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Loohan's blog for January, 2009

Jan. 1, '09: (9am) Now this is interesting. Yet another evil species, or at least race, found.
Last night i was checking on a certain crooked kop, when i noticed he was unusually DORy. He had done a ritual a couple nights before. I was curious as to what DORy entities had responded to the dog-torture. Turns out it was 4D humans from a different galaxy, shown in the center here.
This pic cropped from here.
I'm not finding a name for these people.

As soon as i became aware of them, i hit them with a strong surprise attack. A few minutes later 4 emissaries showed up here, some good 5D humans reminiscent of Native Americans. They are called Bun and are mortal enemies of these 4D humans. They live in the Constellation Libra direction. They now have 4K warriors helping us with these bad guys.

Jan. 2, '09 (8:40pm) [9:40 EST] Things are going great with the blasting here.

One thing nice about vacationing here is that i have ethernet, time, and electricity, and can catch up on some Project Camelot vids. I am in the midst of one by Dr. Deagle, and he happened to mention a Druidic Council which is supposed to be the highest illuminati creeps on the planet or something. 13 people. So naturally i am blasting them. Got them to show up on the map on the Bhutan/Tibet border. Depth of base is ~380' below surface.
Yo, measly punks, get the hell offa Cmdr. Loohan's planet at once.

Jan. 3, '09: (11:20am) Thanks for the blasting! I dowsed that some 2800+ people are blasting those sorcerors.

Then later Dr. Deagle mentions "our bases in the Black Forest" from which we fly to our moon bases and which contain ETs.
Hmmm. So i blasted these, finding 2 bases. One is by Bulerhohe here at ~300-600' depth, and one is near Oberndorf here at ~220-548' depth. I have the impression that this 2nd base is 4X as big as the first.

(9:40pm) Someone emailed me today about the Marko Rodin's Dandelion Puff Coil, which I had never heard of. Here is a link which will download a PDF file on that. It looks interesting. I have not played with this, and with all the intense stuff I've been inventing lately, it is not likely I will find time to experiment with it.

  *   *   *  
Whew, Dr. Deagle is one character that has me scratching my head sometimes. [Update: Deagle did give some real info but he was a CIAlizard. Subsequently replaced by clone of same strain -- NGC4414] On the one hand, he is not an agent, and he is telling the truth about his remarkable life experiences. And his info has led to my uncovering the locations of some scary bases. On the other hand, in my 8 months of awareness of people's higher chakras, i have never noticed anyone but a 96 having spiritual experiences of the intensity he describes. He is a 48. He repeatedly speaks of Moses as though he was something very different from a black magician who worshipped the Demiurge. He talks of palling around with "Archangel" Gabriel, who was a demon i recently terminated. He can't spot a glaringly DORy Satanist, e.g. Palin. He has a link to material from the MI3 hoaxers calling themselves Sorcha Faal on his site. But i like him anyway.
I first mentioned him on the 26th of last January. I notice that one of the bases we seemingly cleaned up then now has 324 DORy evil humans in it. That would be:
One east of Big Bend National Park, TX, directly under this circular formation (pic), at 3.2 mile depth. Mainly 'puters.

He seems to think there is a grand council of good beings that plan to let the Earth die if we don't shape up. I can't tell; maybe this is true, but personally this is not high on my list of worries. If i were on that council, my chief reason for doing that would be to eliminate any possibility of Earth in our time-line re-infecting the other time-lines again (which we have more or less cleaned up). It might not be a bad idea for maximum prophylaxis, but i doubt it would be necessary at this stage when we are mopping up the infectious critters so well.
Another reason for doing this is that, if a super-controlled nightmare state did take over, the good people left alive would have little to lose anyway, and the bad guys would all get killed, too.

I'm not worried for myself, 'cause i'm an orgone-stoked 96 with plenty of friends in high places, and more friends in positive 3D timelines i could get to if i wanted to reincarnate. As for other people, i doubt this council is interested in killing off good human spirits, so i would imagine they would be helped. Surely there are places where other good people could go to reincarnate if Earth got fried.
Sure it would be sad to see the good creatures and things of this planet die. However, looking at the big picture from my viewpoint, it is trivial whether that happens, compared to what has been averted these last 3.5 years: inescapable total torture hell for all eternity for all sentient beings in all time-lines and universes. And many if not all higher realms. I would gladly have made all Earth go boom to prevent that, had i had that power and there hadn't been cleverer ways (finding and exploiting the Achilles' heels of the opposition).

  *   *   *  
Another warning for people going to Project Camelot's site: although Wilcock is the only intentional phony i've found there, Marcia Schafer is mind-controlled by tall greys. I suspect they have duped her into thinking they are something else. I have not checked out her videos. Occasionally i round up her greys. [Update: Project Scamalot is a CIA site with predominantly agent interviewees.]

An interesting note: on the Leo Zagami page, the site says:
Days after our interview, his wife Fatma Suslu, of Turkish descent but an aspiring Norwegian politician, left him - accusing us at Project Camelot, in the process, of being agents. Shortly after her departure he was temporarily imprisoned and his cellphone and computers were confiscated by the police.
Well, a few months ago i read somewhere (much less detail) that Leo had lost his wife after he converted to the good side. I checked her out and found she had no human spirit, just an evil Lyran! This was a while after i had, on a wholesale basis, yanked all Earth's black magicians out of their bodies and jailed them. The most usual thing that happens after a Satanist's body has been cleared like that is that an evil Lyran takes over.
This tells me that Fatma was a darksider who did not want to quit, although she may have pretended otherwise.
Leo, fortunately, availed himself of the opportunity in the nick of time. He is a 48, BTW. I have not yet watched his videos, but am rather confident he lays out the true poop.

Jan. 4, '09: (11:20am) Since i have a bit of time, i have started a glossary for my site.

Al-Jazeera article on the Gaza situation.
One bright spot in this disgusting situation: i can't find any repts or greys, etc. under Gaza (google map). I checked a few days ago, and again today. Only thing i can feel is the emotions of loads of very stressed people.
Back during the 2006 war, it was an endless struggle to counter all the evil ETs that showed up for the energy feast and to help their Zionist friends fry Arabs. Now, nothing.
What few are left are too busy even to eat. Maybe that's part of the reason they are so weak.

Jan. 5, '09: (10:45am) What little energy the repts and greys do have seems largely directed at me, and seems to still come from mantis hive 9, despite the fact that that hive is being eradicated. I would appreciate some help in nailing 9 some more, as i have been getting a lot of flak from repts and greys again lately.

(11:20am) Thanks, that's already helping a bunch.
I just read this article about "Australia's Bermuda Triangle". (Warning! The article links to a PDF article by 2 Satanists, Claude Poher and Jacques Vallee, who might be offering disinfo. I didn't read that.)
What i did was simply open Exmouth, AU in google maps. Immediately i found a U base at 220' depth. I only detect evil humans in there at this time, 367 of them. They do not seem to be USAF, but probably some very obscure US agency.

Jan. 6, '09 (8:50am) I just read an email from Harold saying
The rep influence in dc increased with the Chinese psychics moving in, and there's still 7footers at LanglyAFbase; the primary east coast broadcast point for the mesmerize-the-masses frequencies. A lot of cloaked reptoid soldiers providing physical protection for the traitors there. You can feel them; a heaviness (somewhat numbing)- making you sense that the traitor has a bigandpowerful energy field.
Well, there sure is some nasty energy there (map). The center of it is around the intersection of the 2 runways, and maybe 400' down. Is it repts? I haven't been able to figure out what it is yet. Very unusual. I'm not able to vacuum up any entities.

  *   *   *  
Last night i finished the 3 Leo Zagami vids. His English is very good, but unfortunately he has a very thick accent and speaks very fast with an odd rhythm, so i couldn't catch everything he said.
Noteworthy: he said Z. Sitchin was a Vatican disinfo agent (i've had him on my agent list for years simply due to his strong Satanic/Masonic vibe) and that the Planet X stuff was a bunch of BS whipped up by the Vatican. I thought they were planning to elaborate on that subject later, but unfortunately they didn't get back to it. I have never been able to get a vibe on this Planet X, so i tend to agree. In fact just a few days ago i carefully went over a pic of this alleged planet, but still could not detect any evil entities on it, in it, or connected to it.

He also said that Obummer is a 52nd degree Prince Hall Freemason. I had previously read an allegation that he was a Prince Hall Mason elsewhere.
I suspect that Prince Hall Freemasonry (which is for black folks) does not engage in the blood rites so common in other lodges.

(2:35pm) Shape-shifting? I have never observed any shape-shifting like Icke talks about, but maybe that's because i haven't been paying attention to the irises. This video quotes Credo Muttwa [correction: Mutwa] as saying that it's the irises that shift first, becoming vertical slits. Dr. Deagle says there is no physical shape-shifting, it's that people see bleed-through from other dimensions. I was inclined to agree, until i saw this vid.
Hmmmm. Bush looks obviously very uncomfortable and squirmy, blinking a lot.

If this sort of thing interests you, you might check out a link a reader sent me. I have not, yet. You do have to install a "Vuze" player. Let me know if you find any particularly good vids, and i'll post some still pics.

(7:40pm) BBC news: i don't have TV at home, but catch the news while i'm here.
I notice that every single spokesperson the Israelis trot out is a Satanist. Haven't spotted any Palestinian darksiders yet.
Of course, as i have long known, all IDF brass and politicians are Satanists, too, and all IDF soldiers have been sodomized and MPDed.
I notice with some satisfaction that The Committee has done a superb job of programming all Israeli tanks, mortars, choppers, etc. Can't stop the violence, but at least we can keep the dirty occult aspects down.
Then a spokesman for the Indian gov't comes out, saying that the Pakistanis were definitely behind the Bombay terror attack. He, too, is a Satanist lying through his teeth.
Yeah, the world's still got a few problems.
And that clown Burris is just as much of a sleazebag as his facial structure would suggest. Not a Satanist, but i ripped him out of his bod real easily.

Leo Zagami said (as i remember) that the reason that the illuminati created the state of Israel after their boy Hitler made conditions bad in Europe to motivate jews to move there was because they are heavily into prophecy, and the jews had to be back in their ancient homeland so that Armageddon could unfold properly -- Israel is a trigger for apocalypse.
And now they are deliberately pissing off the whole world with their gory excesses; what's up with that? Blowing up a UN school.

(11:10pm) Don't tell anyone, but i know the new secret location of 9 of those 13 "Druids" mentioned Jan. 2. They snuck off to a spot 3 miles west and put a flimsy detection shield over themselves which i yanked. They are like 30' underground here.

