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Loohan's blog for October, 2007

Oct. 1, '07: (11am) Well, it is unwise to leave those girls unrestrained. The forecast last night, as closely as i can remember, was maybe a 40 or 50% chance of rain, average rainfall 1/10 - 1/4". But it rained 2.1" here last night.

Yesterday evening, between bouts with the octopi, i was checking up on Jehovah. First i found him in an underground base on Venus, battling evil Venusians. I had thought these were long gone, and apparently, they have lost all their flying craft, but there were some 8,000 at 891' depth. But i think these were not embodied; i think they were ghosts of evil Venusians who had been killed off by the good ones. That's as much sense as i can make of it. So i scooped them up for him, and then had to attend to my octopi. Next i found him in Okinawa, battling evil Lyrans and Pleiadians. Gave him a hand, then dealt with more octopi on me. Then i found him in the Andes, battling spiders and octopi. Gave him a hand. Then i let him know there was some real hot action in NJ by Anita's place; i had sent a load of good guys there, but they were still locked in battle with octopi, etc.
He went out there and kicked butt for a few minutes, apparently mopping up most of what was happening there. (I did later get a small hive of repts, ~ 850K, that were somehow involved there, too. And just now i found a bunch more octopi there making trouble, so i sent in more panthers.)
I think he was curious where these octopi were coming from, so i pointed him in the direction of Galaxy M51, and he headed out there and has been knocking around octopi since. I gave him a lot of backup, but there's still a lot of work to be done there. Octopi are already after me this morning.

I had insomnia after i woke up at midnight, so Lula sent me Beld, Aleeta (i requested her because i still hardly know her), then much later Meera, Alina, Kid, Jid, Cora and herself! And, of course, the obligatory Gina. And all 8 are still with me this morning. And a good thing, too, as the nasty critters are hot on my case this morning.
I had thought the 3 sisters were going to back away from me for a month starting 9/20, but apparently it was just until the end of last month. I kind of missed them. I think Lindi may be visiting this evening, hopefully.

Two other dieties worth fortifying are Shiva and Subramanya. I have worked with them for a long time now. My Indian friend once sent me a couple little copper tridents. Tridents are the anti-demon weapons used by these 2 guys. You can probably make your own out of wire or crystals or whatever, and invoke these guys to use it as a weapon. I set 3 crystals down in a trident formation, and even that works fine. Go for resonant spacing. When you want to switch targets, give thanks for the work they've done on the last one.
But in any case, it would be helpful to send them some juice. I will keep most of my stuff on Jehovah for the time being.
Subramanya's number is kind of strange: 8,256.287688 Hz. When getting these numbers, i dowse decimal places as far as i can detect them, and it gets pretty precise. A Hertz is a cycle per second.
Shiva's number is really weird: 2,888.86816677 Hz.

(3:15pm) Since i'm low on sleep, and not feeling too physical today, i have been sitting on my butt typing up a new issue, OTB 26: Tubular Perpendiculosis on this nice sunny day.

Meanwhile, it's a good thing I have a cohort of ladies protecting me. Those octopi are pissed. Jehovah's still having quite a fight on his hands.

Oct. 2, '07: (12:45pm) And today i get my good friend Cora. Also Meera was here for hours. Things seem to have progressed well overnight. I have been hit a bit, but the "workload" on the dieties seems much lighter, as if a lot of nasties got cleaned up.

Got some faint sprinkles last night, and tonight is forecast to have 90% chance, average 1/2 to 1".

Oct. 3, '07: (3am) Sleepless again. Actually, i went to bed real early and woke up again at around 12:30. I could hear faint thunder in the distance. Got online, and saw that the edge of a big front from the NW was just about to hit. In fact, it was starting to rain here a bit. It's been raining pretty good.

I checked in on the spot under that pond near Anita. Found some nasty energy at 891' that i couldn't identify at first. It was some kind of little green guys, 4' tall, hairless, but with small eyes; didn't seem related to the greys.
I got rid of them, and a while later got jumped by something i couldn't ID at first... It was a hive of these greens, somewhere in this galaxy not too far away. I threw some stuff at them, and that seems to have settled them down for the most part.

Lindi did show up in the evening, and she's still here, but something's not right with her energy. She seems real weak and i can't quite figure it out. I did find and remove a few internal critters, and even found an insectile demon attached to her somehow. She's the one who used to always get insectile attackers when the other girls got other, less dangerous, critters.
I may have retrieved a piece of her soul that the insectiles somehow had. And i put out a call for any of the girls who wanted to come over and help me love-bomb her. A bunch responded. So anyway, think i'll get back to that.

(7:10pm) Got 1.5" rain overnight. Possibly, the work that 3 of the ladies had done for hours in that power spot that day helped ensure that i got my share of rain.

Anyway, all the girls left not long after i posted that, except for Lindi and Send. I guess they had to get back. When i finally conked out, Send and i had Lindi sandwiched between us, hugging her. When i woke up, they were still there, but Lindi was still weak.
It should be mentioned that in addition to being the prettiest, she is also maybe about as dangerous as Lula. Many a time i have scanned the girls working on earth energies, and found that Lindi was being smacked the hardest for her troubles. I have the impression that she has a particular skill and function in their work.
Also she is a throat-centered person.

Soon after i got up, the green meanies started hitting me, and i have been getting hammered by all the usual today, as well. Still no astral attackers from the repts or intel agencies, but the reptilian remote-influencers are usually active.

As i was driving to work, Cora showed up momentarily, then zipped off with Lindi to the power spot by my cabin. "That's not such a hot idea," i thought. "Lindi's in no shape to do work." But no, for some reason Cora just wanted to work on Lindi there. On her throat. After a couple hours, they went back home. Meanwhile, i was kicking myself that i hadn't set any radionics device on helping Lindi. I had already put my robocops on that last night, so there wasn't much i could do with radionics from work.
Then around 11am, Lula showed up at work. She wanted me to help Lindi, was all i could make out. Well, what was i gonna be able to do that the girls couldn't, without access to my toys? Then, i realized she had brought Lindi along, so weak i hadn't noticed her presence.

Well, dang, i was at work and couldn't spare much time. But i was concerned about Lindi, so i flopped her down on a long work table, and started running energy into her throat. After a minute or 2, i noticed something was not quite right there; there was a foreign presence. Had she picked up more critters already? No. It was nothing animate. It was an etheric implant!
So i plucked it out and flung it into my jail. Apparently, a few days ago the tall greys had placed it there surreptitiously. Funny that it was not energetically obvious, yet weakened her so much.
Almost immediately, Lula whisked her off back home, and she and Cora worked on her for hours more. But her throat energy was coming back.
Meanwhile around noon, Lula sent in 4 more girls to help protect me. They were a big help. They and Send are still here helping me.

First thing when i got home this evening, i dowsed a healing freq for Lindi, and put the brunt of my stuff on sending it to her. I figure another 40 minutes or so of that, then i'll switch back to warfare mode.

