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Loohan's blog for November, 2011
Nov. 1, '11: (6:30am) Occupy the Vatican Serves Eviction Notice Against Child Raping Church.

(6:50am) I have been finding more of those UN nazi U bases around Germany (and Turkey) , including under Vilseck, Germany. Also in Vilseck my attention was drawn by a very DORy flower shop named Derrfuß Blumengeschäft. Especially this spot, apparently part of one of their greenhouses. It has the vibe of 4 very nasty UN satanist shape-shifters.
I have not figured out what goes on there.
And not far west of there is this bldg which has the vibe of 500+ of them coming and going. I think maybe 23 work there.
West of there is this bldg, which has the vibe of 2 living there but also dozens who come and go.

(8am) How original. Scottish Rite pedophile nazi satanist CIA asset installed as Libya's new PM.

(8:20am) Speaking of weird DORy tech, i noticed something while logging onto my Hotmail account. A real nasty ET-tech vibe. I think all of MSN has it. I sense 3 machines of some sort connected to their servers.

I think the machines were built in a U base here which is being taken out. 53 ETs and 232 NSAtanists. Also there are at least 35 more nearby U facilities connected to this by tunnels. With more ETs and NSAtanists. The ETs are from the center of this pic of the Starburst Galaxy AKA NGC 3310 (another good pic).
These ETs seem like 4', stout, squatty humanoids, not grays, with hair, small eyes. Might have 6 fingers on each hand, but only 3 toes on each ostrich-like foot.
I sense there are a lot more of these under the Earth all over, and we will see about lighting them up and nailing them.

(8:45am) Lotta their bases are in a large area south of Ciudad Juarez, MX.

(9:15am) MSN seems to have unhooked the machines from their servers now. I guess they didn't realize how obvious the DOR would be.
But the machines are still DORy.

Wait, one was in a U base under Charlotte, NC. The others under U bases in other places that we are also taking out.

(12:30pm) My friend Thorp has been under nasty attack from an ET here in San Antonio.
I sense 3 of them living there. This is of the same species as Dean Madigan, whom i have mentioned before. These are of the Constellation Libra race responsible for his biological implants and other harassment.
In fact, we are lighting up and taking out some of their U bases now.

(12:55pm) That witch i spotted at the Lagos harbor is still casting spells.
More mafia properties:And plenty more. If they piss me off again i'll post a bunch more.

(2pm) They sent the message that they are unafraid of having their properties outed. But i'll do it anyway.More later. Unless, of course, they make ample reparations for their crimes first.

(2:15pm) This whole artificial peninsula in Long Beach is home to at least 464 USN satanists.

(6:15pm) Hardly any chem today.

Back to Nigeria. The next place i was drawn to is a DORy house here, where a major mafia dude seems to reside.
I also got a nasty mafia vibe off the street name. It is named after Dr. Bode Olajumoke (Wikipedia), a black magician and mafia politician.
Near there we find Ocean Parade Towers, a very DORy apt complex which is owned by the mafia, and inhabited mostly by mafia. I sense at least several hundred there. All black magicians.
Another of their neighborhoods is here, where i sense at least 65 of their bldgs.

Nov. 2, '11: (5:50pm) 90% chance of rain tonight, so they sprayed like hell today. Drones.
But now every time i see a drone spraying, i let that serve as a reminder to scan for any chemmer U bases on Earth, even if they are on the other side of the planet. Because in other places, they still are spraying with metal, piloted, Earth-based planes.

Funny thing: i have hardly gotten attacked at all by those thousands of Nigerian black magicians i stirred up. Got hit weakly by a gay male from that area west of Lagos, young, maybe 22, who has bad energy in his adrenals, which i suspect is caused by cocaine abuse. I had never noticed this symptom before, but now that i check, Bill Clinton's adrenals feel the same.
The Nigerian attacker also had 2 gay buddies, one of whom also seems to be an adrenal-challenged cokehead, the other not. Many male Nigerian black magicians, probably including all the Babalowas [correction: spelled Babalawo], are homosexual.

OK, so evidently cocaine is abundant around there.
Why have i not been hit harder? Hopefully because most of the paranormal power of Nigerian black magic has been neutralized, and they just don't have the oomph anymore. Not enough to get through my ever-expanding orgone barricade, anyway.

So energy attacks are lite, yet, last night, i was visited by the astral bodies of some of their hookers! (Nigerian black magicians often still have hidden souls/astral bodies despite my attempts to vacuum them all up wholesale.) They wiggled their DORy hips provocatively. Give me a break. I bagged and destroyed them.

There may be thousands of mafia hookers in the area.
In the US, if you call up your local friendly "escort and outcall massage service" there is a good chance you will get sent a CIA agent whose agenda extends beyond merely making money from sex.
Likewise in Nigeria (except there it isn't the CIA). Great way to get info on people.

(6:05pm) I just got an email from Jewish Voice for Peace saying in part:
This news is breaking: At this moment, two boats are in international waters in the Mediterranean heading to Gaza. One boat, the Saoirse from Ireland, includes parliamentarians among its passengers. The other, the Tahrir, carries representatives from Canada, the U.S., Australia, and Palestine.

The U.S. Representative on the Tahrir, Kit Kittredge, was a passenger on the U.S. Boat to Gaza, The Audacity of Hope mission in Athens in July. A journalist from Democracy Now is also on the Tahrir. Civil society organizations in Gaza await their arrival, and look forward to the delivery of letters collected from thousands of U.S. supporters in the "To Gaza With Love" campaign.
On the Tahrir is also 1 male CIA satanist! Let's fry him while i try to find a list/pic.

(6:30pm) Meanwhile, someone emailed me "Please clear out the Chinook middle school in Lacey WA. The whole darnn place is filled to the brim with sex demons. They are just screwing up the kids heads and filling them with perverted information and thoughts." Well, yes, there were all these demons filling the school bldg (map), as well as the 3 schools just SW of that one. And these were there due to 4 satanists in this nearby house, 4226 Hornet Dr NE.

Also involved in this are 6 satanists working for Oral Surgery Associates. Hmm, anyone need an implant removed?
I think i get a military vibe off this scene... US Army perhaps...
Stirred up a bunch of their U bases now.

(6:55pm) Ugh. There is a pic in this article of a bunch of most blastworthy snakes: New Libyan "PM" is Big-Oil Goon. This is the first i became aware of Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, who feels like one ultra-sleazoid shapeshifting Scottish Rite NSAtanist. A bit unusual to have an NSA guy there. One normally expects CIA.

Nov. 3, '11: (9:40am) Cold, windy, overcast, damp. Got 0.4" rain last night.

Another satanist Catholic "exorcist": Vincent Lampert talks openly about exorcising demons.

(3pm) Still cold, windy, overcast.

Asperger's Syndrome and the CIA: Mordok has Asperger's Syndrome, a mild form of autism. He just noticed that all the Asperger's sufferers he knows of had small U bases around them with satanist CIA clones. There is a vast number of these little bases around the US, which Lt.Veo is chasing up. I think they are psychicly persecuting anybody who has autism, as they can be dangerously psychic. In fact i started blasting one soulless Asp. sufferer who had gone to the darkside. I tried blasting his connections, and bizarrely, it turns out there are U bases all over Europe with incredibly vast numbers of the 2nd type of ET in the SLC area, that we found last month. I just tracked them to their home in NGC 4388.

