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Loohan's blog for October, 2010

Oct. 1, '10 (12:45pm) That thing, whatever it is, is still stuck in the queen.
But the starship is no longer blasting England. It is ~2K miles above Earth. I don't know what they're doing.

Last night i stumbled across mention of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, a little girl who disappeared 3.5 years ago in Portugal. I strongly felt she was still alive.
Note that it says "At 21:20 Jane Tanner noticed a man carrying a child going down the road next to the apartment of the McCanns." I get a vibe off that guy, who resides here in northern Portugal, along with 3 other satanists. I think he's an underling working for the male who owns the house. The other 2 satanists are male, too.
And i think here (no house shown) live a satanist couple who are connected to the owner of the last house.
And 2 km away, another spot seems to have 2 satanist males connected with this.

I could not locate the girl, but Mordok did, here, along with 5 other girls. I think 2 satanists live there, both female.
But this is Brazil, where unwanted children abound. Why import them from Europe, with the risks entailed in smuggling? Possibly because someone in Brazil has a fetish for blonde Caucasian girls.
Then i found 2 satanists here connected to this, both male.
1 male here, 2 more here, and 2 males and 1 female here.
Then, further away, there was a U facility here with 4 satanists, now deceased.
Then things got weirder. Another U base seemingly connected with all this here. I never could figure out who was down there or how many, but the Red Draco wiped them.
Next i found 4 male satanists above-ground here in Peru.
Ah, OK, and next, another U base, this one here in Venezuela, with 35 ETs from the Hercules Cluster of galaxies. Right above the center of this pic is like a reversed check mark with a spot on the bottom of it. That spot is where these ETs come from. They seem to be human-like but 7' tall.

BTW, since yesterday i have been getting some demon attacks as before, but much weaker and less frequent. Elizabeth says spiders have not been around her lately.

(5:10pm) Clear sky all day, so far that i've noticed.
The starship has recently moved to a position 200 miles over my property, and is blasting me good. And i have probably close to a ton of orgonite here, which gets all stimulated by whatever they're blasting.

(5:35pm) Maybe you want hard photographic evidence. Well, i got it right here. To the left is a pic of the sky above me. As anyone can plainly discern, it has the same vibe as this object on the right now does.
A little muddied up by the demons hitting them.

There, that should satisfy any sceptics.

Oct. 2, '10: (7pm) They only hung around for about 3 hours, then went down to southern Louisiana, and they are still there, working it over.

Real and fake clouds today.
And demons are hitting me more at times.

(9:20pm) There are 3 evil brujos in or near Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, throwing demons at me. They might be torturing a large rabbit.
Can't get google maps to work hardly, as my ISP is goofing up again.

Oct. 3, 10: (7:40am) Well, more weirdness. Not long after posting that, i checked out the rabbit again. I think he was like a 17 lb. rabbit bred for meat. They were burning his genitals with glowing sticks, it seemed.
I haven't worked with animal souls before, but i found i was able to move his soul or spirit or something away from the body. I sent him to my ambassador Fo-Touki.
The body continued to live and writhe in pain, but, interestingly, this no longer fed demons once the soul was gone, so the sorcerors had to quit for the evening.
I realized that the majority of the slaves the illuminati have are also now useless as ritual victims for the same reason (though the reason for their souls being gone is different). And the illuminati figured that out a while back.

A few minutes later i found the rabbit was jabbering away to Fo-Touki like mad, while she was paying rapt attention. What was he talking about? He knew where 12 ET bases were within a 300 mile radius. These were more of the 7' humanoids from Abell 2218.

Later i noticed he was talking to a couple of my "military" Yiz girls that Fo-Touki introduced him to. He seems to know everything going on underground for 300 miles around. He tells the girls where the demons are, and they bust them.
He is still talking non-stop.

(4:05pm) Still unabated. That is a very demon-infested area. I got onto it because someone wrote me for help. He did not give his location, and i haven't heard back from him yet. He did send some pics like this, from which i could tell that his area was packed with underground demons. I proceeded to clean them up. Also i blasted a powerful sorceror here.
After a while of this, the sorceror and 2 others started doing the black magic attack on me.

When i find out where in Bolivia it is, i will post it. I'm not having luck finding it on the map. First i got distracted by this spot, which has another powerful sorceror. Then i got distracted by a positive power spot.

Some chemclouds today, which seem to have mostly passed over now.
The ship is still doing Louisiana.

Oct. 4, '10: (5:25pm) Clear all day at my house, but i saw CTs on my drive into town.

The starship has been doing Venezuela all day.

A few minutes ago one of the sorcerors in Bolivia hit me with demons. He was torturing a pet rat. I sent the rat's soul to visit with the rabbit and the 2 Yiz girls. The rabbit was still chattering away. But then the rat started, and now the rabbit is quiet.
As soon as i moved out the rat's soul, the attack stopped. I think the info the rat has is the same stuff that the rabbit knows.

Oct. 5, '10: (4:05pm) Totally clear sky today so far, even when i went to Marshall and Leslie.

The Jesuit sorcerors and their evil repts in Rome have been hitting me some lately.

The starship has been doing Brazil since yesterday evening. Also they have been making sorties in the 2 small craft to blast Jesuits, etc. attacking me.

Just now i was being hit by someone really cloaked that was giving me a headache. I had to get Durkistan to find them. They were in an offshore U base near Queensland, AU. Their home is M86, which has gotten real DORy. Now the same species is hitting me from there. Reptilians, i think, 5'2"-ish little bastards.

Oct. 6, '10: (5:50pm) Those guys are more under control now.

Another perfectly clear day here.

Someone contacted me from Holland. It seems that ever since she got Reiki attunements years ago, her life has been falling apart horribly.
We removed the evil (corrupt, Western, counterfeit) Reiki attunements, but she is still a demon magnet. I have been jailing demons ferociously since last night, but they keep coming at her.
Her residence is here, and there are always lots of demons underground there for a 2-block radius.

Oct. 7, '10: (5:05pm) Another perfectly clear day, except for one small pocket of very faded chem-cloudery i saw.

It seems hard to believe, but Mordok and i concur that Madeleine McCann has been moved to here, where a house must now be. There are 3 satanists with her.
This is near Grants Pass, OR. I hitchhiked down that very road in '93. Lousy road to try to get rides on.

(5:30pm) Mordok informed me about some new allies we have. 14 ships attacking M86. Mordok says they are from Universe G; "phys humanoids about 5' 10 1/2" tall, mostly hairless" but i can't get such details. They are attacking M86, though.

