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Loohan's blog for October, 2011
Oct. 1, '11: (5:05pm) Still no chem noticed.

A Hopeful Message From The Much Maligned Greys. This is one hokey heap of excrement. The 2 soulless women have nasty freaky vibe. I also detect 5 men with the same vibe, 2 of which are probably the women's boyfriends.
I blasted them all, which somehow stirred up a U base here that had 532 physical grays in it. As well as 5 more connected ones around AU.

Once that mess clears up i'll re-check the country.
BTW yesterday i started in on another cleanup of the Pine Gap area, which had Abell 2218 humans, grays, etc. And still does. It's a tunnely mess down there, 200-1000' deep and deeper. All under the Kuyunba Conservation Reserve and west of there, etc.

(5:35pm) Advanced physics project that just came out of Loohan Propulsion Laboratories.

(5:40pm) Another DORy CIAtanist jerk: Brad Meltzer. His wife and daughter are also CIAtanist.

(7:40pm) Ugh. DORy satanic pedo ops in Bombay: Bombay Province JESUITS for the Greater Glory of God.

(11:45pm) Earlier today i got attacked by a DORy HS psychic here in Rosebud, AR.

Oct. 2, '11: (8am) Aaargh! How many different evil human ET races are there on Earth? I haven't even found the home galaxy of these yet. They are in Dongjum, Netherlands. I already took out 34 little U bases of theirs around there. Blast this bunch, and after work i'll be able to find out more.

(4:10pm) Still no chem or natural clouds spotted.

I have deleted the pic of those evil kids on request of the person who took them. This is not necessarily permanent.
I will take the liberty of posting a few quotes:
these kids carry a heck of a lot of negative energy.

There harassing me/my home and are extremely bold like no one can touch them. I think they are backed up by demons of some sort. powerful stuff. I tried to intimidate them but they seemed to gain strenght. The moment I photographed them I got a big psi attack im actually scared of these kids I think some are totally possesed!

Actually- the whole town seems infested with this energy. very aggressive and bad. Are they into psi attacks? The whole population seems to be out to get to me. ..They want me out of town. Really evil people. They got to my house and threatened me why I took the photograph and why I wanted to put them on the net. LOL i didnt even sday I was gonna to. I called them evil witches, LOL.

They are very aggressive too.

these folks are evil too inside the home in front (link) (I really think things are going to get out of hand- the good folks stay all day with their curtains closed in their homes and I am the only - I called the police).

Can you please remove the picture from your site?

There was a man, at the door, he threatened to kill me and he would have if I havent closed it.
He lives in my village, is black, a big thick evil head with dark eyes, orange tattoos on his right shoulder. I think he will most certainly do something to me. They have also very ugly technology I think. they have put something on my photocam. They are very evil and want me dead.
Well, for one thing, at least 4 of them are cops. For another, i don't think they know what site the pic was on. I think they are just psychic.

This morning we reeled in all the astral bodies of all of them everywhere, supposedly, including home galaxy. And i've been blasting their physical selves all day. But still, they caused interference when i tried to find their galaxy. I had to search at because all the galaxy pics on google were made to seem about equally DORy.
Their homeland is the bright star at the bottom of the pic here of the Phoenix Constellation.
And just now as i typed this up, they started hitting me back for the first time.

(4:35pm) So, i took out a Ukraine U base with 22,560 of them. Another with 1,205. Moldova: 3,207. Holland: 3,214, 2,351, 3,511... etc.

(4:45pm) Let's take a look at a post from Aug. 27:
(6:25pm) See this huge ridgy area of the Atlantic? It is now being mopped up. It is peppered with hundreds of these ET bases. All this is relatively new. Since the incomparable Cmdr Loohan put an end to US mainland hurricane horror years ago, they had to sneak in a bunch of new ETs (to get their dumb asses slaughtered).
I think these ETs are mainly using psi and demons to influence the weather.
This was in reference to some other evil ETs, but guess what? That exact same region now feels about the same, but from these Phoenix ETs. Like 722 bases at least.
Of course our guys are hitting these bases as well as their homeland. I sense 2 planets there that have the main population.

(4:50pm) And at least 62 bases in the Caribbean halfway between Guatemala and Cuba. Big base in Brazil, Chile... etc. Now they are getting nice and DORy so they can be found.
Dozens in S. Pacific, Southern Ocean, South Atlantic...

(5:05pm) Their places around Dongjum:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9 (garage; i think owner lives in farthest back apt)
That's for starters. Those are the most intensely DORy ones right now.

(5:15pm) Feels like their home planets are loaded with quartz and quartzite. And other crystals. Like maybe 20% of their land mass is highly programmable mineral. The Committee is programming away. Also, folks blasting can use the quartz to bounce their intent around the place.

(5:55pm) BUSTED: Easy Jet Airlines Caught Spraying Europe. Asia & Africa. Alas, i get no audio in youtube these days (but advertisers have no difficulty hijacking my audio). I only watched abut 1/2.

Relevant link: Board of Directors. They all have "a certain vibe"...

(7:20pm) Which seemed connected to a huge U base in Venice with grays and Abell 2218 humans as well as European satanists, and indeed loads of U activity for hundreds of miles around. Being mopped up.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth spotted a cat at one of the Dongjum places (link). Is that freaky or what, with the Halloween pumpkins...
Anyway, it seems to be of the same species that the M32ers like so much. Full-blood, i think.
The lady in Auburn found that the cats would try to hang close by in order to really help bring the bad energy in from attackers.

Also here's another DORy spot in the town. Ground floor seems to have 2 of them there.

Oct. 3, '11: (1:50) And here's another evil cat that lives near my friend. I believe half-breed.
Also here is a DORy church of some sort. Feels like 4 of the ETs are ministers, and another 20 or more attend services.

Sky still amazingly clear here.

(2:40pm) And, just south of the church is this house, which i think is where the 4 ministers reside, all male.
And a bit west of the church is this house where i feel 2 fof them.
I feel a total of 342 ETs in this area, and 34 of their cats.

(6pm) I just came under psychic attack from 3 of them in, uh, this store over in Bithoven. Let's see; i think it's 7 hours later there, so it would be almost 1am there on a Monday night. In fact, there are at least 18 houses and 35 of them in the nearby neighborhood. And 42 U facilities around there.

Oct. 4, '11: (6:30pm) Amazingly, still no chem or clouds.

Fred Bell dead. And virtually nothing about it on the web. I doubt he was Art's brother. Art is NSAtanist. Fred was/is a good guy, who had a real connection to the Plejarans. Update 2016: Ha! "He" was a transgendered reptilian shapeshifter! In 2011 i was not spotting most SSers or TGs. Also, the Plejarans are evil. Also until now i did not know she was the "brother" of Art Bell.] And made devices that feel real.

What do i have about this so far? Bits and pieces:
  • NSA done it, and somehow they captured his soul! His soul felt like it was in a bad place but i could not find it. After spending some time on this i just sucked him from wherever to meet the Sakudas. So he's OK now, in spirit.
  • This spot, just outside the contact addy on his site, is mysteriously charged with evil energy. And i have been unable to figure out why.
  • The murderer lives here in Oceanside. NSAtanist.
  • Also in Oceanside we have this neighborhood, with at least 12 NSAtanist houses and 45 NSAtanists.
  • Also there were loads of underground facilites all around Ramona, CA connected to this, including grays. Also some around Oceanside.

Oct. 5, '11: (7pm) Dang, forgot one other juicy tidbit. In Long Beach i also found thisAnd just north of there is another big DORy NSA proprietary Gallop Corporation. The main office is in Houston. Well, anyway, some Gallop Corp that also has an NSAtanist vibe is there. Also there is another one in Carson, CA, which, like the Long beach one, is listed as a bicycle shop.
And then they have which has no address but says
Gallop Corporation \96 A ONE WINDOW PLATFORM engaged in providing detailed services of Marketing, Marketing Management and Advertising to all genuses of businesses nationally and internationally.