If you suffer from autism or Aspergers, feel free to send me your addy or at least zip code, so i can make sure those bases go bye-bye.
The CIA, knowing this is happening, will choose to leave the clones there to get killed rather than try to move them.

I didn't mention it, but a month or so ago i found similar CIA clone bases around me, too.

(3:50pm) Those same kind of ETs as i just mentioned are also all under Kazakhstan and Mongolia. They seem to like it around 500' down.

(4pm) Another example of Scottish Rite nazis opposing Scottish Rite nazis: “According to the report, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan and former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin are those responsible for leaking information to the media regarding an attack on Iran...”
According to Cmdr Loohan, this attack-on-Iran stuff is being milked for maximum psyop value.

(4:15pm) Oh yeah, almost forgot. I have said in the past that Adolfo Nicolas, the Black Pope may be dead. And the previous one does seem to have taken over. But last night, mindful of the sudden comeback of the "dead" lead Nigerian witch, tried blasting Adolfo just to make sure he was inert. I have a lot more power now than i did a few months ago.

Well, he showed right up, recuperating in a bed in Rome. I had the impression he may have had his prostate removed.
I think his room is here, but his slime can be felt all over that floor, as though he walked it for exercise. Also he seems to take many meals upstairs at Ristorante Cesar, which can be seen if you zoom out. It is very DORy from the clientele.

(5pm) Fire Guts Headquarters of French Satiric Weekly. I get a black ops vibe off this. I doubt muslims were responsible. The person who threw the bomb lives here i think. His many accomplices and helpers live in this neighborhood and work for the DPSD, another bunch of Scottish Rite Jesuit-lickers.

Nov. 4, '11: (8:40am) Gottalotta backlogged stuff to chase up and post about. Let's start with M32ers in Nova Scotia: Yesterday, this area was full of M32 U bases. Many have been cleared up now.
It started when Mordok realized that some nasty kids that had been harrassing the son of a mutual friend in Nova Scotia are M32ers. I feel 5,423 of them above-ground in this area, plus 35 N204 couples and 7K+ of their cats.

Now lets move to US Army satanists around Barstow, CA:(2pm) The sun finally came out this afternoon. Warming. I am still getting fairly ripe tomatoes.
And fluffy chem-clouds.

Now a bunch more U bases under the Barstow area have flared up, so i'll have to wait until those are scrubbed before i can scan the surface again. Meanwhile, how about some more misc satanist agents?(3:35pm) Ugh. The lady in Auburn who is persecuted by M32ers had her sister in Sedona mention that she was being stalked. I feel M32ers:And plenty more, but i am getting tired of all this work.

Nov. 5, '11: (4:50pm) Breezy, mild weather. Chem-clouds.

Today Mordok made me aware that the M32ers are from another universe; Universe F, i get.
And nobody was attacking them there. The M32ers came from there originally, then some of those in M32 came to Earth.
So now our forces are pestering them in Universe F. I got some mild kickback from F already.

(5:45pm) Always something more. The guy who has been having ET issues in SLC area mentioned that when he went to the University of South Alabama (USA), he was often sick and felt bad.
So i looked it up on the map. DORy vibe for a couple thousand feet around. Huge base around 600' down with 2,508 CIAtanists, 42 grays, and 9,206 SLC type ETs. Furthermore, if you are sensitive, check out the long straight high-speed tunnel at 3000' depth, heading ENE to rural PA where there were thousands more of these ETs & CIA.
And now an enormous area of hundreds of square miles has flared up strongly. More grays and these same ETs.

Nov. 6, '11: (7:30am) Every goddam time i turn around, another DORy shapeshifting Scottish Rite child raping &%$#* CIAtanist mug is shoved in my face. Like Garret John LoPorto. I am sick of the CIAtanists, and about ready for all of them to drop dead.

(8am) DORiest shape-shifting CIA cutie of the day: Blake Lively.

(4:35pm) And that woman is closely connected to dozens of CIAtanists who reside here. If you zoom out you will see it is a large squarish bldg.

Overcast all day.
Last night there were bunches of CIA clones under Leslie, AR, where Mordok lives, as well as out my way again.
Then more replaced them in Leslie this morning.

Mordok and i figured out these clones actually were hatched in Abell 2218, and shot here via portals. That's how they've been doing it. That's why there have been so many CIA U bases all over the planet. A few months ago the entire Pacific Ocean floor was dotted with them.

And it's not only CIA, but NSA, etc. They have the vibe of a different agency even though they were hatched in the same place offworld. That is because they are allocated to the agencies as juniors.
In any case, so far we have only found 1 clone hatchery in Abell 2218, and taken it out.

How do they feed them, etc? Not sure, but the other day, working over M32 U bases in AZ, i got the impression there were lots of large underground farms about 6 miles down, complete with tractors, row crops, chickens, pigs, goats, cattle, etc. How do they get the air? Do the plants produce enough oxygen to support people, animals, compost piles, as well as the plants' needs at night?
In any case, we have been seeking these out. The animals are agreeable to being liberated. Now Duder has plenty of their livestock's souls nearby to work with him.

(4:45pm) Duder has been picked on real hard lately by the Auburn M32ers. They are backed up from M32. But also i just noticed these houses in the central block here are super-DORy. I don't know what exactly they are doing. Please blast.
I have a new VEO head almost complete that has been devoted to protecting Duder, but it's still not enough.

Nov. 7, '11: (7:10am) Someone just asked me about YU-55. When i first looked at it, it had 33 gray craft around it, each with 333 grays. Inside i sense allies, but haven't IDed which. The grays attacked me as soon as i looked at pic. Not from their ships, but from 33 bases on Rigel. Those bases and ships have been taken out now. And more grays are attacking me from Rigel.

(8:40pm) Warning! Very toxic energy coming from this pic and from Little Rock right now. I went down there and pissed off the M32ers. There are 3,800+ down there stirred up now, and the actual population might be several times that.
This is a special lodge just for M32ers. 42 of them. And they have been attacking me.
More info tomorrow. I busted the crap out of North Little Rock and Little Rock.

(10:55pm) Thanks for the backup. I had the vague impression that 2 of them fell down a steep ravine next to the lodge, in a vain search for orgonite.
And got hauled off in stretchers.

Now i'm attacked a bit by 33 fine ET ladies at the Northside Pentecostal Church.

Nov. 8, '11: (7:15pm) I slept like a log for 6 hours.

Yeah, i was feeling overtly feisty yesterday, so one of the first things i did when i started busting NLR was stick my camera at a guy passing in the opposite direction on an ET-infested suburban road. I blew it and didn't get a pic, but rattled him enough to make him call someone downtown, south of the river.
Generally, i was amazed at how oblivious the ETs were to my intense presence. I could gaze at them while cruising by, and they would pay no attention. There was only 1 exception in NLR: a blonde holding her baby by her porch did a double-take, stared at me, and also called this same guy, who lives here. (In fact, i feel 500+ within a 1/2 mile radius of him.)

I wasn't even able to bust some places i had found on the map, because i spent so much time finding other places.

They have been colonizing LR since at least as early as 1820, and are deeply entrenched. They even have bank branches, employing M32ers.

Almost all the ones i saw south of the river were black, and looked like ordinary full-blood negroes. One thing i notice about M32 males is that none of them seem very buff. They are not into weight-lifting, martial arts, etc. Except for many of the negro 1/2-breeds, who are "healthy-looking", as has been mentioned before.
This boxing school has a 1/2-breed instructor and 35(?) ET students. I think only 1 of the students is full-blood, and the rest are probably mostly black. And a few normal Earthlings study there too.

