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Loohan's blog for December, 2010
Dec. 1, '10: (6:35pm) Chem-clouds were light this morning, but grew heavier until they were pretty bad.

I have been hit by jezzwarts in Rome all day, in groups of 1, 3, 9, and 33. Hundreds of them, who seem to be killed in the act. None ever hit me twice.
Of course i find this hard to believe, but unfortunately in this war the most effective things to do are often based on facts which couldn't possibly be true. One has to do what is effective, even if it seems like nonsense. Or get fried.

Like i can't believe that i'm constantly jailing zillions of entire huge species of demons. There couldn't be that much variation to have such vast numbers of species. Yet, the only way to find peace is to act as though it were true.

This afternoon i am also getting hit somehow that i haven't figured out. My area for a 50-mile radius is being imbued with bad energy somehow, which the M51 ship above is trying to counter.

(8:20pm) A couple times since my last post i have gotten hit by 3 groups of 27 jezs in Rome.

Dec. 2, '10: (11:10am) And while i was awake in the wee hours, i had lareger quantities than that hit me. And i took a few minor hits this morning, too.

Heavy chem-clouds, a few trails.

Assange: This guy is more and more in the news. I've read so many articles in recent weeks about him being a Mossad agent or the like, but i have never been able to find any dirt on him by dowsing. He has a soul, which i am unable to bust. Neither myself nor Durkistan nor Mordok can detect any dirty agency connections.

But, he had a weird childhood. He has a bizarre face. And much of the data he's released appears to be Zionist propaganda.
Maybe the "secret" intel available to hackers is packed with such pablum. Not so much to foil hackers as because there are some honest people in the CIA, military, etc. who walk unsuspectingly down the same corridors as the satanist traitors.

And he is ungentlemanly with his groupies (article). Not a perfect fellow.

Dec. 3, '10: (10:20) Mordok has been frantically dowsing all over the place for dirty connections to Assange, but hasn't found anything hot enough to convince me yet. Actually he did find bad guys, but i doubt there's a connection to Assange.


I may have posted about this place before, but it's not coming up on a search. There is a Wiccan bookstore in Seattle called the Edge of the Circle at 701 E. Pike St. that has creepy folks associated with it. A guy in Seattle has been getting psychically attacked by 2 women he met there. He says:
Its called "Edge of the Circle Books" and these two older ladies, one was some aggressive malelike fugly woman with glasses and long black hair (looks like stereotypical dark witch) and then some reader back in the corner who was of negroe descent who had long rastafarian type dreadlocks and had the typical swami type look. For whatever reason they ganged up on me one day and didn't seem to like me. That was the day I got energy clearing from a friend and she provided protection to keep psychic leeches from easily accessing me.

(3pm) Buncha trails being laid today. The ones nearby are not sticking much.
Also big banks of chem-cloud coming in from the west.

I took pics of several sprayers. In many the sprayer was not visible or very faded, but these were in the distance. I took pics of a couple that have that wingless bottle look, but they were too far for clarity, like this one to the right.

To the left is the same plane as it passed a bit closer. This is as clear a pic as i could get. You can see apparent wings now. But there is still that funny vertical line that seems to separate the front of the object from the back.
However, i have taken pics of similar quality or better in the past in which no rudiments of wings were noticeable.
And why is that vertical line so distinct in the blurry pic even when you can't see a trace of wings?

Dec. 4, '10: (6:55am) In Lagos, Nigeria there is a 6-year-old girl who is a very special ET incarnate; a light warrior type, 96. Her mother is very concerned because the girl has been under black magic and demonic attack. She names Muyibat Amoke and Azeeza Abimbola as 2 witches.
I have been doing what i can, and reaming out the witches, but they cold use more abuse. The mother says
they are like a consortium of wicked sorcerers/witches and will harm anyone and anything on the soil. they have made themselves kings...
I have emailed her back asking how many in all. My dowsing is off and i only feel 2 more, males.

(6pm) Exceedingly bad chemtrails today. Worst in a long time. Loads of real long, sticky, spready trails over town, criss-crossing everywhere. Not sticking too bad over my place.

This plane looked darker than usual.

Let's blow it up a little (actually i have been asking my ET friends to blow up these drones, but no luck).

So what is that protrusion? Do these things have penises now?

Dec. 5, '10: (5:05pm) Today started out heavily chem-cast and gradually cleared up most of the way during the day, only to have more wispy chem drift in, and now there are a few sprayers out again.

In the wee hours this morning, i tracked some sprayers that had been spraying here recently. They were in a big U hangar in NGC 5746, 6k sprayers in all. I could only find that one hangar, but there are no doubt more. Maybe later i can track these new ones back to their nest.

(5:25pm) My dowsing seems to be coming back. Attacks on me were weak today. This is at least partly thanks to Mordok's work.

Pakistan police officers to be arrested over death of Benazir Bhutto. Getting some interesting vibes here. I stated long ago that Bhutto was a non-satanist who was killed by a satanist, or at least under orders of her satanist political rival Musharraf. Later, after reading what rich-living parasites the Bhuttos had been, i culled her husband's soul no problem. Then i found her in her new incarnation, and found her cullable as well.

Now, these 2 cops are also satanists. And Chilean diplomat Heraldo Mu\F1oz was under demonic attack due to black magic by 1 sorceror who was living in a cave with 4 other satanist goners.The main suspect in custody is innocent of this crime, and soulless but not satanist.

(5:50pm) Julian Assange's lawyers say they are being watched, and they are telling the truth. Watched by 2 gov't satanists. I went up 3 levels of satanist command to find 1 male whose presence i seem to feel, of all places, behind this bush. In the house right behind it, i mean. Snoozing now, with his satanist wife.

(7:25pm) Now i'm giving Mordok some cover and his accuracy has bounced back. He says:
I'm getting that an NSA agent at this location is who contacted the Swedish politician and convinced the politician to press for charges to be filed and arrest warrants issued against Assange.
This feels correct. I feel a satanist female there. I went looking for her and ran into another woman that is not her, but has an intensely evil vibe, Birgitta Ahlqvist (Wikipedia). I think the woman we are looking for is Ulrika Carlsson.
In the process i found another cool site with pictures of Swedish satanists galore.

Dec. 6, '10: (7:30am) OK, here are some names of the black magicians in Nigeria. They live around Oke shaje (street), Abeokuta, Nigeria. I couldn't get the street to come up on the map. But this is one DORy town! Seething with black magic. This looks about 70 miles north of Lagos, as the crow flies.

The two major ones are Muyibat Amoke and Azeezah Abimbola, and others are:
Kudi Iya Azeez, Kubura Iya Tawa, Sami Iya Abeokuta, Fausa Iya Kazeem, Dupe Iya Buki, Lola Iya Azeez, Ibitola Kekere-Ekiun, Morili Iya Akeem, Mosa Iya Mojida, Biodun Andoyi, Tawa Iya Doyin, Iya Nura, Anti Isiwa, Silifa Iya Alani, Shefi Iya Razaki, Taiwo Amuda, loya Dotun Obirin.

"Iya" means "mother of", thus Mosa Iya Mojida means Mosa, mother of Mojida.

The girl's mother (and, incidentally her whole family gets attacked and is related to some of these perps) says:
the types here have no souls and have gatherings every night and even boast about it. and it is inherited by generation in families from pregnancy. they are real wicked and make people lose their focus, which is the most essential for fighting them.

(7:45am) Stop the presses: Satan Walks the Earth!
And that's not such a bad thing.
Years ago i jailed and later killed Satan, the archon. Then, a couple years later my friend Esterian informed me that Satan was a powerful reptilian, alive and well, because i had only gotten rid of a demon that had been possessing him and making him do bad things.
More recently she told me he has been fighting Nazi Lyrans across the cosmos.

My impression is of a 50-foot reptilian.

A couple hours ago as i was laying in bed i sensed a powerful presence and "saw" a large shape reminiscent of Spider-man in shape. It was Satan, apparently having completed that task with the Lyrans, and asking where the big stash of Nazis is on this planet. I pointed him to Rome, and he kicked ass there a while, and now he's working over Abeokuta.

And just this minute, i started getting hit by 21 Abeokutans!