(11:30pm) Holy crap! I just figured out what the deal is under Langley: genetic monstrosities. They are predominantly lions, actually lionesses, but also have some genes from 2 humans, 4 snakes, a housecat, and a mule. There are 24 of these at 70' depth, with the humans being ~400' down. These chimera have all kinds of psi and powerful life-force. They seem to have no spirit component, no "astral" entity.

Jan. 7, '09: (12:10pm) Those druids, BTW, drew attention from me by attacking me remotely. These sorcerors have a different approach to that, which i don't quite comprehend, but the nature of their attacks is somehow metaphysically different.

Richard Hoagland is an interesting character. For years i had him on my agent list, then a few weeks ago i went over that list again for the first time in a while, and no longer could find anything bad on him. After a couple weeks or so of re-checking, i took him off the list with an apology. I don't know what caused me to get a false reading on him in years past.
But one thing continued, and still continues, to baffle me: i can't dowse his # of chakras. In my limited experience, all humans that still have a human spirit have dowsable chakras. But i could neither detect any good nor evil entity running him.
I do know of 2 individuals that also have no dowsable chakras nor discernable entity running them, but both are people whose original inhabitant i have jailed and then destroyed. For some reason neither of these 2 seems to have been taken over by anything, which is highly anomalous. One of these was previously a Satanist, and the other just a scumbag. I am in contact with both of them on a regular basis. The former Satanist is no longer DORy, and the other guy no longer nearly as much of a rabid jerk. In fact the latter had really been pushed out of his body by good ET allies of mine before i had the power to do that myself, and was replaced by a very weak-feeling good Lyran. After some time, i had suggested to the Lyran that if he got bored, he could shove off, and he did! And amazingly, no bad Lyran replaced him. Why i don't know. These are my only other experiences with people who dowse like Hoagland does.
[Update:. No, i had forgotten about 1 other guy, an orgone activist out west, whose chakras i also couldn't dowse. Then later, i found another harmless guy whose chakras i couldn't dowse.
Then later i realized that these last 2 guys as well as Hoagland had one thing in common: they had FHS, a phenomenon i had just discovered. In some cases it makes the person's chakra numbers undowsable, and in some case the evil Nordics were actually bad-vibing people. I believe it was their demonic energy that made me think Hoagland was satanist.
The FHS has been fixed.]

Anyway, after removing him from my list, i had 2nd thoughts about giving him a clean bill of health. I noticed Project Camelot had a interview of him, and i felt i had better check out the 3 vids.

So i did. I think the guy's OK and i like him. Though it is a bit unnerving about his seeming lack of chakras. [Update: Hoagland is a shapeshifting reptilian who no longer has a soul.]
He says that NASA has 3 factions within it, which he calls the Nazis, the Masons, and the magicians.
The Nazis were originally brought in after WW2. Although he does not describe them as such, i would call them Nazi Freemasons. They definitely have the Masonic stamp on them.
The ones he refers to as Masons are benign. He says Freemasonry is good, it's just that they were infiltrated and corrupted by Nazis long ago, long before Hitler et al. Which might be true on both counts, i don't know. Naziism was not original with Hitler. It exists on numerous time-lines, always associated with evil Nordic ETs. Where they are dominant is in the Nazi time-lines so beloved by Tim Rifat. We have in the past endeavored to clear out those Nordics from Nazi-dominant time-lines as much as possible.
He never explained whom he meant by the 3rd group, "magicians". Obviously, the Nazis are (black) magicians. I don't know whether "clean" Masonry incorporates what could be called magic, but suspect it does. So who is this 3rd group? I don't know. I experimentally tried yanking on them, and harvested no Lyrans, but i did get 41 humans, which tells me their intentions are not good, but they are not black magicians in the sense of blood ritual. Maybe in his new best-selling book he tells more about them.
Incidentally i pulled 51 evil Lyrans out of the NASA Nazis, and nobody out of the clean Masons.
I had long believed that there were no clean Masons other than dupes within evil lodges, so this is intriguing.

He also says that the we-never-went-to-the-moon conspiracy theory was actually kicked off decades ago by NASA itself, as a ploy. He says he addresses the details of the theory pretty well in his book.
He also argues convincingly (using NASA photos) that NASA covered up the fact that there are enormous glass structures on the moon from a bygone civilization. Supposedly, due to the moon's lack of water, the sand makes glass that is 20X as strong as steel.

None of his friends and allies he mentions seem dirty, except for the disconcerting fact that he has become close to David Wilcock and they have been working together lately. He was favorably disposed toward Wilcock because the latter had supposedly "independently found" many of the same answers Hoagland had, and he was bolstered to find independent confirmation.
Ah-hem. So... is Wilcock a NASA agent? That would seem logical, but i dowse NSA. Are NSA's motives to steer Hoagland in the wrong direction? Or to learn something from him, possibly about NASA itself? Or just to bolster Wilcock's reputation for some other purpose? I don't know.

Hoagland is very concerned, because evidence suggests that Mars and our Moon were once covered with structures from a long-gone civilization which was apparently related to pharaonic Egypt. Some cataclysm apparently buried the structures. He believes this may be a cyclic event which will soon happen again, though he doesn't mention the alleged Planet X specifically.
He suspects some faction of the covert-ops boys is trying to address the problem. Could that be partly what Wilcock is about? I don't know.
He thinks HAARP might be really about this, working with plasma to rescue the Earth. Or something like that.
However, i would point out that HAARP (as well as related transmitter systems) used to be extremely DORy back when there were loads of demons around. This is not in itself an indictment, as perhaps the demons would have tacked their DOR onto any available scalar transmitter no matter what the humans' intentions were with the transmitter. (In fact, a lot of the above-ground "hidden transmitters" that i wrote about in the Paranoia Series were probably just ordinary electronic devices manufactured by ordinary people, and thus used by demons.)
But there also were a bunch of Satanists working at HAARP in Gakona that were replaced a couple years ago by the good ETs with good Lyrans. And since then, i have never noticed demonic energy coming from there. Suggesting that HAARP used to be a gov't ritual site.

Jan. 8, '09 (10:20am) Most of us have probably heard of breatharianism, where people supposedly wean themselves off solid food, and presumably are able to get their nitrogen (to make proteins) from air (which is ~80% nitrogen). Supposedly some people who are successful at this are very youthful in appearance, with abnormal physical strength. And kung-fu aficionadoes may have heard of the Red Spears who supposedly weaned themselves of food by taking in chi via their meridians.
Well, here is an interesting article which does not mention breath or meridians, but rather taking in solar energy via the eyes for health and eventual decreased or eleiminated need for food. Of course, for some of us, the sun can be hard to find many mornings and evenings. I know 2008 was a very overcast year at my place from both natural and fake clouds.

(5pm) A cool site someone sent me a link to. I haven't actually checked it out much, but if you sign up for free, you get a full-page version of this pic, which has really good energy. They got some free stuff, and some stuff they're selling, and it all has great, clean energy.

  *   *   *  
The Somalian pirates: check out this story about those pirates. I don't know how true it is; tentatively i get 92%. I did experimentally try to see how many of these pirates i could skim off into jail. Somewhat surprisingly, i got 0.

BTW, those 9 druids in the west hideout are persevering at attempting to make me uncomfortable.

(5:45pm) Then as an afterthought, i skimmed the polluters they are talking about, and got 73 evil human souls as well as 34 evil Lyrans. They do have an organized crime vibe, but not exactly Mafia per se.
Then i skimmed the fish poachers, and got 14 evil humans but no Lyrans. This does not mean there are no more poachers, but merely that Higher Intelligence only found 14 of them to be egregious enough individuals to do this to.

  *   *   *  
It's funny how things work. Earlier today i was dressing in the locker room at the fitness club i work out at when i'm in VA, and there was a little boy 3-4 years old getting dressed with his uncle or somebody. Twice he told his uncle "I'm afraid of the dark" and twice his uncle pointed out that it's not dark in that place. Indeed it was brightly lit. So why was the boy repeating that? Did my presence have anything to do with it? Did he know what i do on some level? I checked and found he's a 48 and had a bunch of repts leaning on his 3rd eye. I yanked them, and then he called out to me and starting talking to me about various trivial things.

Another, slightly wilder, story: 2 days ago i got an email from a lady about her 10-year-old son. Someone had been showing them a cool rock of unknown variety, and when the boy touched the rock, it burned his hands! The owner of the rock was shocked, and called a friend of his, who said the boy had "implants in his body and he needs orgonite to get rid of them, slowly..because if he gets rid of them too fast the orgonite can kill him".
Well, i have never heard of rocks burning someone like that, nor of orgonite removing implants, but the boy is a 96 and he was packed full of implants. I sent 2 Sakudas, and they worked for many, many hours to clear him. They were still at it all day yesterday. Rept and grey implants.
Then last night, before he was even fully clean, he contacted me telepathically. I got that he's actually a 300-year-old 7D warrior-healer of great power named Woiki and i had an immediate feeling that he is destined to be a great ally and friend of mine. We fixed him up with an etheric jail and some etheric programmed perpendicu-wands, and he's been raking in the nasty entities since.
I wrote his mom this morning, remarking on this, and she wrote back "I do know that my son knows he is different, I know he says he is a healer, wants to save the world, and has tried many times to use telepathy in his younger years. He has spoken to me a about him going other dimmentions using through vortex walls. He does feel good and bad energy around him often.He has mentioned to me things he feels and that he has been around for 200 years."

Jan. 9, '09: (8am) This morning i scanned the little boy that had been in the locker room. He was being remotely attacked on the 6th & 7th centers by tall greys and repts. Why? He's psychic. I'm coming to realize more and more that many 48s are more psychic than many 96s.

About the other boy, last night i saw an email i had missed from his mom, saying
I forgot to mention that he would tell me that there are 10 planets, and I would say "no" there are 9. He sure did insist, and two years later, it was broadcasted that there is a 10th planet. He insisted so much I remeber, that he even knew that it had it's own moon, and it's color. It shocked me aswell.I know my son is different, I know he is special, and like he told me, he is here for a reason.
I wondered, was he talking about Sedna? I didn't know it had a moon. I did a search, and found articles like this one which says that originally it was thought that Sedna had a moon, due to its slow rotation. (quote:)
The astronomers thought the most plausible explanation for this long period of rotation was the existence of a moon exerting a significant gravitational pull on Sedna. In fact, they were so certain of this that the obligatory "artist's rendition" of Sedna that accompanied the announcement included a moon. So the team's next step was to find the moon.

