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Loohan's blog for December, 2011
Dec. 1, '11: (8:55am) Foreclosure fraud whistleblower found dead. I did a search of Las Vegas for suspects, and got a strong vibe off this bldg. Sense 3 male satanists there.

(4:35pm) Heavy chem.

I was reading this article and got a nasty vibe off the L.A. Board of Public Works. Not sure why every member of the board is a DORy satanist.

Dec. 4, '11: (7:40am) Yesterday was overcast, windy, and mild. It has rained lightly much of the night.

I just found out about a peculiarly creepazoidal company called Independent Group Home Living. They have several locations on Long Island. Also check out their affiliates.

Not sure what is up with this bunch, but they are particularly DORy Pentacostalists. The Pentacostal Church is totally run by the Vatican, and has a high percentage of satanists in its flock, as i have mentioned before. E.g. shapeshifter Vatican agent Sarah Palin is a Pentecostalist. I do not like Pentecostalists. There are 2 of their DORy churches in Marshall, AR alone.

Dec. 5, '11: (7am) I don't believe it. The Watchers have stopped attacking good beings and are now attacking evil ones with the same zeal!
I can't think of a whole lotta logical explanations for this. I awoke in the wee hours, and soon The Watchers attacked. (Actually, they have on occasion been attacking me directly instead of via demons, but that's because their cover was blown anyway.)
I "thought" something to them along the lines of what a drag it must be to always be attacking us. Seems like it would be a lot more fun to attack degenerate tyrants without honor....
To my amazement, they collectively stopped and "huddled" for a few minutes, then started attacking bad guys!

They did not accept therapy, they just seemingly switched sides. It makes little sense. OK, maybe they saw the writing on the wall; that they would be ground down to nothing eventually by opposing us. But, they did not merely cease fire and call for a truce.

This should change the landscape quite a bit.

(7:15am) Washington State Agency Accused of Placing Native Foster Children with Pedophile Priests at Jesuit-run St. Mary’s School in Omak, Washington.

Guess what, the school must've changed names. The only way i could find it was due to this de-cloaking page. It is now the Paschal Sherman School, and it is SE of Omak here. Check out the faculty & staff. All satanists. A lot of them seem to be corrupted Indians.

(9:50) Just a while prior to the Watcher "conversion" last night, i got attacked unusually hard by Tim Rifat's young arab gay lover and Tim from their house, with more of that dirty Kabalah stuff.
I stomped them, but later the young guy hit me with some weird energy from his solar plexus, while Tim sodomized him! Some bizarre sex magic warfare, i guess.
When that failed, 2 witches Tim had hired threw demons at me. When they got clobbered, 2 more stepped in.
I think all 4 witches may be immigrants from Ghana. They live here, but those other 4 bldgs also have some of the same kind of witches, especially the one to the NE. There seem to be 26 of them in this neighborhood.

(11:40am) Looks like the precipitation finally is winding down. Got 3.2", including some sleet and then snow this morning.

On Sep 24 i said "I read in the Little Rock paper today that NOAA was promising to deliver a very dry fall and winter to Arkansas this year. I take that as a challenge. I love to make liars out of them."
Nyah, nyah!
Furthermore, major cracks are appearing in the TX drought. I predict that they will continue to enlarge until the area more or less normalizes. Also NM will be addressed.
Then there is Mexico: A drought coming to Mexico. "Mexico may get the worst drought in 70 years. Mexico’s National Weather Service (SMN) has predicted that a drought afflicting more than half the country will likely last at least three more years. And according to the SMN, the upcoming winter rainfall could range between 20 and 30 percent of normal, especially in the northern, western and central parts of the nation." Yeah, well, wanna bet?

(5:15pm) CIA bitch in London: Can you spot the satanists in the pic here?
Yes, at least 3 of the cops are satanists, but the real DORy one is the bitch in red; maybe partly because she has 36% rept DNA.

(7:50pm) The Watchers are still being good and having a blast. I guess they live to be warriors, and never gave much thought as to whose war to fight before.
Personally, i would rather be gardening than fighting.

If you feel like The Watchers are still picking on you, it is the grays. Rigelian grays in Rigel at this time. But The Watchers have turned on the grays, too.

Dec. 8, '11: (7:40am) Chem-clouds, freezing cold.

