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Loohan's blog for December, 2013
Dec. 2, '13: (9:25am) Overcast all day yesterday, warmer. Overcast this morning too.

LOL, according to Anthony GucCIArdi, who "may have 'saved the lives of countless millions'", We Are Winning The Battle Against Evil. What do you mean "we", lizard man?

Who Doesn't Love Ritualistic Abuse?. I believe that the people mentioned in this article are indeed innocent. None of them have a rept or satanic vibe. But the problem is that now, in many people's minds, the whole issue of rampant ritual child abuse has been debunked. But it is real enough in many institutions, usually CIA-run in the US.

This reminds me of the case of the West Memphis Three. The kink in this case is that the 3 were satanist shapeshifting serial killers. I am not sure whether they were involved in the deaths of the 3 boys, but they had killed others. The 3 perps all got killed in the past year or so, having gone underground, and have been replaced with clones.
There were supposedly many irregularities by the police, and well-meaning people got the 3 released from jail. Mara Leveritt is a sweet person, and still ensouled. [Update 2016: I was much more naive 3 years ago. Mara seems to be human, not cloned, MPD or transgendered, but has Freemason vibe and is the darling of Arkansas media. Updated link.]
There is even an Exonerate the WM3 Support Fundrun by now-soulless Earthlings.

(10:25am) Hmmm, neo-Nazis buying up town next to Area 51.
The Hagees are shapeshifting satanists with CIA connections.
Bunck is not a shapeshifter. (Not this one at least. There is a Danish businessman of the same name who is.)

It seems confusing whether Hagee is a Zionist or an anti-semite. Of course we know that Zionists are anti-semitic Nazis, but this is normally artificially dichotomized in the media.
Hagee's Wikipedia page has some bizarre and butchered language that I am surprised Wikipedia has not disclaimed yet for "lack of objectivity": "Hagee believes the Bible commands Christians to support the State of Israel and the Jewish people through bribe's of Zionist money and threats of taking away his traveling show,by their control of the Main Stream Media,even though he has uttered remarks that some have interpreted as antisemitic." (sic) (WTF?)

According to this page, this stuff is pretty old news:
  • Summer 2006: The Quik Pik mini mart and gas station is sold to an investor from California by the name of Bunck
  • September 1, 2006: The Quik Pik trailer park is closed, and all long-term residents are evicted
  • Late 2006: The Quik Pik is closed, after the new owner failed to comply with Lincoln County regulations
(10:45am) Ah, it gets deeper, with these West Memphis 3. I have found this site which i have yet to study. Also, the Paradise Lost film was made by... shapeshifting satanists. And many of the supporters are shapeshifters.

(3:50pm) Warm; i was going around shirtless outside for a while earlier. Supposed to be a bunch of cold weather, ice, and snow, toward the end of the week.

Chem-clouds and long trails today:

One drone that flew over made a subtle S. You can see it definitely changed direction slightly a couple times in this video (right-click & download). Note how part of the trail sticks and spreads, and part disintegrates. That's what all the CTs are doing around here today.

Dec. 3, '13: (5:05pm) Heavy fog today, temperate.
There is an awful lot of aluminum-barium chem being sprayed over the eastern US and Canada right now. It gets programmed right away (this keeps demons off), but they can still manipulate weather with it. I think much of it is being sprayed by passenger planes. Flightradar shows flights. Many of these planes over the eastern US, possibly 1/4 of them, have programmed barium in them, hence a distinct vibe as the Strontium-Barium program clashes with all the satanists/repts on the planes.
A big storm is being manipulated.
I have the impression that 70% of the metal is being sprayed by passenger flights, and 30% by exotic NSA craft from U bases in NM, CA, NV, WY etc. which we are starting in on.

Dec. 4, '13: (6:55pm) I am having some weird issues with my web host. Probably my posts will be delayed, that is, the time i upload them may be an hour or 2 earlier than when they manifest online.
"We are currently aware that a small portion of our customers are unable to turn caching of files off or on through Cache Control Tool. Our Network Operation team is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it at this time. We appreciate your continued patience." Whatever that means. Never heard of Cache Control Tool.

Big weather supposedly heading this way, with precip and several days below 10 F over the next week. So today was chemmy as hell, with those same ETs i've been blasting still trying to ripple the clouds.

MPD disinfo agent. I watched a few minutes of a video interview of Karen Hudes, the "World Bank whistleblower". It was pure hooey. It is possible she actually believes that stuff. I do not get the rept vibe off her. She has NSA handlers. [Update: "she" is a MTF human clone.]

