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Loohan's blog for November, 2009
Nov. 1, '09: (4:05pm) Regarding last night's comments, make that 18.55" on the rain and 8X as powerful on the new strontium CB.

Yesterday after the early morning clouds cleared off, it was totally clear all day. Today was also totally clear so far. The forecast for the next week is 60s days, mostly sunny, and 40s nights. Except today was 70 and tomorrow is supposed to be, too.

Manatee Glens, a totally satanic mental health facility. All the people named on this page and this page are satanists. Quite altruistic nonetheless:
"This not-for-profit health care provider delivers services from seven Manatee County locations including the Manatee Glens East, located at 5233 4th Avenue Circle East on State Road 64."
Oddly, the site gives no indication of what state it is in that i can see, other than the fact that manatees are associated with Florida. However, google is less discreet.

(8:10pm) Despite the fact that i have been bringing very powerful grid-blasters, etc. to work for some time, and have gifted the town and region, i stirred up even deeper major poo-poo this weekend with my new strontium blaster. At some point today most of the eastern 1/2 of the US flared up with that angry zit feeling. I have the impression of incredibly vast numbers of Delk hidden in the dark energy dimensions of the Earth, writhing and hitting me relentlessly.

Also someone who emailed me for help was getting hit in the 3rd eye by evil 4D upright-walking brown bears, 5-6' tall, hiving in NGC 2422. They are not responding to therapy.

(11:10pm) Thanks, that helps.
Right now it seems the hottest Delk nest of all is here in front of the Convention Center in downtown Knoxville, TN, at 225' depth.

Nov. 2, '09: (8:05am) Much, much better this morning! That bad energy has pretty much cleared off. Of course, inevitably i'll stir up more. But each time, tremendous headway is made.

(9am) Someone emailed me for help, who has been getting attacked by another "new" species, 28" diameter spiders hiving in Regulus.
They are not accepting therapy yet.

(12:40pm) Well, the sky was clear this morning until a couple hours ago when stale chem-puffs drifted over. They have a bit of the scalar look (chem pic). Usually when they are like that i can find and bag some entities (causing this by hijacking cell phone towers remotely) and make this phenomenon go away, but in this case i am unable to detect the entities.
I do get a bad vibe scanning the pic of these clouds...
Aha, de-cloaked them. Hard to detect. Evil Pleiadians! And i had them on the list of species that have been fully converted. That list is not always totally accurate.
Seems like there's still a bunch of them hell-bent on rippling chem-clouds.

Right now i have several CBs and mini-CBs slated for construction by The Committee. Evidently thay don't see chem as a problem that will be going away soon.

(12:50pm) Mordok has been finding apparent teleportation spots (which we are nailing) on Earth for Delk, and thinks they are coming in from M85 and M89. This seems correct. I have the impression of 3 DORy exodus spots in each of those galaxies, which i am now addressing.

Nov. 3, '09: (7:10am) Mordok has helped a lot. The Earth seems cleaner of Delk. But now they are hitting me hard at times remotely from M85 and M89.

The sky pretty much cleared up yesterday early afternoon, and looks OK this morning.

Interesting update to the information about Baxter and the Ukraine that i posted about Aug. 21. (Unfortunately the link i posted back then is now to a closed forum that it is cumbersome to apply for a login to, and then they don't respond, at least not soon.)

Last night i found some other creepazoids that had been messing with Kneweyes. These are 10-12' tall 5D humanoids residing in the Hercules Cluster of galaxies. It's the bright galaxy closest to the upper right corner.

(8:15am) M85 and M89 are definitely out to get me.

I was reading on a thread that the Tampa Bay area is getting lots of chem-spray lately, and the person blamed Macdill AFB. I got a bad vibe off that base, so looked it up. There is a transmitter here at 127' depth. Pretty nasty.

Nov. 4, '09: (6pm) Thanks, that helped a lot, but M85 and M89 have been hitting me kind of hard again today. These might be the last Delk strongholds in Universe A, unless they have more aces hidden up their sleeves.

The sky has remained clear, except that for a while this morning there were a few small real and fake clouds visible to the south.

