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Loohan's blog for October, 2014
Oct. 1, '14: (8:25pm) Fern Creek shooting. Ah, yes, can't wait for them to show the alleged shooter. This high school is interesting. I could spot only humans in the pics of students. Yet, there are no humans among the administration, teachers, or support staff. Many of those were underground just now. The mayor is a lizard too. The police don't seem to have a [web]site, but i doubt they have many Earthlings working there.

Looking on the map, just SE of the school is a super-DORy spot that feels like a gathering spot for Masonic satanists: Mark's Feed Store, a BBQ restaurant. Who knows, they might even do rituals there at times, by the feel of it.

(9:50pm) Really strange case. Earth cops bust NGC4414 halfbreed with rap sheet who seems to have mental problems and very low IQ. But he is drawing on SSer U bases for energy, like all the negative SSers do.
The guy is too stupid to be part of a conspiracy or to keep a secret. Unless he is play-acting, which i doubt.

Oct. 2, '14: (8:40am) Secessionist movements: hopefully most of the readers of this blog know how things work, but just in case, i wanted to point out that the EHETs who run Ron Paul-clone Think There Should Be More Secessionist Movements in the U.S.
The Scottish Independence movement is likewise run by EHETs via their clones. And the Hong Kong protests are run by non-clone, Vatican-run lizards who are still alive for the moment.

The sad thing is that many decent people, fed up with the status quo, get sucked into wasting their energy and time for these BS distractions. I see ensouled girls in Hong Kong sincerely clamoring for "open and free elections" despite the fact that almost no "democratic" countries have such things.

Phony liberation has long been a part of illuminati strategy. Witness the "shrinking" of the British Empire. Paul Revere, Gandhi, etc. were satanist SSers.
The Vatican itself spearheads "Liberation Theology" in Latin America.
The Bolivars likewise were satanist SSers.

(1:55pm) Bal still gets weird DORy insects sometimes (as do other readers occasionally). I have never noticed them here.
Here is a pic he just sent. Notice the oddly spread legs. Also i have never noticed grasshoppers like this around here. The closest resemblance i can easily find online is here.
Bal's traces to a NSA U base in Kings Mountain, NC 28086, hundreds of miles from where Bal found it in his truck.

Oct. 3, '14: (2:15pm) Got about 3/4" of rain last night. A lot more passed north of me.

Bal snapped a pic of a lovely statue in front of Daphne Elementary School in Alabama. I didn't realize the Texas Longhorns were so popular there.

Oct. 4, '14: (8:05pm) Also found 3 underground NSA transmitters around periphery of that school in a triangle formation. But it still has an evil vibe (map).

Bad spraying here yesterday, and super-bad today. Rorg is chasing down those repts behind this.

Ah, finally something upbeat and positive in the nooz: Catholic Church Kicks Off Respect Life Month: "Each of Us Lizard Clones is God's Masterpiece". I couldn't agree more.

(8:15pm) Oh yeah, the chem-repts Rorg is chasing down are all over Leo. They could use a jolt.

(8:30pm) Blood-drinking satanist NSAlizard: Peter Kassig. Founder of SERA.

Oct. 5, '14: (7:25am) Video: ORGONE energy charges DSLR camera BATTERY in 30 sec !!!
I think this is legit. The guy is ensouled and has a lot of sweet orgonite.
I must try this sometime. I think this is a lithium-ion battery. I do not know what variables there are influencing such a result. The muffin seems to be rich in chunks of quartzite.

Judge refuses to dismiss "baseless" charges against Palestinian-American. These activists are ensouled, as is the author. The judge is a blood-drinking satanist lizard.

Mystery as rising star of Venezuelan politics killed in perfect murder. Serra had no soul and i don't know how good a guy he was. But i find it interesting that i get a very strong evil vibe from this house in his area, which i suspect shelters 1 male satanist SSer who hired the killer. I suspect the killer is 1 earthling male residing here. I am not certain of this info but these places seem to have the vibe of being connected to the deaths.

(5:35pm) Fairly bad chem earlier today, too.

How many lies are in this article? BREAKING: North Korea Overthrows Dictator Kim Jong-un. They know damn well he was assassinated years ago, and replaced with a lizard double. "A former North Korean counter-intelligence officer, Jang Jin-sung, has claimed that Kim Jong-Un is no longer in control of the nation and is now just a 'puppet leader'."
Well, that much is true but pretty stale news.

(6:35pm) This is a pic of a demon i snapped from this video of real demons. (Also the guy mentions Dero, and we are taking out a bunch now just west of Charlottesville, VA. We have nailed many in years past.)

I find the pic interesting because i realize i have been jailing these same demons for years, plus they also have been after several people i help such as Bal, Mordok, Shari, and the guy in Queens.

(7pm) Video: THE DRAGONS OF BLADE RUNNER. This guy videoed SSers in a LAPD chopper with little orb UFOs around! And the orbs are DORy and metallic. The nice thing about DORy and metallic is that it is very traceable. I found a stash of them at ~300' depth here which we are taking out along with 70 CIAlizards.
Looks like he has a few cool vids up.

Oct. 6, '14: (9am) Sky is mostly clear now. Got a small thundershower during the night.

If you feel like blasting Mossad agent Gregory Chelli, you will need to use the June2014 program, as he has been replaced with one of those non-reptilian artificial doubles.

Joe in Renton watched that demon vid i posted yesterday, and consequently had a rough night! He says "Whichever critter became connected to me, certainly unique, yet familiar." It is this type here.

(10:35am) False advertising. How can a clone that has only been on the surface for a few weeks be a 3rd generation oil operator? Please explain.

BTW sometime back i mentioned that big advertisers like Walmart had stopped using SSers in their glossy newspaper insert ads, etc. presumably due to the fact that all their lizard models would get blasted, go underground, and get killed. As if they cared.
But this recently came to an end. Lately i have been noticing more SSers creeping back into this type of ad, almost always clones. I found 3 different Walmart inserts in the last Sunday paper, and all had some lizard clones as well as Earthlings. One even had 3 SSers who weren't clones (who lost little time diving underground when blasted).
I also found a Dillard's clothing ad that had only several female clones, each with 81 sex-appeal spells.

BTW the number of sex-appeal spells i find on a lizard is usually 81. Occasionally, some other number such as 60, 54, 42, 30, 99. I still have not found them on famous movie and music stars, which is very odd. I don't know the reason for this. But they are on most newscasters, including "alternative" ones like RT clones. These get replaced a while after removal. Clones often have them. Even the most ordinary, ugly "people" often have them, including small children. Schoolteachers and administrators tend to have them too.
Green Coil Turtle can remove them in a jiffy.
Also, since the clones have no magical powers, we trace the parties responsible for placing the spells on these.

