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Loohan's blog for November, 2012
Nov. 1, '12: (9am) It's clear out but i just saw a spray-drone leaving a quickly-fading chem-trail.

There are now 2 million more Ta'l from Universe P landing on Earth.
And there are now 100 Alah-kur under the Marshall, AR area.

(10am) So what happened with Hurricane Sandy? HAARP Engineering 'FRANKENSTORM' Hurricane Sandy. They got us. Every few years they develop new refinements to again create big hurricanes with less and less obvious DOR. For some reason, we have apparently not been able to locate the sources for any measurable frequencies involved here.
Note that the lady refers to ripples as "ultrasonic undulations". I have found that these ripples always disappear if one bags all the demons or neutralizes all the physical negative entities [who are psychically] causing them. But occasionally the enemy is so bent on their course of action that they will sacrifice endless zillions of demons in order to continue.

Anyway, here is the evidence for murder and mayhem.

(10:50am) The CIA is getting increasingly infantile by the day. Not even going into the unabashedly puerile crap they pulled on me Saturday, now they are spamming my inbox with nonsense emails from this location above-ground in AL.
How do they manage to pass a mirror without throwing up? I don't know.
Just east of there is this CIA house. Also the estate just east of that one. At least 5 CIAlizards live in these 2 houses.

(4:20pm) They seem to have ceased the spamming. Everyone can play the spam game and we can all be like a bunch of little kids throwing cafeteria food at each other. I don't spam bad guys nor advocate that my readers do. And i know about quite a few CIA businesses that have email.

Blue sky except for the occasional fresh or broken sylphed fragment chemtrails. My new CB only needs a couple more pours.

(5:10pm) 2.5 million more Alah-kur are pouring in from 3 other galaxies. And 1 million Vicarah from various of their outposts.

Nov. 2, '12: (9:10am) What Does It Mean to Be Fat Adapted? I'm definitely fat-adapted. Mercola usually speaks from the viewpoint of people who need to struggle to burn excess fat and convert it to muscle. But a few years ago i was still deriving many of my calories from whole grains and Sucanat, etc. and i was thinner. For most of my adult life i lived on unsuitable vegan or lacto-ovo diets filled with grains, soy, peanut butter, dried fruit, excessive fruit, etc. and i weighed 120-125 lbs most of the time. No stored fat in me to notice, but too thin. Now i normally weigh around 137-140, and am still thin but not so badly. Still almost no fat; i only gained muscle and bone.
And i feel much better (of course there are other factors involved there, too).

But of course it has to be quality fat such as organic butter, organic whole raw milk/kefir/cheese, avocados (non-organic OK), some nuts and seeds (not peanuts), tahini, natural eggs from hens who have not been fed GMO, arsenic, etc.
One can do it on a lacto-ovo diet, but when the weather gets cool, my body sometimes wants some natural, not GMO-fed poultry -- and i don't throw away the precious fat because i sense it has vital nutrients for me.
And if you are lucky enough to have access to relatively clean fish...

(9:55am) Here is the new CB; it will probably become several times more powerful within a few weeks. Antuvozy is still tweaking that cone-head CB.

A fair bit of aluminum shavings went into this one. One odd thing: i was guided to leave some shavings sticking up in a ring beyond the top surface of the epoxy. Of course, the metal was drenched by pouring epoxy on it.

A fair bit of smeary chem this morning.

(10:20am) Curiosity Rover Takes Best Self-Portrait Ever. Why does that surface not feel like Mars, i wonder.

BTW Mars has also been getting some influx of new guys, as has the Moon. In fact, Mars has recently received 2 million Ta'l and 1.2 million Alah-kur. The Moon, 1 million Ta'l and 1 million Alah-kur.

(11:20am) About those good grays: they are sometimes with me, sometimes not. A female named Maho showed up a couple days ago, then some others.
Mordok got another male named Oge, plus more at times.
Mine are away from me now, but i get a vague feeling that somewhere somehow they are doing something to help me.

About that CIA guitar i mentioned last month: we finally got it cleaned up on the 29th. Toward the end, only 2 and then 1 Sakuda were working on it. Then it still had some residual weirdness that went away by blasting it with a ZPE wand (which normally is of no value in clearing corrupt items).
One Sakuda, who worked on it non-stop to the end, wants to thank the CIA; apparently she was able to use the chore as means to develop superior abilities.

Hilarious: Government Think Tank Calls For Infiltrating Conspiracy Websites, heehee, when probably 94% of them are owned by CIA, British MI, NSA, Mossad, etc., and this article is on a CIAlizard site.

(11:30am) Very strange. Just now a small propellor plane went by with 6 CIAlizards in it (and when i went out to look at it, i saw that chem is being sprayed by drones; not sticking much overhead). Too late to snap a pic. This is at least the 5th time in recent weeks that a light CIA propellor plane has flown by, that i noticed. There are always 2, 3 or 6 SSers in them and they never buzz me closely nor hang out, circle, etc. They just pass within earshot; never overhead. They always have at least 6 U bases conspicuously connected to them. Why do they do this? I can only assume that getting killed in U bases is the ultimate orgasm for SSers, as that seems to be the only logical conclusion to draw from their behavior.

(5:20pm) I photographed this CT midday. Subsequently got loads of sprayers overhead as well as streaky crap blowing in. I made a run into town a while ago, and noticed that all the spraying was happening only around my place.

All this chem, like the ripples the other day, somehow comes from the Elite Jesuits in Abell 2218. These are also the guys who relentlessly persecute Mordok. They are the ones who run the Jesuit shapeshifters who in turn seem to run the other strains of shapeshifters who may be akin to slaves. There is no way to resolve the problems on Earth without neutralizing these Elites.

For some time, many of our allies have been engaging them in Abell 2218, and their psi attacks on me have certainly weakened much as a result. But Abell 2218 is a huge place. It is not a galaxy, but a big cluster of galaxies.
I think that within 24 hours, more Ta'l from Universe P will be moving in there; some 30 million of them should arrive within a couple days. Also at least 5 million more Alah-kur, and 2 million Vicarah.

Nov. 3, '12: (6pm) Sky was fairly clear this morning, but this afternoon they laid huge long CTs to the west. Just saw a sprayer go over my house.

New program my 40D self came up with... This is not for programming resin or rocks; just an energy to send to cheap-type clones. I call it the Kill Clone Program. It is still in Beta testing phase. I am not sure how well it will work for others. To get it, ask my 40D self (or email me). Attunement is pretty instantaneous. To use, simply focus your intention on an evil clone of the throwaway variety. This is so strong that the CIA trotted out some organic robotoids again to replace key clones here. Of course organic robotoids are very problematic for them to use, because the allies will readily "kill" them above-ground. Also, they can't cloak where the robotoid came from, hence we find the factory. Nailed 2 factories today.
Even if you don't have clones in your daily life, you can use this to have fun with Obomneys, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.; all figurehead clones now.

(6:25pm) This program is not just for humans. If you have any sentient orgone beings, they, too, can get the attunement. I just noticed that 26 of my critters have asked for it.