(6:15pm) On April 24 i wrote:
Another type of demon: 2' long green cats with yellow eyes called Rim, whose hive is M104, the Sombrero Galaxy.
Well, that galaxy also has 14' long snakes that were hassling a 4-year-old girl. A fraction of them seem to be responding to therapy.

Nov. 5, '09: (7:15am) I was looking at the US Drought Mon itor, noticing it looks better than i recall ever seeing it. But there is a DORy spot here, offshore of Corpus Christi, at 128-226' below a "nipple" of this undersea protrusion. 322 NSAtanists. 3 transmitters: 101', 211', 233'.
And here west of Austin is another base. 111-225' depth. 211 NSAtanists. Transmitter at 111'.

(3:20pm) Someone emailed me for help with demonic possession issues. The demon is from a hive in NGC 5044. I'm not sure what it is. Not a vertebrate. A 6' tall 6D type of entity, is my impression. Not responding to therapy.

Nov. 6, '09: (7:45am) Lite chemclouds this morning.

Somebody else wrote me about a friend of hers that had demonic attachments. In this case i bagged 3 entities that i think are 5'2" 5D humanoids from the area of Constellation Aquila. Their hive is right around that brightest star that the eagle appears to be looking at.

Nov. 8, '09: (2:15am) Here's something i was unable to post last night due to technical problems:
(6:50pm) After i posted yesterday morning, the chemclouds got worse for a spell, then gradually left, and it has been clear since. Except i did spot a short fragmentary CT while driving home.

The Delk from M85 and M89 have been hammering me from time to time. But just now i got a visit from an Arcturan messenger, indicating victory over M89. And the place does feel cleaner. M85 is still DORy.

(4:50pm) The spew grew worse and worse as the day grew on. Mostly whited-out now. Mostly from upwind, but i saw a few fresh trails, too.
Delk and evil Pleiadians are causing some slight rippling in the chem-clouds.

Meanwhile Hurricane Ida just tore through El Salvador, and is expected to head toward FL. Delk and Pleaidians are on that, too.

(6:05pm) Actually, i am now reading that the El Salvador flooding was not caused by Ida, which missed the country.

Nov. 9, '09: (7:25am) Ida is weakening, is Cat. 1, heading north.
I feel the Delk DOR all around her more strongly now.

Overcast here.

(9:25am) I just wrote the following to Mordok:
Thanks. If you find Delk ships, you will find that there are 3, 6, or 9 of them, and that each contains the same number, 3, 6. or 9 Delk. And there may be 3, 6, or 9 such groups of ships. Get the number right, and they all scoot into jail. Same with little underground nests Yes, there are always such Delk around here, in the sky (when chem is present, at least) and underground. I can bust them and more show up. Same in many other places, e.g. Bucharest, DC, LA. Last night i was checking out some other places. Like London had i dunno, something like 6x3x3x3x9x6x3x9x9x6x3...(cont'd) Delk in the sky. All these numbers are puny, tho, compared to the inconceivably vast numbers i can jail in a split-second from M85.

(7:30pm) I just had an Arcturan messenger come by. Normally they don't display much emotion, but he was jubilant. Something about M85 getting clobbered.
It may be that the hives contained the source of the amazing strength of the Delk that were on Earth. They don't seem to be attacking now, or messing with Ida. The little blue humanoids are displeased with me, though.

Part of the reason for the recent progress is probably the Moby Brick unit i am making out of that strontium blaster (pic).

In other news, after days of work i finally broke through the cloaking of whoever has been messing with my NM friend's dreams lately. They are in NGC 3314. Some kind of 7' 6D invertebrates.

Nov. 10, '09: (8:35am) Yesterday when the clouds briefly parted i could see plenty of chem behind them. But everything has cleared off overnight.

Still not getting hit by Delk! The little blue scuzbags hit me some. I think they are hitting from 3 galaxies i haven't bother to track down yet.

Weather report says:
Data from NOAA Doppler radar and surface observations indicate that the center of Tropical Storm Ida made its first landfall around 540 am CST...1140 UTC...on Dauphin Island Alabama...with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph...75 km/hr.