Boko Haram (Wikipedia):
Hmmmmmmm...... wants to overthrow the Nigerian gov't and check Western evils... Very noble, considering that nobody gets an important post in the gov't unless they are black magicians. Nigeria is likely the most corrupt country in the world. But, as usual, things may be a bit different from how they are portrayed.
Check out the 2nd pic in this article. Gruesome pic of "Mohammed Yusuf's bullet-ridden body shown to journalists in a video (emphasis mine) hours on July 30, 2009 after Nigerian police announced they had captured him alive. Police said Yusuf was shot while trying to escape."
But why does he feel alive and well?

I seem to feel Yusuf here in Maiduguri. Also in that town is a block of DORy people connected with this scam, presumably Boko Haram murderors. And another larger area too. I sense 800+ of them in these 2 neighborhoods alone.
Also last night we cleaned up large numbers of reptilians in a large area SW of town. They seemed related in some way to this.

(7:50am) Last night i "saw" shapeshifter Newt Gingrich and 32 other illuminati types doing a ritual near the Naval Observatory in DC. This morning this bldg is very DORy.
But i did not detect any sacrificial vertebrates. Apparently this was some other kind of powerful Scottish Rite rite.

(11am) These guys were all Tea Party heavies. One is Richard Viguerie, 42% rept. Also, Gary Bauer, Brent Bozell, Ken Cuccinnelli (Virginia’s Attorney General and probably their next Governor), Gini Thomas, and Emmett Tyrell of the American Spectator.
Also, from this list, Rita Grace, Culpepper, Virginia.

(11:10am) Nationwide Tea Party Leaders Announce Tea Party Buycott to Support Whole Foods This Tuesday. "Whole Foods will be supported by tens of thousands of fellow Americans, showcasing the economic impact the Tea Party movement can play in support of people who share our ideals." Yes, and share our religious practices, too. Whole Foods has always been satanist-owned. I remember the first time i heard of Aspartame. It was being promoted at the first WFM in Austin about 30 years ago. A healthy sweetener composed only of safe ingredients.

Dec. 9, '11: (8:35am) Minor chem this morning. Cold, sunny.

Hmm, Blagojevich sent to prison. Illuminati with 42% rept DNA (wife only has 40%) sent to prison? I've noticed this before with Tymoshenko, and her "imprisonment" is questionable.
"He will be required to undertake eight hours a day of menial labour for 12 cents an hour and share a cell with other inmates. Family visits will be limited." Oh yeah? If so, i hope it sets a precedent for dealing with satanist liars and ripoff artists.
And Jesse Jackson, Jr. (satanist like his dad) says it was a "sad day for Illinois". It will be sad if you're not next, Jesse.

(10am) More on Boko Haram. I get the vague impression of Army involvment. Also, i was led to this large cluster of bldgs just north of Oloye School. Especially the one with the arrow. I sense that 32 black magicians work there who run the Boko Haram scam. Also, i suspect this large complex is Exxon/Mobil.

So i did a websearch on oil and found some interesting stuff:
Here it says
"Because Nigerian oil is so vital to the American economy," Unger pointed out, "President Bush's State Department declared in 2002 was considered a 'a strategic national interest.' That essentially meant that the president could send in the US military to protect our access to it."...

"Given the vulnerability of the Niger Delta oil facilities and the potential powder keg of multiple militant factions squaring off against each other," the report said, "Boko Haram's infiltration into this area should be closely monitored by the US and its allies."

Members of Boko Haram, the report claimed, were being trained by
al-Qaida in the Magrib and have been forging ties with the Somali Islamic militia, al-Shabaab. This evolution of Boko Haram, concluded the report, "illustrates it is a group with fast growing ambitions," and therefore "it is important for the US Intelligence Community to stay ahead of Boko Haram to thwart a potential attack against the (American) homeland."
More stuff in this article:
...$2.2 million for the development of a counter-terrorism infantry unit, and another $6.2 million designated to the tactical communications and inter-operability within its counter-terrorism unit had been received from the US Department of Defence by the Nigerian Army as counter-terrorism funding....

The report further said: "The rising threat of Boko Haram presents the United States with an opportunity to expand diplomatic and military engagement with both Abuja and Nigerian Muslims in the North, adding that if US acted quickly on the military, intelligence and diplomatic fronts, it could ensure the relative protection of its interests while assisting Nigeria to contain the militant group.
Another relevant article.
I haven't searched that much, but did not find any mention of attacks on oil facilities by this group, merely threats. There are reports of them hitting pregnant women, churches, gov't and police bldgs, and banks, though.

