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Loohan's blog for October, 2013
Oct. 1, '13: (6pm) More about the earthing controversy mentioned yesterday. For what it's worth, my Danish geek friend, who is electrosensitive, says
Earthing has been discussed a lot on the esens forum. No clear conclusion, but nevertheless there is some good advice:
Never use the earth terminal of a power socket, as its electrical potential may differ considerably from that of the earth.
In US, even a ground rod is not guaranteed to be free from stray voltages, as the electrical grid does not have separate zero and earth as it has in europe, which results in huge ground currents.

So, in the US, how do u find out if the place, where u want to place ur ground rod, is free from from stray currents? U need a reference, but there is no reference apart from earth itself. The only method i can think of, is to hammer down two ground rods (of the same metal), a few feet apart, and measure the AC voltage between them. Place them North-South. Then place them E-W and repeat the measurement. If no voltage can be measured, i think u have found the place for ur ground rod.

Next problem: The wire from the ground rod to ur bed. If there is any EMF in ur house, the wire will act as an antenna, picking it up. U will need to use shielded wire. [When using shielded wire, the shield must be connected to the ground rod too, and only to that. The inner lead should be of large cross section. We want the resistance to be as small as possible. A thick coax cable would be fine.]
* * *
I started a new page for people who are new to making orgone devices my way: What's Hot: contemporary advice about making resin-based orgone devices.

Oct. 3, '12: (9:25am) Got 0.6" of rain yesterday afternoon.

The Boss Bitches have been pretty active again at times lately. While those new human ETs have been losing ground: my Combat Cones had been working hard (with me getting a constant low-level kickback from the resentful ETs whom i glimpsed cursing in their newly de-cloaked U bases). Then a couple days ago the cones' load lightened a lot, apparently because the ETs' evil energy was mostly drained.

Lately i have built (still incomplete) a unit that de-cloaks numerous types of demons that we couldn't detect before. Antuvozy and i synchronized our higher selves together and reached into far future knowledge to design and program this thing. And we have been nailing lots of otherwise-hidden demons with it.
Yet, increasingly, in many cases i am unable to detect what is doing demonic attacks that people report to me.
Also increaingly i am finding DORy U bases in which i can't identify the tenants. Just that they are bad, they are physical, and the Red Draco take them out. And there are several different of these (relatively unrelated) species.
One such spot is just west of Turtlepoint, PA. Another is east and south of Clarinda, IA. Possibly a Monsanto/GMO connection there, but i'm not sure. Another area is just west of Newland, MO.
These 3 unrelated areas are still presently being cleared out.

Oct. 4, '13: (11:10am) Very pleasant temperatures lately with no need for heating or cooling.
But the drones are spraying this morning. I wish i'd had my camera with me just now. I was on my property and watched a vibeless drone laying a trail. To the naked eye, it looked like it may have been another wingless bottle drone like those a couple years ago, but i couldn't be sure.
More interestingly, after that one passed, another vibeless "jet" passed, leaving no trail at all, and flying somewhat diagonally! That is, the path of the plane was offset from the orientation of the plane noticeably. This one was closer and appeared normal otherwise.

Oct. 5, '13: (5:20pm) Does anyone know what this worm is? My friend in Slovenia wrote:
Video by mr. Vucko (orgone cannon man) ...Unfortunately no English translations. Briefly: He explains how he found this creatures one morning in bucket of water, assumed to have been dropped from the sky. He put one in some chemicals, one he tried to burn it, but survived. He said his allies were warning him not to touch them. They are mainly made of inorganic substances, and are like some elastic wires. Disgusting...who knows how many were dropped everywhere.
I get no vibe.

As i mentioned on the 3rd, Antuvozy and i are reaching into the future and bringing back knowledge from there. I am almost complete on the device i mentioned then. But meanwhile we finished this smaller device. It is very simple in construction but unusually powerful. It seems to undo evil occult constructs in an unusual way, is all i can figure out.
Only one of these can exist with the function it has.