... Ida is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 3 to 6 inches...with isolated maximum storm totals of 8 inches...through Wednesday evening from the central and eastern Gulf Coast across the southeastern United States into the southern mid-Atlantic states.
People keep asking me about Jessica. Is she OK now? Will she be fixed soon?
No, i am afraid i am not at all optimistic that she will ever amount to anything good again.
She is no longer a 96, as she doesn't have a soul(?) anymore. If you are sensitive enough, you can check this out for yourself. Virtually all 96s have infinite etheric wings, ever since an occurrence in Summer '08. E.g. you can feel them on Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul, David Icke, etc. You can feel them on Jessica's little brother and her deceased sister and father, but no longer on Jessica.

There are Jessicas 1-17 which her 82D self made long ago. For a month or so Jessica1 was in Schab's space, then she split and J2 took over. Maybe they will cycle thru. But Jessica still does not have dowsable chakras. She is a foe of the other Jessicas and her higher selves. I don't know why J1 & J2 even bother, or what they are trying to accomplish. Her higher selves seem to have bonded to me. Her 100D self is with my 100D self, her 99D self is with my 99D self, and so on all the way down to 5D.
In most cases. I have asked a couple to do healing work on friends.

Vast numbers of Jessica's 8D "healers" are still very DORy at their Moon base, despite the fact that they have been in therapy for months. What will happen if/when they do get healed? Will they go back to healing? The healing they did before Jessica showed her "true" colors seems fine; i have not detected corruption in it.
But they won't be working for Jessica anymore.

(11:30am) Still mostly clear; just a few small real and fake clouds.

OK, those 3 hives of the little blue varmints:
  • The Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy.
  • The galaxy on the right in this pic of Arp 274 colliding galaxies.
  • The galaxy near the right lower corner in this pic of the Leo Triplet.

    (4pm) Attack of the tame deer: Twice so far today i have popped out of my cabin to see negligibly-startled deer close by. These deer were only 10-12 yards from me.
    This morning it was a doe who looked at me and nibbled some as i talked to her. Very un-skittish.
    Then just now it was 2 more does. One of them hung around as clicked the shutter dozens of times, also munching a bit. Here is a pic of her. You can see my garden bed behind her, and a hose on the ground to the right. A planter full of gourmet burdock to the left, with tattered leaves.
    With the lushness in the last couple years i have not had deer trying too hard to mess with my garden. This year i grew pumpkin vines right out in the open, unmolested.
    Also this year there has been an exceptional scarcity of ticks (which the deer usually harbor en masse and spread everywhere) as well as other biting insects.
    So i'm pretty favorably disposed toward deer lately.

    (9:15pm) Those blue jerks have been after me, plus now i stirred up some other evil %$#@s from this place. Mainly the brownish area a bit above center, and also (less concentrated) in a larger area to the right of the brownish spot. They seem to be 4' long (not counting their 2' tails) brown, 4D, 4-legged mammals unlike any around here.

    Nov. 11, '09: (6:40pm) Today the little blue guys have been hammering me. Hitting me on the 2nd or 3rd layer of my aura and causing pain.
    Also just now i got hit a bit by the 9' 4D (reddish?) humanoids in NGC 6822 that i wrote about Oct. 12.

    Heavy overcast most of the day. When that cleared off, moderately heavy chem was in evidence, including long trails.

    Nov. 12, '09: (8am) Mostly sunny with lite chem this morning.

    An Arcturan messenger came by last night to tell me that one of the hives of the little blue guys is down. That's the one lower right here.
    After that the blues didn't hit me much anymore. The big reddish guys took up the slack for a while, but this morning they have not hit me yet. The only things hitting me (weakly) are the 28" diameter spiders hiving in Regulus i mentioned on the 2nd.

    Meanwhile, i just popped Moby Brick out of his mold...

    (12:55pm) Regarding that "doe" pic, my brother who hunts says "It looks like it might be a 'nubby' buck. See those "nubs" above the brow?"

    The lite chem soon turned heavy. Much of the sky is white-out, mostly with stale stuff, but also some fresh spraying.

    Here is a pic of my new Moby Brick. I thought i would never be finished with mixing and pouring all that epoxy. 14" X 12" and almost 5" high. All the resin mix is strontium- and barium-bearing. The dark stuff is a different formula than the usual one.
    Despite the fact that the pipes are only slightly >4" long and don't extend past the base, i get that this has strong action at a level of around 20K' above sea level. It's hard to quantify how much effect it is having on the chem.
    I believe it is 13X as powerful as just the original strontium blaster.