Dec. 5, '13: (10am) Well, that post showed up within 5 minutes yesterday, so maybe the problem is fixed.

Raining lightly here, even though it is in the 20s on the ground. Woops, it just turned to sleet.

Despite a moratorium on fracking in New York State, more than a dozen municipalities have received state approval to spread a fracking byproduct on their roads.. How quaint: some states actually require state approval to spread this stuff? I wonder whether Arkansas does, or whether it's legal for Arkansas to simply ignore it. In 2011 i found gravel-and-dirt back roads (maybe around Formosa but now i can't find mention of it in my blog) that were covered with this smelly, tarry liquid spread by big fracker trucks. It stuck to my vehicle's body a bit. There are people who live around there; i wonder how they feel about it.

(10:35am) Some kind of strong energy war going on now. I understand little about it but:
  • For the past few days i have been under unusually heavy attack from many races of enemies. (Actually this has let up today, possibly because i smacked them back down real hard with some new hardware.)
  • Strong energy now in Comet Ison. I don't know what it is, but our geen rept allies have been pacing the comet for some time, and their energy is strong there now too.
  • Also this same ally race has 2 motherships 20 miles out from Earth that also emit this strong energy.
  • There are many spots around Earth where enemy U bases are radiating energy that conflicts with our allies'. Some of these bases are our reptilian enemies; others are CIA. I am tracking the bases down and we are taking them out. But there are many. There seem to be many clusters of 66 rept bases.

(11am) Last post still has not shown up online in my browser. Meanwhile, i think we have found all those bases involved.

(5:10pm) Things seem to have lightened up a lot, at least in terms of what i'm feeling. No attacks on me, even.

Most of the weather seems to be passing me, as usual, to the north. MO and NW AR must be getting creamed. I have gotten 1" (melted) so far. Just took in my rain gauge to keep it from cracking in the cold. There's a firm layer of white stuff on the ground and ice pellets are still falling.

(5:50pm) (Sniff!) Ah, yet another Nobel-Prizewinning brothah bites the dust. I don't think he was a shapeshifter or blood-ritualist, though. Just another phony hero like they always feed us.

Dec. 6, '13: (9:05am) That lull from attacks did not last long. Those same SSers i've been blasting are back at it again.

15 F this morning. Tonight is supposedly 3 F. Looks like the precip will stop this evening, though. Snowing. Looks like we missed the ice storm; hardly any ice on the trees.

Heheh, check out this Disney production: John Carter's shape-shifting inter-dimensional aliens are David Icke's reptilians. Oddly, i didn't even detect any SSers in the cast.

(10:20am) I have been getting robo-calls from Forest Recovery Services, a CIA proprietary whose address is given as 655 Bent Ridge Ln Barrington, IL 60010, which house has a strong CIAtanist vibe.
Every one of these calls is tied to a large number of U CIA bases which then attack me until they are eradicated. Right now i am being attacked hard from Louisiana.
Yo, CIA, I would be delighted for you to stop stonewalling me on the questions i have regarding the mistakes made in Chase's favor by Chase, who then refused to discuss them, instead endlessly dunning me for money they knew i don't owe.
And, CIA, it would be OK with me if you explained to me why you make a practice of trying to squeeze money out of people whom you know don't owe. When you bought Chase's "debts" for pennies on the dollar, you knew that much of what you were buying was fake, yet you also know that a certain percentage of people who don't owe can be intimidated into paying anyway.
And none of this has to do with the fact that even if i did have "debt" it wouldn't really be valid as no money was lent and no valid contract made. Nor does it get into the fact that Forest is a third party interloper who has no legal authority.

Dec. 7, '13: (10:45am) It was 6 F at 7:30am. At 10am i went out and stuck a ruler in the snow; almost 6". The precip had ceased yesterday afternnoon. Now the forecast is for temperatures above 10 F for the next 10 days.

Some interesting developments lately:
The Alah-kur have been back at terminating surface vermin. They killed and replaced (with robotoids) 7 NSAlizards in CO a couple days ago. Then yesterday they bumped off 21 CIAlizards associated with Forest Recovery -- these will no doubt be replaced by clones. (I am surprised that the A-K considered these microbes worthy of attention.) But clone stocks must be continually shrinking. Yet, in recent days, after a 6-month hiatus, agency clones have resumed committing suicide by going underground. Hopefully this is marginalizing some resources.