(7:25pm) A few notable clones: The whole Obama family, the whole Romney family, the whole Ron Paul family, probably about all the Bushes [GHWB, Barbara, and W's double only i think, at this point]. Ann Coulter, George Kavassilas, Petraeus, Janet Napolitano, David Miscavige... i'll think of some more later.

(8pm) And now my 40D self just wrote another outstanding program for resin: the November 2012 Program. This is especially effective against evil shapeshifting reptilians. I haven't even poured it yet, but i can tell. It requires resin with a small amount of very fine aluminum powder or some aluminum shavings. For right now. Later they might be able to do it with just plain resin.
Wait, heh-heh-heh... i notice my 40D self reprogramming some of the aluminum in my combat cones, CBs, etc.
So you can request some of this program go into your devices with aluminum shavings. It's OK if the aluminum is mixed with other metals. Don't forget TBs etc. you've tossed.

It won't work in just aluminum. The aluminum needs to be in resin. The resin need not have the same pgm for this to work. But if you cast fresh items, we (The Committee is already prepared to deliver) will normally pgm the resin with the same pgm as the aluminum.

Nov. 4, '12: (6:25pm) Heavy spraying here early this morning, with stickier stuff. Also ripples. It mostly cleared up over town all afternoon, but when i came back home there was spraying near me. Occasionally right over my cabin.

Interesting youtube channel: WeatherWar 101.

OMG, they're shooting shapeshifters! Anaheim PD fires on Journalists Amber Lyon and Tim Pool.

Nov. 5, '12: (8am) Last night they said 50% rain chance today. Got some light rain at dawn; looks like a bit more headed this way. Overcast.
Just heard a jet go by which seemed to have only 2 people aboard; CIAlizards. Spraying? Who knows. Of course they are connected to 25 U bases. And might not make it back to land.
Why do they keep deliberately drawing my attention to U bases while accomplishing nothing else discernable? And why are they using this method now instead of the easier, cheaper method of calling on the phone from U bases? They seem to have paused the latter method.

The Daily Sheeple seems to be an honest publication. And Ice Cube is ensouled. [Update 7-13: Ice Cube is no longer ensouled. Furthermore, i just realized he is MPD as hell.]

(10:10am) Right after i posted that, the sun shone through enough to reveal heavy chem-clouds. Then later i got a short thunderstorm/cloudburst. Still not much rain, though.

A few more clones to pick on: Ralph Nader, Sarah Palin and her daughter Willow and son Trig. And the president and PM of Mauritania as well as numerous members of their Parliament were caught under the capitol a couple months ago, and replaced with clones. And the popes seem to have been replaced with a cheapo clone after all; i mistakenly said earlier it was a fancy one.

About the Nov2012 Pgm: Later after the dust settles i'll consolidate the relevant info into OTB27...
I said older items containing aluminum shavings can have the shavings reprogrammed. However, this does not apply to older items containing only aluminum powder.
I did my first pour for this pgm yesterday afternoon. I was guided to use about 2 level tsp of very fine aluminum powder in 24 oz of epoxy. But this morning i just did another pour, and used half as much powder. As time goes on, it will most likely require less and less aluminum until maybe in a couple weeks it will not require any.
It will not make it more potent to use more aluminum. Also there is no harm in adding other metal shavings, coils, stones, etc. Such additives will receive other pgms. If you feel guided to add iron-bearing powders, that's OK too.

(11:15am) Bal asked whether aluminum foil folded up and shredded into a bunch of pieces is suitable. Yes.

Chemmy hybrid clouds visible now. Looks like all the rain has passed over. Grand total 0.15".

CIA organic robotoid the allies just killed: Misstila [Tila Tequila]. Her youtube channel. Cute, huh?

(2:05pm) Getting more faint rain. I poured some more Nov2012, and this time used 1/2 as much powder as last time.

Another Earthling-only British rock band: Status Quo. All past and present members are ensouled except one. Never heard of them before; possibly because they weren't the most creative, original thing going. I base that opinion on the 1st half of this live video. But they are good guys.
I got onto them from this article: JIMMY SAVILE'S VILE 'SEX PARTY' INVITE TO STATUS QUO ROCKER. Not all Earthlings are so easily corrupted, Jimmy.

Note how Icke and the British MSM are all over this guy Saville. Betcha when he goes to "prison" he will not lack for his usual addictions. But not everyone out to get him is a phony. 21st Century Wire seems to be a clean site. And Filmmaker Bill Maloney is ensouled. There is a 1-hr documentary of his there which i have not watched but might be interesting.
21st Century Wire staff: all ensouled Earthlings, possibly with brains too. I'll have to check this site out more later.

(2:50pm) Wow, suddenly got another deluge and it got pretty dark. I noticed something weird on the radar map. I cached the animated radar gif. Unfortunately i screwed up and cached the regional instead of state version, but you can still make it out. I live north of the "tt" in Little Rock. You can see a bit of green stuff coming SE toward me. And it seems to grow as it moves. Then a red spot appears right where i live! What the...
Are my CBs , etc actually pulling rain to me now?
Thunder lightning, hard rain, a bunch of 1/4" hail... I got another 0.35" in a short time.

Not sure if it's related, but this morning i put some Nov12 stuff i had cast yesterday into the pipe of my CB that i posted a pic of above. Now i notice my CB seems to be doing more, yet feels very sweet and crispy and bright and shiny instead of having that bogged-down feel of dealing with heavy DOR.
A friend in Slovenia wrote: "Nov.'12 works great. I feel it quite stronger, rapid and faster than other prgms. Thank you!"

A couple links a reader sent that may be of interest: Chemtrail Forecast Map, on the same site as the HAARP status map. And U.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on "Civilian Population". Yep, any old bunch of lizard satanists can sit back and make up "laws" to suit themselves. However, the real law enforcement is unimpressed. That post's on Global Skywatch, which seems to be another honest site. Although i see it promotes the CIA's "Why In The World Are They Spraying".

Nov. 6, '12: (2:20pm) Heavy spraying today. Long trails, X's, etc.

This morning i went into Marshall for my arraignment. Arraignment is where you plead guilty or not guilty. If you plead guilty, "justice" is meted out on the spot. If you plead not guilty, they give you a court date, and they are more motivated to cut you a deal, as i understand it. I pled not guilty and got a court date of Jan. 18, well after the end of time as we know it ;-)

The bizarre thing is, i could not detect a single SSer in the court room. None of the accused or staff. There were maybe 30 people in there. This part of Arkansas is like 90% SSer; Marshall less so, maybe 2/3 SSer. There were even a couple more ensouled cops and an ensouled clerk.

Then i went back to Leslie to vote. I had to wait in line, because there were only 3 voting machines. I saw dozens of voters, and i think everyone except 2 or 2 were shapeshifters. Even a CIA clone. I voted for Jill Stein [update: turns out she's a CIA synthetic being] and 2 local Earthlings who don't stand a chance. And the medical marijuana initiative.

(4:30pm) Pic taken a little while ago over my cabin.