Anyway, that guy they called downtown put an RVer onto me, which i think i shook, but they caught up with me late in the afternoon.

Shortly after i nailed the Masonic Lodge, i was taking pix of all these closely-clustered small businesses, and suddenly noticed this truck almost on my bumper in the parking lot. Being easily intimidated, i took off, circled around a bldg, came up behind him, pulled alongside, stopped, took a pic, gave him the finger, and went on down to the next business to take a pic of it.
He just sat there. I didn't even notice him doing any evil juju to me, oddly.
He is one of the full-blood Masons.

Last night when the Masons attacked, i got flashes of a few faces. One was angular and a bit gaunt, a full-blood, and maybe 83 years old; a senior Mason. I think that later this guy and another one went down the steep ravine next to the lodge with headlamps, and the old one lost his footing and took down the other one, too, who tried to save him.
I suspect the old guy died last night, so now they only have 53 Masons in that lodge.
However, i also sense 45 of them in the Pulaski Heights Lodge #673, and another 38 in the Iron Springs Lodge # 342, e.g. Junior Deacon Mike Stalnaker.

(7:35am) It just started raining a bit. We could get a good rain today.

Oh, brother. Pardon me while i throw up. More apparent conflicts between shape-shifting Rothschild agents: Israel Could Be Forced To Go It Alone On Iran Attack.
"The comments were caught after a microphone was accidentally left on following the conclusion of the conference." How embarrassing. Accidents will happen.
Oh, yeah, Russia and China (Jesuit-run) also express their opposition.

(1:15pm) Finally. someone asked me about some alternative healers that are not CIAtanist! Unfortunately, they are NSAtanists:

Nov. 9, '11: (6:30pm) It finally stopped raining sometime last night. Got 3.6"! The first serious rain in many months. Possibly related to the fact that a few days ago i made a Sky Guardian pumpkin-head unit. His areas of responsibility include chem, scalar ripples, UFOs, even the darksiders in passenger jets. Also he runs all my various chem-busting devices.

Don't be surprised if the TX/NM drought eases soon. Not only do i still blast Lufkin regularly, but a couple weeks ago we took care of huge numbers of grays in a large area of adjacent MX. Also there is something else powerful being done to the TX area that i can't specify further at this time.

Hey, my friend in the SLC area has a problem he needs help with. He rents a room from 2 soulless gay guys [correction: not gay; those are at another house he considered renting a room in] who seem clueless. They are letting this stalker neighbor ET into the house a lot.
BTW i am so busy i have neglected to put together a page on the SLC variety of ETs. We got plenty of links of their houses, if anyone wants to volunteer to put together a webpage about this issue.

(6:50pm) Holiday Inn, Barstow, CA, like all Barstow inns, is run by CIAtanists. Although the USAF might own the inns. The long north-south bldg is especially full of NSA, USAF, CIA, Delta Force, etc. satanists.

Nov. 10, '11: (9:15am) Wow! Thank God for the fact that the morons never learn a damn thing!
I got attacked from an M32 U base under Sweet Home, AR, which was connected to hundreds more, all under the east side of Little Rock, under the filthy corrupt town of Cabot, etc. (map). East to Stuttgart...

(10:20am) Too cool! They are in U base suicide mode. Thousands of U bases all over N. America going down now!

(11:50am) More freaking bullshit: Russia and China warn America against Iran strike as tensions rise ahead of damning atomic agency report. Lies, lies, lies. I saw a pic in the Little Rock paper yesterday of a "suspected" nuke facility, that had no radioactive vibes i could detect. I think these clowns just get on Google maps and find some manufacturing plant and stick the pic in the papers.
"Tensions rise" between all these Jesuit interests. My ass. Again, this is being milked for psyop value. I hope they are not stupid enough to actually strike Iran.
They told you how they operate in "Wag the Dog". These days anything in the media concerning international relations seems to be nearly total bullshit.

(1:20pm) Soulless whore on CIA payroll: Yemeni activist and co-winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize Tawakkul Karman has said that Ali Abdullah Saleh should be tried as a war criminal. I'm curious: did she mention Kissinger? Obama? Bush? Clinton? Netenyahu? etc?

(1:50pm) Catholic Church behind thousands of Pornographic/Satanic/Black Magic Books - 2nd Largest German Publisher owned in full by Catholic Church!

Nov. 11, '11: (8:25am) Gasp, it's the dreaded 11/11/11! And right after a full moon!
Chem-clouds yesterday but clear now.

Damn, i wish i had more time for this stuff. I haven't made an SLC ET page. I have a lot of work to do still to list all the M32 businesses in LR. And now a reader in Illinois has been getting stalked by yet another human ET race! Who also gives me quick kickback as soon as i find them on the map.
He was being psi-attacked by 2 of them at Jack Schmitt Ford of Collinsville, Illinois (map). But 5 of them hit me when i found the location.

There are dozens more in this neighborhood, and again more here.
Plus extensive U stuff over a large area of MO being taken out now.

(6pm) Chem got increasingly bad as the day wore on. A lot of drones laying short segments south of town.

I just updated my greys page with the following:
Lately i have been running into physical, 5' tall, small-eyed Rigelian grays. They are closely associated with The Watchers (see glossary) and involved in the same kind of deeply covert monitoring and mind-manipulations. They look a bit like this, but with smaller eyes.
Also, there are some physical 7' tall grays in the Orion area.

Nov. 12, '11: (4:50pm) Overcast all day, colder.

If you were not able to access that gray pic from that link, i cached a copy here down the page. These are particularly dangerous grays.

Satanist CIA executives working for Entrust, which sells overtly DORy gray-tech electronic devices.
Here are their HQ. The whole block east of Inwood Rd, north of Harvest Hill Rd, south of Special Delivery Service and Motek (which are not CIA), and west of Monitor Dr has the CIAtanist vibe.

(5:50pm) Someone wrote me that her anus was being probed. Whatever it was was extremely cloaked. I could feel something but not ID it. Finally nailed 6 U bases in southern Italy with 4' humanoids from Andromeda.

(6pm) Too, too corny. Check out the elephant at the Smithsonian.
Now there is a CIA mind-control transmitter inside it. I think since May.
CIA, you clowns are so tiresome and way too ubiquitous for my tastes. I would like to whittle your numbers down to about zero sometime soon.

(8pm) Another truly bizarre CIA Scottish Rite 43% rept satanist: Dr. Edward David Owour.

Nov. 13, '11: (4:25pm) Heavy chem-clouds today. Drones in the morning.
Warm, windy.

I get so spitting mad lately several times a day at the CIA. If there was a CIAtanist in front of me now, my fist would probably go through his solar plexus, take out his middle spine, and hit the wall behind him.
On the front page of the Little Rock whore-paper today was a bunch of soulless nazi-sypathizers burning a picture of Saleh. Any moderately psychic person can tell they were each given a few bucks of CIA heroin money to pose for the photo op.
Just like those women who burned their veils the other day for the Jesuit media.
I vow to kill all these cojone-less criminals.

