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Loohan's blog for December, 2015

Dec 1, '15: (9:30am) BTW i got 3.5" of rain off that last system. Looks like the drizzle has finally stopped.

Irish politicians face Christmas jail time for trying to inspect US war planes. Such brave, brave clones. I'm so glad that hope is being offered for Irish voters. Isn't democracy great?

Former Miss USA Dumps Tim Tebow Because He's Committed to Abstinence Until Marriage. The fact that Tebow is a girl does not enter into it, as Olivia is a CIA synthetic these days, who has no qualms about dating a gir, as long as she is not overly chaste.

Now this douchebag, "Chief Paris terror suspect" Salah Abdeslam, a Mossad human, was just nailed in a Mossad U base here in Italy.

Dec 2, '15: (7:35pm) I get a fairly creepy vibe off this CIA project: Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are opening a school. Suckabig1 and Chan are clones of course.

Let's see, today's Daily False Flag: San Bernardino "shooting". Pics of plenty of asshole CIA clones.

Dec 3, '15: (11:30am) There was a bit of frost in places this morning. Sunny and clear.

OK, i hadn't really checked out this NAU shooting of a couple months ago...
The "shooter" is a CIA organic robotoid. The 3 "wounded" victims are human satanist Masons, as is the guy with the crew-cut and shades who is holding up Proto.
I think the "slain" Colin Brough was also a 'toid. In any case, no repty vibe, although his purported dad is a CIA clone.
Nice vid on the subject (looks like great channel, too): NAU Shooting Hoax Low Grade FAKE Shooting Exposed. Even shows asinine CIA clone phony "anti-gun control" protestors.

Disgusting human ripoff artist: Phyllis Light who hustles (or tries to) these almost-inert "energy devices" called Rejuvenizers and other items and services, all at absurd prices. (Rejuvenizer FAQ)
She does claim to refund if you are not satisfied within 60 days.

BTW lately Tavistock has been flaunting this image daily, showing the original, human Icke, as well as a recent repticlone version. For dowsers to enjoy comparing, i guess.

(4:30pm) And for today's false flag, they give us another one in the same city. Another bunch of CIA clones to blast.

Dec 4, '15: (8:25am) Another repticlone orgonite supplier: Radio Mysterium, associated with Jeff Byrd, a clone quoted on as saying
"This 2014 Wembley presentation is your opus to date. Amazing clarity, great HD, great sound, and the most amazing dot connecting and clarity of thought I have ever heard. I have read and listened to most of your work, but the way this one culminated and played out was borderline magical mate."

I sense that the orgonite is made by some other clones, who have been influenced by, judging by the use of clear resin with not much in the way of shavings, heavy-gauge wire, and the Mayan pyramid. Actually, it is not that bad. On a scale of 0-10 it ranks between 1 and 3, whereas some agency stuff is way in the negative range, and much of that sold by lowbrow humans is in the 0 to 1 range.

Spotted another covert girl-clone: Michael Gove. Maybe she and Mr Michelle Obama should trade first names.

And CIA clone Hanna Bohman still has "her" prostate.

Stop the presses! Groundbreaking study: Watching lots of TV 'makes you stupid', say researchers. Who would have thought such a thing?
Meanwhile, New Study Finds Conspiracy Theorists Politically Smarter Than Your Average Joe. But HuffPost sez "Conservative conspiracy theorists are likely to be well-informed about politics - having said that -- climate change is real, Bush didn't do 9/11 and you should still vaccinate your kids." In support of these oblique insinuations, they link the Nasa site and 2 CIA sites.
Er, how many "conspiracy theorists" deny that climates go through changes or believe that Bush masterminded 9/11?

(9:15am) Aaand, the UK's "Camden Safeguarding Children Board" clones have "criminalised" intelligence: "Showing a mistrust of mainstream media reports and belief in conspiracy theories" is a symptom that a child has brain cells "may be at risk from radicalisation". Are they also concerned with safeguarding children from the effects of TV? Well, they do say "Help your child to be critically aware of what they see on the TV or the internet..." which does sound like good advice. Parents, be sure to point out the photoshopping, the same-looking actors appearing in multiple hoaxes, the flaunted gross illogic and sheer absurdities, the parallel official drills that often accompany them, etc.