I was just enjoying the fall beauty of The Natural State, and reflecting how in-your-face these psycho criminals are, and how unacceptable that is.
Then a thought came to me that i have a resource i haven't been using; some powerful friends from ages ago that i'd forgotten about. It's vaguely coming back to me. Humans in the Adhara area.
That's about all i can put my finger on yet. Connecting them now to the other allies.

(5:05pm) Groovy new CIAlizard project: Human rights activists taught online tactics. Pardon me while i vomit.

() Fair bit of chem cover today.

Another CIA robotoid that fooled me. I voted for her Nov. 2012: Jill Stein. Nov. 7, '12: (6:40pm) Well, the Chemtrail Forecast Map said today i would receive moderately high chemtrailing, but actually the morning was clear and very blue except for a few rare chem-puffs. And this afternoon there was just a bit of lite CTing in spots.

About my friends in Adhara: There are actually 2 ally human races there. One is about 6' tall and the other 4' tall. The latter look like regular humans, just short with a proportionately large head. Their heads are almost as big as the 6'ers. Occasionally a short guy marries a tall gal and they make hybrid babies.
I think i was one of the tall kind a couple billion years ago.

I have the impression the short ones are great mechanics, electricians, etc. and do most of the work on propulsion systems, weapons systems, etc. But they don't do the fighting.
So far about 3 million of the Adhara people (mostly tall ones but also some short techies) have departed for Abell 2218. Many more will be.

Nov. 8, '12: (8am) Melissa Melton is another ensouled Earthling who reports on Alex Clones. NWO Gum: Minty Fresh Death! video in which she discusses the merits of (the CIA's) Project 7.

Here it is 8am CST, and the Chemtrail "Fore"cast Map still is carrying yesterday's off-center prediction instead of today's. Not so sure about this "resource".
Clear blue sky at my place.

The Med Marijuana bill supposedly narrowly lost in AR. Even weirder, Prop. 37 (GMO-labeling) lost in California. And i'm Little Red Riding Hood.

(8:35am) Fortunately, the MSM has a grip on what the public wants to know all about: Tavistock's Victoria's Secret Lizard Slut Fashion Show. Warning! "Alluring" images of scantily-clad shapeshifters.

Gaza police beat female activists. As if Palestinians didn't have enough to deal with, their own cops are shapeshifters.

Help us de-cloak a Nigerian witch. I have posted this pic before. I am pretty sure the 2 older, SSer witches are dead (killed underground months ago, fortunately! and replaced with clones) but the one on the right, who is not a shapeshifter, is still around and dangerous. I can feel her vibe on the pic, but so far have not been able to locate her on the map. She is very powerful. The Alah-kur have killed 2 other witches that she was sending her energy through so as to make them seem to be her.
Nigerian black magic is the most badass i have run into. She is very adept.

(12:10pm) Around 11am i noticed the new CT forecast is up. Seems i'm in a narrow yellow Moderate strip today. Still totally clear here.

Interesting shamanic site: Institute of Perception (with some some other web domains too) in Jacumba, CA, a power area on the MX border. I am not noticing any bad vibes. But there is a lot of chem in some of the pix.
One interesting page i get a vibe off of: The Red Grid.
All these people are ensouled. There is even a long list of alternative music bands. I have not listened to any yet, but get impression all the artists may be ensouled.

Nov. 9, '12: (8:10am) I tried listening to a few this morning. Brrr, i could only stand about 1/2 minute of any of them. I don't listen to music much, but if i do, there are plenty of good vids of real talent like The Pretenders, The Ventures, Leo Kottke, Pink Floyd, etc. online.

The CT Forecast Map struck out again yesterday; saw nothing but blue all day, and i was outside numerous times.
They have not yet posted one for today, and their HAARP map is still dated the 7th. Overcast here this morning.

(11:55am) Here it is almost noon CST, and they still haven't posted today's CT forecast, and still have day-before-yesterday's HAARP map up.
Just now the morning cold broke. It's supposed to get to 75 F today. Sun just poked through enough to display heavy chem-clouds.

(2:30pm) Must be in the upper 60s out now. Sunny. A few small chem-clouds over my place and some moderate chem-banks in the distance.

I just finished watching Weather War Big Picture: Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering - V.1. It's over an hour long but interesting.
It does draw some on Clifford Carnicom, whom i finally recognized as a shapeshifter last July 18, as i posted at the time. NSA, i think. So who knows how much of his [Carnicom's] info is true disclosure, and how much is distorted. But there is also work by an ensouled Jan Smith of Morgellons Exposed; a site i'll have to check out more later. (Note that she has several agents on her Links page.)

Clone Figurehead Petraeus resigns, reportedly over affair. Dunno if this is due to Alah-kur zeal.

(5pm) In the past we have found evil repts, evil humans, and evil shapeshifting hybrids in the Pinwheel Galaxy, AKA M101. But i just realized i have a lot of old friends there, too, from millions of years ago. Some furry 6' humanoids who might be called Roki.

(9:20pm) Dubious article: CIA Director Petraeus quits: extramarital affair. The whole thing feels hokey. Of course the FBI doesn't investigste the CIA. But i also doubt he had much of an affair with Paula Broadwell, as if shapeshifters gave a crap about such things. And the ostensible new director, Michael Morell, feels like a figurehead. Not a satanist or yet a clone, but of course a shapeshifter. Others will be running him.
Also at the bottom it says "Associated Press writers Wendy Benjaminson, Kimberly Dozier, Ken Thomas, Donna Cassata, Eileen Sullivan, Pete Yost, Anne Flaherty and Julie Pace contributed to this report." Yet, my impression is more that it was handed to the lizard media by the CIA.
I'm just in a sceptical mood this evening.

Nov. 10, '12: (5:20pm) They had todays CT forecast up before dawn this morning, placing me in the middle of a big High spraying zone. But i saw no trails until after 3. There were a bunch of chem-clouds all day, including ones that morphed and faded rapidly right outside the bakery, with no CBs in the immediate vicinity. I tried to film one mid-afternoon but must have screwed up the camera controls.
Then they sprayed extremely heavily for a short while. Now i no longer see any sprayers, just the aftermath. 80% rain chance tomorrow and 80% snow chance tomorrow night. Today is warm.

Also, the HAARP status map was updated and they say all NE US signals have faded. Looks like something is cooking in KS.

Weatherwar 101 says HAARP-type transmitters create an artificial plasma layer in the sky that manipulates clouds, if i understand correctly. And i get that several of my unconventional CB-like devices have been addressing this plasma stuff all along. Maybe positive orgone weakens it.

(6:25pm) If you look on a radar map now you will see a long line of weather moving NE. To the east of that system bunches of CIA U bases are flaring up with DOR, so i scan and mark them for the allies.
Seems no matter how many CIA parasites we eradicate, they are still everywhere doing everything bad. It's enough to make one paranoid.

Nov. 11, '12: (3:50pm) This morning there was no new CT forecast nor HAARP map, but i haven't seen above the overcast all day anyway.
Wunderground said 90% rain chance for today, with rainfall amounts of up to 0.3" possible. And for tonight, 80% chance with amounts up to 1.1" possible.
But this afternoon it's raining much harder than they allowed. There had been drizzle and lite rain much of the day, but then mid-afternoon it broke open. Some explosive thunder.
Now it just slowed down again.