Gallop provides comprehensive project development services to all sorts of companies and specializes in developing their establishment and growth.
Translation: "We infiltrate and gather info on businesses we plan to take over by subterfuge and dirty tricks." I suspect many of this agency's businesses were gained this way.

Then there's another Gallop Corporation in Rockville, MD. Engineers. Also NSAtanist.
I don't think Gallopians were involved in Bell's death,though.

Chem: Well, the respite here finally ended this afternoon, with massive whiteout as well as local spraying by drones.

(10pm) Noticed an extremely nasty-feeling hotel in Lagos: FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON LAGOS (map)
Run by black magicians of the Lagos Mafia.

(10:30pm) I could use some help blasting those ETs in the 2 planets around the bright spot near bottom of this pic (the Dongjummers). They seem intent on irritating me enough to keep me awake all night.
Even though i only clearly feel 2 home planets, i feel their vibes in this whole cropped section.
I suspect they just have loads of little outposts around there.

Oct. 6, '11: (8:20) Well i did get 5-6 hours of solid sleep. They still are after me some.

Interesting article that names names. Actually the article is kinda debunky but the quotes are full of truth. Well, not all Wiccans are evil, but many are. The original article quoted from would not open for me.

(12:20pm) Sky clear again today so far.

Weird news: Are Extraterrestrials Part of God\92s Plan, Too? Like DARPA???
It mentions this guy Christian Weidemann (pic). I don't know if he's a wide man, but he's certainly no Christian. He is an illuminati operative.

Oct. 7, '11: (8:15am) The drones did lay down some short segments overhead yesterday afternoon, which stuck and spread before being sylphed and orgoned to death. This morning there is some chem cover and spraying again.

Yech! Three Phony-Ass Soulless Bitches Win Nobel Peace Prize. They are in good company with Kissinger and Obama.
Leymah Gbowee is a satanist agent of the Vatican.
The other 2 don't feel like black magicians, and i am not getting anything clear on them. But i have to wonder what would motivate them to do such good deeds if they did not have viable souls.

Remember, Gandhi was an illuminati agent too.

() Well, we got some new allies; a different type of archangel warrior. They are kinda stealthy like ninjas. Their vibe is not real obvious. There are a largeish number of them (which they don't want me to disclose) and i don't get any names.
I connnected with them because Elizabeth dreamed about one of them.

Yesterday they reamed the ETs in the Phoenic Constellation, then moved on to M32. They will probably do the SLC-related ETs' homeland before they roll up their sleeves to tackle Abell 2218.

Feels like they are very effective. I stopped getting attacks from Phoenix Constellation.

(9:35am) Another one down? On Sep. 12 i posted about
(10:35am) A real asshole criminal who is in league with black magicians: Brig-Gen. Kenneth Minimah of Lagos. He is the guy in the green army uniform here (2 pix).
But now i heard a report that he seems to have disappeared. He is no longer hanging around and being obnoxious. "His office has been empty for a while and no one knows where he is now."
And his pic feels void. I think some serious misfortune has struck him.

Next on the Lagos Termination list is this DORy witch Justice Ogunmekan.

(9:45am) Lately Elizabeth has been stalked by a satanist who lives and works near her, Siegenliede Bixler. I also note that Bixler has a friend somewhere, Jennifer Elliot, who is also a satanist.

(10:50am) Occupy Wall Street: Who Wants to Hijack the Movement?. Pix of 2 soulless gov't agents at top of page. Not satanists.

I went hunting for their upline. I found
  • this house in the Baltimore area, that has 4 gov't satanists. I think 3 males and a female, all of whom work for some unidentifiable agency.
  • This house close by, with 2 more of them.
  • These 3 houses a bit east.
  • Plenty more. If you drew a circle with a radius of 2 miles from the green arrow here, you would encompass the residences of at least 56 of them, all satanists working for the same agency.
  • Their boss lives here in Manheim, PA. 1 male. And i think he answers directly to
  • a strong-feeling DORy shape-shifting Scottish Rite satanist here in Amenon, France.
  • And he answers to the Vatican.

Oct. 8, '11: (7:25pm) It has been unusually warm here lately, in the 80s. And still dry.
The chem cover soon blew over yesterday. Then we had some small chem-puffs floating by which tended to get munched. Then it cleared completely for the rest of the day, and until this afternoon when more chem clouds and dubious-looking hybrid clouds galore blew in.

Our new archangel allies have really put a hurting on those Phoenix Constellation ETs, M32, and the homeland of those SLC ETs. They are still working on the latter.

They also are offering a special attunement for qualified people and animals. This is a remote-killing attunement for people battling evil forces. It multiplies one's intent-power for frying evil beings. In fact they have been going around getting permission from people's higher selves and attuning them. You can also request it from them. Please, don't email me for more info or lining you up. And also be patient. If they want to do you or your pet it might be a while. They have only been doing 1 person at a time. It takes 1-2 hours for a human and 20-40 minutes for a cat.
It also provides some level of passive protection.

It may be that these archangels are here to help us do what we need to do, that they can't do for us. So far at least, no ET allies s have gotten this attunement.
I suspect that if a lot of us had this, we could focus on one individual at a time and get "lasting results".

Oh yeah, found a house here in Fresno, with 3 real DORy USAF satanists. 2 of them feel like shape-shifters.

Oct. 9, '11: (7pm) Chem-clouds today.

San Jose: Someone wrote me
when I was little, I was taken into the convent at Saint Elizabeths in San Jose Ca where I went to preschool (1972?) and I was given a drugged Dr Pepper and taken into a back room into like a sound studio or something, carpet on the walls and there was a man there and thats all I remember. This also happened to my step-brother who became homosexually promiscuous right after. And I grew up a block away from Santa Clara university which has a Jesuit monastary...
And i am knee deep in more fecal matter. I haven't even looked at St. Elizabeth's yet except as a DOR spot on the map. I set my tools to blast all evil connections while i went about other business, and then got hit by USAF satanists under TX and WY! But there were no kids in those 2 bases, just 40-some satanists. Bases now destroyed.

OK, so i thought i'd start by simply finding the man she mentioned. Caught his vibe right here in a big white bldg which seems like a strange place to be on a Sunday afternoon. There is no label on that bldg, but a bunch of others around there have the same evil vibe of USAF satanists! The following are nearby USAF proprietary businesses: (I have not looked for websites for most of these)
  • B&Z Manufacturing
  • Great Pacific Packaging
  • Golden Bay Machining
  • Aer Dan Precision
  • O-T Precision
  • Nor Cal Elite All Stars All those MPD chicks have the same weird occult vibe!
  • Delta Machine
  • Richard's Machining
  • D&N Machining
  • Cambas Corporation
  • HP Machine and Engineering
Also, most of those unmarked bldgs in that cluster have the same vibe, and, we took out 5K reptilians at 14 mile depth under all this. These repts are from the Virgo Galaxy, more precisely from in the center of this pic.

And there's a Cintas place there too (CIA proprietary, and, as we know, CIA & USAF routinely do drug running together).

(7:25pm) I'll follow up more on that stuff later.
Meanwhile, here is a chem-pic i found on Icke's site. I modified it slightly to indicate the CIAtanists.

Oct. 10, '11: (12:10pm) Some overcast and lots of heavy chem this morning. I drove down to Clinton, and the sky was just streaked with crossing, long, trails.

But i got a couple way cool pumpkin molds at Walmart that are getting my creative juices flowing.

(12:20pm) John McManus on the John Birch Society, What It Stands For and Why It's Been Attacked. I haven't read it. Just pointing out that The John Birch Society has always been a CIA satanist op. And John McManus, like John Birch was, is a CIAtanist.