() Another CIA site: ZeeklyTV. Our site blends some of the best features of sites such as Youtube, Pinterest, Flickr & Facebook, and gives you a safe environment to post content that isn’t censored like some of these other sites..
CEO Jeffrey Sisk made sure to be securely planted in a U base for me.

(1:50pm) Chris Spivey arrested again. Some blastworthy targets:Somehow i get the feeling that Dreck Benson has key culpability in this.

Oct. 7, '14: (8:55am) A few hours after i posted, i had the impression Spivey had been released, and apparently he has. Update with pics of the vandalism. I have no idea where the author got the notion that Kim Jong-un was not a nonce (pedophile).

The clear sky did not last long yesterday; more chemtrails appeared. And this morning, more CTs. Earlier there was a huge section of super-streaky chem cover.

Those who are interested in positive-energy artwork might like the pics by Emma Kunz.

(11:15am) Yet another type of evil ET on Earth? A reader (who did not realize this is a transvestite) snapped a pic of this she-male, saying s/he "is possibly the most annoying SSer I've come across. She's in the yellow shirt. Almost feels insect-like. This hyper, ADD, glassy eyed little inhuman person-thing. If she's a simple SSer, they put more lizard in her than was wise. Every aspect of her feels manufactured."
But i do not get repty vibe, exactly. Rorg and i are searching for more like this. There are a bunch under northern Indiana and southern MI. Also the town of Warsaw, IN feels like it has many on the surface. I have not found any pics of these, but this house has that vibe, as do most of them for 1/2 mile around. ETs tend to congregate with their own kind on the surface, just as in a big American city you might have neighborhoods that are predominantly Italian, Polish, Chinese, Black, Puerto Rican, Jewish, etc.

Rorg just found more underground just SW of Atlanta, and a tunnel to a bunch more U bases here in southern AL.
And more under Oklahoma City area...

(12:05pm) Part of the mechanics of how reptilian psy-oppery works. Example: put in a First Lady who is actually a transvestite. Then have Joan Lizard Rivers conspicuously out "her".
Or manufacture a bunch of obviously hokey "beheading" videos that look like they were slapped together by "special needs" high school students, even though he slickest Hollywood CGI technology is sitting there.
Then have CIAlizard Naomi Wolf suggesting ISIS hostages are ACTORS and be-headings aren't real.
They constantly taunt us with the truth, daring us to see the obvious. And most refuse to.

(5:15pm) Most of the chem cleared up and the sky is very blue and "orgoney" again. The trail from this drone rapidly erased like it should, and unlike how it's been the last few days. Also i watched a little chem-cloud shrivel away.

God, does Yahoo forums ever SUCK. I tried to post a message just now, but was unable to unless i posted it as a special message that would be sent to all members' mailboxes. There was no way for me to post a message normally, and i am the forum moderator. Then when i clicked on a mysterious arrow on the message box, it deleted my message. Obviously, their policy is to drive away forum users, as they have had plenty of time to fix the gross bugs in their "new, improved" version, but will not do so.
GoL, your hushmail acct has supposedly expired, so i wanted to let you know that your area is DORy from 2 satanist CIAlizards here whom i am now blasting.

(9:05pm) Now, about them conehead demons i mentioned on the 5th, those are some sneaky bastards. We took out vast quantities of them, and i kind of forgot about them. But i just realized they have been covertly messing with me all day.

My impression is, they exist on the 5th dimension only (out of 100 dimensions). What they do is jam themselves en masse into your physical and auric space, and subtly mess with you.

Like that bit about the Yahoo email i was ranting about. It occurred to me later that i had hit the Post link within the administrative page. For some reason they won't let you post a normal post from there. Also i was imagining that my computer was doing various "impossible" things, only to realize later that it was me screwing up. I made various other little mistakes too.
And when i photographed that chem-drone, i was totally certain that i had the "plane" pretty centered in the screen when i clicked on at least 3 shots, but it turned out only one had the plane in it, the others just had part of the trail.

Oct. 8, '14: (6:50pm) More disgusting, sticky sky smear today.

And how did the coneheads manage to glom themselves all over me unnoticed despite all my demon-disintegrating jailers, etc.? By being very self-effacing, energetically discreet. By being there without being there. Maybe the fact that they only exist on one dimension helps, i dunno.
We don't have a specific program or frequency to light them up, and we might not get any, either. So it's a matter of vigilance, awareness, intent.
They are still after me.

Xando and Guan showed up in the astral today at work, to help me with my conehead and EHET issues, etc. This is the first time since they were stationed in Norton Shores, MI in June of last year. It seems to signify that they are done there.
Norton Shores does feel pretty good on the map right now. About 3 weeks ago i had Rorg check out the town. What he found was loads of bighead demons that had somehow managed to stay hidden all this time.

Oct. 9, ' 14: (11am) Mayor calls off California City Council meeting over a hat. Thin-skinned lizards cancel city council meeting stuffed with ensouled subjects because ensouled peons don't politely kiss their parasitic asses. What cowardly, self-important wussies. This they call democracy. Dozens of legitimate human citizens rearranged their schedules to make it to the meeting, and they get sent away by pedophile hybrids. Thanks in advance for volunteering to be snuffed next time you go underground.

More in the right direction (i guess): Lizard Clones "Capitulate" to Ensouled Earthlings. The 2 ensouled guys were helped by CIAlizards, too:
  • "libertarian activist Adam Kokesh", who must consider himself very speshul, as he has refused to go underground despite years of blasting.
  • the 2 "ladies" in the pic labeled Goldstein, Poe, and other activists on the day of Poe's sentencing. The one on the right might be Anne Gemmell.
  • clone Councilman Kenney, a champion of LGBT rights and likely 2015 mayoral candidate.
(4:05pm) When you live in a rural area and diligently orgonize, jail demons, etc. for years, your place becomes a magnet for "conscious" animals. There are many remarkable stories i haven't told.

Just a little bit ago i was in front of my cabin. I had just said something out loud to Rorg, who is in a planter out there, when i caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was a roadrunner! We do have a few roadrunners out here; a different variety from the kind common in TX, but it is fairly rare. I have sometimes gone years without spotting one. I had never seen one on my property before.
She just shuffled past us, only a few feet away, and went to the pile of muscadine grapes that had fallen off the vine i've been nurturing for years, and started pecking. This was about 25 feet from me. I talked to her gently a bit, then walked past her (keeping a respectful distance) to go wash off my sweat and sawdust from sawing firewood. She just kept pecking away, and after i passed, came up to me in the astral and "hugged" me. Of course i called in Duder. Duder and Rorg are with her in the astral now, teaching her the ropes about demon-jailing, etc.
I had my camera there in case Rorg did anything spectacular, so i videoed her for a few seconds. Then i quit, because i figured the picture quality would be extremely poor because the lighting was wrong. But when i reviewed the video, it was better than expected. A bit jumpy because i was zoomed in with no tripod. Here is a capture from the vid.
There is some trash footage at the beginning and end. I'm having trouble getting a video editor to work in my Ubuntu sytem. If anyone can clean it up for me and get it back to me somehow, i will overwrite the existing vid.