Some more holistic healing satanists here (the depicted couple). They look like nice people, but don't feel like it. Their financial director is satanist, too. But most of the people and practices they associate with are good.
Another one here.
And here is one that i don't think is into blood rites, but is a black magician and energy vampire.

(8:20pm) Our new allies are from the Sombrero Galaxy. That place is familiar; i think we've battled at least a couple demonic species there in years past.
They are called the Holjig-dew. I get they are 7'1" tall, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, brown-haired, with not much hair on their heads and almost none on their bodies. Their physical features are significantly different from ours. Bigger noses and ears.
One of them is doing remote healing on me now.

(11:05pm) This super sweet little girl is an ET that had incarnated here. Her real name is Likkiriee-akakalkladl-cadibjy and she hails from here. On the far left of the pic, there is a bright galaxy 1/4 of the way up from the bottom. I think the people of her race of 5' humans are all 24s.
Somehow undeterred, she has reincarnated into another loving family. With 2 brothers and a sister. All have souls, and all are under demonic attack.

BTW there are lots of demons under that school in the article. They bring out the worst in people. Especially people who are already assholes.

Oct. 8, '10: (8:05am) Clear this morning.

Elizabeth drew my attention to the fact that the street views on google maps tend to be much more recent than the aerial ones. I think Madeleine McCann is being held here. I'm surprised they haven't moved her again yet.
And on the opposite side of the highway we find a bunch of mailboxes. Looks like 4, some with newspaper boxes below. I think the 2nd one from the right goes with the perps.

(8:55am) Is it just my imagination, or is the Fourth Reich getting more awkwardly ham-fisted and ludicrous in its behavior every day? Government Seizes Newborn Baby Over Political Beliefs Of Parents.
Be embarrassed, tyrants. Be very embarrassed, please.

Meanwhile, the starship is still doing Brazil. Not L.A. Not NYC. Not Rome, Beijing, Belgium, Israel, Zurich, or DC.
Brazil. Go figure.

(9:55pm) More evil ETs visiting Earth: these are from NGC 3370 and are 5'6" humans with straight black hair and blue eyes, i think. I go onto them from this article about a UFO at a Bon Jovi concert in Peru. Bon Jovi is a satanist.

(11am) I was getting so tired of reading on alternative sites that Bin Laden is dead, when he was "obviously" still alive. So i thought i'd track him down. Hadn't done that in a couple years.
Found him here in Iran at around 30' depth with 2 other dirtballs.
Now he is dead.

(12 noon) It seems that 2 of the 3 guys holding Madeleine in OR have been messing with Mordok, and are shape-shifters from the Sextans Group of galaxies. Specifically, from PN3 in this crop.

(1:10pm) Just about 6 miles west of where Madeleine is being held is Wonder International Airport from which they are planning to depart in a couple hours to land here in SD, then take her slightly west to here where there is presently a structure with 1 satanist awaiting them.
Of course now those plans are likely to change.

(2:35pm) Dumbass shapeshifters can't take a joke. They are hitting me now, rather feebly 'cause i've already fried them.
I, ever the considerate one, save them an unnecessary plane trip, and how do they show their appreciation?

(9:35pm) Any Japanese readers out there? I am curious as to what is at this spot.
Actually, i know i got readers in Japan.

Hours ago the people in OR drove south somewhere, caught a plane to Nevada. They were headed to a U base there, which i wiped shortly after they departed. It had 6 satanists, including 2 more of those ETs.

Apparently the guys in the plane did not realize anything was wrong until no-one showed to pick them up.
Then they took off again, with no particular plan. Then they decided to head back to Grants Pass, but this time they are planning to land east of town here, which spot presumably has been smoothed over some since the pic was taken. I don't know what they plan to do after they land.

The guys at PN3 are hitting me some.

Oct. 9, '10: (6pm) Those guys and Madeleine... well for certain reasons i can't post info right now, but i will later.

About that Japanese location: Elizabeth zoomed in and found a couple oddities. Here is a capture from this g-map link. On the capture, i have placed an arrow that points to a small red spot. It is very DORy. So is the encircled area.
What's going on i do not know, but i will tell you what led me here.

About 10 years ago i bought a couple Nikken items on eBay. And about 5 years ago i noticed they deliberately gave off evil energy, and threw them away.
Later i dowsed that there was a powerful sorceress heading up Nikken, but could only find mention of men on their site. Quite a number of middle-aged Japanese men, as i recall, but now there are just a few men, and most are white. None have souls...

Anyway, back then i dowsed that this was the most dangerous woman in Japan, which was probably true then. Then apparently one day she found out what i had written in Paranoia Bulletin 2: "Nikken products are put out by very evil people who imbue them with demonic energies." and without bothering to research my blog, she proceeded to attack me astrally, as described May 1, 2007:
(9:45pm) Whew! Extremely weird evening. First, i had an "impossible" experience of a wire losing its conductivity. Then i went to bed around 9. After a while, the sound of a crazed squirrel clawing or gnawing at the underside of my cabin got on my nerves. For the first time since i got this place in '96, there is a plethora of squirrels. And at least one loves to gnaw on plywood, particle board, trim, etc.

This obnoxious noise eventually forced me to get up. I wanted to jump out the front door and chase it away. But first i would scope out where exactly the noise was coming from. I got up, none too quietly, and shuffled over toward the noise, but then it seemed to come from elsewhere. This kept happening. The source of the sound kept shifting to another part of the cabin. In fact, it may have been from within the cabin, not under it. Hard to tell.

I jumped up and stomped with both feet on the wood floor once. The noise stopped. I went back to bed. Then i realized it was some kind of weird entity, still hanging around.

It took me a while to identify it after i tossed it in jail. An astral human! Female... Asian... Japanese... In fact, it was the person i had long ago dowsed as The Most Dangerous Person in Japan!

A lady who heads up (overtly or covertly) Nikken in Japan. Two days ago, someone had brought to her attention my comments about Nikken in my Paranoia Series. She did just enough research on me to find out that the kind of energy i like is not the kind she likes. But not enough research to find out that i simply toss her ilk into jail.
Nikken products still have a fairly evil vibe these days, though without the demonic energy anymore.
Mme. Witch's vacated body is highly sought after by evil Lyrans and Pleiadians. I've busted a few walk-ins already.
Evil Lyrans and Pleiadians no longer take over human bodies that i know of, but still the person usually remains evil.
So last night it occurred to me to check up on the old gal. Luckily she hasn't been able to astrally attack since i bagged her astral body.

