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Loohan's blog for November, 2017
Nov 3, '17: (11:20am) I got another 0.2" of gentle rain and drizzle lately. We are in a period of overcast and fog.

Just wanted to mention that HushMail has been down all morning, in case you have emailed me lately.

(11:35am) Naturally, Hushmail came back shortly after i posted.

Nov 4, '17: (6:20pm) It finally stopped drizzling today.

There is a new hoax-meme that suddenly appeared: garden-bomb hoaxes: Nov 8, '17: (3pm) We've had more drizzle and fog at times. Overcasst today.

Portland Candidate Berated For Being A White Male: "How Dare You Run Against 3 Women Of Color". What garbage. CIA repticlones running against CIA repticlones. I was suprised that the 3 women actually are female. But it remains true that the evil ETs who run this planet always conjure up black v white v yellow v brown type staged conflicts in order to distract from the real "race" issues of this planet. In fact, maintaining real or apparent conflicts among different races and religions seems second only to contriving fake conflicts between the fictions laughingly called "countries".
Fake news is largely for keeping humans divided amongst each other so that they don't perceive or address their covert overlords.
The Vatican runs churchianity, Islam, Judaism, and has taken over much Buddhism, Taoism, etc. and also runs all "countries", militaries, intel agencies, mafias, etc.
(I just like to occasionally drive these points home for the benefit of new readers and the slow-to-grasp.)

Three decades of terror: Animated graphic shows the time and location of every attack across the globe for the last 30 years, almost certainly 100% if it staged.

Nov 10, '17: (9pm) Just got back from a big busting run. I had never been to Hot Springs or Hot Springs Village, and wanted to bust them for a long time. Also i never "mined" quartz even though Arkansas is famous for pay-to-pick-thru-the-tailings quartz mines. The Coleman mine is right down there in that area.

I had not made a run to Russellville (where the nuke plant is) in years, and new programs have come out since, notably the Channel Program. I've been wanting to make another run down there. So i did. Busted the evil town of Hector on the way, went through Dover, did the nuke area real well, and some in Russellville.
These days when i bust i have a bunch of silicone boogers that i flick one of out the window every few seconds whenever i drive anywhere that i haven't already. Also, for even more serious busting, i like to stab taped Channel wands (OTB 48) in the ground in various places. On this trip i used 105 such wands.

After Russellville, i headed south. Before hitting the Hot Springs area i turned west on 298 and drove down to a boat landing on Lake Ouachita. Gifted that, headed back, busted the Hot Springs area, then hit the mine campground, which is real cheap compared to most. Funky white quartz is everywhere on the ground in that region, including where i stopped by Lake Ouachita.

Then today i tried my hand at mining but it didn't go that well. What they do is fill a big truck with tailings from the mine and drive it up the hill and dump it for "miners" to pick through with rakes, picks, etc. Mostly today all they brought up was clay loam with few stones, and nothing worthwhile.
I did get a bunch of rough white and milky quartz, no real crystals except funky little clusters and a few dinky points. Not from the topsoil they brought up today, but from previous dumps that had already been picked through quite a bit. And of course, these are tailings which the company already gleaned what they could from before bringing it up.
People do often get lucky, though.

I wanted to get a bunch of quartz because in recent months Eenia has gotten stupendous at programming quartz (especially nicer crystals) and azurite. So i have been making sophisticated weaponry base on such stones, and buying most off eBay.
I can't guarantee Eenia can deliver such programming to everyone who asks, but serious orgone crafters might ask Eenia if they should get azurite or quartz.

The store at the mine also sells semi-precious stones from other sources. I bought 24# of rocks, mostly rough, non-gemmy azurite @ $6/#. Gemmy azurite is pretty pricey but Eenia says she can do great things with this cheap stuff. Must be over 18# of azurite alone.

I didn't really "properly" bust HSV or Hot Springs. Near the entrance of HSV everybody has to stop at a little cabin in the middle of the street to sign in to the village! Since i'm a shady character with nefarious intentions, and there was a long line, i did a U turn and just busted the 2 fancy fountain ponds at the entrance and stuck some Channel wands in the ground. I felt the latter had a strong effect.
And about Hot Springs proper, i was in a hurry but thought i'd drive down the main drag and back on my way home. But the map i had was confusing and actually, all i did was almost drive into the town proper, then turn around.
Still, the general area is so well busted now... I stuck wands in the ground at the campground too.
Walked all around the big highway WalMart tossing boogers onto shelves.