CIA Sandy Hookers go ape: Former Pastor Charged with Felony for Informing People About Their Rights. This poor guy had to pay $15K to get out of jail. When you pay a bondsman 10% of the bond, you never get it back, regardless off how spurious the charges, even if they are dropped later. So one crooked way the system has of punishing honest people is to set a high bond for some trumped-up charges. Then the innocent person has a choice of staying in jail, paying the bond which they should get back later if they don't blow town, or paying 10% which they permanently lose. Many people can't come up with the full bond, and indeed many linger in jail a long time because they can't even come up with the 10%.

Dec. 5, '15 (8:20am) Some frost again this morning. The last 2 days were perfectly clear, as far as i noticed, and this morning also is so far.

The CIA demonization of Muslims is getting more and more disgusting. Just his morning on Alex Clones, there is this horseshit CIA vid: Exclusive: Radical U.S. Muslims Celebrate, Shoot Fireworks After Terrorist Attack as well as CIA Muslim Migrants Display "Open or Die" Banner at Macedonian Border, Attack Police.
I have lived in Muslim countries. I lived in Morocco for 2 years in the mid-60s and for 5 months leading to our evacuation just prior to the scheduled 5-day war in 1967. In Jordan there were all these mosque minarets within earshot all around our house, from which chanting would issue every evening, and you know what? It was kind of pleasant. My impression of the people is that, yes, there are plenty of scum in every nationality, race, and religion, but by and large Muslims are just fairly decent, gentle, tolerant, patient people who just want to go about their lives and live in peace.
I would feel much more comfortable surrounded by mosques than synagogues or "Christian" churches. Yes, Islam is one of the 3 major scam religions created by the SSers on this planet, but i consider it the most innocuous of the 3, and its sincere followers the most spiritual and least hypocritical.

Woops! Just spotted another Congresswoman: Mitch McConnell.

Interesting article/pics about: Canadian oil sands mining. Sure feels like a lot of clones work at these places.

Dec 6, '15: (4:55pm) Deranged clone parasites illegally hassle Earthlings: French police don't hesitate to use broad new emergency powers.

Another all-clone hoax: Leytonstone "stabbing".


A few months ago i said that the clones were channeling EHET energies at people and the environment. Later, we seemingly weakened the EHETs so that they stopped doing that and then it was only agency clones channeling reptilians.
More recently i have been nailing these repts so much that for the last couple days it has mainly been EHETs that the agency clones channel.

If you attack the darkside long enough, you will probably eventually get the EHETs after you. Some people i have been working with in Brazil, jailing the demons associated with imported African religions and blasting the cultists, are now getting strong attacks from EHETs.

EHETs are even capable of projecting chatter into the heads of some individuals -- at least they have been doing this to my highly-targeted friend in Queens. (They are not the only type of entity that can do this, though.)

Also i have a friend in Quito who finds attackers by tearing open a partially-smoked cigar and reading it. She often finds cloaked demons, satanists, etc. with this technique, which i then deal with. Yesterday she did a cigar and here is the pic, full of demonic faces belonging to EHETs that were attacking her remotely. These individuals are now dead so the faces no longer have much of a vibe.

(7:10pm) Another highly dubious story, considering that Ms Hairdo is a repticlone: disruptive flight attendant. So is the judge and public defender. And the US Marshall.

I have been noticing a new wrinkle in something evil ETs are doing. Yesterday i found 13 sets of 6 cords going to one of the people in Brazil. These were sets of 6 cords bundled together as one. And they were a bit more "hidden" than cords usually are, although they were causing distress to the victim, and causing her pic to feel real vibey.
I have never noticed cords in bundles before. These had EHETs in remote space locations on the other end of them.