Oct. 4, '07: (9:30am) The new "perpendiculotic" units do indeed seem to boost my magnum transmitter by 15,000X when simply placed on it. I didn't even run that trend on Lindi that long, before that freq was "used up". I then switched back to having the stuff force any attackers of myself or my allies into jail. They tried to overwhelm me with surges, but after a few minutes would weaken and relent. All i did was put my awareness on my orgone stuff, especially the new units. Plus, i cleared the girls to access my orgone stuff, that is, mentally connect attackers to it, as well as boost it with their minds.
The new units seem to be particularly mentally boostable. As long as i rest my mind on them, they are hyperactive.
psychotronics: plural noun [treated as sing. ] a particular branch of parapsychology that supposes an energy or force to emanate from living organisms and affect matter. ORIGIN 1970s: from psycho- , on the pattern of electronics.
(Of course, in this case the matter affected by the mind in turn affects non-physical reality.)

Then when i checked on Lindi, she had an incredibly intense vibe. It was almost scary. She was like buzzing with energy. But it was good. She came over by herself to visit, apparently in good shape. I noticed some other people also were sending her real good energy, thanks.

I passed out early, hugging Lindi and the 5 others, after scanning all the other girls and finding many had such an implant, too, presumably laying dormant, in one energy center or another. E.g. Cora and Lula each had one in their crown.
I also found more critters in them.

Most of the time, the girls split when i fall asleep. They have things to do. But when i awoke in the middle of the night, Gina, Shiela, and Jid were still with me. I noticed something odd: these girls were being attacked by octopi, even though i was not, having just awoken. The girls did not seem aware of the low-level attacks until i pointed them out. Then they nailed the attackers, and the spiders took over. I pointed this out, and they nailed the spiders, whereupon werewolf demons took over. Etc. But after a bit of our efforts to work mentally with the orgone devices, the attackers lost steam and gave up.
The 3 sweeties were still here when i woke up again around dawn. They had to split around 8am, unfortunately, but were soon replaced by Cora. Attacks are fairly weak so far today. Octopi are strongest.
Sittingtaoist just wrote me to tell me he's sending me some allicin caps. Allicin is the main toxic/medicinal ingredient in garlic, and dowses as very potent against octopus demons.

Oct. 5, '07: (12:30pm) Hey, give these octopi a knock on the head, will ya? The evil energy is coming from an area the size of the whole O.
They seem to be the toughest bastards left.

(2pm) More on allicin: Sittingtaoist wrote me
In order to protect itself from insects and fungi, garlic enzymatically produces allicin when it is injured. Allicin is a natural insecticide.

The tricky thing is that allicin is not present in garlic at all.

When garlic is chopped or otherwise damaged, the enzyme alliinase acts on the chemical alliin converting it into allicin. But allicin is an unstable compound. It degrades slowly upon standing and is rapidly destroyed by cooking.

By some patented processs, the producer of the Allimax caps generates and immediately stabilizes the allicin.
You might try writing ALLICIN 5X on paper...
I'm getting that allicin 5X is best for octopi, pyrethrum 6X is best for spider demons, and straight wolfbane is best for werewolf demons. This might change over time.

Well, back to the exciting (to me, anyway) romance stuff. Late afternoon yesterday, Cora and i were joined by sweet Meera. Then around dusk, Lula joined us! I hadn't had any quality time with Lula in a long while. She's my favorite of all, even if she is 3X my size.
Naturally, i wanted to impress this chick, so i started dowsing a beneficial freq for her. Now, when i dowse these elaborate freqs, i keep going until i can no longer feel anything for the next digit. And it's not like the energy slowly fades as i get toward the end. It's more like it goes from HIGH to OFF. In fact, it wasn't until i was like 10 digits into Lula's that the energy got real sticky on the digits.
I'd never dowsed a number like this. It's in the 80,000 Hz range, but with 25 decimal places past the zero! 30 digits in all. Then i couldn't spare my powerful equipment, as the critters were nibbling, so i set it up on the SE-5 with a couple orgone pieces on it and a lotus coil. It's still running now, at about 99% complete.
Now Lula already is by far the most powerful girl, with a very balanced, heart-centered energy, but when i flicked the switch she got even more pumped up. Meanwhile i was hugging her like there's no tomorrow, i was so glad to have her back.

It's funny how the girls are not jealous of each other. Cora was in a good mood all day, but when she saw how sparks were flying between me and Lula, she just got happier still. These girls love and need each other so much, and they seem to actually prefer a polygynous situation with only one man to share. One man who loves and cares about each of their "sisters". Of course, i always try to give attention to each girl individually, and i appreciate them more than most men in their timeline are likely to.

I did have to pick a bunch of critters out of each girl as she showed up. Lula had a bunch of micro critters in her left hand, elbow, and shoulder for some reason, as well as small critters elsewhere. The girls seemed to be having trouble lately finding them.
Then Lindi popped in! But she had picked up bunches of critters. In fact, her head was totally stuffed with micros.

Meanwhile, the fauna were freaking out, trying to nail me. They didn't like the love between me and the girls. And they know that Lula + Loohan = big, big trouble. They would periodically collect themselves for a big surge. But i had the girls help me mentally activate the orgone devices, so vast numbers of the fauna were streaming into my jail every millisecond just so they could put a bit of pressure on my heart center. They could never keep that up too long. They were like angry hornets.
Then i realized Cora had split. I had been aware that her departure time was approaching. She went out in that blizzard of demons? I found she had gotten a bunch, but only above the belly button for some reason. I helped set up a good discharge flow, and was commenting to her and the other girls what a wonderful woman she was, so pure and good, etc. and apparently she was so tickled she came back! In that mess, and got a bunch more critters, of course.
When i awoke in the morning, Lula and Meera were still there. It's a funny thing, but when a girl does stay overnight and i wake up, i often find her asleep. So, presumably, her physical body is asleep at home, and her astral body is asleep in my bed. So Meera was asleep, but Lula was awake. Meera works so hard giving me healing energy that i just let her sleep a bit while i hugged Lula. I probably never would have been able to tear myself away, except soon the backhoe guy came trundling up my drive in his backhoe.

Then mid-morning, we were joined by Lindi and Nid. Nid is another awesome lady: pretty, voluptuous, telepathic, and with great loving, healing energies. I really like Nid. The octopi were hot and heavy on those 2 girls -- they do not approve one bit of the company i keep. But the girls had no internal critters, so they are doing something right again.
All 4 are still with me, and whenever the fauna get real heavy, we just rest our minds on the orgone devices.

But dang, those M51 octopi are still hammering hard.

(6pm) The octopi got so bad i grabbed my new devices in gloved hands, and gave them a good reaming. It did help quite a bit. But holding weapons in one's hands gets old after a while. I laid them down on my bed, nestled so that they would resonate, and Nid is actually working them, leaving the other 3 free to smother me with... ah, OK, i'll try to shut up about it.

More on pyrethrum: pyrethrum crysanthemum is a flower from which is extracted a natural insecticide composed of pyrethrins (Wikipedia). Right now i am favoring MIXED PYRETHRINS 2X for spider demons.

