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Loohan's blog for October, 2016

Oct 1, '16: (6:25pm) Funny hoaxes:Gang-stalking was feeble at work today. Only had a few repticlone drive-bys channel demonic energy at me. I did get the requisite CIA couple as customers. Odd thing is they both had a complete lack of genital vibe. The "female" looked pretty queenly. I only got a brief glance at the "man" because he ran out rather quickly, but in that glance he seemed male.
I also got 4 other repticlone customers. Most repticlones seem genuinely clueless as to who i am. But one was a real butch drag queen. So butch i wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a long-haired male. But he had no penis/testes vibe, just a prostate. He smiled at me broadly and at length with his wide mouth. Sorry dude, not my type.

Oct 4, '16: (2:05pm) Laughable CIA VIDEO: Baby Girl Pulled Out Alive From Rubble After Syrian Air Strikes. Watch non-stop fakery. At 0:13 a bunch of small objects representing Aleppo are shown on fire. Then at 0:35 a bunch of CIA repticlones pull a doll out of rubble.

Back in July i mentioned that many of my wives had lost their souls. Then Aug 7, i got them back (minus a few infiltrators). But what about other people who had been wrongly culled? I have 320 million friends of a particular human race in Galaxy M82, and all had lost their souls. Also some of the more valuable-seeming Earth humans had. Since we were able to get my wives back (including the M82s), could we get the rest back?

I realized that a very cunning demon had inserted a virus into the Godhead, so that some of the wrong beings were being culled. I killed this demon, and a process began of restoring the wrongly-culled souls (this also includes various hyperdimensional beings). And since then, i have constantly felt that it was on the verge of happening. But today, i sense that it has finally happened! The process is not complete yet for some people, but most have been restored. Only ensouled beings have higher selves (96 higher selves, one for each dimension 5-100), so one way of dowsing this is to dowse for their higher selves.

But note that not all reasonably nice people who oppose evil will get their souls back. These were not wrongly culled. What makes it right for them to have lost their souls is beyond my comprehension, but this was not caused by evil. Only about 3,000 of the people on Earth were wrongly culled.
Interestingly, several of these i only got to know after their souls had been culled, and i was impressed at their refusal to compromise with evil, and their dedication to making orgone devices and otherwise combatting it.

(8:40pm) BTW, i had no stalking at work Sunday the 2nd. I did have some "interesting" customers, but apparently clueless.
Yet, since then, if i hear highway traffic in the distance from home, i often notice truck drivers channeling demon energies. Like i said, i am not the only target; they want to filthy up the clean vibes i've worked for.

Oct 5, '16: (7:55am) Had a slight thundershower [actually, a good 1/4"].

The forum has been down for over 24 hours. The server in Iceland has been having some problems. It is being worked on.

Police State, USA: No 'praying' in own home. OMG, what's this country coming to? Is that any way to treat a poor MPD CIA human clone?

Oct 6, '16: (11:10am) Forum is still down. Warm and sunny here.

Controversial Australian imam is attacked with a shoe, live on an Egyptian talk show after insisting Muslim women should NOT have to wear the veil. Can't these repticlones just get along?

Ramsey Orta, The Guy Who Filmed Eric Garner's Death, Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison. Yeah right, keep filling those prisons with MPD CIA human clones.

Another CIA hoax: The killing of Tiffany Jenks. Nobody killed this repticlone. Pic depicts 2 live CIA repticlones. And 3 more CIA repticlones (all male) depicted here. The guy on the left seems familiar, and may have acted in another hoax. There is even a CIA website.

Yemen's starving children 'heart-breaking': UN urges end to conflict amid Saudi strikes. At least these girls are not cross-dressed (except for the one in the center) but why do none of them have hymens? And UN humanitarian aid chief Stephen O'Brien is, of course, a repticlone.

"Santa of Syria" Smuggles Toys into War-Torn Aleppo to Bring Children Joy. This guy is a blood-drinking satanist, but what species? Not human nor any type of ET i'm familiar with. Think he's a UN agent.

Second Snowden? Feds Arrest NSA Contractor For Stealing Classified Data. Harold Thomas Martin is another CIA repticlone.

Are they using fewer TG actors lately, or is this just a phase?

