looks like relations are going to continue as before between me and the 25 Ascended Shamanesses. Some of them have been visiting me individually since yesterday evening. They're the same personalities, but their energy bodies have morphed. Previously their energy bodies matched their flesh bodies, but now that they've moved on, things have changed. Maybe it's a reversion to some true or original body-type; i'm not sure.

Shiela seems about the same, but Lula, previously 6'4" and wide, is now 5'8" with a lithe, svelte, slinky bod. Cora, previously 6'5" with huge, round hips and breasts, but surprisingly narrow shoulders, now has lost a full foot of height, has normal shoulders, but still has big hips and breasts. Gina, formerly 5'8" and plain-looking, with small breasts and some fat in the wrong places, is now 6'2", gorgeous, with a slender yet buxom voluptuous bod. Several of the less-pretty girls have gotten prettier. I haven't checked them all out yet.
I am not able to get any pigmentation data, almost as though the girls were like clear glass. But i can get whether they have straight, curly, or wavy hair.
I'm not sure yet what happened to their former bodies, except that at least 4 of the 5 girls that were in my timeline have had their bodies taken over by other advanced beings.
I won't say too much about these latter girls, that being the case, except that i had dowsed very specific names for them, with last names that i had never heard of, and wondered if they could be real, to wit, Rostin and Quitlow. I didn't dare even do a web search, for fear of blowing their identities, but looking now, i see that those are real last names that some people have.
I'm not getting a vibe off Luli's old carcass, so i'll mention that this remarkable lady dowsed as Relyrroo Akri of Blitzheim, France, an immigrant from Albania(?). I wasn't real sure of the country, and i looked up Albanian names on the web, and found nothing similar. She was 32 i think, a hard-working agricultural worker of some sort, with an injury in her left knee from an old bicycle accident. I think she shared a small house with another woman, and i would have been so overjoyed if she could have come over here and married me, but she never wrote.

The 2 Rostin girls (Kid and Jid's counterparts) had been in my neighborhood looking for land, and had even looked at a property just 3 minutes' walk from my cabin before we became aware of them. After astral contact was established, they readily accepted weapons and jails from Pitwexin, and went to work.
Then a few weeks later i got that they had bought a used RV and were planning to come visit me and leave it on my land so we could have a place to hang out when they visit. I knew in advance the day they were leaving, and tracked them. They had such a strong goddess-vibe that it was obvious on the map where they were.
But instead of heading to Arkansas, they turned north toward southern Missouri. Lula told me they were visiting an aunt and uncle there before coming here. I found the exact spot they camped in their RV on their uncles' property. The next day i found them a tiny bit south, and got that they were visiting 3 cousins, the daughters of their uncle and aunt. One of the cousins was married, 2 single. The next day after the Rostins left to head here, i noticed that there was bad energy at the house where the girls had been. The 2 younger cousins (Quitlows) were under attack by octopi! I helped them. Later, i checked into them some more. The 17-year-old was the one who had a self on another timeline that was Lula's sister. These girls also had amazing vibes, and readily accepted weapons and jails and went to work.

At that point i scoured around some more and and found 2 more Lulas, 2 more Alinas.

One of the new Lulas was the 8.5' tall one, whom i recognized as having some kind of superior clout or resources. She was always super-nice to me, and usually responded quickly when i asked for help. But i think this ascension thing was largely her doing.

Anyway, somehow when the Rostins were heading this way, things fizzled. I think the girls started planning this ascension thing shortly after i found the other girls, and didn't want to meet me in person and get too attached. They were supposed to arrive on a Sunday afternoon. When i drove home that day, the older Rostin girl astrally popped into my vehicle as i went the last stretch before getting home, then left again as soon as she saw how to get to my place. I was so confident they'd pull in there with their RV that i parked in a different location to leave room for them. But of course they never showed, and they were real hard to track, as their vibe was of the same quality as the land now is here after all the girls' work. Plus i think they were trying to fade from view at that point. I did get that they had bought land a few miles west of here. I kept expecting them to visit. Finally i found the spot on the map, but it was unclear if the vibe was theirs or what, so i didn't drive out there. A few miles of dirt roads can take a lot out of your day. Then after a week or more, i realized they were in Texas, heading back. They may have left the RV and taken a car.