(12:20pm) I just saw a passenger jet lay a CT overhead! A few months ago i mentioned that a European airline had been caught chemtrailing, but i have never observed this myself. I have been able to discern such things for 6.5 years, but i don't recall ever seeing a passenger plane spewing over AR, TN, VA, or DC area.
This plane had 21 satanists aboard, including 6 crew. Must not have been very full. I get that it is American Airlines now spraying us. I get 40 jets have been fitted with the gear. They berth, re-fuel, and re-chem at Fayetteville Regional Airport.
There may have been a U base under Butler Nature Reserve where they stored the chem, and a tunnel from there to the airport. Except that if there had been, they would have been much too smart to fly one of their planes right over my head, i would think (bloated ego).

Dec. 10, '11: (4:50pm) I noticed another AA sprayer at 1pm yesterday, but none since. I feel that 35 of them are in the air now.
Clear sky today.

This morning i noticed that all my Sakudas and Yiz girls were under NSA radionic attack from NM. I looked at the big wall map in the boss' office. Gallup. I had impression of a powerful transmitter.
So now checking it out online, i find the DOR coming from this unassuming house. I sense some kind of radionic transmitter. I think this is some new tech from the Zeta grays. There are 32 more of them on Earth that i will try to find.

(5:10pm) Yuch, i am backlogged on webwork regarding 3 evil human ET groups on Earth, and now a reader brought some more to my attention. They are thick under Curacao (map) as well as on the surface.
Some of them are heavily into this cool Kung-Fu stuff. Even involved in schools in Holland and Croatia (website). Only some of these people are evil ETs; can you tell which?
I sense bunches of them under Croatia.
These ETs are from Galaxy M81.
Check out this guy.

(6:45pm) Remember some time back i mentioned that grays are very vulnerable to being called sub-human degenerates, etc.? Well, it still holds true. I have been considerably weakening the grays lately by pointing out to them what pathetic, worthless, semi-alive pieces of excrement they are, while also blasting them mentally with Violet Flame, white light, chartreuse energies.
It is odd how they shrivel up, as if all their efforts were motivated by a need for recognition.

Only thing is i forgot some. On Nov. 11 i wrote
Lately i have been running into physical, 5' tall, small-eyed Rigelian grays. They are closely associated with The Watchers (see glossary) and involved in the same kind of deeply covert monitoring and mind-manipulations. They look a bit like this, but with smaller eyes.
Also, there are some physical 7' tall grays in the Orion area.
The 7'ers have not been doing anything obvious, but these 5'ers have.

Dec. 11, '11: (12:50am) I recently discovered another type of physical gray in the Zeta Reticuli region. These are 7' tall but with outsize heads, oddly shaped like a fetus'. They act as power sources for black magicians on Earth. A couple days ago the lead Lagos witch (still in same hospital) attacked me hard. The energy source was one of these, very cloaked, and she was also backed by the regular Zetan grays.
And just now i found another one backing the Auburn M32ers in their attacks on that lady and her cats.
These new 7'ers also are vulnerable to rude talk about what grotesque mutant scum they are.

(7:35am) Some kind of illuminati pedo op happening at the Rozengaarde Sportcentrum (map) in Doetinchem, Holland. Which seems related to a U base that was here to the north, with 41 satanists but no kids.

I sense 11 satanists at the sport center.

(5:10pm) Chem-clouds and sprayers today. This morning i spotted another AA sprayer south of town. It only emitted one short segment during the time i watched it.

Some blastworthy illuminaturds: Duke University Office of Global Strategy and Programs

And, the Federal Correctional Complex, Butner (Wikipedia, map) also feels "interesting". Wikipedia lists some notable inmates, including some who are insider agents! Being re-programmed? Let us take, for example, Kirtanananda Swami of the Jesuit-run Krishna cult. Krishna is a great guy and a friend of mine ever since i pulled a few demons off him a couple years ago. But of course the Jesuit satanists run his followers.
Jesuit satanists like Kirtinanda. And the Vatican runs the satanist gov't that incarcerated him.

Dec. 12, '11: (12:50pm) Overcast.

