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Loohan's blog for December, 2014
Dec. 2, '14: (7:55am) 29 F at sunrise. Now it's supposed to remain above freezing for the next week.
Got about 1/10" of precip yesterday.

Kinda scary. This is a pic of a guy in Italy that was an SSer and gang-stalker against an orgonaut, got killed, and replaced by something different.
A couple days ago his pic felt real positive. He felt like an ensouled human who had demons about his head. Also there were 2 map locations, one of his residence and the other of a residence he owns but does not reside at, and both were radiating mild but distinctively positive energy.
Now he feels vaguely unpleasant and the 2 locations feel neutral.
I think only Joe's Nov2014A program was able to "bite" on him to strip this fake positive energy off.
I found U bases connected to this in Italy, and a #11 rept U base near Calgary that might have been making these "positive" creeps.
I am unable to detect such critters except by blasting them a long time with the new pgm. How they were able to even make the location where this guy does not live seem positive, i have no idea.

(8:15am) I could use some help blasting some satanists who are stressing out Spivey and his daughter, and refuse to go undergound.
He mentions three SSers: Julie Robinson, Nicole Miles, and an unnamed female. You don't necessarily have to study his entire post. Miles and the unnamed one are definitely blood-drinking satanists, who apparently have been warned to stay above-ground, as i have been blasting them a while. Likewise, Robinson is still wrongfully clinging to life.
Actually there is a network of at least 53 SSers who need to be blasted here.

(9:25am) Heheh, ensouled Earthlings who don't take much shit from lying satanist lizard cops: video. I am still shaking from all the satanist networks connected to this op.
Note all the "reasonable" lizard trolls in the comment section.

(5:35pm) California has been in a severe drought and now they are supposed to get a strong storm to wash things away. I just pulled this off Google Earth. Lots of our hairless rept enemies are contributing to the rippling.
Feels vibey.

Dec. 3, '14 (7:15am) I checked both wunderground and weatherbug last night before leaving my firewood uncovered. Both said 0% chance of rain. So now it's raining.
Note to self: stop trusting SSers. Between their lies and incompetence...

Amazing fact: "al-Shabab terrorists opened fire on a group of quarry workers in Mandera, killing 36 of them" with not one drop of blood spilled.

Dec. 5, '14: (9:40am) Raining. The last couple days have been overcast with occasional fog and drizzle. Since yesterday evening it has been densely foggy here.

In the last couple days, certain evil ETs seem to have become much easier to jail. As i have mentioned, there are essentially 3 classes of beings in the multiverse: etheric only, solid (to our perception) with or without an etheric soul, and those who seem to be able to switch from a solid to a non-soid phase.
Evil beings from the first category are usually easy to jail, although some may be very difficult. Of the 2nd category, you can't jail them by subtle-energy means, except for their astral bodies/souls in the event that they still have some. The 3rd can be jailed in the etheric phase, but not their solid phase unless you are able to force them into their etheric phase first.

So i have been using this huge, complex jailer for forcing them into a jailable phase, and then jailing them.

Then a few weeks ago, i realized there were tens of thousands of pigs (feral, domestic, and wild) jailing EHETs in large quantities. Not to mention gorillas, zebras, and other animals.

Then a couple days ago i started doing mass jailings myself of not only EHETs but these various reptilian types in space (#1 and #2 types still seem to be extinct). Of course i am backed up by my orgone devices, but suddenly i was able to jail much larger chunks of reptilian populations quickly.
Then this morning i happened to notice that one of Mordok's cats is jailing loads of EHETs.
So if you are a jailer type person, check out the ease which which you can now jail EHETs and these rept types who are always mucking about behind the scenes.

Possibly, Joe's new pgm is responsible for some of this shift. I gave Mordok a few wands, etc. of this pgm a few days ago, which might be empowering his cats.

(5:35pm) I feel some people out there jailing ETs!

Still raining.

