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Loohan's blog for October, 2015

Oct 2, '15: (7:55am) MI clone: Aseel Muthana, A 17-Year-Old (who) Has Been Added to a List of the World's Most Wanted Terrorists.

Another stupid CIA clone skit: Oregon shooting. Note that the CIA points out that this was in a gun-free zone, just like in the Chattanooga Marine recruiter "shooting".
Some people have an overly simplistic view that these false flags are mainly for the purpose of clamping down with more gun control.

Looks like most of the students put into prisoner lockdown formations were actual humans being indoctrinated to obey.
(Heehee, hope the CIA doesn't correct their Freudian slip of referring to a clone cop as a "stocky copy".)

(2:20pm) Billionaire's Grandson Kills Three Kids Drunk Driving. Real story? I think so.
The Muzzo family is hard-core satanist SSer. Even the perp's dead dad has strong vibe. (Dead satanists often have a strong vibe in their pics because of all the spells they cast that are still extant. E.g. i was reading about Jimmy Savile for months before i read he was dead. I thought he was alive.
We have broken old spells from many historic figures since.)
The victims are human.

Israeli parents gunned down in terror attack were 'dream couple' of clones.
And yes, Jesuit subsidiary Fatah claims responsibility. These dead clones have a lot of satanist spells about them because they replaced satanist SSers.

Oct 3, '15: (5:55pm) Is this guy for real? Even George W. Bush's Former Chief Economist Says 9/11 Was an Inside Job. Yes, pretty sure this is a sincere human. Of course he makes some little misinterpretations. Some of the "people" he thinks are cool, aren't. And the reason there are such glaring problems in the Official Stories is not merely the hubris of the perps, but a deliberate psyop; they flaunt the fact that these are false events orchestrated by deceptive psychopaths.

And what is this creature: Charlotte Church? Initially she felt like a human to me, but since she acts like a douchebag agent, i blasted her with my new wand which lights up all kinds of doubles, ETs, etc. That's the only item i have that affects her vibe. Now she definitely feels non-human. Also i noticed and removed 81 sex-appeal spells of the same sort that SSers and their clones often have. But the odd thing is, if they are actors or musicians who are at all famous, for some unfathomable reason they normally will not have these spells. Yet she is famous enough to have a Wikipedia page which says she has sold many millions of records.
I looked through past images of her, and all have the same vibe (childhood pic). She has a lizard clone husband and 2 clone kids (pic). Her mom is also played by a clone. Wikipedia says "Church was adopted by her mother's second husband, James Church, in 1999."
Interesting pics: Charlotte Church's father suffered horrific facial injuries 'after asking for cocaine at New Year's Eve'. Step-dad does seem human. But Robert Moore is a (now clone) Freemason who i sense was not acting randomly or impulsively in anything he did or did not do vis-a-vis Mr Church. I also suspect Mrs Church was in on it.
Note also the star-of-Rothschild pattern dress Harlotte is wearing in one pic.
I can't find any pics of Church's [alleged] biological father, Stephen Reed, but i suspect he is a clone as well.

Oct 4, '15: (7:40pm) Cooler; built my first little fire of the season.

Ugh! CIA is parasitizing well-intentioned humans as usual: GoFundMe pages for pedophile clones. "Hero" Mintz alone is pushing 3/4 million $$ already. And it's humans doing the giving.

Another enigmatic life-form: Bishop Ra'Shawn D. Flournoy, Jesuit agent. He married a male clone with great fanfare, and runs a clone-drenched church. He also felt like a human initially until i blasted him; he seems most susceptible to the vibe of bionized stones.

Oct 5, '15: (2:30pm) ALIEN HUMANOIDS WALKING AMONG US CCTV FOOTAGE. Whatever these guys are, the Ta'l are familiar with them and don't like them. The Laser Program works on them somewhat. Taking out some of their deep facilities 15 miles offshore east of Rhode Island.

(5:05pm) Underage lizard clone hookers for rent: Ballet Akademiet in Denmark. Lots of pics of the hot little darlings here. Map location.