And then just now i re-checked a pic of another targeted individual whom i had not checked in many days, and found 6 sets of 3 cords to her, from #3 repts in space. They also were slightly hard to find.

Unrelated to that, a couple nights ago i noticed a "new" type of dangerous demon. Actually, once i noticed them, i realized they messed with me in my younger years at times. They are very sneaky, can be inside your head even if you are surrounded by powerful orgone with lots of jailers, like i was. They very covertly manipulate your thoughts. So if you notice your thoughts taking an odd negative or degenerate direction they normally don't, it could be them. It could alse be any other type of demonic entity, but these are more covert, at least from my viewpoint. I get a vague impression they might resemble a tennis ball in size and shape, and have 2 limbs or appendages about 3" long.

Any of our anti-demon and jailing programs will work on them, unless these demons are not spotted. The Hexagon Program might be the most suited.

I am not finding any of these on anyone else yet, but then i find them hard to spot.

(7:50pm) Time to bash some faux Jews:

Now is this a ridiculous picture, or what? [Pic was straightfacedly presented by the Times of Israel.]
Anybody who would believe this crap needs a checkup from the neck up.
Male Mossad repticlone, BTW. But you don't have to be psychic to recognize bullshit this obvious.

How being called a heretic made me a Jew. This clone has a prostate. The depicted mother is actually one of "her" clone lovers. The text was written by Mossad clones.

Nothin' but clones here, either: Muslim writes Hebrew letter in German community's new Torah.

Dec 7, '15: (6:40am) And now, for a change of pace, a video with only humans in it: The Holy Quran Experiment. Notice any difference in quality? Does it make you feel different compared to "their" vids?
So 2 days after this vid was posted, the CIA responds with the advice If You Want to Ban Violent Talk, Ban the Quran.
Instead of banning all religious texts that advocate reptilian behaviors, how about we merely draw wide attention to the fact that they all suck?

Dec. 7, '15: (5:40pm) This morning someone wrote me that the Charles De Gaulle nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is "equipped with things important to elite lizards", and indeed, it does feel as though stuffed with ET electronics. I've been blasting it all day but it ain't dead yet.

Dec 8, '15: (9:30am) Yesterday was clear, except for a bunch of long, vibeless CTs being laid across the sky by the usual vibeless drones. This morning, more such trails, and some chem-clouds forming.
It was also pretty warm, and it looks like we are heading into a warm week here.

I am getting increasingly embarrassed to be an American. How can Americans be so tolerant of all this increasingly obvious, increasingly sick CIA media BS? Muslim Migrant Beats, Rapes North Dakota Woman While Chanting "Allahu Akbar". Come on, you complete IDIOTS!
The "Muslims" in the vid are human actors. The cops and gas station employees are clones.
If this guy is in jail facing a mess of felony charges, how can he refuse to appear in court? I am not very educated in these matters. Is appearing in court optional for people in jail? In America, we don't send hefty dudes into the guy's cell to march him to the courtroom, because that would be violating his privacy and human rights?
I googled his name only to find that that he has the same name, pretty much, as a suspect who "was injured in the [Boston] blast and questioned immediately on his arrival in the hospital".

Yesterday i was nailing a bunch of DORy joint PET/military MKULTRA U bases in Denmark, when i found this very DORy tower and surface base energetically connected to them (map). It has very military vibe, and whole base is DORy. Turns out that the tower is the Control and Reporting Centre Karup (CRCKAR), and the tower admittedly contains radar equipment. However, it also radiates a strong freaky ET-tech vibe that was interfacing with the emissions from the aforementioned U bases. (Another website. Emblem that is also on sign in front of base.)

I never paid much attention to news details about the alleged 1993 WTC bombing, so excuse my ignorance, but why does google only have 2 images of this guy Iyad Ismoil, plus one drawing that just appeared in Vice in an article whose purported author is a CIA clone? And why does he have no vibe whatsoever, as though he did not exist? Did he ever exist, and if so, where are more pics? There are a few pics of his alleged co-conspirator Ramzi Yousef, who feels like a live human. Yousef is supposedly in prison, but i do not sense SSers around him. People in prison usually feel repty due to the proximity of the staff.