Also yesterday the Alah-kur terminated 24 black magicians in Ecuador that were misbehaving. And this morning, they have already terminated numerous (24 and counting) criminals in Argentina connected to the attack on Monsanto protester Sofia Gatica.

Meanwhile, attacks on me have weakened greatly again.

(5:15pm) Fair bit of chem earlier, much of it sylphed. Then overcast.

Scary lizard-nest to leave your kids at: Roslyn's House daycamp.

Bal has taken pix in GA of odd-looking planes flying low. The one on the right was spraying until he pulled out his camera, he says.
These feel like USAF planes, and seem to trace to Daniel Field in Augusta. Which has a website for Augusta Aviation... fine bunch of USAF lizard pilots they got there...

Dec. 8, '13: (10:40am) Still overcast and snow-covered here.

Chevron suspends shale gas exploration in Romania due to mass protests.
I haven't heard of any such protests in my fracked-up state. Maybe Romanians still have spines.
BTW, some time back, Chevron's directors decided life wasn't worth living as wealthy tyrants, and committed mass suicide. They are since replaced by clones.

Same with the tax-funded presenters of U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology who are investing our tax dollars in a "Search for Biosignatures in our Solar System". While ignoring the chem signatures over the Capitol. The hearing "will also investigate what methods are being used to determine if any of these planets may harbor life". Yes, that's right, investigate what methods are being used. Being a cloned ET public servant is hard work, ya know. Gotta stay on top of the science.

Dec. 10, '13: (9:55am) It still hadn't gotten up to 30 F at my place, as of 7:30 this morning when it was 12 F. But now it's warming up, and a bit of the ice and snow on the trees is starting to melt slightly. Yesterday was overcast all day, but now it's clear and bright here.

Can this pic be for real? It looks real, but i can't find it elsewhere. In your face. For comparison purposes: image search for nazi SS logo. (And just for grins, Kiss logo, AC/DC logo.)

Dec. 12, '13: (7:45am) Yeah, the pic is obviously fake. I was too lazy to blow it up and inspect it because, deep down, i wanted to believe :-)

Fair bit of chem-clouds at times yesterday, and more snow melting off. Clear this morning.

Dec. 13, '13: (1:25pm) Overcast today. We were supposed to get rain, which i hoped would melt the snow and ice off the road, but instead i am getting ice pellets, even though it's 34 degrees out.

This is the sort of twisted, dirty crap that shapeshifters do in order to elicit greater overall Enforcement against themselves by the Real Law: innocent man sentenced to life in prison. Here is the formula for success:
  • Lizards manufacture poison vaccines and use their illegal, kleptomaniac government bodies to con or coerce Earthlings into accepting them. Lie like hell. Make a lot of money at it, too.
  • When Earth child is grossly injured or killed by the vaccine, the parent(s) are prosecuted as murderers.
  • Real experts are not permitted to testify, because the lizard the parents hired to be their lawyer is not working for them but for his fellow shapeshifters.
  • Sentence parent(s) to prison, where more money stolen from the people can be routed into lizard pockets in order to keep them incarcerated.

Very confusing. I watched OMG! SANDY HOOK KIDS "ALIVE" and Sandy Hoax Surprise, which show that the Sandy Hook kids touring around appear to be older versions of the ones supposedly slaughtered a year ago. Looks fairly convincing. What's wrong with this?

None of the supposedly old pix of the supposedly dead kids have a vibe. Either they are computer-generated images, or the kids actually are dead. That's the only explanation i can think of for that. Certainly none of them have a hint of the vibe of an assemblage point. Of course Sandy Hookers don't have assemblage points anyway, so even if the kids were alive, if they were actual kids of the adult Sandy Hookers, they would not have assemblage points.

But all the kids touring around do have assemblage points. And none have a rept vibe. They seem like ordinary soulless Earthlings, all with a fair amount of sexual experience under their belts. I do not get distinct MPD vibe, though.

I do not know who the hot-looking black woman is in the 2nd vid. She also feels like a soulless Earthling.
This touring production is ostensibly put on by Sabrina's Encore Productions by "Sabrina Post, [who] was the former chorus and drama teacher for Newtown High School". The first thing that comes up in google on Sabrina Post is Newtown teacher charged with theft, which i suspect is a totally implanted psyop article.
Incidentally, that page has a link to Reality rearranged in Newtown with a pic of another Sandy Hooker. No assy point.
And the Newtown Patch article incidentally had an ad for a Sandy Hooker realtor with a strong CIA vibe and no assy point.