Oct 6, '15: (8:55am) And, in keeping with time-honored tradition, the CIA shoots its own fake slaughter story full of holes.

Why do we have what appears to be 2 identical twins among the clone liars in this video? I have not followed the story deeply enough to know whether these are indeed intended to represent twins.

The reason i ask is because a couple days ago Spivey drew attention to some curious identicalnesses among what, at the time of picture takings, were satanist SSers who did not feel like clones.
Why would "they" do such things? I know that they can morph sexually-reproduced SSers in the same manner that they do clones, to resemble anyone they choose, but why would they do this with illuminati kids llke this?

(1:20pm) The Politics of Lyme Disease. More scheduled disclosure and manufactured saga. The author as well as Lee Zeldin are clones. Andy Abrahams Wilson seems real, though.

More disclosure requirements being met: "ex"-IRS agent Sherry Jackson. I seem to recall reading about this lady years ago, and taking her at face value. She is a human, but now i am getting very suspicious about her, after watching her being introduced by a CIA clone and then launching into a long monolog, not one word of which came from her heart.
Funny how at 2:33 on Part 2 she says "You think they want this information out here"?

The We The People Foundation she refers to is run by humans, most of whom, i think, are sincere. I have doubts about Irwin Schiff's sincerity.

Oct 7, '15: (6:15pm) Another CIA clone: She Used to Run a Planned Parenthood Clinic, Now She Wants Planned Parenthood De-Funded.

Another of those fake humans that can be blasted with the laser pgm: Sheriff John Hanlin.

Oct 8, '15: (4:30pm) Lately i have been noticing more multiple activated clones for VIPs. There were 2 pope copies visiting the US. Last night i gave Netan-yahoo-clone a blast, only to realize there were 3 copies being passed around. This morning i see a pic of Hollande-clone and realize there are also 3 active copies of him.
I don't know if this stuff is an effort to confuse blasters or what.
Right now i sense 2 Donald Trumps, 2 Jeremy Corbyns, 3 Bill Clintons, ...

Another cheesy CIA video: My Escape From Syria: Europe or Die. 100% authentic clones.

(9:45pm) It was a warm day and is still warm out.
#9 repts attacked me relentlessly most of the day, making me feel tired yet unable to nap. Finally i laid a serious hurting on them. Now i am getting relentlessly attacked by the

Green Demons (pic snatched from this video).

Maybe if you help me jail these things i'll be able to get some sleep tonight.

Oct 9, '15: (7:45am) I did sleep well, thanks.

Rubbing it in your face as usual: UNBELIEVABLE! MSM Using SANDY HOOK FOOTAGE AGAIN for Oregon Shooting Hoax.

Oct 10, '15: (8:15am) Got less than 1/10" of rain yesterday. It has been dry lately. Of course, i haven't been pouring much resin lately either.

Shock Video: Dozens of Dehydrated Illegals Pour Out of Semi-trailer Truck. Authentic? You decide. Only the cops and the driver are clones.
Seems to me, that trailer is not so "cramped" for 40 people. Hell, when i lived in Austin, it was not that uncommon for Mexicans to be about that crowded in rented apartments.
None of their pants (most of which are in better shape than mine) are drenched in sweat, urine, fecal matter...

Everybody Was Klone Fu Fighting: Weeks After Stopping Terrorist Train Attack, 'Hero' Spencer Stone Stabbed Outside California Bar. Unfortunately the video is not clear enough to make out the slashing blades and dripping blood.
Stone-clone has been replaced once since his last alleged fight.

Oct 11, '15: (5:15pm) Ah, lessee, 2 more school "shootings" in the US today, while Israel has been enjoying a rash of "stabbings". Equally dubious, Ms Justin Bieber's massive penis has been photographed. No, that's not a link to the pic. I have not looked for it. But i can guarantee it's fake.

