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Loohan's blog for November, 2013
Nov. 1, '13: (7:55am) Didn't really get more rain yesterday. Then the overcast lifted, and we had hybrid clouds, chem-clouds, and a few real clouds. I posted another video of chem fading away over my cabin.
Then after i watched my video on youtube, i was tempted with someone else's video about Purviance Pyramids. I haven't really studied the site yet, but it looks extremely relevant to our struggle :-)
With some programming by The Committee, it should be even better.

Nov. 2, '13: (5:50pm) Yesterday was perfectly clear until mid-afternoon when some little chem-puffs appeared. Today, heavy chem-clouds.

On Oct. 22 i said that Michael Landsberry was still alive. I happened to see a pic of him today, and realized he is now dead. Looking for his killer, i found a bunch of CIA stuff under his town, which we had missed when scrubbing it earlier. In fact, under the whole Reno/Sparks area. These are not new arrivals, but just a different CIA network in the same place we already "cleared" recently.
This sort of thing happens a lot lately. Or you'll clear an area of CIA, but a few days later be following an NSA tunnel and have it go to the same town and a bunch of NSA tunnels/bases there.

Nov. 3, '13: (4:35pm) Clear early, chem-clouds later.

Lately i have been fighting those shapeshifting repts in the location i posted Oct. 15. The original ET attackers there seem chastened, but the shapeshifters are still nasty. Every few days they covertly stuff me with millions of timed-release implants. I don't notice them until days later when they activate, causing pain and debility. Gina and Antuvozy spend long hours pulling the implants out of me. Then millions more activate.

Also they were buzzing me relentlessly with this nasty vibe a few days ago. But i found a frequency which greatly weakens them: 894738204 Hz. I have been hitting them with it for days.

Nov. 5, '13: (7:20am) Yesterday was a 30% chance of rain day. It rained lightly pretty much non-stop from mid-morning to almost dawn. Got 0.6". Today is a 40% day. Tonight rates 60%, tomorrow, 80.

Same Crisis Actor Interviewed at LAX Shooting and 9/11 Twin Towers. Yep, voice sounds identical.
I haven't really delved into the latest LAX "shooting" other than to notice that all the cops seem to be lizards.

Dubious inadvertence; Phallic-shaped church to get fig leaf. The "Christian" Science Church was always run by very DORy satanists, until they suicided and got replaced by clones.
If you have ever dabbled in carpentry, you know that to build something with a shape like that requires many times the re$ources required to build in a standard rectilinear fashion, They didn't need to make such an odd shape in order to spare the tree, gimme a break.
Of course they knew it would be discovered on google maps. "The phallus shaped church also has the slogan "rising up" as its motto." Har har har. Bend over, Earthlings.

Nov. 7, '13: (3:50pm) Only got a tiny bit of rain on the 5th. But after the sun went down, it started up again. Total for those 2 days was 2.1". Last night was first frosty night.
Clear blue sky so far today here. But when i drove to Marshall i could see some chem-clouds around.

I have stated in the past that all Secret Service agents for many years have been satanists. However, apparently there is at least one exception: Dan Bongino does not feel like a satanist or even a shapeshifting rept. No soul, but then hardly anyone has one these days. Might be relatively honest, for all i know.

Another person who does not seem to be satanist or shapeshifter is Chris Christie, who is vying for that president slot. Might be a bit of an asshole, though.
If either of these guys is even a Feemason, i'm missing it. Rest assured they are going nowhere, politically.

Ah yes, they give us GLTG heroes (Bradley Manning, Glenn Greenwald) as well as gay villains like blood-drinking satanist Freemason Dan Savage.

Something is not right with Zdenko Domancic. He does not feel repty or like a blood-drinker, but he has no soul and feels like a Freemason with a strong Vatican connection. His "healing" energy is DORy.

Nov. 9, '13: (7:20am) After i posted on the 7th, a bunch of chem drifted in. Then yesterday was super bad, with large white-outs and many spray-drones, even though there is no rain forecast. Which latter didn't stop it from sprinkling a bit this morning.

On the 6th, a friend in Massachusettes wrote me about some DOR issues. He lives right next to a power spot that used to have a miles-deep base under it a couple years ago. It had turned DORy again.
I am mystified by what was there. We have jailed nothing, and the allies have not destroyed any underground, but this vibe was found in much of CT and other nearby states as well. I even got some kind of kickback a few times.
I still have no idea what we're dealing with, but i dowsed a freq that i have been blasting them/it/whatever with, which seems to stir up then erase or weaken the bad energy; it is 42693 Hz.
I am using NCH Toner, which works on older computers as well as new Ubuntu with Wine. Another freq gen, SineGen, also works in Ubuntu with Wine,as well as probably modern Windows. In Ubuntu, i extract the NCHTONER.EXE or SineGen.exe to my desktop, then RIGHT-CLICK and choose Open With Wine.

With another unit, i am still blasting those shapeshifters last mentioned on the 3rd, with 894738204 Hz. Their attacks are much weaker, but i noticed they were still rippling the chem here yesterday.

(8am) Hmmmm... device captures usable power from MW...

Nov. 13, '13: (7:15pm) Clear today. Clear yesterday except for chem-clouds in the morning.
The previous 2 days also had chem-banks. In all 3 days, "HAARP" effects were noticeable in the chem, and the effects traced to the same SSers i've been blasting.
Also i am still blasting that mystery goo with the other freq.