(9:20am) They were tough, too tough to be real. I should know by now that that means they are being fed energy from elsewhere.
Mordok found physical reptilians under the town. I'm not getting a galaxy. This might be another strain of "native" repts. I sense 100 or so more scattered around beyond the outskirts of town.

Also i found this spot where Mordok and i agree is the strongest witch of them all.

(9:55am) Mordok found their galaxy: NGC 5127. I think frying them there will help our friends in Nigeria.

Satan is back at the Vatican, tending to the faithful.

(3:40pm) Clear sky so far today.

NGC 5127 is still hot. They are feeding Muyibat Amoke especially, who has been hammering me for hours.

Dec. 7, '10: (9:45am) A few chemclouds this morning.

At some point during the night Muyibat stopped hitting me and Azeezah took over. Then later she quit and Sami took over. (I woke up several times to feed the wood stove.) By dawn, that bunch had stopped hitting me, NGC 5127 felt weaker, and the Jesuits had resumed their attacks on me.
The little girl had a rough night, but her night would have been many hours before mine. Her mother keeps talking about cords connecting the girl to Muyibat and Azeezah, in case anyone can find stuff i can't.
Also last night i found more entities in the girl.

Reading the news this morning: LatAm gravitates toward Palestine. Isn't that a pretty picture? The good news is that neither Lula nor Abbas is a satanist. The bad news is that both are soulless scoundrels, phonies, and scumbags. In a truly fucked up timeline such as ours, the enemy of one's enemy is most likely also one's enemy. That's just the math of it.

(10:10am) Damn, i just don't have the time to read everything of interest, like this long article about cannabis, Proposition 19, GMO, and vested interests. I never read Prop 19, either, but i did notice some satanists supporting it. The article here mentions the conspicuous Soros as well as some others i was unaware of.

One i had read about is the satanist John Bronner (article). His granddaddy, the Pope of Soap, was a good guy, but the illuminati got to John. Which is why, a few years ago, Dr. Bronner's soap had demonic energies added of the sort i talk about in Paranoia Bulletin 3.
Also Danny Glover, another satanist, came out in support of the Prop, i noticed.

(1:20pm) I found another DORy spot in Abeokuta [note: either the link no longer works or i accidentally pasted in the wrong one]. Kinda cryptic info is on the web here. I feel 1 powerful male, Anti Isiwa, here.

(12:35pm) Just received an email from the girl's mother:
Today has been a really bad day. I woke up feeling really weak and tired and terribly sick. Once we were on the go, we saw real life birds followings us. Real life birds. At every point they seemed to follow. In trees, overhead. Its really wierd.

At work some guy came to threaten us. He happens to be a millitary General in the Nigerian army, Brigadier General Chioba. He said he 'd kill us, giving us just three days.

He said he'd kill us both physically and spiritually. We'd sort of known him a while but we now realise he'd been sent to watch us.

He said if we didn't desist from whatever it was we were doing, he'd end us. It is very obvious he was sent because this is indeed very strange.

We tried explaining we hadn't done anything but he wouldn't listen.

Please help.

He's given us just three days. He may have demons too running him obviously.

(1:20pm) Anti Isawa is actually female with very masculine energy.

After i blasted Chioba a bit, i got slammed by his superior, backed up by those repts. I feel this individual here.

(1:35pm) Meanwhile, a while earlier i was getting hit real hard by some Vatican guys that were not Jesuit. They were getting their energy from some 5' reptilians right near the center of this pic.
I realized that these repts were being mind-controlled by another species, to lend their psi energy to the Catholics. I attacked 3 beings who were telepathically directing them. The slaves are in revolt now, but i don't know how constrained they may be.
The other species also seems to have the same area as their home region. They are 7' reptilians.
Just FYI. That Nigerian Army dude is the priority target now.

(2:30pm) A few sprayers out today.

My best guess about these drones is that they are wingless bottle-like things that have hologramic wings and tails that sometimes show and sometimes don't. And sometimes they partially show, but the most distinct thing is the cylinder with the ant-waist.
Today the sprayers have a distinct NGC 5746 vibe.

(5:05pm) Funny how most of the sprayers i get look funny on film, yet i have not heard of a rash of similar reports. I guess my orgone stuff must be de-cloaking them a lot of the time. Dig this weird sprayer pic i took earlier today.

And this one has a little square tail fin.

Note how well these 2 last trails aren't sticking.

Dec. 8, '10: (6:50am) I just noticed the time setting was off on this laptop, so the posts i made yesterday at least were an hour earlier than marked.

Got some more clarification from the lady in Nigeria:
Not all live in Abeokuta. Majority of the ones listed actually live in Lagos, which is where we all live. Muyibat and Azeezah actually live in Lagos. They once lived in those parts you just sent on the map [here]. I do believe they live in Palmgrove now, they used to live in Lewis street and Ketu respectively. However majority listed state of origin is Abeokuta...

(5:30pm) The 2 Nigerian Army guys might be history. Neither Mordok nor i can find/blast them.

Another clear day here today.

(5:35pm) Oh, yeah, guess what... Neither of those 2 floozies Assange monkeyed around with had viable souls. Now that they are de-souled, they are vulnerable to orgone blasting.

(6:10pm) Man Sentenced To Nearly 3 Years In Prison For Threatening Obama In Poem.
I am trying to come up with some of my notorious-quality poetry on the same subject to see whether the dickless coward Nazis will come after me. But it's hard to get inspired over such a worthless slut-puppet whose death would do little to slow down the Fourth Reich he represents.
Of course, my poetry, in the unlikely event it materializes, will not be racially motivated. The irony: skinheads versus Nazis.

(7:40pm) And now i must bring up a particularly distasteful subject: Tim Rifat. Over the last couple years he has done a number of dirty things against me, including but not limited to psi attacks and hiring a bunch of soulless Russian mercenary psychics to hit me. I made short work of the Russkies, and wore him down to where he seemingly couldn't hit me anymore. Then continued giving him an occasional whack. Not having gotten a response from him in a couple months, i thought he was no longer capable.

But then on Dec. 5 Mordok happened to check on him (i hadn't been discussing Tim with him) and as he says "I got that he was attacking a non-satanist when I disarmed him in the beginning."
Yes, Tim was attacking someone in his former home town of Brighton, England. Someone Tim owes money to for work done. Perhaps Tim owned his flat and had to have it fixed up for sale or something.

On the 6th Mordok wrote me
After I wrote that, I started getting hit pretty hard from all over. I targeted 3 sets of 3 in Ireland, a bunch of phys repts here and hundreds more in M78 that were connected to him. I went to bed early with someone squeezing my heart. I figured if what I did was wrong and I should die for it, I might as well die in bed asleep. It eventually stopped and I got to sleep. Now I have a different pain in my abdomen that I think comes from him.
Yes, Tim is now allied with evil 6' repts on M78. This is the guy that lambasted me for having good Draco friends. And the pain in Mordok's abdomen was caused by an etheric implant made by these repts. I pulled it out and had it reprogrammed and jammed in in Stoopid's face where he will never find it. 3 more implants came along, and they are in his face too, where he is too psi-less to remove them. And my sheriff is now tuned into the scene and preventing more such implants from being built.

Rifat used to be a 96, but had an unfit, STS, rip-off artist soul, so he has been sans astral body or soul for years now, and cannot astral travel anymore. But he still does negative-energy attacks. Against whom? Not against the Zionists and Rothschilds he staunchly professes to oppose. No, he attacks me and Mordok, who are attacking the ones he professes to oppose. I haven't read much Rifat in years, but i don't think he ever mentions that his beloved Rothschilds are Jesuits, or that it is the Vatican that runs Israel and Mossad.
In any case i have had to go easy on the Black Pope lately due to Rifat drawing fire from them.

I still get people emailing me asking what i think about Tim; is he OK? No, he is poison. Ask my friend Thorp, another highly dissatisfied customer that is likely to cut him to ribbons if he ever meets him.
Ask the lady who wrote me months ago saying she ordered a bunch of stuff from him and never got anything and he won't answer her emails.

I have refrained from nattering about him for a long time because it's so tacky, y'know? Like we are rivals bad-mouthing each other because we have nothing better to do.
Thus i never mentioned the Russian mercenaries or various other lowly things i'm still not exposing.

