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Loohan's blog for November, 2014
Nov. 1, '14: (8pm) It was 30 F at 7:45am. Dunno how cold it got before that.
Had a few more CIA and NSA xmtr flights this morning. Went to work, had many MIBs and also later a few werewolves driving by.

About those demons that the Rowaniyah sent to the people in Lagos: there are more of them.
This morning Mordok's cats got attacked by them; one of them puked 6 times.
Then they attacked me at work this afternoon, making me drowsy.
And it appears they also have been implanted into friends of the people in Lagos that i have been helping for years, but not the latter people themselves, suggesting that perhaps the programmed resin devices prevent that.

I'll get back to the Adrian Peterson story maybe tomorrow. For right now i wanted to mention seven-headed dragons. They are etheric beings. There are evil ones and good ones. I ran into evil ones years ago. Also it was my impression that some archons would assume this shape. You can do a site search for "7-headed" or Yalatha for more details.

But about a week ago i became aware of good ones, too. These have a powerful and benevolent presence, and may do healing and otherwise assist us in the battle against evil.

Some pics on the web here, here, here, here.

Nov. 2, '14: (5:10am) 40 F outside at 4:30am (clock set back an hour). Predicted was a low of 30-32.

Simply shocking: Clone of Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Arrested While Trying to Attend David Petraeus Clone Event in New York. Can't the CIA just get along with itself?
In accordance with time-honored tradition, astroturf activists from CIA front groups World Can't Wait, the Granny Peace Brigade, Brooklyn for Peace and a chapter of Veterans for Peace were on hand to make sure the event was a success.
And a good thing, too. If it weren't for the CIA, there would be no news to write about.

(6:55am) Back to our football hero story from the 31st:
According to this USA Today article, Adrian has had 6 kids with different women. I already mentioned that Erica Syion is an MPD SSer, but she is not mentioned in this article at all. She is mentioned here, saying AP had 7 children.
BTW Syion (Zion?)'s son she had from AP is also MPD. CIA MPD.
This page has a pic of Ashley Ann Doohen, the mother of the dead boy. MPD Earthling.

So let's scope out AP's present wife, former Playboy model Adrian Peterson. MPD CIAlizard.

OK, back to the Black Assassins article.
Did they really kill the boy as a sacrifice to Satan (or other demons)? If so, the act was fairly devoid of magical power, as far as i know, as the boy was not ensouled.

What about Bobby Ruffin? (The article has several pics of Joey Patterson mislabeled as Ruffin.) CIAtanist earthling, i think. But oddly, i am having trouble finding a pic of him online.
Joey Patterson definitely feels like a CIAtanist Earthling.

Hehe, this guy occasionally has moments of insight:
"(Black Athletes') raw culturally and traditional sensitive life-styles are intentionally left intact, clandestinely supported and encouraged as a backdoor to subsequently topple them in the public eye as a necessary means of psychological warfare to polarize the races, confuse and destroy the will- spirit of the masses of color.
And generate distracting celebrity nooz, i would add.

(5:15pm) Again, many werewolf and MIB drive-bys at work.
Now some heavy chemtrails being laid.

Does anyone remember "Harold" from the old days? He last posted on the Destroyers of Evil forum in Aug. '09. Searching my gmail, the last reply i got from him was during that same month. And i see 6 subsequent emails to him he never answered. His addy was

It just occurred to me he may have died a couple days ago.
A few months ago i thought of him, and had an impression he was ailing, bedridden.

He was a trifle strange, but a really good guy. He made a lot of pretty good orgone devices, especially power wands. He sent me a PW, and some smaller devices that are pretty good. I didn't realize myself how good they were until years later; he was ahead of me in orgone stuff until i got hooked up to The Committee.

He also sent me boxes of metal shavings, sea shells, crystals and unusual stones, 2" copper pipe, etc. even though he was living in a rickety old van, doing odd jobs. He was very unselfish and dedicated to the cause. Did a lot of gifting.
He lived in the Boulder, CO area.
In '09, '10, possibly early '11, i would be guided to make some substantial device every few months and send it to him, to put in the Boulder reservoir east of town. Which he did, but he never wrote back.
That reservoir is on a big power spot and had ET bases under it. IBM right next to it. Looking at the map now, i realize there is another reservoir a bit east, Panama Reservoir, which he also gifted, but not with my stuff. Lots of U NSA stuff just east of that being taken out now.
And more reservoirs he gifted south of the first one.

(7:45pm) An example of how things tend to work when it comes to "law enforcement": Kirby woman charged in fatal shotgun shooting. The woman is SSer, the BF she shot was not. The cop is SSer, and seems to be rather lenient with her. The cop "said Ramos' boyfriend had brought over the shotgun that she wanted for protection." Well, if Ramos said that, it must be true. Accidents do happen, ya know. Not everything is a conspiracy. Somebody forgot to tell the little girl that guns were dangerous.
By strange coincidence, she "already was charged with assaulting a family member about a month earlier."