    Attacks are lite. I've only noticed those spiders attacking me. However, the other evil critters are still messing with other people some.
    This unit seems to have a strong protective field.

    (6:55pm) Those spiders have been more obnoxious for a couple hours. Even tried to "break" Moby with a massive attack. Been hitting me the same way other demons have, 2nd level of my aura as well as duodenum to make me nauseous.

    Nov. 13, '09: (7:30am) Now those spiders may have weakened. They were hitting me a bit earlier this morning, but then another species kind of took over. These hive near NGC 4881. They are in the galaxy just to the right of center in that pic. Some kind of 4D mammals.

    (9:30am) I think these perps may be gibbons, about 4-5' tall. Not responding to therapy.

    Moderate chem here. My hardware seems to be helping some.

    (2:55pm) Chem got a lot worse after that. First mostly to the east, then all over. Maybe some real overcast in there now; it's gotten kind of dark. Forecast for the afternoon is "mostly sunny" of course.
  • Relatively fresh trail next to sylph-munched one. This was taken a few miles SW of me this morning, when chem was light there. I took Moby out for a spin, tossed a few strontium cubes, and gathered some cool rox by the river. That's when that plane came over.

    Gibbons still after me.

    Nov. 14, '09: (7:05am) Never did see a ray of sunshine after that.

    Lst night and this morning i am only being attacked by the little blue guys and another new species residing near the Cartwheel Galaxy. They are in the lowest of the 3 largest-looking galaxies in that pic. I haven't figured out their shape yet. Some kind of smallish 4D mammals.
    The Cartwheel itself has some residual evil 4D humans of some sort, too.

    (7pm) It amazes me how lately i've been running into so many new evil species that are mostly fauna, and resistive to therapy. The more dangerous, cunning demon types seem to come around faster. Yet these obscure furry animals seem dead set on the path of evil.

    Those Cartwheel guys have been hammering on me hard all day, hitting me on the 2nd level of my aura, causing pain.
    I dowsed there are 5 more "new" species lines up to take over, one by one, after the previous one gets worn down. We are discreetly programming their power spots and stuff for starters. I figure if it was in their best interest to all attack me at once, then they'd be doing it already. Might as well take the initiative and stir them up.

    (7:30pm) I neglected to mention, very heavy chem here today.
    Looks like we'll probably get some good rain tomorrow night.

    Nov. 15, '09: (8:25am) Extreme fog this morning.

    Last night i scanned a US map and found a real DORy spot here off the coast of NC.
    Got it worked up even more now. Depth 226' below ocean floor. Some kind of 5D fauna?

    (8:30am) I just scanned the globe, and that is the only DOR spot of note right now.

    (3:55pm) A fair bit of chem evident whenever the clouds parted today.
    Been getting hit by the little blue guys. It feels like one of their 2 remaining hives is too beleaguered to hit me, but the right galaxy of Arp 274 is hot.
    And also getting hit a bit by those simians (?) offshore of NC.

    (4:20pm) Orangutans! That's what they are (pic). A very evil hyperdimensional version.
    Too much. Gibbons and then orangutans.

    (6:10pm) Mordok found a useful resource: Google Sky. You can surf the night sky with telescopic vision. If you are sensitive, you may note some spots are particularly DORy. This is where more fighting is going on. Generally the good guys are overwhelming the bad these days.
    These hot spots are good to zap and zing. Helps out our allies.

    Nov. 16, '09: (6:10pm) Got 1.8" rain last night. Overcast today. Colder.

    Freaky, man. A while ago the Arp 274 blues as well as the orangutans started hitting me very hard in the duodenum, causing serious nausea. I couldn't jail them fast enough. Suddenly i had the impulse to take a (real or imaginary) "master blueprint" of the little blue guys and give it to Pa-Paw Shantul and his 3 helpers. Could they delete the entire species?
    Almost immediately, the blues started to weaken, and i think they may be all gone now. But the orangutans attacked all the harder, and my 4 friends could only process one species at a time. I actually ran outside to puke, but then couldn't.
    Now they are working on the blueprint for the evil orangutans, and these are weakening. I'm starting to get my stomach back. But this species is really tough. It might take a while yet. Maybe a couple hours, i'm guessing.