(snip) In early 2005, the mystery was finally solved, rather anticlimactically. Astronomers Scott Gaudi and Krzysztof Stanek at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics took new measurements using a much larger telescope than Brown's team had used. Their observations showed conclusively that Sedna's rotation is in fact quite normal...
I shrugged. Later in the evening we gave him the Sedna program. He had already jailed enough bad guys to forge oodles of Sedna programs with, just bagging the ones coming after him. They have been trying hard to nail him, now that we cleaned him up and weaponized him. He's very powerful. He's drawing a lot of fire and handling it quite well. In fact, i thought to myself, this guy might turn out to be a better jailer than i am!
We also got him started on breaking down the prisoners for psychotronic fuel.

So this morning he was even more powerful-feeling. I got to thinking about something: i dowsed that Sedna is the planet he was talking about, and that Sedna does have a moon! For some reason "they" are covering it up. But why? Well, i reasoned, perhaps the moon is invisible for some reason, and they are confident it will remain so. But what motive? I don't know. Hardly anyone has ever even heard of Sedna, nor gives a rat's hiney whether it has a moon.
But then i noticed there is a huge rept hive on this moon! So Woiki and i started in on them. I brought in a bunch more allies, too. These repts are not quite the same type as the ones on Dia and . Those latter, as well as the ones in the NSA-connected hive, wear goggles for some reason, whereas other similar reptilians (like the ones on Sedna's moon) do not.

Then i took another look at that Sedna article, and realized that Gaudi and Stanek are Satanists with a strong connection to the Dia repts!
That still does not explain any cover-up about the existence of the moon, though.

(8:10am) Warning: Before you trip out too heavily on sungazing, you might want to check out this page.

(9:35am) I just finished watching the Project Camelot video on Miriam Delicado, who has had experiences involving the Tall Blonds, a group of benevolent (i'm pretty sure) beings whom i have not yet had interaction with. They have not "shown" themselves to me. These beings associate with some benign, androgynous, robot-like 4' tall helpers that look a bit grey-like but aren't greys. I tried to dowse their species name. I got that it's a 4-letter word starting with Jek, but i can't get the last letter. It's a consonant sound, but probably not one we have a letter for.

Miriam is another psychic who's a 48, and seems very authentic. She a talked a lot about the Hopi, which got me back to looking at that subject. I have long had the impression that ever since long before the white man arrived, the Hopi have been 45% covert darksiders. And that the elders are 75% darkside.
In the past i have fruitlessly searched the web for a list of the elders. To be really sure, i wish i had a list so i could check each individual. I know that Dan Katchongva and Thomas Banyacya are good ones, and 96s, but i don't remember the names of any others. I think they might be in "Hopi: a message for all people" (a book i have in storage somewhere, possibly in Oregon) or The Book of the Hopi (a book i never read after reading an East-West Journal(?) interview in the '70s in which a spokesman for the Hopi said something disapproving about the author). If anyone can send me a list, i'd appreciate it.

I do not get the impression of Hopi blood ritual, but of some kind of more energetically-discreet black magic that the good Hopi do not suspect.
Last night i skimmed the Hopi for evil ones and got 122 evil Lyrans. I am planning to hold them in jail and not cook them down for soup as long as it might be possible to milk them for info. If any good psychics want to check them out, ask my higher self for clearance and you can. Not sure the Lyrans know much, but maybe one can get impressions off of them.

(10am) Last night the 9 "druidic" sorcerors in the west nest were being naughty, so i had to send one of my girls down there to spank them. They seem chastened for the time being. I think they are scared of girls.
Heh-heh. I admit it was the mighty Yo-ke i sent.

Please give the Tall Greys some harrassment. They seem to be the strongest and most troublesome evil species whenever the hive 9 mantises are too overwhelmed to make trouble (a factor which seems to fluctuate). The plan is, after the gang beats hive 9 to a pulp (which might still be a while), the grey hive is next.
Also, i have the impression that one of my allegedly incarnate wives (whom i have not yet written about, and who also, hrumpf! won't email me) has just departed on a long road trip to join the now-14 girls in Cleveland, AR. I have trouble locating her on a map, but tentatively i think she is departing from Saskatchewan. She is extremely special and different, and the Tall Greys are intent on putting hazards in her path like they did to me recently.

(10:50am) It had been hard to locate her because now Canada has various mysterious positive-energy spots that distracted me when i tried. I do not know if these are natural Earth energies that have been freed up, good ETs i can't pin down the identity of (concievably even Tall Blonds), some combination thereof, or something else.
But shortly after i posted last, i did locate the girl cruising down the highway. The Tall greys are putting their nests right under the highway every few miles, and i'm nailing them as i find them. I think the nests are for the purpose of adversely affecting local reality as she comes by.

(7:10pm) Yeah, i'm like a snowplow ahead of her. Been getting plenty of grey nests, and even a strongish rept one. Hundreds of my girls are helping; in fact, they alerted me to the rept one and were already fighting them when i found out. The Committee is programming her car.

Article on Obama's support of marijuana prohibition. He's committed to preserving this source of black ops funding.

Amazingly, i've already had 2 psychics check out the jailed Hopi Lyrans. One is a male forum member, and the other is a female i don't think i've ever had contact with.

Had my first attack in a while from Chinese psychics. Bagged 12 Chinese guys in Miami or thereabouts.

Oops, now i have another rept nest in front of that gal...

(9:20pm) Another NSA disinfo site. I got this link from the Project Camelot site. It is run by a Satanist going by the name of Wynn Free.
"The more you study what we are doing the more convinced you will become that it's real. We welcome your utmost scrutiny and criticalness.There are no hidden agendas here. Please share this site with your family and friends if it resonates."
Yeah, whatever. The homepage sez that Wilcock is the reincarnation of Cayce. Wrongo.

(10:35pm) Hoowee, check out the action, those who can, on Sedna's moon right now.
I am blown away. It turns out that when Woiki had accumulated a bunch more personal power, he became able to bring in his buddies from another universe i was unaware of. They are all getting fixed up with jails and weapons and Sedna programs, and fighting the repts on that moon! How many of these people are there? I don't know, maybe about as many as all the demons that ever existed put together. Inconceivable amounts. They've been itching to get into our realm to kick ass for a long time, and now they've broken through.
The species name is Gek-sit, and this all has to do with Sedna in ways i don't grasp yet.
Somehow i never expected this. The evil ones might as well kiss their asses goodbye now.

(10:50pm) Now, it just occurred to me to draw some attention from these guys to the little Zionist flare-up we have going here now, and some fighters are arriving in the Promised Land. Not sure what their capabilities are against 3D enemies...
And remember, you read about it first at That is, if anything memorable happens in the 3D.

(11:10pm) Too much. I'm getting the impression that the Gek-set are 8'3"-ish Negroes! I think they all have brown eyes and pretty much look like Africans. Half of them here are women. I think the women are around 8'1" and the men around 8'4", they have frizzy hair, wide nostrils, thick lips and are beautiful.

Jan. 10, '09: (8:45am) I also directed the Gek-sit to various other targets we are having trouble with, and things are mellowing.

My Canadian sweetie stopped at a motel for the night, and immediately 3 real strong nests of reptilians were injected in the vicinity to fry her with DOR. The Gek-sit came in real handy there.
Now she's back on the road again, and the greys still have the audacity to set nests in her path.

Then last night after she came to hug me in the astral, the 9 sorcerors started their crap up again. By then i was half-asleep, and momentarily forgetting about the Gek-sit, i sent Yo-ke back again. But this time they were ready for her, and i didn't like the feel of what was going on. These are probably the most powerful evil sorcerors on the planet. I got Yo-ke out of there, and sent them something unexpected: the Gek-sit.

Here's an explanation i sent a newer reader this morning, who had gotten himself outfitted the same way Woiki did:
The prisons are etheric, and by default they slowly, slowly, munch down the energy of the evil prisoners, returning their energy in purified form to you.In theory the bad guys can't escape, but actually there have been exceptions at times. So it is safest to destroy them. However, i allow a loophole for Higher Intelligence to spare any it deems salvageable or that may have any use in the future for any reason.How the process of breaking them down works, i don't understand, but my higher self does, and the knowledge is contagious to other higher selves. The bad guys can be perceived as breaking down into finer and finer lumps until they are gone.The weapons help force the bad guys into jail, while also stripping energy from them. It was the energy from the weapons and jail that boosted Woiki to where he could do more amazing things.
Full moon coming up. Are the Israelis planning a festive sacrifice? Will the Gek-sit be able to calm things down? Stay tuned.

(9:20am) Oh, yeah, forgot to mention. Last night i explained to the Gek-sit about the Chinese psychics, and how they were cloaked so i couldn't find them except when they attacked. When i woke up before dawn, i dowsed they had found and bagged 422 of these in China. Then not long later, i had 333 attack me from China. So that's another 755 we got rid of. At least their astral selves.

Then just now i noticed there was some conflict energy in east China where the Gek-sit are attacking their physical bodies.
It is in an underground base right where google marks the center of Hefei, China (map) at a depth of around 85'. I presume this is the main HQ of the bunch. This is where they found the 422. I think the 333 jumped me from elsewhere, but that's still cloaked.

Jan. 11, '09: (8:35am) Things seem to be going well, other than the fact that the Israelis are still attacking. Al Jazeera says
Israeli ground forces are advancing on Gaza City and facing strong resistance from Palestinian fighters on the 16th day of the assault on the besieged territory.
But in the invisible realm, things are coming along. Only the tall greys still seem strong anymore most of the time.

My Canadian friend arrived in Cleveland, AR just before 10pm (CST) last night. If this is all delusion, it sure is convincing.

The ET problems had dropped off a lot most of the day, but when she got as far as Marshall, AR, there were loads of grey and rept nests i had to deal with, and more kept popping up in her path. They were a big hassle in that final stretch.

Shortly after she got to her new home, she popped in here in the astral for a quick hug and went back.
Then not long after, the 15 girls got in a circle and started doing Earth energy work. This was after she had been driving almost non-stop since early morning (when she left from just south of Fargo, ND), presumably snacking as she drove on stuff she'd brought.
She's very powerful at that. Earth work, i mean, not snacking. She is a unique girl who seems to bend reality around her in a different way from the others.
I crashed out around that time, though.

(10:40am) Yesterday i got 6 more Agenda Busters (orgonite pieces) from Al Gray. These are pyramids instead of muffins like last time.
Also he sent this jar of Double Agent programmed glycerin. I had the impression that this was more intense than the Double Agent programming we've been doing with the mind alone. Then i had a visual impression of the entity behind it, Oniwaiudu (Al, BTW, does not believe in this Oniwaiudu stuff) who seemed to be telling me something or attuning me. Then i just used my mind to place the vibe in the jar into remote places like the Tidal Basin, ponds, ET lairs, metal stuff, etc. and it seems much improved.
This stuff is available from him (). He says
"You can find yourself a quartz crystal that fits well in your hand and wipe it with the gel. Wash it off and you have a DA tuned crystal you can use to focus and send remotely."
He also sent me an interesting link about the coming age...