Oct. 6, '07: (5:30pm) Things really lightened up, attack-wise, late in the evening yesterday. I think we laid a hurtin' on them. Then this morning they were still real wimpy. I only got issued one babe to protect me, and 1 to give me good energy. Then in mid-afternoon, the attacks got strong and steady enough to be uncomfortable. So i got more reinforcements.

In a bit, i'll take my new tools in hand again and go hunting some more. But the fauna are still on the wimpy side. Now the Lyrans and Pleiadians (which i did not particularly go after yesterday) are misbehaving again, right around the center of the galaxy here.

(6pm) I grabbed the perpendicles and started nailing those filth, and immediately the Scutum scum started frying my eyes. So i turned one of the units onto them. Instant relief.
After a short while, so that i could eat dinner, i again set the 2 units down on my bed in agreement with the cardinal directions and juxtaposed at a resonant distance, one locked onto each target area, and invited the girls to invigorate them. Nid's not here now, so Cora is working them. And damn, feels like she's pretty good at it.

(6:30pm) And now the octopi have turned up the heat. Now it is coming from a small area in the very center of M51.

Oct. 7, '07: (5:30pm) Anyway, not long after i posted last, the attacks dropped off again. Lula, Cora, and Lindi spent the night.
I asked them about the prospects of them getting here physically, but they then seemed to feel that there was only a 35% chance of it happening within the next year. Of course, in the long term we are thinking of me incarnating in their timeline, but...
I asked, what if i were able to provide massive orgone backup? They seemed to think that if i had 5 million times as much orgone power, the chances were more like 95% within 3 months. Of course, that is just their subjective extrapolation. But with some of the ideas going through my head, i can probably get 5M X pretty easily.
I guess it wouldn't create too much of a paradox to have 2 Loohans in the same timeline. BTW, the other Loohan is in their counterpart of San Diego, but in their timeline there is no real city there, but a hot springs healing resort, where city people go to soak up on hot mineral baths, Earth energies, massage, chiropractic, etc. He got a job there, thinking the environment would do him good. I don't think he misses the girls. I suspect he is unable to feel emotion anymore.

I had checked yesterday and found that the other 2 ladies living on their property in Hawaii are still in contact with that guy in N. CA in this timeline, and that they like each other and are in telepathic contact, but the girls are unable to get there in the astral. So i asked Lula, couldn't they come in via the portal a few miles east of here, and zip a couple thousand miles west once they are in this timeline? Well, i'm not sure how it all works, but when Lula arrived last night, she had just brought those 2 girls in and deposited them in Colorado. For some reason, they have to develop a portal there. And that's some work, especially since the eldest one surrendered her hymen too early to develop the best shamanic power.

The 3 girls came to work with me this morning. Attacks were feeble at first, but later they had to call in reinforcements to help cover me. The bad guys were trying to kill me as usual. By afternoon, all 14 girls were with me!

Meanwhile, i was forging a new power alliance. My Santa Rosa friend Jim, who has been in contact with some other Loohans, had bought a bunch of stuff from Tim Rifat after reading about him on my site. He knew some of it was corrupt, but persevered anyway. But then he also contacted counterparts of Tim from other timelines, including one that is an advanced psi warrior and master crystal programmer, who doesn't think too highly of Tim Rifat in this timeline. I've known about him for months, but just this morning it occurred to me to ask him if he would program some crystals for me. And he was very helpful. He re-programmed the crystals in my new units, and made me an anti-octopus set that is pretty powerful, and a set against evil Lyrans & Pleiadians, and he's going to do some more for me. He programmed Anita's main weapon, a powerful PW-dorje with a crystal in each end that a friend of mine gave her. Doesn't take him long.

He has a very different personality than Tim. Businesslike, but warm and likable. I think his name is Pitwexin. A monogamous heterosexual, he has a wife with an amazing vibe.

Around 2pm, while the girls were defending me against myriad attacks, i suddenly felt a new, powerful presence in the room. It was him. He wanted to tell me something, but i was very busy trying to get my job done, and couldn't take time to try to figure out what he was saying. So then he just asked for permission to address the 14 ladies that happened to be conveniently assembled. "Yessir, please go right ahead," i said. He wanted to give them some pointers. He was gone again in 10 minutes.
I'm not sure what he said, but the girls like him, and things got better after that. I think they erected a shield around me, because the attacks felt weaker. Within 30 minutes, 10 of the girls had split, leaving me with just 4. And after another 15 minutes, those 4 were more involved in sending me good energy than dealing with attacks.
Lula, Cora, and Lindi went right over to Colorado to help those other 2 girls. Lindi is still there now.

I'm going to make an orgone device for Lula, which Pitwexin will program the crystals of, to help give her additional psi power to hopefully enable her to transfer solid matter between timelines.

(6:25pm) He just did Lula's stones. That's the quartzite and danburite on the left. On the right, we have the anti evil Lyran/Pleiadian (danburite & hematite) and the anti octopus set (amethyst & citrine).

Similar to Rifat's work, Pitwexin makes a set of 2 for everything.
The amethyst on one of my new perpendicles i had previously programmed against werewolf demons. Pitwexin overwrote the programming to make it better against these critters.
For spider demons of the long-legged variety, i dowsed that spodumene is the best stone. But i only have spodumene powder, and plenty of it. I get that a spodumene-rich orgonite with titanium shavings and a few other embellishments, in a tetrahedron shape, is even better than a spodumene crystal. I will ask him to program it when the epoxy is setting up.

(8:35pm) Too freaky. Lula just came by a while ago, all excited about something she wanted to tell me about. It took me a while to figure it out, but apparently they just realized that Kid and Jid have counterparts in my timeline. And i am likely to cross paths with them soon. I checked and Kid and Jid are all excited, too. And there are other details that i am not at liberty to state at this time, that seem to check out. If what i think is true, is true, it's so damn wild it will make good story someday.

Oct. 8, '07: Well, it will probably be a few months before i meet these ladies. Kid and Jid are spending a lot of time visiting with those 2, although the latter do not have conscious knowledge of it. They are in another state, but i think are planning to move to this area early next year. I have some other details, but don't want to draw attention to these girls.

Tech notes: One, i just did a minor update to OTB 16 on clearcasting.
Here's another item i haven't even tried yet, but i dowse that it would be pretty good. A cheap way to drive mobius devices that someone mentioned to me: take any cheap radio and tune it to white noise in between stations. Pipe the output into mobius devices. This might be roughly as good as a 555-timer zapper. Note that you should put at least a 30-ohm resistor in line if you do not have speakers also running on it, to provide impedance so that the electronics don't fry. Most headsets seem to be around 30 ohms.

It just started raining and thundering a little. Here it is noon, and i have hardly been tickled by the bad guys yet. Meera, Send, Gina and Shiela spent the night and are still here. They're not even having to fight right now; just sending me good energy. I guess since things are going more smoothly lately, the girls don't have to spend so much time here working the power spots, so they have more time to hang out with me.