Oct 8, '16: (6:55pm) Wow, no stalking again at work today. Especially remarkable as yesterday i was working outside at my place and heard were lots of noisy trucks on the highway with repticlone drivers channeling strong demons.
Interesting that there was not much traffic going by the bakery today even though i had an unusual amount of customers (all human). Usually there has been lots of traffic on the weekend, mostly agency stalkers.

The CIA are such retards: Muslim man in US thrown off plane for saying 'inshallah'. CIA repticlone.

US Navy investigated sailor who didn't salute to national anthem. This is some new kind of plastic-faced artificial human, made by the CIA. Note the deliberate androgyny. Women do not normally have such huge mouths or big chins.

Iran jails woman for 6 years for writing (unpublished) story on stoning. Both these repticlones just died in a U base.

Hmmm, there might be some interesting info in this article for radionics and psi buffs who have little love for Ashkenazi parasites. Seems a lot of them have this genetic vulnerability called Gaucher disease.
(Only repticlones depicted in this article, all of whom were in U bases just now.)

Oct 9, '16 (5:30pm) No stalking today at work, either. Sissies. Just when i start getting together some serious werewolf blasters, they wuss out.
But i have been getting attacked all day by the Hive Mind and its demons. Because i made some more killer orgone devices they resent.
Driving home from work i saw a bunch of real freaky ripple-chem, and realized this was related to the attacks. They kept replacing the rippling demons as fast as we could delete species. Couldn't wait to get home and take some pics. But it was not visible from my place, just cute little chem-puffs.

Yep, must be that Cmdr Loohan has so seriously embarrassed the agencies with his hoax transvestigations, that they are inexplicably using way more non-TG actors. The 2 repticlones here were in a U base when i saw the article.

And the forum is still down. It is hosted on my friend NDW's orgone website, which is on an Iceland server, which is down. The outfit does have a couple repticlone staff, but i suspect this incredibly long outage is just due to extreme incompetence. If they don't give their clients a couple years of free hosting after this, they suck.
If there is even an after this.

How a Jewish guy from Queens made the punk scene happen. There we go again; blame the Jews for everything. Those guys in the top pic feel way repty.

(6:40pm) I hadn't realized how long it had been since i've seen a sylph cloud around here. The sylph is on the left, forming a shape out of raw (vibeless) chem such as on the right.
There is not much difference visually, but the sylph's strong positive vibe is there on the left. It seems to make the chem denser; to have an astringent effect.
This is definitely in no way a spectacular example of a sylph cloud. But the cloud is not the critter.

(7:30am) Waving a werewolf fryer around, i notice i am de-cloaking their ships 50 miles or more away... lots of them. Newcomers from a big base inside Saturn.

Oct 10, '16: (11am) More androgyny conspiracy: Nigeria issues arrest warrant for Islamic movement's spokesman (translation: CIA colony issues arrest warrant for CIA actor). Ibrahim Musa is a male human, but funny that they chose one with very narrow, sloped shoulders. Wearing what looks like a woman's pajama top. Another pic of this studly dude.

I am really liking my Luke Coil devices. A few shown here connected in series on 110V AC, but they work just as well on 12V DC.
On the right is an old unit that used to be part of a skybusting array but over the years a few things have changed. The Luke Coil is in the bottom right piece with the crystal. The black box is mostly empty now, and it has all these jacks plus the flat surface on top for adding other things, but for now i can't find anything that will augment it.
Then we have the long unit i already posted about on the forum. Both of these units are presently purposed to attack the Hive Mind directly.

The other 2 are new. They both have plasterite cores that are heavy on the bionized sand. The metal is mostly some yellow bronze i got on eBay. This takes the new (Sep2016) anti-Egyptoid program. Also i have this brass-heavy unit i made last month, with the same predominant program. Why am i guided to make so many Egyptoid fryers? Apparently we are steeped in ancient Egyptoid black magic, the nature of which is such that i can't perceive it. I never got an evil vibe off the Pharaohs or the Pyramids, even back in the day when the Egyptian pantheon was archon-possessed and extremely DORy. Yet i can feel these units tearing up this black magic.

(12:30pm) Tropical Storm Nicole has werewolf craft buzzing around it at this time.