Then i checked out that site some more, and found this link about DU being found in Palestinians.

(6:50pm) Real heavy chemclouds (and natural cloud cover, too) the last 2 days here.

Whew, this is breaking my heart. I just read in the David Icke Newsletter (i don't know if it can be found on the web; someone forwards them to me) that
These [IDF] pawns are the young people, from the age of 18, who are conscripted into the Israel military whether they like it or not. Conscripted men must serve for three years and women for nearly two years and they are also required to be 'in reserve' after that to be called up at will by the dark suits and dark 'hearts' of the Israeli leadership.
I wasn't aware of that. And he gives a link to a site by the Shministim (conscientious objectors). Although it heartens me to see this, at the same time it's very sad, because Israel rapes and MPDs 100% of its soldiers. (I think the Brits do that, too. I used to think that the US MPDs 100% of its new male soldiers as of a few years ago, but actually that may only hold true for those destined for the Gulf region. I think they first get them in boot camp. I personally know a friend of my parents who is a "psychological counselor" who "helps soldiers with PTSD" and makes great money at it. He is an MPD handler.)

Anyway, you can see on that Shministim page a gorgeous 19-year-old girl, a 24, whose "father was deputy head of Mossad". She was raped and prostituted (though she doesn't know it) hundreds of times even before she was conscripted. This is how Zionists treat their daughters. How do expect them to treat Palestinians?
I removed her plentiful sex demons.

(7:35pm) And those of the other kids at
Think of it. If all the kids have to get themselves MPDed, that means that, in the unlikely event that Israel should continue to exist in its present form for a long time, at some point almost all the population will be MPDed with Mossad knowing their access codes.

(10:20pm) A whole lot of fighting and DOR going on at the tall grey hive galaxy, which also has a lot of short greys, BTW. They've been hitting me, too. There are vast numbers of Gek-sit there, but apparently the greys are still a lot more plentiful than i thought. And the Gek-sit might be less plentiful than i originally thought. I'm getting that ~60% of them are fighting at this grey hive now. And actually, progress is being made, slowly.

Jan. 12, '09: (10:05am) Still heavy fighting going on there, but much less DORy now. Nonetheless, the greys are hitting me.

Last night another Arcturan messenger appeared to me, to inform me that the big-name guys were leaving the #9 mantis hive, and taking a breather. They've been fighting non-stop for a long time, and have accomplished a great deal. Hive 9 is apparently fairly pulverized, and of course there are still huge numbers of allies there to grind away at what's left.
The advent of the Gek-sit is enabling the top fighters to take a break before they, too, join in against the greys again.

It turns out that the Canadian girl is able to convey info to me telepathically. Normally i have great problems receiving. So last night i asked her why the incarnate girls won't contact me in the 3D. The answer i got is something i would really rather not write about, but i "have to".

It all has to do with stuff i don't understand about time and prophecy and stuff like that. Like Leo Zagami said, Israel is a trigger for WW3. What looks like the most likely future scenario is that the Zionists will continue to commit horrendous crimes in Gaza, and flagrantly lie about and deny and rationalize away their actions. This is to get worldwide anti-Zionist, anti-jew, and anti-American sentiment bubbling madly.
Then, probabilities are that 4-5 weeks from now (by which time unfortunately not much will be left of Gaza or the Palestinians), Israel will take a big hit from somebody that is not part of the conspiracy, but is being manipulated. Some pissed-off country or group will do major damage to Israel, probably with conventional bombs, which may or may not be missiles. To fulfill the requirements, it can be any group that is not directed by the illuminati, but agent provocateurs may be used. There is no one particular group that i sense will do this.
They probably will not hit the US, but Homeland Security, etc. are all expecting this scenario, and will seek to capitalize on it with their own terror attack(s) in the US, which will be spun as originating from whomever they want a pretext to attack (Iran, most likely). The Chinese have something to do with this all this, too, including but not limited to arming Iran. Iran may well be who bombs Israel. That is sort of what the illuminati hope. But if someone else does it, the illuminati will still probably make a pretext to bomb Iran. Then WW3 will break out, but with any luck, it will be of very short duration, and no nuclear bombs will go off.

Here's where it gets real silly: the reason that the girls won't approach me in the 3D (and the Lemurian girl and Rona whom i have seen with my eyes in the 3D will stay out of sight) is because, for some reason, certain forces will be set in motion the first time i see the girls. Forces which have the power of stopping WW3 if everything unfolds right.
Doesn't make much sense to me, either.
There are various requirements for this to work. I can't know for sure whether the girls are real in my world or not until WW3 starts (de facto; WW3 may well never be declared). Then Lula has to approach me first, during a juicy thunderstorm with ample rain and some wind. Physically. I am not to come too close to her. We will talk a bit, and she will invite me to visit them in Cleveland the next day. Then she will dash away. She might give me a hug before leaving, but i am not to attempt to kiss her. Then there will be further protocols given about how i am to behave when i meet the other girls. If everything is done right, for some reason WW3 will screech to a halt.
There now, i really didn't want to write that. And neither did the greys want me to. They started hammering me hard just now, and i also got an attack from Dia.
Publishing this drivel now is necessary to meet the requirements for ending WW3.

None of this is set in concrete. It is not guaranteed that anyone will bomb Israel on a large enough scale to fit the requirements. But the illuminati will continue to do everything to provoke such a thing. Including graphic coverage in the mainstream media of atrocities.
If large-scale bombing of Israel does occur, it is virtually certain that WW3 will start. It is also almost certain that it will be curtailed if a suitable thunderstorm happens within a certain time window. And chances are, it will. The bad guys will not be "allowed" to interfere with me or the girls on the 3D, but they will be allowed to abort the thunderstorm if they can. However, i am optimistic they will fail.

In the event that WW3 does not start within the next couple of months and looks like it's no longer on the books for any reason, then supposedly i will get to meet the girls anyway. On the other hand, things could shift around in such a way that we remain on the brink of WW3 for a longer period, in which case my love life will continue to remain on hold until the danger has passed.

(7pm) Really smeared-up skies around here today.
Happened to be out in Manassas today, and tossed another real potent gift in the same big pond that got an AB muffin last winter.

I just updated OTB 27c with a new program.

Jan. 13, '09: (12:10am) The deal with the Druidic Council: they no longer have astral bodies, they do not get taken over by ETS, and they can't attack astrally, but they still are strong at some creepy ways of attacking. And they don't like me.
The other night i noticed that the 4 sorcerors in the east nest were sending energy to the 9 in the west nest. Investigating further, the 4 were torturing a cat. And which demons were they feeding the suffering-energy of the cat to? Why themselves. These flesh and blood humans without astral selves are nonetheless demon-like, as they feed themselves with the food preferred by demons: suffering, pain, despair, etc. It gives them a boost to work bizarre sorcery i don't understand.

I couldn't do a whole lot more to stop the cat torture, but i rigged it so all the energy they were sending went instead to my scrubber crystal. So now the guys in the east nest have quit doing that, but now the 9 in the west nest are feeding themselves by torturing a young man they abducted. Possibly they are using lit cigarettes. And they are using the energy boost to mess with me.
They do not appear to be blood-drinkers, however.

(10:10am ) Thanks. Someone out there seems to be keeping them under control now. I'm glad i have readers with different abilities than my own.

I am still a bit baffled about that place i mentioned 12/31.
But i have gotten an additional impression: it has to do with the trafficking of hundreds of children from 2 specific countries: Ukraine and Afghanistan. But i do not get that the kids are ever at this location.
I still don't know what those haphazardly-placed structures are. I remember reading stuff written by Sue Arrigo, MD, a bona fide CIA MPD victim, about how children are shipped in shipping containers. Could these be shipping containers? Well, that seems logical, but i don't know if they even make such containers in those shapes. The only ones i am familiar with are the more long kind. Again, if anyone has further impressions, please email me.

(10:20am) Plus, i am feeling 42 evil people in the cluster of smaller structures on the south edge of the complex. I am not detecting them in the other buildings at this time.

(4:15pm) Another heavy chem day in N. VA.

DEA drug lab found in Westerly, NY (google map). On the 4th floor. Oxycontin only, as far as i can detect.
It is interesting how i happened to sniff this out. A reader sent me a link to a google map of Montauk Point. There are 3 boats shown coming around the point that he was supicious of.
I dowsed they were DEA drug runners coming from a lab, and blasted the lab real well to make its energy stand out on the map. Evidently they move the stuff out by boats. I don't know why, if the lab is so dinky, it takes 3 boats at once. Maybe 2 of them are escorts.
They take it all to Ocean City, NJ to this house. I think that is only one of the distribution routes, and the others are by truck. Sure seems like an awful lot of pills coming out of such a small lab, but that's all i'm picking up on, oxycontin from the one lab.

(8:45pm) Please hammer the heck out of this complex at 1052 Reese St., Emporia, VA. It's important. The westernmost building in the corner there is the most important. I'll explain soon.

(9pm) OK. This is much bigger fish than a DEA lab. I was just reading the Jake Simpson interview at Project Camelot. It says in part (quote:)
The AI surveillance system, Jake told us, was literally "out of this world". It operates hyperdimensionally, based on a highly advanced quantum computing model that is basically our development based on acquired alien technology. This system is so advanced that the ETs themselves are unhappy that we have it.

Not only does it enable access to what any given person is saying, or even thinking - if targeted for investigation - it can also transcend time itself and thereby access information about the thoughts and words of historical figures. Whether this system can look into the future - the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, based on a story by the prolific author Philip K. Dick, comes to mind - we omitted to ask.

Jake's actions in being sensitive to this device (if device is the right word) - by waiting for exactly the right 'window' of opportunity to tell us certain things - were not fully understood by us until I (Bill Ryan) had the following experience.

On our last night together, sitting out in the open after a barbecue, at about 2 am, Jake decided to tell me some things he had not previously revealed, surveillance or no surveillance. As he began to speak, he immediately encountered problems, as if trying to force himself through a barrier. Simultaneously, I found I was being put to sleep and could hardly keep my eyes open. We both spotted what was happening, and remarked on it to one another.

Jake forced himself to keep talking, and I made myself keep listening through a spell of overwhelming dopiness. This episode lasted half an hour or maybe more. We were being forcibly stopped, in real time, from communicating effectively, as a direct and immediate response to our intentions.

It's very important to understand that this was unconnected with electromagnetics, hidden microphones, targeted beams, or anything else of that nature. My own reference point for what happened was a kind of negative radionics (which also works hyperdimensionally, but as a positive health modality).