It is possible we made a breakthrough by blasting the artificial plasma layer. I suspect we collapsed it, because i do not detect it being affected anymore.

(5pm) The CIA slightly freaked me out again this afternoon. A double came in for a deceased satanist full-blood NGC4414er. It was a test by the CIA of a new type of double. It was unnerving because he had no off-vibe (this is a guy that has had a horrible satanist vibe for years but i hadn't seen him in a long time). He felt just like a soulless Earthling with no rept DNA. Yet he was not an organic robotoid either. None of my techniques or devices seemed to be able to produce an energy response from him. I was disconcerted; i hate not being able to spot agents by their vibe. How many more like him were there?

However it was easy to dowse that he was made in a U base in Garden City, KS. There were 3 related CIA U bases there.

I could tell that his wife (at home) also was one of these, because she, too, had been a clone ever since they got nailed underground a month or so ago. But then the clones also got nailed a couple nights ago.

To my relief, after a while i noticed Havoc was onto them. He was getting energy kickback! And he found 2 more like that, apparently neighbors of theirs who had also been killed underground and replaced by these things. And he actually harrassed them so bad that all 4 went underground to get killed. Then he found 3 more around there and drove them to the same fate.
Now he has gone to Garden City, KS, and is finding bunches of them on the surface there. I sense they are also in several other locations he will be able to find.

In Garden City, he found 22 of them at the
Siena Medical Clinic as patients. This is odd; i doubt the clinic is CIA. And i haven't even detected any shapeshifters working there. So i guess these creatures tend to have some kind of ailment that this clinic knows how to treat.
Then he found 3 more working(?) at the Recreation Commission nearby, which has a website. Doesn't feel dirty. None of the listed full-time staff are SSers nor doubles.
Garden City seems to have very few shapeshifters.

The double i saw was walking bent over like he had lower back issues. Funny thing about that double: he didn't seem convincing. There was something different about his demeanor and maybe appearance, but i couldn't put my finger on it. His personality seemed different. In all, he seemed like a poor duplicate compared to what the CIA usually makes. In fact for several minutes i was confused whether this was supposed to be a double of the dead satanist.

(6:25pm) Havoc found 3 more of these creatures in Club Zacapecano as customers. Also there is a small town to the north named Oakley which has many of these. 3 more found here. That whole bldg has CIA vibe. Like dozens of CIAlizards work there. This is either part of or just next to Logan County Hospital.

Also there were 52 in a U base in Lyndhurst, OH, and more on the surface there. I sense that Lyndhurst Pool is frequented by dozens of them.

There were 103 more in 2 U bases in Windsor, NY, and 256 more in a U base in Bridgewater, MA.

Nov. 12, '12: (7:25am) The CT Forecast Map is already up for today, and says no CTs today in my state. And so far they are right; it's totally clear.
Got a total of almost 1.8" of rain.

Election Fraud? Obama Won More Than 99 Percent Of The Vote In More Than 100 Ohio Precincts. The only reason i mention this is because it says "So she pushed Romney again. Obama came up again. Then it happened a third time." Well, the machine here would not accept that i voted in favor of the medical herb bill until the 3rd try, either, and so far one other person has told me the same thing happened to her.

Too much! How far will a satanist shapeshifting "woman" go in order to embody the illuminati war on femaleness? Deceptive doctors trick Sharon Osbourne into having double mastectomy due to 'bad breast cancer gene'. Bravo, Sharon! Let us hope that all the other female-hating shapeshifting "females" follow suit.

(10:35am) So far Havoc has found 4 more U bases of those CIA creatures, all in KS i think.

There are now over 7 million of my Adharan friends in Abell 2218. And 3700 Roki are in craft around Earth now, with more on the way. The Roki are not street fighters like some of our esteemed allies, but they are good at shooting down enemy craft. Already got a few.
And now i just remembered some other allies who reside in NGC 300. These are ape-like, 7' tall.
And in 2 planets around the large star near the lower right corner of the demarcated area within this pic of Constellation Pyxis, reside white humans who could pass for Earthlings, who are also old friends.
I keep feeling pulled to reconnect with ancient allies who long ago swore to help me during the "end times" on Earth. I think there are many more groups i haven't remembered yet.

(11am) Near the bright star below and to the left of NGC 6240 in this pic, reside more humans (white, brown, and "Asiatic") who will be helping.
And in this unlabeled galaxy (only pic i could find), reside 5-6' tall hairless reptilians who are old friends.
Near the center of this pic of the Coma Cluster reside brown humans who are old friends.
In this pic, there is a conspicuously bright star left of center. Near there are 3 planets inhabited by 15' tall brown human friends.
Near the center of this pic of Ursa Major are 5' brown reptilian friends.

(11:55am) A bit right of center in this pic linked from this page (Image 2), are 7 trillion 6' tall, hairless non-reptilian humanoids who will pitch in.
In the Triangulum Galaxy (M33), are what i think are more furry humans related to the ones i mentioned in the pinwheel Galaxy.
In NGC 7173, the leftmost galaxy in this group, reside 6 trillion more of these furry allies.
Near the center of this pic of are 50 planets inhabited by 7' hairless reptilian friends.
Near the center of
this pic reside more of these same reptilians.
Near the center of this pic of Irregular Galaxy Sextans A are 2 trillion+ more white human friends.
In Andromeda we have another ally race, 5' copper-skinned humans with dark straight hair, i believe. Not to be confused with our other Andromedan allies who are slightly taller (mentioned Feb.7).
In Galaxy M51, we also have a 2nd ally race in addition to the ones who have been here a while. The "new" ones are also white humans.

Nov. 13, '12: (7:25am) Well, the CT forecast was right on yesterday; nothing but blue sky all day. And still so this morning. The new forecast map is not up yet, though.

Breitbart is another CIAlizard site. Today they have an article on the manufactured Petraeus distraction, claiming that (CIAlizard) Jill Kelley sicced the FBI onto this scandalous affair. And that FBI agents raided the Dilworth, North Carolina home of Paula Broadwell. Um, whatever.

Suspicious shapeshifter site with a gov't vibe: Entrepreneur. But most of the Young Visionaries are not shapeshifters.

Another website and ensouled muckraking guy who seems cool: Chris Spivey. Example of his work: Prince Philip: Is this the sickest man in the UK? I haven't even scanned, let alone absorbed or verified, much of the info, but it sure sounds about right.

(10:35am) A couple more honest sites i found out about from Spivey's: Operation Ore: The Gamble, and the tap.