Nazi imperialist soldiers now in Jordan. See yesterday's posts at Boiling Frogs, a site which seems to have good intel. The airport (map) is indeed DORy from the NWO soldiers, as is much of east Jordan. My allies have been pounding these US military scum all morning.
“Some of the US forces that left the Ain al-Assad Air base in Iraq last Thursday, did not come back to the USA or its base in Germany, but were transferred to Jordan during the evening hours.” Yep. At least 960 of them.
Jordan is ruled by satanists.

Dec. 13, '11: (8am) Yesterday afternoon the chem was pretty heavy. Got a small amount of rain last night, and now it's overcast.

I have been getting this Libertarian newsletter in my inbox lately. It often has good articles. But almost every issue has a an article by this Arclein character, who has a dirty vibe, no soul, and often promotes the splendors of life-saving GMO tech.
Yesterday he actually posted this execrable bit of grotesque and flagrant Mossad propaganda.
What is interesting is that the nazis could not find an easier way to come up with this fake than photographing a mannequin. I get no vibe at all off this Monalisa Abdo name, this "woman" in the pic (tho i do feel the soulless soldier in the background), her location, parents, relatives, lover(s), enemies, or friends.
I can only find this 1 pic of her on the web.

Doing a websearch, i did find this toxic Mossad site IsraellyCool, which was the work of 1 Mossad guy who was in a U base in Taiwan.
But now they'll have another take it over.
Also FrontPage Mag. All the comments are by Mossad satanist nazis, such as "I am a pathetic little weenie who hates dem joos because my pecker is so tiny". No, Scottish Rite nazis, we underendowed ones don't hate jews; we hate pedophile, blood-rite, nazis pretending to defend jews. Like JDL, ADL, Aipac, Mossad, etc.
But we are impartial: we also hate pedophile, blood-rite, nazis professing to hate jews, like your secret-handshake Chinese buddies.

(10:10am) Note name change: Blackwater ---> Xe ---> ACADEMI.
Business as usual.

(12:35pm) My friend in Groningen, Holland had his first sleep paralysis experience recently. Oddly, the perps seem to be 21 individuals in this Lions Club in UK. Check out the Photo Gallery. In fact, this neighborhood feels like it's where most of them live.

Dec. 14, '11: (6:30pm) Foggy, drizzly. I've probably gotten about 1/4" in the last 48 hours, but i lost my rain gauge. Yesterday i had to drive to Marshall in the afternoon, and saw a lot of corrugated chemclouds. We jailed demons for a long time before these disappeared.

OK, so if Boko Haram is the Nigerian Al-Quaida, that means there must be some vile CIAtanists in the country, right?
Maybe even a nice "tentacled" business such as Optimal BusinessWare in Lagos (map). [Update April, 2012: this place no longer has a CIA vibe now. I think the CIA moved a bit north to here. Map quality very poor, but i sense 46 CIAtanists working around here, possibly in several bldgs.]

(6:40pm) The Chinese Village Of Wukan Is Under Siege After Open Rebellion Against The Government. Might happen here next.

Dec. 15, '11: (7:55am) Thunderstorm last night. I lost my rain gauge, but guess i got maybe 0.3 or 0.4".

Grim predictions say 9 more years of Texas drought possible (9/29 article in MSNBC). Who ya gonna believe, the pathetic, wimpy, sinister Powers That Were, or the righteous and noble Cmdr Loohan? Loohan is sticking his fool neck out to say, "they" are full of it. They are no longer able to enforce such threats. My ET friends, since i mentioned this 10 days ago, have been working NM as well as Old Mexico non-stop. Yesterday morning Elizabeth in NM wrote that it had been raining and snowing for days.

If you go to the US Drought Monitor and click on an area, then click on the Archive tab, you can see the regression of the drought.
Expect this regression to continue until the region is more or less normalized. That is, TX, NM, and MX.
Mexico drought maps here.

(8:20am) Something is not right with this soulless Erdogan guy: Time readers name Erdogan their 'person of the year. He makes anti-Israel noises but plays ball with the Zionists on Syria. (Some other people in Turkish government are more sincere.)
"The Turkish prime minister on Monday implicitly lashed out at the Jewish State in a recorded speech broadcasted during a convention in Doha, Qatar." Um, some kind of game is being played.