(BTW about that wire: i re-measured it with a continuity tester a year or so ago, and it still had no conductivity.)

(6:10pm) The Japan link i posted yesterday is not too good. Google faked me out and i thought that was maximum zoom. Here is a better link for where i feel the bitch's energy focus. I feel her energy all around that bldg and parking lot. She must work there regularly.

(7:15pm) I think she sold Nikken to those white boys, and is now involved in this other enterprise.
Now to try to figure out what it is... C'mon, Japanese readers, don't be shy. What does it say on that building?

Oct. 10, '10: (4:50pm) Yesterday was clear all day, except that i spotted a few little clouds way east of town that may have been natural. And today i spotted some CTs in the same place. And now in the late afternoon old CTs are blowing in over my place; slight rain chances are forecast for the next few days.
It got up to 84F in town; probably the last real warm day of the year.

Madeleine McCann: yesterday morning she was here with the same 5 guys. There must be a structure or 2 here.
Yesterday evening i asked the repts in the starship to send one of the smaller craft over there if they could incapacitate the 5 but not the girl. I felt she probably was not shackled, and would naturally walk down the hill to the road 1/4 mile away.
My impressions follow, but i am not confident of all the details:
She walked down and was picked up by a nice lady who took her to the home of some people she knew in law enforcement, who are also good people. State police were called, who in turn called the FBI. I think she is in the custody of the FBI, who know who she is. I'm not sure of this, because i don't detect that the parents have been contacted, yet i detect no malfeasance on the part of the FBI. So i'm wrong somewhere.

Meanwhile 5 good guys in the local sheriff's dept. ransacked the place on the hill. They put the (incapacitated?) perps in a paddy wagon, the ETs left, and the cops searched the place, finding a bunch of child porn, $5K, guns, a small amount of meth...
But my dowsing is being messed with. I can't feel the perps' location now even when blasting them.
Mordok is down right now; they got him smothered in some black goop so he can't dowse. I don't know how much of this is right. I should be able to find the perps, but can't.

But i am pretty sure of this unrelated factoid: the ETs mentioned here were some of the evil humans from Abell 2218. Our guys took out 2 of their craft last night. That would be the "super ship" and the "probe". I neglected to get a count on the numbers of ETs. I do not get a vibe off the USO. The alleged video allegedly "is still being uploaded" to the page. They must have pretty poor bandwidth for uploading.

(6:20pm) Heavy spraying going on. Can you spot the ordinary contrail in this CHEM PIC? It's almost perpendicular to the freshest section of chem.

(10:30pm) Found 6 demons implanted in me.
Then started getting hard sustained psychic attacks from repts and Jesuits in Rome; so much so that first one, then both small vessels went there, and then the big one came to Rome from Brazil.
Now being attacked by 33 repts and 13 jezzies.

Oct. 11, '10: (12 midnight) Those guys are always real tough when they hit from Rome. They hit from various bldgs, especially from the 3rd floor.
Maybe it has something to do with the way the architecture milks the earth energies and people energies, i don't know. Haven't been able to tap into it yet.

(12:05am) OK! feels like someone (a reader already?) is now doing something effective to sweeten up Rome.

(10:35am) Overcast this morning.

I finally was able to get some sleep. Seems i'm usually mysteriously protected from attacks while asleep, which is why i've survived so long.
Shortly after i woke up, i was surprised that they resumed hitting me! Despite the fact that the starship is still above Rome, blasting away.
However, the attacks soon diminished to about nothing.

If you look closely at that complex in Japan, you may note there is a field with bleachers on the west side.
The parking lot appears to be on top of a couple stories.

Elizabeth has actually gone on some forums and asked about that Japanese site. She says it's a gym, a fitness center, with shops; she says "Evidently they also sell 'health products', cookies..drinks..yogurt..vitamins.. hair dye, you name it." The place has this site.

I sense that the former Nikken woman has 5 satanist cohorts who also work there, but in what capacity? I get a vibe off vitamins, and suspect they are selling a tainted nutrional supplement. But why would it take 6 people to mind the store? I don't think they work for the gym. I don't think they manufacture anything there: must be a factory elsewhere in Japan, but every time i look i just get distracted by U bases with evil humans from Abell 2218.

(5:55pm) Still getting hit by those guys in Rome. Slight headache.
Got shots just now of another weird sprayer like the one on Sep. 13.
Fairly chemmy today.

Oct. 12, '10: (7:50am) They were getting to me a bit in Rome. Aches, nausea. I noticed they all lay down on their left sides to work some mojo. Also they had rotated the attackers a couple times as some got tired.
Somehow i was able to get godlike and eventually disable the 33 repts. Then the 13 jezs got real strong, but i was able squelch them after a while.
By then a new shift of 33 repts were starting up. I ground them down to a nub, too, and they were not replaced.
I passed out and slept soundly.
A while after i awoke this morning, another jez started in, laying on his left side. I neutralized him, and another started. I took care of him, and felt no more since.

Got a tiny bit of rain last night.

Got an email from a friend in AL mentioning the increased violent crime and theft in Montgomery. I looked on a map and found most of the DOR originating from this bldg, which is the main bldg at Gunter AFB. The reason for the strong bad energy is 2 ETs from here. In the square cutout there is a galaxy just to the left of center.

(10:45am) Lotta chem-clouds, but nonetheless i'm feeling good. The Vatican still has not resumed hitting me. I think this was the final showdown for psi-attacks, and they lost.

The guys in the galaxy associated with Gunter AFB have been tickling me weakly.

(1:55pm) Oh man, has Mordok found a major pedo op. He read
this article about "a missing, hearing-impaired 10-year-old girl with an artificial leg".
I get that daddy and 2 of his pedo friends have been dorking her for years.
Mordok found 2 other guys, satanists, that seem to want her for a snuff ritual here.

Then he tracked the girl to here, which is most juicy because it is a location of The Little Gym which has over 300 locations in 21 countries! Ain't that sumpin'. Just enter your zip code for the nearest facility. I simply must go down to Little Rock someday.
Watch the video of satanists nurturing smiling little sex objects. The whole operation is about sexploitation of children. This business needs to go down.