(2:15pm) Back to San Jose area. 2 MPD ops:Now if you take a look on the Milpitas map you will notice that just south of the church are 2 schools. I sense 13 USAF satanists employed at these 2 schools.
And there is a Montessori school just west which has 3 of them. Then another school NW of that, with 2 of them.

Now if you look on the website of the school district, you will see this USAF bitch. And a list of schools.
  • Pomeroy has 2 USAF MPD handlers
  • Randall has 2
  • Rose has 1
  • Sinnott has 5
  • Milpitas High has 3
  • Rancho Milpitas has 10
If you look at the San Jose place, you will note (aside from a lot of DOR) that just south of there is another DORy bldg (green arrow). Which hosts:
  • M T Liang Senior Center, with 21 USAF satanists
  • Self-Help for the Elderly, largely oriented toward Asians, with many Asian USAF satanists: Board of Directors, and (gasp!) 25 DORy locations, including even a Jackie Chan activity center. Jackie Chan still has a soul. (He's a 7.) [Update: He is a shapeshifting rept. In July 2014 i noticed that Jackie does draw on shapeshifter U bases for psychic strength, something that only evil shapeshfters do.] There are other Jackie Chan Centers elsewhere that do not have this vibe (caused by 2 USAF infiltrators).
And south of there a few blocks is the Willow Glen Convalescent Hospital, which has 22 of them! I think what happens is that MPD victms, when they age, are steered into controlled situations like this.

(3pm) I had a funny feeling about Richard's Machining (mentioned yesterday). It has some connection to this place, which is in the Netgear bldg. However, i have the impression the USAF just rents some space there. I sense that 3 USAF satanists connected to the pedo op work here.
Also found a U base with 22 of them, but no kids... Another with 2 of them only. Not sure what's up. What is the connection between all these machining/engineering places, the Netgear bldg, and the child trafficking?

(3:10pm) Er, did someone say child trafficking? And why do i get a vibe off this U base with 241 USAF satanists and 73 mostly Mexican children?
Hmmm... (cogitate, cogitate)
Only 17 of the kids had viable souls, and they wanted out. Bye bye, base.

(5:15pm) Then over the border a little, we had this base with 242 USAF satanists, and 432 kids. And 60 are ensouled! Make that 46 that seem to have viable souls. This is disproportionate; suggesting that they are deliberately selecting ensouled kids as much as they can (soulless ones are unsuited for ritual purposes).
But all have been horribly abused already, and want out. So there goes the base. It was an MPDing facility. Especially Beta (sex alter) programming.

And some distance west, we have this house, where i sense 5 USAF satanists and 32 kids. And a few hundred feet west, there is a probable landing strip. From there the kids were being transported to the U base mentioned in my last post.
Thence they were being transported west to a complex of 10 big apt bldgs here, where i sense 62 USAF satanists and 62 slave kids at present. I yanked 2 that had viable souls, with their consent.
A few blocks west of there, they have a berth for a yacht. From there, the kids got transported up the coast to a U base here, which had 42 USAF satanists and 342 kids. But only 22 had viable souls.
Anyway, all those kids wanted out of this incarnation too.

A few miles west was another U base here with 42 more USAF satanists, and 522 Mexican kids. 30 had viable souls, wanted out.

SE of San Jose is the next base, with 31 USAF satanists and 54 kids. 26 had viable souls.

South of San Jose was another base, this with 56 USAF satanists, and 132 kids. 87 had viable souls!

West of San Jose a bit is this big complex of bldgs which includes all those white-roofed ones except for the longer horizontal one to the NE. It also includes the tennis courts on the west side and the grey-roof on the east side.
241 USAF satanists, that have no life other than trafficking in and abusing children, live here. Presently there are 223 slave children here. 62 had viable souls, but wanted out.

Near there, this complex of red-roofed houses houses 200 USAF satanists and 423 slave kids. 51 had viable souls but.
Then there was another U base west of there with 22 USAF satanists but no kids.

Oct. 11, '11: (9:55am) Yesterday afternoon i had to battle chem-rippling demons for hours, but finally got rid of the "HAARP" look in the sky. Got unrippled chem-clouds today.

That lady in CA also said "And I grew up a block away from Santa Clara university which has a Jesuit monastary and my Grandad was heavily into AMORC and a 32nd degree mason..."
So i figured i should take a look at this university. I did, and the DORiest thing around was this bldg which is apparently part of Buchser Middle School. This bldg has 5 USAF satanists working in it, MPDers.

The monastery did not jump out at me, so i did a google search and found the university is Jesuit! (Wikipedia) How 'bout that. My favorite people.
There might not be a monastery exactly, but there is a Jesuit School of Theology.
If i were anywhere near this pedophile zit on the Earth, i would bust the crap out of it. I would walk the halls sprinkling holy ash. Among other things.

I did find mention of AMORC in Santa Clara, but mainly bizarre stuff like Minuteman\AE Bail Bonds of A M O R C, California (say what?). Check out the smiling satanist Stephenson family. Come to think of it, AMORC has a real Jesuit vibe to it, like Scottish Rite and Eastern Star.
Another local AMORC-affiliated business is

(11:15am) Incidentally, another DORy Jesuit-founded fraternity is the Knights of Columbus (Wikipedia).
Columbus doesn't have the Jesuit vibe, but he and his men were satanists who worshipped the Demiurge. And the ritual-drenched Arawak Indians also worshipped the Demiurge as well as Ahriman long before Columbus showed up. So naturally, Columbus' men raped, enslaved, and ripped off their fellow Yahweh worshippers, and "gave them Christianity", which noble act the Jesuits immortalize in these Knights.

(3:15pm) Bad news: Brig.-Gen. Minimah is reportedly still alive and healthy.

More bad news: AMORC baybysitters. Not a good idea to leave any of these adorable-looking young ladies alone with your children.

Oct. 12, '11: (6:50pm) Yesterday i had to battle chem-rippling demons some, and today it rained most of the day. Got 1.1".
Lufkin, TX has 50% chance tonight.

Hey, did anyone notice the full moon last night? How much sweeter it felt than the last one? Stuff is happening.

(7:10pm) Sigh. How lame. Holder: Iran aimed to bomb Saudi ambassador. Manssor Arbabsiar is an actor being paid by the CIA.
The media BS in this world is so thick one can cut it with a chainsaw. Like the stuff about shapeshifting satanist Tymoshenko being spanked by her satanist NWO friends. Yeah. I'm sure they keep her in a dungeon, fed on bread and water.

(7:40pm) So many evil groups, so little time. Now i'm chasing off in another direction. A few days ago someone asked me about Robert Bruce. I got the nasty black magic vibe off him, but it was real hard to trace any connections. I found him connected to... would you believe 11 small U bases around Perth, each of which only had female witches in them. And the witches did not sacrifice people, only animals.

Now i am tracking their above-ground haunts. The first i found is Il Vero Gusto. They own it. I sense 4 of the witches work there. None were in the erstwhile U bases. You can see 2 of them here. The lady on the far left, and the one in back in the dark blouse.

(8:05pm) Duder has been under heavy attack a lot lately, from the M32ers around Auburn. There are now always hundreds or thousands of those archangels helping him; it fluctuates as do the attacks. But sometimes they can't find the attackers. So i have to keep re-checking him and if he's not on the offensive with his claws all DORy, that means some cloaked attackers have gotten to him.

(8:15pm) This Perth stuff is getting weirder. I keep looking for above-ground stuff, but so far i have found 42 more of their U bases (with 20-60 women each) as well as 51 larger AU military ones! All around the Perth area. Plus, i get the feeling that a lot of these cult women were also in the military bases! Like maybe 5% of the base personnel was these witches.

(8:30pm) Then, all these fine folk were connected to a U base here with 5K+ military, 200+ witches, 9K grays, 300+ Abell 2218 humans. Being taken out now.