I can see them hashing out the story line together.
I wonder if his attitude would be any different if she were an Earthling who shot a SSer.
I wonder how this will play out in court. I wonder how eagerly she will be prosecuted to the max, compared to an Earthling busted with some dope.
It seems to me that there are few SSers in prison, relative to the proportion of the population.
The high profile ones usually don't really go to prison: Tymoshenko, Manning, Berlusconi, Kokesh...

Another hoax agent: Ghoncheh Ghavami, MI satanist SSer. And the Free Ghoncheh Facebook page is chock full of similar slithering Zionist sleaze.

Nov. 3, '14: (10:10am) Getting more CIA and NSA xmtr overflights. Just now a seeming jet flew over, with 2 NSAlizards inside, which did not show up on flightradar. It had a transmitter and left an ordinary-looking contrail. It traces to this vibey NSA house and house just NE, and misc. bldgs and the U base just east.
I sense 5 associated NSA xmtr craft in my region but don't know where they are. They probably all came out of the same U base.

(11:55am) Those Tarantula Nebula dragons stuffed Bal with implants, and have been hammering my upper back, shoulders, neck. Giving me a headache.

Had some rippling in the chem-clouds caused by the usual hairless repts. Soon after i started nailing these, chem-drones came out to lay long trails.

And now, giant demons have been photographed. I am jailing some. They are easy to jail with large, powerful jailers at least. They are from here.

(11:20am) Ripples gone; not sure if my Naga friends are largely responsible. And the few chem-trails fade very quickly. Got some powerful wands facing upwards.
Then a NSA xmtr jet flew over. This one did show on flightradar (data capture) but when i clicked on the ID# link, i got "Sorry, but we could not find flights for specified aircraft in our databases".
Pretty sure this came from the Searcy Airport. Found responsible U base nearby.
Street view of NSA bldg next to airport. Many of those hangars also have NSAtanist vibe. More NSA U bases east of there.
Plane is headed to little NSA airport in KS. Data. Lots of heavy NSA U bases in area they wanted us to take care of. Tunnel to Sinaloa, MX! Lots of NSA U stuff around La Cruz Elota: drug and child trafficking. Mazatlan is another hot spot.

And as i type this, another NSA "prop plane" goes by. From a Harrison U base.

I'm trying to get some outdoor work done on this beautiful day, but they keep distracting me so i run back to the computer.
My dragon-induced pain has mostly vanished; thanks to anyone who helped.

(3:15pm) That NSA tunnel network goes to Oaxaca, Chiapas, Campeche, etc. and i can feel 20 Nagas under Oaxaca helping ferret out all the tunnels etc.

(5:45pm) New OTB out: Bionization.

(6:35pm) I was just reading this article because i got a nasty vibe off this MIB. Immediate sense that he's murdered at least 3 people, males. And not in satanic rituals. I get super heavy vibe off these murders; maybe i'll be able to trace down some info.
But what really blew my mind was at the bottom it says
And lastly, as due diligence for all the curious but nervous Liz Gallaghers out there: Are you a serial killer?
Nope, promise.

Nov. 4, '14: (9:50am) Rain started around 7:15am and looks like it will last many hours. As so often happens, we are getting the edge of a large system passing to the north into MO.
Damn, guess i'll have to forego driving into town through the hazardous mud to vote for clones. Actually there is 1 human in the race, running for land commissioner, but he feels compromised, and his wife feels neck-deep in corrupt lizard associates.

The Most Dangerous Idea in Mental Health. Yessir, hidden memories of abuse have been soundly debunked.
I am pretty sure that Tom Mitchell is innocent. But the Castlewood therapy-lizards less so. (Those are still alive as we speak, but the unfortunate execs were just all caught it a U base).

Lizards in the forefront of the anti-fracking struggle: Faces of Fracking.

(11:10am) Registered citizen of Hawaii? Then you have a chance to vote for an ensouled Earthling: Ex-con Michael Kokoski. He strikes me as eminently qualified. Not that he stands a chance against that pedophile clone.

(5:15pm) Still raining.

Gnarly NSA werewolf bldg near Atlanta. Apparently new: if you look at street view it is under construction. If you zoom in and out, the bldg is there at some resolutions, and trees at others.
There were lots of NSA WW U bases around Brookhaven.

Nov. 5, '14: (9pm) And there were lots of NSA werewolves driving by at work again today. Maybe they are drawn to orgone like moths to a flame.

And Bal is stuck in Memphis a while, where the red A is on this map, getting hammered by NSA/EHET/reptilian U bases, some of them deep. The map is centered over the trouble region.

Huge NSA proprietary firm: Seabord.

(9:25pm) Dubious Jerusalem "terror attack": 1 killed as driver plows into Jerusalem crowd in terror attack. The alleged victim feels like a dead Earthling who had already died elsewhere. The alleged attacker feels like a live Earthling, not MPD, not satanist, but according to the story he is dead.
The "graphic" video is perplexing. First you see 2 Mossad lizards hanging out to the right. Then a human girl, perhaps a random pedestrian, walks by. No pedestrians are seen on the left side, but a van goes by and very briefly it looks like some object, perhaps a person, lunges toward the left fender. The van continues on, and it kind of looks like the other 2 guys bailed out of a door on the left side of the van. Or maybe they lunged at the van out of view. It's like they magically appeared in the road after the van passed. All 3 are Mossad lizards, none are the alleged fatality guy.
"Plows into Jerusalem crowd" indeed.

