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Loohan's blog for November, 2016

Nov 2, '16: (6:55pm) Yesterday was the first day in a long time with very little chem. Today, real and fake clouds and a few vibeless sprayers. But not as bad as it had been lately.
It's still been getting into the 80s daily but that might be about to end.

I got an immediate "staged" vibe off the pic here: Israeli forces kill Palestinian man in occupied West Bank. Did the car just happen to run into this pile of rubble that had obviously been bulldozed into that position, or are we supposed to believe that that little car destroyed and moved the concrete block wall into such a pile of rubble in that position? This photo has Mossad vibes all over it.
I can't find a pic nor a vibe for the "deceased".
Another pic of the car here (multiple pop-up warning), labeled "The scene of a suspected car-ramming attack..." Except it's a totally different scene, with no cyclone fence.

Another CIA human clone: Mark Ruffalo (who) Delivered Solar Panels to Camp Where Thousands Are Fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Yay. We really need dubious pseudo-human characters like these (scroll down) to bring us solutions to the status quo.

That whole article is about promoting CIA proprietaries. Another one is repticlones Empowered by Light. And another is Native Renewables.

Nov 4, '16: (9:30am) Yesterday we had a lot of natural-looking clouds as well as chem. Saw a few spray-drones laying down trails that only stuck in parts. 80s weather. Then last night had a slight thunderstorm. Perfectly clear skies are all i see from my place so far this morning. Now we are not supposed to have any more warm weather...

Too much trouble to make a realistic-looking combat film? Then just post a whole bunch of still pics. I guess they got too much fallout about the lousy choreography in previous fight scenes. Migrant battle on the streets of Paris: Large gangs of men armed with makeshift clubs fight each other after Calais Jungle camp is destroyed. Tell me that first pic doesn't look posed as hell.
There IS a video on the page, but it doesn't have any cool combat scenes, only bunches of repticlone amateur actors arguing. Not sure why the repty refugees in the vid have such pale faces compared to the human actors in the stills.

Another hoax story: Fury in courtroom as woman who lured ex-husband to his 1988 murder pleads guilty to lesser charge to escape jail. All the people depicted in this article were live SSers (not clones) this morning, but all died in U bases already. David Jackson was under Hilton Head Island, SC 29928.

Nov 6, '16: (8:05am) On the 4th, i had a perfectly clear day all day, although marred by incessant fake plane noises. Then yesterday, significant chem again, also lots of moisture clouds in the afternoon.
No stalking at work yesterday. Traffic was quiet.

This morning, some chem-smear and spraying. Two sylphs also, though.

BBC's Children Show 'Just a Girl' is About a MI Repticlone Boy Taking Hormone Blocking Drugs.

Masked Speed Dating Hopes to Save Shy Japanese Singles. Sounds like a swell idea, taking the country by storm. Except that everyone in the pics is a repticlone on the Yakuza payroll. Kei Matsumura, head of Tokyo dating service Def Anniversary, is a SHer at this time. So what's the angle? Yakuza simply diversifying their assets into legit businesses, or maybe some of those shills will also be working over innocent customers with scams?

Live Fire Reported in Police Invasion of Movement of Landless Rural Workers Training School in Brazil. Excuse my ignorance. I'm not much of a gun nut. But is that not an unfired round? "The shards of collected bullets prove that none of them were rubber, but lethal." So why do they only show an unfired round if they collected these shards? Cops were dropping new bullets in their excitement?

This one takes the cake: Georgia men plotted attack on Alaska aurora research facility to 'release souls,' detective says. Most absurd story i have read in days. The "drug suspects" seem to be ordinary humans, but do they look dumb and crazy enough to attempt such a stunt?

(5:30pm) Well, no stalking at work today, either. But they seem to be compensating with chem, demons, and WW attacks.

Very large numbers of werewolves out around here in space. I have been blasting them, and the allies have been attacking them since last night. I got onto them because they are energetically backing this psychotic-looking repticlone Jason Kander.

Nov 7, '16: (11am) Cooler lately. Grey today, with slight drizzle just starting.

So bizarre, how overtly they mock us. This morning, is flaunting this pic, in which it appears that Lord Reed and Lord Carnwath are played by the same repticlone actor. Each has his face distorted in the opposite direction. Looking at the background, it appears to be the almost the same image (probably from a series taken at the same time), one of them mirrored and shopped. If you look up more pics of them (like this one in which they are deliberately juxtaposed), it is obvious they are the same guy, or else different-age clones. One does look much older. Yet, i have the impression that, at this time, both are played by the same actor, with some sort of manipulation going on to present the age difference.