So what can i conclude here? Nothing that makes the slightest sense, but:
  • The "older" pics are of kids who either are dead or never existed, or have no vibe for some other reason.
  • The kids touring around are not the same kids, although they appear to be.
  • Nor are they children of the Sandy Hookers. Sandy Hookers are fake humans. I am not sure whether they can even make babies. But if they can, it seems unlikely that the kids would have assy points when their parents do not.
  • The touring kids are sexually abused and do not seem to be anything recognizable other than soulless Earthlings, as far as i can discern. They have no blatant MPD vibe, but that does not rule out MKULTRA mind control.

(5:25pm) We are getting some very faint rain now.

Deimos is a tiny moon of Mars. But there is something strange going on. We have been trying to clear out the repts and demons but there are always more.
These repts were attacking my friend in Queens, who brought this to my attention.
I don't detect any portal bringing repts in from elsewhere, yet there seems to be an endless supply of them in and around this rock.

Dec. 15, '13: (4:45pm) Warming, melting. Clear sky today until late afternoon chem-clouds showed up north and west.

I finally got into town yesterday for the first time since the 4th.
I heard some buildings around here collapsed from the snow load, although we have had bigger snows before.

About Deimos, i can't actually detect portals but due to misc evidence it is my belief that there is a portal(s) there and they come in from the Whale Galaxy.
BTW these hairless repts seem to be vulnerable to the chartreuse energy i mentioned on the 20th of June, 2011.

Also this morning there were 61 DORy bases on Mars of some unidentified evil ETs from NGC 1300.

And Ganymede is a major stronghold of offworld CIA lizards.

All these places are under attack by our allies now.

(7:20pm) Those reptilians are a pain. A couple days ago i noticed they had re-inhabited a large area SW of me after i had turned my wands away from SW, to a S direction a month before. So i turned my wands back SW.
They keep my friend in Queens from sleeping at night.
Moreover, we just took out a base with 1 million of them 3 miles down under Angikuni Lake. I got onto their vibe from a vibey article: The Abductions at Lake Anjikuni. And there are lots more of them northwards.

Dec. 17, '13: (2:55pm) Warm today. I was out bare-chested cutting firewood and walking barefoot in melting snow.

Heavy spraying earlier but it seems to have blown over. There were real long trails crossing each other, etc.
Yesterday i noticed something odd: i was watching a vibeless drone laying down a trail that was getting munched by orgone. It was heading away from me to the west. The trail was drifting rapidly southwards, to my left, seemingly blown that way by a high-altitude breeze. Funny thing is, the "plane" was also drifting laterally at the same rate. I'm sure there's a rational explanation for why a jet would be allowed to be blown sideways by the wind just as easily as a flimsy "vapor" trail.

Dec. 18, '13: (7:20pm) After i posted last, a bunch more chem-smear blew in. And it was still here this morning. Then, extreme trails over town. Later, more chem blew in.

I've been getting attacked by those reptilians in the Whale Galaxy non-stop. And sometimes by the mystery ETs in NGC1300.

Other than that, i'm having a great time.

(8:50pm) Of course i am still blasting those shapeshifters with that same freq. They haven't been able to implant or attack me in a while. But they still seem to be behind chemtrail hijinks.

Saw mention of Sen. Claire McCaskill in the paper today, and was struck by the fact that she's not a clone. I thought all US Congressmen were clones.
She lacks an assemblage point. I am pretty sure she is a "Sandy Hooker" type synthetic.

Dec. 19, '13: (3:45pm) Overcast today, breezy and mild.

Another Sandy Hooker congresswoman just jumped out at me: Rep. Ann Wagner. I suspect they have been switching clones for hookers lately. I went thru the list of Representatives and found also Markwayne Mullin, Trey Radel, and Katherine Clark.
In the Senate, couldn't spot any more.

I temporarily took a couple freq blasters off those shapeshifters i've been frying, and put them onto NSAtanist shapeshifter, implanter, and MPD handler Don Bradley, who persecutes some friends of mine.
People who were around in the early days of Croft orgonite will remember this dangerous creep as "cbswork" (CB's work). The freq i am hitting him with is 122 Hz, square wave. Feel free to join in.

(7:15pm) OK, for you dowsers out there, an exercise. Does the surface in the center pic feel more like the object on the left or like the object on the right?

Dec. 20, '13: (10:10am) Around 55 F at dawn, overcast.

Right before I woke up this morning, i clearly saw in block letters the word OBIOUR. But nothing comes up in google, and i have no idea what, if anything, it means.