Nov. 6, '14: (7:50am) Got 1.6" of rain on the 4th, BTW.

One i missed before: Vaughan Foods beheading incident. Alton Alexander Nolen has strong MPD vibe. But his parents seem clean. Where did he get "handled"? According to this article, "Oklahoma prison records show Nolen was released from prison in March 2013 after serving two years of a six-year sentence on charges that included assaulting a police officer and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Nolen received no misconduct reports during his incarceration at five separate facilities..."
Five separate facilities. Wanna bet one of them is the super DORy Oklahoma State Penitentiary?
Their website with pics of satanist CIAlizard staff. Map; CIA U bases being taken out now.
The Black Assassins guy has reported in the past how some Black Panthers came out of some MKULTRA jail in California in a mind-controlled Muslim extremist mode. This is a decades-old CIA tradition.

(8:50am) Ah, yes. Link:
It was soon after August 5, 1970, Huey P. Newton had been released from prison after his conviction had been overturned by the appellate court.[9]  I was visiting Merritt Jr. College, Grove Street Campus on my summer break from San Francisco State University. I had just graduated from Merritt the year before. I was stunned when I spotted Billy Mapp walking up the campus driveway toward the college auditorium. He was dressed in a black turban and uncanny long black Dracula type cloak. I will never forget that sight, because it was totally uncharacteristic of the young man that I had grown to admire.

Billy was walking up the driveway with a bizarre group of four to five brothers all dressed similarly in black turbans and black capes. I recognized two of them, Ronnie Flenaugh and Paul Cook.  

Cook had been a regular around campus. Cook was an unusual March 1970 parolee out of San Quentin. He claimed to have been a cellmate of George Jackson and Fleeto Drumgo of the Soledad Brothers.[10] Cook always wore a black turban. He was also always bare chested but for a vest of chains that symbolized the unjust prison industrial system. Cook was in his thirties, but married a 16 year old young sister out of high school that raised a lot of eyebrows. I recall that Cook nevertheless his claimed revolutionary ties had been less than candid among the brothers. One brother claimed that he had been extremely “secretively.”

The other brother I recognized was Ronnie Flenaugh. Ronnie was a body builder that was ripped with muscles. This day I was taken back by what I witnessed walking up the campus driveway. As they pushed past me, Ronnie was weaving back and forth, up and down as if he had been drugged. His eyes appeared empty and distant as if in a trance. He appeared to be steered along the driveway by Billy Mapp as if he was a pit bull on a string.

I didn’t know what to make of what I had witnessed. It was playing out like a scene from a movie. This was no religious progression. It was an exhibition. It was a parade of “False Prophets.”  I was confused about Ronnie and Billy’s sudden complete transformation from quiet ordinary brothers into fanatic pseudo Muslims. I was puzzled and confused, then it turned to fear. I ran. I ran by Proverbs 14:16, A wise man feareth, and departeth from Evil…”

I didn’t know it at the time, but the group was on the way to the campus auditorium to confront Huey P. Newton, who was speaking on campus that morning. Billy and this strange cadre of brothers were a pseudo-Muslim group that Alameda County Mafia District Attorney, D. Lowell Jensen called, “Al Constran.”

And from here:
Plus, the unusual case of Sebron Flenuagh had been of special interest to me. I had previously known and studied the strange case of his late younger brother, Ronnie Flenuagh (Al Rashid). Ronnie had been a member of a pseudo Muslim/Sufi? sect of CIA/MK ULTRA Black Manchurian Candidate Death Angels called Al Constran (Colestran).[49] I witnessed Ronnie’s sudden transformation from one of the local regular young street brothers of the North Oakland/Berkeley community to a sudden Islamic fanatic. Ronnie had been someone special to us. He always stood out in a crowd. Ronnie was ripped in muscles. Ronnie represented what we could make of ourselves with hard work and dedication. He had been our neighborhood “Hercules.” On the block and at Merritt Jr. College in North Oakland, Ronnie had been so close that I could reach out and touch him. As young brothers, we shared so much in common. I never had a conversation with Ronnie, but the street code and law of survival almost always command you to know of the reputation, morals and demeanor of brothers occupying the same spaces in case something go down between us. I saw it myself, Ronnie in a long black cape and turban weaving from side to side in TRANCE- like he had been drugged. I saw it, Ronnie’s eyes- BLANK- EXPRESSIONLESS staring straight thru you. Ronnie had been a strong and beautiful brother with no history or reputation that I knew of unrighteous and violence. It was so outside the norms of my life experiences and community that it seemed like a Twilight Zone or an Outer Limits experience. It shook me up to see him that way as we say in our community, “out of his right mind.” I was left mentally confused and SCARED out my wits for a longtime. Ronnie had been turned into some type of alien right in front of our eyes that had been stripped of all human moral boundaries for the Love of God- Lucifer.
More info on Flenaugh here.