Came back by another route so i could do more busting. Went by way of Cleveland and Center Ridge.

I did not notice any werewolves south of Russellville. The demographics of the Hot Springs/Ouachita area i saw is mostly ETs (like most everywhere i go): repticlones and Egyptoids, with a large minority of humans. I am now often spotting Etoids by their vibe before i look at them.
The mine people are humans but they have a Category 3 Egyptoid girl working there. The customers and "miners" were at least half ETs too. Why repticlones would want to be near all that Committee-programmed quartz is beyond me.

The whole region SW of me has been a DORy challenge for a long time, with layers and layers of different bad guys. So it was good to make a serious busting run.

Nov 12, '17: (6:10) I don't want to leave the impression that there are no werewolves down around Hot Springs. I just didn't notice any at the time. But there's an odd phenomen that if i have been somewhere in the past, and some werewolves (or sometimes MIBs or other SSers) go into the same place, i feel an unpleasant twinge accompanied by a memory of the location. Then i can dowse whom i feel there.
I keep getting 1 or 2 or more WWs and even the occasional Chungoid down there. Sometimes i even notice Egyptoids this way.

The odd thing is that even if i have not busted the location, i often still feel this. For example, the house my family lived in in Morrocco in the mid-60s is now inhabited by 2 WWs (clones now). And i often feel them in other places i've been decades ago.
The Church of Scientology of TX has 2 CIA WW staff members (clones now). The house we lived in in Jamaica in 1971 has 7 WW neighbors (now clones). The Egyptoid guy i studied Tai Chi under in '98 has, i think, 3 WW students (clones now). The campus room where i took horticulture vo-tech in '95 has a couple WW students(?) (clones now).

It is a strange phenomenon, but it seems to me that evil ETs radiate a negative intent to anyone who has ever been in any location they happen to be in. The objects at the location have etheric imprints of all the previous people, and if any seem too conscious or something, they automatically get this slimy energy which gives one a negative association with the location and the events there.
I have noticed this a lot in the past year or so.

Nov 13, '17: (7:55am) Bill Gates buys big chunk of land in Arizona to build 'smart city'. Note Masonic M at 0:25. Hmm, so what has happened to Ms Billie since last checked? Years ago the Alah-kur replaced her with a "good" robotoid, but her ostensible behavior remained the same. Now, the A-K has relinquished her and let the CIA replace her with a Fancy Repticlone (see my Doubles page). Why has this occurred? First off, she was most likely never anything but a hoax figurehead for the CIA. Probably most of these famous industrialists, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, etc. are mere actors. I am not sure of the extent of this, but why would they tell the truth about anything unneccessarily? Remember, as the CIA often confesses, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false". They need a pretty solid reason to tell the truth about anything. (Of course, they fuel their "alternative" information sources with snippets of truth, and the Masonic imperative requires that they Confess and describe their sins in some way rather than always be hiding them.)
Years ago neither i nor our ET allies fathomed the extent of the mendacity, which must be why Billie was replaced in the first place. This personality is just a puppet.
Also, replacing one of theirs with one of ours uses up "karmic credits". We get karmic credits to "violate" the Law whenever they do grossly illegal (under Real Law) actions (like falsely arrest me, or run over my turtle friends, for example).
There is no reason for us to "have" Gates.
Still, this is very rare, for the A-K to relinquish someone they replaced. I only know of one other such event. In fact, years ago the A-K replaced dozens of SSers in my town with robotoids. Most of these were for no other reason than the fact that they comprised the rest of the residents at Mordok's apartment complex (from which he moved anyway, not long thereafter). Others were less relevant to replace. I had no idea why they bothered in some instances. These are all still A-K 'toids. Why do they remain so? Maybe because it is unimportant to both sides what these low-lifes are. Not much "karma" involved. In fact, the CIA could take most of them back if it wanted.
The 'toids run themselves. I have no idea how they behave.
Years ago, soon after they were replaced, one of them borrowed $20 off Mordok with no intention of ever repaying it. They probably behave like fairly harmless human derelicts.

Anyway, this purported huge AZ project is, of course, straight-up CIA.

Nov 15, '17: (3:55pm) Got almost 1/2" of drizzle and rain the last 2 days. Leaves are on the ground.