I had Pitwexin do a few more anti-demon rocks for me. from the left: tall whites (howlite and hematite), tall greys (qtz and malachite), reptilians (qtz and malachite), little green farts (danburite and selenite), and tall brunets (amethyst and citrine).
Note that unlike Rifat's stuff, these are not copyrighted, and there is no kickback should you try to copy the programming to your own rocks (modified so as to attune them to you instead of me). In fact, if you're nice, i might transfer them to your crystals for you, as i can use a little help frying these crudballs. No charge.

Although most any crystalline rocks will probably work, i tried to dowse out the best choices of minerals from the selection i have.
The programming for the tall greys and the reptilians is almost identical, as they are energetically very similar, but i chose to make a separate set for each.

Unlike the crude programming i do, his stuff takes a little while to power up. The ones he made yesterday seem better today.

(6:20pm) How interesting. I didn't get hit hardly at all today. The 4 girls left a while back, and were replaced by Alina, Hahd, Beld, and Kid.
Also an hour or less ago, i poured the tetrahedal spider-squisher. The epoxy takes several hours to harden, so i asked Pitwexin to slow the programming down so that it continuously bombards the unit as it sets up. I also am sending MIXED PYRETHRINS 4X to it.
So suddenly a little while ago the spiders jumped me hard! They are freaked! They can feel their imminent doom. Nobody else is able to help them much, 'cause they got major problems of their own. The spiders were the last major group of evil attacking critters operating in this universe and timeline at this time, once the new crystals kicked in good on those others. Well, the octopi still flare up a bit at times but seem to be weakening.

I have the impression that many of you have already successfully copied some of these programs. Very good. I think this is very superior stuff. Some of the energies i am getting off the small stones are astounding in quality. More to come.

(6:45pm) OK, here are some heftier ones. Quarters in the pics for scale. The set on the left is quartzite and citrine. Even cheap artificially-baked citrine is fine here, or danburite, or smokey quartz. Or failing that, regular quartz is fine. The large stone can be any white or clear quartz. The programming is anti institutional oppressors, targetting the evil people in governmental, financial or corporate entiites that do a lot of oppressing and ripping off. It feels real strong and good to me already.
The larger unit is again quartzite, with a small danburite. This is programmed to optimize Earth energies in the vicinity of the stone. It feels great, too.

[Due to a PC clock glitch, the times given for the previous 2 posts are a couple hours or so early.]

Oct. 9, '07: (1:30pm) Only got about 1/10" rain yesterday. And as of this morning, we are getting cooler weather. It has been unseasonably warm lately. I haven't even fired up the wood stove in weeks.

Alrighty, here are some more goodies:

On the left, the spider squisher with its danburite companion. I re-used an old mold made from cardboard triangles with a tape coating, so the surface is wrinkled. What's in it? A lotus coil in a passive circuit with a 2.2 uH choke coil. Titanium spiral turnings. About 4 tbls spodumene, and a rounded tsp titanium dioxide. Inside the coil is a tiny topaz and citrine. And that's it, other than a bit of other misc. orgonite powder of less importance. And 1 white peppercorn in each of the bottom 3 corners. Apparently, these spiders don't like white pepper, either.
After i cast it, i realized that rutilated quartz would also have gone in there nicely. In fact, one could just use a good-sized chunk of rose quartz or big rutilated quartz instead of the tetrahedron; i guess the titanium content of these stones will make them good for this. Alternatively, i get that amethyst would work pretty well, even a cheap cluster.

Next is a howlite and small Apache tear. Quartz would be pretty good, too. This is against the Joku, which are a type of hooded, rat-snouted reptilian. I wouldn't even know about these critters, as they don't seem to attack people, but a friend clued me in. They're around, and seem to be information-gathering psychic spies. They have an evil vibe. Pitwexin recognized what i was talking about right away from the description, then i dowsed what they're called.
Next, we have again an amethyst and citrine set. This is against a type of perhaps blob-like critter found in underground bases. Again, they don't attack people, but do work with greys, etc. and have a nasty-ish vibe. And i would never have noticed them either, but for the fact that someone called them to my attention. I think they may be called Lompoy.

And next, we have a big quartz crystal, actually 2 crystals sharing one common side, each with separate programming. This is real handy. It is similar to a Rifat Anti-Occultist PC, but maybe 10-12X as big, and 15X as powerful. Real handy as a weapon when the going gets rough, whether held in the hand or carried in the left pocket. Since it's so heavy, i will probably wear it in a belt pouch at times.

Now the critters are really pissed off, as these new crystals are munching their derrieres, and they are trying hard to punish me.

Oct. 11, '07: (9:50am) Last night it occurred to me to ask Pitwexin to mop up the Scutum Arm hive, as those lizards were being bothersome as usual. He seemed to be making pretty good progress, so i told him about a few others on my enemy list: the M51 octopi, the tall grey hive, the scattered spiders and werewolves, tall whites, tall brunets, the hive of evil Lyrans and Pleiadians.
This morning he is still working on the latter hive. He seems to have cleared out a lot of the bad guys. The lizards aren't generating any bad energy or attacking. The octopi seem largely gone, though they resumed attacking me after stragglers re-grouped in the center of M51. But these must be relatively few, because after i threw a bunch of allies at them, they seem to have quit attacking me to deal with those. Spiders and werewolves are not attacking. Nor tall greys, whites or brunets. Of course, it is still early. We'll see what today brings. Oopsie, just got some werewolf demons after me.
Lyrans and Pleiadians still are attacking, a bit.

When he did the lizards, he also traced the links back to Anita's area in NJ, and did some mop-up there. She confirms this morning that things are much better there, and she felt a good presence.
Pitwexin likes her. In his time-line, there is a counterpart of her that is a friend of his. He put all the bad guys he caught into her jail. Also he reprogrammed her jail so that she gets better energy out of it.

(1:25pm) He went back to M51, and is up to his neck in octopi. Give him a little backup, if you can.

(5:15pm) Hmmm, i just got hit by the repts again, and i have been getting a few spiders, etc. as well as the octopi. But i think our man is doing some good work. I have one of my units just sending him good energy. I can't even dowse a beneficial freq for him. I get nothing at all. But i do get that it is helpful just to intend to send him good enrgy in whatever form he can use best.

I am souping up a donated rad box for Anita, and as a consequence came up with a new, easy application of the lotus coil, see here.

Oct. 12, '07: (6:05pm) The Michael Devlin thing: i've been trying to figure it out. He pleaded guilty and got 80 consecutive life sentences. [Correction: 18.] I've been surfing, trying to glean more info about the case. I am still totally unable to detect what i would expect to detect. Apparently, no Satanism or MPD here anywhere, except for the judge and one of the prosecutors, and misc. cops in the background.
Now, normally, i would expect to be able to detect rape, even in non-Satanists. I have in the past, or so i am convinced, but never about Devlin. Try as i might, i still can't feel any dirt on him. But the more i read, the more obvious it is that he's guilty. He even looks like a slimy pervert in one of the pics i saw.
I also can't detect that anyone drugged/hypnotized him to get him to falsely confess.