(9:55am) Clones rebelling against clones:
Spain Moves Military Assets Into Catalonia Ahead Of Weekend's 'Illegal' Secession Vote
California County Quietly Votes For Independence From State and Federal Laws. (County gov't)
Is there hope for this world, or what?

Nov. 8, '14: (5:20pm) Had more "planes" from NSA and CIA bases yesterday afternoon here. And at work today, loads of werewolf and CIAlizard drive-bys.

Wales cannibal killer. Not sure how much truth is in the story, considering that all the cops and ambulance staff are SSers. However, i do think the 2 people are dead Earthlings.

At first i got no particular vibe off the alleged cannibal, but after blasting the situation a while, i got the strong sense that he was controlled by New Start Care. And New Start is intimately connected with T A Center church, which may also have played a part. Plus there were U bases connected. All this stuff has an MI SSer vibe.

Nov. 9, '14: (4:15pm) No werewolf drive-bys at all today at work, just a constant stream of NSA MIBs all day.
Chem-clouds and chemtrails.

Been getting some relief due to some powerful new allies. A couple days ago i found some Olugbohun, a type of spirit used in Nigerian magic, attacking the people in Lagos. I started to jail them, then realized they were accepting therapy.
They are not working for black magicians anymore. First i sicced them on the EHETs and their dragon friends, and have had almost no trouble from these since. Also they have been working on various other perps, so much so that the offworld CIA had to take over hammering me this afternoon.
Also Joe in Renton reported getting an uncharacteristically good sleep last night. So if you are experiencing tangible relief, you might thank the Olugbohun.

Nov. 10, '14: (9:30am) Chemtrails.

Gotta love it. The illegal occupiers get significant cosmic demerit points when they do stuff this twisted: CA high school student punished for dropping 'under God' from Pledge of Allegiance. Let's see:
  • This school requires each kid, even the human ones, to "lead the pledge 12 times every year" regardless of their personal values. (See pledge here.)
  • Subjects are required to pledge allegiance in government-run schools. In a free country, why would there be a requirement to pledge anything to anything?
  • and why a pledge concocted by blood-drinking pedophile ET scammers, to a flag concocted by blood-drinking pedophile ET scammers?
  • What is allegiance to a republic? Don't they mean to the corrupt government of the alleged republic?
  • Under God? Their god (Yaldabaoth) was not the god the dupes thought they were pledging allegiance to. And in a free country, why is religious worship mandatory?
  • Indivisible? In a "free" country, it is forbidden to secede from the corrupt central government.
  • With liberty and justice for all? This is sick humor or what?
So this poor ensouled human, forced to lead the class in this bullshit pledge, drops the two words he happens to consider most offensive. For this "he was given detention and had points docked from his grade point average". The GPA is a measure of academic competence, i used to believe, not servile obedience to outlaw tyrants. Is this a new trend? Fitting.
American schools don't teach grammar, incidentally, just conformity and kinky sexual practices. Even in a university, the only students you will find with any knowledge of grammar are ones who take a lot of foreign-language courses. Try it. Go up to a university student in the US and ask them for the definition of particle, article, preposition, etc. and you will get mostly wrong answers and complete puzzlement.

When i was a little boy, i was obliged by ETs, as an act of black magic, to put my hand over my heart and recite this drivel. No matter that none of us kids had any idea what it meant; it was still black magic. For years i cluelessly said "invisible" instead of indivisible. I had no idea what allegiance meant either. No effort was ever made to inform us of the meaning of the pledge. We were just expected to conform.

(7pm) Today was a very gusty, beautiful warm day, except for the heavy chemtrails. And the same usual repts behind the spraying also kept trying to ripple the chem, with occasional brief success.
Supposed to cool way down tomorrow for a prolonged engineered cold snap.

Tragedy strikes again: Young woman killed in West Bank stabbing attack. Satanist Mossad lizard allegedly stabbed another satanist Mossad lizard.
And damn, just earlier this same day, another satanist Mossad lizard stabbed a satanist Mossad IDF lizard: IDF soldier stabbed in Tel Aviv terror attack. So creative! So original!

Nov. 11, '14: (6:20am) Another example of CIAlizards filling their "news" with contrived internecine "conflicts": Miller-Young and University of California Sued Over Campus Assault On Pro-Life Advocates. And then virtually all the commenters are also CIAlizards; now being snuffed in their U bases.

Incidentally, most obnoxious and many not-obnoxious story commenters on the web are underground CIAlizards. Even many snarky youtube commenters on subjects having nothing political about them.

(7:30am) In a similar vein, there is not one human in this video: Toy Company Promotes Bloody Suicide To Toddlers Through Hidden Image.

Satanist MI SSer sucking up to our boy Chris Spivey: Nick Kollerstrom of Terror on the Tube. There is a pic of him holding a book here. (Reference article.)

(1:45pm) 40 degrees F out there.

