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Loohan's blog for November, 2006

Nov. 3, '06: Got hit by red nordics a couple times today, weakly, so the bad nords are in further need of extirpation.
Other than that, same old greys, repts, Lyrans, Pleiadians, and 3 little fleets of Venusians. The greys often are causing heart pressure lately, BTW.

And oh, yeah, chem. Worst in some time. Gobs of the expensive formula.

Needless to say, i am frying the individual most reponsible for this mess at NOAA.
Also, i will be keeping "Governor" Huckabee picked clean of demons for the rest of his short, miserable life for allowing this. But then he should have thought of that when he decided to be a treasonous slut excuse of a governor, just as he is a Satanist excuse of a Baptist minister.

As you can see above, my quartzite was efficiently curtailing the cheap formula trails. To the right is a close-up of this spray-craft.

For comparison, here is what the expensive stuff looks like despite orgone. The pic at the top of the page shows this same trail later.

And so does this one:

Nov. 6. '06: All that spraying, yet it rained here non-stop for over 30 hours during the full moon, leaving me with 2.6", maybe more to come.
I went outside for a bit around noon, and was driven back inside by the incessant roar of sprayplanes spraying above the clouds. At any rate, there are an awful lot of passengerless jets up there.
They found a new masochist to volunteer to head up this effort. Actually i suspect it's the last guy's boss.

Nov. 8, '06: Well, Asa lost the governor's race to Beebe, the slimy old Attorney-General, and we now have a different Satanist as the new A-G. Congatulations, BB-brain! I hope you will continue to enjoy my efforts to keep your space real clean.
I feel the dawning of a new era of democracy. It is unfair for a minority composed of Satanists to have most of the big gov't positions, when only 22% of Americans are into such practices. Thus, for the little person, there is now an equalizer: simply keep ripping off the demons of the fat cat that has you irate. They will fiend. They will Jones. They will experience pangs of withdrawal when trying to confront an increasingly positive world without demon allies to insulate them. They will turn around every chance they get, and torture a cat, dog, bunny, whatever, usually by themselves, desperate for a fix. Pathetic wretches. Only to have their new demons cruelly snatched away.
What is the long-term result of this deprivation? Tests are still ongoing. On numerous people.

Nov. 9, '06: Me and old Walpole have been swapping insults lately:

  *   *   *   *
This morning i got tired of constantly mopping up all these degenerates' demons, and experimentally tried a different tack. From my limited understanding of black magic, i have the impression that demons are quite dangerous to the practitioner, and occultists have to do various things to prevent being targeted by the demons they evoke.
I started wondering how diaphanous this protective barrier might be, and with superior weaponry i apparently reprogrammed bunches of demons to simply directly munch on the black magicians that were using them as cannon fodder. At least it feels like the bad guys i targeted should be feeling a bit uncomfortable, but i have no observations yet on any behaviorable changes. I got a lot of big shots, e.g. Pelosi, Hastert, Rove, Chertoff, Condi, Laura, the Clintons, Dubya's double, Cheney's double, Bush Sr., Blair, the (phoney) Dalai Lama, Pope, Black Pope, half a dozen Rotschilds, etc.
If my hunch is right, people thus processed will no longer be able to use black magic to further their power. It's a bit early to say, though.

Nov. 10, '06: (7:20am) It may be premature to post about this, but i am fairly excited and optimistic. I think i have processed all evil humans on Earth with my counter-sorcery programming. Not only that, but maybe also all greys and evil Pleiadians, Lyrans, Venusians, reptilians, and blue nordics. Now some greens and yellows are desperately trying to attack me as i work them over. Soon they should be neutralized too.
Possibly even the remnants of the squid. Although they do not do blood ritual, they have had a working relationship with Seraphim and Goetia demons, which may now have ended.
An end to black magic and DOR? We'll see. Right now i am tentatively calling "checkmate" and watching what happens.

(5:30pm) Well, the bad nords have been putting up a bit of a struggle, but i think they will soon be all handled.
Nobody else seems to be supplying DOR. When i scan a map, i find only little pockets of nords. And when these are gone, no more DOR!? We'll see...