(10:45am) About that DeGaulle ship mentioned yesterday: The above-deck portion contains 6 NSAtanist SSers who are not clones, and there is reason to suspect that this is actually the base from which all these false flag hoaxes are directed. Why on a ship, i have no idea. Why not NSA in Ft Meade? Too fried already? Anyway, these jerks are worth blasting.

Another all-CIAclone vid: Shooters' family attorney: A lot of things don't add up. As usual, even the CIA casts strong doubts onto their own scam. This means that the culpability for believing this BS, and hence committing crimes against innocent Muslims (and anyone who vaguely resembles a Muslim, e.g. Sikhs, Christian arabs, etc.), rests more on the shoulders of the filth who insist on believing obvious untruths.

Just nailed a bunch of U-based CIA clone commenters on that vid.

Related article purportedly from (CIA clone) Jim Stone: San Bernardino Hoax: One Shoot Out, Two Locations.
Human idiots and "good Germans" who choose to ignore all evidence in order to have an excuse to persecute the innocent: the CIA has transferred much responsibility to you. If you can read, and yet still choose to believe flagrant hoaxes, it is because you are so terminally stupid as to be functionally evil, or so evil as to choose to be stupid. Our ET allies will cut you zero slack if they are ever in a position to cut you down.

(4:50pm) More CIA clones: Minneapolis "shooter" Allen Lawrence Scarsella III and his buddies, and the depicted cops. What about the 5 black male victims who went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries? I can't find details or pics of them, nor any videos or pics of the alleged shooting. But it looks like mostly humans were at that protest. None whipped out a camera? Did any witness it?
Scarsella's mom was a satanist in a U base when i checked.

We've always been conned that JFK was a good guy, wanted to shut down the CIA, opposed funny money, etc. But here on an Islamophobic CIA site is a real juicy quote that displays his true colors:
"Israel was not created in order to disappear - Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and the home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom." - John F. Kennedy
Israel seizes thousands of rock-thrower dolls headed for PA. Right. So why is there only a pic of ONE (1) doll on the www? Mossad was too lazy to make a bunch more?

(5:35pm) Wow... sometime back i wrote about the Nexium lizards; an SSer strain composed exclusively of very DORy satanists (of course, since then, most have been replaced by clones). I first noticed them because all the actors were these vile satanists in a Nexium commercial.
Well now i got exposed to a new Nexium commercial, Meet Your Holiday Selves. I only watched the first 25 seconds, but i saw no Nexium lizards. No Nexies, just other kinds of SSer clones. But every single one of them is gender-inverted! They are all cross-dressed up to the :25 point, and i bet that holds true to the end if you can stomach it.

Dec 10, '15: (10am) A reader sent in this bizarre pic. It is from this vid. Go to 5:20 and watch the next few seconds, it is unreal. This feels like an ordinary SSer clone.

Low-budget production: CIA clone 'with ISIS' accused of threatening to 'shoot up the school'.

And, of course, i find this gem most intriguing: Peaceful Muslim School Children Scream "Allahu Akbar" then Saw Heads Off of Stuffed Animals (VIDEO) Today it's a stuffed animal, tomorrow it's the infidel down the street. Um, sure, i tremble. I wonder why they pulled the vid before i had a chance to watch it.
Equally probable: 3 Muslims Stage Terror Attack on France Train, Commandeer Train's Intercom, Play Muslim Call to Prayer. (Woopsie, just caught another Geller clone in a U base.)
Anybody who can believe such absurdities is beyond retarded.

(4:30pm) Joe pointed out that there are colored contacts around these days, which is no doubt what this clone was wearing. Got me good, hehe. I'm so out of touch with contemporary culture.

Dec 11, '15: (9:30am) Extremely heavy, dripping fog this morning.

Another girl-clone: actor Anthony Daniels.