Anyway, a couple days ago, because he was attacking Mordok, i attacked him, and now he did fight back. Long and hard. Until i realized he was too tuff to be real, and found 6 psi-mercenaries in Russia spoon-feeding him energy! Those Russkies will no longer be useful to him. And he has not hit back since, the pathetic weakling.

I have been monitoring him a while. On Aug. 7 i found him here in Beirut. A week later he was here, presumably a flop joint in Beirut. Then on Aug. 30 he was here in a house in Nabiateh, Lebanon, where he still is today. [Update Oct/2012: this link is no longer valid. Google changed where it takes you. But now he has moved again anyway, and is a bit north of there, here, which might be an apt. complex.] I suspect he bought that house with money he ripped off of people, and spends his time remote-attacking people who dun him or otherwise fail to show proper respect to his Psi-Lordship.

Dec. 9, '10: (3:25am) And if you get a kickback when you blast his Lordship, like there's a mighty shield protecting him, look for the lizards on M78 that are protecting him. I just found 3 maintaining a shield.

(3:40am) Those 2 Army guys were also being "invisiblized" by 3 repts.
The girl's mother says he sent in 2 sergeants: Segun and Abdullahi, to threaten them.

Seems like about the only way for bad guys to have psychic power anymore is to be backed up by evil physical beings.

Dec. 10, '10: (9am) In a nutshell right now, i'd say the most important targets are the repts and humans in Abell 2218, and the repts in NGC 5127. Also those 4 Nigerian Army guys, and less urgently, Rifat's rept pals in M78.

It was kinda chemmy yesterday with some sprayers overhead, but i didn't take pics.
They were spraying earlier this morning, too, but now it's just mostly whiteout with some blue around my place.

(11:20am) Now they resumed spraying, and the first sprayer i took a pic of is another de-cloaked one.
Note fading trail.

(1:20pm) Now it is overcast. Rain chances tonight and tomorrow.

On Dec. 5, Mordok wrote me about some oriental-looking people from Universe G that are helping us. Kinda Chinese-looking, i think.
Then this morning i see this article with pics of a huge UFO. Great vibe. It's them. There are 2 such ships in our solar system now.

(2:45pm) There's a war going on in our solar system. The "Asians" and the Red Draco, etc. versus battleships from Abell 2218; both human and rept ships. And i don't think the Vatican will like the results.

Dec. 11, 10: (5:45pm) They've picked off quite a few ships from Abell 2218, and that conflict has tapered off dramatically.

Got a little bit of rain, then it cleared to reveal real and fake clouds.

Just checked out an interesting article: Bob Boyce's un-requested VeriChip and associated tumor removed. Hmm.

Dec. 12, '10: (3:45pm) Some chem-clouds and faint snow flurries this morning, but it soon cleared up and has remained clear since. Gusty and cold.

Right now i am locked in combat with the repts in NGC 5127 and wouldn't mind some help.
They got all excited today when i stopped hitting the Nigerian Army jerks and started hitting Azeezah again. She's been obnoxious to the family lately; calling them on the phone in the wee hours.

Dec. 13, '10: (9:10am) Before i even got out of bed, i saw a drone laying a trail outside. But when i got up a couple minutes later, the trail was already gone. Clear this morning except for a few chem-clouds way to the east. 15 degrees F at 8am.

I fried Azeezah all night, and by morning the repts were no longer backing her up. So i switched to Muyibat, and they immediately started hitting me again, but feel much weaker so far. I get that our forces have wiped out about 1/3 of them in NGC 5127.

Oh yeah, and last night Tim Rifat attacked me again, backed by 3 groups of 6 Russians which didn't last long.
So why are you never attacking Zionists, Timmy?

(4:55pm) It ended up overcast most of the day.

I am being prompted to write about a bunch of stuff i would rather not write about, because i have more seemingly practical stuff i could be doing. And experience has shown me that the information that follows is of a sort that never seems to actually manifest in the "real" world.
If you are pressed for reading time, skip this entry.

Where to start? On Aug. 22 i married 61 wonderful women who are supposedly physical, but on other galaxies.

Ten of these are from M82, which, recall, is the galaxy i inhabited 20K years ago and which houses my biggest fan club, you could say. I'm a historic figure there. Also it is the galaxy which i believe is the home galaxy of the Ta'l warriors, of which i was never one (in this time-line) but always on good terms with.
As i at wrote Thorp the following day about these 10 girls, "Adana is the martial arts instructor, and Mirdra, Kila, Zem, Forsh, Zury, Mali, Gwella, Dojillo, and Lac-cjk are her star pupils."
But lately i have been getting that they are all 10 crack martial arts instructors, who have never seen real combat, but nonetheless have trained many military personnel and even some Ta'l warriors.
I don't see that i really need this sort of protection, nor do we intend to train a bunch of Earthlings in hand-to-hand fighting to overthrow the NWO. I do have a partial explanation, though, to come later.
Also that night i married 31 other girls on another galaxy i never located. And another 20 from yet another galaxy.

I have the impression that the 10 girls and the 31 are of a race that has life spans of 400-500 years (in our terms), but the 20 other girls are of a race that lives to be about 1500! These 20 girls are all sisters. On positive worlds and timelines, most people do not make babies. Life spans are long, humans are sane and don't try to crowd out all the animals with overpopulation. So most people can use their energies for their real purposes, instead of falling back on using them to continue the species, which is damaging to the individual.
But making babies is not altogether bad, and some people are just meant to be parents, which is a good thing. And on saner worlds, people tend to naturally do whatever they as individuals should (given genetics, etc.) without gov't control. And some people have quite a few children, as their life-force and life spans are long. And often it is just girls, as females are prized in positive and materially comfortable cultures.
Initially i had the impression that these 20 gorgeous sisters, who all seem to look much alike, have curly, dark reddish hair and were around 5'6". But last night they seemed to have very curly black hair, and be 5'8".

These 51 girls are not experienced in martial arts (yet) but have various accomplishments. One of the 20 sisters, for example, has been a surgeon for some 240 of our years. A couple more also have significant medical training.
Real cultures of course do not rely much on surgery to deal with cancer or disease, but there are still accidents and fighting injuries.

On Nov. 25, i married 3 more ETs. They come from here, the same planet as this girl Cadibjy about whom i wrote on Oct. 7: "On the far left of the pic, there is a bright galaxy 1/4 of the way up from the bottom. I think the people of her race of 5' humans are all 24s." They are friends of hers.

These people live 3K years in Earth terms! That's what i get, anyway. But the men are sub-standard in some way i haven't narrowed down, while the women are beautiful and wonderful.
There is not much reproduction going on. There are few men. This is a good place for a female soul to incarnate if allowed. If you don't mind being short for a long time. We can get you a ride to Earth or some other place you might have a soulmate.

These 3 ladies are some 2500 years old, but still gorgeous, proudly flaunting their delicately braided armpit hair.

After months of preparation, yesterday a ship with these 64 girls arrived in our atmosphere. Today, they transferred themselves and a large cargo into the much bigger ship of the 15 giant "braided" girls. The new ship was piloted by 2 other ladies from M82, and has returned empty.

What are 79 of my wives doing floating above Earth? Actually, some are scanning around and doing protective work of some sort on me. But also, i think they are awaiting some occurrence. I don't know what this is, but if and when it happens it will be the green light for disclosure, and guess what, it won't be the Vatican NWO brand of disclosure.
Hopefully, my girls wouldn't be up there unless they had reason to believe it's safe. I worry about them, but they seem to think people on the surface of Arkansas are no safer.

Once disclosure happens, they can acquire property and set up the ship on some land nearby.
My impressions of the ship are that it's essentially designed to serve well as semi-permanent quarters planted on a hostile planet. It has a footprint of 112 acres, and is 12 storeys tall. And each story is about 25', so it stands around 300'. I'm not sure of the shape. Perhaps a bit blimp-like. Only the biggest stories are over 100 acres.

There will be no need to worry about the INS, etc. because there is no moral or military reason for well-armed, legitimate people to recognize a despotic, satanic, overtly criminal gov't.