(2:05pm) Apparently oddities have been noticed before: google search. The top link yields
What went unnoticed during the French trails was the immediate disconnect from the infamous Belgium castle Chateau des Amerois, where bodies of children were being exhumed in the nearby Dutch province. Particularly since the owner of the castle is no other than Patrick Solvay, owner of the prestigious Golf Club d’Hulencourt, and percentage stockowner in Solvay Pharmaceuticals, the providers of Prozac and a litany of other mood altering drugs. He is also the deciding shareholder of a global child care enterprise called “The Little Gym.” A Mexican dignitary once spoke to reporters about witnessing satanic soirees while visiting the castle, and heard of child sacrifices there by a Dutch associate.
A search for Patrick Solvay yielded
According to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg official bulletin (28 December 2001), Patrick Solvay, shareholder of the Solvay Group, who lives in the Amerois castle (1, Les Amerois, B-6830 Bouillon (Belgium)) founded a company with Alexander de Wit, on July 3rd 2001. The name of this company is Itaca International. Through this holding company, Patrick Solvay is the main shareholder of The Little Gym, which organizes activities for children with summer and holiday camps. On May 1st 2004, Itaca International’s registered office was transferred to Bertrange (5 rue Pletzer, L-8080 Bertrange). This address corresponds to The Little Gym, located at the very same place. It seems that the former name of Itaca International was "The LifeSkills Company", which also belonged to Patrick Solvay. This is rather weird when you think about what Fritz Springmeier and a police report of the Dutroux affair told about the Amerois castle.

(3:15pm) I saw a banner on the weather page for this article about the missing girl.
No, she is not dead. Yes, the dad and step-mother are in on it. The red-herring ransom note was probably written by one of the guys they sold her to, which guys are associated with the gym.
Mordok even called the police tips number some time ago with the location. A web search for The Little Gym +pedophile will yield incriminating rumors at least. Any failure to follow up on this by law enforcement would be suspicious.

(4pm) Now the stepmother has "admitted" writing the ransom note herself.

Here's what i think happened. The girl has bone cancer, and is not a sound prospect for a long-term sex slave, but maybe would fetch a little something as a snuffable-grade item. Step-mom needed money. I suspect she drinks. She offered to sell the girl to the 2 satanists, but they couldn't afford the $5K she wanted. But they knew some people who might, and turned her onto someone who works for The Little Gym. This person keeps his ears to the ground for such items, on behalf of someone who resides here in rural Illinois. That person is associated with this nearby location, as well as 2 satanist males who live just north of there here, 3 male and 3 female satanists who live just north of that here, this location not far away, where 5 male satanists work, and 1 lives, and this place just west of there, where 2 satanist males live and work.
And he has friends here, a married satanist couple. And here, 1 satanist male.

Oct. 13, '10: (7pm) Some chem-clouds today.

Last night i got hit by more of those Jesuits and their rept friends, but only from areas in the U.S. and they were weaker. I haven't even looked up the locations on the map. There is a large area south of the Denver airport that has a lot of these jezzies, feels like.

OK, a few little factoids, none of which were particularly selected to boost my credibility rating:

I think the 5 guys that were holding Madeleine are dead. My rept friends in the starship are not averse to using lethal wave-forms on above-ground targets under some conditions. I had experimentally asked them to hit the guys with that, and i suspect they died in the paddy wagon.
Madeleine is not in the vicinity of satanists now; she is alive. But i can't get anything more, except her parents don't seem to know. Which doesn't add up.

The other girl, Zahra Baker, is still in the Little Gym, but nearer the center of the bldg.

On Sep. 30 i wrote about some nasty ETs from NGC 4414:
There are 3 of these ETs in what looks like a mobile home here, just about 9 miles east of me. Now, isn't that a coincidence? Just how widespread are these ETs? I have the impression these 3 have been there for 6 years.
I have actually gone down that road a few months ago with my bustmobile. Maybe i'll drop by again tomorrow with some TBs.
Well, i did go out and do some busting in the area, and today at work i noticed the 3 guys were a couple miles west of there.
When i got home they were still there, and i was able to look them up on the map. They were "in" a pond! Or rather 40-50' under it. I think they were trying to escape the orgone.
So i had the Red Draco off them.

(7:15pm) Some locations of Jesuit psi-attackers south of the notorious Denver Airport:
Here is where 3 of them work.
Another one lives here.
Another here. Two more here.
42 more morons, now deceased, were here at 64' depth.

There are probably dozens more houses in this area i could track down. And there are 3 different areas in the US they were hitting me from. One was central FL; i got 2 U bases there just now. The other is Ohio.

(8:50pm) How bizarre. I was on the trail of something else when i noticed a very DORy spot in OK. Another pond, with 3 more NGC 4414 guys under it.

Oct. 14, '10: (10:15am) Clear here so far.
I've been working with Veronica in Atlanta. Apparently there is another bunch of weather-mod, evil-energy transmitters around the country. One is here in Atlanta in the center of pic; already weakened by half with remote/ET work. She might gift it soon. Another is in North Little Rock. There are many more, but i think we have already found Command Central in NV. Looks like a single-wide mobile home. Has 6 gov't satanists in it, and transmitter electronics in the west side.
I suspect that this discreet transmitter network has been operational since Aug/08. I couldn't find any of these without Durkistan's help.

Incidentally, here is a unisys map she saved around 11pm last night her time. But i don't think the rings shown here are from the same class of transmitters that i'm talking about. Rather another class that works with them. They no longer have that demonic energy quality since work we did on these some time back.

(10:25am) I finally got visual impressions of Durkistan recently. To me he appears very much like a 4'6" grey, except he has a huge dark 3rd eye, and pale grey-green skin.
He's a great little guy, good at finding evil things and evil beings.

(10:40am) Al Gray drew my attention to an alleged ring radiating from an area in TX. I found this spot, which i think is where a big cell tower now is, a very special one.

(2:15pm) Mordok found the following spots connected with that last tower:
A remarkably unremarkable funky little house containing 3 male gov't satanists.
Presumably another tower here.
An underground transmitter here, depth around 40'. My guys have hit it, but it's tough.

"Inexplicable disappearance of a village in the Qinling Mountains": i found a U base right near the center of that map with 32 very DORy Chinesatanists. I think the Chinese gov't did this. They have, er had, a U-base here near the west border, 320-410' depth, with 20(?) "UFOs" and 200 male Chinesatanists.

(4:30pm) I went hunting for officials around Beijing that are in-the-know about this UFO op.
2 males and 4 females live here on the 3rd (2 females) and 5th (the rest) floors.
2 males work here.
Another lives here.
Man and wife here.
Somehow i get the impression these are not the highest-ups.