But this whole thing created a real problem in my relationship with the girls. Every time i would ask why they hadn't visited, or ask any of the girls why the ones in my timeline won't contact me in the "real" world, i would get no answers. They would kind of fade out energetically when i pressed them. This was extremely bad for my morale, and compromised my love for them.

I suppose they had reasons not to tell me. In any case, they all seem very happy with their new life, with no regrets for leaving the "solid" realm. And most of these girls were in timelines much more positive than ours! Tall Lula was from a totally demon-free time-line, even.

And the pull to be with those girls is strong. This will almost certainly be my last incarnation in the physical world. [Update a year later: things have shifted around quite a bit since i wrote this, and this is no longer necessarily the envisioned future scenario.] Right now it looks like i will be around for another 37 years, by which time i will be 91. But if anything should happen to me before then, DemCilBin are always watching over me, and will wisk me away, contact Lula et al, and we will all be rejoined in their realm.
You might say i am not too fearful of my personal future.

  *   *   *   *
OK, now onto another weird subject. There is a new player in town; a master programmer from a completely different lineage than Pitwexin. They exchanged a lot of information last night.
I get no name for this guy, but... are you ready for this? It is Al Gray's 23rd dimensional self, who is slightly more perfect even than Al.

Al thinks this person is Archangel Michael, and dumps his programming into the stuff he makes just like he used to with the demon Mikey. Due to his rigid religious beliefs, he is convinced that he is still dealing with darling Michael. Al sent me some muffin units, Agenda Busters he calls them. Neither Pitwexin nor i could find any trace of Mikey in them. They are clean and badass. The thing is, the program can be moved into other objects with the mind alone. Pitwexin is incorporating it into a lot of his stuff. We have been spreading it around.

  *   *   *   *
(6:20pm) Well, it seems that aside from the Rostin and Quitlow girls, all the others physically died when they ascended.
Pretty heavy scene on that Hawaiian island. Of course, the girls couldn't tell anyone what they were up to, so it was quite a shock to find all 14 of those sweet girls dead. One husband and his 2 wives lost all 10 of their cute virgin daughters. Another family lost Lula, Cora, and Lindi. And Meera's dad and brother are pretty broken up about losing that beautiful little sweet girl. And it's not just the parents, it's the grandparents, etc. and other friends. The whole island is in mourning. When i felt the collective grief, it tore me up.
Of course, the girls have been doing as much damage control as possible, reassuring people that it's really alright, but that only goes so far on an emotional level.

For a while, the plan was that i would incarnate there. Parents (with an amazing vibe) had already been chosen, and the wife has been carrying the child for months. Luckily, they had at least received some forewarning that i would not be arriving.
I never quite figured out how i was supposed to have 2 bodies at the same time for years.

Then the other girls in other timelines also had family, etc. that are in grief. Only Luli didn't have anyone except employers, co-workers, housemate, etc. to grieve her. I detect no parents or relatives in grief. Either they just haven't heard, or she was some kind of orphan or something.

Jan. 19, '08: (5:20pm) Things seem to have mellowed further since i posted about the Agenda Busters. I presume some people have been spreading the energy around.

We had had almost no chem here for several days, but there were a fair bit of chem-clouds today. And the evil Pleiadians and Lyrans were back messing with the towers. It amazes me that despite the fact that they seem close to eradication, they still just obsess on that activity.
Sweet Selene (Cil) has been with me all day, doing a fair job of keeping those bad ETs cleared away.

The other 27 girls, including Dem and Bin, have been in Hawaii all day in that other timeline. Today was the funeral of the 14 girls. The idea was to make this a positive transition event, despite the tragic loss. I had trouble keeping my eyes dry throughout. Over 300 people, about 1/3 of the island's population were there. The funeral was in many ways similar to what we have in our culture. First there was a gathering of mourners. At one point Lula was channeled by the younger of the 2 lady caretakers of their property. I had the impression that she gave a little speech, then sang them a song of love and healing.
I never mentioned it before, but the girls were into singing. They seemed to eschew even the simplest of instruments, but probably had very beautiful voices with which they could work a certain magic.