That reminds me. On June 1, 2011, i posted
(10:50am) Holy crap, a medium-sized black bear just walked up to my screen door a few feet from me, sniffing. I did not have my camera handy, and by the time i got it, he was about 60' away (pic). That's a semi-defunct full-size pickup (Ford F150) he's standing next to.

I think that's the first one i've spotted on my land since about '04.
That was also the last bear i have spotted. He was a real cool bear. For a couple years he was jailing demons, and also telling the allies about physical ETs and hybrids he found underground. Finally, i had the impression last year that a rancher shot him. But he has reincarnated and is jailing again.

(7:40pm) Listen to this rhetoric about a bunch of satanist SSers: The hipster hijabi movement is the byproduct of a young generation of Muslim women coming of age. It grew organically, spurred in part by social media, and continues to take on new meaning by the women who embrace it. Barf out. Organically grown hipster blood-drinking vampire lizards.

And speaking of lizards, British med student arrested in suspected IS terror plot.
And, Meet the Fokkens; fokken liars.

And now they are even handing out Nobel Prizes to clones.
Ah, what is the world coming to?

(8pm) More controlled opposition: Yasunidos. Facebook. Their website.
Yasunidos, the [satanist] Ecuadorian youth collective that launched a movement to preserve the most biodiverse place on earth, has been nominated for the Human Rights Tulip Award. Well, woop-dee-doo. Have you checked out the previous winners of this award from the illuminati NL gov't? Only lizards need apply.

Oct. 10, '14: (8:50pm) Got light shower yesterday evening. Most of the weather seemed to be passing to the north. Same thing this morning; a huge system is passing to the north, barely tickling me with its fringe.

Please leave our neighborhood, says ensouled lady with balls to tyrannical lizard cops. Yeah.
Please leave our neighborhood, get it, lizards? Don't know where you'll go, though, as nobody wants you parasites.

(1:40pm) There are some ensouled people in China. He Rongfeng had a funny vibe, though, when i first saw the pic. Because he is stalked by Wo Hop To triad lizards, a very long way from Hong Kong.
Wo Hop To is the same bunch who killed Brandon Lee.

Prophetic goodbyes: i was checking out AwakenVideo and there's this pic of 2 CIAlizard satanists and a statement "Good bye In Diana :-) Good bye USA :-) We have gone to the edge of this world... and soon beyond it :-)
Many Blessings to all of you with Love and Care. We hope that we have helped you in some way."

Sure enough, they were in 2 different U bases.

Oct. 11, '14: (8:15am) It rained and drizzled all day yesterday. Cool and foggy this morning. More rain likely next several days.

Cool video: Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE.
Just remember folks, all these clues are left on purpose. It is not like CNN Africa is limited to jungle tech, and thus can't produce something slicker. It is not by accident that NYT shows the shill stuffing cash into his pocket. As usual, this stuff is there for people to notice. If good guys failed to notice, the agents would point it out.

These 3 wenches are SSers, as are the Medecins Sans Frontieres.

(7pm) Yeah, it's been drizzly all day again.

Satanist cop shoots old dog for the hell of it, or was it because the dog is ensouled? Is this a black magic thing? Looks like the Flint Township PD might be exclusively composed of blood-drinking ET hybrids.

Gender panic! Is Rorg a cross-dresser? I have been reading that male Eastern Box Turtles normally have red eyes, and females black. Rorg has very black eyes. But some sources report that this is not reliable, especially in baby turtles.

He definitely has a male soul, and and ancient and wise one at that.
Meanwhile, the last couple days a new turtle has been hanging around in the astral. Will she show up in the physical someday? Her name is Elsie, pronounced with a hard S. She and Rorg have been holding hands a lot. She has a very sweet girlie vibe. I'd marry her myself if she wasn't already taken :-)
But Rorg and i have an understanding: so long as he refrains from putting smooth moves on my wives, i won't fool around with his.
I'm a little worried, though, because my wives like him a lot and often visit him when i'm not looking.

(8:10pm) Place in need of blasting: Galveston County Jail. It is full of satanist lizards including from the big NSA base under Pelican Island just north, which is being taken out now.
I heard a rumor this is where ConstitutionLost (a very valuable orgone warrior) is being illegally(?) held. Feels right.
The Sheriff lizard is a blood-drinking Mason MIB.

(8:25pm) OK, that info about him being in that jail is from an April 19 story which i had probably read months ago. Apparently he's been in jail all this time, for what?
Why is there no news available? I googled "Mehrzad Malekzadeh news" but most of what came up was stale BS. Top of page was this item on a CIA site. I posted that, and my commentary to it, back in April.

Hey, those 3 wenches in green depicted above just went into a U base and got terminated.

Oct. 13, '14: (1:10pm) Yeah, it's been raining most of the day. Had some serious wind blowing stuff around in the wee hours, too.

Aargh! Now they are replacing many politicians with non-repty clones! As far as i can figure out, just as they normally replace them with a succession of stock clones that have been morphed into a likeness of the original, now they are doing the same, except that instead of using rept hybrid clone stock, they are using ones that do not feel repty. They feel much like ordinary soulless Earthlings, except they don't quite have the same hollow, "soul done gone" vibe.
I clicked on some of the FaCIAbook accounts of these Olympia's List clones, and the weird thing is, all their family and shills feel like the same thing! I don't know why they are doing that. Normally their Sandy Hookers, robotoids, synthetics, etc. get along fine with their SSer clones and SSers.

Furthermore, some of these new clones are blood-drinking satanists! Their vibe is far more subtle than other satanists, though. You might spot a few here (cached pic). The woman in turquoise and white has recently partaken of the blood of a ritually-sacrificed dog. And the pic upper left has at least 3 more satanist clones.

This sort of clone is not entirely unheard of, but heretofore very rare in my perception. A couple months ago Joe asked me about this girl, for example.

Because of their relative lack of vibe, i can't find where these test-tube clones were hatched. But for Detective Rorg, it's a snap. This girl was hatched in a CIA U base here in Maine. There were dozens of CIAlizard workers down there.
The politicos were hatched here, under an Atlanta suburb; 300+ CIAlizards, some SHers, robotoids, EHETs, etc. were under there.