Speaking of Jesuits, Mordok just located 6 highly elite shape-shifters here.
What is that place? If you back out a bit, you will see a large complex marked Parrocchia S.Maria Della Speranza, which has a horrible vibe of hundreds of satanists. "Category: Catholic Church"

(5:55pm) The Watchers: the other day i dowsed there were about 2 googol to the 9th power of them. This is a very large number when dealing with physical beings. Since then only a few quadrillion have been killed.
These guys, working with those small-eyed grays, and sending demons, are a very serious issue. They have been messing up people's minds for ages. Here is a classic example from David Icke: Jesse Ventura - Pet Detective.
Now here we have David Icke, whose site is plastered with pictures of himself. I once even saw (did not watch) a video there entitled "David Icke: the Legend". And now look how he goes on and on about Jesse's ego. Actually, David's ego is huger. Ventura just never got out of TV wrestling bombast mode. Both are good guys, though.

But neither can sense a shape-shifter up close. I've seen Ventura interview several, yet he's "never seen one". Whereas Icke promotes Swerdlow, Elton John, Cher, John Lennon, etc. all the time.

Anyway, Icke's brain is being munched right now by demons sent by The Watchers. And he is unaware of it. I'll give him a hand shortly.
But this is how their demon telepaths work: they will make you feel self-righteous, defensive of your ego/position, overly resentful of any disrespect. Any slight is taken very seriously. It really matters. If you find yourself reacting to things that way, ask why does it matter? How important is it really? Do you want to get your panties all bunched up over this, or is it a distraction?

I find it hard to believe that Icke could not find any common ground with Ventura. Both are sincere.
[Update 2017: yes, they were sincere agency lizardly hoaxers. And there are many times i thought lizards were under attack by the dark side, when presumably they must have just been helped along.]

And if you ever see a video entitled "Commander Loohan: the Legend", it will hopefully be tongue-in-cheek.

(8:55pm) Uk. I am being made nauseous by the 4' Andromedans i mentioned yesterday. I think they have been around, cloaked, all along, working with the grays. They are cloned the same way the grays are, in hatcheries. Mordok ran into a bunch of them chasing connections from a chemtrail (they sprayed heavily again this evening). They had a clone base in the center here, and he has been duking it out with them in various universes.
They have squid faces, i think.
They are hitting my duodenum from Andromeda en masse.

Nov. 14, '11: (7:45am) Much better now, thanks!
BTW another thing The Watchers do is have demons keep you awake at night. I had to deal with that for a while.
This morning is warm, low 70s, thinned-out chem-clouds.

I found a place in London with some bad guys that seem connected to the squid-faces: a very large complex called the Robertson Street Project, which is part of Thames Reach, which "helps" the homeless.
Heavy Scottish Rite satanist vibe and pedophile activities.

(8am) Speaking of pedo institutions, the other day when i read about Coach Sandusky, i did get the vibe of a large and influential group of satanist perverts connected to this. Lt. Veo has been "cooking" them in the background for eventual tracking.
Now there's this article...

Speaking of fat-ass rich pederasts, here is an article about Scottish Rite CIA "leftist" Michael Moore.

(10:25am) Heavy chem. Good rain chances tonight. Now that we de-cloaked those squid-faces, i can feel their involvement somehow in the chemtrailing.

The NSA went out of their way to make sure i tell you about their complex in Long Beach.
Here's what happened: they had one of their 32 NSAtanist students at Juan Rodriguez Cabrillio High School hack the account of a Long Beach orgone activist that corresponds with me. Thus, i got some spam from her email account about achieving the ultimate climax.
I strongly encourage this disclosure effort on their part, even though i wish they would do it through other means, as my workload is too high lately.

But, sigh, i guess it ended up on my lap as usual. OK, here are some Scottish Rite NSAtanists:
Glen Hill, Alt Fuels teacher
the 5 teachers in the Computer/Technology Education Department
The 7 people in Administration
More faculty and staff...

In fact this whole area is chock-full of NSAtanists, including 22 who work at the Long Beach Job Corps Head Start.

(10:45am) Bad news. Not only is the lead Nigerian witch still alive, but now she has become a channel for grays. Grays have been strengthening her and have been remotely attacking the same physical spots on people as her demons were in the past.
She is still in that hospital.

(1:10pm) Scary TM group: David Lynch Foundation. All these people are black magicians who worship the evil "god" (whom i killed years ago) Hanuman. And here is an interesting-looking site of a reformed cultist. I have not studied it yet.

(1:55pm) Supposedly there are new Low levels of radioactive particles in Europe: IAEA. I think there is a place releasing this, in or near Germany. Not sure. Only find gray bases so far when i search. Except, i also stumbled across an evangelical satano-pedo institution: Haus Nordhelle (map).

(5:25pm) Alas, zillions of grays snuck in from Rigel, and have re-inhabited much of the underground.
We are knocking off more hatcheries in Rigel, Zeta, Orion, etc.

Nov. 15, '11: (7:35am) Been getting good rain.

State College, PA & the Sandusky business: I see there's a new video out on the subject, which has a truth vibe, but i haven't watched it. Instead i thought i'd prowl around the town a bit. First i noticed a sprawling CIA base under the golf course and south, with 20 soulless MPD boys. Then i noticed Young Scholars of Central Pennsylvania Charter School and got immediate kickback from these CIA pedophiles. (pic of "handler" staff and pix of little MPD/rape victims)
Then i noticed the Keystone Reformed Christian School, which is "permanently closed" yet has a hot toxic vibe and kicks back at me. I sense 22 CIAtanists (map).

(8:10am) On the south side of the DORy University Park Airport is a subdivision that feels like exclusive territory for CIAtanists and their "young friends". I sense 25 CIA and several child victims in this neighborhood now.
And it's so conveniently close to the airport!
And which destination(s) might be energetically linked?

Next i notice strong bad energy at the Penn State All-Sports Museum. Ah, there is a link there to the Nittany Lion Club, staffed by nothing but CIAtanist pedophiles.
Next i am drawn to this DORy neighborhood where 360+ CIAtanist perverts live.
Then a small group of houses here, where 24 more live, along with several "special" children. I found 3 kids there with 96-chakra souls that have been released. The souls have been released, that is, not the physical kids.
Took out U base under Meck's Corner, which had 23 CIAtanists and some soulless kids. Another under Mt. Holly Springs. Another under Bowie, MD in the DC area. I think the flights from that airport shuttle agents and kids between State College and Reagan Int'l Airport.
And, we are finding more U bases around there connected with this.

(8:35am) Iran media cast doubt on reported suicide in Dubai, and rightfully so. Earlier i traced the 2 Mossad murderers to a small U base to the north in southern Iran. Then when i re-checked, i found a tunnel heading NNW from the former base to here, where i believe is a surface base with 26 surviving Scottish Rite Mossad nazis. Map resolution is very poor.
Also taking out more Mossad U bases in S Iran.

(8:40am) We are now entering a black magic ritual period for Nigeria. Rituals will be taking place all over there for the next couple days, especially among the wealthy and privileged class. One particularly DORy spot is the mafia-owned Lagos Oriental Hotel.

(9:10am) The Naughty Stupid Assholes always amaze me. Now they want me to publicize that Cost Cutter grocery stores are another NSA proprietary. They played phone games with Mordok from this one in Springfield, MO. But this one is the DORiest in Springfield.

A bit of research on the company: Their website says:
1967, January 15 All four stores are sold to the Cohen family through Roswil Inc., a Maryland-based company. Under the management of Richard Taylor, the small chain grows quickly beyond southwest Missouri through acquisition and consolidation in rural markets.
This is when NSA got it. "Roswil Inc." hehe. No website, but a web search can lead to minor tidbits of info. Roswil is NSA.