The ship was not designed with 6' tall people in mind, so the 64 girls brought tons of plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc. as well as building materials to wall off some smaller rooms. The ship was originally designed as deluxe long-term accommodations for 20 giant men. This means there is ample room to include us little people.
If all goes well i should be moving in in a couple months :-)

It gets more interesting after that. There's another project that they want up and running within 2 years. A college campus of sorts. It might be called something like the Ozark Intergalactic Technical Institute and Martial Arts Academy.
A largely self-sustaining operation, but also subsidized with imported foods, etc. There will be classes taught and attended by both ETs and Earthlings, and ongoing projects. Orgone, free energy, sustainable agriculture, healing, etc. And martial arts for those inclined. People from all over the universe will convene to live, learn, and teach. Parasites will not be allowed, but life won't be too rough, either.

It will probably be in another big, parked ship. With indoor gardens, bicycle track, weight room, saunas, stream baths, laundy machines, showers, yoga/wrestling mats dojo, cafeteria, etc. Actually my family's place will have all that, too, for our use.

There will be dorms and apts for long or short term residents. A low-EMF place safe from tornadoes, fire, etc. and with an energy-shielded hull.
Outlying lands will have poultry operation, fish pond, raw dairy, hayfields. There will be ample outdoor gardens as well as hot-houses for growing more tropical foods and herbs.

There will be a big orgonite shop with the best fume-venting systems, drill press, lathe, solder station, etc. We will buy epoxy by the tanker-full (who knows; maybe we can get exotic resin donated from off-world), and people from all over the universe will learn to make resin-based orgone devices. And they will contribute ideas and materials of their own, rare minerals and energy toys. We will whip up the most eclectic orgonite you ever saw. And they will take this knowledge and some toys back with them to fry their local demons.

Why all this here? Why now? I don't know all the answers to that. I think lately a lot of good guys are coming together that can trust each other, and want to pool knowledge. A lot of ETs will be military types here mainly for the combat training, for off-world use mainly. I sense dozens of students like this at any time, most of them teachers themselves.
Eventually the academy will incorporate styles from many peoples, including Earth ones.

Dec. 14, '10: (1:25am) I went to bed early then woke up.
I had fried the 4 key women, Muyibat, Azeezah, Sami, and Anti to the point where they were no longer being backed up by attackers. Then another woman, not on the list, hit me hard. She had a bunch of energy stored up somehow. She stuffed me with 66 implants that were hard to remove. A Sakuda worked for some time on that.

So i blasted the bitch, and a few minutes later noticed the little girl was under attack. Yet another woman stuffed her with like 20 billion different demon species! This took 3 Sakudas a while to clean up.

Meanwhile, Jesuits resumed hitting me from the Vatican. And then Tim Rifat hit me again. He had 2 power objects which i suspect are specially-programmed human skulls from some exotic country. The first one he hit me with threw bunches of demons at me non-stop, but was real easy to jam. The 2nd one did not throw the demons, merely their energy, and i couldn't jam it up much. I sent Pitwexin, who was able to reprogram it so it stopped.

(6:05pm) Chemclouds today.

I stumbled across an odd anti-censorship group, Feminists for Free Expression. Why would our gov't hire satanists to do grass-roots anti-censorship work?

Dec. 15, '10: (7:20pm) Overcast and cold all day.

Interesting article by Michel Chossudovsky, Who is Behind Wikileaks?
Somewhere in there i found this cool page with pics of illuminati slime in the Aspen Strategy Group.

Dec. 18, 2010: (5:40pm) Warmer today for a while. Sunny with chem-clouds that later left.

Been sparring with the Black Pope a lot. The Nigerian cult has not hit me yet today. I kicked their butts recently.

Here's a guy in need of remote healing: Brian Haw. Several of my best healer girls, including the renowned Gina, are working on him.
According to David Icke:
Brian is in hospital with lung cancer and I have arranged through Mike Lambert at the Shen Clinic for him to have revolutionary treatment in Europe and this appeal is to help to pay for that and his travel and accommodation. He is due to start the treatment in very early January so we need to move on this.

Brian has been protesting 24/7 outside the Houses of Parliament since 2001 to constantly highlight the slaughter and suffering of children killed and maimed by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the horrors visited upon them by depleted uranium.

For this extraordinary commitment, he has been beaten up many times by thugs and police (too often the same thing), and arrest, abuse and threats have become a way of life. The Blair government even passed new laws to remove him, but they couldn't make them retrospective and so he stayed.

Brian wants to get well and return to the Square to continue his protest. When I have visited him in hospital that is his constant focus even when faced with the current threat to his life. No-one is guaranteeing that the treatment will work, of course, but we want to give him every chance. Please help.

To donate, please...

(6pm) Henceforth Brian will have not only Pisol repts guarding him, but a Ta'l warrior!
I am only aware of 1 other person on Earth who has a Ta'l protective presence: my humble self, who has 2. Not even Mordok has one. But the Ta'l just found out about this guy, and decided to provide a warrior.

Dec. 19, '10: (4:20pm) Brian's website. I haven't scoped it out much yet, but about 1/2way down the home page are pics of 3 real slimey-feeling satanists.

Sunny today except for moderate chem-clouds.

Dec. 20, '10: (8:10am) Overcast this morning.

Nazis SS Funded Nascent Israeli Army

(9:25am) hey, do me a favor and blast the Black Pope for me, will ya? He's been persistently annoying since i woke up.

(1pm) And he's still giving me a headache. Not because he is so tough, but because he is relentlessly backed up by repts on Abell 2218. Even though we keep killing the backer-uppers, more just take over.
Part of the reason they are pissed is that out friends from M51 whom i mentioned Nov. 30 have vaporized 30 big battleships around Earth from Abell 2218, each containing 1K repts.

Here's an article: 3 Very Large Objects In Space Flying To Earth. If you plug in the coordinates, you will see that the 1st ship is the SS Loohan. The 2nd is an enemy ship that got nailed some time back and no longer exists. The 3rd ship is the one in this pic. It is good guys somewhat under demonic attack. Haven't gotten more info yet.

(2:40pm) Let's look back at some of November's blog:
Nov. 25, '10: (8:20am)... On April 19, i wrote
(2:50pm) Someone emailed me about a section of sky censored out on Google Earth (pic). Coordinates are 5h 53m 27s, -6 10' 58" and it's supposedly censored on Google Sky, Google Earth, and Microsoft Telescope. He says
Dowsed something ..."humanoid" "cemje" "peace mission". not sure what cemje means.
But the coordinates i gave you are redacted in both google and microsoft telescope.
All i know is, i feel some powerful good energy there.
That is a large area of sky, suggesting that possibly an object is close to us in that direction.
Well, that guy just sent me another interesting link, this one to a YouTube video.
The (alleged Nibiru) object feels amazingly good to me. I still can't ID the inhabitants.
It does not seem to have moved in all this time.

...(2:15pm) A reader sent me a link to this Alex Collier lecture transcript which says in part:
We also have, a million-and-a-half miles off of the South Pole, a 20-mile craft that has sat and is stationary. NASA and other organizations\92 telescopes have been monitoring it for eight months. They watch its trajectory to us. It is now stationary and there are craft going in and out of this 20-mile structure. I don\92t know any more about it than that.
The lecture is dated 20 September 2009, so that would mean it has been there at least since Jan of last year.

Nov. 26, '10: (1:10pm) Dunno about you, but for me the fact that this "Nibiru" has hung out in the same place for a couple years pretty well logically proves that it is an errant planet with a wide-ranging orbit. Or maybe it has been coming directly toward us all this time. Probably smack us pretty soon.
Not that i understand astronomy or how they can overlay co-ordinates on a constantly-shifting background.
Well, guess what? That censored spot is no longer the home to that ship. Because, the "blue" ship i just posted a pic of is it! Same ship. That's why it seemed so familiar.

(3:40pm) For the last couple hours i've been under the heaviest attack in a long time. Coming from repts on Abell 2218. Headache, nausea.
We have been going after them hard is why. Durkistan found the top guy and we nailed him. Then #2, etc. Each in a different locale. Got the top 6 as well as another 8 biggies so far. Working on the 9th.

Trouble is, between the time one of these guys gets located and the Red Draco actually kill him, he hits me real hard with psi attack. And these guys are real strong, despite being hit with all my orgone stuff.

(5:40pm) Whew, that phase might be over. We nailed 61 of these alpha males in addition to the top 6. That might be all there are. The other repts there are weaker, and the bad humans there weaker still.
I am still being bombarded by them, but it's not as heavy.