Onto more serious matters. On the 8th i reported that i was able to mess up the #9 repts. From that point on, they have not been attacking via vehicle noises or clones; other repts have (mostly #4s). And much more weakly, as i have also been working on the other repts in the same way. They all seem greatly weakened.

Many years ago when i was first dowsing stuff, i noticed that some of the Indians in the Six Nations Confederacy felt like black magician descendants of a tribe of corrupted repty Masonic "Jews" who came to North America ages ago (and S America, Japan, China).
Then the other day i was reading this article which mentions
At Appomattox, General Grant's adjutant was Lt. Colonel Ely Samuel Parker (1828 -- August 31, 1895). Lt. Col. Parker was a Seneca Nation Native American. General Grant insisted on respectfully introducing his staff members to his brethren, General Robert E. Lee individually. The legend is that General Lee courteous, shook each man's hand. At first, General Lee hesitated shaking Parker's hand, apparently mistaking him for a black freedman or mulatto. However, most likely from a secret Masonic sign or symbol, he extending his hand to Lt. Col. Parker with the gracious comment, "I am glad to see one real American here." [28] General Lee's "Real American" response to Lt. Col. Parker was secretly Masonic Recognition. Masons believed that Native Americans were among the most ancient Masonic Brethren -- descendants of one of the Lost Tribes of Israel that colonized America before Christopher Columbus.[29] Columbus, a Knight (Templar) of Christ, proclaimed that these newly discovered "Indians" were, in fact, of JEWISH ORIGINS. Columbus even suggested that Spain could, "recruit their bodies and their wealth to assist Europeans in a final crusade to crush Islam and reclaim Jerusalem" (Alan Taylor, American Colonies: The Settlement of North America, 33).[30] According to Mormon (Masonic) Theology, Indians are a lost tribe of Israel.[31] ...

Lt. Col. Parker was a Master Mason, and the (Grecian) Grand Orator of the Grand Lodge of Illinois. Parker was one of the founders of Miners' Lodge, No. 273 in Galena. He had set the Lodge's counter stone. On December 27, 1859, the Lodge celebrated a grand ball on St. John the Evangelist's Day. For the special affair, Ely S. Parker was clothed in the full uniform of a Knight Templar.[35] Lt. Col. Parker was also a Scottish Rite York Royal Arch Freemason and KNIGHT TEMPLAR. In September 1859, he was the High Priest and one of the founding charter members of the Jo Daviess Charter of Royal Arch, No 5. Illinois, Northern Jurisdiction.[36]
Well, well. So i looked up pics of Seneca "people" and they are repty. Some were already replaced by clones. Barry Snyder was still alive, as were Maurice A. John, Sr, Todd Gates, and Pauline John. Replaced by clones now that i blasted these as well as Senecas in general.
Note that most American Indians are not repty; only certain tribes.
I have never noticed a repty or blood-drinker vibe off of Robert E Lee, and was kind of curious whether the Civil War was totally engineered by Masons, like most. Evidently he was a Mason. So the "Rebel" flag is just as phony and disgusting as the American flag. And the Civil War was just as phony as virtually all wars.

(5:35pm) Columbus, according to history, first hit the "New World" in the Caribbean, where the Arawak Indians lived. The Arawak (now pretty much extinct/interbred) were blood-drinking shapeshifting repts who worshipped Yahweh/Yaldabaoth and Ahriman with public sex rites and blood sacrifice.
According to Bartholomew de las Casas, a satanist SSer, the (satanist SSer) Spaniards brutally enslaved these Indians, cutting off their hands if they did not bring in enough gold, etc. (I have not read the article; i am just going by memory of the lectures i heard in 1992 at a Native American-held Columbus Day event in Seattle).
I suspected they knew quite well that the Indians were just like them, repts who held Yahweh as their god, but this is the first time i read that Columbus proclaimed that these newly discovered "Indians" were, in fact, of JEWISH ORIGINS.

Oct 13, '15: (7:20pm) Another vendor of black magic tainted energy devices: Earthmagic Enterprises, run by the clone replacement for dead CIA satanist Anita Hefner.