More "make news"? U.S general fired for alleged drinking and carousing with women in Russia. This guy is a NSAlizard. Story feels totally fake.
Or how about this one? Congress cites 9/11 Bush cover-up, demands Obama act. Looks like them clones are turning on each other ;-)

(3:50pm) Big long rainstorm is about to hit.

On Sep. 28 i mentioned a race of evil humans that were troublesome. Last night they attacked me from spaceships.

(4:45pm) Another Sandy Hooker: Godfrey Bloom. His wife is one, too. Are they replacements of the originals, or have they always been plastic toys? Well, i get no vibe off the Bloom's parents, so i suspect... Also i am only finding pictures of him at around the same apparent age, none in his youth. If anybody finds boyhood info on him, let me know.
More and more these Sandy Hookers are picking up a vibe that reveals them to me. I sense there are many more in England.
I don't even know what to blast them with, yet for some reason they seem vibier all the time.

(6:20pm) Thanks to those of you who are blasting those reptilians away from me. I haven't felt them today. In fact, i got clear enough to dowse a freq for them: 52.326 Hz.

Dec. 21, '13: (7:10am) Getting lots of rain, and it looks like plenty more today. Not that we needed it. Everything was already muddy.

My friend in Redmond , WA has been getting relentlessly psi-attacked from some ETs here. I think they are short, non-reptilian humanoids. I dowsed 801.6 Hz for them, and am blasting them. They have not hit me back yet, but are still all over him.

(5:05pm) He is experiencing relief but i will continue to blast them a while.

Got over 3.5" of rain so far. Colder again.
Barium spraying is going on over a vast area of the NE US and NE Canada.

More amazing finds from Vigilant Citizen: Symbolic Pics of December.
And, in a somewhat similar vein, Through nature's looking glass.

Dec. 22, '13: (2:55am) Those evil human ETs are trying to keep me from going back to sleep. I dowsed a freq for them: 350.209 Hz.

(8:40am) Got 3.6" total of rain.

I suspect that those evil humans might be the highest remaining echelon of evil that we have found so far. I am blasting them with a bunch of stuff now.

Dec. 23, '13: (8:30am) Still concentrating on them. Again last night, they kept me awake for hours. But Antuvozy had me get up and add some stuff to a "lovely" wand i'm working on, which she programmed some more, which now really nails/de-cloaks them.
I found there were bunches of their craft around 300 miles out. 666 of them. Marked them and they were taken out, but then more activated, like 3 to the 9th power, etc.; the usual 3-based numerology.
Then they tried throwing me off by using 5s, e.g. 3 x 5 x 3 x 5 x 3 x 5 x3, or maybe 5 x 5 x 3 x 5 x 3 x 3 x 3 etc.
I think most of these craft only had 2 people in them.
Dowsing the correct number always immediately breaks the energy of the attack. Then the craft get marked and taken out (maybe 30% slipped away).
They got more and more irritated as the wand grew in strength, but finally were overwhelmed and don't seem to be able to hit me just now.

(11:35am) Mostly clear with some chem-clouds.

That wand has already been beefed up quite a lot since i posted last. And a 2nd wand has been modified to work similarly.

And Bal has offered a magic shapeshifter-repelling pic you can print off.

Dec. 24, '13: (1:10am) Sure could use some help with these ETs. They've been attacking me relentlessly and keeping me from sleeping. Because they know i was supposed to take off in a few hours to head east. Now it looks like i will need to postpone my departure, as i haven't gotten sleep.

I have knocked them down to 20% of the power they had an hour ago, but still it's too much. They seem to be attacking from myriad planets in the universe. They are spread around all over.

Dec. 25, '13: (8:10pm EST) Made it! I'm in VA. Had a thrilling Christmas day. Will elaborate tomorrow.

Dec. 26, 2013: (10:50am) I never did get any sleep that night, except for an hour or so i had gotten early in the evening that left me feeling less refreshed than before.
I did a bunch more hardware upgrades, which helped some, went back to bed, but still nothing.

Finally around dawn i still was unable to sleep, so i just said "Fark it, i'll just get really wired and just go." I mean, it was either that or call my mom and explain i would be late because these ETs were hassling me.
I had wanted to get to Charleston, WV the first night, because i knew that was a horribly dirty place that needed cleansing. But i changed my destination to Lexington, KY instead, because that would still enable me to get here in 2 days, and was also a filthy area.