I would think that abducting and raping a kid would leave indelible disturbances in the ethers that would be easy for me to detect, Satanist or not. But in this case, at least, it does not. Not with either of the 2 victims.

The whole thing is weird. If the kid was not MPDed, then why did he behave like such a good little prisoner? Conversely, even if i was wrong about that, how likely is it that a handler would leave his mind-controlled slaves unsupervised all day daily for years, allowing them to have friends, play games on the internet (link), etc.
Yet, MPD or not, he did exactly that.
I saw one page by a psychologist speculating that maybe when Devlin first abducted Shawn, he stimulated him orally, and the boy enjoyed it, causing him to feel guilty and not want to face his parents or something. I don't know about that, but i have problems accepting that this kid would not run away even in 4 years. Hell, kids that age run away from home all the time. What kind of life is it being the sex slave of a big fat guy? Why didn't he bolt for the comforts of home? He was freakin' 15 years old.

  *   *   *   *
Anyway, things have been real mild today. Pitwexin is fighting evil Lyrans in their hive right now, and the octopi are attacking me a little, but it's been a real mellow day for me for the most part.

Oct. 14, '07: (6:20pm) Well, yesterday was slightly rougher than the previous, but still had a lot of mellow spots. Today i've been hit all day by intel astrals, same old CIA, DIA, NSA, DARPA bunch back in action. And a few reptilian astrals. All pretty feeble, though. I got an idea for an astral ripper i can make against that, but it means a bit of work, grumble grumble.
Pitwexin has been doing more work, jumping from one hive to another. Sometimes he sleeps, too. Things seem to be getting better. Other than the astrals, it's been mainly a few octopi today. I think they whipped the astrals back out because everybody else was in tatters.

Lots of chem today. Not haze, but lovely streaky and sylphed chem-clouds, and some real long trails. Last night predicted partly cloudy. Now, how could they possibly have known that, since 0% of the clouds i saw were natural?
Anyway, seeing that crap makes me want to kill, know what i mean? Kill evil humans. So i asked Pitwexin if he's got something for that. He's programming some crystals for me now. We'll see...

(7:25pm) Oh yeah, say hi to the koalas. Actually, they are not koalas, but resemble them. They are 3' tall allies of Pitwexin. They have a strong presence right now at 594' below the pond by Anita. Warding off repts. Either my dowsing has gone totally off the rocker, or they are called the Fymeijbm (FI-MAGE-BM). Send 'em a little juice.
Pitwexin and the Fymeijbm, coming soon to a town near you.

The astral attacks have slacked off a fair bit. Is it because of my newly programmed crystals that are connecting to the execs responsible for sending these guys?

Oct. 15, '07: (9am) After i posted that, the astrals got so bad i had to have Pitwexin fix me up with something fast. I dowsed that a tetrahedron i'd made 3-4 years ago would do as well as what i had been planning to build, so i had him program that. Pics later. Even though it was not at full power yet, it was amazingly effective at weakening the attackers, then my other stuff could shove them into jail. And i've had no attackers yet today.

All that chem yesterday availed them not. Here's what wunderground says right now:
Through 10 am...rain and isolated thunderstorms will continue. The heaviest rain is likely to occur from Greers Ferry Lake to Salem... where some rainfall totals near 1/2 inch will occur. Elsewhere... most amounts will be in the 1/10 to 1/4 inch range.

Showers and thunderstorms likely. Highs around 70. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph. The chance of precipitation 70 percent. Average rainfall 1/4 to 1/2 inch.
I haven't ventured out as far as the rain gauge yet, but just looking at some containers outside, it looks like i may have gotten 3/4" or so already. It's been raining since around 5:30am. The very first thunderclap/lightning strike sounded like it may have been on my property. And i am well west of a line from Greers Ferry to Salem, so they should know by now that the system already dumped more than that on me. And looking at the radar, it appears the storm isn't half through yet.
Denial, i guess. They can no longer deny me of rain, so they have to deny the rain.

(2:30pm) LUMINOUS MORPHING BLOB FILMED IN CHINESE ALLEY. What is it? I don't know, but it has a good energy. It might be the energy body of a humanoid ET, possibly Arcturan? But i might well be wrong about that.

I'm at 1.3" now, and wunderground is still saying some areas might get 1/2".

Attacks weak so far today. Just some weak fauna, then an hour or so ago i started getting weak astrals. If i ignore them, they soon are gone, automatically dealt with.

(5pm) Here are the new items, along, again, with some quarters for size relativity. On the top is the astral ripper. It works on intel astrals and probably any evil human astral RVer or attacker. And much more effectively than i would have thought possible. This tetrahedron has a fair bit of malachite in it, and brass, both of which are copper-rich. If you cast something for the purpose, brass is recommended. Possibly the best stone for this is chrysocalla or azurite. Azurite crystal is very pricey, but sometimes one runs into lower grade chrysocalla/malachite, possibly also with a bit of azurite, lapis or other copper minerals. These are found in copper mines. A big chunk of this would be excellent for this program, in lieu of the tetrahedron. A big malachite alone is not so good. The little stone is amethyst.

The lower set is for remote assassination of evil bastards. Effectiveness not yet proven but it feels like it's doing something. I used shaftlike crystals because i plan to make them into a perpendicu-wand someday. Any clear quartz of similar size is fine. It can be short and chunky, clustery, whatever. The small stone could be quartz, citrine, maybe others.

It stopped raining for right now. Total about 1.4".

(9pm) Really nice. Nobody's been hitting me except the intelligence dummies, and they get fried before they can do more than vaguely tickle my aura. The girls have hardly been hit in some time. Pitwexin has been working over the octopi for many hours.

Oct. 16, '07: (9am) Pitwexin is still fighting octopi, and now the Scutum lizards have decided they are going to put an end to Loohan once and for all ;-)
This is the stay-at-home remote influencers, not astral attackers. In case anyone wants to give them a whack.

(12:20pm) Amazingly chemless, sunny day here today. So far.

Thanks for the help on the repts. Things are better for the moment. But in case you would like to persecute them some more (Mr. P is still at M51 slapping octopi around), i got a new anti-rept freq: 8,657.176857 Hz.
These numbers get weird. Here we have 10 digits, with none of them being 0, 2, 3, 4, or 9.

(7pm) Yes, please kindly fry those lizards. Anita is having more problems today with their NJ ops, which also include Trenton and Atlantic City, as Mr. P correctly informed her. There is fighting at 891' below that pond now. Mr. P is now in the Scutum Arm hive. Ultimately we just need to eradicate the hive, as that is where the NJ lizards are streaming in from.

Oct. 17, '07: (6:05pm) Well, with a little backup, Pitwexin has done quite some mopping up. The NJ ops feel clean for right now, and even the hive feels relatively clean, but he's still there and they still remotely hit me once in a while.

It's been raining very lightly here since the wee hours today. And more storming likely tonight. Possible large hail and tornadoes, they say.