Nov. 12, '06: Where it's at: so far i have noticed no DOR coming from Earthlings, Venusians, Pleiadians, or Lyrans, but there are still some greys and bad nords and repts around, despite all my ongoing efforts. Hitting me gently from all 6 universes with the aid of demons. Also i have had to deal with small groups of tall greys ganging up on a couple forum members.
I was mostly working on the nords until this morning when they were largely replaced by reptilians. Repts have been the main problem today for me.

As far as i can tell, no human black magic is working. They can't get demons to do anything but leech on them. Many morons keep doing more and more ritual, trying to get that fix. At 6:30pm, scanning the world, i found only a few DOR spots, caused by nords and repts.

Also some morons are spraying up the skies again real bad. Walpole again. As soon as i cut him some slack this is the message he sends. So he's back on the hot seat.
Seems fairly pointless to spray as there is no longer any DOR component to it; in fact the chem has a very sweet vibe. Weather mod can be seen to be a failure. The whole Operation Cloverleaf or whatever is just a huge wasteful, polluting, make-work program for parasites.

Nov. 13, '06: (7:20am) As soon as i got up this morning, i did get hit by Lyrans. So weakly i had some trouble ascertaining whether i was being hit, let alone by whom. Also very weakly by repts.

Nov. 14, '06: (9am) Yeah, i can live with this. Still nothing but very feeble attempts by Lyrans and repts. Still seems the Earth humans are unable to get demons to work for them.
More big rain in the forecast.

Nov. 16, '06: Despite the usual inane spraying, it rained non-stop for over 30 hours, and i got about 3.5". Almost got down to freezing last night.

Bad guys are weak. Still no one else seems to be on the attack, other than Lyrans, repts, and occasional greys. Looking around, i found a few bad nords and a small pocket of bad repts on other galaxies. And a handful of evil Pleiadians in the south Atlantic.

I am fairly certain now that Earth humans will never again be able to cast effective spells, or otherwise get demons to do their bidding. This may lead to some interesting changes in the near future.

Nov. 17, '06: (9:30am) This morning's first attacks included a few Pleiadians as well as the usual Lyrans and repts.
All pretty feeble.

Fair bit of stale chemclouds in the sky. Walpole's such a glutton for punishment.

Nov. 21, '06: (midnight) On the evening of the 17th, they hit me a lot harder than they had in a while, including even an NSA astral. Since then they've been hitting me frequently, but not with much power. More power than in the previous days, though. By "them" i mean the usual Lyran/reptilian/Pleiadian crowd. Just endless quantities of those guys it seems. Nordics haven't attacked in a while, though i did bust a bunch of them the other day that were all flared up across the 6 universes, brewing something. Still nothing from the squid, Venusians. A few greys.

Then just now i traced a pressure in my heart to a bunch more NSA astral twits. But still no black magic detectable from Earth humans.
I thought we mopped up all those intel agency astrals a couple months ago...

Nov. 23, '06: Special Thanksgiving Day issue.

It was a gorgeous day in the Ozarks. I made a lot of gardening progress. You think i like to fight? No. I like to garden. And for the past 5 years almost, i've had precious little time for it.

I give thanks for all the factors that allowed us to arrive at a resolution to the extreme DOR/demon problem we had in 2005. I give thanks to all the good ETs that have been helping, most of whom are probably indefinitely stationed in myriad underground Earth bases recently taken over. I give thanks to all beings who have helped in countless ways.

Nov. 23, '06: An even more gorgeous day, except for the obligatory Walpole-smear i saw coming home from work:

Nov. 26, '06: Highly rebellious "militant Shiites" who just happen to be Satanists in the employ of Mossad took over the Iraqi TV station yesterday. What a comedy, if it weren't so sick.

Nov. 28, '06: Another one bites the dust: it looks like now i've broken the evil Pleiadians' barriers against their own demons, and they are now hopefully permanently unable to use demonic energies. They are apparently unable to attack anymore as of yesterday.
Now i am singling out the evil Lyrans, and may soon have them wrapped up. Then, i'll see what i can do about the remaining evil repts and greys.
I had been trying to do several races at once, but it seems to work better picking on each singly.

Nov. 30, '06: Of course, the evil Pleiadians can still hit me a little, just like the NSA guys did a few times a while back, without demon backup.
Mostly lately it has been the greys and repts, some Lyrans occasionally. At least some nordics are still able to practice black magic, but they seem to be laying low lately.

Been getting some serious rain here.