SSer agencies stepping up the demonization of Muslims via shills (humans in these 2 cases):

Leading US Imam and Professor: Muslims Can Take Property of "Filthy" Christians and Jews. According to Wikipedia, Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi "is an American Muslim scholar and writer of Pakistani descent, and Dean of Academic Affairs at the Al-Maghrib Institute, an Islamic educational institution."
This institute was founded by an SSer and feels repty as hell. And Most of AlMaghrib instructors are graduates of the Islamic University of Madinah, which was founded by the government of Saudi Arabia by a royal decree in 1961. Yes, none other than those nice Saudi royals.
And i suspected something was in the works when i kept seeing media stories about the huggy "Muslim". Now it is revealed that he is a tewwowist. His alleged target, the bleached clone MP, looks to have a rather masculine face, eh? Yet does not have the vibe of any male nor female genitalia. More pics of this creature here. Nice strong shoulders.
My best guess is that the original was a surgical male-to-female unit that also had his prostate removed. And of course the clone copies are identical.

Indoctrinate the little ones. Yesterday i was reading some story about 3 prepubescent boys physically bullying a Muslim girl in school. I guess little kids (unlike literate adults) can be forgiven for being programmed ignoramuses, but that does not excuse their violence.
Check out some child TV programming offered these days.

And how credible is this tale? Who with an IQ above 90 can believe it? The FBI is Rounding Up Muslims and Charging them With Terrorism for Buying Cellphones. Wow, in this day and age, there is beaucoup profit to be made by driving "across the country buying cell phones in areas where they are cheap and then reselling them in areas where the demand is higher and the supply is lower." Wow, i should get in on this; i could bust the country with orgone while raking in the easy money.
I thought John Vibes was legit. Why is he promulgating such obvious crap?
Nothing but clones at the linked articles.

(10:25am) Now they plan to Californicate the whole country: Universal Vaccinations for Children will be Overseen by Committee which Accepts Vaccine Manufacturer Monies.

DORy M32 NSAtanists begin nightly smashing windows of Muslim family only six weeks after they move in. The victims are humans. The perps reside here. Very strong demonic kickback at the moment.

(10:35am) I just watched the video of that last post, and it says the security camera caught the shadows of 3 people. (Of course the media doods are clones.) Yes, the satanists personally did this.
I think most of these reported hate crimes lately are done by lowbrow duped humans, but this is not snowballing fast enough for the govt's liking, so they are jump-starting the trend personally.

(5:15pm) It was overcast with mostly chem whiteout all day here. Rain chances next 2 days.

How's this for a total BS planted story: Servicemen Contradict Military's Account Of Attack On MSF Hospital In Afghanistan. "Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican [and clone with integrity] who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, quoted the [nonexistent] servicemen without naming them..."

Another dubious one: 3 Palestinians arrested in Afula with large knives, no ID. What are the chances of 3 [unnamed] kids carrying similar, brand new, very large, undented, unscratched, kitchen knives of a type that normally is sold without a sheath?

Scrumptious NSA synthetic: Miss Israel. How fitting that such a contrived, fake, artificial, Masonic country as Israel is represented by such a thing.

(6:40pm) Stumbled across a major clone factory under the Cork Airport in Ireland. Like at least half a billion clones among the 3 levels of the big base. Can't believe this one escaped notice so long. There most be more. Dowsers, let Lt Veo know of any suspected ones you find.
This does not even have the vibe of any particular agency or nationality other than the Vatican.
Allies are mopping it up.

Dec 12, '15: (8:20am) A few minutes after i posted that, the whole globe was DORy with U clones being lit up. Allies were very busy overnight.

LOL, this is really baad quality acting: AmeriGEDDON trailer, purportedly directed by the son of human CIAtanist Chuck Norris. The cheesy "film no one wants you to see" being promoted by the CIA. An all-clone cast.

Dec 14, '15: (8am) Colder, overcast, windy. Got 2.1" of rain the last couple days. They actually predicted that pretty closely.