(5:40pm) Now there are loads of demons between Nicole and east Canada. Sent by offworld WWs.

(8:45pm) Oddball CIA proprietary: Peters Orchards and Market in MO. There was a base with WWs under it. All the posters on their FB page are CIA repticlones. I get the impression that (ahem) all sorts of produce is distributed from there.

Aha! There are also cloaked demons associated with Egyptoid black magic, as i discovered when i was guided to make this setup to deal with them.

Oct 11, '16: (11:50am) The forum is back up, but only posts thru early July. I don't know if they will be able to restore more. NDW told me he has copies of all the posts, except he does not have copies of the Tranny Spotting Forum posts for the last until 8 days before the server broke. If you have copies from this forum, don't delete them yet! We might need them.

LOL, Former World Bank MTF Human Hitchcock Clone Says a "Second Species on Earth Controls Money& Religion".
Ya don't say. They ought to make a scary movie out of that.

Oct 12, '16: (7pm) Getting a bit of a thinderstorm this evening.

Oh boy, the CIA finally comes clean! Al Qaeda Videos Aren't the Only Media the US Has Faked. And tells all, i am sure. They even have a full confessional checklist. You have to join to read it, so i won't bother. It must be a million pages long.

Now that i have been blasting the anti-Egyptoid program hard, guess what? I am noticing Egyptoid U bases all around here. There are oodles of Egyptoid U bases worldwide, no doubt.

(7:40pm) Hoowee! Right after i uploaded that last post, a little window popped up on my screen about a weather alert. Never seen this before, and don't recall subscribing. The link took me to a google alerts page, warning me to prepare for possible doom:
Alert area: Searcy; Stone; Van Buren

The National Weather Service in Little Rock has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for: Northeastern Van Buren County in north central Arkansas. Southeastern Searcy County in north central Arkansas. Southwestern Stone County in north central Arkansas.

  • Until 7:45 PM CDT.
  • At 7:03 PM CDT, a severe thunderstorm was located near Watts, or near Marshall, moving Southeast at 25 mph. Hazard, 60 mph wind gusts and quarter size hail. Source, radar indicated. Impact: hail damage to vehicles is expected. Expect wind damage to roofs, siding, and trees.
  • Locations impacted include: Marshall. Shirley. Old Lexington. Elba. Elberta. Watts. Rocky Hill. Leslie. Flag. Rushing. Oxley. Dennard. Arlberg. Fox. Turkey Creek. Botkinburg. Hail, 1.00IN Wind, 60mph.





MARSHALL...                       SHIRLEY...
OLD LEXINGTON...                  ELBA...
ELBERTA...                        WATTS...
ROCKY HILL...                     LESLIE...
FLAG...                           RUSHING...
OXLEY...                          DENNARD...
ARLBERG...                        FOX...
TURKEY CREEK...                   BOTKINBURG...
That's my area. So i kept calm, unplugged my PC, and aimed a wand into the storm. What did i find? Hive Mind vibe and lots of Egyptoid demons. I suspect they were pissed off at me.

Anyway, the brunt of the storm has passed over me now.

Oct 13, '16: (9:35am) Overcast, faint drizzle, cooler. I got 2.6", which is several times what they predicted. Some quarter-sized hail was reported in Shirley, about 20 miles SE of me.

My friends Odin, Thor, Bragi, etc are not gonna like this: UN Plans for first space nation 'Asgardia' revealed, citizenship applications opened.

(7:10pm) Big pile of blastworthy TG repticlones: Bioversity.

Nazi Youth Parasite College: Army Foundation College. Website, FB, article, article. I scanned all the pics and saw only repticlones. In fact, i think everyone there is a repticlone.

Here's that pic again from the 10th. I have been guided to add stuff into the black box, and also set something on it. I might have a new pic some day soon.
Suddenly a little while ago, i noticed a sensation of increased density and gravity, but in a good way; with a feeling of rubustness, vitality, relaxation, and strength. Then i remembered something Joe had written me a few days ago, which i didn't really comprehend, but dowsed it was valid. I had mentioned to him that i had been jailing some "matter" (not merely demons) that was part of the Hive Mind. To which he replied:
"Matter" huh... so that stuff can be jailed.