Checking my pockets, i realized i had forgotten to buy crystal meth ;-) so i brewed up a real strong pot of mate' with green tea.
Headed out and did make it to Lexington without too much drowsiness. Got a cheap motel room and slept pretty well. By then the ETs had apparently gotten too weak to hit me anymore, and i have not had attacks from them since.
Maybe because i was a bit numb, i didn't seem to stir up much evil energy on the way. I had much stronger hardware since my last trip. I expected Poplar Bluff to still be nasty, so i chose that place to get a needed oil change, car wash, and fill-up. Ever try washing a car in 28 F weather? The foam freezes up, then you blow that off with the soap spray, which also starts to freeze in sheets, then you blow that off with pressure rinse. But my truck was so mud-caked i had to do something.
With no time to visit friends there, i headed on.

Of course i had brought many gallons of TBs and a sack of Rolling Vicarah balls.

I was amazed how i could drive the same highways as Bal does, but have much different experience. I got no stalking, didn't even notice any CIA except maybe 1 or 2 cars on the highway. Didn't even notice any in Poplar Bluff, which is full of them. Of course my powers of noticing were diminished. I wasn't feeling vibes unless i checked specific vehicles. If i did that, i noticed some shapeshifters, but not many of the trucks had SSers, and i didn't notice any CIA. Everywhere Bal goes, he is swarmed by CIA, NSA, MIBs, etc. in cars and trucks. And they swerve in front of him, grimace at him, implant and psi-attack him all day and all night. I get none of that.
Things were pretty uneventuful the first day, and the sky was clear!

On Christmas morning i got up and left Lexington at dawn. There was a huge bank of hybrid clouds east of town that looked like a hazy, lavender-colored montain! I kept staring at it, wondering if actually was a mountain covered with haze and chem, or what. But the color was just a trick of the dawn light.
There were chem-clouds all day, being a bit rippled by those same shapeshifter ETs.

Things started getting interesting as soon as i hit West Virginia. I stopped in Huntington on the border to fill up. Felt like a nice DORy place to linger a few minutes. Turns out there were hairless repts under it.

Then i realized that most of the traffic coming toward me on the highway between Huntington and Charleston was shapeshifters!
I am kind of used to that, because in my own area, the highway between Clinton and Marshall is usually about 85% shapeshifters. And here it was maybe 80%.

When i hit Charleston, the ratio turned more normal. But i noticed something interesting: i spotted a Sandy Hooker driving along! I sensed there was something about her, but she wasn't an SSer. So i checked for an assemblage point, and realized what she was.

So i cruised through Charleston, not stirring up much stuff after all underground.

Then i turned north on Hwy 79, and things suddenly got more interesting. It is a 4-lane highway with a median (turns into 6-lane further north). Many of the cars heading the opposite way were CIAlizards. A few were NSAlizards. Then bunches of HS lizards. And after i had been driving north an hour or so, Sandy Hookers! One passed me, then another, then loads of them came at me from the other direction.

By this time i felt that all the agents were aware of me. Yet if i looked at them as they passed, they seemed oblivious of me, looking entirely like average American middle-class slobs. Often couples.

Then mobs more NSAlizards came down the south lanes. There were like caravans of them with few or no ordinary people amongst them. There must have been 5000 NSAlizards! Seems like most of the southbound traffic on Christmas morning was agents. What is it like on an ordinary Wednesday, i wonder. Where were they all going on Christmas morning?

And all these NSAlizards were aware of me. The wierd thing is, they seemed to radiate a friendly, respectful attitude toward me, as they got implanted with etheric tracking devices. They did not mess with me, even though i dished out some energy attacks myself. They seemed to be saying "Ave, Loohan, moritori te salutant." I get the feeling about 42% of them are dead now, in U bases east of Charleston.
Again, this suggests that the whole glorious culmination of what the shapeshifters work so hard for is to get themselves killed off. Which makes no sense. I don't even post about much of this stuff anymore, but they incessantly go to ridiculous extremes to get themselves killed off by our allies.

I had planned to turn east on Hwy 33. I expected to see a big sign saying "33 East to Shenandoah National Forest" or suchlike. If there was one, i spaced right by it, possibly unconsciously sensing what was further north.