Oct 14, '15: (6:50pm) A couple great new resin programs this month, see down the page here.

Oct 15, '15: (noon) Getting hot out there. Yesterday was very warm and today they predict 91 F, although it probably won't get as hot at my altitude.

France's top weatherman sparks storm over book questioning climate change. And he's not an ET! But how did such a groovy fellow get so high up in the TV weather scene?
Ah! Tout simplement, in France, it is not a requirement that one be an ET in order to be a TV weatherman; it suffices that one be a blood-drinking pedophile Freemason.

Toxic Lithium Being Sprayed Over OR And The US? Lithium does not have much of a vibe that i can detect, unlike other metals. But the author and her whistleblower are human.

(1:05pm) Black-Palestinian Alliance Emerges to Confront Global Violence and Racism. Unfortunately, some of these are clone agents, notably the copies of dead satanists Alice Walker and Danny Glover.

Is this guy sincere? DR. JAMES SEARS of The New Constitution Party of Canada. I think so. Good luck with that, dude. [Update 2016: nope, he's a human clone. Does not have obvious MPD vibe, though.]

Oct 16, '15: (11:25am) Pretty funny. CIA clone working for Operation Mockingbird Arrested for Lying About Being in CIA. Well golly, good thing somebody caught on about him. We don't need liars on the TV news!

Federal Whistleblower Investigator Fired After Blowing the Whistle on His Own Agency. I think this guy is sincere. Fortunately, the Office of Special Clones and the CIA's Government Accountability Project are there to back him up.

Oct 17, '15: (4:50pm) Colder. I got reads as low as 38 F this morning outside, with my temp gun. Fired up wood stove for 2nd time this season.

For a week or 2 i have been vaguely sensing another race of ETs that seems higher in the heirarchy than the repts, EHETs, etc. But they have been elusive to get a handle on, only occasionally attacking me in vague ways.
But a few minutes ago they started hitting me between the shoulder blades from near Ursa Major. They do not seem jailable.

Oct 18, '15: (5:15pm) Veterans for Peace: the BOD and staff are all humans, and hopefully sincere. But whom do they turn to for advisors? Mostly agents.
Bacevich is a clone. So are Medea Benjamin, Phyllis Bennis, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, Jackson Browne, Charlie Clements, Marjorie Cohn, John Dear, Phil Donahue, Bill Fletcher Jr, Chris Hedges, Matthew Hoh, David Krieger, Ray McGovern, Ralph Nader, Masahide Ota, Jeremy Scahill, Margaret Stevens, David Swanson, Cornel West.
Daniel Ellsberg is a human CIA agent married to a CIA clone. Yoko Ono is a satanist shapeshifting rept Monarch handler for the Russian-Israeli Mafia.

I have to wonder whether the humans running the show are incredibly stupid or something worse. It even says "Hedges was among a team of reporters from the New York Times awarded the Pulitzer Prize for coverage of global terrorism." Can they really be so naive as to think this guy is OK? Do they really think that the media is run by different forces than the military-industrial complex?

Oct 19, '15: (8pm) Thor'p sent me a link to a video with pics of a Thelian craft. I sense only 6 aboard, though.

Aand, it appears our green reptilian allies have been making the opposition nervous: Whistleblower Says They Are Here. Shows their craft. At this time, i sense them mostly on and around Mars.

Oct 20, '15: (8pm) A 17-year-old flashed his lights at a cop and ended up dead. Note how the cop's voice tone sounds pretty reasonable, but then he tases the kid for nothing. This is a human cop. Many of these atrocities are committed by human cops who are selected for psychopathic tendencies and bouyed up in their nazi power tripping by their repty CIA support networks.
If you live in the US, be aware that at least some cops have this scam of having unusually bright lights so that they can harvest more tickets. In 1989 i was driving along at night at a fairly legal pace on a rural highway in a foreign state, and was harshly blinded by an approaching car. I turned on my brights, and as the cop car went by, the sirens came on. When the cop, having pulled around, parked behind me, he had 2 sets of headlights on (instead of one as before) and these were even brighter. That's when i realized he must not have had his brights on originally.
The cop did not mention anything about the lights, but said i was speeding. In all likelihood, when i was blinded and unable to see my speedometer, i probably sped up inadvertently, as i was going downhill. Plus i wanted to get past those lights asap.