In fact, Lord Kerr and Lord Mance are also played by (another) same repticlone.

Nov 8, '16: (6pm) Today was mostly overcast but chemmy, too, with lots of fake plane noises.

Twice-divorced Saudi mother of 6 reinterprets Islamic law. Souad al-Shammar, a liberal feminist who roots her arguments in Islam, takes on kingdom's powerful religious establishment. Riight. This repticlone is pointing her finger for what reason?

CIA proprietary: Liberty Direct. With a name like that it could hardly be anything but CIA. With Liberty Direct individuals and families have the opportunity to lower their expenses AND improve the quality of their healthcare. Liberty members experience savings on billed charges of 40-60%. Only repticlones are depicted on the site, but human suckers are allowed to sign up, too.

Another MPD human clone:
In Britain, the gymnast Louis Smith has just been suspended for two months by British Gymnastics. This 27-year old sportsman's career has been put on hold, and potentially ruined, not because of anything to do with athletics but because of something to do with Islam.

Last month a video emerged online of the four-time Olympic medal-winner and a friend getting up to drunken antics after a wedding. The video -- taken on Smith's phone in the early hours of the morning -- showed a friend taking a rug off a wall and doing an imitation of Islamic prayer rituals. When the video from Smith's phone ended up in the hands of a newspaper, there was an immediate investigation, press castigation and public humiliation for the young athlete. Smith -- who is himself of mixed race -- was forced to parade on daytime television in Britain and deny that he is a racist, bigot or xenophobe. Notoriously liberal figures from the UK media queued up to berate him for getting drunk or for even thinking of taking part in any mockery of religion.
Pipeline Police Strip Search CIA Human Clone Girl, Then Leave Her Naked In Jail Overnight

Nov 10, '16: (6:50am) Yesterday was perfectly clear again, except for a few tiny chem-puffs i saw in the morning, of the variety that rapidly swirls, morphs and fades from the orgone.

Some people probably still believe that the world has independent nation-states, each of which have their own media looking out for their national interests. Certainly, these media are not just a bunch of jokers publishing whatever Jesuit Central hands them.
Why then does this RT article display a "Sputnik file photo" of CIA repticlones behind bars? SSers are quite rare in Russia. Generally, only a few gov't elite and mafia are non-humans, and these are not likely to be posing their hands for file photos.
It might be believable that these "Ukrainian military intelligence operatives" are CIA, except that they don't exist and this is a "file photo".

Worried about the fact that the CIA is largely cornering the market on cannabis, in order to perform some sort of genetic takeover? Don't be. As stalwart CIA repticlone Mike Adams reassures us, there is an Independent startup now mapping the marijuana genome to protect it from Monsanto. Whew, what a relief.
Better check on these noble folks, though, just to be sure: ah, yes, premium independent repticlones looking out for us. Let's leave it to their capable hands.

Nov 11, '16: (5:35am) Yesterday was perfectly clear, with the usual fake plane noises, most of which did not seem related to any visible "craft". Of course, i did see a few real actual visible metal planes, but these were inaudible.

Looks like the Trump psyop is just in its infancy. Now we have endless CIA repticlones protesting the vote results -- you can see their pics on the web, e.g. here, here, here, and here (spot any drag queens?).
And, of course, it strains credulity that a majority of voters voted for Trump, so this psyop will probably drag on in the media forever. Ooops! Newsweek pulls 125,000 mags with 'President Clinton' on front from newsstands (more CIA protestors in slide show, including this repticlone drag queen).
Yes, i predict that the media will be dominated by substanceless Trump-related BS for some time.

Nov 13, '16: (5:35pm) Still no drive-by stalking at work, but Saturday the remote WW attacks were very strong, and today the demons were.

Another CIA human clone: Eric Greitens, "the first Jewish governor of Missouri, a former Navy SEAL". I think this is the original Greitans, not a replacement (if you don't understand why i call him a clone then, see the 3rd paragraph from the bottom here). MPD as hell, of course. Active Monarch handlers in his entourage.

Oh man, the sheer boldness. Seriously, the average person looking at this pic is not struck by the fact that these guys all have the same face? Are people that dumbed down that they only believe what they read in words, when the pictures tell a different story? This is one live CIA repticlone. From this story: US soldiers killed in Jordan worked for CIA to train Syria militants.
I think he is here somewhere in Saint-Remy-en-l'Eau, France, north of Paris a bit. There are 50 or so CIA repticlones in this area, on the surface. Planning something? There was also a CIA U base just west.
On this page is a pic of him with a CIA repticlone drag queen.