(8:40pm) There are lots more U bases with these witches all around here. The 1st one i found had 500+! Where do they come from?

Loads of gray bases under most of AU, too. And i suspect the grays are behind these women in some way. Maybe bred them? I'm not sure.

(9:20pm) If you're psychic enough, check this out. It's etched into the ethers:
Numerous times during her "captivity", the lovely satanist Tymoshenko enthusiastically engaged in sex/blood/fecal/murder/cannibalism rituals with her "worst enemies".
And no, it was not due to activation of Beta programming. Check it out. And remember, you read here first right here on

Oct. 13, '11: (8:45am) Yesterday after the rain cleared up and the sun came out, there was, of course, chem-cloudery.

Then after dark we got more lightning and thunder, and another 1/3" of rain.
Lufkin hardly got any. But recently central TX has gotten some rain, and it made a dent in the drought map.

Feels like we got AU pretty cleared up of grays 'n stuff, and this morning we are clearing a large area south of AU & NZ of grays. All these grays are imports from Universe F that have been here maybe 2 weeks. But they were inhabiting earlier bases that had had Antuvozy-killed grays in them. So now we are not having Vozy do this batch of grays yet, because we are using them as base markers to destroy the bases.

(8:50am) While poking around AU, Mordok found 3 U bases that had humans from Galaxy M101. I sense some are living on the surface in AU and probably NZ too. I am blasting the race to make them show up better.
Already found 2 here.

(9:15am) 4 more here. Taking out U base with 30 of them here. And several other small ones around Calingiri and a large area SW of there.

(10:45am) Interestingly, there are also a bunch of military U bases around there, specifically around a wide area a bit east of RAAF Gingin. Being taken out. Satanists together with these same ETs.

(10:50am) Syrians rally in support of Assad. Like 60% of the rallyers are ensouled. And none of the opposition is.
Again, an example of the NWO's suicidal tendencies. They know they should content themselves with abusing and enslaving the many who don't mind that. Instead the shape-shifters transgress their boundaries, incurring their impending demise. They know this, they choose this.

(11:20am) Lately Tim Rifat has been hitting me from time to time with some weird nasty Cabalah woo-woo. I think he puts crystals on printouts of the Tree of Life (Adachi prefers tainted TBs on his).
I just realized there are 5 other people Tim has evil Cabalah layouts on. Pitwexin deprograms the crystals anytime i find something like this.
All 5 are people Tim owes money to. 2 of these are customers demanding service or refund.

(2:10pm) USAF Gang Stalkers: behave similarly to ETs.
As i wrote on the 9th, i was told
when I was little, I was taken into the convent at Saint Elizabeths in San Jose Ca where I went to preschool (1972?) and I was given a drugged Dr Pepper and taken into a back room into like a sound studio or something, carpet on the walls and there was a man there and thats all I remember. This also happened to my step-brother who became homosexually promiscuous right after.
Well, her step brother wrote me
I went to St Elizabeths in the early 70's. Around when I was 3 or 4 this happened. I was taken to the convent which was separate from the school. There was no reason for me to be brought there. I was brought with 2 other children a boy and a girl. I was told that I was speacial, and that was the reason for me being brought there.
The nuns gave us dr pepper to drink, which I believe was laced with a sedative. The nuns played records for us. After that everything was a blank, other than what my subconscious retained.
After the inicident, I started molesting other kids, mostly boys on the playground. I also engaged in sexually preverse games with another girl who initiated the inicent againts younger girls.
The day care got freaked out by my behavior, and had me talk to what years later I thought was a male psychologist. He told me what I was doing was wrong.
... All these years I carried this guilt with me, as to why I was doing such preverse things at such a young age. Because I had been taught them. The pyschologist was most likely a deprogrammer, he laid such a guilt trip on me. This was done so I would keep my mouth shut, and place all blame on myself.
I struggled with drug abuse for years due to the self hatred I had kept inside me all those years. I could not ever put my finger on where the hatred came from.
As the dreams I have had associated with this it may or may not be real. I have had dreams where I was in a recording studio, like a radio studio with the other children...
And gave me his addy. A few blocks south of him is a hive of USAF satanist gang-stalkers. I marked 1 house here but that neighborhood has at least 52 of them in at least 24 houses.

(2:40pm) And how is this stalking done?
Gangstalking mostly takes place when I am driving. A barrage of silver cars everywhere I go. Of course there are other cars, and the silver cars are used not only as pyschologocal warfare, but as a diversion as not to look at the other vehicles involved. I am harrassed by cars driving fast on my tail, getting in front of me and slowing down, and at times I am swarmed by them.
Amazing what the gov't pays people to do.

I also found about 5,000 small underground facilities over an area of maybe 22 square miles there, all related to this USAF stuff. At least 2 were big drug labs. Meth, oxycodone, mostly.

Oct. 14, '11: (9:40am) Yesterday it was clear until noon, then we had some chem-puffs of the highly erasible kind. Today i already saw some fresh drone trails.

Last night there were trillions(?) of grays from Universe F all under the Stockton to Fresno area. We did not have the time and resources to blow up all these 5,000 or so bases at this time, so i had 'Vozy delete the grays. She had to address them as 5 different species (even tho they all seem identical) but got rid of all these as well as a bunch in Univ. F.

Then i realized, if these grays are genderless but physical beings, there must be clone hatcheries all over the cosmos. Indeed. And each hatchery has a slightly different DNA signature, hence one can delete all the ones from one hatchery as 1 species without phasing the others.
So we have been hunting and destroying hatcheries since. Got 500+ so far, in Univ. A & F.
A slight dent.

(12:50pm) The lady in Auburn wrote me:
Last night as I settled down I heard heavy boots land on roof, walk, turn, and sit down. I called police. Nice little good police lady came and looked all the way around the house she told me. It was nothing but the trees in the wind. I told her I heard heavy walking boots. I went out before her. You can not see roof from the ground. I was attacked heavily. The choking and head gouging. No one believes me of course... I am calling now to get the trees I love next to the house chopped.
I found the perpetrator here in church. The Overcomer Covenant Church for M32ers and their victims. The posts now on their FaCIAbook page are all from ETs.

The guy's wife is at home here.

Oct. 15, '11: (7:15pm) Took this pic and another one yesterday from home.

CIA proprietary hospital: Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix (a heavy CIA town). There was even a U base. This is a heavy MPD op as well as a money-maker. Note: i am not detecting the CIA vibe from the other Mayo Clinics.

Are you getting ready for Halloween yet?

Oct. 16, '11: (4:10pm) Sky perfectly clear yesterday and today every time i checked. Except once today over town i saw a couple very faded fragments.

Inelia Benz: Someone asked me about her site and i got an immediate bad vibe off it. Not from Inelia, but someone associated with her. And although the bad energy was very overt, the source was cloaked. I had a vague impression of 2 darkside females.
So i put my orgone creations to working over the situation to see what can be stirred up.
It turns out Inelia did not have a viable soul, so i culled her. BTW she was not a 96. Then when i got off work, i started fishing for clues on her still-DORy site. One of her friends is the exceedingly DORy CIA witch Lucia Rene. I think the other person i feel is her FaCIAbook friend Olga Lucia Correa Valencia, also CIAtanist, who, in turn, has several Hispanic CIAtanist friends listed. Another of Lucia Rene's many CIA friends is Lucia Sole, and there are several more shown on her page.

Lucia Rene is the source of the "sticky, predatory" evil energy that attacks site visitors. And she has been attacking me for some time before i got online and identified her. She is attacking me now, or at least her evil allies are.

Hmm, not for long. It was 27 CIAtanists in a U base here in Mexico. There were a total of 335 of them down there.

(5:40pm) That situation feels better now.