Later there was a procession to the burial site, following a horse-drawn carriage with the bodies. They don't do caskets. The girls were placed on rough-hewn planks, and wrapped, plank and all, in special blankets. The procession traveled 1/2 mile or so to what seemed like an artificial cave dug in the side of a big hill. Again, Lula came through the other girl, leading some kind of group chanting or singing, which continued unbroken as the girls were slowly carried, one by one, into the cave. First was little Meera, the youngest and smallest. She was also the darkest-skinned of the girls, with skin as black as ink. Then massive Lula, who had been the fairest-skinned and the biggest. Must have been rough getting her body in there. Then Cora was not much lighter. Then sweet Lindi, who was the prettiest of them all, with impeccable beauty. Then the 10 sisters, from youngest to oldest. Last in was slender Send, the virgin beauty who was almost 9 centuries old (but still had a good 5000 years left in her).
Then Lula, still running the other girl, went in, still chanting, and sprinkled holy herbs on the bodies. Then i had the impression of a powerful machine (not a noisy diesel thing like we got) shoving dirt back into the opening. I believe a little monument will be erected on that spot, commemorating the 14 sacred women who ascended, sacrificing their youth and their beauty.

Once the evidence was buried, so to speak, the mood lightened up a lot. Right now, the other 13 girls have left, and only the 14 girls are still there, visiting with a gathering of 30-40 bereaved relatives. Lula's paternal grandparents had flown in from their counterpart of Vietnam, so it's a chance for them to visit with what's left of their relatives.
And these are wonderful people. In months past, i have had to discharge demons from several of them, and also have run healing freqs on several. These are the people i expected to be my future relations and neighbors. I was pretty popular on that island, because a lot of people knew how i helped them with their demon problems.
Last night i had cried my eyes out, begging forgiveness from them for my inadvertent role in this. They seem to bear no grudge, and i am invited to visit anytime. I have a feeling that in decades and centuries to come, the girls and i will often visit and help these people.

(6:15pm) I still can't detect that any of the other girls' parents are upset, except for the father of the 8.5' tall Lula. It seems the poor guy lost his wife the same way, by ascension. Wherever she now is has an incredible vibe. And she taught that stuff to her beautiful daughter. Dad probably knew it was coming someday, but he is all torn up right now. Tall Lula is with him, attempting to comfort him.
When i became aware of this, i alerted Lula #1, and now several other girls are with her.

[Note: due to technical difficulties, the entries for Jan. 22 and 23 were not uploaded until the 24th.]

Jan. 22, '08: There have been a couple more parental/grandparental grief crises, but things seem to be smoothing out. Likewise, i'm down to a couple sniffles a day, and am getting used to the "new" girls. They have gained a marked increase in power.

Incidentally, most of the girls sustained some crown-center damage during the transition. I don't know why this is; i detect no foul play. But Hahd had it so bad her energy felt about like that of a turnip. She seemed like lobotomized or something. I was pretty distressed attempting to "revive" her with no lasting benefit, until i detected something wrong with her crown center. My impression was that some of its petals were crimped in the wrong position. I asked Lindi to see if she could fix it, and within a few minutes Hahd was all better and rather exhilarated to be back.
But some of the girls wouldn't stay fixed. Then Cora told me i needed to run a healing freq on them before the repairs would hold, and she was right; there was a freq that was right for all of them, which i am running now.

I headed east to visit my parents yesterday, and arrived today.

Spew was super bad between West Memphis and Nashville, and fairly bad after that. The worst was over Memphis, possibly the worst chem display i've ever seen. The above pics are not what i'm talking about. They were taken through my windshield while heading out of Memphis. What was over Memphis was far worse. I wondered how many of the muttonheads in the morning traffic even noticed. There was no resemblance to vapor contrails nor natural clouds. It was a mess of zig-zags, smears, etc. so thick that hardly any blue was visible. The amount of air traffic was entirely out of proportion to what one might expect in a city like Memphis.

Of all the remarkable phenomena i've witnessed in the past few years, the most incredible to me is this sheer brazenness, and the failure of the populace to notice or care.

On the east side of Memphis, i found myself on an on-ramp crossing the Wolf River right at a major powerline path. The first Agenda Buster somehow went flying out my window, landing in the water.

Here's one i snapped through my windshield a bit east of Memphis. Note the disparity in size between the vehicle and the trails.