And there are more such bases. Already found one in Canada, one in WV...

(2:40pm) The Jan2014C Program does seem to light these buggers up. They are getting vibey.

Meanwhile, i got a new little "pet". First time i've seen one. I heard there were feral hogs around here. This one is smallish compared to some. He's been shuffling around, munching acorns and fallen muscadine grapes. I took a 5.5 minute video and dozens of still pics, but the first was the best. The brown stuff is mud he's been wallowing in.
I was a bit skittish at first as i was filming, and ran away to my porch a couple times, but he seems real mellow.
All pigs and hogs are ensouled, even bands of feral hogs that go around wreaking havoc on crops and animals. Duder had a talk with him, and sure enough, some time after i photographed, the hog showed up in the astral for a hug. Now he's already jailing demons. Hopefully he won't damage my garden. I'll have to be careful about keeping Rorg in that planter he sniffed around in!

Feral hogs are hell on the ecology as well as fences, gardens, chickens, etc. and they have been known to attack people. I think they usually keep to lower elevations where the soil is richer and there's more to eat. Maybe this guy was drawn by the orgone.

(9:30pm) He's a couple miles away now, stuffed on acorns. And the rats Antuvozy told him about. The idea is, we help him find soulless critters to eat.
We got him fixed up with a spirit guide; a discarnate dog that will hopefully help him find food and steer him away from "civilization" and hunters. The porker has come by in the astral several times. And found some little NSA U stations and jailed plenty of demons. Also Rorg is his buddy.

On the one hand, i hate aiding such an environmentally destructive, dangerous, prolifically-breeding introduced species. On the other hand, he is a pure-hearted friend and warrior.
I've run into the same predicament with feral cats.

Oct. 14, '14: (8:20am) Wow, now even lizard clones are contracting Ebola.
Also, this feels totally staged: Sick Passengers On Boston Flight Prompt Ebola Scare, Hazmat Crews On Scene. And not merely because all the "hazmat personnel" are SSers.

And meanwhile, don't you be going around exhibiting any symptoms of respiratory distress: Obama Signs Executive Order 13295 -- Detention of Americans with "Respiratory Illnesses". In fact, to be safe, don't let them suspect you might be one of those "well persons" who "do not show symptoms" of the disease.

(2pm) Overcast. Total rain from last few days was about 3.4".

This guy has numerous vids up of SSer gangstalkers. You can see a lot of their vehicles without even opening the vids. Some of them are Infragard, which agency does have a very repty, stalky, vibe to it.

(8:20pm) Interesting. WeatherWar101 mentions in the description here:
Tweetstorms are a prime example of how "social media opinion" is artificially created (or at least the illusion of it) in cyberspace, and unfortunately the illusion of social media opinion is usually more than enough. It's certainly more than enough for Mainstream Media, because they report on it every day -- like it is real. What is "trending" at any given point is a matter of what those in control of the "organized propagation networks and cells" want to be trending. It's no more real than a video game, yet currently -- everyone on this planet is blindly operating on it as if this "manufactured social media opinion" is the actual will of the people... as opposed to elaborate cyber illusion.
More CIA tactics. I'm unfamiliar with this as i don't do Twitter or FB. And not much mainstream media.
Meanwhile, as the CIA is doing all this with one hand, Sofia Smallstorm is promoting him and sucking up to him.

Oct. 15, '14: (8:25pm) Today was a perfectly clear, nice warm day.
And then as dusk approached, i was at my PC and heard noises out my window. It was another male hog, this one darker and slightly larger. As soon as i went out with my camera, he snorted and sauntered away (short video from my server; youtube has claimed for the past 45 minutes that it has been uploaded here, but i get only black). This one did not have a sweet vibe and did not seem "conscious", though ensouled. But Sakood conversed with him for some time, and about an hour after the sighting, he started bombarding me with good vibes. Then later he showed up in the astral. But he seems a bit thick. We'll see what happens. Duder is with him.

Such a rough world this is: Free Tracey Richter Legal Defense Fund. These people are blood-drinking, serial killing, Earthling satanists in conflict with SSers. Her story sounded a bit hokey; i suspect the killing was not as described there, so i thought i'd google her name. New Allegations Emerge Against Convicted Murderer Tracey Richter. Her DORy website.

Palm Beach couple donate $5 million toward preserving rights of Americans. News like that really bolsters my optimism. Never mind that they are SSers as are the staff of the Institute of Justice. With enemies like this, who needs friends? Join the fight for liberty today!

Oct. 16, '14: (7:45am) A few of the lizard agents in the British manufactured news today:
Ebolizard Amber Jay Vinson. Removed 81 sex-apeal spells. Sex sells ebola, you know.
Maid fired because her brother worked at soup restaurant that NBC chief medical correspondent visited in violation of Ebola quarantine. She also had 81 sexiness spells.
Preacher arrested for quoting from the Bible is awarded £13,000. This bisexual only had 33 such spells.

(8:50am) Another ebolizard in British press: Idris Elba. But professional actors for some unknown reason do not carry sexiness spells.

Another ebolizard, this one in the US press: Passenger Wears A Hazmat Suit To Dulles Airport. NSA, 60 sexiness spells.

Bizarre NSAtanist lizard: Sam Killerman. 99 sexiness spells.

(11am) FBI Arrests Michael Tanouye for Alleged Sex Assault in Jet's Bathroom. The guy is MPD. Related CIA U base here. I think he was programmed to do this to create "news" and get their Hawaiian U facilities demolished.
This macadamia nut processing plant just north is CIA proprietary, and a cover for illegal operations including MPD "nut processing". That's the Hershey Mauna Loa Visitor Center.
Lots more CIA being taken out under Hilo area, in fact under whole Big Island.

(12:35pm) Satanist MI lizard that hassles Chris Spivey: Charlie Foulkes.

These nice blood-drinking "people" have not been caught underground despite months of blasting. Every time Bal goes in there, they implant him and curse and slime his food.

Oct. 17, '14: (2:45am) Hawg news: no more physical sightings, but both hogs were with me together in the astral for a while yesterday. The new guy is jailing pretty well.
Meanwhile, Sakood is going around to other hogs she finds in the woods and recruiting them. So far she has gotten 8 more, including 3 females. I sure hope they are learning about birth control, though...
She's fixing them up with spirit guides to help them find nests of soulless mice, moles, etc. and persuading them to lay off the ensouled critters.