Nov 14, '16: (9:10am) Demon attacks continued well into the night. I think they feel rambunctious around the full moon, and we are supposed to have the fullest of moons today.
I finally asked Fred (the demon-hunting snake) to help, but even he was not providing relief until i remembered that sustained attacks like that are usually in concert with rippled chem in the sky. So i had him attack the chem-rippling demons, which did help a lot. Now Fred knows about this in case i forget again.

I subscribe to the US-Observer, one of the few honest sources of info around (although they too occasionally get hoaxed), and was checking out this article about James and Angela Faire. The sheriff, prosecutor, and judge are all CIA Freemason repticlones. The victims are human, and the perps probably also.
I was trying (unsuccessfully) to find a pic of Debra Long, wondering why the CIA was doing this dirty crap, allying themselves with what seemed like ordinary criminals attacking ordinary people. (I have not yet checked out the links at the bottom of the article.) Looking for pics, i stumbled across some articles like this one from the CIA repticlones at SPLC: Militia, Assault-rifle Guru and Companion Face Murder, Assault Charges in House-Squatting Case in Washington State. Hmmmm!
Faire, Hatewatch has learned, served as an administrator for a militia web site and once operated what was described as a militia training site in Snohomish County, near the community of Monroe, in western Washington.

In 2010, Faire was identified as a trainer for the "Appleseed Project," a firearms training program that urged every citizen to own an AR-15 assault rifle with the goal of "teaching every American how to fire a bullet through a man-size target out to 500 yards."
I don't have time to delve extensively into this matter. The Appleseed Project appears to be a sincere grassroots project. The ReaganWing group, as far as i can tell, are sincere people who only inadvertently promote hoaxes, satanists, and CIA websites. They defend Faire, and he is even listed as one of their writers.
But it is conceivable that Faire, too, is a shill actor (although i do not dowse that). The NYT even did an article on Appleseed, saying
During my travels through Appleseed country, I spoke with nearly 100 cooks and riflemen and corresponded with dozens more. None seemed as close to the dark side as James Faire of Monroe, Wash., a man obsessed with reducing the space between readiness and action to the thinnest possible line. After years of practice Faire has whittled that space down to the fraction of a second that it takes him to open the snap holster on his belt, draw and level the Kimber 1911 he carries whenever outside the house, apply pressure to the hair trigger and fire a hollow-point .460-caliber round into his target, all while backpedaling at a 45-degree angle. "This is called moving off the X," he told me. "By the time you draw on them and say, 'Drop the weapon,' you're already dead."

Faire has practiced this maneuver thousands of times. He says he came close to using it last year while trying to clear a downed tree from the road leading to his five-acre homestead in Monroe. A sheriff's deputy [CIA repticlone] drove up, lights flashing, with his own ideas about how best to clear the tree. Words were exchanged. The hands of both men drifted down toward their holsters. The way Faire tells it, the peace of Snohomish County momentarily teetered. Then the deputy got back in his car and drove away.
Um, just color me suspicious. Seems this guy sure was very open with a NYT reporter.

That SPLC article ends thusly:
The arrest of Faire is the second time in less than a month that a suspect with ties to militia groups or activities has been arrested and charged with murder in Eastern Washington.

Roy H. Murry, who had lived in Spokane and Lewiston, Idaho, was arrested in late May and charged with torturing and fatally shooting three people, including a Spokane Fire Department lieutenant, before setting fire to a home north of Spokane. Murry honed his shooting skills while practicing with members of the 63rd Light Foot Militia on Stevens County property in northeastern Washington owned by one-time Republican candidate for sheriff, Kenneth L. Barker, of Deer Lake, Wash.
More Hmmmm... I can't find a pic of Barker, which is odd if he was a canditate. He feels human i think. As does Murray, but there are some serious red flags about Murray. Operation MOCKINGbird presents him with the kind of weird face we sometimes see in other hoax "killers". Also sections 4 and 5 of this article sound like contrived BS, and, of course, the arresting cops feel like CIA repticlones. I get a real shilly vibe off Murray. And he is quoted as saying such gems as
During an interview with investigators Saturday, Roy Murry claimed he had worked for the CIA and had been approached by the Russian secret police known as the FSB, but he refused to collaborate with them.

During the interview, Murry claimed that either his wife or his mother-in-law had tried to recruit him on behalf of the Russian intelligence service and suggested that the FSB may have been responsible for their murders.
Of course Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich is another CIA repticlone Mason.
Yet, the Canfields and John Constable do feel dead. The latter looks like a gay pretty boy, and i seem to sense he left behind numerous gay repticlone "friends".
So then who did kill them? I'm drawing a blank.