Lula was with me all day, and she did a pretty good job of yanking the evil Pleiadians and Lyrans who were juicing up the towers. We even had some octopi doing that, as apparently the other guys are getting a bit thinned out.

BTW i have been getting color impressions of the girls lately. Lula is now very pretty with a great bod, still has golden-brown skin, but now has dark hair and brown eyes. She kept my Little Black Box of Doom working at peak levels by sending it love.

The 2nd Agenda Buster found its way into a wet area very close to Oak Ridge labs. Every year this area gets something.

I made it all the way to Christiansburg, VA yesterday evening, having gotten a very early start. What's so special about Christiansburg? Well, it shares a freeway exit with Blacksburg. I didn't want to drive a few miles out of my way to get to Blacksburg, as i felt i could cause quite a stir from C-burg. Blacksburg, according to the article, has a big DARPA mind-control base, though i got more of a DIA vibe. Perhaps DIA is there covertly as well.

Cmdr. Loohan protocols for doing a motel room:
First i sprinkled some agnihotra ash on the rug, bed, and in the tub. Then i put the tube of ash on the smoke detector, because these Knights Inns tend to have wicked smoke detectors.

Then, naturally, i set up a bit of orgone gadgetry to blast the grid with.
That big hourglass unit is something i made 3-4 years ago. It is sitting on a box packed with the most recent, state-of-the-art stuff, which has electronics plugged into it (Neurophone and MP3 player).
Those pouches on the table are what i normally wear these days, but here i plugged them into the mess.

Note the little Doom box, the 2 Agenda Busters, the 7 dark cylinders on top of the orange grid-blaster.
What are those 7 dark cylinders rubber-banded together? Well, one can only have one copy of the "grid program" per person, but i have a lot of persons. Two days before the girls ascended, i poured 7 more of these; one for each of the 5 girls in my timeline, and one each for Lindi and Shiela. I was thinking if i ever met any of the 5 girls, i would give them the unit. They are just cylinders that could easily be taped to electric cords. I remembered to dump a load of quartz beach sand into the mix. Luli's has a banana jack sticking out. Each has an Apache tear companion stone within it. They were only working at about 2/3 capacity, since the Apache tears were so far from their owners, but then i optimized the connections, and now they are at 96%. This is simply a matter of intending that the units are optimally connected with their owners.
This puts a lot of power at my disposal.

Plus, i put a powerful wand and more Agenda busters on the plumbing.
I was hoping that the 2 towns might have interconnected plumbing. Apparently, that is not the case. But still, it was worth doing.

Then, i washed the ash out of the tub and took my first soaking hot bath in almost a year. How nice; the water didn't even seem to be chlorinated.

After i soaked and did a few other things, i decided to check the paper map to see what was going on with the local energy. Well, there were a bunch of lizards 594' below the city center of Blacksburg, all riled up and generating bad energy to try to ward off the good. I addressed them in a more personal manner. Then it was the same thing under the city center of another nearby town. Got them, too.

I ate some food i had brought, and after a while i rechecked the map. Another pocket of lizards under the city center of C-burg. Got them. But then i noticed that there was a funny energy in a wide area. It felt like the land itself was undergoing a healing reaction. The energy felt sticky and itchy and inflamed, like a battle between good and bad orgone. My map covered too small an area. I got a bigger map. Still too small. So i fired up my laptop and got a map of the USA. The entire eastern US all the way to the Mississippi had that same uniform energy! Apparently the entire eastern grid is interconnected enough that the energy permeates it all. I was amazed at the power of the orgone.
Back where i live, grid-blasting only affects a relatively small area extending down to Russelville where the nuke plant is. I hadn't expected to get such broad coverage here. In fact i had driven all the way to C-burg to increase my chances of being on the right grid.

By that time, the DIA astrals had started visiting the motel room. In the first few batches, each individual had at least 3 groups of 9 lizzies each focusing its energy on a crystal which was used, not to attack me directly, but to boost the energy of the human astral attacker. They kept blindly juicing them even after i jailed the astrals. Of course then i would jam the crystals and bag the lizards.