(12:30pm) Overcast. Got 2.2" rain and might get more tonight.

On Oct 24 i mentioned
Toxic-vibe cutie Kari Kiefer, who works for wunderground. Mordok and i blasted her and got hit by a female in their community here in VA. There are 24 of them in various houses in this area. Also we have gotten a bunch of their U bases already.
Well, we are now taking out U bases in that part of VA. Also i found their home galaxy: NGC 4150. There were 3 gray hatcheries there. These ETs have been working underground with the grays on weather mod. Found a bunch under TX yesterday. We have been taking out a lot of their U bases worldwide.

(3:50pm) Brrr, it's absurd how many hours i spend doing this web work. As if i didn't have important things to do around the homestead. But i take consolation in messing them up.
I finally typed up all the M32 businesses, etc. i found in Little Rock recently, and put them on the M32 page. Whew! BTW, now i feel over 6K M32ers in Little Rock that are stirred up, and i betcha that ain't half. Some of these businesses are tiny, others are substantial.

Also: ES2 has been in Auburn since June. I did not mention it before, because the agencies that monitor my mail had not informed the M32ers of this. But about 3 weeks ago they did.
Now i seem to be sensing an exodus from the area. Perhaps realizing that ES2 has permanently "ruined" the region, many ETs seem to be heading to Canada, especially Calgary, which feels like it has at least 35K of them!
Also, many of the dummies were going into U bases in BC and AB, which we nailed. They finally got wise to that after a while.
I have not had confirmation from the lady in Auburn, but i sense them leaving daily. Whereas i used to feel 828 of them in the area, now i only feel 622. And it was 700-something a day or 2 ago.

Nov. 16, '11: (7:25pm) And now it feels like 422. My imagination?

Got another 0.8" by morning, making total rainfall from that system 3.0".

I neglected to mention that Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock has 3 female M32 nurses. And at any given time, at least 30 M32 kids, most of them on chemo i think. Between that and the visitor traffic, they have left a nasty energy taint in the hospital.
That reminds me, too... when i was cruising around semi-rural NLR the other day, i noticed several piles of trash illegally dumped in the woods that also had the M32 vibe.

On October 24 i mentioned "A race of humans that had loads of bases under and near NM plus more elsewhere. Also some live on the surface and marry Earthlings that they then proceed to slowly and discreetly drive ill, insane, etc. I have not found their home galaxy yet."
Meet Patty LaBelle. I wonder if she's called that because of the name of the homeland star of her race: Bellatrix.

(7:45pm) Babalowa [correction: spelled Babalawos], which i have mentioned before, are one dangerous type of Nigerian black magician. They are all promiscuously homosexual males. In rural areas one might usually find a single Babalowa [correction: spelled Babalawo] with his group of acolytes, some of whom may be under age 10. In urban areas, they cluster in residential areas. This way they have convenient access to each other for sex. Also, if one of them wants to really get some power going, he will sacrifice numerous animals and share them with the others. In exchange, the others pool the evil power generated into the practitioner's spell.

Babalowas [correction: spelled Babalawo] drink the blood raw, but, unlike satanists, cook the meat. They do not like the taste of cats, so they sacrifice dogs, chickens, horses, goats, cattle.

One cluster of them in Lagos is here. You can only see clouds in the pic, but maybe you can feel the DOR.
Another, more visible one is here.
One in NYC is
here. In fact, i feel 420 of them around Central Park. They must like that power spot.

Nov. 17, '11: (8:30am) First freeze of the season. Have a thin layer of ice in the bucket outside. Sunny, clear.

I felt an urge to look up Little Rock hotels on the web, to ferret out some more M32er businesses. First i found the prestigious Crowne Plaza Hotel, and immediately got hit hard by 6 half-breeds in this less-prestigious house. I think they were hired to psychically punish me when i got onto the Crowne.
I also get a real DORy vibe off their off-site fitness center, but haven't found it yet. Too distracted by the U base just east of the hotel, linked to it by tunnel. There were 462 ETs down there we had missed before.

(8:55am) Ugh. They seem to have most of the motels listed here. Also many in Bryant.
I HATE paperwork.
(9am) And Conway.

(10:30am) All kinds of M32 U bases under Bryant as well.

But i never despair merely because every time i or Mordok looks around, we discover more and more exotic bad guys. Why? Because we will slaughter them. Look at how much more advanced our tech has become in the last few months alone. And it keeps growing exponentially.

Here's something new that is available to many: you can program their blood. And fry them with the death-ray (the following post on that thread). Many of you already are set up to go on this, because your 6D selves have been trained.
Not only that, but already thousands of animals, both incarnate and discarnate, are doing this.

(11am) Someone wrote me that the link i gave for the Babalawo colony in NYC is for a nice, safe, Jewish neighborhood, yet i swear i sense Nigerian Babalawos there. I did some more reading on Nigerians, and ran across the tribal name Efik (Wikipedia). I suspect that the Babalawos that i sense living all around the periphery of Central Park are mostly Efik.
Some Wikipedia excerpts:
The Efik people have had ancient religious practices that strongly resembled some of the Jewish Torah. These include their traditional sacrifice of animals (rituals)...

...the Efik people were often referred to as Efik Eburutu. Eburutu being a term that came into being as a result of the corruption of the word "Hebrew", and Ututu. Ututu being one of the early settlements of the Efik people in the coastal southeastern Nigeria. Hence, the Efik/Ibibio/Annang people were known in early history as being of Hebrews who settled in Ututu.

...they identify their religious practices and heritage with the Jews. They are believed to be members of the Northern Kingdom of Israel who left before the Babylonian captivity and migrated to the Efik/Ibibio/Annang land of Nigeria from Egypt via Ethiopia and Sudan. They have active synagogues in the area. Synagogue services (Shabbat Services) of this region of Nigeria can be seen on the Internet, including the YouTube website.

In 1884 the Efik kings and the chiefs of the Efik placed themselves under British protection.
The Efik kings sold out. I sense that they had been inducted into Scottish Rite Freemasonry.
And the Hope Waddel Training Institute is one seriously DORy place where African black magic melded with that of the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

(11:20am) And the cross-pollination of black magic systems continues. I get a strong vibe of Babalowas and other Nigerian Black magicians at Holy Cross the Byzantine Rite (Wikipedia on Byzantine Rite).

(3:50pm) I guarantee these 8 Jesuit satanists are up to no good: Sacred Heart Retreat.

(5:45pm) Clear and cold all day here.

Johnson & Johnson: Notice anything "off" about the people of various nationalities on their site? How they all have the same dirty "cult" vibe? But the BOD members seem drawn from a wide variety of corporate backgrounds. How about their corporate HQ and NJ site?
At first i thought this must be yet another group of ETs. But now i'm not so sure.
They also have a mailing address in a DORy community of theirs in Langhorne, PA 19047-0726. Clustering like ETs and Congregational Illuminists do.

Now this board member, Leo F. Mullin, is retired Delta Airlines (CIA).
Something "different" about these satanists, but i haven't figured out what yet.