Made a busting run down to Conway again yesterday. The whole area south of me was getting nasty again.

Catchy name for a CIA-connected international company composed of satanist lizards: Chem-Jet.

Nov. 14, '13: (8:55am) Here is my latest remote weapon. Click on it for larger pic.
It encorporates one of my Combat Cones from 2011.

It was clear here a few minutes ago, but now strong winds are blowing faded chem-clouds in from the west.

Another nasty shapeshifting newager, Debbie White Burch.
As soon as i checked her out, i got hit by tens of thousands of little U bases in AZ.

Nov. 18, '13: (6:35pm) Super bad chem on the 14th, including local spray-drones. Heavy fog and lite rain morning of 16th. Chemtrails later. Night of 16th, thundershower; got 1.1".
Chem-clouds were morphing and shrinking at work yesterday. Sylphed today.

Still blasting those same shapeshifters. I stopped blasting the mystery glop a couple days ago with that freq, but only because i needed to free up that machine to blast the shapeshifters, who were hammering me harder than ever.
I have not gotten more of those nasty implants from the latter, but the old time-release ones are still manifesting and being dealt with.

Nov. 20, '13: (7:40pm) Super bad chem yesterday and today, including spray-drones. Good rain chances tomorrow and the next day.
Oddly, is not functioning and is completely offline.

Nov. 21, '13: (12:55pm) Got some rain today. Most of it has been passing to either side. High chances through tomorrow.

Evil Sasquatch found in central Taiwan: UFO On Google Earth Over Xinyi, Taiwan. There were lots more in U bases below. After our guys had been hitting them for half an hour or so, the undergrounders started psi-attacking me.
They are being cleared out.

Nov. 23, '13: (6:25pm) ... I mentioned that not because it is remarkable that we found a bunch of ETs under the Earth. We find buttloads daily: repts, MIBs, Sasquatch, "CIA", etc. But it is somewhat rare for me to get a recognizable vibe off UFO pics these days. And it was nice of Google to help us find those Sasquatch.

I only got 1/4" of rain off of all that weather. Now it is wintry cold, and most of the leaves have long fallen off the trees.
Still blasting those same shapeshifters with 894738204 Hz. And they keep rippling the chem daily.

Nov. 25, '13: (8:55am) Cold, grey out. Unforecasted ice pellets falling.
Late last winter i remarked that we had some odd cold weather, in that it was around freezing yet felt far colder, and i was burning a disproportionate amount of wood in the stove. Several people around here remarked about how bitterly, miserably cold it was, despite the fact that it hardly got below freezing. A friend in MO said it was like that up there, too.
Well, since yesterday afternoon i have again been burning incredible amounts of wood in a partly-successful attempt to warm the place up. This is a small, very well-insulated cabin that normally requires little wood at this temperature range (around 30 F). And there is no wind or moisture.

Unbelievably ridiculous horsefeathers in the news today:
Friendship between lizard clones came to 'terminal' end over claims of 'multiple encounters' between ex-PM and tycoon's wife.
Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony 'in talks' with Central African Republic. That guy in the pic has been dead for years. There have been no talks between the clone of the deceased Michel Djotodia with any version of any Joseph Kony. This is pure CIA fiction.

(1pm) And, oh yeah, glyphosate inhibits cancer. Kinda reminds me of that old Cell Phone Use May Fight Alzheimer's story. And sunblock is safer than sunlight. Margarine is safer than butter. Flouride protects teeth.

Drizzling out. That weird temperature phenomenon went away shortly after i complained, even though it has hardly warmed up at all outside.

No creative inspiration right now, so i thought i'd watch an old kung fu movie. Chem sure has been around since a long time before anybody noticed chemtrails. Was it some combination of chem-bombs and releases from smokestacks and cooling towers? Or would we see the same stuff if we had photos from centuries or millenia ago?

Nov. 26, '13: (10:25am) The sun broke out, revealing pretty bad chem-clouds. Warming up: ice melting off roof. I got 0.2" off last couple days' precip.

Just flaunting the hell out of it: some great new picture finds at Vigilant Citizen, one of my favorite websites.
He missed these slit-eyes, though.

Video: US Soldier Exposes what they are TOLD TO DO!!!! This guy is still ensouled. Interestingly, the vid is sponsored by the CIA front "Democracy Now!"

(7pm) Heavy chem all day here.

Meanwhile, 40 years ago in Hong Kong, they were leaping to "HAARP" clouds.

Nov. 28, '13: (10:50am) Yesterday it was 14 degrees F here at dawn, but it felt much warmer than it did a couple days previously when it was 30. Totally clear sky yesterday. This morning, the first thing i see is severe chemtrails. Now it has mostly become chem-clouds.

Boston Bollocks Part 2 – The ‘victims’. A very long article. I have only read parts of it, but i have glanced at all the pictures. Many faces i had not seen before.

Almost all of these people are shapeshifters of one strain i mentioned in June, for which the June2013B Program was written (see OTB 27e). This pgm is preferred for blasting them.

Nov. 30, '13: (8pm) Day before yesterday, chem was super bad all day. Yesterday it started out clear, then gradually got worse until by late afternoon it was just as bad as the previous day. Today started out just as bad. Real moisture overcast mixed into it later. Negligible rain chances.
Many very long trails last 3 days, as well as chem-clouds.

I revised a page i had started on in Feb.: Doubles, a scholarly treatise on clones, robotoids, etc. I might proofread and edit it more in a day or two.