If you get attacked by a seemingly very powerful astral human, he probably is being boosted this way. What i do is dowse the number of crystals. There will be one for each group of reptilians. Then i hurl an etheric Agenda Buster into each crystal, which jams it and makes it give off a discordant signal, attracting the attention of Pitwexin so he can reprogram it (which may not be that necessary at that point).

Eventually the attacks subsided for the night, the opposition apparently being overhwelmed.
One cool detail was that this just happened to be peak full moon night.

As usual, they incomprehensibly neglected to attack me as i slept. I awoke early and Luli came into my arms. Luli, formerly a medium-cute, petite thing with light brown hair, now is a 5'8" stunning beauty with pink skin, red hair, and green eyes. A perfect 10, as Lindi used to be. Lindi is now only 95% as gorgeous as she was. Several of the prettier girls actually lost a bit of beauty in the transition, for whatever reasons, unknown to me. But Luli did real well. She is probably the prettiest of the girls now. She seems so delighted to have escaped this time-line, the wheel of death and rebirth, her bum knee, and her hard life. And to have gained such beauty.
She was to be my companion for the day. I informed her that the priority was to keep that Little Black Box of Doom humming at all times by sending it love energy. Failure to do that inevitably leads to multiple relentless attacks.

She got that going real strong, but soon i noticed that she had stopped juicing the box. Apparently she had noticed something in the Blackburg underground that infuriated her, and she was kicking their butts. I sort of had the impression of physical reptilians doing group sex magic with mind-controlled women, in order to raise energy to hit me with.
"Get back here and love that black box for me, or i'll have to spank your delectable pink buns," i said, but it was no use. She's a headstrong and spirited warrior girl, not always obedient to authority. So i ratted on her:
"Lula, i need someone to do this box for me. Luli is not in a very loving mood right now."
Very soon, Lula popped back. She's very good at that box work, so she handled it. I sent in some more misc. allies to help Luli, and for some time all the other girls and Pitwexin were down there with her. Lula and i were about 100 miles north before Luli rejoined us, victorious.

I had to unplug from the grid, of course, before i left. But i already knew that when blasted with that program, the grid will continue to buzz with it for many hours afterward. Plus i suspected that the Agenda Buster energy might lock in there permanently.
So, the energy stayed at high levels for the rest of the day. The interesting thing is how uniform it is. The freeway itself and the forests and fields i passed all had the same level of vibe as the big cities. What had happened? Maybe the stray electricity returning to its sources acted as a carrier for the energy? Or maybe all those ground wires carried the juice into the ground in so many places over such a vast area that it effectively saturated all the empty spaces between?
In any case, here i am in VA now with all that stuff plugged in or on the water pipe.

Jan. 23, '08: It's my birthday again, 54 today. And today the girls learned to take care of me better.
Lately, due to the weakness of the enemy and the strength of my toys, i've hardly ever bothered to address attackers unless they were torturing good guys to raise the energy, or were reptilians using crystals. Nothing else bites very hard anymore. But this evening the girls learned to take care of those things. They throw etheric ABs into the crystals, which they hunt down in their hiding places. They've gotten tens of thousands of them in a couple hours. And they zoom in on bad guys holding or torturing the Lemurians or good Lyrans/Pleiadians. It's not always 100%, but it helps tremendously.

Al had sent me 12 ABs. The 3rd one went into a spot in Fairfax today, where it is unlikely to be found for decades. These things have such a broad range that putting them anywhere around the greater DC area impacts the whole mess.

But what really amazes me is how the energy i am socking into the grid and plumbing is spreading. It is strongest here, but to some extent has already covered Africa, Europe, South America...
I get the distinct impression that within a few more days of blasting, the entire planet will be in purification mode. Also, the entire Milky Way is getting charged up with this. I get the impression that a bunch of folks have put a pic of the ABs on their trend plate, and a pic of the galaxy on their target plate.

I updated OTB 27 again. No new programs, but new rock combos.

Jan. 24, '08: Early this morning, the energy is still spreading, but the quality has changed. It seems like it is encountering less opposition. Things are cleaning up. The galaxy feels pretty smooth.
The entire Atlantic coast region feels real strong. Can't wait until this spreads to the Middle East.