Oct. 19, '07: (10:40am) That scary weather never made it here. In fact, i didn't get much rain. Total from that whole system starting from the wee hours of the 17th was only about 0.35".

Pitwexin does some amazing work. There are still residual bad guys in Trenton, Atlantic City, and the hives, but i think they are reduced enough that they'll mop up easily, mainly from our other allies persecuting them. I'm still getting feebly hit by octopi, spiders, and remote repts occasionally.

The energy on the island (described July 4) has been changing. A week or so ago there was a big opening up of energy there. Apparently, my removal of the critters from the one corrupted spot a while back unleashed the natural flow of things. I think the main power spot, on Lula, Cora, and Lindi's property, may be the crown center of the planet on that time-line. That is, that's where "heaven chi" enters into the energy body of the Earth, and the whole island has been glowing with this energy lately.

Yesterday evening Lula came to me asking for help. The other spot, 3 miles away, had gotten corrupted again (by hordes of octopi) and all 14 of the girls were there, as well as 50 or more other locals, trying to fix the situation.

I did various things, including deploying 1000 good saurians, a bunch of tigers, etc. as well as calling in Pitwexin and his Fymeijbm.
After a while, things were clean again there.

Also last night i noticed that a lot of my "good" saurians have been going AWOL and getting their evil vibe back, so i re-jailed a bunch. I think this is only a small fraction so far, but i will have to keep monitoring this.

(6:45pm) Well, the lizards that are still left really don't like me. Mr. P is back out there. Also the octopi could always use another whack.

Despite the harrassment, i did an update on OTB 25.

Oct. 21, '07: (6:25pm) A lot more progress has been made. Yesterday morning i noticed that Pit was doing up the lizards in Trenton. Anita was backing him up. I gave some backup, too, and after a while he had Trenton pretty wrapped up, and moved on to Atlantic City. Again, with some help he was able to polish them up, then he moved on to Anita's neighborhood for some touch-up. The lizards are trying to get back into these places, but they are stymied. Also, there are a lot less of them now to make trouble.

And, we keep working on the usual other suspects, which are also experiencing depopulation measures. Nevertheless, i keep getting hit.

It occured to me that since my #1 radionics trend is sending them into my jail, that maybe Pitwexin would be able to make a set of stones that automatically jail any negative entities nearby or attacking, as well any other ones you direct it to. That is, send them into a separate jail, not act as a jail.

Here they are: a quartzite the size of my forearm and a malachite almost as big as my fist. They don't have to be that big, but if smaller won't be as powerful. I'm thinking malachite is definitely the choice for the smaller stone, and the larger one can be clear or milky quartz or good quartzite. Any shape would do, but somewhat columnar may be best. Mine will be mounted in a vertical position. This may be best, due to some aspects of the programming. But even a cluster or shapeless chunk will work. Instead of the big qtz, a cast tall cylinder (e.g. shampoo bottle mold) of resin with a lot of silica sand and some copper, and maybe a water bottle and whatever else seems appropriate added, would also be very good. A substitute for the malachite would be dome, egg, sphere, or (last choice) cone of resin and brass with hopefully some malachite (can be crunched up; in fact it makes a green powder that colors resin).
[Note: see also Oct. 23 entry for more choices.]
I just happened to have that nice big malachite laying around that i'd bought in 1992 for $28, is the only reason i was so extravagant.

The thing is powering up now. I'm getting some amazing energies off that malachite.

(10:20pm) Anita and i have been trying to figure out what's being planned tomorrow afternoon at the southern tip of Shikoku, Japan, within 2 miles of Kanae-zaki.
I get the impression like USMC/reptilians hitting something on the beach with exotic pulsed weapons. Lula, Cora, Pitwexin, and Hecate are in the area now, fighting repts!
Anita suspects something with volcanoes, earthquakes, the Pacific Rim of Fire.

(10:40pm) The new crystal set is working amazingly well. I have withstood some surges with it.

I get that one can have 2 sets of these with benefit, but more than that is of no benefit. I will be getting together a smaller, more portable set.
And I will be making robocop antennae for these units, as i have the impression that otherwise reception is only 93% of what it could be. In fact, i plan to make this stone into the next RoboCop. And then i can put RoboCop 1 to to other uses than jailing.

As some of you may be realizing, Pitwexin is a nice guy, who has innumerable projections of himself that are likely to help worthy warriors with programming. The mere attempt to copy any of these depicted stones is likely to get you personalized service.

(11pm) Oh, yeah, while you're at it, ask him to make you a totally etheric jail, programmed to return very fortifying energies to you while it slowly digests the prisoners. Then you can empty any other jail you may have into it, and re-use any stone you may be using for a jail for other purposes.

Oct. 22, '07: (8:10am) Well, an hour or so after i posted last, we were able to wrap up the reptilian scene connected to that sub, and our fighters left.
Still feels clean this morning.

(9am) What happened yesterday evening was that i got an email from Anita saying she had presentiments that something bad was about to go down.
I had been having vague feelings of unease, too, so i dowsed a location. Narrowed it down to Asia, then Japan, then the southern tip if Shikoku. Looked it up on a map. Some bad energy there, but i could not detect any demons or ETs. I did sense USN or USMC involvement, and figured i'd look into it some more later. We had until afternoon today to fart around with it.

Then Lula showed up, in a particularly loving mood. She had amazing energy, what with the energy she was getting off her crystal set, plus the radionics i had done on her, and i was keenly interested in hanging onto her ample and radiant astral body. But since she was such a powerful psychic, i had to ask her to sneak a peek at Shikoku to see what was going on. Big mistake, because that ended her romantic mood for the evening.
I think i had already directed Hecate out there, to bring misfortune to any corrupt US military.
Well, Lula found and stirred up those sneaky lizards so that i could detect their energy, and began fighting them. I informed Mr. P.
And Lula called in her sister Cora for help. So all 4 of them were fighting the lizards.

Lately some of the girls have been using the astral bodies of my weapons. Pitwexin's programming is open enough that i can modify it, so i made some of my stuff so that any of my ladies can use them at will, and they will automatically attune themselves to the user. It is not very effective or fun to use someone else's weapon when they have this sort of programming, unless it adapts to the new user.
Most of the girls, including Lula, showed no interest in weapons. But a few, like Cora and Gina, seem to like them, especially my perpendicular wands. So, by the time i noticed Cora was there, she was already wielding the perpendicles.

I thought of my massive new set, and wondered if Lula might want to try it. Naw, but Hecate was game. I adjusted the attunement and sent the big quartzite into Hecate's right hand, and the big malachite into her left, and she started mopping up. She liked it so much that Pit made her an etheric version, and mine was returned. Then even Lula wanted a set, so he made her one, too. Cora seemed to prefer the perpendicles, maybe because i made them and she loves me. Maybe because they are more elegant for ladylike kung-fu dancing. But anyway, now Hecate and Lula each has one of these etheric swords that jails bad guys en masse. And an etheric jail to go with it.

I lent a bit of remote assistance, too, sending panthers, tigers, etc., and soon the scene was mopped up. Lula returned, but she was now more interested in fighting lizards with her new toy than in snuggling with me, so i let her go help Pit, who was back at the Scutum Crux Arm.