Shapeshifter Strangles Earth Woman and Forces Her to Swallow Abortion Pill to Kill Her Baby. Hmm.
But that's not as bad as Open Hearts: Satanist Lizard Couple Adopts Earth Baby With Down Syndrome. I bet they are thrilled. They scored big. If it were not for the likelihood that they will go underground and get killed soon, they would get rich pimping that kid to their fellow repts. Shapeshifters have a major hard-on for Down kids. Big moneymakers.
"When she told her husband that she wanted to adopt a baby who has Down syndrome, she knew, from experience in her line of work, what she was asking for. And he agreed." No doubt.

Dec. 7, 2014: (7pm) Got a total of ~1.7" rain as of the 5th.

I found an apt complex in MA [NC] that seems to be inhabited entirely by CIA: The Courtyard (the white-roofed bldgs here).

Dec. 12, '14: (8:10am) Got 1/10" of rain night before last. Foggy as hell now. It's been overcast for days.

This is funny: "David Icke", the Tavistock clone entity chiefly responsible for ensuring that i have a clue that Russell Brand (cheesy narcisstic groupie-addicted sellout soulless Earthling actor) exists, now says
Those that are really exposing "The System" for what it REALLY is -- and there are many now -- don't get within a hundred miles of Question Time, Newsnight, Channel Four News, etc. etc. Think about it.
I am just pointing out here one simple fact -- that which threatens The System is not promoted by The System. That's all. I am not saying that Russell is of The System, only that he is clearly not seen as a threat by it.
This from a site that also continually promotes such "media-marginalized threats" as the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Orwell, "Lennon", Arthur C. Clone Clark, Snowden, Manning, etc.
BTW i think the original David Icke was a good guy (or at least an Earthling), then maybe around 2003-4 he was killed and replaced with the gay Tavistock freemason lizard, who later got killed underground and replaced by the clone.

If that is the case, what about Pamela, whom he met in 1997? She was a Tavistock agent from the start. In those early pics, she has the lizard vibe, and he does not.

So back in the early days of my site, it was the real Icke i was promoting. At some point he must have been sacrificed in a ritual and replaced by the double.

I was awakened to this by a youtuber, but i can't find the reference because youtube provides no discernible way to navigate to one's past comments and Likes, even though it does have such a record that one occasionally stumbles across inadvertently.
But hey, i just found an interesting forum thread on this subject. If you look halfway down this page, there is a post by The Mask, Administrator with pics of the real Icke followed by pics of his "clone". But i doubt the first replacement was a clone. He was a 96 like Pamela. Other than that, i think the post is accurate.

On this page, the same poster has pics of Pamela and "her clone", but i think all these pics are of the same lizard (who subsequently got killed underground and presently is replaced by a clone).
In fact i seem unable to find any pics of the clone, even on its website -- all the pics seem older.

Note that Icke supposedly started talking about shapeshifting repts after Tavistock satanist SSer Brian Desborough told him about Arizona Wilder (who still seems sincere and ensouled to me). And lizard Princess Diana also told Wilder about the elite's shapeshifting. So the lizards used Icke to disclose the truth. (Actually i am not totally certain Diana knew about her own genetics and was in on it. Since she is dead i can't tell if she drew on U bases for power.)

But the question also arises, how real was the original Icke? He did put out some fairly insightful info, but his soul was not viable either and no longer exists. This does not prove he was a fake: the souls of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and Thoreau no longer exist, either. Was he being used, with or without his consent, prior to the replacement? There is some interesting info toward the bottom of this page (and some garbage above).
[Update Dec 2017: Wilder, the original Icke, Thoreau, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse all had one thing in common: they were Egyptoid ETs.
The Diana role was played by several reptilians, some of them MTF.]

Dec. 14, '14: (5:20pm) Damn, i've gotten about 1/10" of fog drip over the last couple mornings.