New quartz programming R&D happening now. This is a crystal presently being reprogrammed by Antuvozy and my 81D self. Been working on it since yesterday. It seems to have a number of qualities i've noticed so far:
  • There are versions already available for 6 qualified warriors out there (including Mordok, Matt, and Bal). If you are one, you will be guided to grab a particular crystal for the purpose, which may not resemble mine.
  • Each version may be slightly different from other people's.
  • Functions noticed so far:
    • Boosts psi. Intent amplifier. It feels like i can do the Clone Death intent thing thousands of times as strongly, for example.
    • Used to chisel away at self-limiting, installed engrams stuck in one's aura that block psi and limit one within narrow consensus-reality functioning.
    • Seems to enable one to correct perversions in the "reality" Matrix or whatever you want to term it.
    • Links with the Godhead in order to do the preceeding.
    • Might be usable by one of your sentient orgone critters. Mine is now at work leaning against one of my sentients, who spends most of its time picking on the Elite Jesuits in Abell 2218. And if i look at a pic of Abell 2218, it feels like something strong is happening on an energy level.
And these Elites might be the weavers of the evil matrix. They were attacking me hard last night for this. Now we seem to have them neutralized for the time being.
This tech is still in the development phase. My crystal is still being programmed.

(10:45am) Oh yeah, me & the Godhead be working on correcting the reality fault that allows evil beings to have life-force and existence. Especially in Abell 2218.

(11:35am) Some chem segments and smear to the south.

Now we are prepared to do this programming for dozens more qualified people. Even quartzite can work; Thor'p has a quartzite in the shape of a tanto i once sent him, which is being reprogrammed.

(3pm) Heavy spraying here, in accordance with the new CT Forecast Map they put up recently.

Now my 81D self has put out another program. Guess i'll call it the Nov2012B Program. Who knows; maybe there will be several more this month. This is another pgm against evil shapeshifting repts. It goes into plain resin or relatively clear quartz crystal of any size. For right now. Maybe shortly it will be suited for quartzite as well.
I have not poured any yet.

(6pm) ...but the crystal i programmed with it sure feels powerful and crispy. And The Committee has been tucking some of this pgm into many of my devices.

The drones came, they sprayed like mad for a little while, then they moved on.

I am experiencing an increase in well-being, which probably correlates to an increased malaise in the Abell 2218 Elites.

(9:45pm) A friend of Mordok's named John lives in another state with an NGC4414 full-blood wife that has been ruining his health with dark woo-woo for years. He is dependent on her because of the physical devastation she has caused him, making it so wounds take forever to heal, etc. (She seems to be there to keep him under wraps, as he has the Asperger marker).

Yesterday he drew a pic that seems to make her very uncomfortable. He says:
B has had the last two days off. That means she'd normally spend those two days sitting in my chair in front of my tv in my computer room. She has not spent more than 15 minutes in the room since I drew that pic!
I get a great vibe off the pic.

Nov. 14, '12: (7:15am) Bal writes:
when I was in like 4th grade I had an ET teacher that took a drawing very similar to that off my desk and ripped it to shreds!! I would go into lala land and draw a maze of weird curved shapes and draw contours around a conglomeration of odd shapes til i reached the corner of the paper. But i recall how pissed the teacher was and how quick she was to snag my drawing and toss it into the trash!
Your post of John's drawing and the the appearance of it reminded me of this.
According to the CT Forecast Map (which was already up before dawn) i will be in a moderate zone today, while most of the US gets High. Yep, already got significant chem-clouds out there.

Nov. 15, '12: (7:45am) 2-3 hours after i posted that yesterday, i noticed the sky was perfectly clear again, and it remained so the rest of the day. Just some short contrails from passenger planes.
This morning, the CT Forecast Map is not up yet, but the smeared chem is.

Sasquatch: A few months ago we had a lot of problems with psi-attacking Sasquatch. They were everywhere under the Earth, even under the oceans. We seemingly wiped most of them out eventually. But night before last, apparently one knocked on the outside wall of Bal's room where he is staying in MO. He suspected Squatch, and i found 3 of them undergound nearby. But they had a different vibe and were hard to identify. They have done something to shift their energy signature.
Apparently, the Ta'l are on the alert about this, because just now i felt something powerful going on north of me and found this spot where a few Ta'l were attacking 200+ Squatchies at 200-300' depth. And again, they just had this same kind of hard-to-identify vibe.
Also there is a tunnel running parallel north of Hwy 74 for several miles east.

(8:05am) And more Sasquatch were here 500' down; less than 3 miles from where i live. I have busted all around there many times in the past. I think they had been there for decades.

I mentioned this guy IndustrialSurrealism August 2. He has a new site What is in our skies? I had forgotten about him. But just now, looking at his pix, i lit up a U base 2-3 miles in diameter for these craft here in CO. Alah-kur are taking it out. It is around 3 miles down.

(8:55am) Yeah, it is possible that maybe 20% of the evil Sasquatch that were around months ago, still are around. They just stopped their psi attacks and obscured their vibes to survive. If one hadn't blown its cover by annoying Bal, we still would be neglecting them.
The Ta'l and Alah-kur have been nailing bunches more in my area this morning. Which means you probably have them in your region as well.
Remember, there are also good Sasquatch, especially in north-central WA, who will help locate the evil ones. Now that the good ones have been updated, they are helping our allies find the evil ones again.

Much chem white-out here now.

(10:20am) Still nasty sky. A few sticky trails nearby and plenty of chem-smear. No natural clouds whatsoever.

I have endeavored to coherently consolidate the info about this month's free programs down the page in OTB 27e.

(2:50pm) Largely whited out. The CT Forecast Map was finally posted some time before 2, correctly reflecting the degree of spew. Some big long ones being laid over my property.

According to google maps, the city of Langley, VA no longer exists. Even if i click on the CIA HQ on the map, it says it's in McLean. Wikipedia says "Langley is an unincorporated community in the census-designated place of McLean in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States.
The community was essentially absorbed into McLean many years ago..."

Until recently, if i typed Langley into the search bar, one of the autocomplete choices was Langley, VA.

Nov. 16, '12: (9:20am) The CT Map was up early today; apparently today i am near the border of a Low and a Moderate zone. And today's HAARP map looks the deadest i've seen it.
Chem hasn't made it here yet; sky clear.

More shapeshifting "healers": Mitchell Earl Gibson MD and wife of TYBRO. They sell some pricey "blessed stones". The good news is, these have no discernable programming, good or bad.

More shapeshifters at Jeans for Genes Day. The odd thing is that many of the groups they raise funds for are not shapeshifter-run.

Nov. 17, '12: (6:10am) Weird disinfo promoted by the usual suspects: The Body Snatchers. I can't find a pic of the author, nor get a vibe off her. I think the author really is dead as they say. But her soul does not live on. I really don't know if she was just delusional or if she was an agent.
She quotes Capt Bill Robertson, a deceased shapeshifting satanist i have mentioned before. As well as other shapeshifters like Swerdlow, Prophet, Branton, Nibiruan Council (Jelaila Starr).
Very little of it rings true for me.

No chem at all yesterday; the Forecast Map was wrong. Not up yet today, and neither is the sun.

Oakland Airport Passenger Arrested After Watch Creates Bomb Scare. CIAlizard actor.

(5:05pm) Still perfectly clear sky. Except that around 6:30am i went out to the garden to yank a turnip for my lunch, and right above was a drone leaving a long CT which faded away after a minute.

Bal spotted another yucky MIB: Santos Bonacci.