    (8:05pm) Yee-haw! Didn't take them that long. As they were wrapping up the orangs, the Delk were freaking and going on the warpath because they knew they were next.
    Now, no more Delk! Wish i had thought of this many months ago.
    We are eradicating some more wildlife. It seems that one can selectively get only those members of a species that are evil.

    Nov. 17, '09: (8:35am) What a night! I had trouble getting back to sleep after i awoke in the night. Because every few minutes another species, knowing its neck was about to go on the chopping block, would attack me. Then fade back as the Recyclers got hold of it.
    Haven't done a serious inventory yet, but it seems like most of the non-physical evil species and evil members of the "Species who are PARTIALLY IN THERAPY" have been toasted. Google Sky feels much different. Still some icky energy, but spread thinly without all the hot spots.

    Nov. 19, '09: [error: Nov.18] (5:35pm) Totally overcast yesterday and today. Cold. Slight rain last night.

    I've been getting hit every few minutes by a new species, which then gets deleted within minutes usually. I think slightly more than 1/2 are humanoids, the rest mostly fauna. I think we have now scrubbed about 240 species that are not on the list, but they aren't slowing down. To attack me is quick suicide for their race, preferable, i suppose to switching sides. At least they get to cause Loohan a few seconds of pain.

    (7:15pm) I got fed up with being sideswiped every couple minutes, so i stirred up "all the species planning to hit me". Found only 44 more. After a few minutes of intense warfare, my allies got the better of them, and now the evil ones are only barely hitting me. Meanwhile, they are getting snarfed by Pa-Paw & Co. Down to 39 now.

    Nov. 19, '09: (6:55pm) Just got my internet back.
    Clear all day except chemclouds visible to the south in the late afternoon.

    Anyway, there are still more species. Those 39 were soon gone, and it's been easier since, but occasionally a strong species will cause me pain.

    Life without Delk! Still getting used to the idea. I thought i'd be rubbing them out over the next few decades.
    This freed up a big bunch of my rox for reprogramming. Also my mantis masher turned Delk masher is now being reprogrammed for manslaughter of evil humans.

    I upgraded my Moby Brick. I dowsed that gluing a 1/4" thick sheet of aluminum under it would 8X the power. Ordered it pre-cut online and glued it on today. Of course it is programmed. It does indeed 8X it. So now it is a solid 100X stronger than the original strontium blaster mentioned Oct. 26.

    And they got me making another ridiculously large unit which was supposed to be a mini-CB.

    Nov. 21, '09: (5:25pm) Mostly overcast the last 2 days. Chem occasionally visible. Some spraying overhead yesterday, which had trouble sticking. 0.2" of rain last night.

    The upgraded Moby bit off a whole lot more. It seems like the Earth and universe have endless(?) levels of evil energy locked in them. Every time i upgrade the strontium pgm presence, it just cuts more deeply and finds more junk, and makes the area/planet/universe feel all aggravated and nasty for a while.
    Yesterday around 6pm i noticed a shift: the angry zit energy had calmed down, and sweetness was ascendant.
    And so it is today. I get an amazing feeling on a US map, radiating from Arkansas. Still a bit dirty, but good energy feels dominant.
    On google sky it feels the same way. There actually are still hot spots (of as-yet-unaddressed evil species that are being aggravated by Moby).
    And it ain't just Moby; the unit i'm working on also has some similar activities. It also is very heavy on the strontium and has a serious coil in it.

    And hundreds more evil species have attacked me and been exterminated.

    Nov. 22, '09: (7:15pm) Clear sky this morning gradually becoming fairly chemmy, including big, fresh trails.

    The obligatory veggie pic of the day. Nicest parsnip i've harvested so far. I'm into root vegetables.

    Saw the same nubby buck in the same place today, eating dried weeds. Didn't seem bothered by my activites nearby.

    It's been a while, but they finally flew another DORy bunch of mercenary scum over me in a noisy manner again.
    42 Xe (formerly called Blackwater) satanists, 33 of them composing an elite fighting team. I think they started from an underground base here at the Amarillo, TX airport east of town, and are heading to Blackwater, VA. Google isn't feeding links right now, but you can plug in the name of the town. I just feel a strong bad vibe over the whole area in a 2-mile radius around the city center. But i'm not detecting a U base. Mysterious.