Oct. 6, '13: (4:40pm) And here is the de-cloaker. It is mainly designed for de-cloaking astral demons, but also will do some physical ones. It does not actually handle the demons beyond partially frying them to make them show up so that they can be "seen" by my other devices, which, in turn, will blast and jail them. It is "wirelessly" connected to my other units in order to alert them.

This is a publicly-accessible unit. If your house is demon-infested, it might be worthwhile to print off some pix of this and set them around.

I got 0.6" of rain yesterday and last night. A great deal of rain narrowly missed me, heading NE.

(6:40pm) Glowing UFO Over Cyprus. I don't know who they are, but they are under heavy sustained attack from the Boss Bitches.

(6:55pm) Security forces continue hunt for attacker of Israeli girl in Psagot. I wonder if they are talking about the Mossad guy here at 31.945954,34.894557? Like so many other Mossad "Jews", he is a full-blood NGC4414 ET. Street view.

Oct. 8, '13: (8:30am) LOL, Shutdown Drama: Goats are Furloughed, the Ocean is Closed, and Jackbooted Thugs Grimly Deter Tourists.

Capital Hill Car Chase Hoax Confirmed. The article says "Carey and her family are likely actors in the scam." But Carey does feel genuinely dead to me. And here are her sisters in a vid: Miriam Carey's Sisters Speak Out!. They feel genuine to me.
But this raises the question of who was involved in Carey's death? Right away when i asked that, i felt this NSA base west of Dulles airport, with 70-some NSAlizards. Another here in NY. The latter base was about 120 miles NW Of Carey's home town of Stamford, CT. I suspect agents from the NY base may have abducted and executed Carey.

I can't find a pic of 54-year-old Eric Francis, Carey's boyfriend and father of her child. Supposedly he called Connecticut police twice in 2012 saying she was "delusional, acting irrationally and putting her infant daughter in danger."
Maybe this is all true; maybe she was on meds and a bit wacky. The CIA found out about her while gleaning through police reports, and thought she might come in handy for something.
Then again, hmmm... doing a bit more searching, there appear to be some oddities about Eric: Miriam Carey Sisters Dispute Eric Francis' Barack Obama Story... so i dunno.

Oct. 9, '13: (7:10pm) Nice clear day today. Been having cooler nights.

More CIA buffoonery: Moral Mondays. At least 80% of these "activists" are CIA. You can even see the little lizard kid pic at that link. Also check out the crowd here: "More than 2500 people rally..." they claim. Must be nice to have unlimited resources for such important agency projects.
Rev. William Barber is a CIAlizard. So is Saladin Muammad (and by the way that article is on a CIAtanist website, "NC Renegade"). The woman with the Really shirt here is a totally MKultra'ed soulless Earthling.

Oct. 10, '13: (7:20am) Hushmail down: my hushmail addy is not working now. It will bounce back emails, saying my mailbox is full. Even though it ain't.

(9:30) Duh, i had neglected to empty the trash bin itself. Hushmail should be working again.

(1:05pm) Video: UFO Sightings Madison Wisconsin. Again, these seem to be yet some other good guys. They were under heavy DOR attack by those evil human ETs i mentioned Sep. 28. Antuvozy is in telepathic contact with them now; that's all i can discern.

Last night i think i found a portal that evil physical birds were using to come into Lagos. The birds are from Seyfert's Sextet. Thay are under attack there now by ... good Sasquatch i think. In this pic, one can see several galaxies to the right that have the vibe of good Sasquatch. I think the birds had been harrassing them there for some time, and the Sasquatch only now learned where they were coming from.
I am able to de-cloak more things now that i have my new toy. However i still haven't been able to track those wire worms, nor a weird bug that imbedded itself under the skin of someone else in Slovenia.

Very heavy chemtrailing here, of the non-metallic kind. The sprayers seem to trace to those human ETs. We did have strong rain chances given for the next 3 days, but that has now been reduced.

Oct. 12, '13: (7:30am) Just had a brief but strong thundershower pass over. Might get a bit more rain today.

I think we might be rid of the Boss Bitches. I tried feeding their morphogenic blueprint to the Recyclers last night, and i think it worked. We have been getting attacked by various other demons since, species that are easy to take out.