On Sep. 25 i wrote:
Extremely brash thugs that are making death threats to my friends in Lagos while illegally occupying and working on their land: Alternative Capital Partners, and Oluyomi Olawore. They actually chased the owners off their own land, saying they would kill them if they returned. This kind of boldness suggest connections, which i will try to chase down later.
Then later i did find other Mafia connections, notably this DORy witch Justice Ogunmekan.

Then i sensed that these crooked lawyers were drinking buddies. On Friday nights they get together at a Mafia bar called Ojez, and conspire on ways to fleece people.
The bar is run by a Mafia black magician named Joseph Odebeatu (article with pic, another). One DORy mofo.

This situation is still ongoing. My friends there are 2 women and a little girl, and some rental property they own is squatted on by these lawyers intent on stealing it outright because the legal system is mainly composed of Mafia black magicians, other Mafia assets, and soulless bribe-takers.

Oct. 17, '11: (8:30am) Some sylph-munched chem this morning.

I realized something last night. Actually, my high-IQ Lt. Veo ferreted it out for me. The mastermind behind this latest illegal military action (Uganda) is Henry Kissinger. Apparently he is the guy who concocts a lot of these twisted activities. So much so that taking him out might chill the BS a bit.

I get that now 42 of us have received the Remote-Killing attunement, and i suggest we experiment upon Henry a while. He is old, fat, and should be easier to terminate than a younger victim.

So what do i know about Kissinger? He does not have the strain of DNA that the Jesuit priesthood / Rothschilds do. In fact i only dowse 12% rept DNA, which suggests he is not a shape-shifter. Yet Arizona Wilder claims to have seen him shape-shift. I looked for videos but only found one in which i can't detect what they are talking about.
He does feel like a Jesuit agent, though, and a high level Scottish Rite pedophile satanist.

Be sure to stomp on his heart a bunch.

(8:40am) Oh yeah, and we also took out 8 of his clones in 3 U bases. There might be more. Meaning that even if we bump him off, we may not get independent confirmation of his demise. They will just trot out a clone for show. But, the clone will probably not carry on in his footsteps, not having the experience he has.
If they don't have more clones, they will later concoct some other death scenario to account for his absence, as they did with Al-Awlaki.

(1:15pm) A reader wrote that in the transcript of Bill Ryan's interview with Inelia it says:
"Inelia: [laughs] Right. Yes. Because... when I look at a person or I look at people on Earth... normally \96 and this is not always the case \96 there would have been a soul or, like, a spark of divinity entering the time-space line......"
"And I wouldn\92t describe myself as such, because I came in directly, without any evolution, into this date, to be able to do a particular job on the planet right now. And once that job is gone, that individuality, that "singularity" that is this person that you\92re seeing, will no longer exist. So, the concept of a person or a soul is not there."
Whereas i said she did not have a viable soul. Let me re-phrase that, not having read the transcript. Regardless of her statement, she definitely did have a soul, an unfit one, but only after blasting the situation hard did it become evident that it was not viable.
There are certain energy phenomena characteristic to bagging and destroying a soul. And i did not make a mistake about this.
I am, however, a bit confused about this business. I never detected evil intent nor an intent to deceive on her part. She did seem a bit "inclusive" about evil; shades of Jessica Schab. How can a psychic be friends with an NSAtanist like Wilcock, or overtly DORy CIAtanists like Rene? Somewhere (i can't find it now, but i think it was on Bill & Inelia's site, now just a single page forwarding to 2 separate sites, suggesting a parting of ways?), she said "David Wilcock once said to me that as a public figure in the alternative media, you need to be worried when people STOP criticizing you. As long as there's someone out there who thinks you're a mason, mind-controlled, or an agent of the devil, you're probably doing good work. I loved that and have never forgotten it. It's really true."
Er but, she is supposed to be so psychic, and here she is confidently taunted by Wilcock, who is a mason, MPDed, and an agent of, well, thanks to me there is no longer a devil, but that's the only reason he is not an agent of the devil anymore. This suggests that Wilcock knew she was a complete joke as a psychic.
Either that or she was consciously in on the scam, but i just missed it. Which i doubt.

And another mystery: Lucia Rene was overtly in attack mode against anyone looking at Inelia's site. So overt that any semi-sensitive person was likely to notice it. Why? I don't know. And she was backed up by bunches of CIA psychics in this.

I am also curious about all these hispanic CIAtanists. Did Inelia know them before she moved in on Bill?
[Update Nov/2012: of course, both Inelia and Bill are CIA shapeshifters.]

(1:55pm) Yet another tacky CIAtanist group: Philly Socialists. I got on onto this from this article. I have not watched the vids and have only slightly skimmed the article. Brandon, Rich, and the Karl Marx impersonator are all pedophile CIA satanists. I sense a total of 22 of them in this group.

(5pm) Extreme chem-clouds this afternoon. A cold front is coming in that will supposedly drop day temperatures by 30 degrees F for 3 days. I guess this is the last day of summer. Wunderground says "The chance of precipitation 50 percent in the evening... increasing to near 100 percent after midnight. Average rainfall 1/2 to 1 inch." Then 50% rain chance tomorrow.

(6:25pm) Here he is, Lt. Veo (Vermin Eradication Officer)

Over 2' tall and very heavy. That muscular torso is my Master Jailer and generally awesome Yejkustified grid-blaster and satanist-basher, here, which has now been set in a new base.

Oct. 18, '11: (3:45pm) Got 0.6" and colder weather. The natural cover cleared off to reveal chem-clouds.

Thorp asked me about Another CIAtanist site. They sell DORy energy devices. I am getting attacked now just for opening it. Well, maybe also because Lt. Veo is digging into the situation. I sense 3 satanists connected with this site and their other site The inventor of the latter device is OK though.
Neither site gives a street address, but the first one mentions a POB in Cascade, CO 80809-0033. I looked up that town, and the DORiest spot was this humble little store, run by 3 CIAtanists, but different ones. And the town is full of them. I sense 52 CIAtanists in the little town. Plus U bases with some more, being taken out.

On the links page is a link to the Bolen Report by a Tim Bolen, CIAtanist as well. "Bolen is the nemesis of the now failing "quackbuster" operation, and seems to take delight in frustrating their aims and humiliating their leadership."
Hmm, Quackbusters was a satanist op too.

Also Thorp asked me about, another DORy site. David Hudson seems OK, but whoever is behind this site is not disclosing anything about identities or location that i can find. A whois search reveals a location of PO Box 459, Drums, PA 18222. The DORiest spot in Drums is this bldg, which might be them. I sense 2 male satanists. Also the next bldg east has the same vibe; 4 satanists.
I suspect these people are the ones behind the site. They are not CIA.

(3:50pm) And here is another freakin' Jesuit agent and satanist shapeshifter: Buddha Maitreya AKA His Holiness Sanat Kumara.
How come nobody ever refers to Loohan as His Holiness (sniff)? Kinda has a nice ring to it, i think: His Holiness Cmdr Loohan.

(4pm) $12,000 fine for insulting Victorian Gaming Minister Michael O'Brien. Haha. O'Brien, you disgusting satanist degenerate. The structure of your mouth is permanently distorted from spending too much time sucking the dicks of MPD little boys.

(5:25pm) Another thing which Lt. Veo sleuthed out for me, and which i have added to my glossary:

Watchers, The: The Watchers. ETs from the Coma Cluster. See first post here.
These are the guys that discreetly send demons and implant attacks that seem to come from nobody but the demons. I only realized this Oct. '11. One of the things they do is monitor energy fields, and if they notice too much love energy between people or between people and their pets, they implant/attack (but never directly) the heart chakras and more.
What they hate even worse than love energy is spiritual insight. Anytime anyone is on the verge of grokking the nature of reality, e.g. by consumption of mind-expanding substances, that's when they can attack (indirectly via demons) most intensely.
Also routinely they get demons to telepathically derail one's thought processes into irrelevant, useless chatter.