Dec. 21, '10: (9am) Still overcast.
Still duking it out with Abell 2218, but progress is being made. I think they sustained heavy casualties overnight.

  *   *   *   *
I wanted to mention that the other night i culled Medvedev. Lately i have been able to "recycle" a few individuals i could not heretofore.
At one time i had hopes that Medvedev might be fairly OK, as he is not a satanist, nor could i cull him. But alas, it appears that the Russkies are NWO-bound.

  *   *   *   *
More info about Galaxy M82:
I had said that i am Mr. Popularity on M82, but i should qualify that by saying that this group only comprises about 1 billion people scattered among 4 planets.
I have the impression that these planets have about twice the land each that Earth does, so overall they have about 8X our surface land, and most of it is wilderness. This is about what they consider an ideal level of population, despite the fact that they have very eco-friendly technology.
Human supremacism a la Alex Jones is actually a con ideology foisted on us shallow, egoistic Earthlings by non-humans. Real people do not senselessly rape and overpopulate their planets, especially not with hordes of mindless, parasitic excuses of humans.

I also said M82 seems to be the homeland of the Ta'l warriors, but yesterday i realized they actually come from Universe L, and there are lots more there. But Universe L has an M82 also, which is Ta'l HQ.
My friend Thorp actually comes (as a soul) from Univ. L. This is his 1st delightful incarnation in our lovely universe.

I don't know why they are called universes. To me, the word suggests that each universe should have its own rules of space/time or maybe something completely different. Yet, these are known by occultists as Universe A, B, etc.
They are something different from the parallel time-realms that every universe has within it (i think; or do they share the parallels too?).
Anyway, it's a bit confusing.
Last night i got that the universes beyond Z are to be called AA, BB, etc. and i got up to QQ before i couldn't find any more.
But i think these are only the compromised universes. There seem to be a few pristine ones, too

(3:10pm) The overcast cleared off to reveal some chem-clouds. A few trails. Warm day.

Speaking of universes, once last night i got hit by 3 to the 13th power (however many that is) Jesuits from Rome.
I realized that they have been importing jezs from other universes! They had big stashes of them in many universes, and were using jumpgates or whatever to bring them in.
In these universes, they were conveniently housed in large complexes, and the Red Draco took them out. Since then, no attacks from jezs except the Black Pope.

Do i really believe that oodles of physical jezs from big stashes were teleported to Rome to smite me? I admit it seems a trifle far-fetched.
What matters more to me is that this info seems to have very practical application.

Dec. 22, '10: (6:50pm) Another bad sprayday.

Things are going a lot better with Abell 2218 and the jezs. There were some more jezs in other universes we had to take care of.

Remember that dark sisterhood of witches i mentioned Oct and Nov? Mordok figured out they are ETs, and there are actually 3 human "species" of them, he says. I think they are the same species, but 3 distinct groups. What makes them different from each other i don't know. They seem indistinguishable to me, but i sense 3 distinct groups, all from the same place. The only pic i could find on the web is here. It's that brightest galaxy in the upper right circle.
We have been fighting them there all day. The ones on Earth might be killed off already.

(8:25pm) Do not be fooled by this "pro-Palestine" Vatican pawn, Zionist, and high-level Scottish Rite satanist: Brazil can be crucial to Middle East peace process, says Jimmy Carter.
Yeah. I think the Palestinians should nominate him to represent their interests at "peace talks". Someone you can trust.

(9:55pm) The top 8 witches in that galaxy are hitting me as the Red Draco are hammering them. The witches are like 3,200' down with some fancy energy shielding against the Draco weapons.

(10:45pm) OK, those 8 (unusual numerology) have bitten the dust, and i suspect these evil women have lost a lot of power as a result.

Dec. 24, '10: (4:40am) CST) I am in a motel in Kingston, TN now, on my way to VA for my yearly winter sojourn.

Saw hardly any chem on the way, just a few old streaks. Then as i approached Nashville, i saw a couple sprayers. I couldn't very well take a pic while cruising down the interstate, but one of the sprayers looked with the naked eye to be another wingless bottle drone, and it was much closer than any i've gotten pics of so far.
I do have a lot of serious orgone with me, which may have de-cloaked them.

Little Rock busted: A few weeks ago a friend was going to park her vehicle at the LR airport for 8 days, and i talked her into letting me put Earthshaker1 into her car. So it was at the airport for 8 days, which made quite an impact on the map.
I haven't been to LR since '05, i think, but back then i threw lots of good stuff into the river there. And some in the reservoir. And a few months ago a friend put 2 of my newer type cubes in the reservoir.

Seattle busted: Recently i donated some goodies that have been tossed into Lake Washington and the Puget Sound. I can feel the difference.

L.A. busted: Rick Moors now has custody of ES2. He may be driving it around the L.A. basin for the next year or so.
Of course, there was already a bunch of orgonite in L.A. So much the better.

I have Earthshaker1 with me now, as well as Violet1, my Square CB/gridblaster (on the right), and a few other little things that collectively provide me with 4.5X as much earth programming power as i had on last year's trip! These 3 units, like ES2, all permanently program the ground below with anti-evil orgone.
In other words, they perform magic. Nobody knows how to program the Strontium-Barium pgm into substances lacking strontium or barium, or how to pgm the Violet Flame pgm into anything but a mix of resin and tulsi powder. Nobody knows how to make mere rocks and dirt in the ground behave with the orgone quality normally attainable only with resin. But, we are able to make complex devices that will do this. And the effects seem permanent so far.

Yesterday afternoon i was planning to maybe get a motel in eastern Knoxville, which has been so DORy in the past. But i was strongly guided to pull off the Oak Ridge exit for Hwy 58 N.

Oak Ridge busted: Not the first time i have been to this area around
ORNL, but it's been years since i took this road. I drove NE about 5 miles and was strongly guided to turn into the drive of this complex which is some kind of science and technology center. The vibes were real freaky, like some bizarre hyperdimensional physics going on. I could only go so far without a permit. I felt i should park in the lot a few minutes. I could feel my orgone things setting off all kinds of energy phenomena.
I also shot items into 3 ponds by the entrance. Drove in and out and around the edge of the complex where i legally could.
Then i headed back the way i came and pulled into the Motel 6 by the interstate 5 miles away. Rented a room. By that time i was in an altered state from the freaky energies, which weren't all that negative, but kinda "trippy".
Put my big square CB/gridblaster in the room. Realized i had forgotten to bring a cord to connect it to the grid with. Then i realized some components had been reprogrammed, and now all i had to do was set it near the TV/fridge and it locked onto the electric grid by induction! Plus it was 50% stronger. I love this thing. Lotsa strontium-barium in it.
Anyway that thing immediately kicked up more freakiness in the area. I emailed Mordok. He found physical reptilians underground! Familiar. We have already been hitting their home galaxy for some time, but i don't quite get which group this is. Also there were many thousands of physical grays!
And all sorts of freaky areas on the map for miles around.
The Red Draco have been cleaning up all night and there are still thousands of evil ETs in this area!
And our allies have so far destroyed 2 of 4 of what Mordok figured out are Looking Glass devices. This is what all this may be mostly about, i dunno. Here are a couple other sites of local interest that have this freaky vibe real strong:

Dec. 25, '10: (1:15pm EST) The ORNL area is still freaky. We may have gotten rid of most of those repts down there, who were the 3' repts of NGC 5746. That's right, the chemmers. But i am still finding some.

Here is a map of the area. You can zoom in a bit. See that yellow box that says National Transportation Research Center? That seems to be about the center point of a big circle where the grays live, encompassing much of east Knoxville as well as ORNL. Also, as i wrote on Jan. 25, '09: "a substantial and very powerful item found its way into the river... at this spot". This spot is just in the other side of the creek from the Center. And the unit is still there. I am remotely zinging it to liven the area up a bit.
Our allies are having trouble locating some of the nests of grays, even though there are many clusters of hundreds of them. So i find them on the map and "juice" them.