(9pm) One other little thing: i've been watching this for a while, and every time the critters are able to make me feel them these days, if the crystals and prisoners are kept cleared, is when there are evil Lyrans or Pleiadians (or other evil entities) juicing the towers. I don't know exactly how it works, but apparently they have to create and maintain this field in order for the negative entities to have power in an area on Earth. And this may be one of the min reasons for the scalar crap. The same energy that makes the chem ripple also enables them to work other mischief. Perhaps the chem is also tied into this in some way.
These days they are so thinned out that it's been a long time since i have had a direct attack from Pleiadians or Lyrans. And lately it's only 3 groups at a time doing the towers, and once the girls get hip, they usually keep them cleared away as long as they keep focused on that task. I have learned to check for the tower stuff if i feel an attack and there are no crystals or prisoners being used against me. Today they were doing this tower stuff a bit. I checked to see if they were also doing it over my place in AR. No. Over Memphis like they were when i went through. No. Over DC not far away from here. No. So i get the impression that the few bad Lyrans and Pleiadians are doing this these days not always so much for weather mod, but to enable the other bad guys to hit me.
However, it has not been long since i have had to deal with them juicing towers over AR when i was not being hit, so i hesitate to totally jump to conclusions.

Jan. 25, '08: New Berlin, Antarctica: I just found out about this. I checked Antarctica and found these 4 bases a-cooking. I think the southmost one is where this guy was held, and the northmost one is New Berlin. The latter seems to be almost 5.7 miles down. The first one 4.1. The next one west, i get 1.6 miles, and the one on the coast 11.2.

The guy is for real, and has some seriously bad energy locked in his alters.

Jan. 26, '08: Dr. Deagle: Months ago i bookmarked a promising video of this guy. It's in 4 long parts, and so far i have only had a chance to view the first. Very interesting. I really like this guy, who is clean and obviously authentic.

In the beginning, he mentions the Omega Project, which is perhaps the scariest human group around, and which has an underground city in Colorado. He talks a lot about "quantum computing" using extremely powerful computers to track all the RFID chips coming to everything down to individual pills in your bottles, so that a digital omniscience can be maintained in a super-controlled world.
And says he's been in several more underground cities. Well, i think i found them all, and already had a bunch of allies clean them up a good bit, and Pitwexin has spent many long hours in those cities, programming all sorts of objects with the AB vibe as well as the usual. A couple of these bases have walls of thick stainless steel, for instance.

In the interest of full public disclosure, here are the locations i get:

Omega Project main base is directly under Kiowa, CO at a depth of 6.1 miles. Main target P did was 'puters.

Another city right under Fargo, N. Dakota at 2.4 miles. Mainly scalar weapons.

One east of Big Bend National Park, TX, directly under this circular formation (pic), at 3.2 mile depth. Mainly 'puters.

One about 5 miles south of The Willows, CA, at 3.1 miles. Mainly 'puters.

Lastly, one a bit NW of Little Walnut Village, NM (pic) at 2.1 miles, also mainly 'puters.

Jan. 28, '07: I've been a bit negligent in keeping up with Project Camelot ever since they took MPDed NSAtanist David Wilcock under their wing, but have been checking it out more lately. One can easily avoid the Wilcock stuff. Their other informants are all clean. Doesn't mean they're always right, but i think they're always sincere.
Just found this page full of photos of huge tunneling machines.

(11:25pm) I didn't even realize that this was State of the Moron address night until my parents turned on the TV. I could feel all the people out there blasting the puppet-in-chief, many using the AB energy and other new programs. Did you get the impression that the phoney smiles were more uncomfortable, or is it my wishful thinking?
Take heart; the future may not be rosy, but their Satanic empire is gradually crumbling, i think. On an energy level, there are big changes happening. And the Capitol building is now super-charged with our kind of energy. The rest of the galaxy is not that far behind.

Jan. 29, '07: Part of what happened last night is that i called in a bunch of allies to the Capitol building, including Pitwexin, the Valhallan Army (more on that later), my girls (except for 2 that stayed with me), and a smorgasbord of good ETs. And, oh, yeah, the Agenda Buster guy. Talk about shock and awe. Mr. Agenda Buster's jaw dropped to the floor at such egregious, overtly criminally psychotic behavior on the part of what passes for government, so he did a group initiation on the spot for the all the good guys there that wanted it, as well as all the Satanists there that didn't have anyone home whose consent to seek (explanation). He channeled the AB energy through all these beings, in the process making them full channels for this force. Even Pitwexin hadn't had this yet. Now, he and the girls, etc. do.
The girls and P and various ETs had fun doing up DC some more after the address.
Later, Cora came by here and initiated me and the remaining 2 girls.