(5:45pm) All this stuff about CIAtanist Tim Bolen reminded me of another CIAtanist named Tom Bolen. Let me tell you about Tom.
In 1977 i fell in with a bunch of Tampa, FL anti-nuke vegetarians that were into yoga, etc. (Actually most were MPD i realized later). A friend of some of these was named Tom Bolen. Actually i'm not sure of the spelling of the last name. He was ostensibly a freaky hippie enviro activist. He had somehow done right, though, and landed a job working for the DOE in Boston.
He always made me a bit nervous, for one thing he was bi and flirted with me, sort of, in an obnoxious way. And he just did not feel right. But i was much less aware then.

Anyway, i asked Lt. Veo to fry and find him if he could. Surprise, he's back in Tampa here. I suspect still infiltrated into enviro type grassroots groups. Probably has long hair acts like a hardcore alternative freak. Though his digs are a bit posh now.

But wait, i suspect he is just living there temporarily. I did a reverse search and got the names of the people supposedly living there: George W King, Mary L King, Sarah A King. Dad, mom, and daughter, i take it. All MPD CIAtanists whom i suspect are also into, like, alternative culture despite the middle-class house.
In fact i think Sarah is Tom's lover for the moment. I think she's a young adult. Tom must be getting near 60.

(6pm) And all 4 of those people have over 40% rept DNA.

(6:30pm) Veo is pretty awesome. For a year or so i have been locked onto 2 satanists that i feel killed Zahra Baker. Yes, i know the crazy stepmother led cops to part of the girl's remains. But what really happened? I get that the mother did not kill the girl. She was killed by 2 guys i could not locate, despite copious blasting. Whether or not i am right about that, there definitely are 2 satanists. I asked Lt. Veo to nail them down. They live here in effing Roswell, NM! Or somebody similar does.

And Zahra has not reincarnated. She is in the Pleiades, working hard on something i can't make out.

Oct. 19, '11: (6pm) Colder, heavy chem-clouds, overcast.

Lately, since the witches they hired were ineffective, those Lagos lawyers have been personally doing animal sacrifices, as have the 2 witches on the right here. (The one on the left is the one i think may be dead.)
Mr. Olawore personally killed several animals recently.

In fact i found a mafia bldg with a bunch of animals for the purpose, as well as sacrificial animals held in other places. Many animals have been trapped in Havahart cages.

All have wanted out, and are hanging out with Duder et al, getting weaponized and helping with the situation in Auburn. Dozens of them. Only 1 female dog has chosen to reincarnate so far, and she is also weaponized and jailing demons where she's at.

Shortly before dawn this morning i was awake in bed and got a vision of Obinna Onunkwo's smirking, shiny face.
I watched as his right hand got bigger as it approached above my left eye. Then he did a slice over the left eye with a single-edged razor blade.
That's when i realized i was seeing this from the viewpoint of a dog. A neighbor's puppy he had snatched. I liberated the dog's soul.
There were 5 more mafiosi in the room. I sicced Lt. Veo on them.

Apparently the Lagos Mafia is pretty much out of occult power these days, unless they can do some animal sacrifice. And a soulless animal is worthless for that purpose. Many animals that had been trapped have been released again.

Then a bit later i got a vision of the Ojez mgr Joseph Odebeatu. He was pissed. Then i sensed him bitching out Obinna Onunkwo. Apparently he knew Ojez got mentioned unfavorably on the internet due to the flagrant excesses of these uncool, reckless, power-drunk lawyers. He banned them from Ojez.

Interestingly, i am liberating not only intended sacrifice victims. A couple days ago i was driving down a back road and saw a Basset Hound in a small enclosure. There are some soulless people there who breed dogs for money, and keep them in a small Cyclone fence enclosure that contains a couple doghouses. Even when it's 100 degrees out, they have not much shade. There are a couple smallish trees there, but it's not enough.
I always see dogs there when i pass.

After i passed, i got that the dog wanted to be liberated. She had given them a couple litters. The only beings she gets to interact with are (briefly) the occasional stud, and then her puppies. But then once the pups are weaned, they get taken away one by one. Now she had no-one.
And she has a big heart and a lot of love to give. She was just an economic resource to her owners.

Well, she hung out with Duder et al for about 24 hours before she too got weaponized. They all love her because of her huge heart.
In fact, now some of my Sakudas are looking around for livestock about to be slaughtered, animals being experimented upon grossly, etc. We are starting to accumulate an astral menagerie. Many are reincarnating right away too though.

(7:15pm) Eminent Domain Fight Has a Canadian Twist. Since TransCanada does not have an email address except for the webmaster who is not one of them, i will state my message to them here:
Yo, TransCanada Nazis:
Whereas your staff includes 22 Scottish Rite shape-shifting pedophile satanists, and your victims include a number of ensouled real people, you are in violation of the real Law, you stupid arrogant suicidal morons.
For this reason, Lt. Veo is going to kill you on the back burner in his spare time.

I rec'd an email on my Hushmail account from a "p" with an invalid reply addy.

(9:10pm) I just had a vision of a white woman with straight dark hair, possibly slightly Gothic looking, casting a spell (no blood rites) on the mother of the little girl i'm protecting in Lagos. This woman lives here i think, but unfortunately the area was foggy when google took the pic.
I have the feeling she is maybe Swiss, and wealthy and perhaps a bit famous in local society. She has the vibe of Jesuit-connected Freemasonry of some sort. She is a blood-ritual pedophile murdering satanist who is also trained in local dark arts.
She might be a lesbian. I sense a soulless woman mate who lives with her. She has lots of implants and spells from the witch.

(9:50pm) Ah, i missed her dad's brother's wife, who happened to be visiting there. She is stronger, and attacked me. White woman with wavy light brown hair.

(10:10pm) Then when the last woman's dark-haired daughter found out what a mess i had made of her mom and cousin, she was outraged and attacked me. They are like pit bulls.
She seems to live here, with a local black magician BF.

Oct. 20, '11: (7:30am) And this male seems to be a quasi-pimp for 40 Mafia witchy whores. They do not walk the street so much as do "assignments" which consist of "naturally" appearing in the lives of target businessmen, to seduce and compromise them. They are all good-looking young black witches who use magic as well as their physical charms to compromise targets. Not for blackmail, but inside info, etc. Right now half of these witches are on such assignments.

(7:40am) And Kissinger is still alive, but feels like he is at the Alleghany, VA LewisGale Hospital. Unfortunately their map is not working at this time, and there does not seem to be any Alleghany, VA on google maps; i just get this.

(7:50am) And here is a pic of Abdullahi, a mafia henchman in the Army who constantly harrasses innocent people on behalf of his mafia superior, Minimah.

(8:50am) Also found some more CIA U bases in VA. I am always finding ridiculous quantities of underground CIAtanists. I have the impression most of there are clones; that there are some 4,000 different "individuals" that keep recurring all over. I think the hatcheries were taken out long ago. And these clones are seldom used above the surface. They mostly do not have ID, Social Security numbers, etc.
How have they been feeding them all? I do not know.

(1:40pm) That disgusting coward Minimah has been bravely threatening women because he's been reading my blog and is too weak to mess with me.

Another CIA proprietary business: ITT Technical Institute. Heavy satanic mojo.
And another CIAtanist newager: Zannie Rose

(3:15pm) Only saw small amounts of chem-puffs and chem-smear so far today. Sunny.

Another collection of satanists: Trimbos Institute. These are strongly UN-connected.

(5:20pm) Meet Sarah, a DORy witch who is a spy for Minimah.

Oct. 21, '11: (11:50am) Clear sky so far today.

Sort of looks like him, no? Especially on a blurry-as-hell video taken by CIA assets which seems to be the only proof of his demise.
Personally i always trust the media to tell me the truth about things. If they offer a video as proof that Khaddafi is dead, as long as there is some vague resemblence to him, i'll buy it.