It may not be related, but Mordok found a spot in China that i think has a transmitter at 20' height.

(6:30pm) Only saw 1 frazzled little CT fragment all day; otherwise the sky was clear.

I asked Durkistan who's the top person with knowledge of the UFO op, and he indicated it's a male living here. Much fancier spread.

(7:55pm) Our poor crippled girl has been moved from The Little Gym to here. There is 1 male and 1 female satanist with her. Both are employees of the gym.

Oct. 15, '10: (8:40am) She's still there. And the sky is still clear here. And things seem unchanged in Atlanta.

Jesuits still hit me occasionally, usually 3 individuals in central FL. It just occurred to me that central FL is where the Harry Potter theme resort is (map).
So i went prowling around there looking for some of these guys. The first thing to grab my attention is Orlando Volleyball Academy (website). Sounds like good, clean fun, so why the nasty vibe? I can't find anything, except i think 3 of the priests work out there.
Maybe i'll search more later. The whole Orlando area is DORy.

(3:30pm) It's going down now. The Little Gymmers are selling Zahra to a man from Illinois, who is supposed to deliver her to the guy i said up there.
I suspect the gym paid $4K and is selling her for $10K.

(4:35pm) So as not to arouse suspicion with the neighbors, the 2 from the gym are going to hang around there a few more hours, indulging in Afternoon Delight notwithstanding harrassment by my allies.
The girl is approaching Lenoir from Hwy 64, 18. I presume the driver will turn north on 321.

(4:55pm) Orlando area Jesuit sorcerors:
One here.
Two here.
One here.
One here.

There are plenty more. I last mentioned the Vatican connection with Harry Potter on the 16th and 17th of last month. I am getting the feeling that, duh, there is some kind of serious mojo in these Harry Potter books (which i haven't looked at) and the theme park. There must be something special about Orlando for them to site it there. It's part of something larger. Why do they have these psi-hitters there?

Oct. 16, '10: (5:15pm) Perfectly clear skies all of yesterday and this morning. Then the chem-clouds and sprayers rolled in this afternoon.
I took several pics of this one spraying south of town. Couldn't spot the vehicle in any of them. 5X zoom maxed out.

Zahra Baker is now here, a short distance east of the guy who i think is the buyer. I only sense 1 male here, sick satanist pervert, who is taking liberties with the girl. I think the northmost bldg of this complex also has a satanist male residing there, probably an employee.

I have been getting hit today from another Jesuit cluster in Henderson, NC. The worst vibe i get right now is here at the tip of the green arrow, even though there is no structure depicted exactly there. Maybe they added onto the house there.
3 more here.
3 more here.

(7:20pm) That area is still so DORy, and those 9 guys are tougher than any i've had hit me from a non-Rome location. I think they are all shape-shifters.

Went hunting for more of them in the area:
One here. 5 here. Actually there might be 2 bldgs some small distance apart here, with 2 in the SW one and 3 in the NE one.
2 here.
One here just a hop to the west.
And another hop westward, 2 here.
One here.
Over into VA, one here.

Oct. 17, '10: (3:50pm) That 2nd to the last link now has 6 of them there trying to cause me discomfort.

Heavy chem-clouds today and a few trails. Rain chances forecast tomorrow night and the next day.

(4:05pm) Zahra has now been moved a bit further east to here. There are presently 2 male satanists in that bldg. The grey-roofed bldg is empty.

Oct. 18, '10: (8:40am) I was intrigued to read about the developments regarding David Headley in the news.
What have i said on the subject of the Mumbai massacre in the past?
Nov. 29, '08: (12:15am) I've been a bit mystified about who is behind the recent Mumbai atrocites. Definitely Satanists, but what nationality/agency? I was inclined to believe Mossad, but just couldn't find their vibe behind it. Not British, not US, not Muslims. Who?
Then i read something quoted from a channeled-info site, of all things, suggesting it was the Indian gov't itself, sort of pulling a 9/11 on itself.
Hmmmmm..... whattaya think about that? Feels right to me. The whole thing seems a bit contrived.

(5:05pm) Then this evening i read this theory that the "right-wing, Hindu-nationalist BJP party" is behind the attacks. Yep, that's what dowses for me better than the Indian gov't per se.
Cmdr. Loohan's offishul pronunciamento on the subject: the BJP (site) did it. Specifically, Shree Rajnath Singh masterminded and ordered it. Vajpayee is another Satanist, and is in on it. Advani is innocent and ignorant. [Singh is no longer on the page.]

Feb. 11, 10: (1:55pm) Well, now we have a new murder on this case: Mumbai attacks defence lawyer gunned down. The lawyer for 3 innocent accused guys got killed. By 2 satanist hit men working for a 3rd satanist. Who is this? Well, Singh is no longer on that page and wasn't involved this time. The guy who called these shots is Shri Nitin Gadkari, the chubby satanist with the supremely honest face on the left.

Feb. 14, '10: (4:30pm) Meanwhile, another terror op in India, this time in Pune (article). Apparently "CIA-trained" satanist Mike Headley was involved in this, too. But i say the Pakistani stuff is BS. Fat-face at BJP at least knew about this. The perps are 3 satanist Mumbai cops. The main one seems to be in the bldg in the center here. This might be his residence.

(7:25pm) Maybe Aaron was closer to the truth about Mumbai. I looked harder, and found that Shri Nitin Gadkari does stay in touch with a special "friend" in the US, who lives right here in Lake Ridge, VA, not far south of my parents' house. In fact, i busted that neighborhood pretty well last month with Earthshaker and agnihotra ash! Unfortunately i didn't drive down Parliament Dr., but i got all those surrounding streets. I suspect the energy clash therefrom helped me dowse this guy out. He was cloaked somehow. I sense 4 other gov't satanists he's working with. Some unknown agency. I'm working on de-cloaking their superiors.

Feb. 15, '10: (10am) I did find the superiors of the guy in Lake Ridge, VA last night here just slightly west, at 220-230' depth. What a coincidence, just like that 2nd San Diego base, it is only 10' in depth, which is unusual. Perhaps the same agency? Hard for me to tell.
215 satanists were down there last night; now there are only 120. Some attrition has already occurred. The golden Draco were scheduled to hit them at 6am my time, and they are still on it. This base had personnel working on the logistics of 6 different false flag ops, all in the Gulf region.