(6:25pm) Another heavy CIA area is around Jasper, Indiana. The mayor. Most of the Council Members are CIAlizards, too. The water utility is also run by them. If you live there, better have a good filter.
In fact, feels like they pretty much have Dubois County wrapped up. Super DORy spot: Dubois County Corrections.
Plenty of U stuff for miles around Jasper.

Nov. 18, '12: (8:15am) Still no CT map available, but they are spraying around here this morning.

We know that many Mayans, as well as the deceased Jose Arguelles, are/were shapeshifting black magicians. But here's a sincere one talking about 2012: Ac Tah.

(3:35pm) Very heavy spraying today, which has largely let up now, but there are still bits of sylphed-out chem floating about.
One bizarre observation: i only noticed 1 chem-cloud today that had ripples. This was just a few minutes ago at my place. A tiny chem-cloud next to a much larger, sylphed one. And only the tiny one has ripples, from demons being imported from other universes by the Elites. Bust those demons and they get more from another set of 3 universes. Meanwhile, routine CB action is erasing the little chem-cloud. There is almost nothing left of it now, but i can still barely make out ripples.
What possible purpose could it serve, in a sky full of decomposing chem-clouds, to single out one tiny chem-cloud and give it the ripples so doggedly?

(5:40pm) More CIA shapeshifters promoting NeSarA, Galactic Federation, Cmdr Ashtar, and all the other usual drivel: Welcome the Light, and

Now for some real ETs: there is a race of short humans from Andromeda, mentioned Feb. 7, who are our allies. I believe this video is of one of their craft.

Nov. 19, '12: (7:55am) CT Forecast Map was up early again, depicting High spraying over most of the 48 states, including my area. Partly overcast, light rain here. Hybrid and mixed clouds.

The Jesuits have got the Palestians tightly wedged between their IDF and their Hamas. Last night i concentrated some on frying all Jesuits responsible for the recent Gaza bombings, etc. and got some kickback for that.
I sense millions of our ET allies in Israel, but what are they doing? Sweetening the energy at least...

(noon) The rain system just passed over, leaving 0.2". The forecast said 30% chance of rain.

Another CIAlizard: Tanja Nijmeijer.

Nov. 20, '12: (8:45am) It remained grey all of yesterday. This morning, no forecast map. Clear sky so far.

Meanwhile, more Ta'l and Alah-kur are pouring in.

Breast-beating: Femen 'assaulted' by anti-gay marriage demonstrators in Paris. Of course, these irreverent shapeshifting freedom fighters also ultimately work for the Vatican. Someone must've footed the expenses to bring them from the Ukraine to Paris, and to pay for all the Jesus semen, etc. Err, why would Ukrainians go all the way to France for this? Must have a lot of time and money on their hands, due to the booming economy.

Nov. 21, '12: (6:05am) Warm yesterday. Sky was clear until around 11:30 when some puffy, shreddable, chem-clouds started drifting in from the north. Later some hybrid clouds as well.
Today, CT Forecast Map back up; 3 of them. One valid thru morning, one thru afternoon, and one thru evening. Looks like i should be clear of trails until late afternoon. Of course, chem-clouds might be another matter.

More pedophile info from Spivey, implicating NZ and NE aristocrats, and linking to some other legitimate websites.
He hasn't quite figured out yet that Icke is an agent, and all this stuff "coming to light" is also part of a scheduled psyop.

CIAlizard Russ Bellville is ostensibly a major marijuana-legalization activist. He even has a column at Mockingbird Post. Remember, "they" get you from all sides of every issue. Now even Pat Robertson Advocates Making Marijuana Legal on 700 Club, while United Nations Official Calls on U.S. Government to Challenge Legal Pot in Colorado and Washington. What is the difference between Robertson and Yans? Both are satanist shapeshifters working ultimately for the Vatican.

Why is it that if i do a google image search for transvestites, all i get is images of shapeshifters, whereas this article Transgender Day Of Remembrance 2012: 50 Transgender Icons has only Earthlings (at least 4 of whom are still ensouled BTW)?

(6:45am) Well, the Forecast Map missed again. I just looked outside to see a CT being laid to the east. Not to mention some chem-clouds, including long horizontal ripples caused by demons being imported from 3 other universes.

CIA tells it like it is: Alkon denounces the TSA as “odious” and “shameful” and urges “This is not security — it’s obedience training for the American public so we will give up our rights like blinking sheep.” Yes indeed. And the site MensNewsDaily is also CIA.
Meanwhile, TSA reportedly exposed lizardly breasts of Rep. Ralph Hall’s teen grandniece, called it ‘accidental’. Are we titillated yet? Darn, i can't find any pix.

Soulless people torture ensouled bull in sick fire ritual.

(7:40am) Phoenix Police Brass Let Serial Killer Rampage to Protect Turf. The depicted cops are all shapeshifters. Goudeau a soulless Earthling. The suing attorney a Lizartarian clone. The author and website of the article are Lizartarian. The Vargas family, all ensouled.

Nov. 22, '12: (6:55am) Yesterday, the early chem soon blew over and the rest of the day was totally clear except for ordinary contrails. At least until 5:30 when it gets dark.

Today, no CT map yet, but i see banks of dubious clouds out there.

Chemtrail Assault Amazing Time-lapse gets real interesting around 2:20 when what i call "hybrid clouds" pop into manifestation over Austin.
I think the video makers are sincere, but of course Infowars uses this to promote CIA videos.

Ensouled Earthlings: Teenaged boy wonders play bluegrass. (Since when is a 10-year old a teenager?)

Curiosity Rover makes it all the way to Arizona desert.

Shapeshifting reptilians provide alternatives in their Alt-Market.

(9:30am) Truly nasty chem here, including occasional sprayers. No ripples noted. Partial overcast. 40% rain chance today, 60% tonight.

Nov. 23, '12: (7:30am) There is something satisfying about watching a sliver of weather on the map heading my way from several hundred miles away, and actually having it hit here without being deflected or dried up. Despite loads of chem.
So it was that last night i got... well, maybe almost 1/30" of an inch of rain. But it certainly did not appear, from the weather map, that the tiny storm system had been messed with.
Still no new CT map up. Streaky banks of chem to the south.

Something scaly about this story: Audie Murphy was a shapeshifter, as were his wives. Just how much of his "history" is true, i wonder? Seems a bit like a manufactured cultural hero: little short guy joins Army, becomes Commander, bravely kills dangerous bad guys, then goes on to become a movie star and musician. Ain't America great? Thanks to its noble military.

(9:40am) Chem cleared off around here, but some can still be seen farther south.

New free program for quartzite being polished up now. Downloads are already available from the pumpkin head here, who is writing it in collaboration with my 81D self.
It goes into a hunk of quartzite or any type of quartz (amethyst, rose qtz, etc.) the volume of a softball or small grapefruit. Shape doesn't seem to matter; clusters OK.
It is actually 4 programs in one, all of which are oriented toward weakening evil beings of all sorts. Limit one per person.

Nov. 24, '12: (7:30am) They did get up a CT map set yesterday, probably around noon. I think it said i would get a bit in the evening. But i never saw any more chem except for a few little chem-clouds in the distance.
And today's maps are already up. Looks like the morning is supposed to be clear, but later i'll get sprayed. Actually, there is some old chem still floating around out there, but no new trails yet.