Highly dubious story: The Trials of Being the Only Shapeshifting Satanist Imam at Guantanamo Bay. Not that i read the damn thing.
James Yee. Outside of the triads, high military, and high politicians, there are almost no Chinese SSers. I suspect he comes from triad stock.

(6:55pm) MI disinfo agent: Thomas Baker of The Targeted Truth. Not SSer, though.

Something not right about this story: Chilling words overheard in background of 911 call reporting wannabe meterologist, 22, had killed himself. I do think he's dead, but he was a satanist SSer who, according to the pics, hung out with satanist SSers. And that pic of his parents has a staged feel to it.

Nov. 12, '14: (6:05pm) Quite a few CIA MIB drive-bys at work today.

Announcing a new forum bulletin board!
A friend in Italy, who posts as "ndw" initiated this and did almost all of the work. It has taken weeks of trying different servers, debugging glitches, etc. but we think it's ready to go.
You will need to email me to join, regardless of whether you are already registered on one of my Yahell! forums.

(6:40pm) Satanist MIB cops totally out of control. Eat shit, serial murdering, child-raping nazi pukes. Get off our planet at once.

And another nazi force: Hopi Rangers. As i've said before, a percentage of Hopi are darkside black magicians. Check out these and these. Pure concentrated evil.
Requesting immediate Support for Dineh Resistance Communities whose livestock are being impounded by Hopi Rangers and Federal Agents.
Armed Rangers Confiscate 120 Sheep and Make Two Arrests on Hopi Partition Land.

(7:05pm) Please hold off on registering for the new forum unless you are someone i trust. Apparently another glitch is allowing people to just register without approval. It is like 7 hours later in Italy so i don't know when my admin can fix this. Suspected trolls who register will be deleted.

(7:30pm) (And that last sentence is grammatically correct :-)

New CIA film "tells all": Hollywood Sex Abuse Film. Amy Berg is a lizard clone who had 51 sex-appeal spells.

Wow, why is this CIAtanist not replaced by a clone yet? Yank Barry. We'll see how long you can hold out, Yank.

(8:15pm) Too, too, weird.

A couple days ago someone asked me about Icelandic people. I did a google image search, and what came up was just soulless Earthlings, including a lot of very pretty girls. But, it seems there are some SSers in Iceland. I just received this flattering email:
Hello Loohan,

I have for some time now wanted to buy some of your Orgone energy objects for myself, and very soon I will.

I write to you as a curator of contemporary art, currently at the National Gallery of Iceland and also as one of four curators of the Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art; Momentum, which will be opened in Norway in June 2015.

For the Momentum exhibition, we would very much like to include your wonderful objects, as part of the exhibition.

I write to you to ask if you are fine with your objects being presented in the context of wonderful art works by international artists who use the practice of artmaking as a laboratorium of life; a way to learn, gather, produce and share knowledge about all the things that other fields do not cover, so to speak.

We would like to buy several of your objects online, about 20 of them or so, and make a display of them with the text that you yourself use as explanation of the objects and their powers, on your website. If you are interested, and willing to give the time, we would like to have a dialogue with you about it, and run the presentation by you. But, we will completely understand if you are not interested in engaging, that is fine.

I assure you that we are interested in presenting your objects with sincere enthusiasm and great respect, for your intentions and activity, and the history of using the Orgone energy.

In our exhibition we are working with several artists who, themselves, have addressed the legacy of Wilhelm Reich and been inspired by his ideas. One of them; Steingrimur Eyfjord, has made an Orgone box as a part of an exhibition. I have myself stepped into it and felt some vibes.

Here is the website of the Momentum biennial exhibition: and information about us; the four curators:

I sincerely hope to receive a positive response from you.

All the best, Birta Gudjonsdottir
And what is at that link? Four SSers.
(Slapping side of my head in amazed bafflement.)

(8:20pm) Reading a bit more thoroughly, these are curators of a Norwegian museum. And the DORy venue is in Norway.

I wonder what they'll give me for Lt Veo, Xando and Guan? Maybe they are interested in buying Rorg as well? I could cast him in some clear epoxy.

Nov. 13, '14: (7:25am) It is 21 F out there, as predicted. Good for bionize-freezing without electricity.

OK, here is the poop on joining the forum. It is working fine. The sequence is:
  • Prospective member registers at the forum, gets user ID and password. But they can only log on to do probably nothing that they can't do without registering.
  • I get an automated email from the forum letting me know Jane Doe has registered. Her status is "user" but not "enabled" user.
  • I choose whether to enable the user or delete.
So please just follow that procedure. Don't email me with join requests.

(8am) Martin Luther King was a CIAlizard who was probably complicit in his own sacrifice (just like JFK was). Here we have one CIA site quoting another CIA site, claiming that a certain derogatory letter was penned by the FBI. And i can't rule out that it was, in keeping with the psyop. But i suspect it may have been typed by a sincere person.
He was a fraud and adulterer. Of course, so was his repty wife. He was a CIAlizard surrounded by more black CIAlizards. The whole civil-rights movement was CIA-led, like most "grassroots" movements.