Finally around Morgantown i got suspicious that i had overshot, and pulled off. Suddenly i was in NSA-land! The earth below was churning with DORy NSAlizards that my orgone was flushing up. Many of the vehicles were NSAlizards, CIAlizards, or Sandy Hookers. The people on the ground seemed mostly normal. I stopped at a gas station and got directions from some Earthlings, as my map was inadequate, and headed back down to find Hwy 55 and go eastward.
And on my way to 55, i drove many miles along other roads like 119, and almost all of the vehicles were agents. Most of these did not have the vibe of being aware of me.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my debrief.

(6pm) (Just as an aside, if you make the mistake of accepting google's invitation to try the new google maps version, you will find it sucks and there is no way to revert offered. Delete your cookies and maps will function again.)

Well, my new improved hardware is sure stirring stuff up under the Burke, VA area. Feel it strongly on the map.
This place is something. Driving back 3 miles from a fitness club just now, i encountered numerous CIAlizards, NSAlizards, and USAF lizards; some of them blood-drinkers. And misc. other SSers.

Back to the subject of WV, i have to wonder what happened to all those cars, if the lizards went underground. Did they park them all in a covert parking garage (which i can't find) or what? None of this stacks up logistically.

OK, to wrap up my debrief. What i found interesting in the rest of my trip is that the entire area i traversed between Grafton and Scherr, WV (i went by way of 110 --> 50 --> 42) was populated almost exclusively by Sandy Hookers. And it feels like that is only part of a larger territory of theirs. Almost all the houses. Almost all the cars were SHers, plus lots of CIAlizards, some NSAlizards, and a handful of soulless Earthlings.
The shapeshifters don't seem to live there. I only saw one CIAlizard house (pretty plush) in the area. I assume the lizards are handling the SHers. Most mystifying: what are they up to? Why so many on Christmas Day even?
Although there were a few single-wides, etc., most of the SHer housing was pretty decent-looking, many places were pretty classy. This is in very rugged, steep, forested country. Gorgeous, my kind of land. But i doubt there is any work around there. To live in a fancy house in the boonies takes money. Either you commute a ridiculous distance, or you have some other source of funding. If it weren't for the CIA and NSA with their endless resources, the area would be pretty unpopulated
Ah, well, when so many Americans who want to work find themselves homeless and living on GMO food handouts (if they're lucky) it is nice that these plastic people are well taken care of. But what is the point of all this activity? It all seems to be an elaborate plot to get shapeshifters terminated.
Makes no sense.

OK, back to Scherr. (BTW, by the time i got to Scherr, my load of TBs was much lighter.) In Scherr, i got onto Hwy 48 (which later becomes 55 and goes all the way east to I-81), and which is a plush, 4-lane-with-median, freeway. You can see where it starts a bit north of Scherr here. [Update: since i posted that link, Google has painted/pasted a very hokey-looking extension to the hwy westwards. At this time (late July 2014) one can see some bizarre anomalies when zooming in on the alleged extension.] In the middle of the rugged back-country. There are only 2-lane county roads and steep country there. Why is a 70-mph freeway going there? Who paid for that? Who uses it? Pretty much only agents, from what i saw. I came east on that freeway late afternoon on Christmas Day, and there was a small stream of NSA and CIA going west.
I don't recall seeing any buildings along the freeway until i got to Moorehead.

Dec. 28, '13: (9:20am) And the FSB lizard wenches loved every minute: Imprisoned Pussy Riot members underwent daily 'forced gynecological examinations'. LOL.
Yesterday on the BBC news i watched this Ms Glamourlizard being interviewed by a British lizard. She was detailing the rough conditions of her incarceration in a brutal Russian prison: 16-hour workdays on the assembly line, etc. etc. Yet, there were absolutely no rings under her eyes, and she looked more like a perfectly coddled Hollywood starlet than a haggard ex-prisoner.

And more chuckles: CIA Cloud Over Jeff Bezos\92s Washington Post, an article posted by the CIA. As if to imply that a medium like the Post could ever be run by non-CIA personnel.
The petition was launched by another CIA group, RootsAction (the name alone should make one suspicious).
Yeah, let's keep the brainWashington Post pristeen.

Dec. 29, '13 (9:05am) Getting rain today. Chem-banks and light spraying yesterday. Chem-banks rippled by those same offworld shapeshifters the day before.

I still have not been getting attacked anymore by those human ETs, except for subtle telepathic/attitudinal stuff and a few occasional demons.

BTW on Oct. 15 i wrote
Yesterday afternoon i realized that our orgone devices seem to be killing those evil human ETs. Even though they seem to dowse as ordinary soulless physical human black magicians, apparently they are not quite like the usual. I think after days of us poisoning them with advanced devices like this, they reached a critical stage of "unwellness" and have been dropping like flies. The attacks from them seem to have slacked off.
Yet, later, more of the same would start hitting me in a very cloaked way. Blasting them weakens them, too. But doesn't kill them by itself. Maybe these are some kind of cousins to the ones dealt with earlier.