Any of these beings can potentially initiate others. Cora has agreed to be a contact person for this. You can call on her and have her initiate you if you wish. All you have to do is choose an initial target for the energy which will be run through you. I didn't feel anything happening, but now i can charge a school bus in about 2 seconds, big buildings in several seconds.
I think this initiation will make you a permanent channel for this energy, and you will radiate it eveywhere you go.

My beloved Cora is a heavy-set, voluptuous woman with a broad, pretty face and long dark brown hair in braids. And an exceptionally delightful personality.

The Valhallan Army: I first mentioned my connection to Valhalla on October 24. Then someone told me that the info about Valhalla, Odin, etc. was translated long ago by allegedly Christian monks. I think much of the translation must be baloney. I still get no vibe off the alleged Valkyries.
In recent weeks, i have been using the Valhallans. Seems like if i guide them into a reptilian base or something, they really kick some butt.
Now that the Valhallan Army is all charged up, i can dowse about these guys better. What i get is that Valhalla is sort of a village that exists in a dimension of its own. The women normally are not fighters, but the men are very powerful macho warriors. Seems that they always deploy exactly 500 men. Must be a numerology thing.
Most of these guys are family men. Now that i can track them better, i find they spend a lot of time nailing spiders and octopi.

  *   *   *   *
Hey, here's something cool: i find that i can yank the evil human soul or ET out of a human body, and immediately sock the energy to the body, and it will become a channel for the vibe. It doesn't stick if there's anyone inhabiting the body when i try to attune it. If they are VIPs, evil ETs will later reposess the bodies anyway, but the energy stays.

(10:15pm) Something's happening. About an hour and a half ago, all the 28 girls came to hang out with me, in a celebratory mood. Still here.
The planet and the galaxy feel like the energy is really clearing up now, as if we'd reached a certain critical mass with our collective efforts.
Yes, the bad guys are still feebly hitting me, but still.
Now whenever i bag astral humans, i immediately zap their physical bodies with the AB attunement. Then i yank out a few of their superiors and do the same thing.

(11pm) Actually, even more gratifying than that is when i ignore the astral intel attackers and simply zing their bodies with the attunement. This has a rather disconcerting effect on the attacker, weakening them so that my toys can automatically jail them. And less bother for me.

Jan. 30, '08: (8:30am) I checked a map of the world this morning. Everything felt sweet except Antarctica. It was coming from the 4 bases i pointed out on the 25th. Apparently, reptilians were trying to mob their way back in. Especially the southernmost one, so i moved the Valhallans into there.

(10am) Things certainly seem to be progressing well, on an energy level. Here is a pic of some galaxies for any busybodies out there with nothing better to do than clean up the universe. They all have reptilians futilely trying to resist the good energy that is taking over.

(5:45pm) Had a couple other realizations:

  • Trees, being conscious beings, are able to accept the attunement and act as living channels for the AB force. And, pass it on to their peers. A process that is rapidly spreading over the world as i type, thanks in part to my 28 sweeties who are enthusiastically promoting this.

  • Also, it is just as easy to attune people and trees in other time-lines as in this one. Another nifty project my girls are involved in.

    (6:10pm) I just glanced at a couple minutes of TV news showing Romney, McCain, and Giuliani. They don't look or act any differently, but i swear, those guys are all channeling the AB energy full blast. I processed them early on. This is bound to have an effect on things eventually.

    (6:50pm) Co-pilot freaks out. I found this intriguing. Most obvious thing, on an energetic level, is that the guy's ritual alters have a real strong vibe, like they are really stirred up. One oddity is that he is not a Satanist in his front persona. The vast majority of airline pilots in the highly civilized first world are Satanists these days.
    Who MPDed him? His parents are clean. Not the military or any other directly governmental body. Nope, it was some airline industry thing.

    (9:20pm) A further note about all those galaxies in the pic: the bad guys are concentrated in their centers. Focus on the centers.