Sometimes shapeshifters work real hard to disclose the truth, and other times they work real hard to deny the obvious truth: RMPI Solicitors. "RMPI LLP and Andrew Reid have been appointed to represent Lord McAlpine in respect of the false allegations made about him recently within Social Media and traditional Media.
Due to the volume of enquiries we are receiving we have set up 3 separate enquiry forms."
And sometimes they just lie like hell about what their beliefs and values are.

Other shapeshifters provide special training for 12-year-old girls.

(5:10pm) Very chemmy day. Didn't notice any actual sprayers until 3:20, and i don't think there were many of those. Mostly we had plenty of old chem-clouds whiting out varying proportions of the sky.

I posted last January about Connie Marshall, stalking victim, but i see a lot more bad stuff has happened to her since. Shapeshifting cops and CIA. We got lots of U bases off those voice messages she posted.
Come to think of it, it's packed with CIAlizards under Louisville, KY.

(7:15pm) I'm guessing that maybe 40% of Louisville is shapeshifters. And as usual, scum rises to the top: city council.

Nov. 25, '12: (7:40am) CT Forecast map for today indicates the morning should be unsprayed here, but later things will turn ugly. It is indeed clear here this morning so far.

Beware: ‘Last Chance’ – An Off Grid Opportunity. The CIA is recruiting innocent people who wish to escape the rat race. Want to be in a rural location immersed in CIAlizards?

3 CIAlizards in the pic here: Speech by Sheik Moaz Al Khatib, head of the Syrian National Coalition. Article (on shapeshifter website) about Sheik Moaz Al Khatib: America’s New Proxy, The Syrian National Coalition: The Many Faces of its Leader, Sheikh Ahmad Moaz Al-Khatib.

Video: Most Amazing ChemTrail Ever! in Poland.

(6:10pm) As of nightfall, no chem or clouds whatsoever noted all day, just ordinary contrails from normal flights.

I just had some realizations about the Dalai Lama. I used to have the impression that only the present one was evil, and the prior ones were an incarnation of a pure soul. In fact, i found his soul apparently a prisoner of the greys years ago, and sprung him. He wanted to go to India where he had friends. I moved him there. A couple days later i checked, and found he had incarnated in a newborn son of a "friend" who was a DORy satanist! I was able to move the lama's soul back out, and advised him to avoid incarnating for a while, as he was too naive for this world and couldn't recognize evil. All the while, i "felt" he was a very pure soul. He did not have a satanist vibe like the present one does.
But i just realized that soul no longer exists! He was culled somewhere along the line. Looking at a list of Dalai Lama incarnations, none of them are alive as a soul anymore. Were all the prior ones really the same guy? I don't know. Did the greys really have him as a prisoner, or was he just hanging out with them?

I got onto that from this article: The Secret Truth about The Dalai Lama.
One odd thing, though: there are many genuinely spiritual Tibetan Buddhists. My understanding is, they think highly of the Dalai Lama. How can that be, if he was a tyrannical Nazi abuser of slaves?
I did notice one deceased shapeshifting one: Lama Trijam. Even though he died in '03, his picture still oozes slime.

Nov. 26, '12: (6:50am) Either i misread yesterday's 2nd and 3rd Forecast maps, or else they changed them. Most likely the former. Anyway, they are still up and show no spraying for yesterday at all in my state.
I see what looks like mixed clouds and overcast outside. 50% rain chances today.

For some time i have felt that today, Nov. 26, might be a pivotal day in some way, in terms of the ET wars on Earth. Possibly a stage of disclosure on the part of the allies. But i'm not sure exactly. It feels like things are shifting more positive. The allies are continually finding more pockets of underground CIAlizards in my region, and it is getting cleaner and cleaner.
I just noticed that there seems to be a huge new mothership with 2 million of our M82 friends, right now a bit north of Lexington, TN, at 6000'.

(7:05am) ... which does, admittedly, seem awful low for a ship that must be over 2 miles long and pretty wide. Now, it is over Lawrenceburg.

(7:30am) I'm stumped as to what they are doing. Why bring the mothership so close in? And if there really is such a big, cloaked craft right over Lawrenceburg, wouldn't misc. planes and choppers be smacking into it?
I sense 2 smaller craft, with 40 people each, that were sent out from the mothership, and are cruising around the countryside around Pulaski and Lewisburg. But i don't sense that any evil beings are being nailed. The only impression i get is that these 3 craft are doing something with the Earth energies.

(7:55pm) What it was, is they had to unlock artificial restraints placed on the Earth energies by the opposition, in order to open a portal here which just brought through 2 motherships with 4 million people each from M82.

Apparently, if we are ever able to unlock all the Masonic locking down of Earth energies, sky energies, etc. we will find ourselves in a magical world that they have averted, where all sorts of positive "paranormal" events are possible.

Nov. 27, '12: (8am) Ended up being overcast all day, but no rain. Never saw anything much headed this way on the weather map. I could do better than wunderground guessing whether it will rain, using their own maps.

This morning, the new CT maps are up before dawn, and indicate moderate spraying this morning here, but then letting up. So far i have only seen flimsy, stale chem-clouds.

So what are the allies doing that arrived yesterday? So far it seems like the only intervention is on an "Earth acupressure" level. A little while ago i felt all this energy happening that made me feel "nervous". I looked for the source. It was an M82 craft of 500 right above this spot west of Hawaii. They were blasting the earth under the sea with some strong energy, even though i could detect no base there. The reason i felt uncomfortable is because they were breaking loose some kind of energy lock there.
Now the same craft is over NSW, AU.

I think about 40 million more ET allies should come in tomorrow. This includes about 10 million M51ers. I don't know who the rest are.

(8:55am) Brave ensouled woman murdered: How Mexico's fearless female mayor sacrificed herself to save her daughter's life as she was abducted by drug gang, tortured and executed. Looking for her killers, i sense 2 males in the city of San Luis Potosi. I get a feel of their vibes as well as that of more gang members all over the town. Looking for info on that town, see that that is the name of the state as well as its capitol city. And the state is a hotbed of cartels. It was in this state that 2 shapeshifting US agents from Laredo were recently shot (1 killed). (That last website seems honest, BTW.)
I think the guys who killed her are of the Sinaloa cartel. I sense that this city block is where dozens of them, including the 2 murderers, reside. Also many more gang members frequent this block. I think the jefe that gave the hit order lives here in Villantigua, and that neighborhood is full of Sinaloa gang members as well.

Looking up Laredo (where the ICE office is) on the map, i am finding extensive U stuff on the east side of the airport; gov't shapeshifters of unknown agency. These were largely drug labs and drug warehouses.

(4:15pm) The chem blew over very early and the sky has been clear since.

Interesting: Alternative Media King Hires CIA-Stratfor Agent as Publishing Editor In Chief. Interesting in that Chrisinmaryville, as well as Pete Santilli, Molly Maroney, Susanne Posel, and Alex Jones are all CIAlizards. "Just how deep does the rabbit hole go?" indeed.