I went to bed early and got at least 5 hours of sleep but now the demons won't let me get back to sleep, so i thought i'd just get up a while. That's the Bigheads and also some other demons i noticed, whose mission seems to be to make people lust to rape children. These latter seem to be scattered widely and i haven't gotten any more description of them, but we are jailing bunches.

The reason i went to bed early was that my guru Rorg had something he wanted to impart to me, that required me laying down in the dark.
His 80D self, whose head is almost as big as mine, encouraged me to follow him through some spaces. He has this thing of leading me through a sequence of apparent portals in some landscapes, sometimes bodies of water.
Anyway we went through a few portals, and then ta-da, saw what he wanted me to see: a representation of the kabbalah Tree of Life.

None of this was sharply lucid or trippy, just crude visual impressions. This is the roundabout way he communicates. What he meant was, there were dark kabbalah spells on me. From the Abell 2218 Jesuits. We broke 6. Also they have these spells on lots of other people, places, events, etc. which we are looking for.
Green Coil Turtle can break spells. So can some of my higher selves. And Rorg was watching us work, and is becoming a spell-breaker too.

(8:15am) About 1/2 hour after i posted that, Rorg nudged me again, and i went back to bed. This time he took me through a dozen or so "portals" and we ended up in a space that had another symbol in it. This symbol was a big circle, within which were various markings, sigils, lines, and 6 tiny circles.
Apparently the Abell 2218 Jesuits print these off en masse onto posters of some sort. Then each has its various components filled with magical energy by rituals, etc. Each symbol within the circle has a different function, and they all work together dynamically.
The charged posters must be stacked no closer than 17" apart, so that they don't interfere with each other. The Jesuits have "libraries" full of shelves for them. Merely physically destroying them has limited value, as the spells will largely persist.
By this time Rorg had already mastered spell-breaking, so he went around sniffing out these libraries, breaking the spells, then marking the bases for the allies. He found dozens of libraries, but Abell 2218 is a huge chunk of the universe, and there are more.

Also he found a bunch of other kind of spells against me, originating in Abell 2218, and broke them.
And eventually i got some more sleep.

(3pm) Belize Confirms Patient With Ebola Symptoms On Cruise Ship Off Its Coast. The ship has quite a vibe. What to expect on a Carnival Cruise: shapeshifting reptilians. Their ships. Carnival Magic.

The lizard pupils on this clone grabbed my attention: Jessa Duggar.

Oct. 18, '14: (7:30pm) Yesterday there was an incident at the 2nd location of the bakery that employs me.
However, i don't detect that this was anything more than a lone nut. He was a long-term customer at that location, who reportedly was a bit crazy and on meds. Of course he probably was being "treated" by SSers. He reportedly suffered from paranoid delusions that people were out to get him.
It happened on a day that i don't work, at the location where i never work.
It comes at the worst time, economically, for the bakery, at the beginning of the fall busy season. Now there will be a delay getting that location back up and running, as bullets went everywhere, making a big mess.

Note that the media "people" are clones. And the sheriff an Earthling. The Alah-kur kicked the CIA out of the sheriff's dept 2 years ago, replacing any SSers with robotoids. Even so, i am amazed that an Earthling was elected as sheriff around here.
[Update: he was not elected. The previous guy (actually his Alah-kur robotoid replacement) "was ordered out of office by the Arkansas Supreme Court" in 2013, and Ragland temporarily replaced him. But what is wild is that our present Sheriff Pruitt is still ensouled, and was elected(!) in 2014 though he did not get sworn into that position until later. He has a good reputation, and is very popular among the more decent cops. He had run for sheriff several times, and i thought he didn't stand a chance. I would have voted in '14 if i had known he was running.
Meanwhile, in January 2015 i had the distinct impression that the previous sheriff, Ragland, had been recruited by the CIA, and that the Alah-kur then replaced him and 2 other corrupt Earthling cops.]
[Update 2016:
Pruitt was actually a CIA FTM who hired other CIA FTMs. They have been replaced by Alah-kur robotoids since.]

Blasting list: satanist SSer "psychic" John Holland, and his links to other SSers. One outfit is even called Leapin' Lizards.
I see that Kripalu yoga has been completely taken over by them. The founder, Amrit Desai, is a soulless Earthling.

Oct. 19, '14: (6:05pm) Dang, yet another hawg. I was writing an email and heard that familar acorn-crunching sound just outside. I took a 3 minute video which will take a while to upload.
This guy is one of the ones Sakood contacted the other day. He's been jailing demons. I thought she was going to try to keep them away from my place, but i guess he had to check it out. I really don't mind them cleaning up my acorns and fallen grapes (he hasn't discovered the latter yet) as long as they don't mess with my cultivars.
He's been out there for some time, munching away. Maybe the orgonized acorns are tastier, i dunno.

(7:05pm) Another satanist cop shoots another ensouled dog: Shock Video: Cop Calls Dog Over Before Point Blank Execution. I am beginning to detect a pattern.

From the ACLJ (Asshole CIA Lizard Jerkoffs): Christian Mom Asia Bibi Sentenced to Death Will Hang for "Blasphemy" Pakistan Appeals Court Says. Something's not right with this picture. How can a lizard witch be a Christian?

Hawg #3 is out there in the dark eatin' orgonized grapes.

(8:30pm) Alleged GF of alleged ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is a CIAlizard: Louise Troh. Duncan does not feel like SSer, but does feel phony.

That porker must have had his fill; he's moved along. Here's the video.
Rorg loves these guys.
A couple nights ago he took me to a remote view of part of my friend Esterian's realm in Alpha Centauri... but all i saw was millions of happy whales, seals, and penguins; buddies of Rorg's.

Oct. 20, '14: (10:10am) Got a small amount of lite rain early this morning. Overcast.

Beating Ebola: Spanish nurse appears to be healed from deadly virus. Question is, does this treatment which "included a drip of human serum with antibodies from Ebola sufferers who had survived the disease, as well as other drugs which were not named" also work on Earthlings?
Teresa Romero only had 21 sexiness spells.

Hog #3 has been hanging out in the astral with me and Rorg all morning. I was outside a while ago, and came back in because of the drizzle. Now it stopped and i went back out only to find #3 under the grapevine again. He jumped when he heard me, and moved over to under an oak tree about 30' away from the vine. Now he's scarfing acorns again. I took some more pics. Saved the best one. I could tell right away by the vibe that it was #3. You can also see on the pic, he has the same scars near his tail (caused perhaps by another male gouging him with his tusks, i presume).
I think part of the attraction for these guys is that the acorns are easier to find on the gravel than in the leafy, weedy woods.

