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Loohan's blog for October, 2017

Oct 6, '17: (11:10am) I got a half inch of gentle rain on the 3rd.
Tropical Storm Nate is approaching MX. Some demons in the area between Cuba and Central America, brought in by Egyptoid U bases.

Crap orgonite: Gorgonit. All the items take in positive energy and emit negative. I think the Michael guy (not depicted) is a Category 3 Egyptoid.

Anti-Trump Actor Jim Carrey Facing Trial in Girlfriend's Death. Who is Jim Carrey? The original (still alive somewhere) feels like an MPD CIA human. A few years ago he was replaced by a CIA repticlone with a beard.
His ex, Cathriona White, is a live CIA repticlone with very square shoulders, high cheekbones...

Oct 15, '17: (7pm) Got 0.9" of rain early this morning. It had been droughty lately.

Gotta love that Masonic disclosure policy. Military Surgeon Says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims Are Fake. Paul Craig Roberts is a CIA FTM repticlone. The "Military Surgeon" does not exist.

Another human clone wins lottery! Lucky lottery winner claims his whopping $24.1M jackpot prize just TWO DAYS before ticket is set to expire after FINALLY checking a slip sitting inside an old shirt.

Oct 16, '17: (10:35am) I just found out there is a strong Tropical Rainstorm Ophelia hitting ireland now. I actually do not detect any evil ETs or demons. (In fact, generally speaking, lately i am noticing far less of the usual ET psi-attacks on people worldwide, due apparently, to progress we are making.)
I looked up Ophelia and found there have been TEN tropical storms named Ophelia so far! Are there so many storms that every possible name has been used so many times that even an unusual name like this needed to be used 10 times? What is up with this?
According to this, the name is "Derived from Greek ... meaning "help". This name was probably created by the 15th-century poet Jacopo Sannazaro for a character in his poem 'Arcadia'. It was borrowed by Shakespeare for his play 'Hamlet' (1600), in which it belongs to Hamlet's lover who eventually goes insane and drowns herself. In spite of this, the name has been used since the 19th century."
I am mystified.

Running across a bunch of gruesome black-on-white South Africa hoaxes.And we have been hearing such lies for decades.
Pic of white Egyptoid protestors.

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