So i figured there had to be more such bases. Last night i also found the following spots:
  • The base where they work on terror ops within the US is here in Alexandria, VA, at 120-200' depth. There were 310 satanists working on 2 ops. Now there are only 72.
  • A base for other-country ops is here, just south of the last one in Huntington, at 231-239' depth. It contains 110 satanists working on an op in southern Chile i think. They have not yet been hit by the Draco.
  • The HQ that is senior to these bases is here in Chevy Chase, MD, at 111-300' depth and is much older than the other bases, which are fairly new. This base has 202 satanists overseeing all this vital work. They are scheduled to be hit 11am my time.

    More fascinating, an above-ground place strongly connected with all this is Islamic Research & Humanitarian Services Center in Capitol Heights, MD! (their site.) This place is a satanic US gov't op, probably a front for recruitment of disgruntled muslims. And is associated with The Ark of Self-Healing & Self-H.E.L.P.! They claim
    The NES Infoceuticals are liquid remedies that restore integrity to the human body-field. They are purified water that contains a minute quantity of plant-derived micro-minerals that are encoded with information to help return specific aspects of the body-field to proper functioning. You take the NES Infoceuticals as drops in a glass of water, according to specific protocols given by your certified practitioner. The NES Infoceuticals are pure information. Each one directly corrects specific information structures and energy patterns in the body-field.
    I get a most tainted vibe off these substances. I suspect this place is also where duped Muslims can go to be subjected to trauma mind control while they think they were getting some healing therapy.

    NES' site is here. They are UK based, an MI5 project. The site has plenty of info of interest to activists. The whole operation is filthy.
  • And these days, i still get that all of this is true. Except maybe there was some Pakistani involvement after all. The news article seems credible, allowing for some reading between the lines.

    So what about this group they mention, Lashkar-e-Taiba (Wikipedia)? I think the article in the newspaper i read yesterday said this group was founded by the Pakistan gov't.
    In any case, for whatever reason, i don't get much of a vibe off them. Saeed is soulless. No doubt they have their share of sleeze. But somehow i don't get a hot vibe off them.

    I do get a vibe off of Ilyas Kashmiri, though. Satanist, with CIA connections.

    I still get a hot vibe on those 3 Mumbai cops i mentioned. They are still on the force. If i had a list of Mumbai cops i could finger them.
    And the guy in Lake Ridge, VA, still lives in that house.

    (9am) I think Ilyas Kashmiri is here in western Syria, along with 2 other arab CIA satanists. No structure shown.

    (10am) And yet another hostile ET race working on Earth: Mordok found a U base east of Birmingham, AL that had ET's from the center galaxy here. I think these are 4' humanoids, hairless, brown skin and eyes.

    (11:10am) A suspicious mental institution in Scotland: the Carseview Center which has 9 satanists on staff.

    (4:10pm) It's been kinda chemmy today, including sprayers. I bagged yet another shot of one of those bizarre sprayers!
    I consider this one of the coolest chem pics i have ever taken.

    (5:55pm) And here's yet another one, not so clear.

    (6:20pm) There's one thing different about the weird sprayers of today compared with the last 2, in fact compared to all other sprayers i've paid attention to in many months:
    today's have a vibe.

    A vibe i traced to here in Antarctica, about 2 miles down. Red-headed, green-eyed 5'6" humanoids from here; a region around the center.
    The base has ~8K of them fixin' to learn a painful lesson.

    (6:50pm) There were a total of 9 such bases worldwide. They will be scrubbed. We'll see if that puts a dent in the chem.

    Oct. 19, '10: (6:25pm) Saw no sprayers today, but lots of chem-clouds and some old trail segments.
    Got 1/10" of rain last night, and it was overcast much of the day, and chem-cast the rest.

    Someone alerted me to a free e-book now out by Margalit Eilon, whose energy healing stuff i recommended in Jan. 3, '07. Recommended reading. Actually i have only read part of it so far. Stuff seems to work good.

    Oct. 20, 10: (6:25pm) Clear and sunny all day after part of the morning in which they spewed very long, sticky trails. It looked like a big asterisk-like thing must have been centered south of town.

    A friend of mine in California wrote me about a place just east of his little girl's pre-school, in which he accurately dowsed the numbers of satanists in each house. There is a man and a woman in the left house, and a man and 2 women in the right. The whole place is DORy from practices and radiates into the pre-school just west.
    These people are associated with the following coven members:
    A male here.
    3 males here.
    1 male & 1 female here.

    Oct. 21, '10: (2:30pm) Full moon happens tonight.
    The sky has been clear so far today. I even went up to Marshall; nada.

    I have been getting constant psi attacks from both the humans and reptilians in the Abell 2218 Cluster. Again, their galaxy is the bright orange spot in the lower left of the cutout.

    (5:25pm) Finally, some lovely white chem-clouds blew in from the east. I haven't seen a trail yet, but saw something go by that even with my naked eye looked wrong. Click on pic for 2.15MB pic.

    (5:30pm) That one also has a vibe... which connects to a U base off the coast of Brazil presently getting nixed. I guess i was wrong when i thought they only had 9 bases. Maybe Durkistan can find more.

    Oct. 22, '10: (1:25pm) So far he has found 7 more bases.

    Real and fake clouds today.

    Thanks for the help with Abell 2218. Those guys have stopped hitting me. Now i am being hammered by demons in the duodenum, giving rise to nausea.

    (1:45pm) Someone asked me about Kevin Trudeau. Both Mordok and i felt he's an ET, but couldn't get his home galaxy. So i pulled Durkistan off his task for a minute and he found it no problem: M83. This pic is good because you can see the center clearly. The center is where most of the DOR is.
    According to the Wikipedia article, Trudeau is connected to the Global Information Network, a real intriguing bunch. It only costs $1K to join, but you have to be referred by a member.
    Note how this con artist uses truths about mainstream medicine to position himself as the alternative.

    (3:55pm) They are still making me queasy.

    I finally got a map link for the guy in Bolivia whom i mentioned on the 2nd and 3rd of this month. He lives where the A is, and the main sorceror is at B. (Someday i need to figure out how to put more than 1 marker on a map myself.)
    It is still an extremely DORy area. He is surrounded largely by psycho and black magician neighbors.

    BTW i keep forgetting to mention, Starship Loohan has been working over Europe for a long time now.

    (6:05pm) Just now a sprayer went over, looking like a plane. I tried to dowse where the U base is that it's from. Couldn't. Asked Durkistan, and he found it right away somewhere in the south Atlantic. Sent in the Red Draco.
    So if you see a sprayer, ask Durkistan to locate its base.