I suspect this headlight thing is deliberate. It gives them an excuse to pull people over and sniff around for something to hassle people over.
I never paid the ticket.

Really evil place i've been working on all day: Bodelschwingh Castle. It had numerous evil rept types under it. I sense 40+ clones plus some SHers etc. in the bldg. The walls and surroundings are packed with demons and spells.

Oct 21, '15: (7:35pm) It's open season on Exu demons. I recently became aware of them. They are common in Brazil, brought in by African "religions".
They killed 4 dogs over a period of 3 months, belonging to an orgonaut down there. They hate positive orgone and may attack devices. I perceive them as 4' humanoids. A few came into my space last night, first as elegant and charming pretty women, then later some resentful males.
We've been jailing but there are plenty more to share.

Oct 23, '15: (10:55am) Yay, the monsoon finally hit around 5am. Might get a few inches of rain over the next couple days. It had been dry a while.

Patricia Eyes Mexico With Catastrophic Force as Strongest Hurricane on Record. A few years ago, this would have been an intensely DORy scene. But with the present dearth of demons and the depleted stocks of evil ETs, i detected no bad vibe at first. If i dig a bit, i sense the usual chemmer-repts at work though, especially in the center area. Working on jailing them. And if i look at Google Earth (capture) i see some dubious cloud formations.

The Exu kept me awake most of last night, kicking back against my jailing. There is also another species, Ogun/Ogum which works with them and also attacked me as well as friends in Brazil. The references seem to say that this is one individual, but there are actually many.

Reptilian media/UN slut kills self? Yes, in all likelihood she did when she chose to go underground years ago. But why would her clone hang herself, when the normal thing for clones to do is to go undergound to get killed? Perhaps to create a story, to fortify the credibility of whatever claptrap she was pushing?

26 bankers already sentenced to a combined 74 years in prison. Wrists slapped. At least these 4 on top are non-clone SSers. And even though virtually no Icelanders are repty, these all have Icelandic(?) names.
Information is hard to find about whether they have been incarcerated pending trial, but that might explain why they were unable to dive underground and get killed.

I found it odd that the 3rd guy so much resembles 1 pic of Hauptsturmfuehrer Baron Otto Albrecht Alfred von CC found on this page Right down to the oddly sunburned-looking skin. Kind of close match, according to Twins or Not.
[Update 10/2017: that is not Baron Otto Albrecht Alfred von Bolschwing! It is Reinhard Heydrich, the alleged architect of The Final Solution. Spivey claims he is a double of the head of MI6, Alex Younger.]

(6:30pm) Most of today's weather has been passing south of me.

I have been getting hit all day by Exus, as have my friends in Brazil. Diego has sent a list of locations where stupid irresponsible human slaves invoke these demons. This evening is a big one for group channelings or whatever it is they do. A good time to blast. All these spots feel nasty with demons:And this is not a location but an online guru.

Oct 24, '15: (5:15pm) Thanks for the help. I slept much better last night, and attacks from Exus are weak on me today. Also my friends in Brazil are doing somewhat better.
In a while, i will post some more links to "spiritual" places in Brazil.

I only got about 3/4" of rain off all that. Most of it keeps going south of me. But it was good soaking rain, and since it is cool and overcast, it is not evaporating before the ground can absorb it.

In recent years, Sensei-clone Dennis of and WarriorMatrix (and the USN) had not (that i noticed) been selling stuff with a toxic vibe anymore. I had the impression it was being made by some well-intentioned human. I figured, too many people could discern the evil energy, so they stopped doing it. Also the original satanist who had the corrupting touch which turned everything he touched DORy, had been killed. Some of the stuff was half-decent.