I'm not so impressed with this Looking Glass tech. Or maybe they're all too dumb to use it? Somehow they neglected to foresee that they would be wiped out by our forces. Er, duh, even with no advanced tech, if they had a brain amongst them they might have said "Uh, Loohan comes by here every year. And every year he tears off another big chunk of DOR. Why, he put that strong orgone device right in the center of our hive a couple years ago. Is it conceivable some day we might be discovered and inconvenienced by this? Gosh, sure wish we had a future-viewing machine to check that out with."
If the enemy wasn't so terminally stupid, we'd be in trouble. All the advanced tech, lavish structures, stolen money, and fraternal parasites in the cosmos won't get you anywhere if your IQ is in the sub-W range.

Here is another interesting page and site i will check out when i get some time: Spallation Neutron Source. Very vibey indeed, and that PDF map shows its location. Mordok wrote me (my comments are inserted in brackets)
I ran across the Looking Glass connection while researching the SNS. A web site [link] had a picture that a user wanted identified. James Cassbolt made a reply that it was part of the Looking Glass apparatus and that he had been taken to the one in Malaysia [being taken down; base with grays]. Further down, an identical part was identified as being the target device (filled with mercury) used at SNS. Anyway, it got me looking for the Looking Glasses and they felt DORy so I targeted them. There is a 5th one on Mars, too, BTW [being taken down; lots of the chemmer repts there]. I just got on to that one a few minutes ago after linking the 4 above. I thought I'd best check to be sure I got them all and it seemed likely that was a good place for one, and there it was. I'm getting that the idea came from Univ V. Looking Glass devices were developed in Univ. V and then the repts brought them here and also to Univ W. [all correct] It is a tool used by the master race to do something to the slave races that have it [yes, partly]. So whatever is going on in Univ. W is similar to here [yes]. Slave race thinks it is a neat device, master race [Society of Jesus, more aptly Society of Antichrists] which is doing something else with it.
Durkistan has found another near NZ under the sea floor a couple hundred feet. 30K(?) grays.

Yesterday morning before dawn i drove up Hwy 95 by ORNL. Threw a few more things in the water. The vibes were wild as hell all around ORNL. I went as far as this neighborhood which is mostly ORNL satanists. I get 22 of them live there, plus their dirty families.

  *   *   *   *
I arrived in VA yesterday afternoon. Bad chemtrails all the way yesterday. Extremely bad in some areas. Like east of Knoxville. Was some of this just for me?

This time, instead of my usual route, i turned east at Roanoke and went up via Lynchburg and Charleston. (BTW Memphis, Knoxville, and Roanoke, which were so DORy last time, feel fairly good after last year's scrubbings i did.)
I took this pic out my rolled-down window at a red light in Charleston. It is magnified to 180%. To me it looks like another ant-waisted bottle sprayer, with hologramic wings partly discernable. Yet, it also looks like the lower chem stream could be issuing from a wing, so i dunno. Kinda looks like the stream is coming from under and/or to the right of the bottle.
It seems whenever i am more or less directly under a drone, it never has that wingless bottle look. It is only from the side that they do, for whatever reasons. And even then, wings are partly discernable in some pics if the shot angle is sort of halfway between a bottom view and a profile view.
Note to self: take some profile pics of passenger planes and compare. Do they have a similar bottle look?

I noticed several of the drones yesterday were laying short trails that look pretty much like ordinary contrails. Just as i've seen in the distance from my property in AR. The orgone might not be much of a factor. I suspect these are spraying something that does not need to remain in a visible form.
But most of the trails yesterday were long and garish. A few even had those dark shadows, long ones. The shadows remained straight when the wind blew the chemtrails a bit off them in spots.
A few of the trails had serious dingleberries.

I suspect these drones are made of some non-metallic substance, almost like plastic maybe.
One thing i've noticed in the last couple days is that all the sprayers i'm seeing have 3 evil ETs from NGC 5746. I blast the 3 connected with each drone. This marks them so the Reds can easily find them in NGC 5746 when they get around to it.
Those repts don't seem to mind. They kept waving more drones in front of my face all day despite that.

I couldn't figure out how to get online this morning here. So i scanned through some back blog pics of these drones. Many of them were DORy because they were in "hangars" on NGC 5746. Apparently they have them scattered around in hangars holding ~1,000 drones rather than in very large bases. We nailed 4 more of those little hangars.
I don't think the NGC 5746 guys are spraying any other planet. I wonder how many drones they have left?
Ah, as i was think about this, Durkistan found a couple more hangars. Of course these hangars are only partly full at any time. Maybe the drones need to be re-charged somehow. And he found a drone factory... then 3 more!

(3:10pm) Ah yes, i just got to cordially shake the hand of a satanist MPDer friend of my parents, who dropped by with some junk treats and his 2 soulless and MPD adopted daughters. His wife is also soulless and clueless. He seems like a friendly, pleasant geeky guy, often helpful with electronics issues.

I mentioned him years ago. He works for the military as a psychologist who treats GIs with Post-Traumatic Stress issues. Gets paid well. Of course they are all already MPD by the time he gets them. I think there a about 2K more like this handler with the same job.

It is interesting. The ruling class does not drink flouride (one can tell by dowsing their 3rd eyes; fluoride has a funky vibe and accumulates in the pineal) and the higher they go, probably the less of the other engineered poisons they also consume. That stuff is for the goyim, a category that includes most other satanists as well, including those who serve them.
This fun family consumes all the worst toxic crap, not only "food" but Scented Bounce, perfume, EMFs galore with no reluctance. Betcha they are up to date on their flu shots.

(3:30pm) Authorities have "gotten wind" of a terror threat in Mumbai (article).
I immediately got a strong vibe of 1 CIAtanist among the 4, and i think i feel him and 1 other (neither are the depicted guy) at this spot in a school. Something might go boom in a couple hours. In fact, i think a bomb may be on that spot... and those 2 guys are long gone and now here, website, but i don't know what they are up to there.
I dunno where the other 2 are. I think they are preparing for something supposed to happen tomorrow.

(5:05pm) Link to an online book by James Casbolt. Al Gray just sent it to me. I have not looked at it, but it has that same freaky vibe that suggests it is not boring. Al says the book was not completed when Casbolt disappeared. I think he is in hiding and OK.

(5:20pm) Spallation definition: A nuclear reaction in which many particles are ejected from an atomic nucleus by incident particles of sufficiently high energy.
There's more for the technical-minded.

(6:50pm) A black magic victim: Peter Shumlin, governor of VT. As Wikipedia says, "Shumlin is a prominent opponent of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant which is currently seeking an extension to its operating license. Two days after Shumlin was elected governor, the owners of the plant put it up for sale."
Weeks ago i noticed he was under attack. I don't remember the details, but i saved a pic of him on my desktop, which i re-discovered today, noticing its funky vibe. Because he was being pounded by demons sent by one woman who lives here in NH. She lives with 2 other women in a lesbian relationship. One of these women is ensouled, one is a cull, but i don't think either are into black magic.
[Update 2017: Shumlin was Egyptoid. Humans do not become governors.]

Actually i think i first came across Shumlin at the time my dowsing was seriously crippled by the jezs. Couldn't do much at the time.

(7pm) I am reading that book by Casbolt. He favorably mentions Benjamin Fulford. I just want to say that although i can't find anthing bad about Fulford or his intentions, what little i've read of his stuff seems rife with hogwash, for reasons i haven't been able to trace. An awful lot doesn't seem to check out in the energy universe, anyway.
[Update: CIA SSer, now repticlone.]

(7:25pm) If you're sensitive, notice how the freaky vibes of all that stuff has gone way down? Guess what. It's because i was able to move all that energy. I have it in a ball that is often resting in the solar plexus of the Black Pope or in some Nigerian black magician.
And i don't mind telling the illuminati punks out there all about it because i know that all of them put together are too feeble to wrest that energy back from me.

(8:50pm) Some way cool Jesse Ventura videos here.

(9:20pm) Yup, i just love the way he makes satanic nazis squirm as they lie and hedge.
The last couple vids deal with concentration camps that already have inmates! Families, apparently, as there is footage of children behind the barbed wire.

(11:05pm) It has been a wild Christmas day for me. Guess who just showed up overhead? Well, not that i've seen them with physical eyes yet...
A battleship with almost 5.000 seven-foot fish-headed people called Annunaki. There are good Annunaki and bad Annunaki. These are good ones.

Dec. 26, '10: (7:55am) After that, the Annunaki went over to Oak Ridge and have been blasting greys since.