In the end we concluded our conversation, now pretty tired. The next morning I simply could not recall what Jake had told me - and still can't. Upon meeting him again and reporting that I couldn't remember a thing about our conversation except for the weird effects we had both experienced, he replied wryly:

Maybe it's just as well.
Naturally, my first impulse upon reading this was to blast the damn thing, or at least its presumable central computer. Actually, i'd love to have a cool toy like that, but unfortunately it's in the wrong hands. So i blast it, ask The Committee to program it, and send a bunch of allies including Gek-sit at it.

Then, i experimentally cast a dragnet for evil people associated with it, and net 434 Lyrans -- meaning there are 434 black magicians involved. So i blast their physical bodies and location, and then am able to find it on the map in southernmost VA. I think the device is located in that westernmost building.

(9:50pm) How interesting. The tall greys have been after me almost non-stop for several days. Plus i have had attacks occasionally from reptilians and Fi octopi. But starting a few minutes after we started nailing that Emporia place, no more attacks. Well, maybe just a subtle trace of "background noise". Coincidence, or are the evil entities somehow tied into and empowered by this AI thang?
When Bill said he was made to feel real sleepy, well, that made me suspicious he may have been getting hit by entities. In fact the 9 sorcerors did that to me yesterday and the day before by hitting my pons with a certain intent. Are they linked up to the machine? I don't know.
I am curious how debilitating an effect we can have, long-term, on this AI thing.

  *   *   *  
A note on the chimeras mentioned Jan. 6: on that day i asked The Committee to see what they could do in terms of reprogramming these critters. Well, their vibe got less and less aggressive, and soon they felt like pussycats. Now i have the impression that half of them have been sacrificed. Useless eaters. I only detect 12 live ones.

(10pm) According to a Pacifica article, 700 Israelis have been arrested for protesting the offensive on Gaza.

Jan. 14, '09: (4:40pm) I just watched an interesting video about metal plates with symbols found under a crop circle. I get the impression these were made by good 7D humanoids called Ky (rhymes with pie), who are 5'3" green people, probably hairless. This is probably the first good ET species i have found that is green.
What intrigues me is, i don't think they have 3D bodies, yet they are able to work 3D silver, bronze and gold.
I asked Lula to contact them, and a couple minutes later, 2 Ky came to me. I asked them to speak with my Canadian girl, who was with me in her astral body, as she is the only one capable of relaying telepathic stuff to me. While they were chatting away, i interjected that if they can affect the 3D, maybe they can do something with that AI thang. Then 4 Ky showed up at that AI thing. Then shortly thereafter, the 2 Ky bid us adieu and split the scene. The other 4 are still in Emporia at this time.

Here's a Reuters article entitled "U.S. signs strategic partnership pact with Georgia". Another setup for WW3?

(5:50pm) Loads of chem-clouds here today again. The evil Lyrans, reptilians, and short greys were working to make it ripply for a while. Luckily the arsenal i brought here includes my fancy array which is capable of hindering that. Plus i raked some in myself.

The greys did start hitting me shortly after i posted last night. Apparently they didn't approve of how i was hugging my sweet Gek-sit wife named Red. Actually, there's nothing red about her. She's dark brown and not a commie. And real nice.
Then when i woke up before dawn, they started hitting me hard enough that i took my weapons off of the AI thing and back onto them. That sure helped. Then mid-morning, the vacation was over for our big-name allies, and they joined in at the grey hive. Still a lot of DORy fighting going on there, but i am fairly confident that within several weeks, the greys will be smashed.

I don't think the Ky told the girl anything of great importance. Mostly she told them what we're about. Meanwhile, Lula is still chatting with 2 Ky elsewhere.
Those 4 are still working on the AI thing.
And so far 3 of my readers have connected with the Ky.

Jan. 15, '09: (2:40am) Those 4 Ky are still working on that 'puter. I presume they are doing something effective, or else why would they still be hanging around? Also i yanked a buttload of DORy reptilians out of there last night and then connected my jailer unit to the place, as more repts and stuff kept trying to make DOR there.

I awoke around 2am, and shortly thereafter felt a psychic attack from humans. CIA Satanists inhabited by Lyrans, actually. I bagged the 6 Lyrans, blasted their bodies, noticed there were actually 41 such people in the base, bagged the other 35 Lyrans, blasted them all and their location, and found them in southern California. I was being hectored from this spot in Hector. About 30' down.

(8:45am) Osama: There are rumors he died years ago, but, yesterday when he came up on the news, i yanked his evil human soul out of him. Yes, evil but not a black magician. I didn't yank him out of the guy shown in the latest video. In fact, this morning i yanked a different evil human out of that guy. I'll keep both of these guys in my jail for a week or so for people (who can) to check out.
My feeling about Osama is that he is no longer under the control of the illuminati, if he ever really was, but is playing into their hands by trying to get shit going against Israel.

Those 4 Ky are still in Emporia.

(9am) Duh, or rather, the fake Osama is stirring up shit. I'm not awake yet. I have no idea what the real Osama is doing.
I just cast a dragnet for whoever was involved in making the video, and got 14 Lyrans from USAF Satanists.

(9:20am) And where is the real Osama? It probably serves no constructive purpose for me to post this, but he's living on the surface here in northern India.

(6pm) He ain't there no mo'. A couple hours ago he was 4 miles west of there; now he's like 50 miles west. South of west.

Here's something interesting: Stonehenge under Lake Michigan. The center spot has great energy. I removed a grey nest next to it when i first saw it, then again just now there were 3 new nests.

(8:35pm) The plot thickens. I just read this article about the Muslim Brotherhood. I don't have any deep insights on the subject, but i netted 44 evil human souls out of this brotherhood, and 9 more when i specified Hamas. No Lyrans, though, meaning no black magicians.

Those 4 Ky are still there in Emporia, and the place is getting to feel pretty sweet lately with all the remote work we're doing. I'm not sure what the Ky may be accomplishing in the 3D, but have a vague feeling they'll probably be there a couple more days.

Jan. 16, '09: (2:50pm) Had a bit of trouble with the 4 druidic sorcerors in the east nest last night.

Here's a better pic of the grey hive galaxy, cropped from larger pic here. The DOR extends well beyond the section i cropped. Whole lotta fighting going on there. Nonetheless, they have, with occasional vigor, been hitting me and a couple of my girls that are with me in their astral bodies.

(6:10pm) Yeah, that hive is one hot spot. I don't necessarily want to pull anyone off that target right now, but here is something intriguing i found. I saw this post. I'm not sure if all the guy's conclusions are correct or not, but experimentally, to see if his theory on deliberate symbolism was correct, i tried seeing whether i could scoop up some evil beings involved from any perpetrators.
I got 0 evil human souls but 43 evil Lyrans! So i blasted the location of their physical bodies. There are at this time 31 of them in this middle house in Richmond, VA (google map), which seems a bit improbable, but their vibe is there for those who can tell. I got 'em stirred up. Apparently no agency i'm familiar with.

Now, if you don't watch TV, you may be unaware that yesterday the media beat this plane-lands-safely-in-river story to death! My parents and i were all amazed at how much time they spent on it. Then we switched to BBC and they, too, were presenting this as the most important thing going. Then, when i was stretching at the fitness club this morning, the big TV in the background also had a real long program on this story.
And, of, course, like most if not all US commercial airline pilots these days, the "heroic" pilot is a Satanist. I get 34th degree Mason.
Damn, and now as i type this, BBC is covering it some more!

(9:25pm) Most fascinating. According to the TV, there were 155 people aboard. 1+5+5=11.
I got 82 evil Lyrans (in addition to the pilot's) and 6 evil human souls off these. Of these, only 72 including the pilot were in on it! Some freakin' brave Satanists there! And well paid for it. That water was c-c-cold! I don't know why they stacked the flight with insiders at great risk and tremendous expense.
Of the other 10 Satanists, 2 were flight personnel that were not clued in. Some of the passengers interviewed were in on it. The ferry driver who by some fluke quickly discovered the plane and came over is a Satanist who was in on it. The 2 guys in the fireboat, ditto. The 2 police divers, ditto.

Very impressive, slick job. They were hired by Israeli Zionists, but are not themselves Israelis. In trying to dowse the group behind this, i get only "LHDL" but i can't find them on the web.

The pilot's wife is a chump. Their 2 daughters are MPD victims who have been used by dozens of men.
The flight number was 1549. I do not know what the significance is of that, but undoubtedly that's deliberate, too. The pilot's nickname is Sully, as the TV kept repeating. The definition of sully is to make soiled or tarnished; defile. Not sure what that's about, either.
I think Israel paid $10 million. Easy come, easy go. Why is this so important to them?

This seems to be a mercenary group. I don't detect US gov't use of them, though. Israel is their main customer; i get they've now done 6 jobs for them. I thought i'd check on their next most important contract after Israel. Got 4 evil human souls and 83 Lyrans, blasted them and their location. Tajikistan. The resolution is poor, but the vibe is coming from what appears to be a bluish building in the center of that map. The group has done 2 jobs for them.
I go for the next most important contract. 2 humans, 32 Lyrans. I don't know the name of this island east of NZ. One can see 2 whitish spots near the north coast. The vibe is coming from the one that is slightly SE of the other. Presumably this is a NZ territory; anyway i get a NZ gov't vibe off these guys. I get a pretty bad vibe all over that island, but no more evil people. No ETs, either. The group has done 1 job for them.
This may be their only clients thus far.

  *   *   *  

Heh-heh, my mom, who was just watching TV, just told me that Charles Krauthammer and George Will (both Satanists and "conservatives") are now heartily supporting Obama.

(9:35pm) That house in Richmond is now empty. I suspect NSA tipped them off, and they might never be back. They've scattered.

(9:45pm) To be precise, 4 NSA Satanists in Waterloo, Iowa. Oddly, google resolution fades out long before one zooms in. To see the context in which they are, zoom out from this map. They seem to be at ground level.

Jan. 17, '09: (9:30pm) Another very heavy chem day here. Yesterday wasn't too bad: sunny with a lot of small, natural clouds as well as some small chem-clouds.

The 2 DEA spots i mapped on the 13th have also been vacated.

About that plane, it may be (just guessing) that they wanted exactly 155 people aboard for some reason, and the plane was too empty until they packed it.
Also, it occurs to me that 155 is as close as you can get with 3 digits to 1/10 of the flight number, 1549.