No matter how alive he feels.

Oct. 23, '11: (4:45pm) Chem-clouds yesterday, 1/10" rain last night, real and fake clouds today. Next 2 days are supposed to be summery.
I hear Little Rock got "pounded" by rain last night.

Khaddafi still feels alive. Maybe in hiding.

I thought i'd look up Kissinger. The hospital map was working, and i saw that the hospital is in Low Moor, VA (google map). I wanted to double check if it was really Henry, but the vibes are so obscured by loads of demons. I'll have to check back after we get most of them jailed.

Also, at 9:25 CST on the 20th, i got a flash of Obama and the thought that he died. He still feels dead. We also got an Obama clone or 2 in a U base.

Anyway, if anyone who pays attention to the MSM notices evidence of a hale and hearty Kissinger or Obama still, send me a link.

Oct. 24, '11: (12:40pm) Almost no chem so far today. No clouds. Warm.

We keep finding more "nations" of evil human ETs here:
  • Here in SLC lives a couple whose home galaxy is still cloaked from me despite it being under heavy attack. [update: NGC 4388] They are not from the same place as the other SLC ETs, but work with them, and there are a bunch of the latter all around this same neighborhood. Like 54.
    This newly-discovered bunch had a lot of U bases too, many of which we have already wiped. Haven't found more on the surface yet.
  • Mordok was shopping for H2O2 online and stumbled across Wolf Creek Ranch. The only clue i could find as to their location is "acreage in southern California" which i suspect is here. That whole are has their vibe.
    This is a 2nd race of evil humans from Abell 2218! We have also been taking out a bunch of their U bases worldwide.
  • Toxic-vibe cutie Kari Kiefer, who works for wunderground. Mordok and i blasted her and got hit by a female in their community here in VA. There are 24 of them in various houses in this area. Also we have gotten a bunch of their U bases already. [Update: they are from NGC 4150.]

    (1:05pm) Almost forgot:
  • A race of humans that had loads of bases under and near NM plus more elsewhere. Also some live on the surface and marry Earthlings that they then proceed to slowly and discreetly drive ill, insane, etc. I have not found their home galaxy yet. [Update: They are from around the star Bellatrix, and Patty LaBelle is one of them.]

(1:30pm) Serbian ecology leader arrested for openly defying GMOs and chemtrails.

I am grateful that i live in America where freedom of speech is respected and i can say anything i want about the shape-shifting, child-raping, serial killing nazis. Ain't that right, Janet bitch? You would never dream of sending jack-booted thugs after me, would you, bitch? Or have them lay in waiting for next time i come up to visit you with my blast-mobile? That would be laughable, loser bitch. Consider yourself fried.

Yes, one can enjoy freedom of speech in Ameikkka as long as one has plenty of good ETs backing one up.
Don't try this otherwise.

(3:50pm) I see i'm not the only one doubting Khaddafi's demise.
Blatant lies, flagrantly obvious CIA murders, this is the world we live in. Take, for example, the recent Nairobi bombing by three CIAtanists residing here, in the middle of CIA City. There are 252 CIAtanists in this neighborhood, including many who work for UN/ FAO.

(3:55pm) Weird. I just had that pic of Janet do the reversion-to-0-bytes thing and had to re-upload it. Very mysterious. It only ever does that online, even though i have switched hosts.

(4:50pm) And here is the residence of the satanist who tossed a chem bomb into the Occupy Maine encampment.
Maybe unrelated, i also get a real evil vibe off this bldg and the whole peninsula, from 32 satanists that work there. Also the bldg at the south end of that peninsula has a real evil vibe. Some kind of smuggling or something going on. I think USAF drug cash comes in there for laundering.

(5:40pm) And cocaine.

Bad news, the "baddest" Nigerian witch, the one on the left here feels all strongly DORy again.

(7:05pm) She has been malingering in the Kaidol Hospital but the other witches brought her healing broths with eye of newt, etc. and nursed her back to having some psychic strength.
Her pancreas feels very susceptible to the chartreuse energy, however.

(7:10pm) As for Kissinger, he seems to be right here on the 3rd floor. On IV.

Oct. 25, '11: (2:25pm) I just updated OTB 40 with some info on do-it-yourself resin molds.

Back to Portland, ME. Just across from that peninsula is this east section of Portland International Jetport that google does not label. It also has the vibe of this organized crime group that is working for USAF. The same 32 i felt at the other location.

And just south of the airport is this bldg which i suspect is part of Jetport Plaza. I get the vibe of 35 different members of this group right around where the green arrow is. Also other bldgs and the main airport bldg are frequented by this group.
And, Great Bay Services of Maine Inc is owned by this group. "Great Bay Services of Maine Inc is a business dealing in the Trailer Renting & Leasing industry."
Yes, if you want to move stuff around, it helps to be near a port, airport, and to have your own trailer business.
And here is another big bldg with big trailers. Google says Claw Island Foods is there, but that is an ordinary lobster company that i don't think is related to the criminals. But that light-roofed east section has the vibe of 42 of them. And cocaine.
Another of their trucking bldgs here, where i get the vibe of 22 of them. Also, they contract to other groups than USAF. I think this bldg might be related to some other kind of smuggling.
Another bldg key to this group (of which i now suspect the chem-bomb thrower may be a member of) is here. It has a funny illegible sign with a stretch limo or the like on it.
Another bldg here. Feels like 71 hang there regularly.
A house here, where maybe the local honcho lives. He has 2 girlfriends living there. I sense 1 senior guy above him.
6 more of their top guys live in 2 houses here.
Anyway, you guys shouldn't throw chem-bombs at good people.

Oct. 26, '11: (7pm) Extreme spraying over town for a while this morning. Long, sticky trails all over. Whited things out, then real cover rolled in. Good rain chances tonight and tomorrow.
Still been having unseasonably warm weather lately.

Beware, DORy, spell-ridden orgonite being sold by the CIA in Rotterdam: Orgone Giftshop. Pretty, but the nastiest-feeling orgonite i have beheld in years.

Oct. 27, '11: (9:40am) Light rain since last night. Colder.

Mordok and i are of the impression that a clone of Obama has now been installed in the White House. Michelle has not had sex with him yet. I'll try to keep you posted with all such juicy details.
Michelle is also around 31% rept DNA, like her deceased husband and his clones. I think both she and he were somehow activated by different means than the usual blood rites, as i can't find such rituals in their backgrounds (CIA knew some of us would be able to discern satanic vibes by the time he ran for president).
The daughters are not yet activated as shape-shifters, is my impression.
We think the clone has not, either, and may be slated instead for assassination. Which we will attempt to forestall. I think they fear the new Obama might not be a smooth enough con artist or something. Maybe he will do wildly hilarious things.

There are also a lot of people with 30+% rept DNA that are not evil or shapeshifters, IMO. I do not know what the lowest % of rept DNA is that will permit shapeshifting.
Also, mere satanic rites may not trigger it. It may require special details in the rites.
I have a cousin who dowses as 42%. His parents (satanists that i suspect shapeshift) abused him and his siblings, then the oldest boy also abused the younger kids. But they did not really MPD the kids nor turn them on to black magic.
But then this youngest boy went and married a satanist chick, supported her through college by driving a taxi. She dumped him shortly after getting her diploma. Had gotten him involved in dark rites. His parents don't know, and he does not know that his parents are satanists.
Last i heard he was acting crazy, and had a reputation of violence toward girl-friends. He also feels like a practicing satanist. But, i doubt he knows anything about shape-shifting.

(10:05am) A reader reported Quantum Holographic Healing, another CIA site. This guy Ed seems to have no last name that i can find. But he also has another site, Terrapin Therapy.
All kinds of neat stuff. Want to send a sample of your blood to the CIA so they can do radionics on it? Only costs you $199.
Free soul retrieval.
Want to buy a cool, slightly DORy machine that mixes healing with darkside spells? Get the Bicom 2000.