    Jan. 31, '08: (8:30am) The point was reached last night where every tree on this planet in this timeline (and probably a few others) is now happily Agenda Busting. Happy to get back at the chemsprayers and the Satanic big logging companies.

    After that, Pitwexin worked on all my programmmed crystal sets for hours. Things just get wilder and wilder. You see, Pitwexin also was most taken aback at the raw 4th Reich display at the State of the Union address. He was unfamiliar with this yearly ritual of loudly proclaiming the most blatant lies as truth, and having oodles of fellow Satanists clap wildly at such naked bullshit as the whole world looked on. This was clearly an overt insult and challenge to any thinking, responsible being in earshot. But there is only so much that our friends can do about it.

    So he visited his own mentor, who is the goddess Antuvozy who resides in a power spot north of his own residence. He lives in what in his timeline is the center of the land mass of North America, whereas she lives in a spot roughly corresponding to the center of Canada.
    Antuvozy is a very powerful good Red Nordic of the same class as Jehovah. I think both Antuvozy and Jehovah each exist in 44 timelines, but the majority of these timelines do not overlap. Hence, Pitwexin's timeline has no Jehovah, and ours has no Antuvozy. A different Antuvozy in another timeline is the originator of this whole style of programming.

    Anyway, Antuvozy too was appalled to hear his description of the 4th Reich behavior, and galvanized by its overtly taunting "What are you gonna do about it?" challenge.
    Of course, there was nothing much she could do about it except maybe lay a bunch of higher-level instruction on her pupil.
    After that, P worked on my ring of stones, etc. for hours, with the end result that it is now about 3.5 times as powerful as it was. He may be showing up to upgrade the programming in others' sets, too.

    (8:25pm) I got hit once today by 6 astrals from Homeland Security. I didn't even know that HSA was into the astral attacking business.
    Perhaps it is no coincidence that yesterday i did something to piss them off. You see, right off the freeway in Fairfax County is a large building under construction, almost completed, with its very own cell tower. As we were driving by yesterday, my dad mentioned that it was a new building for HS. There were no identifying signs at this time, but he said there used to be.
    Well, naturally i asked Pitwexin to program everything he could in that building, while i pounded the area, all the way down to the core of the Earth, with the AB vibe. Enjoy, suckers. Resistance is futile, escape impossible. Wherever you go, you will be hounded with the AB force.

    I glimpsed on the TV tonight the radiant image of Schwarzenazi. Radiant with The Force. He and his wifey were in the first wave of people i processed after i got initiated. Heh-heh. But then i noticed that Obama was like that, too. I don't recall doing Obama, so someone else must have. Nice going. Obama is not a Satanist, just a slut for them.
    Apparently one can jail lowlife scum of various sorts even if they are not into black magic. I sometimes experimentally do this, with the proviso that it happen only if it is for the greatest good, fair, etc. I don't know if that's necessary. I don't know if it's possible to do this to an OK person. I always use the proviso on dubious cases when i don't have enough info to be sure. Sometimes these end up in my jail, sometimes not.

    It was only a few months ago that i realized i had developed the ability to push insectile and human souls out of their bodies. Prior to that, i had to get good ETs to do it. I do not know if it has gotten easier for others to do it, too, but this recent evidence suggests that this may be the case.

    (10:15pm) Help needed now in Universe E. It's the titanesses and the Valhallans and a bunch of other critters fighting an attempt to mob our universe.
    I will type up further explanation after i post this.

    (10:45pm) Last night things got a bit hairy for a while, so i checked and found that a bunch of nasties had crept in from Universe E. I could not tell whether the titanesses were still on the job or had left. I discharged the bad guys into my jail and rigged the portal to do the same.

    Then a little while ago i checked and found the titanesses were fighting in Universe E, and were having a rough time trying to contain the upstarts. So i sent in a bunch of allies to help. The Valhallans were keen to help the titanesses, and i get the impression it's not the first time. I get the impression that they value them as allies, but don't have much in common with them.

    I think that Dem, Cil, and Bin may be hybrid offspring of some now-deceased titanesses and some good Pleiadian POWs that they seduced. There's undoubtedly some complex story here that i haven't ferreted out yet. DemCilBin also seem to regard the titanesses as allies, but are not comfortable or overly friendly with them.