There is a chance that the disabling of the Looking Glasses is the "disclosure trigger" we've been waiting for. Though i just found another LG in Antarctica. Another in west Africa...
I get the feeling there are at least 5 more good ET races that are not equipped to fight much, but are waiting to come here.
I have an impression of plans to land some 20-40 living-quarter type craft on Earth soon, in defiance of corrupt governments. 2 of these will be permanent and located near my Ozark residence. Another will be semi-permanent and located in Palestine. Yes, they are going to run the Israeli blockade, offer a bit of help to the Palestinians, and maintain a benign police presence to deter any illegal activities by Israel. Maybe after a couple years they can move on.

There was a big battle after i posted last night. Loads of Abell 2218 rept battleships stormed us. 60 at least. We wiped them out, but one Ta'l warrior died; someone Thorp knows from long ago. Of course his spirit is fine.

We also lost 5 Red Draco, and another one just now as another 9 rept ships attacked. The Reds have come a long way in their therapy. Contrite over past transgressions, they want to redeem a fragment of their honor. They don't mind getting killed in battle if it effectively saves innocents.

That's the ones in Universe A. A few days ago i realized that there are Red Draco in universes B thru QQ at least, too, and in most of these universes, they were still evil! But they all readily accepted therapy.

(3:50pm) On a much lighter note, a few days ago someone sent me a link to the happening new Tim Rifat Psi-Lord Forum.
I was pretty amazed that he has a fan club. But, all these different posters all have the same vibe! So i sent the link to Mordok, asking how many posters there really were. He said one.
Who could this person be? No soul, but not much of a DORy vibe, either. Why, it's that Lebanese live-in loverboy of his that i sensed before! Probably about 20 years old.
If you sign up, don't mention that Loohan referred you.

Overcast here in VA, and light snow.

When Casbolt strays from recounting his personal experiences and tries to piece things together from other info, he makes mistakes. Like the nonsense about Azazel and Michael.

On the 4th page (the first 3 pages are the same, and each contain all 3 chapters) he says "Hale-Bopp kept making course alterations because it was under intelligent control and was photographed with an object behind it, which was a Draco Prime mother ship."
I felt a vibe off this craft! So i locked some energy onto it so our allies could see it. The good news is that they killed the inhabitants and took over the ship. There are now 40 good Annunaki in it. Seems to be about 3 miles long.
The bad news is we sustained a few casualties in the process: 2 Ta'l, 2 Annunaki, 1 Rojohy, 1 Red Draco, and 1 guy from our M51 friends. The people on the M51 ship are sad because he was well-liked and a great fighter.
The ship is out by Pluto's orbit now. They are doing something... taking on equipment, food...
The previous inhabitants were not Draco, but the same species i mentioned June 22 as being whom Dean Madigan works for:
... here a little bit "NW" of the Y near the center. Red Draco have wiped out ... 20% of th[is] Libra location. I think there are are over 200 billion of these evil ETs left there.

I suspect all of the above perps are of the same species of ET human.
Except now i feel them near the star to the right and faintly below the Y, and i think they are actually reptilians [update Jan/2011: i changed my mind again later on that last point]. And there are only 120,000 left.

(6:05pm) That ship took on 3 of the Annunakis' dogs later that have quite a psychic vibe. Then later, 2 more, bigger ones, these resembling St. Bernards but a bit larger. These have even more awesome a vibe, and are very telepathic. Say hi.

On Aug. 11 i mentioned the hot rockin' satanic Mutual Fun band. I didn't mention that Elizabeth is acquainted with some of the members. The 2 guys on the right have been doing remote attacks this afternoon on her, and throwing demons at her.

(7:15pm) They are gay lovers and reside behind the central window here [error: actually they live in the bldg just left of center that shares a common wall]. In DC. I happen to be in the neighborhood. I'll have to come up there and knock on the door one of these days, agnihotra ash in hand.

Another dog, built more like an Afghan hound also boarded, so now there are 6 psychic dogs aboard.

(7:35pm) Those 2 guys left home a while ago, and went west a few blocks to a hospital, and now are enertaining some rich satanist bitch there, along with the other 2 band guys.

Huge snowstorm just missed us. We are on the west edge of it, and only got a bit of snow so far.

(9:25pm) The 2 gay guys returned home not long after i posted, and attacked me. The Annunaki stepped in and have been hitting them with, unfortunately, non-lethal stuff since. Got them pretty dampened down.
Meanwhile, the other 2 band guys have been clamoring for attention, but they are so wimpy that i have little to offer them.

(9:40pm) Bizarre. Now i am being hit by 2 people that feel above the Mutual Fun guys, and must desperately want to be outed. They are hitting me from their workplace, Million Air Richmond, which has a website with their faces on it. Ain't that something? It is Ron Bisbee and Leslie Sivert.
Million Air is a CIA proprietary co.
Anyway, they now they got my Annunaki and dog friends on their case.

(9:45pm) Million Air master site.

(10:45pm) Those dogs of doom are scanning the Earth for U bases, and relaying the info to my military. They have just started. Finding rept bases so far.

Dec. 27, '10: (8:40am) So far they have found 400+ bases of different sizes (including many tiny facilities) and are still at it.

Was last night a particular designated ritual night? First i got hit by a Syrian black magician hired by Tim Rifat. The Syrian sacrificed 3 rabbits to pay demons to attack me. Ah, the crude things a Psi-Lord has to do.

Then, Jessica Schab and her BF and that other girl tortured and sacrificed a goat to send me bad energy.

Got a good night's sleep after nailing those lightweights. Shortly after i awoke this morning, those 4 Fun guys started getting Mutual with me.
I am embroiled with such diverse enemies lately. The Nigerians are still up to no good, too.

(10:40am) Those Mutual Fun guys are still attacking me a bit. They are not so tough by themselves, but they are backed up by yet another group of reptilians. These are on IC 3418, which we are now attacking.

I read that Casbolt ebook. When he relates his experiences, it it the real deal. Felt vibes on much of it, and found a bunch of nice, largely underground, targets.
There is further info from him here. He says he was on the island of Penang, Malaysia as a child. Mentions a Looking Glass. I found 2 on Penang:
  • 80' under some Aquatic Center
  • 323-410' under the jungle floor here.

    Also found 3 more U bases on the island. On the mainland, here was were the main nest of sasquatches was until just now.

    He mentions "photo of an entity dressed in a brown cloak with it's hood up and a metal belt on. It is looking back over it's shoulder ( it's back faces us ) and looks directly at the camera. Face covered in dark brown hair." Found another base on Penang with 400 of these. They are from NGC 1566, which is now on our back-burner. They are evil.

    Then he mentions "Three blond 'giants' walk in the room. Each well over six feet tall, very muscular, shiny eyes and very erect postures. All dressed in a blue uniform, believe it or not the leader is wearing some kind of red cape over the back of his uniform. I have never felt auras like that before, godlike beings of war. They take seats around a large table." These are evil, too. They come from here, the galaxy with the vertical line through it.

    He mentions another LG inYucatan. That would be here at 120' depth. Being addressed now. Base had 230 satanists, 6 grays, 30 Abell 2218 repts and more.

    Still reading...

    (8:30pm) Further down he says "I am taken to a torture centre which is probably located in London. This is a three level house with a concrete patio at the back. The torture includes killing puppies, eating flesh and excrement, blades stuck up ..." I think that torture house is still here: West Ham Baptist Tabernacle. I feel 20 satanists in there now, as well as 10 victims.

    OK, finished that page. Casbolt is for real, and we were able to nail many more hot targets thanks to his info.

    I saw a few trail segments this morning, then in the afternoon it was perfectly clear. And very gusty.

    Dec. 28, '10: (8:15am) Clear except for the occasional CT.

    Last night the dogs and i teamed up to attack a bunch of the bad guys we've been fighting lately. And this morning no-one seems to be attacking except those IC 3418 repts, who are hitting me non-stop at moderate levels of force.

    (4:05pm) Still getting hit only by those same guys. They've been working harder at it.

    Dec. 29, '10: (9:50am) Now they stopped hitting me and the Abell 2218 repts have taken over. But they are not all that strong.