But now they have stuck black magic back into their products, which traces to CIA U bases we are taking out.
I guess they have reasoned that most people don't really want to refuse evil, or are unable to. I have been shrieking for the past decade that Dennis was a satanist USN agent, but what credibility does someone have who is merely effectively stomping out evil. People don't want to know. They prefer to cuddle with overtly DORy, toxic "warrior" devices, when they could be easily making top-notch clean, positive, anti-evil stuff.

Oct 25, 2015: (7:45am) Got slight rain overnight. Looks like might get more in next few days, then they are predicting serious rains starting in a week.

Gov't Gag Order on National Weather Service and NOAA Employees. I am SHOCKED! And so are the SSers. Let's see, this was linked from, it is on CIAlizard Zen Gardner's site, purportedly written mostly by CIA clone Dane Wigington. Quoting various other clones such as Bill Hopkins, Jeff Ruch, Carolyn Lerner...
Like, how many human employees are there in NWS and NOAA? Zero maybe? Why do clones need to be gagged? And why would they mind?

OK, some further DORy places in Brazil:

Diego says:
These three are from a Church of Bispo Edir Macedo... I sure that in that places you will find Exus... They work with them using the cult of Kimbanda (another kind of African cult who only work with EXU)... Others places from Bahia and Rio de Janeiro... Note that, if you are blasting these spots, it is not imperative that you actually click on the links, as these hyperlinks are also energetic links to the spots.
I hastily formatted these from a list of URLs sent by Diego, without checking them. If there are any errors or duplicates, hopefully someone will email me and i will fix them after work today.

(7:35pm) More all-clone "news": Maldives Vice-President Adeeb arrested.

There is this clone-clown going by the name of Keshe supposedly releasing fabulous free energy tech to the public. Problem is, the devices feel nasty. He also supplies the DORy nano wire for making your own. His stuff has evil ET vibes ingrained into it during the manufacturing process, that i don't think we can clear.

Diego sent another list of demon-worshipping locations which i will post tomorrow. Except for this map of 1155 Candomble' centers. The spots may take a few seconds to appear on the map.

Oct 26, '15: (8:05am) Wow, a big storm system materialized and is approaching from somewhat east of due south; looks like i'll get some rain later today.

Gunman on run after attack on army barracks in Belgium. No explanation for the prominent pic of an EMPTY sedan. I get no vibe off "gunman" and wonder if he exists.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Cops Begin Carrying Nunchucks to Subdue Suspects. This is nuts and i'll explain why. I used to have a couple sets and play around with them sometime. I bought them in 1983 and they got ruined in the cabin fire i had last year.

For 3 decades i had fun occasionally slinging them around, but at the same time, i knew that i sucked at them. In a real situation against multiple attackers, swords, or knives, i would much rather be holding a standard-issue police billy club! Short sticks are about the most practical and easy to handle of small, non-projectile weapons. Unless you are a truly expert martial artist with lots of experience and training in nunchucks. And even then, you might prefer billy clubs.

On the other hand, if i wanted to do really serious damage to someone who was relatively harmless, perhaps already laying face down with his hands cuffed behind his back, i would prefer the chucks.
So now what? They are going to issue these things to felonious clones and psychopathic slob humans on steroids who only get a relatively small amount of fight training? It is not going to make California safer for cops or honest people. They'd be better off giving more billy-club training, not to mention joint-locks etc.

"These were kind of designed with a different goal in mind to be more of a control weapon..." Well, yeah, you can wrap them around a limb and squeeze it to get compliance, but even that takes skill which these cops are unlikely to have well enough to be able to apply it in a legitimate situation. It is just not practical enough for legit police work for them to bother carrying one around. Unless the cop is like a 3rd degree black belt with hundreds of hours of nunchuck training.