    My place was right on their path. I think their disclosure was accidental.

    (7:20pm) I forgot to mention that the Amarillo airport base has a transmitter at that spot, 123' depth. Very nasty energy.

    (7:25pm) WTF is really going on here?
    "In 2005 Mr Browder was banned from Russia as a threat to national security, after allegations that his firms evaded tax, but Mr Browder says his company was targeted by criminals trying to seize millions of pounds worth of his assets."
    This guy is a satanist, his deceased lawyer was a satanist, everybody at Hermitage Capital is satanist. Hmmm.

    (7:40pm) And, yeah, everything got all DORy again after yesterday's sweetening. I guess it's my new unit powering up good. I just poured the last layer of epoxy a while ago. Hoo-wee!
    Also i've been pouring a lot more strontium mix into items i am making for a future field trip. All that strontium energy just bit into deeper layers of the endless(?) filth infesting this evil time-line we live in.
    But we can clean it up.
    I sense that there are now 20 of us making strontium-program devices around the world.

    Nov. 23, '09: (10am) The vibes were already cleaner this morning, and the critters seem barely able to hit me at all. I suspect the ability of demons to remotely hurt people is tied in with the underground DOR.

    Overcast today with occasional faint misting. I popped my new monsta out of its mold and set it outside. I took some pics but they didn't look good due to the poor lighting. If the sun ever comes out i'll take more. It is rockin'.

    I forgot to mention last night, the Amarillo base is at depth 225-311' and contains 410 Xetanists.
    A night of us blasting has clarified the Blackwater, VA thing a bit. The center of the evil radiance is here. I presume it has to be a U base, but so far can't dowse a depth nor number of inhabitants.

    (10:10am) Oh, yeah, a number of us are blasting CERN right now because it is energized and there's no telling what the metaphysical ramifications might be (pic).

    (1:25pm) Still no sun, but i got a better pic. I know there are millions of readers avidly craving a glance at my latest creation.
    It was cast in a 4-gallon bucket, almost filling it up.
    The thing to the left was first mentioned here on this thread about multidimensional chembusting. I had kind of forgotten about that thread, but now that i check, all the new & refurb CBs i've been making lately have activity on the 4D thru 10D.
    There is tremendous synergy between the two. All i need to do is either place the clear-cast unit on the big one, or else just set it on the wire that is plugged into the big one.
    The wire is also for using the big unit as a powerful grid-blaster.
    There is also tremendous synergy between the new unit and Moby Brick, as long as they are in proximity. With these coils, proximity means within 20 miles for chem-busting, or within 100 miles for Earth-busting.
    I'd name this one Moby Brick 2, except it isn't nearly as moby as the first one.

    (5:30pm) And today we have a fat parsley root. Yum! I love parsley root. Most Americans have never tasted it, i'm sure. Their loss.

    Now dig this tidbit: wearing a cell phone on your hip may weaken an area of your pelvis.
    Still never have had one.

    (7:30pm) Just stumbled across another particularly scary satanist newage bitch from hell, Joy Metcalf.

    Nov. 24, '09: (2:20pm) We got 0.4" of rain last night. Mostly overcast again now, but for a while it was sunny and i took advantage of that to film some chem-cloud demolition (youtube video).

    (3:40pm) Another youtube vid. Next time i won't turn the camera horizontal.
    Nov. 25, '09: (7:25pm) Clear sky this morning, but in the afternoon vast banks of chem-clouds rolled in.

    I think that Blackwater base is at depth 331-521' and contains 335 Xetanists.

    (9pm) Interesting. An hour or 2 ago i detected an entity that seemed to be some kind of lynchpin of evil. A male human-like face with short black hair and fair skin. I couldn't bust him, but Pa-Paw Shantul could. He is now history.
    As soon as i stuck Pa-Paw onto him, dozens of demonic species attacked me. But now everything seems pretty calm. I'm not finding nasty spots on google sky, even, though it still feels a bit sticky with pervasive bad energy. Though predominantly good.
    I am not getting attacked right now. I was getting hit a lot today.