(5:50pm) Did not get any more rain today, just moderate chem-clouds. But the cloudburst we got around dawn was just a hair shy of one inch on my rain gauge!

Yes, looks like the Boss Bitches are gone. But i've been getting demons thrown at me all day by those evil human ETs.

(6:10pm) Seriously DORy CIAtanists helping to stalk Bal: Danfreight.

Oct. 13, '13: (7:40pm) Lotta sylphed chemtrails today.

Woke up last night and got such constant psi-attacks from the evil human ETs that i couldn't get back to sleep until i started cobbling together a new device, while Antuvozy programmed it. Then, they pretty much left off attacking me. Now i am progressing more on that orgone project. But they are throwing demons at other people.

Today at work i sensed and dealt with many offworld-CIA craft out about 200 miles.

Oct. 15, '13: (9:35am) Getting serious rain. Light drizzle started yesterday afternoon, as the edge of a storm caught us. Now we are getting more serious focus of rain.

Another pic of Nick the cat in Slovenia. He was jailing demons. Reportedly,
On pic u can see Nick in some strange kind of action yesterday - staring at one point at the edge of upper balcony, his jaws were opening very fast. Jailing? It looked scary ...It happened second time.
Are things lightening up for people out there? Seems to be going better here. Yesterday afternoon i realized that our orgone devices seem to be killing those evil human ETs. Even though they seem to dowse as ordinary soulless physical human black magicians, apparently they are not quite like the usual. I think after days of us poisoning them with advanced devices like this, they reached a critical stage of "unwellness" and have been dropping like flies. The attacks from them seem to have slacked off. I did notice one other "new" group of critters sending demons this morning. I have not ID'ed what they are, but they seem to be HQ'ed in the center here, and seem not widespread nor plentiful.

Oct. 16, '13: (7:20pm) ... Nevertheless, they seem somewhat tough, whatever they are. Been having energy wars with them today. I don't think they like the new orgone project i'm working on. Also both Bal and i saw "scalar" phenomena in the chem-clouds today, that i think were caused by demons sent by these beings.

Dubious article: Nigeria: Deaths in custody of hundreds of Boko Haram suspects must be investigated. Um. Amnesty International is CIA. In fact this British office has a real cloney vibe to it. Nigeria is a CIA colony. Boko Haram is the Nigerian Al-CIAduh. Highly unlikely that the gov't is slaughtering Boko's. Whole story is way too incestuous.

Oct. 17, '13: (1:15pm) BTW, i got 1.5" of rain on the 14th and 15th, and another 0.2" last night. Clear and sunny now, except for some small, puffy, shreddable chem-clouds.

The stenographer who had to be dragged from the House floor after she started yelling about God and Freemasons. Mind-controlled? Soulless Earthling. I disagree with her on a couple points. The greatest deception here is more like that she is about the only person in the room who is not an ET clone slave. And, the Constitution would have been written by Freemasons.

Although it does not look the same as the UFO over Madison that i posted about on the 10th, i feel that this one over Queensland is also of the same ET group (which is comprised of at least 2 races which share the same vehicles). And it is getting demons thrown at it from those new adversaries.
This Hong Kong UFO is of yet another good race i'm not familiar with. I get a real good "orgone" vibe off them. They might be short reptilians, like 4'. Their homeland seems to be in Andromeda galaxy.

(5:35pm) Some new bad guys psi-attacking people are in the center area here. Tall reptilians, i think.

Oct. 19, '13: (6:30am) Colder. Got 1/4" rain last night. Now it's supposed to be dry a while.

Dubious Syria story for today: Snipers 'target unborn children in chilling competition to win cigarettes'. Riiight, "according to local rumours". And Dr David Nott is nott an Earthling. Nor is the alleged author.