Visiting Albuquerque? Be sure to drop by here and leave Ed some orgonite. Check out that sky. NM must be another Natural State.

(11:20am) Intriguing NSAtanist non-profit org: Association for Unmanned Space Vehicles International (location) (NSAtanist honchos).

(12:50am) Aaaargh! Yet another race of human ETs on Earth. I saw this article and got a vibe off the chap. Had to deal with a few of the many deep gray bases in the Bay Area before i could find this guy. He lives in the white house to the left here. I sense 18 of them, including women and children, living in the white house and the pink one to the right. They are from Galaxy M82. We happen to have friends in a tiny corner of M82 who will help nail these.
Taking out U base with 350,000+ of them here now.

(2:55pm) Some more bizarre darksiders that have been brought to my attention: Elizabeth Smith of Love Light & Insight. That site led me to several more witches: I sense 522 such evil females, at least.
Also maybe half of these are hookers. CIA hookers with special tricks. Not disinclined toward getting personally involved with their clients.

(3:05pm) Damn, it has been a CIA month. How many times have i mentioned that agency this month? They suddenly seem more ubiquitous than i realized. Another CIAtanist "healer": Michael Buckley, NMT.

(4:05pm) Truly bizarre: Father Gary Thomas, alleged master exorcist, is not only a, duh, Vatican darksider, but a freakin' M32er!
Don't that beat all.

(5:50pm) Vatican-connected M32ers in Italy: I got hit as soon as i found
  • this house where 4 of them live.
    And backing off a little, we find this whole Roman suburban area of Prima Porta and Labarro is crawling with them. I feel 4,600+ in this area! Plus nailing some U bases.
  • And to the west in Palidoro, there is this complex which has the vibe of hundreds of them coming and going.
  • And the next complex west too. They own all the business there i think.
  • And the next complex west has their vibes heavy.
More U bases too.

Oct. 28, '11: (9am) Also, east of there, Centro Tre Denan, Ponte Tre Denan, Tornmpietra, etc. feels like one big colony of them.
Last night the Italy M32ers attacked me, but they seem quieter now.

It finally stopped raining a while ago. Got 1.2".

(9:05am) Another CIAtanist: Jill Filipovic. She's into sex toys.

(10:15am) Busted: the one you were shown was not Muammar Al-Gaddafi. "The psychopathic criminals Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and ignoble Albellajil know very well that they did not kill Muammar Gaddafi. They used this innocent man solely for their psychological operation by having him lynched by armed thugs of the TNC before the cameras. " This is the truth.

Busted: CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality.

(10:55am) Yet more CIAtanist groups: Life Always and Abortion Recovery International.
The Jesuits want us arguing endlessly amongst ourselves about abortion, gay marriage, anything to distract from their crimes. Thus they take all sides of such issues and have them conflict among themselves.

(11:05am) Another satanic gov't group, pro-flouride: Delta Dental which has offices in many states, including my own, where they lobby for gov't-mandated fluoridation in rural communities by lying about how their children's teeth rotted away from unfluoridated rural water.
Amazing the resources our government throws away.

(1:50pm) Chem-clouds and natural cover.

Some more CIAtanists someone brought to my attention: Luminara Serdar, Terri Dodge, Jeffrey Parker, and Phil Bate, who sells CDs with evil subliminal tech on them.

(3:10pm) Classic Nazi behavior. "The Family", a clique of pedo-queer Scottish Rite nazi satanists, convinces Ugandan tyrants that foreign interests are turning their kids gay. Well, yes, it's possible they do that to Uganda, too, as they do everywhere they can.
But even better than making their kids gay is making it a capital offense for anyone to be gay.
Nazis delight in oppressing decent people who are gay just as they delight in turning straight people gay.

(5:35pm) On the trail of the Lagos Mafia. I found a witch here who was attacking a special 6-year-old girl. All those long structures have the DORy vibe of dozens of mafia black magicians who work there. I suspect it is a depot for stolen/smuggled goods. I seem to sense furniture...
Also the vibes of the personnel are to heavily to be found at the dock here. And in this bldg. As well as Nigerdock just east. Nigerdock is a mafia proprietary business involved in smuggling stolen goods, drugs, and who knows what else. And they don't care who knows, because all the authorities are paid off.
A lot of these criminals (74?) live in this neighborhood.

Oct. 29, '11: (5:30pm) I just traced another attacking witch to the Lagos Harbor. That place also has a strong vibe of dozens of these criminals.

Not much chem seen today; just isolated little puffs.

This whole area for a few miles around Lehi, UT, is packed with DORy U bases of the same ETs as prevail in SLC.
And we have been working on it all day!

(6:40pm) Bann, Germany. Creepy UN black ops of some sort: Vatter Baukeramik. Check out the hot satanist brunette. In fact, the whole neighborhood around there feels nasty.
Another of their haunts. I sense 400+ around here.
Also we are taking out U bases all around there, incl a big American one.
This whole scene has paranormal woo-woo vibes.

Oct. 30, '11: (4:20pm) Chem-clouds.

Fans of the First Couple will be gratified to know that Michelle has now "fully accepted" her new husband. Several times. WTF.

Nazi outlaws on land-raping rampage: Armed Robotic Drones playground expropriated. They make absolutely no pretense of having legitimacy or, in fact, any kind of authority other than that obtained by brute force gained by theft.

They (the satanic ruling class) continuously make it impeccably clear that it is urgent to kill them.
That's why i advocate killing them by perfectly legal means. And to that end, i have completed 3 more lovable 6-qt killers. I'll take them out of their molds at a later date.

(4:35pm) Exploring a bit east of Bann, Germany, i noticed this DORy bldg in Kaiserslautern. The bad energy comes from 23 German satanists working for an advertising agency named DSM Werbung E.k., which feels connected to the stuff i found last night around Bann. In fact, this whole neighborhood is DORy from hundreds of them. And this larger area feels like it has 6K more of them.

Oct. 31, '11: (7:25am?) Are we on Daylight Savings already? All the references i can find say the time shift is on the 7th, yet my PC has already done the change from internet time.

16 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Would Be A Really, Really Bad President. I haven't read them. For me, the simple fact that he is a shape-shifting, 41% rept, pedophile murderor and Jesuit agent is reason enough not to support him.

(9:40am computer time, 10:40 actual) Security Commission: Evidence China interfered with US satellites. Translation: "Trust us, Scottish Rite satanist Jesuit agents are at war with each other; we wouldn't lie about that. They investigate each other and play all sorts of expensive, fun, spy games with each other at public expense."
USCC staff and Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, all Scottish Rite satanists and Vatican agents. Secret handshakes all around.

(11am) A New York Police Union Threatens to Sue Protesters. I suggest that anyone physically defending themselves from outlaw nazi cop brutality make sure to keep a safe copy of video of the event.
Fuck all you scofflaw "law enforcement" nazis. The reason you have your jobs is because you have been chosen for your cock-sucking nazi boot-licking attitude. You are enemies of the real people you are laughingly sworn to protect.

(11:10am) No Freedom of 'Farm to Fork'. Another vignette of psychotic modern nazi Amerikkka. Here the people made the mistake of not kicking the outlaws off the minute they showed up without a warrant.

(11:15am) Luckily, those stupid nazis were so uncool as to do an op like this practically over a DORy U base, so that one could not help but find the U base from the article vibes.
532 govt' satanists at 1.2 miles going bye-bye. Hope you consider it worth it.

(2:50pm) Huawei is a satanic, Jesuit-controlled business making DORy phones, etc. with nasty ET tech. Like this one. The Committee has done all it can to neutralize and reprogram it, but it still feels nasty.
They even have offices in North America. If you open google maps and type in Huawei, 5 of them will show on the drop-down list.