    Mordok found the residences of the other 2 Mutual Funsters in that pic.The dark-haired guy lives here, and the long-haired guy lives here. These 4 guys are still being a pain.

    Yesterday morning a bunch of chem-clouds came out for some time, then blew over, leaving only the occasional fresh CT, many of which were just short segments.
    Today, some more chem-clouds.

    Dec. 30, 10: (6:10pm) It was completely chem-cast early this morning. Lots of stale trails intertwined with chem-clouds. Much of that moved off during the day, but it remained bad. I was out driving around all day, but saw no fresh trails until a few around 4:30pm. These were fading out with that distinctive orgone signature. I had been out busting.

    Unfortunately i was unable to execute my priority mission: busting those 4 Fun fellows. Why? Because DC, probably the most cosmopolitan city of Earth, is an underdeveloped country. At least, for people who attempt to find anything using paper maps and street signs. Maybe it works better if you have GPS. On 4 different occasions i had highways (2 were highway ramps) suddenly fork with NO sign to tell you where either fork went. You're supposed to take a wild guess, then if you're lucky, 1/2 mile down the road will be an identification sign. Then, if you want to be going down the fork you missed, you can spend 1/2 an hour wrestling with gridlocked traffic and 1-way streets.
    Signs were missing at DC intersections, too.
    Maps often don't even have the street listed that you're looking for.

    Which is why i resolved to buy a map book of the area. I could have borrowed my dad's but i figured i could buy one most anywhere. After checking K-Mart, Giant Foods, and 4 gas stations with no luck, i finally got one at an auto parts store for $9. I was in business.
    Or so i thought. I looked up Franklin St. NE, where our gay couple lives. I sensed only Ted was home.
    I felt like rubbing some holy ash in his face, or at least all around his place. The expensive map listed numerous pages and coordinates where i could find Franklin St., but none seemed to be in that part of town.
    I will have to mark my map with the locations gleaned off the web.
    Dontcha worry, Teddy boy, i'll make it eventually, despite the obfuscativity of your town.

    Al Gray had sent me a big bag of agnihotra ash, and some DA salt. I added the salt to the ash, then added a pound of cous-cous to give it body. Ash is very fine and i wanted to cut it so it flows more evenly.

    I drove around DC some, then cruised out to Andrews AFB, a hotbed of satanic and weird woo-woo activities. Drove all around the perimeter, some parts twice. Went in the visitors center to relieve myself and dump 1/2 a test tube full of ash in the urinal. Busted a couple ponds that seemed to be catching stream water coming off the base.
    The earth energies were pretty funky.

    Went back to the Capitol area. The Capitol bldg had been DORy lately, with demons to pick off. I drove around it a couple times.

    Then, the Scottish Rite House of the Temple. I had busted it real well last January, but it was a bit DORy again.
    This time i had 4.5X as much programming power in my vehicle. Also i have a black onyx slab with a butterfly carved in it. Has a Salvadoran vibe. It crackles around the DC area. Anytime i leave the house, i got it with me.
    Elizabeth had been guided to buy it and give it to me; said it was supposedly a "key" of some sort. It has 3 programs by The Committee. When i got it, i knew i had to take it around the block of the Temple twice clockwise and 3X CCW.

    Because of a 1-way street, i parked right in front of the Temple and walked around the block twice. I also sprinkled 3-4 cups of my ash mix.
    Then i drove around CCW. But i realized 9X around would be better than 3X, so i did 9 laps.
    Then i went up 16th St. as far as the National Memorial Baptist Church which was also pretty DORy. Loitered around a while. There is also a big Unification Church right near there, and another Scottish Rite Temple.
    Then i went home, very slowly, due to extreme traffic.

    (6:20pm) Oh yeah, got hammered all day long by the Abell 2218 repts. They seemed to really freak when i busted those targets. Hammered on me all the way home, then pretty much stopped when i got home.
    But still no-one else has been hitting me.

    (10:25pm) Just stumbled across mention of the Family. Super creepazoid vibe. These people got no more to do with Jesus than do the Jesuits... In fact, hahahaha, wudja believe, they are just more #%&$*ing jezzie sleaze. Real Masonic vibes, too.

    Dec. 31, '10: (12:15am) Come to think of it, Al wrote me about them last year when i was here, but we were looking for a C St. address and i never could find it.
    But Ivanwald is here somewhere. A lot of these houses as well as the water tanks have a weird vibe. Mordok found 3 Abell 2218 repts under one house.

    It seems i caused quite a stir at St. Andrews AFB. I had the impression that twice, 2 guys jumped into a chopper to come visit me with some ET weapons aboard, and each time the M51 allies fried them.
    This was after i found and "handled" 21 U bases under and near the AFB, filled with ETs. Also more of these ETs were on the surface, in high ranking officer uniforms.

    You see, one of the reasons i bust with this stuff is because it makes underground cloaked stuff become perceptible. I also found 27 Abell 2218 repts under DC.

    But the ones associated with the AFB (which is a few miles east of DC) were the of 3' chemmer repts from NGC 5746 again. Except that these were bred special on two of the 4 outposts these repts have, on 4 different galaxies. These outposts are trivial and will soon be toast. But with the help of different gravitic conditions maybe, they were able to genetically engineer some of their own kind to be 5'9".

    (8am) Ooork! I just realized i had a wrong link to the Family article above. I fixed it. Formerly the link there was actually to a place i sensed a CIA satanist living on the edge of the McMillan reservoir which i had busted 6 years ago.
    I had found that spot as well as this one in DC, both "hot" CIAtanists i wrote Mordok about. It was still in my clipboard.

    (8:35am) Yesterday i posted that the Abell 2218ers had stopped hitting me when i got home. But a bit later they hit me harder than ever. Apparently, displeased with my behavior.

    Then later last night i got hit weakly by Rifat again! He was getting his repts to hit me, that is.
    Then shortly later i started getting hit by more of those same large sized GMO chemmer repts, but now from that Family center on 24th St.! There were 3 living there above ground.

    (10:10am) Overcast this morning.

    There seems to be a strong link between the Jesuits and Scottish Rite Freemasonry.
    For one thing, i just found 34 Abell 2218 repts here under the Temple garden at 205' depth. Being taken out now.
    Found this article which i haven't actually read.

    I figured out something about my butterfly onyx stone. It has 2 Yejkusti pgms and 1 pgm from my dragon lady Novz. Maybe at some future date the pgms will be modified, but for now the stone's emphasis seems to be to undo some sort of black magic specific to Scottish Rite masonry practiced above the 50th Degree level. This is why the stone is much more active here than in the Arkansas boondocks. There is some kind of Scottish Rite "muck" permeating the region. Everywhere i go here the stone gouges at it. Places like the Capitol and Andrews AFB and Ivanwald have (or had) it very strongly.

    (10:20am) Earlier this morning watched this video by Jesse Ventura about Flight 77 and the Pentagon.
    I felt a vibe from the survivors of the flight which was diverted by traitors. They kept 21 females and 1 boy alive. These are here in NV at 203' depth. There were also 42 satanists. The Red Draco have hit the latter with something selective; they may be dead.

    (10:45am) And just 2 miles north of there was this base at 223-312' with 310 more satanists.
    And here in northern NV, were 521 more, depth 311-514'.
    And 5 miles SE of that spot is this one that had 303 more at 222-315'.
    And in NW NV here were 236 more, depth 312-430. Also here were 44 Abell 2218 repts. This base is more sprawling with tunnels. I sense 4 major "rooms" connected by tunnels.
    Another sprawling base here, a couple miles further west. 6 rooms, tunnels, 214-332' depth. 707 satanists, 113 Abell 2218ers, 310 grays.
    And in Idaho here were 336 satanist humans, 323 Abell 2218ers, 520 grays.
    South of there about 30 miles was this base with 350 satanists, 203 Abell 2218ers, 310 grays, and 220 of the 3' chemmer repts. And, 206 6' repts from here; there is a bright galaxy near the center at about 4:30 position. And 223 human ETs from galaxy cluster RDCS 1252.9-2927, right in the center.
    All these bases are related to each other and the 9/11 scammers.

    (10:50am) Not as directly connected, here was another base with those same humans last mentioned, 233 of them, along with 130 grays. The Earthlings may not know about this base.
    Ditto this base a mile east: 124 more of those humans.