Anyway, what's wrong with eating leaves? Those of you in the northern hemisphere, have you planted your kale yet? It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods around. Hail to Kale!. Last winter i realized this was my favorite winter vegetable. Actually it's the only thing that survives cold weather. I had some short plants growing in a thin plastic cold frame. Sometimes they would nevertheless be completely encased in ice -- no harm done.
If you have only had store-bought, large, leathery kale, you don't realize how tasty it is to have fresh-picked little leaves from your organic garden. I can't eat much of it raw, but i can enjoy 3 meals a week that are mainly cooked kale. This from a small patch of a few square feet. I leave the bug-eaten leaves alone to continue photosynthesis, and select the good ones.
I kept eating them well into the spring, including later their broccoli-like flower shoots, until the plants bolted too much to form good leaves anymore.
Probably a bit late to plant now, unless you live in Ag Zone 8 or 9.

(5:55pm) Very blue sky today with only a few chem-puffs.

Those new bad guys i wrote about on the 15th were just hammering me with a bunch of transmitters from their home region.

Also in the last couple days i have been noticing bunches of new CIAlizards re-inhabiting recently-cleared areas under people. I think these are offworld CIA brought here from various galaxies via this portal west of south Chile. We will fix that.

Oct. 20, '13: (4:45pm) Nothing but clear blue sky every time i looked out today.

OK, i'm ready for Halloween. Bring on the ghosts and goblins.

Mainstream journalists (shapeshifting CIA assets) expose 9/11 hoax.

Oct. 21, '13: (2:05pm) Chem-clouds again today.
Keystroke loggers in laptops.

A bunch of MIBs in this region are attacking Bal with transmitters, etc.

(6:30pm) They said 20% chance of rain, and it's raining nicely now. My new unit is powering up; might have something to do with it.

Been nailing dozens of spaceships of evil Sasquatch around 100 miles out lately.

Also, on Google Earth i noticed that there were 3 large chem/cloud systems around the central Pacific Ocean that have barium in them. We are programming the chem but that doesn't necessarily completely neutralize it for weather mod purposes.

Oct. 22, '13: (8:20am) I don't know exactly how much rain i got, because my gauge was somehow knocked into a diagonal position. It had 1/2" in it, nevertheless.

Another false flag: Fatal NV Shooting. As far as i can tell, these are soulless Earthling actors. Michael Landsberry, the Hero Teacher Who Took a Bullet to Save His Students is still alive, probably here.

(1:20pm) Sparks, NV (where the "shooting" "occurred") is lizard-deprived. I think only the 3 top administrators are shapeshifters. The school is part of the Washoe County School District, but the district leadership team and trustees are Earthlings. As are the Sparks police, who say the (still unnamed) student got the weapon from his home.
Funny that the only shapeshifters around seem to be those 3 heading that particular school.

(6:05pm) Another evil ET race lives in the center here. Some kind of humanoids, maybe 5' or so. They are psi-attacking and throwing demons at some people in Lagos, Nigeria. I even found 20 of them under Lagos.

Oct.23, '13: (7:30am) Is Michelle Obama a Transsexual Man? No, she's a corpse. Her replacement is not male, and i seriously doubt the original was.
I believe these clues were planted to be discovered. As well as, in all likelihood, Obama's head scars. Just part of the prefab Obama psyop, along with engineered discrepancies involving Social Security numbers, parentage, birthplace, etc.

Oct. 25, '13: (8:35am) Fairly heavy chem-clouds yesterday. Clear so far this morning. Colder.

Barcelona chem pic. My correspondent there says "there's like a big rept in the clouds at the corner of the pic". Indeed, there was a DORy demon in the upper right, which i bagged. A reptoid face with wide mouth facing the viewer.

Oct. 26, '13: (6:05pm) Yesterday on google earth i noticed lots of barium chem all over, including many chem-bombs. It was all already programmed.
This morning, here, there was horribly heavy spraying of the vibeless stuff. Heavy chem-clouds in the afternoon.
Now a big storm system is about to pass south of me.

Another spiritual CIAlizard: Patricia Cori of The Sirian Revelations.

As for Magenta Pixie, i think she means well but is totally deluded. She was channeling these DORy demons. After i was jailing them for a while, a bunch of them jumped me and laid a bunch of painful implants on me, which have now been removed. And we jailed the whole species.