More and more lately, i keep noticing how "they" tend to make up stories making themselves look even worse than they are, in limited contexts. This is nothing new of course, e.g. "assassinating" MLK, "imprisoning" Manning, etc.
This morning's examples: from CIA website LibertyFight we have An anonymous victim of the San Bernardino shooting...outlines police abuse of her elderly husband... This makes the cops look bad and lends credibility to the "shooting", both desirable.
Israel sentences female Palestinian lawmaker Mossad clone to 15 months in prison for political activities. This not only allows the Zionists to flaunt what nazis they are, but it supports an illusion that there was ever a democratic process in Israel in which Palestinians could participate.

(10am) The MSM is getting more and more overt about being ridiculous. Yesterday my mom (a devout devotee of consensus reality) told me that yesterday's Sunday Washington Post had nothing at all of substance, just trivial and silly stuff and ads.
And now look at this grossly photoshopped butchery of a pic offered by the Times of Israel. Even a rookie like me can't help but be immediately struck by how crudely various "people" have been pasted into this.

Dec 15, '15: (8:25am) Sigh. CIA clone resigns from CIA front after threatening mass murder of CIA clone's supporters. Coincidentally, it was another CIA clone who first spotted the terroristic post.

Priest From N.J. Steals $1 Million From Collections For 'Sex Slave'. Hmmm, mighty lurid stuff. Couldn't possibly be another self-deprecating planted story by the Vatican, now could it? Those nice people who control the media, including the clone author of this article? Let's see: clone allegedly steals church funds to support his "drug-fueled sex romps with a heavily muscled S&M" clone, but this was discovered by Cardinal Clone, and Attorney Clone is now in possession of hard evidence of the crimes.

Dec 16, '15: (7:40pm) Got around 1/10" of rain last night. The last 2 days have been unseasonably warm. Freeze tonight.

Weird little observation: Bal was having symptoms in Monroe, NC, and i got a strong vibe. So i opened the map for that town and on the left it shows pics of the county courthouse, which had a filthy vibe, and a phallic monument in front that was giving off intense evil energy. Then i realized that all the Masonic structures in the city were acting in unison to really shake radionically-specified targets with toxic energy. Then i realized it was EHETs out in space who were sending their energy into this Masonic grid. They were hitting some 80 individuals in the area.

In The News Today:

According to the CIA, this clone Turkish Whistleblower Faces Possible Treason Charge.

Texas plumber sues after company truck sold to IS. All the players are CIA or CIA assets. The plumber and photographer are CIA clones.

2 IS-backing Palestinians charged in bomb plot on Israeli Embassy in Berlin. The "German-born Muslims of Palestinian origin" are, of course, Mossad clones.

Dec 17, '15: (8:45am) No ice here this morning after all. Sunny and clear so far.

Miley Cyrus' "BB Talk" Celebrates Child Abuse.
"Innocent victim" repty Miley is on her 2nd clone replacement at this time.

Police Shoot Man in Back as He Walks Away. One of these courageous cops is a clone (the one behind at 0:20), as is Lt Hernandez.

Brazil's Masonic twin towers: the Congresso Nacional bldg in Brasilia.

I really don't know how much of a monster Assad is. He is a human that was bypassed by the allies late 2012 when they were "given permission" by the CIA to do some above-ground killings, which included almost all heads of state on Earth.
His wife is a repticlone but he might not know she is an agent. Or he might.
Some claim he is A KNIGHT OF THE CONSTANTINIAN ORDER'S SISTER ORDER, THE ROYAL ORDER OF FRANCIS I but i have seen no proof. Wikipedia shows him wearing the "Grand Collar" of the National Order of the Southern Cross, accompanied by SSer Brazilian President da Silva. It also shows Queen Liz wearing it.
Chances are he's no innocent, but how much of the propaganda against him is true?
CIA front Human Rights Watch, according to the Jesuit Guardian, is in possession of "a mass collection of photographs known as the Caesar files" but offers only the link to this article Syrian regime document trove shows evidence of 'industrial scale' killing of detainees, which only has 1 pic (and no more come up in google). And the pic... i'm no MD but to me that appears to be a line drawn on the guy's neck with purple ink.