Nov. 18, '11: (7:40am) Odd that the J&J site has no tab marked Products. I've always thought of them just as manufacturers of band-aids, gauze wrap, iodine tincture, etc. But here is a their Bioethics page: "Nanotechnology and Genetically Modified Organisms Johnson & Johnson uses nanotechnology and genetically modified organisms when appropriate. For more information on these issues, please view our Product Quality and Safety section of this website." Which is here: "Before raw materials are used, our pharmacists, toxicologists, laboratory analysts and other health scientists conduct thorough evaluations in our laboratories." Yeah. Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo Has Cancer-Causing Chemicals, Group Says.
Next time i shop for band-aids or dental floss, i'll keep them in mind. "Nanoparticles (particles less than 100 nanometers in size) help us to develop improved medicines, medical devices, and personal care products, such as shampoos, body washes, sunscreens and cosmetics. Johnson & Johnson has set standards for the responsible use of nanotechnology to provide a common framework for evaluation across our companies."

I still haven't figured out the weird cult vibe, though.

(3:25pm) Mordok found an ET connection to J&J. There are some reptilians below center here, a bit below where it says NIHAL 9 Bet Lep, who also had extensive U bases in an area just south of Denver (now being addressed), who seem to supply J&J with exotic nanoparticles, to the best of our estimation.
They also have U bases in other areas, like Japan, Austria, and more.

Lotta long trails being laid here by drones. We are heading into several days of good rain chances. I nailed some rept U bases as well as grays that seemed connected to this.

(4:55pm) I also had to get Mordok to help me figure out what kind of ET this guy is: Pierre André Senizergues of Sole Technology, Inc. More of them. They had U bases around here near Paris. Their home in this universe is M89, and they also exist (glamorously?) in Universes G,L,M,R.

Nov. 19, '11: (5:15pm) Overcast, windy, cool.

Another noteworthy center of occult evil: Los Alamitos Army Airfield (map). Those neighborhoods surrounding the base are filled with military satanists.

Nov. 20, '11: (5:40pm) Today was warm and muggy. Had a thunderstorm and 0.4" last night. Overcast all day, but occasionally one can see numbers of drones laying long trails.

Warning: toxic energy!
Crap. Not only have we been having to deal with more of the NGC 4414 humans in the Leslie area (even stalking Mordok), but now lookee what Mordok snapped a pic of right outside his apt window. One of those cats from outer space. I sense 4 more of them in town, brought in by Kavassilas' NGC 4414 buddies.

BTW it might be that all this type human ET are male clones. And they might be able to morph clones to make them look like most any man. I suspect 3 local guys were replaced by these ETs a couple years ago.
We have taken out 200+ of their hatcheries in the last few days.

(5:45pm) Mordok noticed that these 5 cats are half-breeds from the same litter. I found mama here, hunting birds because her ET friends are gone. I think they brought her in pregnant, and that's all there are here now.

(5:55pm) Aaand, there is yet another type of ET found underground. They are from near the top here, and also found in many other universes. Mordok found some in Brussels, and i found some in an interesting location in Holland: the Bezelhorst Stadium. I did not find anything suspicious on the surface, but underneath i found 3K+grays, 600+ human clones, and something else real DORy that Mordok recognized as 3K+ of these other guys.
I get that they are 4-5' tall reptilians.

(8:30pm) More thundershowers, and it looks like it will rain for a couple more days.

Here's another ET from the race last mentioned on the 16th (Patty LaBelle): Higher Self Healing Sessions By Stewart Epstein, clairvoyant, intuitive. Slimey vibe.

Those 5 cats are now here, in an apt 400' from Mordok. I think the people there are clueless.
Some coyotes seem to have killed mama. We guided them to her. I warned them not to eat the DORy thing, but...

Nov. 21, '11: (9:20am) And this morning, well, i haven't had feedback yet from Mordok, but i had the impression we steered 3 more coyotes to nab the 5 kitties that were outside. This is all on the east edge of town, with woods and fields around.
I find it hard to believe, but now i no longer detect the kittens. That pic above no longer has much of a vibe, whereas yesterday i could feel the DOR streaming from it.

BTW, just as Earth is home to good and evil people, there are good and evil Earth animals. For example, in places like Montana, there are soulless wolves who kill to feed demons. They just take a chomp out of elk, deer, livestock, etc. and let them die slowly and painfully. This reduces the food supply for future generations of wolves, and also incurs the wrath of hunters and ranchers who are appalled by such wasteful slaughter. So the benign predators who only kill to eat, also lose.

Had another nighttime thunderstorm, leaving another 0.9".

(10:25am) Mayor threatens pastors with felony charges over recall.
However you feel about the gov't granting rights to gay couples, what i find most noteworthy about this is that El Paso Mayor John Cook (Wikipedia) is an ET. Lately they seem to be going to lengths to get attention drawn to themselves, as in the case of the bizarre event with LaBelle a few days ago.

Note that this article is in WND, a CIAtanist publication plastered with ads for CIAtanist shapeshifter and Scottish Rite pedophile Jesuit-licker, Newt Gingrich.
World Net Daily is produced by 2 CIAtanists: Joseph and Elizabeth Farah. Note that the Wikipedia entry on Joe says "Farah convinced Rush Limbaugh to write a daily column, which ran on 'Page 1.'" (Limbaugh is CIAtanist too.)
"Farah received the Washington Times Foundation National Service Award, in 1996." (WT is owned by satanist Moon, who seems to enjoy a healthy relationship with Jesuit interests.)
"Farah is among those who have promulgated conspiracy theories questioning Barack Obama's status as a natural born citizen of the United States and resultant eligibility to serve as U.S. President..." (along with various other CIAtanists like shape-shifting pedophile Orly Taitz).

What kind of ET this Cook guy is i haven't figured out yet. Waiting to hear from Mordok who is probably crashed out after having been kept awake by those cats.

(12:15pm) CIA everywhere! I just looked at an article on Discover Magazine. Got distinct CIAtanist vibe off magazine's staff. And right at the top of the page was a banner ad for Delta Airlines!

Jesuits everywhere. I was reading this article about South Africa, which mentions incidents like this of white farmers being attacked. I got an immediate vibe of Jesuits behind this.
Looking at a map of the Cape Town area, i am finding lots of underground bases of jezzoids (hybrids of Earth humans and Abell 2218 reptilians -- just like the Jesuit priesthood -- who live underground).

Nov. 22, '11: (7:45am) Had yet another night thunderstorm. Judging by how far away the rolling thunder was, the brunt of the storm must have been elsewhere. Nonetheless, i got 3.2", which brings the total for this system to 4.5".

More ETs discovered. These are in Charles City, IA. Some examples. Except for the dog. More info later.

(8:30am) Meanwhile, i need to release some info about Fresno, CA. I was hoping more details would shake loose, but i only have a partial picture.
This is the very DORy bldg of Major, Inc., a self-service storage facility on the RR tracks (map). I followed a trail of slime left by trucks from there heading to Naval Air Station Lemoore, hauling something to them but returning empty i think.
There the cargo has been going to a U base here.

Then, whatever this cargo is, it was being shipped to here in SW OR via sub. U base.
Then brought here via tunnel, where there were 2,400 grays. And plenty more gray bases around.

The cargo came from here, a Creative Kids Center pre-school, and there are more of those in other states. At least, 3 in MO.
All these pre-schools have a CIAtanist, MPD vibe. But what was the cargo? I do not detect that it was kids.
Mordok and i suspect it might be exotic livestock for the U farms. But the grays don't eat that stuff, so why were they directly involved? Logistics responsibilities for other U dwellers?
And why would such cargo seem to come from a pre-school? And what other DORy activities center around Major, Inc?
A lot of info still seems obfuscated about all this.

(4:55pm) Overcast, getting cold.