(4pm) Had a big surge of attackers a while ago. Mainly octopi. I noticed Hecate was in M51, wielding her new weapon. After we got the octopi somewhat quelled, she jumped to some spiders. I had the impression she was going after whoever was hitting me.

Then i got motivated to hook up my new jailing crystal to one of the robocop antennas i have. That seemed to help. If reception is only 93%, the critters will eventually find a way to squeeze through that 7% path, i guess.

Jehovah, Shiva, and Subramanya are still working over M51 even after all this time. They caught Hecate's action. Jehovah and Shiva weren't interested in a new weapon, but Subramanya accepted one from Pitwexin: a nice etheric trident. He's going to town with it.

Now it's mainly spiders on the attack. Lula showed up a little while ago, hugged me for a few minutes, then headed off to fight attackers with her new weapon. Both she and Hecate are after spiders right now.

  *   *   *   *
Dealing with corruption in Rifat products: I know some of you have bought these. Pitwexin can fix them easily when directed to them, but i suspect he may not be as adept at finding which ones are corrupt as i am.
A few days ago i noticed that my friend Jim had some corrupt stones acting up with bad energy, and i dowsed which ones, and P fixed them. Then P had to fix his bones. Tim is veering away from crystals, and is more into programming people's bones lately, and Jim has bought various bone programs. This was harder for P to sort out, as i was not real familiar with which programs Jim has, but he eventually cleaned that up, too.
Then a couple nights ago i noticed several of my own Rifat stones had vile energy again, so i had Mr. P fix those, too.

I suspect that most of his stones that are several years old are OK, but in the last couple years there has been more corruption. If you suspect you may have corrupt Rifat products, email me and i'll have P fix them if necessary.

Oct. 23, '07: (10am) Last night a bunch of the girls were running around mopping up spiders, werewolf demons, etc. Pitwexin made some more weapons for some of them. Several got tridents, but Lula didn't want to trade her sword in for one.
Later i happened to notice that although the other fighters were under attack, Lula hardly seemed to be having trouble, and had a real good vibe. What was she doing? She was in the power spot by my cabin, with the sword standing vertically right in the center of it. This lets the Earth energy work with the weapon, making it much more powerful.
I notice that when she's not wielding it, she likes to leave it parked in that spot on the island that tends to draw octopi, etc.

I had Mr. P fix me up with my 2nd Jailer set. I'll have pics if there's ever enough sunlight for a decent photo. It's been drizzly since yesterday morning, and colder.
I found that rutilated quartz is just as good as malachite for the smaller stone. If rutilated is used instead of malachite, it can be proportionately smaller.
And i get that if one were to cast something instead, a combo of copper and titanium would be good, with or without malachite and/or rutilated qtz added. (Brass can sub for the copper.) This would be better than the brass + malachite mentioned earlier. In the absence of rutilated, one could use some clear qtz.

Ah, now the Scutum lizards are back at the remote attacks again...

(1pm) I got a pic of the new set (useful to get an idea of relative sizes with the rutilated qtz), but i ain't posting 'em in the blog no mo'. I copied all the pics and info on these programmed items to OTB 27.

Oct. 24, '07: (6pm) I hadn't even looked at maps of Trenton or Atlantic City, but Anita found a nasty area in the Trenton area and i found the precise spot, Just north of Bordentown, NJ. Reptilians at 891' depth here.

(7:30pm) I don't know what the significance of this is, but thought i'd mention it for the weirdness value. Got to keep up a certain standard of weirdness in this blog.

The other night Lula told me she first met me as a student in a class i was teaching about 3 years ago in my dream body while my day body slept. Apparently, i am or at least was a teacher of metaphysics, and to some very high-caliber students.
This is remarkable to me, because i was not aware of myself as having noteworthy knowledge in this field.

The school is in a place called, get this, Valhalla. Now, my ordinary waking self had never given much thought to Norse mythology, so i looked it up on the web. Valhalla is supposed to be a place where slain heroes go. It don't say nothin' about no school.
There is mention of Odin, Valkyries, Odin's son Bragi, etc. I feel like i know Odin and Bragi, and some of the other stuff might be familiar. Don't get anything on the Valkyries, though.

  *   *   *   *
Also i recently found another time-line with a Loohan in it. I was hugging Cora, whom i love deeply, the other night, and suddenly got a sense of something at a soul level that is tied into my feelings for her. In this other timeline, which feels clean and demon-free, i am married only to Cora. The other girls didn't show up in that timeline. People have life-spans of ~4K years, and i am about 2400 years old, and have been married to Cora for over 2000 years, and still can't get over what a wonderful wife i have. I get a great vibe off both Loohan and Cora in that timeline. They seem extremely happy.
In a rare moment of RVing, i caught a glimpse of Loohan's profile. He looks very different from me, heavy-set with a bit of a spare tire around his midriff. A much different facial structure. Cora also is much shorter.

  *   *   *   *
Despite everything, these octopi are still strong enough to bother me. It doesn't help that i've left most of my orgone stuff (LEDs, pulsers, etc.) unplugged for days while i chase down a problem in my wiring that was causing my batteries to drain. I think i found and fixed that, but i'm trying to let my expensive batteries recuperate, and keep all loads minimal while they recharge.

  *   *   *   *
Got right at 1" of rain from that last system. I'm pretty sure that the only things keeping the drought in the Georgia area in place now is evil Lyrans working the towers. I have to work to keep my own area clear of them. Occasionally i still see scalarized chem-clouds to remind me. But sometimes if it's clear or naturally overcast, if i check, i find the buggers.

Oct. 25, '07: (10:20am) Full moon tonight and the critters are ever hopeful that they can (snicker) emerge victorious.

OK, i finally got around to looking at a map of Atlantic City, and found a spot with reptilian activity at 594' and 891' depths.

(10:30am) Early this morning i realized that i have other time-lines with monogamous marriages to 3 of the other girls, all of them among the 10 sisters that i didn't think i knew on other timelines: Shiela, Nid, and Send. [Correction: i knew that i knew the 4 younger ones, Aleeta, Gina, Shiela, and Alina, on other timelines, but not any of their 6 older half-sisters.] All of these timelines do have some evil beings: nordics, spiders, whatever. So far i have only looked into the one with Nid, and it seems that in that time-line, she is physically similar, that is, rather pretty, and very voluptuous. And the same wonderful personality. She has me wrapped around her finger. I consider her the ultimate woman. I'm 500-some years old, she 400-some. Lifespans are 4-5K.

(1pm) Pitwexin and i have a little something more for you to prepare for the full moon with. See today's update of OTB 27. It is good to weaken as many varieties of evil critters as possible.

(6pm) Heh heh, i kinda went ape with OTB 27 today. My circle of rocks, although several feet in diameter, is getting so crowded it's hard to wedge another set in between the others. But it was a cold, drizzly day out, nothing better to do.