(3:43) Drizzling.
OK, the page on Salt Lake City ETs is here.

Dec. 17, '11: (7:20am) Only noted some small chem-puffs yesterday. Clear this morning so far.

Check out this happy NSAtanist family. Ellie Crystal of Crystallinks: plenty of fiction in that bio, such as "I was a happy child, coming from 2 functional parents who loved me." Lord save us all from NSA love and functionality.

(5:45pm) Sky was perfectly clear every time i checked.

There are 74 satanists working at the Verde Valley Community Hospice (map) in Cottonwood, AZ, who want you to know about them and their dirty operation. I presume they do, as they waved a nazi flag to draw attention to themselves: article.

Dec. 18, '11: (7:10am) Still clear out.

New gray hive: I have been beating up on the grays a lot lately, as they have taken over some of the slack left by the Watchers, in terms of telepathic meddling. When i beat the grays back enough, i get attacked by species of draco and reptilians, all of which are solid but also have non-solid phases, such that Antuvozy is able to delete their entire race. She even trained 10 Yiz girls to do this as well. But there seem to be lots of these races.
Then a few hours ago i got telepathically attacked from a "new" gray hive with the usual kind of short, large-eyed grays. This one is located in the center of the pic on the right here.

Dec. 19, '11: (11:50am) Right after i posted yesterday morning, lots of ugly chem rolled in, and it was another nasty chem day complete with a few drones.
Today overcast with real and chem clouds. Good rain chances tonight.

An orgone activist wrote me from Greensboro, NC, saying she was under attack and ill. The energy seems to be coming from this bldg, which seems to be part of the American Hebrew Academy. There is a long list of satanist faux jews here.
I haven't figured out yet who or what is radiating such strong toxic energy from that bldg.

(1:20pm) Satanist "spiritual healer" in Holland: Goldenheart. Doesn't feel that golden to me.

Dec. 20, '11: (8am) Got a good bit of rain overnight. Maybe 1/2". Fog, drizzle now.

Getting hit by another "new" gray hive now. On this pic of Canis Major, there is a star by the right hip, or maybe i should say right knee. That star has 5 planets around it with the usual large-eyed short grays. Also, 2 of those planets have a more dangerous race.

Recently Mordok flashed on 3 "elites" that had been hitting him from a U base. I could not detect them until i threw orgone at "whatever Mordok sees". Nailed them and later kept finding Mordok and myself under attack by them. They are normally very cloaked and covert. They may have been attacking me for some time without my awareness. Mordok had the idea new ones had come in via a portal. I was able to light up the portal in Russia. Mordok found the portal led to Universe GG, where we found thousands more that were pretty much rubbed out overnight.

Meanwhile we got hit by the ones in Canis Major. And later their grays.
Then last night, somebody else wrote me for help with demon attacks, and i found the demons were sent by these elites in Canis Major. So there are probably other people getting hit by them.

Who are these "elites"? If you are interested enough, you can look at my 8pm entry for Feb. 5 as well as more stuff down that page. I do mention some repts from NGC 507. That's them. Still feels DORy. They are probably rept/human hybrids, or at least able to mimic a human form.

(11:10am) Sun came out. Light chem-fluff coasting by at low altitude; getting morphed and shrunk by my orgone.

Snowbird, UT: (map pic) seems to be composed mainly of satanists for some reason. Also there are at least 31 of those SLC-type ETs there.

Dec. 21, '11: (8pm) Semi-serious chem today. Many long trails.

Kirkland, WA: CIA city. I feel almost 800 CIAtanists in this area.
This DORy bldg has a lot of trucks...
Also i am finding a lot of subterranean CIAtanist clones.

Dec. 22, '11: (12:05pm) Overcast.

I think the trucks from that bldg go north to Mukilteo, where there is a bunch more underground CIA non-clone activity being taken care of now. Also, i get a vibe from this pier. Then boats took some of whatever they are moving to (haha) Langley, WA, where there was another CIA U base. I presume small motorboats, as they seem to arrive here at Bell's Beach, where i see no docks. Must just be small, valuable cargo dropped here... Which means most of the stuff goes elsewhere, perhaps Bellingham.