Some Cape Coral, FL area satanists: Albert Baeza, NSA. He also has 2 more NSAtanists working for him in his realty (map). Not sure what all they are up to other than real estate.
Also, we have this CIA agent.

(5:30pm) This morning i gave a link to here, a Creative Kids Center, a CIA pre-school. Except, there is no bldg shown. Also, there was a U base at that spot. Yet, i think there is a bldg on the surface there now.

Now, if i search gmaps for this place in Madera, i only get a place in Clovis. A different one that also has the same CIA vibe.

Alrighty, let's back up to Madera again. Is it plausible that a pre-school would be there on a rural highway? Well, if you look slightly south, you will see the town of Madera [correction: Rolling Hills]. And if you zoom in a level and look at the southernmost 1/3 of the town, everything south of Ave 10-1/2, you will be surrounded by CIAtanists. I sense that 340+ live in that section of town.

Maybe they are involved in producing stuff for U base food needs? I feel the U base under the pre-school was a big warehouse of sorts.

Nov. 23, '11: (5:45pm) Overcast all day.

Right below the 5 here in Taurus, are some nasty reptilians that have been psi-attacking Mordok.

Phone-book dowsing: this morning i had a Harrison, AR phone book in my hands, when i felt M32ers. I immediately opened it to a page that felt hot, and slid my finger down the page. I found i was in the hotel section, pointing at Hampton Inn. It felt like them, all right, dozens of them.
I asked Lt. Veo to trace connections and stir up as many as he could in the area. So far over 7K there! And connected to them, he found 5K+ in Fayetteville, 2K+ in Memphis, 1400+ in Oklahoma City, and more.

Harrison is 50 miles north. I haven't been there since '04, and the orgone tech has advanced dramatically since. I have been busting to the south extensively, because it was so overtly DORy down that way, and not really noticeable toward Harrison anymore.

(6:15pm) Yesterday i gave a link that i said was to the town of Madera. Actually, that is Rolling Hills. Madera is some distance west, and had a gray base under the airport. I will need to go over that town some more. Also, in between these places was a U base here with 8K+ CIA clones. I will need to comb that area later, too.
I do not know why the address of this pre-school is in Madera, but it is, according to this. It is 10 miles east of Madera.

(6:50pm) Another CIAtanist op: Kinder Care.

(8:20pm) More bizarreness. I ran across some weird cult of child-raping-killing satanists in Conway and Little Rock. I'll post some links later. These people are different in that they are friends with evil ETs. They in turn act like ETs, clustering their residences and businesses.
There was also a U base base in Mayflower with 2700 of these ETs and 5K grays. I think the surface Earth satanists went down there at times to party with sex slave kids.

The ETs seem to be 3'6" reptilians from NGC 300.

Nov. 25, '11: (2:15pm) My ISP was dead for 24 hours.
Heavy chem-clouds today. The higher stratum is pretty sylphed out. The lower stratum evident earlier was very shreddable. No fresh trails seen. 80% rain chances tomorrow.

OK, more about those AR satanists i mentioned last:
  • Neighborhood in Conway with 75 of them
  • Neighborhood in Conway with 271 of them
  • Neighborhood in Little Rock with 432 of them
  • Area of little Rock and SW with 2,346 of them total. Note that this area is also heavy on the M32ers.
  • Park Plaza Mall in LR is theirs, and has at least 44 of their stores. The other stores are not theirs. Also some more around there:
  • Markham Food Mart just south, as well as PeiWei and Cantina Laredo franchises just east of the mall
  • Brandon House Furniture.

    (2:40pm) This is getting freaky. More of those cats have come and gone in Leslie. The few Mordok has seem have all been black. I think M32ers dropped them off and these have been 1/4 breeds. These do not seem to attack on purpose, but are negative and soulless, and the grays attacked Mordok through them. I think there are 2 still in town.
    And Mordok spotted these dogs that feel like some kind of good ET dogs, but i have not been able to get telepathic with them yet. I do not know who put them there or how. I am trying to get some sent to Auburn.

    Also i found an "unidentifiable" DOR spot near Mordok, that he was able to ID as 2 "new" ET species underground. I have also been finding CIA clones, not only in Leslie, but under Marshall and elsewhere.
    And what is up with this house SW of Mordok? It has a subtly funky vibe that feels like some other kind of ET maybe. I can't even get how many might live there, or how long they've been there.

    (3:20pm) So far we have stirred up the following M32ers in AR as well as other places. I'm sure i'm missing some locations:
    Little Rock, 8K. Conway, 2200. Harrison, 9400. Bryant, 2300. England, 1,400. Fayetteville, 6300. Eldorado, 3200. Memphis, 4200. OK city, 1400. Kilauea, HI, 2K (maybe 80% of the residents?)

    (4:40pm) Serious "festivities" commencing at the Chief Oluwa Palace (the Lagos Palace is suspect, too, but not hot at the moment).

    Also, the lead witch on the left has been chauffered out of the hospital by the one in the middle. They stopped at Island Maternity and picked up an ensouled baby girl, and then went to Wayfarer's Hotel, where 3 more witches awaited.
    Serious festival time in Nigeria.

    (4:50pm) About those dogs in Leslie: there are 3 of them like that. Mordok took a walk with them. He thinks they are walk-ins.
    I get that the original souls of the dogs are in some good place i can't make out. They volunteered to vacate. And these 3 new souls are actually M51 human souls that were taking a vacation from incarnation.
    And who did the switcheroo? This is where it gets weirder: the 5D (non-physical) Tall Greys. We converted them to good years ago, and they have been working for us since.

    Ah wait, the 3 original souls are incarnating in puppies in M51.

    (5:30pm) When they started getting nasty in that hotel room in Lagos, the little girl's soul wanted out. So we popped her out, and since she was now unfit as a sacrifice, the coven disbanded, and the girl was returned to the maternity for a refund. At least 2 mafia ladies work at Island Maternity. I suspect they take unwanted children and "put them in a good home".
    Then our 2 old witches went here, where there are 27 more witches doing some less bloody magic.

    Auburn now has 4 of those "special dogs".

    (5:50pm) Actually, the 4 dogs are the souls from the 3 that were in Leslie, plus one more M51 human soul.
    I'm not sure, but perhaps the 3 will come back? There are 4 key cats in Auburn that i have pix of, and they just took out 1.
    It may be that the original souls of 3 of the Auburn dogs are just standing by while these guys stalk a few key cats, then the 3 will return to Leslie, while the 4th remains in Auburn, as that dog's soul seems to have gone to M51 as well.
    I trust that's all clear.

    (6:40pm) Duder just came by in the astral and gave me the hugest hug. Those dogs had killed the 4 cats i had in mind that were particularly dangerous, as well as 8 more. Then the 3 souls returned to the Leslie dogs.

    Nov. 26, '11: (5:05pm) Woops, i checked those Auburn cat pix. 2 of the aforementioned 4 feel dead, including this one i posted this pic of months ago. But the other 2 are in Calgary now.
    The dogs did get 16 cats, though, then after the 3 left, the 4th kept hunting and got another 22 before taking a snooze. Then he woke up and hunted some more.
    What's happening is that the Tall Greys are guiding the dogs to the cats, and also immobilizing the cats, apparently. One time i noticed that 4th dog got 5 cats in one place. I think he crunched their skulls one by one. Not very sportsmanlike, but then we are not dealing with nice critters.
    Meanwhile, the other 3 were sniffing out U facilities in Leslie, after crunching 2 cats, and also jailing demons on the side.