Seems like I can wedge myself into that "matter" with Jan2015B, since it feels much like the essence of "density". I don't know if it's the program itself, or the energetic mechanisms it inspires me to work with. Either way it gets me on the right track.

It feels like I can alter its density, or the solidity of this "matter". By lowering it I am, in a way, jailing density, though I never intend for it to be jailed. I'm just messing with the qualities of this "matter" so that they better represent my desires. Which are to have it vanish and fade. Become hollowed out and float away, an empty husk. That sorta thing.

I'll give actively jailing this "matter" a shot. I wonder if it would make it easier and quicker to jail if we both try and alter its "density"? It could make it less "viscous" (I'll bet you hate this punctuation by now), and thus, easier to send down the jailing drain. Worth a shot. I'll give it a go now.
Just now i thought i'd remind myself what Joe's Jan2015B Program is all about. Hmm.... 'Both Joe and myself get a subjective impression of "gravity" when handling pieces.'
I noticed also that the Jan2015B stuff i have has been working on the Hive Mind lately. There is none in that unit's black box, though. Somehow the same effect is created, however, and it makes jailing the HM easier.

(8:20pm) I just started blasting the offworld werewolf craft and skyfish, etc. that are riding the storm approaching WA.

Oct 14, '16: (8:35pm) Good news: the Plasterite Program now CAN tolerate metals or resin items within it.
That means we can stick CB pipes, Coils, metal shavings, etc. right in the concrete and get the fabulous, chem-clearing, Plasterite Pgm.
Also it means that all metal-reinforced concrete being poured is now subject to the Plasterite Pgm.

Oct 15, '16: (8:25am) And Oniwaiudu is who improved his original program. I will probably pour some concrete after work today.
Also, i think he is working on another pgm for concrete/plaster, which will also be good for gifting and attack evil humans, along with evil human/ET hybrids.

Very foggy still. It has been foggy and drizzly here ever since the storm. Got another 1/4" of accumulation.

Delta Flight Attendant Tells Black Female Doctor 'We're Looking for Actual Physicians'. Tamika Cross is another androgynous-looking CIA human clone. I sense significant amounts of Egyptoid DNA. In fact, the new brass anti-Egyptoid program bites on her. This is a female despite having no female facial traits other than an absence of brow ridge. I find the forehead especially shocking, as it is much more male than most men's foreheads.

Oct 17, '16: (5:50am) We're back to getting weather in the 80s again. I walked outside naked before dawn a while ago, and the breeze was pleasant and refreshing. I don't recall such warm weather this late in the year before here.

Had no gang-stalking again at work this weekend. I did have 2 CIA human clone TG couples Saturday morning. Did they just want bread? Or what is the purpose?
I did have a fair number of repticlones drive by, but just routine traffic, apparently. Only noticed a couple werewolves, though. I think they're trying to avoid me lately, since if i make an unscheduled trip on the road i am more likely to notice some. Aw, c'mon guys, i gots special treats for you.

Get out your hankies: Max Spiers is dead, supposedly died in Poland. But when? The article does not say, but is dated yesterday. Why is this news? According to many other articles, he died last July. There were a bunch of media articles about it then, and now again, a bunch more just in the last 24 hours. Why?
Also i note that these articles have a tendency to promote Miles Johnson and the Bases Project. To a suspicious extent. More and more, Miles is looking like a witting agent more than a sincere researcher.
Back on the 8th of Jan 2014 i outed Max as a NSAlizard. His purported mom is a repticlone. He does feel dead.

Oct 19, '16: (6:35am) 3 Men Arrested in Plot to Bomb Kansas Aparment Complex, Mosque Following Presidential Election. 'The men are part of a Kansas militia dubbed the "Crusaders."' (Pic.) MPD CIA human clones.

Former Sheriff's Deputy Sentenced For Having Sex With Underage Girl. Wow, "Circuit Judge John L. Miller sentenced 44-year-old Walter Michael Thomas Monday to 30 years in prison followed by 15 years of sex offender probation." His crime? Having consensual group sex involving (gasp!) a 17-year-old girl.
I think it's terrific that The System now has zero tolerance for pedophilia. I think the punishment is too light for the crime of taking advantage of a vulnerable child like that. I would have preferred, of course, if they had hung him up by his nuts until death ensued. But, CIA human clones are valuable.