The shapeshifters will give you the Berlin Wall when they want, and tear it down when they want. They will give you black slavery and Jim Crow laws when they want, and tear them down when they want. They will give you the Vietnam "war" when they want, and end it when they want. They will prohibit cannabis when they want, and gradually repeal prohibition when they feel like it. And charge you for the service all along the way. And milk your time and energy.
They will denigrate and oppress Negroes in many ways while simultaneously interbreeding with them wildly.

They will give you a "Christian hero" who has a known background of plagiarism and adultery. Then name a national holiday after him, and put MLK Boulevards all over the US. The CIA will eternally exalt him and evoke his memory. It's a sham. He was not a freedom warrior.

Nor, of course, was the original Martin Luther, Jesuit satanist Freemason.

(8:35am) Wow, remember the lurid story of John and Lorena Bobbitt a couple decades ago? Well, both are CIAlizards.

(6pm) I have been getting some more NSA, CIA, and sometimes Army overflights the last few days. Just now an apparent (by the sound) prop plane buzzed around and around my place, emitting a disgusting energy i haven't shaken off yet. I got that it was 1 of 27 such craft in wider area. And they all had these obnoxious transmitters. What were they hitting me with? I have Galvalume roof and walls, and plenty orgone devices.

These craft were from here in Illinois, NSA werewolf/EHET U base. And the same energy was there, powerfully. Somehow the energy was transmitted to all these planes, who relayed it to me. Whatever it was.

Nov. 15, '14: (7:30am) 21 degrees F.
I got attacked a bit by Rowaniyah last night before i got to sleep. They were coming around in the astral phase. I jailed a bunch with my massive rectangular jailer, and then slept well.
They appeared human-like. I had the fleeting impression that here was something distinctive about their attire that i couldn't quite put my finger on. Also i think it is pronounced RowanEEa.
They also attacked Joe in Renton.

That reminds me, yesterday i got an intense vibe associated with Hog #3, and realized he was jailing bunches of EHETs; that is, forcing them into their etheric phase first to make them jailable. This is remarkable, as i can only do that with my aforementioned jailer, but he's doing it with sheer psychic power. He is jailing them constantly.

Hungary: The Next "Regime Change" Target? Orban is one of the very few heads of state that are not lizard clones. The tax chief is also a soulless Earthling. I dunno what's going on there. This article says "In particular they are calling for the resignation of Hungary's tax chief after she admitted she is among several government officials barred entry into the US on charges of corruption." Having an entity as foul as the US gov't call someone corrupt is hardly an insult in itself, much less evidence of malfeasance. But Hungary is the country where there recently were mass protests against an internet tax, which the gov't then renounced.
Wow, even the reporter in the vid is a human. And i did not spot lizards among the protestors.

Which other heads of state are not ET clones? I can only think of 2, although there might be a couple more. One is Assad (whose wife, however, is a lizard clone). The other is Mujica, who was even still ensouled until a couple minutes ago. He does have some deep flaws.

(1:45pm) Some phony "gang-stalking victims" who are actually CIAlizards:
Scott Fulbright, momeesan, DamanSound, Chloe Violet Rose.
And then there is Brian Tew, who is not an SSer but is a phony. I have been blasting him for months, but didn't suspect he was CIA until i saw that Fulbright had subscribed to his channel. Feels only superficially CIA-connected. He used to have a revolting gofundme page, but now that's been taken down.

Nov. 15, '14: (5:35pm) Had a bunch of NSA MIB drive-bys at work today, in the morning. But hardly any later in the day.

I have enabled all registrants to the new forum so far. A couple people registered twice, with different names. In a case like that, i arbitrarily pick one of the names.

CIA front in the news: Virginia dad claims PETA took his family dog from porch and killed it. Now why would these satanist SSers steal an ensouled dog, and lie about having killed it? For satanic rite? It is still alive. Possibly here. The next house SE has satanists also, coven friends.

(6:50pm) Getting a tiny bit of rain.

Clones vs clones: The tense standoff between Catholic bishops and the Kenyan government over tetanus vaccines. The bishops are all lizard clones just like the politicians. And they "are locked in a heated battle".
Tetanus vaccines of any type are a worthless scam, anyway.

Nov. 18, '14: (8:50am more NSA MIBs & WWs drive by at work day before yesterday. Also got light rain, then later sleet and snow. 21 F at dawn yesterday morning, with patches of snow on the ground. Sunny, clear.

And this morning was the same temperature, despite overnight predictions of 11-12 degrees.

CIA clone: Anthony Freda, a "9/11 truther".

People getting heavier attacks lately? Bal and Joe got hassled by offworld NSA, and Mordok by some other ETs, whereas i have mainly been getting hammered by EHETs (also coneheads oftentimes).

What's been going on with the EHETs: more have been coming in en masse from the other corrupt universes (B thru XX) via multiple jump gates, and ending up underground. To slow that action down a lot, we have to address each jumpgate with GateKey. Luckily, Rorg handles most of that.

I'm feeling better this morning, but yesterday was bad.