    Oct. 23, '10: (5:20pm) So far, Durkistan has found 6 more sprayer bases based on tips from readers.
    I haven't seen any sprayers, just plenty of chem-clouds.

    Last night at some point i started getting attacked by a single rept at Abell 2218. He seemed unusually strong, like maybe he was the alpha male. He was 4 miles underground in a facility so shielded that the Red Draco could not zap him. I hit him with all my orgone, then felt i had an astral ally i should place there. Turned out to be Jehovah. Then another one, some friend of Jehovah with a real strong vibe. Who is this? i wondered.
    I hesitate to say this, knowing it will do little to rescue my dismal credibility ratings, but that being is, gulp, God. The Supreme Being. Formatted, if you will, to work locally from within this miserable physical universe time-line. Although God is formless, when present here it seems to be an 8' gold-yellow sphere.

    As nearly as i can figure out, God can only directly work on this evil realm we live in if God is in it in this manner. And God can only be here in this manner with the assistance of Jehovah (AKA Allah), and with the assistance of my Gate Key (OTB 34 for explanation and pic of it before i re-cast it).

    Anyway, after God spent a few minutes with the rept, that rept was no more problem. Dead, i presume. But then another one like him started hitting me from elsewhere, so God & Jehovah bounced over there and polished him off. Since then, they have been working over much of that galaxy.

    I think God wants to stick around this realm until things are all better. Maybe someday it'll visit the Vatican, Israel, London, etc. and later maybe do the Harry Potter theme park.

    (9:40pm) Nazis pretending to oppose Nazis: i just read this article about how "Jimmy Carter (C), former Irish president and UN high commissioner for human rights Mary Robinson (C-back) and Indian activist Ela Bhatt (R) joined the weekly demonstration against Israeli occupation Jerusalem Sheikh Jarrah on Friday". Very principled of them. All 3 are satanists.

    Oct. 24, '10: (4pm) Chem-clouds.
    Amazing how it still gets up to around 80F almost every day, despite it being late October.
    Got a faint rain last night. Saw my first sprayer of the weekend a while ago. I connected it to Durkistan, and he found the base. I don't think he got any new bases from readers since last report.

    Maybe that God thing is more like an extension of God, the Fist of God if you will. Last night it arrived on Earth. I realized it works most effectively if it quadrilocates. So the Four Fists of God have been pummeling targets here since.

    (5:20pm) I got a strong vibe from this article. Bad ETs from the elongated, central galaxy here. 3' tall brown humanoids.
    The Red Draco have taken out that triangle as well as 2 more Durkistan found, and that galaxy is on the hit list.

    Oct. 25, '10: (9:45am) Overcast/chem-cast.

    Veronica reports that Atlanta is in the midst of heavy rain again. That last one dropped an inch or 2, which is always delightful after a long drought, but not nearly enough.

    Here is an interesting article about military maneuverings in the Persian Gulf area. It even has a snappy map of overt US bases surrounding Iran.
    The Fists of God have taken note.

    (10:15am) Al Gray has developed several of the most effective weapons we have used in the Orgone Wars over the years: the Trinity Wand, Agenda Buster programs, and the Double Agent program especially. Recently he came up with some kind of a VALIS program. I don't understand it, as i haven't really read any Philip K. Dick. But that didn't stop me from having The Committee look into it.

    Al sent programmed crystals to Veronica in Atlanta, and someone in DC. They made charged water and sprayed. This made a huge energy difference in those locations, which had already been extensively gifted with my kind of Strontium and Violet Flame orgonite. They work real well together.

    Since then, The Committee has also VAL'ed numerous other places, including Vatican City, London, Liverpool, Tel Aviv, Tucson, Beijing, Montgomery, AL, Bradenton, FL (where Mordok lives), Aztec, NM (where Elizabeth lives), Copenhagen, L.A., that real dirty area of Bolivia, Singapore, Zurich, Antwerp, Oak Ridge National Labs, Knoxville, TN, that area in NC with all the jezzies, and more. And more on the way.

    For some reason, a different program has to be engineered for each location. The Atlanta pgm will not work elsewhere, for example.

    Oct. 26, '10: (11:55am) Over the last 3 nights, 0.4" have accumulated in my rain gauge.
    Chem-clouds and natural overcast this morning.

    Headless animals dumped on Miami street: Santería to blame?:
    Santeria is a mild form of black magic. I destroyed the type of demons traditionally associated with it some time ago.
    But i don't think this incident is Santeria. It is some other kind of black magic cult, though, and i have found a few leads:

    This house where 1 male perp lives; probably the guy who dumped the animals, probably from a dump truck, alone.
    This house, where resides 1 more male perp.
    This business, which i think is managed by the guy in the 1st house, and where 2 satanists work.
    Crandon Park; the parking lot, the bldg which i presume has indoor tennis courts to the north, and the Seaquarium to the south are all DORy from the vibes of the 2 guys in their houses, who seem to hang out here a lot.
    And the airport which is DORy from the 2 guys' frequent presence there.

    Where do they go? To this place in South GA. This is a place called Federalgraphics which has a site giving other locations. This whole business has a satanic vibe. I don't think they say what makes it "federal" but it feels like a gov't proprietary or something.

    I think the 2 guys are execs who fly up there twice a week, and also go to 2 other places in the south.

    One of these is here, a U base with all of 4 gov't satanists in it.
    And the other a U base here with 1 satanist male.
    I think the headless animals were killed here in a ritual with just the 3 men on the full moon. The guy who lives in the base is a shape-shifting ET. Maybe he tore the animals' heads off. He is another one like those 2 that are sitting at Gunter AFB as i mentioned on the 12th (and who are still there).
    I think the bodies were trucked down to Miami and dumped in that spot for some magical reason.

    I actually wrote the foregoing stuff about the "Santeria" case yesterday afternoon, but did not post it. Why? Because i sensed that our 2 boys would be visiting that last U facility around 9am today! Indeed, by 9:30 they were down there, and then the Reds blasted both U bases, so these guys are no longer.

    I think how it went is that they did the ritual with all those animals, then the guy in the 1st house drove them to Miami in a small dump truck and dumped them. The loud noise people heard was probably the tailgate of the dump truck slamming back onto the bed when the dump was lowered back down. The carcasses were pretty ripe by then.
    Then the guy drove the truck all the way back to OK. It may have been rented, ostensibly for local work.
    Meanwhile the other Miami guy was doing stuff at the 2 U bases, and then the 2 guys flew back to Miami. I think the guy in the 2nd house is a pilot.