(2:10pm) William Grigg gets scammed: Cannibals with Cutlery. This alleged event "happened" near where Grigg lives, apparently. He writes I must acknowledge that my family and I have been blessed by the Watsons' generosity. Kenneth Watson's son, Scott, is a close friend and professional associate, and our families have attended church together. Too bad his psi-Q is much lower than his IQ. He is the only one in the story who is not a SSer.

There are a few authentic souls that get mollycoddled by the Lizartarians: Grigg, Larken Rose, Melissa Melton, the Rutherford Institute... They get promoted and not attacked, except by very gentle, covert manipulations.

Oct. 21, '14: (8:20) #3 hog came around one more time yesterday morning after i last mentioned him. And he was around in the astral much of the day. At night when i was getting to sleep, he was in outer space nailing Bigheads. I slept real well, and woke up feeling great. Then early this morning, i hear that crunching noise outside, and there he is again, vacuuming up acorns.
He's been at it for hours. Just now i felt a bunch of Bigheads slamming him, but he's still munching away, undisturbed.
Pigs have strong chi. I have several sentient orgone devices in the shape of pigs.

Oct. 22, '14: (8pm) Sometimes when one of them accidentally dies, they exploit it for propaganda purposes: Turkey Murders Reptilian TV Reporter Serena Shim, says the CIA. Never mind that CIA, Turkish gov't, and repTV are good buddies.

I remember many years ago, maybe around the turn of the century, i was visiting my parents and watching the TV news with them. There was a story of a Hamas(?) guy who got killed with a remarkable bazooka shot in an urban situation, by an IDF soldier. The deceased had a very ugly, greasy, skinny, pimply face. He just looked like a total slimebag. Kind of unflattering for Arabs. My German mom exclaimed that he was "so ein Schmierfritz".
Years late when i got psychic, i realized the deceased, unbeknownst to the IDF soldier, had been a satanist SSer Mossad infiltrator.

Heavy werewolf drive-by activity at work today. A couple of them even made a point of noisily broadcasting their dicklessness.

Really weird video. Reformed OSA hit-man Marty Rathbun is gang-stalked by 3 satanist SSers from the church of sCIAntology. They act like they actually believe it is sensible to behave in this puerile and bizarre manner when being filmed for youtube. But then the CIA always deliberately sabotages their own church in weird ways; witness various of their agents, notably Leah Remini, denouncing the cult.
A First-Hand Look At The Ultra-Secretive Leaders Of Scientology

(8:45pm) How bizarre. I just got hit by psychic attacks from OSA U bases in the Minneapolis area, because i made snide remarks under that cult youtube video. They were attacking all the people who posted what they call "entheta" there.
OSA is a CIA subsidiary.

(9:10pm) Ah, the miracles the RCMP can accomplish with Project Monarch and satanic ritual abuse: 'Radicalized' driver kills Canadian soldier with car, cops shoot terrorist... This poor guy's vibe screams MPD.
We are taking out related RCMP U bases in the region, starting with Lac Allard. I wouldn't be surprised if the lake has been a landing place for their planes.

(9:30pm) Unbelievable "feminist" lizard cult: Women of the Wall. Images.
Luckily, about all of them were underground just now. The allies are taking them out. They were engaging in animal sacrifice. We liberated the souls of many dogs, cats, donkeys, a few ferrets, and a gorilla!

But Israel is not only for shapeshifting reptilians. A pic from the last link led me to the recognition that it is also for werewolves. Check out B'nai Jeshurun. Images. Unfortunately, these are mostly not underground at this time, and might require a bit of persuasion.
We be stripping off all their sex-appeal, etc. spells right now.

Oct. 23, '14: (11:20am) A reader had these green demons swarming him, and when i started nailing them, they mounted an attack on me. Still lots around.

Sigh. Another Muslim convert has run amok in Canada, it seems. And been killed. Offhand, i get no notable vibe off him or his parents. Yet.
Fortunately, the authorities are on top of the situation and will leave no stone unturned to apprehend a suspected 2nd gunman still at large. Regardless of any inconvenience to innocents, due to the gravity of the situation.

Meanwhile, a muscular Nigerian, also with no notable vibe (although suspicious symptoms are reported) has supposedly jumped the White House fence and punched dogs. So much is happening in the world; great that the media keeps us informed.

Freedom of speech in Amerika: Man Jokes About Ebola... Gets Charged With A Felony by repty judge. Because jokingly "He made a comment regarding his former wife who had traveled to Africa sometime in the past and that he tries to stay away from her." Obviously a statement designed to strike terror in the hearts of any listeners.
However, the gov't and media are allowed to joke about ebola all they want, poker-faced and complete with farcical details.

(2:25pm) Lite rain just started up.
I was just walking up my driveway past my garden, and saw another roadrunner! This one has a male soul, and was already jailing demons. Apparently a close friend of the female. I walked by him about 15' away and talked to him a while. He hopped around, always keeping the same distance. Looks plump and healthy. After i walked on, he came and hugged me in the astral. Now he's in the cabin chatting with Rorg in the astral.
I've got various types of birds (including hawks), squirrels, snakes, and turtles at least, jailing for me here. Haven't seen a cat or rabbit on my property in a while, though.
Some of the neighbors' dogs have been jailing for a long time.
Even driving down the road to work, i sometimes see a buzzard, squirrel, cat, or bird that is jailing.

(3:30pm) Pennsylvania governor signs lizard's rights law following Mumia Abu-Jamal commencement address. Let me attempt to translate that for you: (but you might want to glance at Wikipedia and

In 1981, a blood-drinking satanist lizard cop was shot. Whether Mumia, a former Black Panther, did it, i do not know for sure. Many ensouled people insist he did not, and the satanists insist he did. Take a guess where the truth probably lies.
Although the vast majority of shapeshifting reptilians have no concern for their lives or that of their fellows, they siezed upon this pretext to punish Mumia. Mumia has been in prison since then. He is 3 months younger than i am, and still ensouled. [Update 2016: Mumia is a CIA human clone. No MPD or Masonic vibe, though. It is interesting to know that they were sticking souls into at least some clones many decades ago.]

Of course, the CIA made sure he had a soapbox, leading some people to suspect Mumia is an agent. Democracy Now! and various other CIA fronts have kept the injustice in the news.

The first article i linked says
Earlier this month, Abu-Jamal spoke via a pre-recorded video message to a group of 20 students at Goddard College as part of a commencement ceremony. The Vermont college's announcement of Abu-Jamal as a speaker prompted outrage in Pennsylvania, where the inmate is serving his sentence.
I myself attended Goddard in the summer of '77, as mentioned before. It is as lizardly and CIA-drenched as any American college. The staff are now clones.