Michael Slager, the cop who shot Walter Scott. OMG, another white cop shot a black man in the back! And Slager just so happened to be 33 at the time!
Both shooter and victim also happen to be CIA repticlones. Coincidences everywhere. In fact, Taylor can be found in a U base near Charleston if you act very quickly before the allies do.

(7pm) On April 5 i posted:

A reader snapped a pic of an oddball CIA ET stalker. A "new" species that does not feel repty. I am finding U bases for them in an E-W swath from San Diego to S Carolina, suggesting there is something about that latitude that attracts them. However this individual was further north.

Well, the reader has been getting stalked by more of them, plus hybrids of them with werewolves. The anti-WW dual program works on both the hybrids and the full ETs of this type, as well as WWs of course. (Actually it works on many types of bad ETs as well as demons.)
And Joe in the Seattle area just sent me a pic of one of these ETs he saw on the street, and i lit up a DORy network of their U bases worldwide.

Oct 20, '16: (2:25pm) The last few days have been freakishly warm, upper 80s, and now we are supposed to get 3 cool days below 70. Had a small thundershower before dawn. Cool and mostly overcast and damp today.

FSB press reports on perfect sylph cloud: Mysterious 'angel' spotted in South Carolina skies.

I stumbled across this page which mentions that the Mystery Hum is demonic. Right on. I suspect he is right, that the Hum is related to chem-clouds.
In June i posted my observation that the Plasterite Program in conjunction with the Water-Charging Pgm is effective against the Hum demons. (They seem to be just 1 specific species of demon, which so far we have been unable to delete.) Here it is 4 months later and i still hear the hum very faintly most evenings. But we have made progress. Also i feel that it is good to spread the plasterite devices around one's region, to make a broad area uncomfortable for these demons.
Of course, our other anti-demon programs and jailers also work on these demons, but i think the plasterite hits them harder. Of course the plasterite also contains sand, gravel, and now potentially other objects, all of which get some of these other pgms.

Looks like an interesting site with much truth, although i have not checked it out much.
As far as praying to Jesus to get rid of chem, feel free. I prefer to do such tasks by other means so as not to tie up his time too much.

Oct 24, '16: (6:30am) No stalking at work this weekend.
Weather has been temperate and nice, except for occasional severe chem. But often it is very clear over my place, too.

Funnnee: Man accused of trying to detonate bomb in Loop mentally unfit for trial: judge. MPD MTF CIA Freemason repticlone "U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman said that because Daoud believes she is a member of a secret society of the Illuminati and a reptile overlord, he has a delusional disorder and cannot rationally understand the proceedings or assist his lawyers."
And look at this Adel Daoud guy. Male human actor, but see how they push the gender buttons. He either has, or is made to look like he has, extremely narrow, sloped shoulders and a gay-bait baby face.

Shocking billboard targets Austin's 'immigrant population'. Don't do it, senoritas. The depicted repticlone just died in a U base. Jacob Webster-clone is still alive for the moment. Whatever "arrangements" with fellow repticlones ensue from this ad are very likely to be of an abusive and parasitic nature.

(5:05pm) Ridiculous: Reporting on the Dakota Pipeline may get journalist 45 years in jail. Fine with me. Deia Schlosberg is a ridiculous human CIAtanist Freemason with a CIA repticlone BF.

Saw some of these clouds this morning that look like the ones that that guy said are associated with the Hum demons. Sure enough, they had the Hum demons in them, although i could not hear any hum at the time.

There is a new "advanced tech" requiring steel hardware cloth.

The sky was mostly clear today, although they were able to lay down a few trails.

This X was right over my cabin this afternoon.

Oct 25, '16: (5:30pm) Extreme spraying today resulting in near-whiteout here. All by the usual vibeless craft spraying vibeless chem.

Iceland's Pirate Party poised for Saturday election win. All blood-drinking human Freemasons in service to the Vatican. The pirate symbol (skull and bones) is a very well known Masonic emblem.
Whereas the current Progressive party is just like them except doesn't drink blood.

I find it mildly intriguing that the 3 Chinese officers depicted here all have such a strong Wo Shing Wo triad vibe.