Nov 15, '16: (8:40am) Well, i slept pretty well last night, moon notwithstanding. Darkside getting weak?
Sky clear so far this morning.

Here is an example of the US-Observer getting scammed. Schaeffer Cox is a CIA/NSA repticlone.

Estranged wife and Iraq veteran embroiled in bitter custody battle over their 18-month-old daughter who's living with him in Dubai. Another heartbreaking tale of CIA repticlones.

Another hoax: Feras Morad: An unarmed Long Beach State University student was fatally shot by police on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 after falling from a second-story window. Morad is a live human. The 2 women in the first pic are CIA repticlones.

Now trapped, Mossad Repticlone "Syrian refugees" regret fleeing to Gaza. Everybody in these pics is a repticlone. The pics weren't even staged in Gaza.

GrubHub Stock DROPS After Demanding Trump-Voting Employees Quit. If you look up images of CEO Matt Maloney, you will see another curiously androgenous male CIA human clone. Men do not normally have tiny mouths. Also the jawline and forehead look dubious. And most of his pics show no Adam's apple even with the throat fully displayed.

CIA Proprietary Company Places Its Own Freemason Repticlone CEO on Leave After He Threatens to Assassinate Trump.

More about that French CIA enclave i posted about on the 4th. Their repticlones seem to be all over town, but i think the central location is the unidentified cross-shaped church supposedly at 38B Rue de l'Eglise along with the property just north also identified as 38B, which i presume is the staff housing.

Nov 16, '16: (5:25pm) More warm weather yesterday and today. Totally clear and very warm. Last night was very mild. Supposed to be warm through tomorrow night.

Another CIA human clone in the spotlight: Candice the Cuckslayer.

MI repticlone teenager to stand trial for feeding chip to pigeon after refusing to pay fine. About time they cracked down on these repticlones. This one is female but has a curiously male-shaped forehead.

(6:10pm) There is a problem with the forum right now. Apparently the host server is messing up again or something. I only get an error message in FireFox but i can use the forum fine in Chromium provided i log in, although this is supposed to be a publicly-viewable forum.

Nov 17, '16: (7:10am) Warm, breezy fall morning.
I was mistaken yesterday. If one gets a message that "You cannot access this page" on the forum, just ignore it. It is regarding an Info page that disappears anyway if one logs on. But one should not need to sign up to read the forum.
Now it is working normally again for me in FireFox.

Nov 19, '16: (6pm) On the 17th i did have a moderate amount of chem at times, including long trails from drones. Light thundershowers most of yesterday; got 1/2". Good; it has been dry lately.
As soon as the weather passed, more light chem-clouds were seen. Today may have been all clear; i didn't pay much attention.
Now we are in for some cooler weather. It was 32 F at dawn here this morning, and i saw the first frost of the year for my place, which is often warmer at night than other areas lower down. And tonight is supposed to be colder.

Mexican Mayor Arrested After Hundreds Massacred and Cooked in Network of Ovens, Following Breitbart Report. Pretty shocking. But what percent of this is true? Keep in mind that Brietbart and the Zetas have the same employer. Years ago i found common CIA/Zeta drug tunnels under Mexico.

Navy identifies mystery plane over Denver; Its mission still a secret. This is another totally vibeless plane and trail. Did the Navy have anything to do with it? Most of these vibeless spray-drones trace to demons and the Hive Mind, whereas i get no impressions of a source for this one.

Nov 20, '16: (8:05am) A couple degrees warmer this morning; clear.

Damn, they just keep doing this stuff. Egypt court sentences three journalists to prison. The pic shows a single repticlone in 3 different poses, no doubt with a bit of "shopping".
BTW Spiv's Nov 16 article delves heavily into this sort of thing. And more on today's.

(4:35pm) The clarity of sky did not last long. Had moderate chem much of the day, including some spray-drones.


Nov 21, '16: (10:25am) OMG, the Podesta conspiracy theories are just beginning! "Pizzagate": How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington's Occult Elite. Good ol' traditional CIA misdirection that discloses general truths in a fictitious way. "Just rinse it off when you're done" LOL.
I presume that Vigilant Citizen is inadvertent in shilling for this.

It was clear this morning here until a bit of chem moved in.

Nov 23, '16: (9:30am) Wow, we had a big, slow, rain system roll over the area, leaving a full 2" of gentle rain. Very foggy now.

More CIA human clones: the smiling staff of Call to Decision.
And LaDonna Brave Bull Allard.