Way back on Aug. 22 i reported that we are jailing 700 septillion EHETs per second, and i actually believe that is true. Haven't done the math of how many we have jailed in the past 3 months but it is vast. I don't know how the EHETs were hatched/bred/made, but i am fairly sure that 'Vozy deleted the species responsible for creating them and their dragon buddies. But there are still huge quantities.
These kinds of population levels are not very high for purely etheric beings, but the EHETs are sophisticated enough to have a solid form capable of acting as normal humans.

British Police Push for Ban on Pointy Knives.

More reptard kops on steroids: 80-Yr-Old Army Veteran Who Survived Cancer Now Beaten to a Pulp By Cops, Ribs Broken.
And any time you have such a corrupt and deranged police force, you almost always have shapeshifting city officials.
For that matter, if you live in the US, you most likely have shapeshifting city officials.

Nov. 19, '14: (9:10pm) Israel vows harsh response to synagogue attack. You betcha.
They did it again! They left the repty "victims" alive in a single Mossad U base, in this case just east of Ras Sedr (google maps is on the fritz right now) whereas the "perps" are dead. Pic of the two here.

Most likely Mossad kidnapped and killed the 2 Palestinians and made up the story.
Taking credit we have the Popular Mossad Front for the Liberation of Palestine, founded by a "Christian" Reptilian Mossad Satanist: George Habash.

Nov. 20, '14: (11:50am) Sigh, another tale of those hyperactive Mossad Lizards: Dutch mum rescues daughter from Islamic State in Syria.

Last night i checked out this Tony Robbins ad on youtube. The interviewer was flaunting slit pupils throughout, as well as a super freaky lizard vibe, and bizarrely hyperanimated facial expressions.
After we yanked Tony's sex-appeal spells and blasted him, he crawled into a hole to die. The interviewer is still alive.

(noon) MI clone liar: Alan Cumming on dealing with childhood abuse. No doubt the original SSer was sexually abused by all and sundry, in keeping with normal cultural traditions, but this clone was a test-tube baby who probably never met his "father". Of course he was a sex object, too, though.

(5:25pm) The CIA is using the new forum to disclose U bases, etc. They have been spamming with member signups. The most recent one very loudly and conspicuously came from here, Paramount Farm.
Everybody else who signed up has been enabled as a poster. Some of them belatedly because it turns out, the software often fails to send the admins notifications.

(6:15pm) Another MPD victim bites the dust: Myron May, Project Monarch victim, was murdered by the CIA clones of the Tallahassee police, after he allegedly wounded 3 students.

(6:20pm) CIA house where he was recently programmed for this task.

(7:55pm) I think i found the beloved main homeland of the EHETs, a star they call Lopa.

Nov. 21, '14: (1:15pm) Now the CIA is promoting yet more dubious software: Detekt. At the bottom of the page, it lists the repty organizations and individuals behind the software.

ISRAELI SYNAGOGUE ATTACK ANOTHER FALSE FLAG??? YOU BETHCHA!!!!. This article exemplifies how well-intentioned people will take the propaganda and run with it. Ben Franklin was a satanist Freemason lizard, like Henry Ford and may other overt Jew-haters. The less overt ones run Israel, Mossad, the Catholic church, ADL, Congress, etc. etc.

Ages ago, the reptilians completely demolished the ancient Hebrews, who were the finest of people, and hence a threat. They interbred with them, then released a virus that killed all Hebrews who didn't have rept DNA. Hebrew souls cannot incarnate into bodies that have more than 1% rept DNA, so from that day forth, no Hebrew souls have incarnated into "Jewish" bodies.
There are still a few ensouled Jews around, but they do not have Hebrew souls.

But that is not enough for these lizards. They are hell-bent on making Jews the most reviled people on Earth, with their endless lies and dirty tricks.
There are probably many reasons for this. For one, they love to create conflict, war, suffering, and hate by any means. But i suspect there is also some black magic reason, poorly understood by myself, having to do with the fact that there are parallel timelines in which the Hebrews avoided the tragedy.

And it's not just a visceral thing of reptilians hating Hebrews. Now most conspicuous Zionists have gotten killed and replaced by clones, and the clones are usually run by EHETs (in fact if you are sensitive you will find that most lizard clones serve as a link to the EHETs running them) which are not even reptilian. But the agenda marches on seamlessly.

Nov. 22, '14: (5:20am) A new anti-demon program.

Nov. 24, '14: (9:45pm) It drizzled for 3 days straight. Got 1.8". Sunny today.

Lotta cat-rituals being done by satanists tonight in the US, and a few dogs. Most of these rituals seem to be underground.

Nov. 25, '14: (10:35am) Many of those bases had EHETs doing sacrifice along with their CIAlizard buddies.

Getting some really nasty NSA transmitter "planes" coming from U bases around Bexar, AR, etc. Some of these craft make thunderous "jet" noise but do not show up on flightradar. The vile transmitters and craft were built in a U base in far SW KY, right by their beloved New Madrid Fault.