The CIA has been encouraging him to shoot off his mouth, and now they are using this as a pretext to create more distractions and controversy to fill up the news and create more laws to torture humans with.

Wow, i don't even have time to read all this stuff, but i just noticed the article says
the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund, ... helped to overturn Abu-Jamal's death sentence.
The NAACP is another CIAlizard front.
Mumia is an ensouled human who has been co-opted without his knowledge, and used as a tool.
In fact i don't remember where i first read about Mumia in 1990, in an article exhorting readers to write a letter on his behalf (which i did), but chances are it was a CIA or NSA publication.

(9:30pm) Got ~1/8" rain, then i saw tracks in the fresh mud from hog #3. I haven't actually seen him again, though. Here's a capture from the vid. I simply can't get enough of that adorable puppy-dog face.

Keeping it in the family: City Pays Out $460,000 In Police Beating Lawsuit, but only $1,000 Goes to Victim. The rest goes to the lizard lawyers.

Oct. 24, '14: (10:25am) More ludicrous fear porn from your friendly CIAlizards: Satanist Missouri Doctor: Suspected Ebola Patient Witnessed 'Bleeding Out of All Orifices'. Former Border Patrol Agent Zach Taylor is another SSer.
And Who Is CIAlizard Craig Spencer, 1st New York Ebola Patient?

Sniveling reptilian Paedophile seeking £100,000 in damages.

Oct. 25, '14: (8:10pm) Another Project Monarch project: shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School by MPD boy rejected by girl. I say take a close look at daddy. The gun used in the shooting has been traced to Fryberg's father who is a satanist Freemason CIA asset. No pics found yet of him.
Of course most of the depicted students are SSers, but that is probably just the local demographics.
School reptilian staff list.

(6:30pm) 85 F in town today, clear. (Yesterday was chemmy.) Fall color is coming on, many leaves are starting to fall. At home, swarming ladybugs are worse than ever. Usually they get heavy around early December, but lately they are heavier than i have ever seen. And for some reason they seem obsessed with trying to get into my bldgs. I can't even open the door without letting in a few, as they have crawled into the crack between the door and the door-frame, and jump in at first opportunity. Don't know what they hope to find. They are supposed to eat aphids.

No werewolves at work today, but an endless stream of NSA and CIA MIBs driving by all day. Don't know what they hope to accomplish, either.

(8:20pm) The EHETs are working with, or probably rather for some evil dragons, i suspect. They both were just hitting me from here but the dragon HQ might be in the center here.

Oct. 27, '14: (3:45pm) MIBS were fairly thick yesterday, too, but not as bad as the day before.

Israel-bashing on campus. What is interesting is that the dipshit-looking "protestors" in the top pic, and most of the audience in the 2nd pic, are Mossad lizard clones.
Of course the pic with the bullhorn also only has Mossad lizard clones.

Gotta drum up that precious controversy at all costs!
Meanwhile, here in AR, the impending voting day has got the forces of Mark Pryor-clone duking it out with the Tom Cotton-clone camp. Every day lately i get calls at home from "surveyors", presumably to see if my vote is already "committed" to Tweedle-Dum or Tweedle-Dee. Never mind that i am on the Do Not Call registry.
I had one outfit call me 4 times within the space of 3 hours once, each caller apparently oblivious that i had cussed out the previous one.
And all these callers have been SSers with one dim-bulb exception.
A couple days ago i even got such a call from a U base in Mexico, although the caller had an Anglo accent.

Oct. 28, '14: (11:10am) Got around 0.4" rain this morning early. Cooler.

I found some new ETs sending demons to people in Lagos, Nigeria. These ETs can be found in the center of this pic. Now they are attacking me, too.
I haven't figured out anything about their morphology. They do not seem to have an obvious reptilian vibe. My correspondent there says "I think these are the ETs called ROWANIYAH that has been bothering us for very long!"

(7:10pm) I just realized that Wo Shing Wo triad is very Masonic. There are a couple white, non-reptilian satanist mason Wo Shing Wo thugs in this chopsocky clip. I sense 4 such guys, tho not sure all were shown in clip.

Now for a movie somewhat worth watching, check out Drive. At least the lead good guys are humans. [Wrong! Egyptoids! Most of the martial arts world seems to be Egyptoids.]
I watched it a few weeks ago, and as i recall, at least half the actors were Wo Shing Wo lizards, including a few white satanist SSers. Like the main bad guy with the long hair.
Probably at least half of these are dead now (since i watched it), including the white guys. I think all these WSW guys are Masons.

Figured i'd do a little looking around on web. This article says, interestingly, what i suspected: "The Triads is a Chinese Secret Society which is something of a cross between the Masons and the Mafia-- something in the line of P2 Freemasonry-- except much bigger. The Triads are not well known In this country but they are many more times powerful than the Mafia." And "the Triads can work with the Mafia, the CIA, and the Illuminati." "The traditional initiation lasts about eight hours, and includes ritual dance, secret hand-shakes, a blood sacrifice, and pricking the finger of the new initiates."
I'm bookmarking that page for future perusal.

Oct. 29, '14: (8:15pm) Beautiful, clear, temperate day today. Got mildly attacked by NSA and CIA drive-by satanists all day at work. No MIBs among them until mid-afternoon, then a constant stream of MIBs.
Also the Rowaniyah have been attacking me.

Robotoid agent being promoted by Icke, Inc.: Dr. Robin Falkov of "Health Freedom Rights". She consorts with CIAlizards such as Hoagland and the satanist Sonya Sophia Illig.

(8:35pm) Another negative crop circle: CROP CIRCLES IN BRAZILIAN OF STATE OF SANTA CATARINA AGAIN. This was made by some evil ETs common in this region of space.

Oct. 30, '14: (6am) Woke up early and my left hip and leg were all clenched up, despite the fact that i had massaged and stretched that area before going to bed.
I realized it was the Rowaniyah tightening me up again. Yesterday they gave me a stiff neck for a while. Hitting them gives some relief.
I realized that the single best program to attack these particular ETs (who might be a serious problem for a while) is the good old Strontium-Barium pgm (which requires only cocoa in resin these days). Second best is the free Roller pgm, which requires only plain resin in a particular size sphere mold. Limit one copy per person, but The Committee can also make as many copies one wants for various other consenting persons, for example, ET allies that we have plenty of, and direct these to the target.
Also there is a new pgm which goes into copper/brass/bronze, just for this species. One could even imbed loosely-packed shavings (of cupric metals) or coils into the S-B resin.

(11:25am) Aha! Those Rowaniyahs seemed to be unjailable at first, but it turns out that like the EHETs and some other species, they have both a solid and etheric phase. They just started swarming me in the etheric phase and getting jailed. And the solid ones are now letting me force them into the etheric phase to jail them.