This afternoon i got hit several times by Fpiqow birds. I first mentioned these over a year ago in OTB 27:
Nov. 19, '07: Here's a set for the Fpiqow birds: demonic birds whose emblem symbolizes the characteristic way they have of standing with their wings folded across their evil chests. The powers-that-be deliberately allow releases of sordid information about what US forces are up to (Abu Ghraib, etc.) so that anyone who chooses to disregard what they know is true in order to appear like good patriotic Nazis and plaster their vehicles with these evocative symbols will taint their souls with low-level black magic.
The decals evoke and provide entry into our world for the Fpiqow.
Quartz shard + malachite.
However, with more modern programming, this pgm will fit in 2 grains of quartz sand. I have it incorporated into a large multiprogram set myself.

I never before noticed these demons doing anything in particular, like attacking, but occasionally i would rake in all the ones that had entered our world.
Anyway, their hive is right where the red arrow is pointing.
This is a pic of Sagittarius.

The explosion in Kabul today was not the work of Satanists. I did get 6 evil human souls, but they were not connected to any superpowers.

  *   *   *  
Last night, i was thinking about Leo Zagami saying that Israel is run by the Vatican. Which might be true, but the only connection i have ever been able to feel is that there are 11 Jesuits in the Vatican that give orders directly to the head of Mossad. A couple years ago i detected this and posted about it on the forum (though it is not coming up on their search engine now) and we blasted them until they seemed dead, if i remember correctly.
Well, those 11 were taken off that job, and i have the impression that 2 of them did die, but only within the last 3 months. They were replaced by 11 new guys whose duties include running Mossad.
Last night i blasted these real well for a spell, and also sent in Gek-sit, which are still there and beating up on the evil people in the Vatican (including those 9 survivors).
After a while, i received an attack that felt very much like of the Druidic Council's style. But it came from 6 other dudes in the Vatican. In fact they are on the 2nd floor now.

(11:25pm) In case i haven't given you enough fun targets yet, here's another nice one. I checked on those Chinese guys that were underground near Las Vegas (mentioned Dec. 19). They have been moved to a big base 700' under Belize City that takes up at least the space shown in this pic (click on it for google map) and contains 2,636 evil people, 71% of which are Chinese, the rest mostly misc. Central and South Americans.

Jan. 18, '09: (10:05am) Yechhh! Someone just sent me a link to a site featuring loads of some of the most revolting "jewish" Satanists i have ever seen: Virtually all these people in the video are Satanists, including the cute kiddies.
Although the address given for Natan is in NYC, the real HQ is right here in south Florida. The map is old and does not show any building.

(10:20am) A largish reptilian base at 297' depth here.

(10:35am) I found out about that last spot from reading this post by Norio Hayakawa, who, interestingly, is a Satanist working for Russians, the latter of which are in an underground base here at 835' depth. 684 evil Russkies there. Norio is right now driving east on Orinoco Dr., West Islip, NY.

(10:40am) Keep 'em coming, Norio old boy.

BTW, there are at this time 53 evil "jews" at that FL place.

(11:15am) Here's something unusual that someone else found and gifted: a Fi octopus base at 631' depth below ground level. Pretty big. Nice work, lady!

(6:40pm) I am paying more attention to the postings of Never Surrender on STA after reading the one i linked earlier about the symbolism in that "miraculous" plane landing. This guy's pretty sharp, and he just posted something interesting on Obama and civil war.
Incidentally, yes, Lincoln was a Satanist.

(6:55pm) I just realized that those guys in that Belize base are leaving! Almost half have left.
And, those Russians seem to be leaving that Russia base, too.
I love making them abandon their big fancy "secret" u bases.

And now Israel is pulling out of Gaza, says the TV. Have the honchos recognized they've been checkmated by the dreaded Cmdr. Loohan and a few girls, or is this just a short break until the next flare-up? Time will tell, maybe.

(8:40pm) Somehow a phony co-opted civil war brought to us by a bunch of lowbrow Satanists doesn't appeal to me. I scoured and got no evil human souls, but 726 evil Lyrans from the bunch that are in on this. I'm not getting any familiar agencies, but i located their HQ. Only 21 evil people there now. Americans. Again, the map is old and doesn't show the new building which is where the O is.

(9:20pm) I found that the people in that building (2 are female) are the top guys in this civil war op. Except that the #1 guy is missing. So i am blasting the #1 guy.
Guess who that is.
The shiny new Mr. Prezzydent.

(11pm) I must admit i'm amazed that Obama is looking more like a mastermind than a puppet. The 726 do not appear to be the usual suspects at all. The only one i've recognized so far other than Obama is Jim Lehrer.
But now the NSA is informing the usual suspects of this agenda. They know is a good source of info. Biden, Brezhinsky, et al were clueless. Biden still is for now. Meanwhile, a few minutes ago one of his people informed Obama that the secret's out.

(11:15pm) I posted almost 2 months ago on my esoteric tech forum:
I sense in particular 2 ladies whowill eventually find this forum and help make a difference.
I felt the imminent participation of 2 married women who don't know each other, and live hundreds of miles apart in the US, in orgone engineering using custom programming by The Committee. One of these ladies, an Arcturan incarnate, is now reading my blog and has been doing good work with OTB 27 material. She is hereby cordially invited to read and if desired join that forum. And The Committee is ready to work with her on a more personalized, custom level.
I think the other lady will show up in a couple months. Her guides already know about this.

(11:30pm) Now here's a tidbit for the North Koreans in case any read this: there are 41 "brave" evil people plotting war "safely" protected by a couple hundred feet of dirt and whatnot, right exactly in the city center of Busan, S.K. Just aim your bunker-busters right where the little upside-down red drop is when you type Busan into google maps.

Jan. 19, '09: (9:05am) It took a while last night, but eventually the N. Koreans got wind, then a few minutes later, the S. Koreans. The 41 scum have fled their hiding place. BTW none of these were black magicians. Those seem rare in Korea. I have only found 4 among the military brass of S. Korea, and none among the brass of N. Korea.

The Obama civil war is off the books now. A lot of the usual tyrants are upset that this was going to go down without them being dealt in. Biden has now been informed. That house in Delaware is now empty.
As are the Chinese base and the Russian base.

Also it appears that WW3 is off the books for now. The next occult window in which it would be a powerful magical act is in March, 2011, and that might not be be exploited, due to the futility of it.
I think that the IDF, Mossad, etc. have been ordered to refrain from more provocations. IDF is ready to pounce on Hamas again should they take initiative, but they are not likely to respond with the civilian overkill we have seen recently.

That Fi octopus hive was surprisingly huge. They even still had the strength to attack me last night. This morning they are weaker, but still worth nailing.
I hope there aren't more hives like that on Earth. I can't detect Fi unless they are stirred up by conflict or aggression.

(9:55am) Sri Lanka: I found 42 black magicians among the military enemies of the Tamil Tigers, 23 of which are presently located in the center of this map, although only a tree can be seen at the exact spot.
I also scoured the Tamil Tigers and found no BMs but 51 evil humans, 32 of which are presently in this spot just a short distance NW of Kandy's city center, on the NE side of Hwy A10.

(1:30pm) Yesterday i said regarding the civil war conspirators "I scoured and got no evil human souls, but 726 evil Lyrans from the bunch that are in on this." Yet today, i found 31 more non-BM evil humans that were involved. I don't know why i didn't detect them yesterday.
I am curious how this stuff will shake out. The CFR was not in on this. Obama was back-stabbing the very people he was appointing to office. Sounds kind of noble, like he was a stealth revolutionary, except that he is a scumbag and works mainly with Satanists.
Anyway, i doubt it will show in his demeanor, but he is probably a bit nervous right now.

I was just reading this article about Nox, an obnoxious new RFID tracking system. It says:
I recently visited a remote facility in northern Virginia to see a demonstration of NOX - a new Intelligent Perimeter Defense system deployed by the FBI that uses covert Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology...
This "remote" facility is right here and presently shelters 40 Satanists.

(8:45pm) Earlier today i notice that the 4 Ky are gone from Emporia, and that whole complex feels real clean and sweet, even though there are still 400+ Satanists working there. Did the Ky disable the AI machine? I think so...
The whole parking lot radiates love, of all things, and i get that it's like 40 of my readers to blame for that frequency. Watch it.

Went hiking along a creek bed this afternoon, and gathered a day-pack load of selected quartzite specimens. The Committee programmed 4 of them. One turned out to be against the greys. It is very powerful and should expedite matters at that hive. The sooner that's under control, the sooner the top fighters can go to Darpa.

Jan. 20, '09: (11am) Speaking of Darpa, a while after i posted last, i noticed that the reptilians weren't able to hit me. I could mess with them with no kickback. Then i realized that one of the new stones was a special anti-rept piece. And another a special anti-Fi one. These are unique pgms and no more copies are available. But then no more are needed, really.

This morning i notice that the grey hive and the rept hives feel much cleaner already. Nonetheless, there were dozens of new grey and rept nests under the greater DC region. Very weak-feeling.
Perhaps this has something to do with Inauguration Day. There are buttloads of well-meaning TV-brainwashed Hope/Change dummies here. Official event starts at 11:30am EST (that's in 1/2 hour from now) and the swearing-in at noon. Let's send our regards to the new chief.

(12:50am) The repts and greys kept popping new nests under the DC area, which i kept nailing, and meanwhile the greys and the human astrals sent by Darpa kept hitting me, with their failing strength.
What's interesting is that they stopped popping in new nests or attacking me the instant Obummer stopped emitting his hot air.
The energy is now better in DC (after all that blasting and gifting) than i have ever felt it.

Part of what was going on, of course, is the phenomenon that Matthew Delooze writes about. The structures of DC are no doubt designed to harvest human emotional energy for the reptilians, etc. So i usurped that stuff into my scrubber crystal.

(1pm) I need to read Delooze more. I just found a couple pages with a lot of excellent targets here and here.

(5:15pm) Moderately chemmy day here. If you watched the inauguration, you probably noticed some floating over the Capitol.
But i have great Hope that that will Change now, since we have a new "green" president of uncompromising integrity. I'll give him until tomorrow to clean house in NOAA and tell UNEP to shove their chem program.

Those links are some truly great stuff from Delooze. He does kind of ramble on, but there is some great info in there. Earlier i just skimmed through them and asked The Committee to program the various occult structures depicted. Went to the club for a my workout, yoga, sauna routine. That's how i rejuvenate when i'm on vacation here. Now i opened the pages again, and man, did The Committee ever do a good job! Those places are working for us now, just crackling with the programming.
Just one minor inaccuracy i need to comment upon. He says "bee goddess Ceres or Demeter". Actually, Demeter is the same entity as Hecate, not Ceres. She has had her names sullied enough by the darkside already. Dem (as she prefers to be called) is one of my favorite wives, has been battling demons for thousands of years, and is still busting her sweet butt at the grey hive now to make this a better world.
I could not find any Ceres. Perhaps she was a demoness that has already been destroyed.