    Now why would the gov't pay these guys to live in Miami, fly around between these spots in a small plane, perform sick rituals with an ET in OK, and transport the carcasses to Miami? I don't know, but i'm sure they have our best interests at heart.

    I tried to track their path to the U base. I think they landed here. There are some bldgs there that include 2 chicken houses, looks like. A satanist man and woman live there. I think the gov't pays them to use the landing strip.
    Not long after the 2 guys landed this morning shortly before 9, my ISP died as i was trying to track them. It finally came back on.
    I think they drove from there to a tunnel entrance here maybe, which must have some kind of fast transport to the small base which looks to be ~4K' away.

    (3:15pm) The sky has cleared up around here.

    I was reading this article which brought 2 my attention 2 US military bases that have an evil vibe.
    One is Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, where i found some reptilians in various underground locations,
    and the other is Diego Garcia, an atoll 700 miles south of Sri Lanka. There is a lot more info and pics here. Plenty of real DORy targets.
    Both of these bases have already been VAL'ed and FISTED, and are being programmed by Ey.

    Oct. 27, '10: (6:05pm) Heavy chem-clouds today.

    Mordok found a spot in Russia which had 23 humanoids from M99 at 715' depth. I think these are 6'3" and covered with a short layer of beige fur. Brown eyes. Evil. The Red Draco took care of that little base.

    Oct. 28, '10: (1pm) The sky was clear until around 11:15 when i saw the first stale trail blow in. I was able to connect the sprayer (which was long gone) to Durkistan, and he immediately found the base and it was taken care of.

    Then a 2nd trail blew in after the 1st. Same thing happened.
    A few minutes later, a 3rd trail, connected to yet another base.

    In order to believe this, one has to suspend all logic. Why would they flaunt 3 trails in front of my face, connected to 3 different bases, knowing that those 3 bases would inevitably be destroyed? Are they suicidal? Just abysmally stooopid? Or am i nuts? I know what the logical answer to that is. But i refuse to believe it.

    Meanwhile, since lst report, Durkistan has also found 3 more such bases based on tips from readers.
    Yet, none of this alleged stuff ever seems to actually diminish the amount of chem in the world...

    (2:35pm) I just uploaded Jessica Schab page with some new developments.

    Oct. 29, '10: (10:30am) Yesterday i screwed up and uploaded an older version of the blog with the Jessica addendum tacked onto it. Juggling 3 laptops i sometimes space out and forget i have an older version on my HD. I have corrected the entries for yesterday.

    Aside from a bit of chem around the middle of the day, the skies were clear yesterday. Amazingly blue, in fact, in the afternoon.
    This morning there is stringy smear all over the sky.

    (11:45am) As i posted on the Jessica page, there are evil ETs in M82. Last night they started hammering me badly. My ISP was dead. But i encouraged the 4 Fists of God to go there, and they did some amazing work. Now there is only 1 Fist still there.

    M82 is a happening galaxy. It also has the race of humans which the Ta'l warriors are from. They have 500 year lifespans.
    I was incarnate there some 20K years ago as a member of the same race of humans, but i don't think i was ever a Ta'l exactly. The good people of M82 like me. In fact, in my next life i might incarnate there, then come back to Earth in that body. My wives Quyoso (my 1st Sakuda wife) and the goddess Maia have both incarnated there recently. [correction: not Quyoso but Nury, a Yiz girl. Quyoso supposedly incarnated elsewhere...]

    There is also another evil race in M82 that i have battled in recent months. They abduct women from other galaxies to use as surrogate mothers for their hybrid children.

    (12:15pm) I just checked NYC for someone, and the biggest source of DOR was the Jewish National Fund bldg. There is a long list of Sabbatean Zionazis on their site.

    (1:45pm) Someone in the UK wrote me complaining of being psychically attacked from the US. I found a U base of 31 US gov't satanists in central MO attacking him. Some distsance away, another U base with 2 more of these guys.
    Then i found this complex in Illinois, where 6 more of them, 3 male and 3 female, reside. Psi-attack dogs.

    (3:40pm) Those losers in Illinois actually attempted to attack me a while ago. Those CIAtanists are such powder-puffs compared to the Jesuits.
    Did i say CIA? Yep, their senior is 1 male right under the green arrow here, ground floor.

    (3:50pm) 2 more satanists worth blasting: Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin (pics) (article).

    (4pm) And another one, less important: Lauren Valle (pic) (article.

    Oct. 30, '10: (5:05pm) Some extreme, long, sticky chemtrails this morning earlyish, then blue skies thereafter. These sprayers did not have a vibe, did not seem to have a connection with a U base that we could find, and unlike all the others in recent months, did not even have demons associated with them that i could detect.
    I took this pic from my driveway as i was heading off to work.

    Last night i found 13 little U facilities around the UK that were attacking that same guy, and then dozens more CIA ones in the US. Neither of us can figure out why they have been so bent on oppressing him.

    (5:25pm) Several days ago some new ET friends let me know they planned to place a special energy device in Indiana soon. They were on their way.
    This morning they placed it. I had assumed they would drop it in a lake, but it seems instead they somehow placed it 424' underground.
    I think it's roughly dome-shaped, 5' diameter and 31' high. The programming seems to be anti-slavery, anti mind control.

    Oct. 31, '10: (4:40pm) Very bad chem here all day. Veronica reports the same in Atlanta, and says they got about 4" of rain off that last system.
    I did connect to a vibe of 1 sprayer today. And that vibe connected to a U base here in NE with some ETs i don't recognize, and i have not traced their origin yet. I don't think it's the same bunch as the last i found connected to sprayer bases.

    Now, about that CIA honcho in Langley that i mentioned yesterday, he lives here with 2 satanist women in a threesome type deal. The women are not real important; don't seem to work for the gov't.
    When he goes off duty, another guy sits at his desk and does the same job. He lives here with 1 female satanist who is probably his wife. She is also CIA.
    Both of these guys might be bedridden and indisposed right now. My allies seem to think they are super-nasty dangerous mofoes and have been pounding on them hard.

    (5:40pm) This same guy in UK also said he was under attack from a dark sisterhood of 9 witches. It took some work to de-cloak them, but here they are in PA. That whole complex of at least 5 large structures as well as several smaller ones.
    There are also 7 more satanist women living there. And 1 little MPD girl, maybe 8 years old.

    (6:35pm) I felt there were some higher-up witches to this cult, and found 10 of them in a most improbable location.
    Maybe they live in darkness.