More CIA U non-clone bases under Bellingham, esp. around Cedarwood Ave. and south to this dock. There seems to be a slime trail that goes out of the Sound and down the coast to Coos Bay, OR, then inland to this dock. That bldg has strong CIA vibe. And their presence can be felt elsewhere around there.
South of there a short distance is South Slough, where 5K CIA clones are being eradicated now.
Maybe this stuff is not drugs so much as special yummy "food" for clones.

Incidentally, found another CIA bldg in Kirkland. Just the rectangular section sticking out, which i think adjoins Chase Bank but is separate.

(2:20pm) Now the elite Jesuits are attacking me from all over NGC 2362 - The Tau Canis Majoris Cluster.

Dec. 23, '11: (6:20pm) About 2 quadrillion of them were hitting me for a while before we stifled them. Laid a hurting on me, too, but luckily i have amazing healers, and was able to get a good night's sleep eventually. Woke up feeling great. They have not hit me since.

I had to do some city shopping today (non-xmas). I had wanted to go to Harrison to harrass the M32ers there, but Harrison does not have a Lowe's store, so i went south to Conway.

I wanted to stir up the M32ers in Conway better, but only found 1 of their businesses, Conway Copies, and a couple hundred houses. Didn't find any big clusters of them.
Also i was pulled out east to the Vilonia area, but couldn't discern any evil beings, just "weak, vulnerable" earth energies.
But now i feel DOR here, and 446 reptilians of some sort, 7' tall. And there are hundreds more scattered east of there.
Also finding some Zetan grays under Conway.

Got no local demon or ET attacks all day. This area has really been cleaned up a lot.
Yesterday had a bunch of chem-clouds and some hybrid clouds. Today, overcast all day.

(6:35pm) These repts also had a huge base with 42K of them here in Cambodia. This was probably their main Earth base. Their hive is all over M87.
They seem very strongly affected by orgone weapons.

(6:40pm) Also, Thorp alerted me to the fact that there are Ta'l fighting evil Draco and Cikar (wingless draco-like elite). A lot of them hiding underground here and elsewhere on Mars.

Dec. 26, '11: (8:15am) Yesterday was clear overhead all day, but chem-banks were always visible to the east. Even some CTs and scalar ripples at times. 100% chance of rain today and tonight. Overcast.

Nigerian Group Escalates Violence With Church Attacks. That would be Boko Haram again, working for CIA, which is an extension of the Vatican. And bombing Catholic churches. Wonder what kind of insurance they had on those bldgs...

(11:05am) Anybody feeling any shifting, or is it just me?
People sometimes ask me about 2012, the Mayan Calendar, etc., as if i am supposed to have some great insights. Actually, i don't, but for some time have been of the impression that most of the crucial changes would happen by the end of 2011, not 2012. I am not alone in this; one can find many others who believe this.
In any case, i felt like yesterday, Christmas Day, was a key shifting point. I think it started Christmas Eve. And i am not a big fan of Christmas.

Some key factors contributing to this shift:
  • Increasingly effective orgone tech developments on the part of The Committee this year, much of which has been made use of by others than just myself -- in a big way.
  • Two new guys mentioned here. Their activities seem geared to undercutting defunct reality structures that have been empowering evil, rather than duking it out with evil beings.
  • New allies called the Pluvadians which i mention in the subsequent post, who are now working closely with those other 2 guys as well as The Committee.
What i expect to see increasingly is:
  • Bad guys having less toxic power to fuel energy attacks
  • More ill fortune for evil people, and better luck for good people
  • More overt contempt toward the illegitimate nazi order and its minions; less compliance.

(12:35pm) Nice CIAtanist family with their sexually-abused girls: Love for Life.

Dec. 27, '11: (12:45pm) I still didn't replace my rain gauge, but my 5-gallon bucket has about 1.6" in it, so i guess i got around 1.2" maybe. Including a tiny bit of snow.
Clear sky except for the occasional rare, shreddable chem-puff.

Music Exec Killed in Hollywood Shooting Rampage. The article says about the killer:
She said Brehm was "really stressed out lately."
He met a woman he thought was a pharmaceutical saleswoman, who had given him some kind of pills, Alligood said. He began taking the pills, which was alarming because he never took "hard" drugs before.
"He was very anti-pharmaceutical," Alligood said.
I think this programmer woman lives here.