BTW a reader told me that seismic phenomena cause dimensional rifts, and this is why so many new SSer races entered our world immediately following the New Madrid quake 2 centuries ago, and also explains why this area attracts so many U bases.
Sounds plausible. I wonder if the quake was caused by ETs, and whether they feel secure that it won't happen again big-time unless they instigate it again.

(7:45pm) Hand sign caught my eye. This is from this article. This is the image that was displayed the first two times i opened the page, but thereafter it changed.
I wonder how much of the old satanist's tale is true. I did not watch the vid.

Nov. 27, '14: (7:45am) CIA orgonite: Peaceful feelings/Orgone. Peaceful it is. No corruption or spells noted. Potency on a scale of 0-10 is at 1. Their Facebook page.
This is part of a mess of CIA websites including in5D, Spencer Clone Institute, Michelle Walling, Cosmic Starseeds, HolisticCancerResearch, DailySpiral, and more.

(9:10am) Reptilians adopt Earth kids, wink, wink. Ain't this planet fun?

Within the past week, all the CIA ETs at Amazon Watch have gone underground and gotten killed, and replaced with clones of their own kind.

Meanwhile, i found another CIA front, Amazon Conservation Team. Some of the Advisory Board are OK, but all the BoD and HQ Staff are CIAlizards.

(11am) Bizarre schidt: my italian friend who post on the forum as ndw asked me about the Sealand skull. Right away i connected with a benevolent being who had a Ta'l vibe. There are many different species comprising the Ta'l.
The entity who used to inhabit that skull got in contact with me, but i don't get details, just the sense of intelligent presence.
I forwarded the link to Thor'p, who says they are Torians and are connected to the Thelians.
the Torians are a wise and very cunning race made of of Scientists, hyper skilled fighters that trained with or were trained by the Kur-Dahns in advanced War tactics they are a very capable race.
I went looking for them on Google Earth ---> Sky View. First i found a bunch of them here, then not far from there, i found a larger quantity around here. I noticed the odd rectangle and zoomed in on it.
Then a few minutes later, felt vaguely under attack from whatever is behind that rectangle that Google doesn't want us to see.

(12:25pm) Whatever they are behind the rectangle, they are jailable. They are still attacking me weakly.

(5:50pm) Thor'p says the Torian homeland is Toria, and he remembers them being the closest friends of the Ta'l.
About the rectangle, apparently there is a mothership behind it also.
Saddness.. this is what just came in allmost 100% of its accuracy..》》THEY ARE WAITING TO COME THRU.. (( some type of event horizon is going to open....stargates sum call them..)) THEY ARE WAITING TO COME THRU...Far left top corner . .. center of the far left shiny left hand center of brightness far left slightly .. NOW TO THR FAR RIGHT... ILL JUST TELL YOU WHAT ITS THERE ITS!! A MASSIVE! SHIP ITS ENORMOUS... IT HAS TO BE A MOTHERSHIP..(!!!)))? (( sadd this were once peaceful Explorers.. they apear fierce yet hurt ..): I think I was right and their world did fell to the dark factions looong ago in the Eldr Univers..): I sence no vengegul energy but the Words Reprisal abd Retribution hang low. .their are Thousands possibly hundreds of thousands onboard this Ship.
I sense 300,000+ Torians in the ship.

Nov. 28, '14: (5:50am) Oh, not another one: Ferguson plotters 'planned to assassinate city's police chief and prosecuting attorney before bombing St. Louis' but luckily the authorities were on the ball, and were able to prevent these NSAlizards from causing harm. According to the CIA, "The two... go by the names Brandon Muhammad and Ali". Golly, those Muslim darkies are really getting out of control lately; the gov't oughtta do something about them.
Refreshing that the CIA wasn't behind this one; it was the NSA getting back into their old kind of grassroots social involvment.

Wow, and speaking of fake stings, What the Fake Syria Sniper Boy Video Tells Us About Media Experts. Now the lizards are pretending to be faked out and embarrassed by their own kind. They are absolutely rubbing into Earthlings' faces how fullashit the mainstream media is, while reinforcing the credibility of their controlled "alternate" media sources.
A group shot of the repty film crew in Malta can be found in this BBC article. Also the lizard boy.

In other good news, US to arm Israel with 3,000 smart bombs. "The United States provides Israel with some $8.5 million in military aid per day." It's not cheap, dealing with all those crazed Arab troublemakers.

Nov. 29, '14: (6:10pm) ... like the 3 CIAlizards depicted here.

Nepalese Festival Where Half a Million Animals Will Be Sacrificed. Bizarre. Soulless Earthlings sacrifice huge numbers of animals to a nonexistent goddess, and even the demons seem uninterested. I get no DORy vibe, and no positive vibe either.
At least they eat the meat.

Nov. 30, '14: (6:35pm) It was 75 F today, and tomorrow is supposed to be freezing all day.

The free mag i get from my electric coop has an article this month about Heifer International, a Little Rock based pedophile operation. There are more pics of sexually-abused kiddies on their site.
Be sure to donate heavily to this group if you want more impoverished children to have the gift of ample sexual opportunites with multiple reptilians.