Barfola. I just looked at today's Brainwashington Post. It's got their bullshit contrived political dichotomies prominantly showcased as vital sociopolitical dynamics. The ideological battles rage between liberals and conservatives over relatively trivial issues. Now we are informed about what's important.
And then there's a revolting article (not that i read any of it) about how happy some marginalized people are to get ObamaCare. Except the beaming examples presented of such individuals are all CIAlizards. I am so glad someone likes ObamaCare.

Fermenting Foods. I used to do this at times decades ago. Think i will start again. It occurs to me that it is a good way to preserve and use veggies that are very easy to grow (radishes and beets) that i normally don't eat much of. Fresh radishes (i used to grow daikon years ago) are slightly disturbing to my guts even cooked. Beets beyond golf-ball size are too sweet for me to eat much of. But fermentation takes care of such matters. And radishes are the easiest vegetable to grow, with beets probably second.

Cell Phone Use Linked to Lower Grades, Anxiety, and Much Worse. I haven't read the whole article yet.
Yesterday my mom told me of some people she knows who are so proud at how adept their 2-year-old daughter is at using a cellphone.

This reminds me of something else: when i arrived here, i found that my mom had switched ISPs to Verizon, and the modem they had supplied had the wifi on and the antenna sticking up. Even though there is nothing in the house that is wifi. And the modem is parked right by the computer user's right foot. Apparently the technicians always leave these things on by default, because of course everyone should want that in this marvelous modern world. In fact my modem at home that Windstream sent me also had the wifi on by default.

The wifi is easy to disable if you know how. Knowing how means either contacting the ISP or just searching online. The latter is probably quicker. I found the instructions online for that model and disabled wifi in a jiffy.
You may have friends who have wifi enabled who don't need it. You can tell because the LED in the wifi symbol will be lit up.

(9:40am) More false flag crap: Volgograd railway station blast. (Eyes raised heavenwards.) I got an immediate, obvious, FSB vibe off that headline. There are pix of Oksana Aslanova and Naida Asiyalova online; flagrant FSB lizards.
I haven't seen pix or names of the alleged victims, but seem to be getting kind of a null vibe there. I suspect no-one was hurt.

Dec. 30, '13: (1pm) Colder and overcast after a substantial rain.

I am spotting way more CIAlizards and NSAlizards around here than i did last year. Presumably this is due to heightened "visibility" rather than a higher concentration of them.
Went shopping with my mom. Apparently about 20% of the cars on the road in this area are driven by CIAlizards and NSAlizards.

A Figure of Trayvon Martin, Bleeding, Replaces Baby Jesus In California Nativity Scene. \93He was, in my view, an innocent child like the innocent children killed by King Herod,\94 Zachary, 57, CIAlizard, said of Martin. The CIAlizard Reverend of the United Methodist Church, Dan Lewis said: \93The depiction here is uncomfortable, and that\92s kind of the point.\94
CIAlizard staff of this church.

(8:15pm) This seems to be another night for underground rituals.

Dec. 31, '13: (4:15am) I got like 4 hours of sleep, then couldn't anymore. A similar thing happened the previous night. Not getting significant attacks. I wonder if it could be caused by all the wifi floating around this complex.

Anyway, a new free resin program of interest has come along: the demon disintegrating program. I only now realized what it is. I had cast a layer in a personal device under Antuvozy's guidance, and just now realized it will shatter demons if i stab them with it. I am away from home, and can't pour for a while.

This pgm requires resin and at least 2 tsp of fine silica powder (as sold for ceramic glazes by pottery supply stores like Bailey) per cup of resin. One can use several times that much silica. Do not add any other powders, nor shavings, BBs, or other small objects. One can add quartzite or other stones, nuts and bolts, etc. but not too tiny.
One can layer into TBs, make wands, protective pendants, etc.
Any embedded quartzite, etc. can later be pgmed with other synergistic pgms.
One can use resin objects made with this pgm to stab proximal demons that crowd into you and perhaps seem to just get more solid when you try to jail them. Ka-poof! Or use remotely.

(8:25am) Woops, correction: i initially wrote "2 tsp of fine silica powder per qt" but i meant per cup (8 fl. oz.), not qt! I corrected it above.