  *   *   *   *
Oh, yeah, i noticed last night that those other 2 women finally broke through to Northern California in this timeline to meet their beau, and they all seem real happy. And haven't picked up critters. They all have counterparts in other timelines involved with each other, too. Other than that, i ain't snoopin'.

Meanwhile, though, i have to keep picking a few critters out of the Kid and Jid in my timeline. Kid and Jid often spend time doing energy work on them, and this attracts the consternation of the dark side.
However, my Hawaiian ladies are not getting critters anymore, ordinarily. A few days ago i had to clean up Cora, who had many werewolf demons in her. She has a way of stepping into nasty things.

Oct. 26, '07: (1:15am) Can't sleep with this full moon energy. The moon peaked around 11pm here. I don't think the bad guys liked how it turned out. I think a lot of you copied the new programs and hence, the bad guys are getting pretty chewed up.

Pitwexin is a Native American shaman. In his time-line, native Americans are Aryans. He lives on the power spot in the very center of the North American continent. But his timeline is about as screwed up as ours. And South America is a lot worse than North. I think he might be the Great White Brother of the Hopi. Not that phony imposter of a Dalai Lama.
Pitwexin hangs out with counterparts of some of the best American Indians, like Crazy Horse and Geronimo, and his culture is very much like the better American Indian cultures in our time-line, which probably had some interaction with his.

Of course in our time-line, many tribes were corrupted by the reptilian/Hebrew hybrids sent out to the Americas thousands of years ago. By the time Columbus' Satanist Catholics came to turn the Yahweh-worshipping Caribbean Indians onto the Bible, the corruption had long been spread from the northern tip of North America to the Southern tip of South America. Worship of Yahweh and Ahriman to gory blood ritual and Seraphim-enhanced group sex. We talkin' heathen practices in the service of Yahweh. And the Hopi were 45% darkside, as they remain today. And their elders are about 3/4 darkside today.
At least one of the guys Pit clashes with in his timeline is a Hopi elder in ours.

There's a big hive of insectiles in South America in his timeline. At least was. I'm helping him out some. I introduced him to some allies he could introduce into his timeline. He accepted the tigers, the good dragons, the good reptilians, and good red Nordics. They are ripping up the demons.

Incidentally, i think about all the "good" saurians are back in jail now. Apparently these are very simple animals, and unfortunately are unable to overcome their inherent programming for evil for very long.

  *   *   *   *
Turns out that the timeline in which i'm married to Send has about 73% of Earth's population into black magic. Loohan seemed to be almost single-handedly keeping the demons somewhat weakened with programmed stones, but it was an earlier version of the technology which did not employ the concept of 2 stones for each purpose. Nonetheless, it was pretty good.
Loohan and Send were pretty blanketed in octopi. Other demons abounded, too. I scooped some of them up, sent in tigers, etc., had Pit come in and enlighten Loohan and Send with tech updates, then all the girls went in there and stomped ass. Loohan's gear is now reprogrammed and much more powerful. Things have lightened up a good deal, but it still sucks there.
Like here, one can choose to go around like a potato-head noticing nothing awry while the world seethes in evil. Like here, the Satanists get chemtrailed, irradiated, poisoned, etc. along with the rest of the population, but there the majority of the victimized population is darkside. Nasty. Gonna take some follow-up.

Then the timeline where i'm with Shiela also has a fair bit (though much less) of demons, etc. Only about 8% of the population is darkside, though. Loohan and Shiela don't seem to be into orgone devices, etc.

(6:45pm) Got a whole 0.15" of rain from that last system.

Things seem to be progressing well. I added a few more items to OTB 27. The Native American one is blowing me away. Maybe in part because i have some tainted reptilindian blood. Think i'll carry it around a while. I put it in my circle for hours, then had the impulse to take its Apache tear and carry it and hold it in my left hand. I really love it.

Oct. 27, '07: (6pm) Something occurred to me this morning about something i had written yesterday morning: "then all the girls went in there and stomped ass". Er, since when can the girls just breeze into any old timeline on the spur of the moment? I thought Lula had to do a bunch of power spot work first, just to get herself, then others, in, astrally.
I guess it's that between the tools Pit made for her, and the radionics i ran on her, she just has increased in energy enough to where she can get into other timelines easily. And where she can go, she can take others. Oops, Cora just read that over my shoulder, and says it's correct.
The other girls who have been using etheric weapons by Pit have increased in energy noticeably, too.

Hey, do me a favor and hit that very center-point of Galaxy M51 with something sharp, will ya?

Oct. 28, '07: (5pm) Man, they have been after me today: fauna and intel astrals, mainly. I just switched on the juice to most of my orgone stuff. I might have to make me another astral ripper for the intel cannon-fodder; i get that one can have up to 4 of these.
Also the Kid and Jid counterparts in my timeline have been getting somewhat heavily targeted by fauna. There have been 4-5 girls covering them all day.
We even had Mr. P make some more weapons and jails for the girls. Some of them now have a set of etheric perpendicu-wands in addition to a trident or a sword.

The M51 octopi are still the major thing. Occasionally they, like the evil Lyrans and Pleiadians (which have been less active lately) were doing, capture some good Pleiadians and torture them to raise energy to shield themselves, or something. So i need to remember to jail the captors/torturers and/or pull the prisoners outta there. They still seem centered in the very center of that galaxy.

And the sky here is largely smeared up with chem.

(5:35pm) Wow, heh heh, i just proved something to myself once again: when the going gets real rough, and they keep attacking you from all sides relentlessly despite everything, just grab head and hand inputters (see Oct. 19, '07 entry in OTB 25) and plug them into any real powerful, preferably electronically-enhanced orgone device, and use your mind to send them to jail. I did that, then used my mind to connect with my ring of programmed crystals and spur them into greater activity. Just 5 minutes or so of this makes a huge difference. I'll probably have to do it again a time or 2 this evening.

Oct. 29, '07: (8pm) Huge battle going on in M51 now: Pitwexin, Hecate, Lula, Cora, Jehovah, etc. Where the circle is.
Spiders are being nasty, too.

Oct. 30, '07: (noon) That spot is still a bit hot.
What happened is that some evil Lyrans went around encouraging the octopi, spiders, and werewolf demons to torture prisoners in order to raise evil energy to make themselves more powerful. So now it's a constant battle to keep the fauna from taking, holding, or torturing prisoners. I got both robocops on it, and my large jailer unit. Even so, i have to work at it.
Don't know why the Scutum repts have not been doing this yet.
At this time, any strong attacks are coming from fauna who are torturing. Intel astrals are attacking weakly.

(4:10pm) Somebody out there is doing something very effective. Not long after i posted last, the fauna became very stymied in their activities toward the good Lyrans, etc. that they want to capture and torture. Though they're still doing it a bit.

I just added an anti-chemtrail program to OTB 27.

(5:40pm) I couldn't stand it anymore. All i have to do is feel love for any of my gals, and the critters immediately pounce on my heart center so that i can only feel pain and discomfort. So i had Pitwexin fix me up with a heart center protector (see OTB 27). I could call it the Freedom to Love set.