Hee-hee, my mom just came up from the teevee to tell me that her beloved (Satanist pedophile) Ted Kennedy collapsed during the event. Maybe he couldn't take all the orgone.

(6:40pm) I went through a bunch of Delooze's past articles and hooked up The Committee with all the pertinent structures depicted.

  *   *   *  
The Israel Project: another group of disgusting Sabbatean Satanist do-gooders. I got 41 Lyrans. Beating the drum to bomb Iran. But i think they are telling the truth about not being affiliated with any gov't. I am unable to detect any higher-ups in Israel, the Vatican, or anywhere else. There's a link called Helpful Links with a list of other Satanic groups. At a real quick glance i only noticed one that was not Satanist: Stratfor.

(8:10pm) BTW, those 53 other Zio-scum are still residing in that Florida location.

OK, now it looks like both Kennedy and fellow Satanist Byrd, neither of whom were young and healthy anyway, may have succumbed to orgone poisoning (article).

(8:20pm) Dammit, google is screwing around with their map links again to obfuscate locations. But i have figured out how to hack their links so that that doesn't happen. I have just fixed the 2 links on this page to the FL place.

(8:30pm) Crap, and now loads of my earlier google map links are screwed. I will need to stop using such links, as google can't resist messing up stuff that works fine, in order to make their site useless for intelligent purposes.

Jan. 21, '09: (9:10am) Someone sent me a link to a post by MaryK mentioning:
Back in the early days on Stuart's forum, cloud-busters, Don remarked on hisM-Kid status numerous times. Said he had been told over the years by variouspsychics. Our family qualifies in all sorts of ways: Masonic connections(Granddad Croft was Harry Truman's lodge-brother and our maternal grandpa wasfrom a German Masonic family); military (you know about our daddy being an AirForce pilot) and proximity to a lab being run at Kansas City.
Lab? Did someone say lab? 45 Satanists in that white building on the NE side of the city. Not getting any recognizable agency.

(4pm) A bit west of Karakul, Tajikistan, in the little dark building in the center of this pic, are 21 Chinese psychics who are messing with army guys in Afghanistan who areprotecting Halliburton and Chevron as those companies build thatgas&oil pipeline for the Chinese.

Still chem here in N. VA today. Obama has not yet put down his foot hard enough, apparently.

(5:45pm) Time soon for a delayed monolog on the Jewish question. But if this subject interests you, please first look at these pages:(7:45pm) Let's go over that first article a bit. Oddly, Judith Levine is not a Satanist, nor is she scummy enough that Higher Intelligence wants to cull her (but then there are also a couple murderous criminals i know of who also fit in that category, so it's not a bill of health). If she's a pedophile, i can't detect it.
Harris Mirken i strongly get is a serial bisexual pedophile, and i bagged his soul.
Neither Dr. Laura Schlessinger's jewish husband nor her rabbi are Satanists, nor can i bag their souls, nor do i detect pedophilia on their part.
Dr. Laura herself has definitely had sex with over 90 males, and i have the impression also with 120+ females, and has been party to blood rituals involving the rape-killings of 15 girls and 3 boys. She became a Satanist by choice at the age of 29 or thereabouts, and still is one. Her promiscuity did not end when she married the jew.

Gratifyingly, this article states:
The ancient Hebrews were permitted to use children as concubines. Moses established the precedent. (emphasis mine) (snip) Moses directs them to slaughter the captive women and children with this exception: virgin girl children are to be kept as concubines for the Hebrews.
Gratifying to know as i have long insisted that Moses was a black magician who followed Yahweh AKA the Demiurge, not Jehovah.
This article goes into a fair bit of grotesque detail on what the Talmud says, and it's not pretty.

The 2nd article is largely about the Hasidim or Hasidic jews.
About 56% of them are Satanists. In this pic only the man standing is not a black magician, and i don't detect that he's a pedo, either. But it is my impression that a very high percentage of the non-Satanist Hasidim are pedophiles.

Now the good part: there are plenty of jews who are decent people who would never rape children. And not only the less-religious jews. I think that Laura's husband and rabbi are among these non-pedophiles even though they are devout Talmudists. And the Neturei Karta folks are non-pedophile, non-Satanist, anti-Zionist Talmudists. Seem pretty cool. But i have to wonder how they rationalize these explicit passages in the Talmud.

The original Hebrew race was very spiritually pure. For this reason, as i said in my audio lecture some time back, the evil reptilians did a severe number on them. And the resultantly corrupted Hebrews did a severe number on most of the rest of Earth's human population. As a result, most of us have a lot of nasty reptilian DNA and the world has long been awash in black magic.

I don't know much about the Talmud. Presumably there is a lot of good in it. But i would ask all good jews to take a hard and honest look at their holy book, and also recognize that Moses was not aligned with the original spirit of the Hebrews.

Jan. 22, '09: (11:30am) More moderate chem this morning.

Things continue to progress at the grey and rept hives, though they are still hitting me some and sticking DORy nests into the Earth.
And last night i popped the remaining Fi from that ND base. What happened is that the base was encapsulated in a dimensional bubble such that the interior was far larger than the physical space it was in. Abductees talk about this same phenomenon in spacecraft. This Fi hive was probably the biggest underground hive yet found on Earth, and it still had a vast population. But i was able to pop the entire thing into jail at one go last night.

(8:20pm) There are 21 Satanists in a house (not shown in this old pic) that are important to hit, though i don't know why. This is east of Orrin, ND.

Girl #16, spirit name Eki, arrived in Cleveland, AR this afternoon, and now she and 9 other girls are doing Earth magic and that whole part of Arkansas feels real nice. And the N. VA & DC area feels real nice. In fact the whole planet is feeling better. The grey hive and rept hives continue to weaken, though they still are doing a bit of the usual.

(10:30pm) Back around 3 years ago we kept having trouble with a strong DOR transmitter in Xining, China (old pic on left). It was the most conspicuous source of DOR in China, and as i mentioned, was run by the Brits. MI3, i get now. Still there.
After we got rid of most of the DORgenic demons, this spot was no longer crying for attention, and i kind of forgot about it. Back then i don't think google had good maps of China, or if they did i didn't know it.

That transmitter is in the square center section of the building with a blue line around it. You can see to the upper left where the city center is. They have been having reptilians juice up the transmitter, but these are very weak compared to the archons of yore.

But what reminded me of Xining again a while ago is that i got psychically attacked by 232 Chinese from the 2 white lots that i marked with blue spots. The entire white lots seem to be some sort of DOR transmitter, again juiced by repts. I think the humans are in the striped long things on either side of the longer of these lots.
In fact, most of the area of the pic is MI3 base. The long buildings on the right, the pink houses, etc.
Now that i am going after the repts, those transmitters feel mild.

Jan. 23, '09: (5:25pm) Well, i'm 55 today; officially a senior citizen now.

I rode along with my parents today to the River Rd. Bethesda area. I forgot to bring any of Al's Agenda Busters, but i did lay down 3 of my own potent little jobbies. Plus had The Committee program a whole bunch of stuff out there. It's crackling. Here's a map for those able to check out da vibes. Feels amazingly intense to me.
Last year when i was here, i had only Pitwexin to program for me, with a limited selection of programs. Now the stuff they are doing is a sophisticated blend of customized programming from many advanced races. Much more potent than just the plain jane anti-evil program.
So the bad guys got real pissed and tried their hardest to beat me up until i got back.

Bad chem day again. In fact out there in Montgomery County they were doing some of the real garish stuff with multiple parallel trails, criss-crosses, etc. But after i had done the gifting and most of the programming, i noticed a trail overhead thinning out as if there was a CB around; a good sign of effectiveness.

(8:25pm) Heh-heh, this from David Icke's site:
It was a speech that said nothing specific, the Obama style, but in fact said everything if you read between the lines and see through the fraudulent verbosity. This is a man that after saying nothing about the mass-slaughter in Gaza for a month had the nerve and mendacity to deliver these words:

'We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defence, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.'

Unless you are Israel.
Of course we're probably being unfair. He'll probably roll up his sleeves and take care of chemtrails, Isreal, and the "War on Drugs" next week.

War on Drugs? How did i get off onto that subject? Well, i was tracking some evil as hell Satanist DEA agents and found them in a very odd place on the shore of a remote lake in NM. I think i have this link hacked so the map will stay put. And here is a link to my marked map section telling you where the 21 criminals are.

(8:30pm) Wo! I just realized there is a big meth lab there!
I got onto these guys tracing who was responsible for raiding a medical marijuana dispensary in South Lake Tahoe, California yesterday. These are the guys who called that shot.

(8:45pm) Why have i gotten so good lately at tracking evil people? Well, first, i bust the evil Lyrans or human souls inhabiting their bodies. Then i hit them with some serious woo-woo and have the Pleiadian Special Forces do likewise. As if this weren't enough to make their energy stand out on a map, i also send some major orgone to whoever/wherever. Then i dowse where, and look it up on a map.
Anyway, i got 22 more evil Lyrans from the next link in the distribution network. And that place is here in that long building south of Roswell, NM. Here the meth is packaged in kilo bags, i think, and judging by the size of the staff and building, there is a huge amount of the evil powder coming through here.
Damn, am i having fun!

(8:55pm) From there maybe 1/3 of it is trucked to the outskirts of Las Vegas. There is a building now in this spot with 31 DEA Satanists in it.

(9:05pm) Another 1/3 goes to this big building just slightly SE of the city center of Visalia, CA, where there are 51 DEA Satanists working. Well, it's what, 4 hours earlier there? 5? They are re-packing most of it into smaller bags.

(9:30pm) The next spot is a bit west of Shamrock, TX in a HUGE building that had 51 DEA Satanists in it. I had a juicy pic of it, but the code in the link was screwy, still had visalia in it somehow. I closed that map and opened another window to get a cleaner link, but then i could no longer find the place! The DOR was scattered around because they had sounded an alarm and the scum had scattered. But this was just a ways east of Shamrock and slightly north of the highway. Huge parking lot. Whitish roof, flat or nearly so. This place repackaged also heroin and cocaine.
Those other buildings mentioned earlier have now cleared out as well, as have the places they got the heroin and coke from. But i am nailing another 213 DEA Satanists that are all over the place now.
Heehee, i wouldn't be surprised if a few DEA opportunists grab a bunch of dope and just disappear never to be seen again. The Satanist ethic.

(9:40pm) Anyway, i guess i have my own little War on Drugs, and i promise to do everything i can to punish the DEA any time i catch wind of them disregarding states' legal rights regarding soft drugs.

(9:55pm) What bothers me is that if they do now desist, Obummer might get the credit.