Repticlones "accidentally" terminate human who was suing them, At least 3 of the SWAT cops, the mayor, the Woldts, the sheriff, etc. are all outlaw clones. (Griggs' 1st link is erroneous and only leads to an earlier SWAT event.)

(11:55am) Here's a well-explained point from John Hamer:
In order to maintain absolute control of everything whilst perpetuating the pretence of the existence of freedom of choice for the people, the bankster-Elite have created the illusion of a 'fair and just' political system by which they may control us all. This system is what we know as 'Democracy' which effectively presents the illusion of giving precedence to the majority view, but in reality does the exact opposite.

One of the ways that it is possible for a small few to control the majority of the world is through the utilisation of this illusion. The bankster-Elite learned long ago that attempting to control the masses using violence or by autocratic government or dictatorship, struggles to succeed because there will always be the threat of rebellion in the air and this will occasionally erupt into violent confrontations and force them into battles they would not wish to fight, given the choice.

So, how much better for them that the masses should be pacified by and 'contented' with a system that creates the impression that they are to all intents and purposes, free from tyranny and better yet, actually have a say and a stake-holding in their own lives and futures?
Not that Hamer gets everything right (later in the same article), considering he seems unaware that Hitler and Mussolini were satanist Freemason SSers. (Hitler doing hand signs.) Hitler ostensibly opposed the satanist Freemason SSing "Zionist-Jewish banksters" as did satanist Freemason SSers Lincoln and Andrew Jackson, but i don't buy that. And even if any of these genuinely did oppose their fellows, it would not have been for altruistic reasons.
See how the SSers have conned even some otherwise intelligent people into embracing Hitler?

(1:50pm) MKULTRA torture lab in Prague: Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine. In English, "Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (ICEM) is a medical facility in Prague - Krc, specialized in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, organ transplantation, diabetology and treatment of disorders of metabolism. ICEM was founded in 1971... IKEM predecessor was the Research Institute of Experimental Therapy in Krc, which was abolished in the mid 70s."
(map) (IKEM website) (directory of physicians)
I have reports of an MPD victim being horribly tortured there as a small child decades ago.

Dec 18, '15: (7:30am ) Been having a mild month so far. Last night was supposed to get down to 24 F but still no ice on my stock tanks (no i don't have livestock, but i capture the rain from the roof in tanks). And forecast for the the next week+ is all above freezing.
Yesterday was clear, but this morning is graced with clouds of questionable origin.

Another contrived media distraction superstar: Martin Shkreli. If you have been surfing the news, you've been treated to this clone's mug in various obviously posed slimey and smug expressions. Now he has allegedly been busted for fraud, and faces trials. Hoax city.

Bogus story: Deployment fail: US special ops forces arrive in Libya, immediately told to leave. Those guys are not Special Forces. Not one of them is non-human or even MPD. The US gov't has never, that i have noticed, sent male soldiers into the Gulf arena un-MPDed. These are some actors, probably in Connecticut or someplace.

Dec 19, '15: (5:30pm) I seriously doubt it: Suspended Secret Service officer shot and killed in Washington. This guy was an ordinary human. SS agents are traditionally satanist SSers (but in recent years they have all suicided due to orgone intolerance, and been replaced by clones).

They feed us our phony villains, and they feed us out phony heroes. A few years ago, i (as well as our ET alllies) was pretty blind to repty agents unless they had the DORy vibe of blood-drinking black magicians. I lent credence to Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Global Research, Project Scamalot, etc. etc. But i have evolved beyond that, whereas few others so far seem capable of that, or even recognizing obviously DORy satanists.

A few days ago i was reading the comments section on some article about corruption. All the posters seemed like sincere humans, but they mentioned several CIA clones in the "alternate" media, who they wished would investigate the matter. Not one human name was suggested. Come on, people, wake up!