Another purported massive project the CIA seems heavily involved in is the World's First Floating Nation Designed to 'Liberate Humanity From Politicians'.

Nov 17, '17: (3:30pm) Fog and mist today.

Great news! Joe has come out with a new resin program against Egyptoids that is very potent! Goes into plain resin. Tolerates many powder additives, but without benefit.
Highly recommended. I get that there is no way to optimize it further, shape does not matter, except using it as a core for a Luke Coil. I have poured some but it is not hard yet. Nevertheless, i am lighting up Etoids now that i could not before. Ones i knew or strongly suspected were Etoid but could not get a vibe on.

Nov 21, '17: (11:15am) Sample of the new program in plain resin. Joe is still mulling over a name to call it.

And here is a big cone i completed a couple days ago. For more info click pic. This does not have the new pgm.

Nov 27, '17: (10:30am) Progress keeps happening. That clawed cone has been tearing up the monitors. Also my new, ugly, anti-Etoid monster is having a huge effect. I notice that the more we blast the Egyptoids, the less the other bad guys attack TIs i monitor. The usual werewolf base attacks etc. are just not as forthcoming.

You may have noticed i am posting much less on my blog lately. This is because most of my brilliant writings are going onto the forum lately. Check it out if you haven't. Some startling info about such Masonic beings as Reich, Bedini, Tesla, Mercola, Mantak Chia, Slim Spurling, many Native Americans... and most anybody else you used to think was OK.

A reader pointed out to me the IN-CRED-IBLE similarity between these 2 repticlones.
It just goes to show what an a-maze-ing world we live in, that such coincidences spontaneously happen without being the least bit rigged.

Also a tip of the hat to cloning technology. Of course this has actually been going on for ages.

In the past i have said that Twisted Sage products were recommended. I had not really checked the site out in depth, but the products DO have a great, orgoney vibe, and the pic of the people feels clean.
I had not noticed the YT channel. For some reason, although he seems clean in the still pic, Brian Besco has a CIA repticlone vibe in the videos. You can even see him doing a Masonic M in the cover image, and there are more M's in still pix here.

Why do they feel clean in the still pic? In fact, i get no vibe at all, as if they were CGI. No gender vibe, no parent vibe, no assemblage point, nothing. Yet, at least some of these are in this vid, along with more vibeless "humans" who even look like humans, as does Schnose, who is talking a heap of crap about her nonexistent soul.
She holds this Masonic M for quite some time in the vid.

I think these must be more critters of the type i mentioned March 14, '17 on my Doubles page, including such a double of Besco. Except this batch looks much less Egyptoid.

Another odd thing is there is a North Charleston Arrest Record for Inmate MICHAEL BRIAN BESCO who also happens to be a CIA repticlone who looks a bit similar to the other Brian Bescoes, with some hair added.

Nov 30, '17: (12:55pm) Warmish days lately. Heavy vibeless chemtrails this morning.

Now i am getting a vibe off these Sage-oids as well as the other critters of this type mentioned March 14 on my Doubles page. However, i am not discerning that any specific program is lighting them up, except the Plasterite Program a little bit.

Sweden Democrat quits after calling Muslims 'not completely human'. But i doubt i'll quit after calling this repticlone 'not completely human'.

Children can spot fake news: Nearly nine in ten who get stories from social media make 'at least one attempt' to confirm its truth elsewhere. Well that's reassurring. They can be certain the "facts" are true if they can find them corroborated on "reliable" media. It's not like there is a massive top-down conspiracy among all these independent media, after all.

Geraldoids? I thought Geraldo was a human Mason but i am getting an odd vibe now.
He always struck me as some kind of vain, metrosexual pretty-boy.
There's a pic of him as a very Egyptoid-looking boy. But as he grew older, his chin grew and he became more masculine-looking. Or is that a chin implant? I suspect so. I seem to feel some foreign matter in there. I do think the boy is Geraldo.

There is a whole mess of family pix here, which have the same subtle vibe. They look fairly Egyptoid but i am not yet able to nail them with anti-Etoid pgms. I suspect there is some other type of ET they are hybridized with. And the various types of quasi-human ETs on Earth often have a tendency to band together in neighborhoods and families. It may be that these other hybrids (Geraldoids) are thus maintaining a genetic strain.

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