Something i've been noticing lately (especially today at work): sometimes stalkers (mainly MIBs and werewolves) are acting as channels for EHET attack energy as they drive by. Of course once i notice this, i jail the EHETs and they eventually stop doing that for a while.
Also sometimes passenger planes hit me with that at home. Or maybe the EHETs are channeling their energy via the plane noise.

The other day i noticed even a little chickadee was jailing EHETs. This is a good sign of their weakening.

(5:55pm) No human bands allowed: Psychfest in Austin.

(6:45pm) It just struck me, Richard Branson has been replaced by one of those newly-discovered critters that the Nov2014A Program works on. And this was not a recent event, either. On this page, there is a pic of him toasting with a satanist CIAlizard. I think that might still be the original Earthling. I suspect he was not fully cooperative with the CIA and they killed him. Check out the all-CIAtanist crew.

Dec. 15, '14: (5pm) Got about 1.1" of rain early this morning, then the sun came out.

Ultra freaky NSAlizard hospital: Simi Valley Hospital. All the staff are NSAlizards, including the doctors. Here's the execs. More here. And map.
It sits in the center of an NSA base that goes at least 5 miles deep, which we are taking out now.
Also, credible rumors of a jump-gate to Mars.

(5:30pm) Wow, that was quick. All the execs have already suicided by jumping underground, and the doctors are in progress.
Ta'l are still clearing out the underground.

Dec. 17, '14: (6:30pm) Getting rain, and it looks like a bunch more is on its way.

CIA sure gets into some weird stuff: Kambo cleanse. All the testimonials are from satanist CIAlizards, most of which were caught in U bases just now.

(6:50pm) Big list of SSers: Yoga Alliance.

(8:45pm) Creepy CIA op staffed by 21 satanist SSers: South Correctional Entity Regional Jail, just south of Sea-Tac (map). Heavy erotic spells/vibes. Note the acronym "SCORE".
Taking out big CIA/EHET/Rept base under it.
[For those unfamiliar with American slang: score.]

Dec. 18, '14: (8:35am) 34 F. It was supposed to remain barely above freezing, but the trees have frozen drops hanging from them. Dunno how much rain i got because some animal (probably neighbor's soulless pit bull) knocked over my measuring can. It sounded like we got heavy rain for hours, but hardly any accumulated in my wheelbarrow.

Regarding Kambo, my Slovenian friend wrote
Interestingly you've mentioned it on blog.... This frog is known that has no natural enemies. I was participating 3 times in Kambo sessions. Was very strong experience. It squeezed many toxins out of me and boosted the immune system after, especially I felt stronger the heart muscle after... On the beginning the poison makes you dizzy like you'll get the flu... Every time I collapsed unconsciouslly for a moment, but when I came back after seconds with very strong feeling of release and ease. Next day feels stronger and connected to the body...But also noticed the session were participating all kinds of ''people'' as well. One of the kambo session was after the Ayahuasca session lead by indigenous people from Huni Kuin Kaxinawa Amazonian tribe.
The interesting part of it is also the snuff made from sacred jungle tobacco and other plants called Rapé. All these experiences were very deep and intense but also felt stronger presence of myself here and now after.
He also linked a video of ensouled shamans snorting Rapé.

It's funny how some Amazon tribes are all ensouled and most are soulless these days. The ones being "helped" by the CIA group Amazon Watch are all still ensouled. (BTW all those CIA ETs went undergound around the same time weeks ago and got killed. Then they got replaced by clones of their own ET strain. Then recently those also all went underground at the same time and got killed. Now they've been replaced again)

Months ago Amazon Watch provided a video i captured this from. The reason i saved it was because i got a remarkable vibe from this hut, which was the vibe of plant spirits of tobacco and yage. Really buzzing and strong vibe.
It is a shame that these rare, ensouled, spiritual natives can't see through the "charitable and helpful" CIA ETs.
A few weeks ago the woman who appears in the vid was all slimed by underground repts.