Satanists get "volunteered" to receive blasting: About 900 flights canceled amid Lufthansa pilot strike. Pilots only strike when the gov't tells them to. As with US airlines, all Lufthansa pilots are Freemason satanist SSers. Blasting them makes it difficult for them to stay alive. None of the ones coming up in google images have been replaced by clones yet. We can change that. Clones are still not allowed to pilot planes, so they will have to scrounge for "qualified" pilots.

Water Protector in Critical Condition After DAPL Police Grenade Blew Apart Her Arm. Yes, the CIA, etc. is increasingly using ordinary people who are not clones, TG, MPD, etc. as actors. But the police assault was duly filmed by this CIA repticlone happy chappy.
Are you getting inured yet to police brutality?

Another apparent hoax shill who dowses as a normal human: Madeleine McCann FOUND? English-speaking girl called 'Maria' discovered in Rome. Why would this person have "received attention from across the globe" even though "Critics think this girl is not Madeleine, who would be 13 now, as she does not have the blemish on her eye."
In fact this bizarre image, which seems to be the same girl, still comes up in a google search, although the page it came from no longer displays it.
And yeah, this particular pic looks slightly MTFish, but the girl is female, unlike the deceased Madeleine. Also the image (i don't have the original, just the reduced google version) is quite blurry, and i suspect the girl has been photoshopped in. And if it was shopped, they may have tweaked it to make her look more trannyish.

(12:15pm) However, this human actor is a MI MPD clone: Thomas Mair, "a white supremacist with links to a U.S. neo-Nazi group, guilty of murdering the British MP Jo Cox".

Veterans 'Deploy' To Standing Rock To Engage The Enemy -- The US Government. About time. Naturally, the 2 guys "leading" this worthy effort are CIA repticlones.

Nov 24, '16: (10:25am) Overcast, cool, damp.

Another CIA repticlone: Jay Parker, whose disclosures can be found in a number of agency websites such as this and this.

Nov 25, '16: (8:50am) Yesterday was overcast all day. This morning, chem earlier now hidden by overcast.

Blastworthy List of Marijuana Stocks. The broker whose site this is is probably innocent, but all these companies have a real repty CIA vibe.

Murdered Jogger Cases in Queens, Princeton, Michigan: Are There Similarities? You betcha. All are dead ("retired") CIA repticlones. So are the others mentioned at the bottom of the page (except some were CIAlizards prior to the era of repticlones).
When i lived in Austin in the '80s, there were recurrent stories of female joggers/bicyclists on the nice hike and bike trail along the river being grabbed and raped by parties unknown. Yet, supposedly, foolish girls continued to use the trail alone and get assaulted. Be very afraid. I wonder how many women were inhibited from exercising because of this.

Another typical CIA front group: Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (CAARPR) "which grew out of the mass movement to Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners." Davis was a CIA MTF.

Nov 28, '16 (1:45pm) Thunderstorm started before dawn and left 1". Still drizzly.

Joe just came out with a new resin program, the Nov2016 Program which has real good energy and is especially effective against repticlones and werewolf clones.
I just poured half a gallon of epoxy with this, feeling it relevant to my situation. Should be great for gifting infected areas as well as remote work.

Julia Assange Emerges In New Interview; Denies Rumors That "CIA Is Taking Over Wikileaks". Actually, she died a while back. But the present clone replacement is telling the truth: you can't take over what you created and always owned.

Nov 29, '16: (9:40am) A plane carrying 81 people, including the squad of a top-flight all-repticlone Brazilian football team, has "crashed" in mountains outside the Colombian city of Medellin. Luckily, all these football clones (except the "survivors") were still alive in a north Argentina U base along with the other "deceased" actors.

Nov 30, '16: (11:05am) Got sort of natural-looking clouds dropping smear. No metallic vibe but it sure looks like heavier particles falling out of the mix.
I don't know why the image quality is so poor; i'll try my other camera next time.

I uploaded a pic (also mysteriously blurry) of a few ice cubes with the new program to OTB 27f. I really like this pgm and have already commenced to spread it around my area.

We have lots of programs that are effective on repticlones, but i think this one is the best for that target. And the Sep2016-2 Program for frying werewolves is just as good as the new pgm for blasting WW clones, however the new pgm hits them in a different way.

My new magnum werewolf fryer is already 10X as powerful this morning as it was yesterday. It has lots of metal and metallized tape to program, and is still powering up.

I also have been running a new Luke-coil array (no pic yet) against the Hive Mind. Tentatively, i think the HM might be 1/3 defeated at this time. It feels much weaker lately.