Anyways, who tipped these guys off? Guess what, not only does NSA monitor my words of wisdom, but so does the CIA, of course. And CIA and DEA are blood brothers in the dirty drug business. There are 11 CIA Satanists responsible for alerting their brethren whose phone numbers they coincidentally happened to have very handy. These 11 are located in this weird whitish structure in Pikesville, MD, but i bet they clear out real quick-like.

(10:30pm) Well, actually, the big DEA coke plant is in Mexico in what looks almost like a volcano. Weird. Underground but not deep. 131 DEA Satanists are now frantically packing up the stuff prior to abandoning the place.
Their big heroin plant is also in Mexico...

(10:45pm) Man, i really hate this. The heroin plant is just 212 Mexicans, none of whom are Satanists. Which is most amazing, given the black magic in Mexico (about the same % of the population as in N. America). That is because they are of 3 jungle tribes that never were assimilated into black magic (though other jungle tribes were). Right now i am having my allies tell a couple 96s among them to get the hell out, that the DEA is likely to bust them now, to make themselves look good and get the dope while they can. In fact, i just checked and 12 agents are on their way from one place, and 21 from another, with machine guns, etc. The Gek-sit, etc. are trying to slow them down.

(10:50pm) Of 212 Indians, Higher Intelligence only found 3 deserving of being culled. These guys are way cool, just trying to survive in the modern world. When i realized that, i couldn't post their location for fear that the DEA would then have to bust them. Then i realized they would have to anyway. And sure enough. This is where the lab is. The agents are only 20 minutes away. The Indians are vamoosing! Yeah.
With the dope, too! I like that better than the DEA puke-asses getting it.

(11pm) The Pleiadians, Oyu Reptilians, Gek-sit, tigers, and others are really hitting the armed thugs hard. They might be hardly moving. And the local fuzz (6 Satanists there, but they don't seem to know about the lab or be in with the DEA) doesn't read my site, and the Indians are outta there. I wish them the best.

Jan. 24, '09: (1:40am) What a story, about those Indians. I'll have more to say after i get some sleep. For now, suffice it to say that they call themselves the Gu people. That is the main tribe, and comprises 70% of the group. The rest is from 2 other tribes that were friendly neighbors. 61% are female. Their spiritual leaders are 2 female 96s and 4 48s which are 2 wives and their husbands. These are ayahuasceros. The rest don't do drugs. None have ever smoked pot or done magic mushrooms. All have tasted a bit of heroin once or twice, but didn't particularly like it except for 2 that developed a bit of a habit. One of these is jonesing a bit now, because they destroyed all the smack. They realized it was dangerous to carry this stuff around hoping to find a buyer that doesn't kill them for it.

The 6 leaders are very telepathic, and also create a psi-space where other members, like 12s, can also come through. I found a lost husband for a young 12. About 30 of my girls have been in spirited conversation with the tribe. Also 2 of my readers whom i don't know have connected.

The Texas place did not have meth at the time. Millions in smack and coke was divided 3 ways and put into 3 tricked-out "RVs" along with 18 men each. In short order, each vehicle's occupants opted to freelance and split the take. Or they probably would have were it not for tracking devices. Actually they are filing west on Hwy. 20 and are right about at Clyde, TX right now. I knew there was a Clyde in Texas, but not a Clyde, TX.

(6:40pm) After that, i had the impression that the CIA called the guys in the RVs to let them know they'd been spotted again, and they were a bit upset as there was no escape route. They probably spread themselves farther apart and hoped no honest cops got wise. But actual honest FBI agents (as this case involves interstate transport of contraband) were clued in and stopped the 3 RVs and arrested the 53 men (1 of the RVs only had 17) and that they are in jail here in Sweetwater, but i can't find more than very oblique references such as this about any contemporary jail there. And no news stories in the media about a huge drug bust.
And i think the dope has been transported to here in Baltimore. But i can't find an FBI office listed at that location.
In any case, i detect no wrong intent from these particular feds.
Also i have the impression they found the Shamrock place and visited there as well as the other places in other states.
Hey, i am willing to work with honest law enforcement, BTW. Contact me for help locating evil scum.

(7:05pm) Last night i had momentarily forgotten that the Pleiadians are capable of disabling vehicles. I think they only do this in cases of serious physical threat to someone they are protecting. Evidently they like the Gu people, because those DEA vehicles were stopped and the bad guys hounded all night. I had the impression that these 33 DEA guys were all they had down in that area, except for 2 honchos. After a while these 2 got worried because they had heard nothing from the other 33. Their cell phones had also been disabled. So the 2 drove out to check on them. The Pleiadians waited until these 2 were also way out in the sticks, and stuck it to them. But by the time i woke up this morning they had caught rides back. And are presently all together slightly underground here in Caritos.

(8:30pm) And the Gu people? I don't know yet what will become of them. They really want nothing more to do with criminals or narcotics. It isn't their style. But it isn't easy for displaced illiterate Indians in an increasingly industrialized world.
One thing that impressed me was that i could not detect any past or present conflict vibes between the 3 tribes. They don't seem to have any meanness in them.
They also eschew alcohol and phones, though several have radios.
My clan feels a strong bond with them, and who knows, maybe years from now some will come to visit us or something.
Feels like thus far 14 of my readers have connected with them.

Jan. 25, '09: (9pm CST) Right now i am in a motel just west of Nashville. Got my serious hardware connected to the electric grid, of course. Nashville actually is not an energetically filthy town the way Memphis and Knoxville are. I would have liked to stay in the Knoxville / Oak Ridge area to blast that, but i wanted to travel further today. As i mentioned Dec. 29, "The whole area from Knoxville to Oak Ridge always has a dirty vibe..."
I had to content myself with some good gifting and programming of that area. I especially picked on this area. 4 of Al's Agenda Busters were spread around there, as well a bunch of items i had made. It was kind of thrilling because as soon as the first orgonite hit the ground, the greys and repts freaked and were desperately trying to nail me. This area is a magnet for evil ETs. Or maybe that will change now.
Also a substantial and very powerful item found its way into the river near there at this spot.

Then i re-gifted 2 wet spots mentioned in my ORNL page. Also i asked The Committee to program the lab area itself (that green thing on the map) as, for reasons of National Security, riff-raff like me can't approach it. I was wondering how they went about it. Then i realized that 2 of them, JohnB's higher self (i get a 22D vibe) and Pitwexin, were swooping around there without a permit to see what was programmable. For like a couple hours.

Jan. 26, '06: (6:05am CST) (I wrote this last night but the internet crapped out before i could post it) I took Hwy 66 out of the DC area to 81 then 40. Having all kinds of stuff programmed as i passed. When i feel these highways (as far as Nashville) on the map, there is real crispy energy now. In fact, after Oak Ridge, i asked The Committee to program all the suitable targets as i passed without my input. I noticed they were doing a real good job, and realized it was because Tory was "flying" above me to see what was there to pgm.
So... obviously it is possible for me to ask The Committee to "work" a target area in a tactical manner. I just sicced them on Tel Aviv. Looks like it's Ey's turn to reconnoiter. Expect some energy phenomena there.

I didn't see a single chemtrail all day, but it seemed most of the sky was covered with stale chem. As i approached Nashville, the chem was pretty ripply, despite the hefty orgone array in my vehicle to counteract that and arrest the ETs doing it. I had to help things along by "manually" removing scads of short greys, Pleiadians, Lyrans, and reptilians that were juicing the towers. They wanted the chem above Nashville to be ripply, dammit, and they weren't relenting no matter the cost. Then suddenly, they completely gave up. For like 3 hours. And they didn't hit me at all for a couple hours, either. But now they just started up again (feebly) on both counts.

About the Gu people, i said there were 3 tribes in the batch, but it's more correct to say there are 3 bands of the Gu tribe. There are at least a couple more Gu bands with hundreds of members around.
Incidentally it appears that 2 of my Yiz girls and 2 of my Kyoju girls have become permanent spirit-guides to the 6 shamans.

(3pm CST) Made it home shortly before the freezing rain hit. Found a bucket i had set out to catch rain was completely empty, meaning there has been almost no precipitation here in the 4 weeks i was gone.

Tory preceeded me home, making sure The Committee charged a bunch of stuff along the way. But it seems the most powerful busting was from having that hardware (i'll have a pic some day) on the grid at that motel last night. If you can feel a map, you'll find a real intense vibe centered around Nashville and encompassing the space between Memphis and Knoxville and Birmingham, AL and Louisville, KY.

The Committee did up Tel Aviv super nice, then i had them do Dimona. Then MI1-MI8, BuckinghamPalace, the Vatican...

(7:25pm) Then MI9-MI13, Jerusalem, a North Cascades, WA base with 60 Satanists in it at 4130 ft. depth, and now they are doing Beijing.

That child-traffic place in Goldsboro, NC has been vacated, but law enforcement could gain good info by checking out the owner.

Those 35 DEA agents in Mexico have been tipped off and are no longer where i said. Now they are in the complex in the center of this map. There is a white roof surrounded by several brown ones. I think they are bunking under the dark roofs. There are also 73 more Satanist thugs (Mexicans, unlike the Yanqui DEA guys, 4 of which are black) living in many of the surrounding houses in the neighborhood, especially to the east, less so to the south, a few to the west. These are part of the gang and are well-armed and on the alert.

Uploaded Feb. 3, '09: On Jan. 27 at11:30am, the hills are alive with the sound of chrunching and crackling as ice-laden limbs break and fall. First bad ice storm here in like 6 years. Got a fair bit of freezing rain overnight. It's around freezing. Wopwex has been trying to warm things up.

The Committee has finished Beijing and have also done Moscow, Bombay, Ongole, and New Delhi. Then 3 Antarctic u bases, Copenhagen, Bonn.

Morning of the 29th: my ISP is still down. It turned out to be the worst ice-storm here in decades. The damage to my trees is amazing. Yet, i am not bummed, because in the larger scheme of things, things are going real well.

Got a bunch more freezing rain and some snow night before last, and most of the trees came down then. I was supposed to go to work yesterday, and did a bunch of hard work to cut and remove trees from my driveway. They are heavy when they have an inch of ice on every branch, and are glued into snow/ice on the ground. But the road into town is still not clear yet even this morning. I have a feeling the clearing crew is getting close to here, though.
A couple pics of my property i took yesterday: 1, 2.

All those thugs in Mexico have been arrested. I think the good Pleaidians immobilized the bad guys so they could be peacefully harvested.
The Committee has programmed a lot more places. Energy is happening.

It's finally warming up this morning, and ice is falling off the trees. Nonetheless, i still hear an occasional loud crack of snapping wood.