(3:45pm) Mordok and i have been poking around this Brehm op, and the picture is yet unclear. We have found various houses and bldgs that seem to be CIA. The music exec may not have been the intended target. The intended victim might still be OK; maybe he failed to show when they expected Brehm to hit him.
There seems to be a CIA kiddie porn op involved. Possibly the intended victim found out about it. The kiddie op has a lot to do with the CIA business Avon Studio Transportation AKA Avon Rents. If you look at their site, it lists 3 DORy locations but not the one i just linked to. I suspect all are involved in shuttling kids around for nefarious purposes.
This bldg with trucks seems to be where the films are made.
This house seems to have 2 CIAtanists involved. Another lives here. Four more here.

Just west of that truck place is Cerritos College, which has the vibe of 3 CIAtanists who seem neither students nor staff. I do not know what they do, but it is connected somehow with all this stuff. I think 2 of these 3 live nearby here, and i get a funny vibe off their backyard, like maybe they "take care of" children who play out there.

This bldg in Stratford is connected somehow, too. Maybe kids are brought here from the nearby Kettleman City Elementary School, which has a CIAtanist vibe in that big white bldg, although the faculty seem clean.
The vibe of 2 CIAtanists who live here.

(4:20pm) Nasty NSA op: Era of Peace. Check out those witches.
"Kay believes the uniqueness of each soul is creating a splendorous tapestry of Light that is fulfilling the Divine Edict this planet is destined to express." Oh, wow, me too. I see evidence everywhere that everyone is God just waiting to be recognized. Our collective illumination is unstoppable.
And dig these cool links to myriad NSA spiritual services. Nice blurb at the top, too. I wonder if they'd be interested in linking my site, too?

Dec. 28, '11: (8am) Moderate chem-clouds.
Yesterday there was a 6.6 quake in Russia. I found an earthquake machine (i think) here about 2 miles down. From the same bunch that were doing Fukushima etc. earlier. It is disabled now, and 3 of their U bases have been nailed.

Dec. 29, '11: (3:15pm) T-shirt weather. We are supposed to have mild and dry weather for a while.
Nonetheless, some spraying and chem-clouds.

Another darkside Reiki "healer": Tamara Kothuis of Reikihart in Holland.
And several more depicted down the page here at Helios Reiki & Groei Centrum.
And also Marjolein Arends–Berendsen of Praktijk Zoma.

(4pm) CIAtanist "libertarian" Mike Renzulli writes drivel for Freedom's Phoenix. Like for example
The 9/11 attacks occurred because of Islamic terrorism and not due to blowback resulting from U.S. foreign policy as Paul, some libertarians and hardcore leftists claim. It is wrong and immoral for them to resort to blaming America for such a tragedy and then accommodate scum like 9/11 Truth (so-called) organizations along with the conspiracies they further as well as praise traitors like Bradley Manning...
I do not know why Freedom's Phoenix, a seemingly sincere Libertarian bunch for the most part, tolerates these hardcore nazionist statist liars so much. I mean how much of a brain does it take to discern that Arclein is a Mossad asset? What country could possibly be more antithetical to Libertarianism? Their economy is based on foreign handouts and organized crime.
And now this CIA satanist spokesman who, like Arclein, makes no pretense of being a wolf in sheep's clothing, but stands right up and announces that he is the enemy. I commend their straightforwardness, but what are they doing associated with Libertarians?

Dec. 30, '11: (7:55am) Chem-clouds.

New Polls Show Paul And Romney Neck and Neck Going Into Iowa Race. Paul may not be 100% perfect, but he is a 96, whereas Romney is a Scottish Rite pedophile satanist with 42% reptilian DNA. Who ya gonna blast?

(7:05pm) The chem pretty much cleared up by mid afternoon.

Got some new allies in town:
Alien Starships Inbound: Destination Earth. This ship has 45K Vicarah and 500 battleships. They hate nazi jesuit type scum with a passion. Thorp has mentioned them to me at times.
They are not sweetie-pies, but mean nazi-stompers. They don't really like anybody too much, but they like me because i'm such a dour misanthrope. Two of their battleships have been in Canis Major for hours, and as a result the "elites" there are too cowed and abused to hit anyone with their usual crap. What a relief.

Dec. 31, '11: (11:45am) Some chem. No natural clouds. Unseasonably warm weather. Windy.

Some darkside "healers" in Holland:And now the good news: a foot-long turtle has just been born, with special technology to optimize any yuga changes, Mayan calendar type stuff.