(6:25pm) In fact, there's a bunch more barium chem and some chem-bombs around Earth again now. Again, already programmed.

(6:35pm) Keep getting in trouble today. I found some humanoids in this area messing with Thor'p, and blasted them. Now they are hitting back feebly.

Oct. 28, '13: (12:10pm) Hybrid clouds, chem-clouds, a bit warmer than the last few days. I am pouring a mess of Rolling Vicarah balls.

I get a bad vibe off of this: Chinese Scientists Create Light Bulb that Provides Superfast Wireless Internet. That bulb has a nasty vibe. Just looking at the pic makes my jaw muscles clench. [Update: we have managed to sweeten it up a lot since.]

(5:25pm) Found yet another strain of evil ETs living as Earthlings. They come from the center here and seem to have the same behavior patterns as shapeshifting repts but i am not sure whether they are.

It took many hours of hard blasting these suspicious characters in Denmark, of which this fellow is one, to de-cloak their ET-ness. They gradually got DORier and DORier.

Oct. 29, '13: (9:40am) Grey, faint drizzle. Slight rain chance today, more later. A big storm system is now passing north through southern Missouri.

GMO Labeling Has Its Day in Court. The reason i post this is because of this:
The American press has been anything but astute in its reporting on GMOs. This could quickly change however, should Pierre Omidyar and Glenn Greenwald's new media organization aimed at providing independent in-depth journalism take off, for example. At that point, any journalist interested in a career would have to quit regurgitating industry propaganda and start digging ...

As Jeffrey Smith explained in a previous interview: ...
Jeffrey Smith, Pierre Omidyar, and Glenn Greenwald are CIAlizards.

Another disgusting shapeshifter: Linda Smith.

Cute little MPD, sexually-abused lizard girl: shapeshifting satanist pedophile Roma family 'vindicated' over Maria abduction case - video.
Note: at the beginning of the vid i saw an ad for the ING New York City Marathon. Why does it only show DORy shapeshifters? The site does the same. And what is ING? They won't tell you what it stands for, but it is composed of satanist shapeshifters with a bit of an NSA vibe.

(3:10pm) Still grey. Got a little bit of rain from the southern edge of the system that went by, and a tiny bit more is heading this way.

Two new resin pgms at bottom of page here.

Oct. 30, '13: (6:20am) My Danish friend pointed out that the poster above is for municipal elections! The guy is running for office with his scowling gay-punk-rocker face. Kind of refreshing that he doesn't effect a greasy smile.

I got 0.2" yesterday. Heavy chem-clouds and new trails evident in the afternoon. Now they are saying 30% today, 90% tonight, 90% tomorrow.

That location i mentioned Oct. 15 also has another evil race: shapeshifting repts who have been attacking me since yesterday evening.

Another slithering phony being positioned as a good guy: "consumer advocate and anti-banking lobbyist Michael Fraser".

Want to do some gridblasting? Connect your gridblasters to your PC and go to Israeli Army Radio. Turn off your speakers and activate the streaming. I like the Listen and watch in Studio link.

I love it when shapeshifting satanist MPDers fight among themselves: French police attack, dismantle Roma camp.

Oct. 31, '13: (10:55am) Only got about 1/3" so far. Most of the rain went to one side or the other of me.
Drizzling now.

So much BS in the media:
NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say. Translation: NSA infiltrates NSA and NSA, CIA documents say.
Vatican also targeted by NSA spying. The NSA is a Vatican subsidiary, and pressTV is run by the Vatican.

I see that Trayvon Martin's town has a new reptard Freemason Police Chief. We'll see how long he can handle the heat before crawling into a hole to die.
Looks like Sanford, Florida is the place to go to commit neighborhood crimes in safety now.

Another DORy CIA cult: Remnant Fellowship Church, whose leaders are lizardly Godly, and whose children love Project Monarch God. Their babies are sexually experienced and beautiful.
When i first started to ream the Godly leaders, i came under unusually intense (for these days) attack from a large area offshore of L.A. / Baja.