    (9:45pm) For days i have been getting attacked by species after species of apparently stupid and incorrigibly evil faunic or humanoid demons, yet they all behaved pretty much the same way. Eliminate one species and the next hits me the same way, e.g. at 3rd level of my aura, making my shoulder and arm stiff and achey.
    I thought there must be some intelligence coordinating and guiding this activity, and tried to find it. I think that may be why i suddenly became aware of that guy.
    So now there are still loads of such evil species, (and one just hit me slightly) but they are no longer managed in an organized way, hence not so dangerous. Hopefully.
    The US map feels so much better now, too.

    Nov. 26, '09: (9:45am) Thanksgiving Day. Sky is clear so far.
    I did get attacked again before dawn. Found there were 8 more of those black-haired dudes and had Pa-Paw nail them. Then there were a few tough species they had lined up that beat on me until we took care of them. Now, only sporadic mild hits again. Map of universe and USA still feel pretty good.

    Meanwhile, things feel weird in the political realm. Project Camelot is passing on rumors like this message they received:
    "I do not normally pass on rumors or hearsay, but a very good personal friend's uncle is a Deputy Economic Advisor to Obama as well as a Professior at a prestigious Eastern School. He was called into a private meeting last week with the President. They were told, I quote, the Following: "Between now and Jan 1st 70 more big banks will fail and 70% of Retail Companies will be Bankrupt. The President will allow them to make as much as they can for the Christmas Holidays then Jan 15 there will be a Bank Holiday and their new currency will be issued with a devaluation of 6 to 10 to 1. "I believe this is why they are trying to keep the market and dollar up now with their lies on all the News outlets. Set up the people to steal every last penny they can get. Martial Law cannot be too far behind. Get your money out of banks and into physical Gold and silver. I recommend 60% gold 40% silver, food, foundation seed, gun ammo generators... etc."
    Is it true? Certainly credible. But then why would "they" tell this to people who would let the word out?

    Meanwhile, Dr. Mercola, who a few months ago was saying he had "tremendous respect" for our new president, is actually posting Alex Jones' Fall of the Republic (not that i've watched it yet).

    Jane Burgermeister has a flu site worth checking out.
    And a very interesting reverse-speech site i stumbled across is Ken Welch's. I don't know that he's 100% right about everything, but he's sincere and there is a lot of truth there.
    He says the moon landings were hoaxed and that we never put feet on the Moon. Yet Hoagland says the claim that they were hoaxed was itself a hoax put out by Nasa.
    Welch gives favorable mention of Hoagland's site though.
    Welch calls a major propaganda outlet, making him about the only person who sort of corroborates my claims about Rense being NSA.

    (10:15am) Here Welch claims that the real intelligence behind the 9/11 op is Navy Intelligence Management. I decided to see if i could find their HQ. I expected some U base with heavy psi-cloaking, but right away got a hot read on Asheville, NC. Google Maps has been very sluggish for me for the past week, and now it won't spit out a link. But it's in Ardmion Park, Asheville, NC 28801, and if you plug that in and zoom in a couple notches you should see something like this. The bldg in the center of the pic feels like the main HQ, and the other bldgs are a bit DORy, too.

    (10:30am) So i plugged that addy into a regular search engine, and got this, informing me it is a condo development. In fact, a unit 181 is for sale, but that one's not a condo.
    In these economic times, could one find a condo to buy at the park if one had the dough? Well, if you hit this link and scroll down just a little, you should see a link like this:
    Click here for Condos available in Ardmion Park
    But none are listed on that page at this time. Must be a high demand for housing there.

    (11:15am) Today's TX drought map is looking better than i have seen it in some time. I'm picking off a few DORy species around there. It seems that south TX and nearby MX and nearby Gulf areas are of great interest to evil beings.

    (1pm) I just uploaded OTB 36 on Salvaging those Resin Dregs.

    (5:30pm) Every once in a while a strong species hits me. Right now i think we are about halfway thru polishing off this one in NGC 31. Right in the center. Could use a blast for a little while.

    () They've been hitting me hard, and the recycling is taking a while.

    Meanwhile, i read about this UFO stuff in PA. Hit their base hard, then looked it up on a map. It was hundreds of miles NE of where the sightings were. If i'm onto the same guys.