(10:20am) OK, some more lovely Brazilian spots:And more slimy online gurus:
(12:20pm) On the 17th i mentioned another race of ETs that seems higher in the heirarchy than the repts, EHETs, etc. They just started attacking me hard again, from numerous locations in the general vicinity of Ursa Major. As soon as i slam one location, another takes over. However, now they are jailable. In fact, if i hit the right "note" intention-wise with my hardware, i can simply delete large quantities quickly right where they sit.

(2:20pm) Going much better regarding those Ursa Major jokers.

I just edited and revised OTB 43 about developing psychic sensitivity. There were some serious errors! Mainly because i had example pics of animals all scrunched together in groups, which makes it very hard to dowse accurately. For example, i had this pic of puppies and said that only the middle one was ensouled. But actually, the first 2 are also ensouled, and indeed, jailing demons now.
I am embarrassed and apologize to all the people i subjected to this confusing mess. I have replaced the pics with ones of single animals. And made other corrections, etc.

Oct 27, '15: (10:25am) Drizzly morning. Been getting lite rain since last night.

I thought i'd re-visit a youtube channel i mentioned in August with the unfortunate name of YAHWEHYAHWEH HolyGod.
She has gone off the rails fingering bunches of supposed trannies who IMO are not. But i notice she has a bunch of new vids about robotoids, and just scanning the thumbnails, most of these are indeed robotoids. But not all; the "Batman shooter" (fingered within a couple vids) is still just a clone, for example. None of the ones in Robotoids are Frankenstein Monsters part2 are 'toids. Unless there is a new type which i am unable to discern. They all feel like ordinary soulless humans to me. (She also seems clueless to the fact that almost no humans have souls anymore.)
HOWEVER, i can't rule out that i am missing something. My friend in Queens is a massage therapist. On the 23rd he wrote me
My client yesterday , G------ , we had confirmed as ensouled twice in recent months, but yesterday I had a feeling I was working on a different body . She didn't have a bunch of scars on her torso and legs that she has had in the past . Her skin was smooth...
This is a person who felt like an ensouled human a few months ago. Now she feels like a soulless human. I can't find the soul, but then most of the people who were ensouled a few months ago no longer are, anyway. So dowsing-wise, i note nothing suspicious. But his testimony made me reply at the time
That's scary. They must be replacing an unknown qty of humans with human-vibe copies...
If she was replaced, i wd expect some sort of agency conxn vibe, tho, and i'm not detecting that.
The fact that i am unable to get any kind of agency, U base, or factory vibe off these (yet?), makes me doubt they are anything but humans. On the other hand, how could the woman just lose a bunch of scars?

OK, back to that channel:
Exposed! Pregnant Robotoid Trannies!! part1. Now this unquestionably is a CIA 'toid made in a U base, who has no fetus in its belly. It also has no vibe of prostate, testes, penis, but does have clit vibe. Same goes for Part 2, Part 3 (who also has strong CIA clone vibe right now from the company she keeps), and Part 4. And a bunch of other robotoid "trannies" she fingers.

(12:30pm) A couple months ago i also heard the claim (pretty sure it was on Manny Skywatch's channel) that many NFL players are actually creatures with female genitalia, and due to their weird DNA, this is actually an athletic advantage. Well, i never pay attention to football, so i haven't been scouting around for this (although also in Aug i stumbled across and posted about the dickless clone of such a former football coach, Timothy Dean Langford) but the other day the newspaper carried a conspicuous article about Auburn player Ricardo Louis, who, i couldn't help noticing, dowses as having no male genitalia. Louis does not have a repty vibe.

Oct 31, '15: (5:50pm) I did get a small amount more rain after that. Then a couple dry days. Then last night and this morning, go another 3/10" or so.

Kind of cool pupil shapeshift a reader sent in, at 2:17 in this vid. A clone is talking, another one walks up, the first guy introduces him, and the 2nd guy does a momentary "hello there" shapeshift. Seems possible he did it on purpose.

Pretty frightening, how all these CIA repticlones snarl viciously at each other: Quentin Tarantino Faces Mounting Pressure as Police Boycotts Spread. Ooh!