(11:10am) Speaking of ensouled natives, Indigenous Brazilians attack police with ARROWS as they storm Congress in angry dispute over new bill on land ownership. I guess they don't care about their lives which are being ruined anyway. And the cops were not permitted to mow them down in the spotlight.

Heavy, dripping fog again here.

Dec. 19, '14: (5:45pm) Today was just as foggy as yesterday.

I just updated my Doubles page with yet another type of undesirable manufactured "human".

Dec. 21, '14: (5:55pm) And, right on cue, Joe came up with a program to nail these latest critters. I have taken the liberty of christening it the Dec2014 Program. He used aluminum and silica powders, but i get it's just as good in plain resin. I just poured almost a quart of it.

(8:30pm) LOL, more CIAlizards: the Cuban Five.
Castro, of course, was a Freemason lizard.

Man, that new pgm (a few people out there making some stuff) is already turning these "new"est critters all DORy such that they are lighting up underground, especially east KY and W VA.

Dec. 22, '14: (1:20pm) That was a much bigger deal than i realized. We got like 100 million of those critters underground all over the world. I think they are limited to this planet, though.

More miserable heavy dripping fog with occasional light drizzle.

And this is the Dec2014B Program, also from Joe, which is another strong anti-demon program. He used iron oxide and turmeric, but again, it should be just as good in plain resin.
I think it is mainly effective against non-physical evil entities.
I'm about to pour me some.

(6:15pm) And yes, of course the recent "events" in Afghanistan and Australia were false flags. There are several pics of some of the repty perps here.

What about the 2 NYC cops getting shot? I think it did happen. The Asian-looking one was a SSer.
Of course stuff like this is bound to happen, and the controllers desire it so.
They cultivate nazi brutality on the part of cops, then issue twisted lies about the facts. Then the lizards come out in force to "support" the corrupt cops.
I marked all these breathers a couple days ago and they compliantly got killed in U bases, BTW. Now their clones are doing the breathing.

Dec. 23, '14: (6:05am) Review of the media news for today:

Phony through and through: Brad & Angelina 'Support' Their 8-Year-Old Daughter's 'Decision' To Be Called 'John'. Actually, Shilo, Brad and Angelina are dead and their doubles are run by the CIA.
B and A are lizard clones, and the darling girl-boy is "Another type of artificial human, which I first became aware of on Nov. 11, '12".

More BS: Citizenship Revoked, Beaten and Threatened With Sexual Abuse -- For Refusing to Spy. Hashi is a MI lizard and black magician and practitioner of some sort of Somali witchcraft.

Another totally engineered news story with approximately 0% truth: Bowe Bergdahl's Disciplinary Fate Placed in Hands of Army General (eyes raised heavenwards).

And, VIP child abuse whistleblowers were 'murdered': MP says men were poised to lift lid on scandal. At least Mann is not an SSer, merely a satanist Mason pedophile.

(9:45am) A few days ago someone sent me a pic she had taken of the moon, in which a mysterious light appeared nearby appeared which was not seen when taking the pic.
The light was from a craft of evil ETs which immediately made me sleepy when i tried to check them out. They are from here. I get an impression of tall, gangly humanoids.
Now they are hitting me from a large area around Bootes, Virgo, etc., making me sleepy.

Dec. 24, '14: (7:05pm) Big ritual night! Lots of sick partying and animal sacrifice going on underground. Let's light 'em up.

Bullet smashes through window at Paris synagogue. "French police reportedly are searching for two suspects". Well, they should search right here to find the Mossad lizards.

Dec. 27, '14: (9:15AM EST) Made it to northern VA yesterday afternoon.

About Christmas Eve: we have so many animal allies now that it didn't take them long to liberate the souls of the sacrificial animals, thus ruining the rituals and shutting down most of the bad energy. Then our ET allies nailed the U bases.