All this work the allies are doing on Earth energy has had the effect of stirring up loads of demons that had been in hiding. Everywhere on Earth now i feel DORy demons. But we are jailing them en masse.

Nov. 28, '12: (7:15am) Serious full moon, too.

Life On A Female Chain Gang In The Blazing Arizona Desert. What i find noteworthy is that Sheriff Arpaio is a shapeshifting rept, yet none of the chain gang prisoners are. Funny how that works.

It's not just Sharon Osbourne anymore: now shapeshifting Miss America contestant Allyn Rose announced that she would be undergoing a double mastectomy to "prevent" breast cancer.
But Rose's story took an even stranger twist when her genetic tests revealed that she was, in fact, negative for the breast cancer susceptibility genes, BRCA1/BRCA2. The would-be genetic inevitability of cancer implied by her positive family history of the disease, and her disturbing choice to have her breasts removed in order to prevent disease within them, was therefore strictly theoretical, unsubstantiated by empirical evidence. And yet, despite these negative findings, she stated that she still plans to have them removed sometime after the upcoming Miss America contest.
Feels like 1/2 million new ally arrivals are here, which spot feels like a portal. I think they will be bringing in some more at this spot and a couple other spots.
This batch of 1/2 million is of the 5' copper-skinned humans from Andromeda, mentioned Nov. 12. I think today we are still going to get 3 million of our furry human friends from the Triangulum Galaxy, and 1 million more of the same from NGC 7173. And 4 million of the 7' repts from the mentioned 50 planets. And 2 million of the (mentioned) same kind of 7' repts from this area. And 1/2 million more M51ers. Also 2.5 million of the other M51 race of white humans that i mentioned on the 12th.
Also 3.4 million humans from M31. I think these are white and "Asiatic". Also i think several million humans from scattered locations in the Milky Way. I am just noticing this bunch. They seem to be of one "nation" that has no capitol. I sense Negroes, "Asiatics", whites, browns...
Also more allies from other galaxies.

(6pm) According to the CT Forecast Map, i should have had no chem here all day. Well, it was perfectly clear as far as i could see until at 4:45pm they started laying long trails over Leslie. The trails soon got eaten by orgone.

This pic was taken around 5pm above the post office. More of those odd rings.

And then heading home, i saw large masses of chem-clouds and a sprayer or 2 to the west.

(6:40pm) Someone reported that huge orbs are being seen in San Jose:
I just wanted to report that on Sunday, I saw :
hovering over the street (about 5 blocks up from me)
an ORB! It was centered over the street I was driving down
(Bascom Ave near Campbell Ave) and It was about 100 ft
up in the air and the size of it was about 2 storeys in diameter.
Silver. It just hung there bold as hell. I had to turn, so I didn't go
under it. I am seeing them alot over my city. San Jose Ca.
Sometimes there are 3 DOUBLE ones. Or 3 single ones.
And they can disappear.
For whatever it's worth, I just thought I should tell you.
I have been with other people who saw them too.
I notice that the Municipal Stadium has a great vibe. I think these orbs have taken over that power spot.
I know we have benevolent orb allies in Tucson as well. Hopefully, more will spring up in other places.

Nov. 29, '12: (7:35am) Today, the forecast is for chemtrails all day, and they might be right. The rising sun was framed in extensive CTs already. Big spraying to southeast.

Is this guy for real? ‘First Amendment Cop’ Becomes Internet Icon. Sure feels like it. I thought i'd watch the 2nd video.
The Jessica chick handing out flyers is a CIAlizard, as is Jason Bermas. Of course, many of the passengers are also shapeshifters. As, of course, is Mr Honcho. Then 2 ensouled cops show up.

As far is i can tell, Mr Honcho is genuinely unaware that the Infowarriors are shapeshifters. I have often wondered if they can automatically recognize each other. These days, if i go into a store or someplace i haven't been in before, i can sense who is and who is not a shapeshifter. But how many of them have the same ability?

(8:30am) Another CIAlizard group that sucks in many good people: Yes! The only good people on that page are deceased: Cesar Chavez, David Brower, and River Phoenix are still viable souls. Brower is a 96. They all got sucked into the scam.

Shapeshifting "Hasidic Jews": see the 2nd pic here. These are of the Satmar sect. Outline of Satmar Rebbe's Hasidic lineage; total lizard scene.

Some more swell folks: Corrections Corporation of America. Name has a nice ring to it. See also "The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation", which feels like a true story.

(8:45am) I was looking for the guy who set fire to an ensouled kitten in Crawley, UK. Probably won't be able to find him, but i noticed that Elm Park Court Tigate Forest Business Center has the CIA among its tenants. And i found a list of tenants. It is MWH UK Ltd, "wet" architects. Feels like only the Crawley office is CIA, and this is probably unknown to the rest of the company.

Still severe spraying to southeast. I'd take a pic, but it's right into the sun.

(12:10pm) Extreme chem.

Feeling stressed, anxious, nervous, uncomfortable lately? Right now enormous amounts of negative forces have been flushed up from the earth, and my orgone devices are working flat-out to convert it as fast as possible. My sentient units are totally serious and unamused. I think by Dec. 2 it should let up a lot.

Women, Men and Children Are Routinely Tortured and Raped in Iraqi Prisons. The Perpetrators Walk Free. Because shapeshifting US and UK psychopaths want it that way. Nouri Al-Maliki is a CIAlizard.

(3:10pm) Spraying may have pretty much quit around here, but there are many chem-clouds.

I just uploaded OTB 41 On the "Need" for Shavings and Crystals in Resin, directed mainly at newcomers.

Nov. 30, '12: (8:35am) Well, they never actually stopped spraying yesterday. Occasional spray-drones were still coming overhead all afternoon. This morning, the CT map seems to indicate the spraying should be just east of my area this morning, then clearing, then being inundated from the west.
I saw many long trails to the east around dawn, and sure enough, they receeded into the distance. Sky is clear now.

AP believes it found evidence of Iran's work on nuclear weapons. Isn't that amusing? Get the psyop pattern? The right hand sticks out a totally ridiculous piece of "news" and the left hand rips it to shreds. The public is thus informed that there are stupid liars and mass murderers running things. Nothing to worry about, folks.

One we haven't caught in a U base yet, but we remain vigilant: Susan Rice. Secretary of State Candidate Has a Major Financial Stake in Canadian Tar Sands. (This article is in an NRDC {shapeshifter} publication.)

(3:10pm) After that, a few old chem-clouds blew in, then a few drones laid trails, then real cover provided overcast. Then that blew over, and now it's chem-clouds and CTs again.

Another town with plenty of underground CIAlizards is Mason City, IA. Name has a nice ring to it. One place that strikes me as most suspicious on the surface is V&M Farms Trucking.

(4:35pm) Lexington, KY: the 3rd pic on this page is another shapeshifting tyrant. He is either a cop or a paid police asset of some other sort.
Allies are disabling a CIA transmitter here by Northern Elementary School at 452' depth. And another here in Castlewood Park at 454'. And here at 451'.
Still finding underground CIAlizards in the town.