True story: Police Officer Shoots Kills Unarmed Man. All the cops in the vid are CIA repticlones; henchmen of the Vatican. They shot him and also shot an officer in the vest with a throw-away gun, so they can claim the guy fired at them.

Another true story is this stuff about extra-judicial killings of drug dealers in the Philippines. Husband and wife death squad execute 800 people in brutal Philippines war on drug dealers. Duterte and his minions are also executing Vatican policy. Apparently a lot of opportunists have been profiting off the drug market without the Freemasons getting their cut, and it is time to eliminate some competition and get the prices back up.

Oct 27, '16: (7:50am) Still been having unseasonably warm weather with chemtrails here. And every day, lots of fake light plane noises.

Are there really people out there still stupid enough to believe such absurd BS? Syrian Mother: Islamic State Baked Christians, 'Kneaded' Children in Bakery Machines, Islamic State (ISIS) CRUSHES Hundreds of CHRISTIAN CHILDREN to Death in DOUGH KNEADING MACHINE. Alice Assaf is a CIA human clone. Note, as usual, the engineered androgyny: big ears, prominent cheekbones. Not that such a face couldn't possibly belong to an ordinary woman; this is more subtle.

While i was searching for pics of Alice, i stumbled across this article. I don't think the "Syrian refugees" in the pic are cross-dressed, but that boy is making an unmistakable Masonic "M" sign.

And if you thought the bakery story wasn't absurd enough, we have Jeff Rense & Jim Fetzer - Fake ET Invasion To Stop The Vote?. (I did not watch the vid.) Nobody in power cares which CIA clone "wins" this acting post. And if they did, they would simply skew the vote count.

Stephanie's Story: A CIA repticlone family fights terminal illness and assisted suicide:
She said she called her insurance company to find out why her coverage had been denied. On the call, she also asked whether suicide pills were covered under her plan.
"And she says, 'Yes, we do provide that to our patients, and you would only have to pay $1.20 for the medication,'" Ms. Packer said.
Sounds like a plan; go for it, bitch.

Are you an overweight female repticlone? There is a proven effective product for you. The ad does not state whether it works on humans or males. But if you qualify, you could lose "33 lbs in 1 month" with miracle Nutrifast.

Oct 28, '16: (9:30am) Some absurd "news" for today:I Turned an Abandoned Women's Prison into a Protest Squat. What i find interesting about this article is that all the guys depicted are MI repticlones.

Man Donates Liver to Total Stranger, She Gives Him Her Heart. What i find interesting about this touching tale is that both parties are MPD CIA human clones.
Note that the male has no brow ridge and an Egyptoid-looking forehead.

Oct 30, '16: (4:55pm) Can't believe it's almost November and we are still having highs up in the 80s.
The last 3 days have been very chemmy here. Yesterday i noticed there were 5 sylphs active over town, and wondered where all the other sylphs i used to have were. They are in the Boston Area for some reason.

I got no stalking today at work, but yesterday was different. Mid-morning i got oodles of noisy drive-bys, mostly motorcycles, all CIA repticlones. Not that many stalkers, but some went by 20 or more times. Not channeling any demon energies anymore, just trying to hassle me with noise pollution.
After a while that slacked off, and started up again a while late morning. By then most of the earlier stalkers were already underground twiddling their thumbs waiting for oblivion. I continued to get an occasional repeat offender driving by throughout the day.

Oh, the injustice: NYPD Catches Itself Selling Stolen Goods, Blames Business Owner. The poor triad Freemason. Manhattan has a Chinatown full of Masonic gangsters. I got an immediate Mason vibe off this phony.

This pleasant-looking gal is a black magician and exotic ET, gang-stalker / con artist along with her repticlone friends. I have been blasting her but she won't go underground. As far as i can tell, this is another strain of ET heretofore unreported by me. She's in Denmark.

(5:35pm) Just wanted to show off 2 arrays i've been running lately.

The top one addresses the Hive Mind. It is electrified and has an electronic amp and 2 Luke coils, one of which is in my new Jan2015B blaster (close-up) which program i mentioned Oct 13 in relation to the Hive Mind.

The bottom array is not electric. It addresses the werewolves. I have the impression that the negatively-oriented WWs have like a protective sheath with allows them to exist here, and this array is gradually ripping it off and freaking them out.