In other developments, i have now been getting US Army transmitter planes. Usually i get CIA or NSA transmitter propellor planes, and if i hear one, there are actually 3, 6, or 9 of them working together in the region.
But this morning, so far i got 3 Army overflights, and just to throw me off and totally confuse me for 1/2 a second, they are not using numerology. First it was 8 planes, then 5, then 4.

Also, this Delta flight just passed over, irradiating me with a CIA transmitter. Delta is a well-known CIA proprietary.
And, even though the flight is from Atlanta to SLC, for some reason a satanist CIAlizard at the control tower in the LR airport is involved in this in some way, i seem to get.

In the US, all air traffic controllers and large passenger flight staff are satanist shapeshifters. And they strongly resist going undergound to get killed. For some reason, clones, Sandy Hookers, synthetics, etc. can be surgeons, truckdrivers, politicians, judges, generals, etc. but there seems to be a firm rule so far that they cannot be pilots or air traffic controllers. So i like to punish them when they trespass.

(2:15pm) I made it rain by an advanced technique: i did a load of laundry and hung it out to dry. But that should pass soon and hopefully the sun will come back out.

I have also been getting more NSA and CIA transmitter planes since i last posted than i usually get in a month.

Got a real freaky vibe off this dead guy: Father of Sarah Payne, who had struggled since her murder, found dead at his home. I think what happened is he had a drinking buddy who happened to be an MI satanist lizard who slipped something into his booze. I think we nailed him in a U base here just now. And we are taking out more MI bases east of there.
Dunno what the motive was for the murder.

(7:40pm) Got a bunch more of those planes later. Seems to have stopped for now. Remarkable, the resources they can marshall to make someone slightly uncomfortable. And it's not just me; many people get this, many of them much more than i usually do. Today was a record for me.

OK, there is a 2nd species out there in Rowaniyah land that is attacking me. I get vague flashes of a broad life-form with elephant-like hide.

Oct. 31, '14 (8:45am) That 2nd race seems morphologically much different from the Rowaniyah, yet seems to be made of the same energy-stuff. The same pgms are recommended against them as for the Rowaniyah. And like the Rowaniyah, they have both solid and etheric phases.
I suspect both species are made by yet another, as-yet-uncloaked, species.

I was awake for a while around 3am and noticed 2 sets of Army transmitter planes. Then another this morning after i got up. Now that they know i am onto them, they are using normal 3-based numerology.

It is amazing what worthless junk some soulless marketers are selling as orgonite. For example, Orgone Energy Balancing is pure crap, about a 1 on a scale of 0-10. At least it isn't corrupt (which would put it in a minus range). But i mention this guy because he makes many absurd claims. "Nowhere else on the web will you find the value and quality of products for the money. We are proud of the products we offer" and also because i am befuddled how he could possibly make them so weak. If he just made simple orgonite like Croft was promoting in 2001, it would be at least around 3 on the scale.
Worse, he has fake testimonials written by himself.
Many good people consider orgonite to be a scam thanks to a-holes like this.

OK, remember on the 25th i found a race of dragons acting with (probably behind) the EHETs? There are loads of them in the Tarantula Nebula being attacked by Ta'l etc. because they tried to remote-kill Thor'p by attacking his heart.

(9:50am) BTW, i don't think i spelled it out before, but these dragons also have an etheric phase. The Tarantula ones are "visiting" me now a little, and getting jailed.

(2:40pm) I got a bunch more Army transmitter overflights. Some had jet noise, some prop.
But i never actually saw any of these alleged planes the last couple days. Of course it has been overcast or dark out much of the time lately, and if i'm indoors i don't run out to look, anyway. And most of them don't sound real close, either.
Today the sky is clear and i heard an apparent Army jet overhead, but could not see it nor any trail.
It occurred to me i should look on the map to find the airport they have been coming from. But i found no airport, just extensive army u bases and tunnels in northern AR, especially around the Lake Norfork region, and southern MO. We are taking those previously unsuspected bases out.

As soon as we addressed these, i started getting CIA xmtr planes again, and no more army ones. Not that i could actually see the CIA planes either. Yet all these craft dowse as physical metal objects with 1-3 satanists inside. I suspect they are exotic craft from U bases cloaked to look like planes and/or invisible.

(7:15pm) Been getting a lot more CIA xmtr "planes". The few i looked for in the clear sky were not spotted. No more army craft. Tracking down the CIA bases associated with their craft.

We are supposed to have out first freeze tonight, like 25-26 F. I'm hoping it won't get that cold at my altitude, as i have turmeric plants in the ground.

OK, another chapter from the Black Assassins guy. This one is about Adrian Peterson. Since i have zero interest in football, and he is a soulless Earthling, i had not followed the story about him.
I will note things as i read down the article.

First off, i doubt Jesus had anything to do with his remarkable healing from injury. He may or may not be sincere in his piety, but i suspect something more along the lines of illuminati ET healing technology.
Erica Syion, the mother of one of Adrian's kids, is an MPD SSer.
I did not watch the video by SSer Anthony Hilder. But i do consider the Ninth Circle article legitimate info.
I don't think that Wotan = Odin. The latter is a good friend of mine.

Hmmm, he strays pretty far from a narrow discussion of Adrian's dilemma. He quotes:
"Their (Luciferians) diabolical activities begin on October 1st and build the entire month of October, climaxing on October 31st which is dedicated to planned world-wide human sacrifice. These sacrifices take place in covens and carefully guarded exclusive meeting places of high-ranking government officials."
With that in mind, considering today's date, i think i should pause at this point to look around some on the map.
And maybe all this transmitter-craft stuff is a distraction.

(7:25) I will get back to the article sometime soon, but right now there are lots of reptilian ETs and others doing rituals underground worldwide that need to be lit up.

(8:20pm) Hmm, found some of the same type of dragons as have been attacking me today from the Tarantula Nebula, under central Africa. They were doing up 333 kittens, what with the shortage of ensouled humans and all.
In fact, i am finding that a good way to scan Google Earth for rituals is to search for animals in agony. We release their souls and the allies take out the bases.

(8:30pm) Found some bears under many spots in Russia being tortured by reptilians. Also horses, dogs, etc.
2 Falun Dafa women under the Quilian Mtns of China being raped by Chinese satanists. Falun Dafa people are usually ensouled and hence of prime value for satanic rites.

(8:35pm) Those same dragons were doing 2 camels under Saudi Arabia.
Also finding joint NSA/CIA rituals in various places involving ensouled dogs and soulless children, even 2 ensouled women at one undersea spot.