This year i got my pickup loaded down with lots of tape-wrapped long-range resin wands...
More later.

Dec. 28, '14: (2:45pm) Demographics report: I expected all my new wand power to really flush up a bunch more U stuff, but that only held true in Arkansas. The whole time through AR i was getting kickback that made me tense up, mostly from EHETs but also a few SSers. Also flushed up a lot of SSer clones.
But once i got to Memphis, almost no kickback for the rest of the way. Maybe because i left the New Madrid zone.

Heading east on Hwy 40 from Memphis, and going through the whole state, almost all of the traffic was NSA and CIA again, but now largely SSer clones. There were also a surprising number of werewolves, a fair number of MIBs, Sandy Hookers, robotoids, etc.

An awful lot of the non-clone shapeshifting repts on I-40 were what i call Nexium lizards, a particularly vile strain. Video. The actors here have been replaced by clones of their own species.
I blasted the originals a few weeks ago and they got killed. Then i lit up bunches more of them in their own U bases around the world. Also i sensed 5 of them in a managerial position at whatever corporation pushes these dubious pills, and they got killed too.
I think they arrived as a distinct hybrid strain on Earth around 30 BC. All of them are blood-drinking satanists. They tend not to intermarry with regular humans. A small minority will breed with other SSer strains, but most of them are into maintaining their racial "purity". They have a nasty energy to them, maybe worse than the M32ers and almost as bad as the MIBs. (Of course the werewolves have the nastiest energy of the hybrid types.)

It seems a high percentage of satanist NSA and CIA agents are of this Nexium strain.

I went through Roanoke on the morning of the 26th, and through Lynchburg to Richmond. I expected to stir up a bunch more stuff in that region, but apparently we had already cleared out pretty much all the U bases since last January when i last passed through.
Almost all the cars and houses between Roanoke and and the outskirts of Richmond now had SSer clones in them. Lots of them NSA and CIA.

And here in N VA, at least half the "people" are now SSer clones. Spotting a non-clone lizard is now very rare.

Dec. 29, '14: (10pm) I forgot to mention, on Christmas day driving through Tennessee on I-40, i also noticed a NSA drone hawk circling over the eastbound lanes. Then a few miles up, 2 more circling over the lanes. Can't imagine what for. They looked pretty realistic, but i am very familiar with what ensouled and soulless hawks feel like, and these weren't real hawks. Also they had strong links to NSA U bases.
Bal is often getting drone birds at his place in AR, but it is rare for me to spot them.

Today i took a little drive to Fairfax, and got strong kickback for the first time since leaving AR. Very strong, mostly from EHETs.

Important video: Gangstalkers Record Brain Frequencies for Torture with Electronic and Acoustic Weapons. They actually filmed NSAtanist lizards at work. Beware of what can happen in public places.

Dec. 30, '14: (7am) Looking for a pleasant place to spend winter vacation? May i suggest the humble St Regis of scenic Bal Harbor, FL. Managed by suave and discreet CIAlizard professionals, this CIA proprietary can fulfill all your most depraved needs.
Until very recently, there was a sprawling U base under it, complete with high-speed tunnel to Freeport, Bahamas, another happening place.

(1:05pm) I have said that clones have no psi-attack capabiliites, but today when i went to Whole Foods (produce prices are insane, BTW) i felt each clone on the road and in the store. The EHETs seemed to be resentfully reaching out to me through them.

Clone worship: Make Way For The King! People Kicked Off Beaches, Weddings Moved For Obama Holiday.
Of course, all that is another engineered media psyop. CIAlizard Soldiers Relocate Wedding to Accommodate Obama's Golf Game.

Dec. 31, '14: (10:15am) More pseudo-news for our entertainment:
Valley doctor Peter Steinmetz thrown off flight at Sky Harbor Airport. Who here is CIA? The lizard doctor, his clone lawyer, and Delta Airlines.
Repty Turkish journalist detained over criticism of graft law.