    Rainy all day. Got 0.6".

    I strongly suspect a Dutch Royal Navy drug lab here.

    Nov. 27, '11: (4:05pm) That drug lab is part of this cluster of DORy bldgs. Also there we have
    This truck warehouse with drug-running vibe.
    This Heijmans Facilitair Bedrijf BV, which apparently is a huge construction outfit: On their site is a slide show, and many of the people in it are satanists.

    Grey and cold today. Got another 0.3" of rain and sleet last night.

    (4:30pm) "Animals" in the news:
    There was something in the paper about Obama ('s clone) going to a game of the Towson Tigers. Meaning, for some reason, "they" wanted to put this satanic group into the public consciousness (and have me out them). Check the vibes on those pix. Towson is on the north side of Baltimore; i worked construction there in 1974.
    I think this is a CIA project. Why are they all satanists? For the same reason that years ago Victoria's Secret used to use satanist and non-satanist but demon-implanted models in ads that were all over the web.
    When the spectators gaze at the players in a receptive mood, all sorts of occult mojo can go into them. The DORy players are channels for black magic.

    Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village. Sounds pretty groovy, huh? Well, actually it is. I checked it out weeks ago and found that most, maybe all the folks are ensouled, and there were no agents! Unbelievable. But today i realized that about 6 days ago 2 CIA satanists went there to stay a while, maybe a couple weeks. Both women.
    See the guy in the T-shirt at the bottom here? The bitches are psi-atacking him now.
    Hey, maybe some reader(s) should join this group. Covertly implant orgonite in the landscape, and fk with the gov't agents.

    Usually, if an intentional community isn't founded and run by gov't satanists to begin with (e.g. Twin Oaks, CIA, and Aprovecho Institute, NSA) they are infiltrated: check out the vibes here. Unless they are composed entirely of soulless, dysfuctional people who are no threat to The System (e.g. East Wind).

    (4:35pm) Duder was just getting attacked hard by an M32 full-blood witch who is an instructor at the Counterpoint Dance Academy, one of their businesses in Calgary.
    They even have summer camps for kids.

    (4:40pm) Oooh yuck, the dance bldg is shared by another outfit: World Health Fitness. Waitaminit, whoa, so maybe there are a few of the white male M32ers that work out after all? Many locations in Calgary and Edmonton.

    (4:50pm) On the 20th i speculated that the NGC 4414ers might be all male clones. However, that does not seem the case. Someone sent in this (DOR warning!) pic of a female NGC 2214 / Indian hybrid. I think she must live somewhere in Bellary, India. Incredible vibes: (map). Lt Veo has been stirring them up all day. I sense 6K+ of these ETs/hybrids here.

    Nov. 28, '11: (8:25am) Overcast, icy,

    I got an unusually strong black magic kickback as soon as Lt. Veo started checking out Sarah Colborne of the PSC.

    (9:15am) Yet another nasty satanist Catholic "exorcist": Fr. Gabriel Amorth.

    (12:55pm) CIA clone op in Shelbyville, IN [correction: TN]: The CIA has been swapping out people for clones that have been morphed to look like them. Probably over 5% of the town is clone.

    Mordok noticed a few days ago that something funny was up with Tony Rice. He's in the pics here, along with his DORy CIAtanist wife. And deceased satanist Jerry Garcia, who may also have been a CIA drug asset. Plus, the guy in the bottom pic with the keyboard and short dark hair is CIAtanist.
    This is the real Tony. He is still alive *somewhere* (in hiding from the CIA, i think), and ensouled. Somehow he had gotten sucked up into the CIA drug-dealing scene by his wife.
    Here is an article from 2009, with a pic of his clone. Also note the CIAtanist bass player, Barry Bales.

    And we have the Tony Rice Center, CIA proprietary to rake in more profits from those who get addicted. But that's not the real reason for the Center.
    I took a look at the center on the map, and noticed CIA U bases starting just SE of the center and had tunnel leading to larger base here, where i sensed that inmates are routinely drugged and taken for pleasure and programming.
    Then i noticed the tunnel goes to here in AL, where i found 3K cloned adults and 5K cloned kids (now eradicated). I relayed my suspicions to Mordok that inmates were being swapped out. He did some surfing and found an article: Rice Center clients donate bicycles. If you click on the pic it will expand and you can check out the vibes. The only client there is McDonald Oden, or rather his clone!
    But it's not just inmates. Mordok also found this pic of a boy who is a clone. Apparently they are abducting people off the street or something too.
    Also he found what he thought might be a hatchery. I have doubts about that, but the place is mysteriously DORy. There were grays in the underground all around that very DORy Verizon bldg. The whole area is still DORy and i can't quite make out who or what.

    What happens to the originals they replace? If they are cute, they are kept as sex slaves. If they are cute and famous, too, they can fetch a good prostitution fee from other satanists. If they are not, well, i just found another U base where they go to work in manufacturing meth, etc. I seem to sense 364 of them, including McDonald Oden!

    There is a base at 440' here with 32 of the involuntary hookers. Of course they are mind-controlled into being enthusiastic sex machines. To access this place, there is a tunnel from the Grissom AFB just a few miles east.
    The ones that were ensouled in these 2 U bases were not attached to their worldly existence...

    (2:20pm) Bernie Fine fired from Syracuse University. This satanist also feels like CIA. One of the parties supposedly investigating him is the Onandaga County DA, who also has the Scottish Rite satanist pederast vibe, and is probably not going to go out of his way to find evidence.
    The university campus is DORy, but i haven't detected anything else noteworthy around there yet.

    Nov. 29, '11: (12:55pm) No real clouds today. Heavy chem-clouds.

    Grays: It is amazing what a comeback they have made. Actually, part of it is that due to orgone advances, a lot of previously-cloaked U bases are showing up on the map. I keep finding large areas full of grays underground.

    Furthermore, the grays have taken to attacking Duder directly from Orion. I leaned on the Auburn M32ers so much they quit attacking him last night; attacked me a while in resentment. And now it's just the Orion grays hitting Duder.

    (2:55pm) Underground, i mostly find Rigelians and sometimes Zetas.
    Also, now Orions are stalking the Nigerian family around the house. That is, in this case, the astral bodies of grays who are physically in Orion are coming to Lagos.
    The people there are jailing them now.

    (4:15pm) Still plenty of chem-clouds and few long trails that blew in. A while ago i noticed that the chem was all rippled. Instead of the usual demons, it was Rigelian grays. In 6 ships of 33. I marked them and the Venusians took them out. This caused the ripples to fade away, but there remained the dot-pattern stuff with loads of little cloudlets. Then i noticed 9 more such craft. They just got taken out, and now i notice 3 more such craft.

    So if you are experiencing "HAARP" ripples, it may be 3, 6, or 9 gray ships. If you can connect the Venusians or Lt Veo to them, they'll be taken out.

    Nov. 30, '11: (6:40pm) The morning was clear, then they sprayed it up later. No ripples noted. Did have some astrals from Orion show an unhealthy (for them) interest in me late afternoon.

    The Palms Shopping Centre of Lagos Mafia. They own all the shops too.

    (5:15pm) CIA bitch in London: Can you spot the satanists in the pic here?
    Yes, at least 3 of the cops are satanists, but the real DORy one is the bitch in red; maybe partly because she has 36% rept DNA.