    Nov. 27, '09: (7:45pm) What a day. I just did the most serious busting run i have made in many years. 220-mile trip.
    You see, i've been negligent. And it was weighing on me. For over a decade i have lived like 70 miles downwind of
    Arkansas One AKA the Russleville Nuke. Yet i have never visited it. Where is my appreciation of technology?
    Moreover, the chem-clouds tend to come from the same general direction. I needed to tenderize the chem before it gets to me.
    Just driving down there with my 2 new hefty omnipo-strontifiers would really flush out a lot of stuff. But for good measure i took along 7-8 gallons of strontium-dominant ice cubes, TBs, etc. Somehow my stash gradually diminished as i drove by back roads (a different route coming and going) and around the greater Russelville area.

    I had already had The Committee program everything programmable in the town, a feat that flushed up some critters and also revealed that the Russelville city center is an important power spot. The nuke sits a few miles west, and is not on such a hot spot.
    That pic, taken by me, is how it looks from the south. This is how it looks from Dardanelle State Park just east of the nuke. Campsites available.

    And this is how it looks from the air. You can see the steam plume and its shadow near the upper left corner. The park is the westernmost part of the city of Russelville, which is on the right.

    Here in "The Natural State", we take pride that you can camp and even live in such proximity to safe, clean technology that will save us from global warming.

    One thing gets me. This run has not flushed up that much DOR! If i had done this a couple weeks ago, the whole area would be sticky and hot 'n nasty as hell now. But we've come so far in cleaning things up lately that i think finally the demons are running out of steam.

    Nov. 28, '09: (6pm) However they still have been hitting me a lot today. Lately the species that attack are so demographically puny (compared to the once-common types of demons) that i can jail all members with a single flick of the finger, i found. But then they attacked with dozens or even hundreds of species at once. After a while, i figured out i could dowse the number of species and flick all members of all the species into jail at once!
    So now they've gotten more cautious, but periodically a few different new species will jump me real hard.
    And occasionally i pick off a few DORy nests in the broad vicinity of Russelville.

    Chem report: Yesterday i did not see anything but clear skies until i drove pretty far west, then i could see some stringy old chemclouds much farther west. And more to the SW. Then coming home in the evening, i could see a bit of new stuff being laid to the east.
    This morning was chemmed up. They sprayed hefty trails over town, which my stronti-CBs in my pickup punched around a fair bit. Now there are still chem-clouds about, but not much over my place.

    Nov. 29, '09: (12:20am) A health note about the perils of cash register and credit card receipts. Avoid touching the ink. BPA.
    Incidentally it is probable that the epoxy i use is chock full of BPA too. I try to avoid inhaling the stuff or getting it on my skin.

    (3:50pm) Overcast all day. Rain chances.

    Last night and again this morning when i woke up i got attacked by incredible numbers of new species, sometimes hundreds of thousands of species at once. We probably nailed a million or so species since my last post. All rinky-dink little populations of critters which i strongly suspect were manufactured by those 9 guys with black hair.
    It is possible that the majority of this type of demon is now gone. The Earth and sky maps feel much cleaner. But there is still that pervasive, ubiquitous bit of a dirty vibe. Is this from critters or is it an impersonal force?
    Anyway, we keep making progress.

    (4:05pm) Well, in some arenas. Here is an informative post about the "green" solution to global warming: nuclear and GMO.
    Great post. This guy often posts good stuff. One would never guess from his posts that he is an NSA satanist who posts what NSA wants posted.
    Why would the NSA want this posted?

    (5:10pm) My friend in the Hellywood area wrote me recently

    "the next photo is of a ritual ground in the hollywood hills. They paint coconuts red with white stripes and then break them open for some reason. I don't know the spell or what it means."

    When i first checked out this pic yesterday morning, i thought it had strong energy but didn't feel all that nasty. But now the quality seems nastier to me.
    I do not comprehend this magic. Haven't found any demons.

    (7:55pm) Been getting more of the same worthless critters. I've had a couple million more species jump me.

    Nov. 30, '09: (9:50am) Got 1/3" rain last night. Sunny and clear today, except things look a bit dubious in the distance.

    I've had like 6 million more of those cheesy species jump me. Not too traumatic most of the time. And the maps feel a bit cleaner.
    That coconut seems a bit cleaner since last night, but i still don't understand it.