And now i just noticed the Heroes page of a sincere TI site. Ughhh!!! Only 2 non-repts on the whole page. Many of these pedophile SSers were blood-drinking satanists.
Jack Layton does not have a repty vibe, but the fact that he was a prominent Canadian politician (of a party that is presently all-clone) seems a trifle suspicious.
And Mandela was not a SSer, but was a phony, a criminal, a Freemason.

Not one actual hero on the page, just agents who are no friends of TIs.

More "disclosure" courtesy of yet another CIA clone website: U.S. SENATE REPORTS CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL AND ARE KILLING US!
As one commenter points out,
The document is ancient and bares no real significance to the contemporary opinions on weather modification. Any proposal to mix definitions of 'chemtrails', 'cloud seeding' and 'weather modification' is muddying the truth. The latter two can be proved easily.
Interesting: MEET THE EAGLES OF DEATH METAL MEMBER WHO IS ACTUALLY A CATHOLIC PRIEST. Oh yeah, that makes him a "fascinating walking contradiction", as it is so darn unprecedented for a Catholic priest to be a satanist.
BTW this jerk is a human who does not have the blood-ritual vibe.

Weird CIA psyop going on via CIA synthetic Tia Tequila and CIA clone Astral 7ight. (They've replaced the last robotoid version of her with this synthetic who is programmed to channel black magic energies very well.) I started to watch this Tila vid, but couldn't stand all the EHET DOR streaming through her ugly face, and all the spells digging into anyone who listens to her highly unpleasant voice. Will attempt to neutralize.
All i know is the CIA is sucking some people into this black magic hallucinatory zone in which some truths are revealed about clones, robotoids, ETs, etc. but it is all mashed in with bunk.

Dec 20, '15: (4:35pm) Good news: on the afternoon of the 18th, i located NSAtanist SSer Don Bradley in a Marin County NSA U base, and he was terminated.
Bradley was a high-level illuminatus and Project Monarch handler, a powerful sorceror, and one of the key figures of the early NSA-orgonite days. He used to post extensively as cbswork on the old forum back around 2002-3.
He was extraordinarily tough, surviving all kinds of nasty stuff i flung at him for years. So did his wife and 2 kids, but shortly after his demise, they went underground to end it all. I presume he was holding them together with his will, although i bombarded them a lot too, over the years.
I never understood why he never attacked me, except for a brief period when i attacked him around '06 and killed his soul. I have had to deal with much damage he did to others.

Dec 21, '15: (8:55am) Had slight sprinkles last night. Heavy fog now.

Check out this vid: China 60th Anniversary Parade - Women's Army. They all feel like ordinary humans, but have the same face!
Sorry but, Asian women do not all look alike! All these have the same angular facial structure.

(9:30am) I tried feeding crops of 3 of the women in that pic to Twins or Not? but it only accepted 1 of them, saying, oddly, that it could not detect a face in the other crops.
So i found another vid, Chinese Female Soldiers and Militias. At 0:07 it shows 2 similar-looking women out front.

I compared the one from the 1st vid with one of the ones from the 2nd vid:

Then i compared both women seen at 0:07 in the 2nd vid.

100%! This is spooky. This means that there are an unknown, possibly vast, number of controlled human clones walking around on this planet, who are completely off my radar as an energy-sensitive.

(9:40am) Then again, one way for a dowser to detect clones, etc. is that they have no parents.

(9:55am) Of course it's not only their female soldiers. Here are some pix of their male clones: 1, 2, 3.

(10:15am) One of my devices is actually able to find and stir up these clones due to their parentlessness. We are taking them out now in many areas under China. So far found one U hatchery here. And a Mossad one in Algeria. Then another in China. A NATO one under Belgium. A NSA one under NY state, another under Indiana. Now i'm sensing more of these clone bases in Africa, Australia, etc. etc.
And most of them seem to be in U bases away from hatcheries.

(11:25am) Now the Times of Israel is overtly promoting known pedophiles. Like purported holocaust survivor (my ass) Roman Polanski (i note with gratification that the satanist Polanski has been killed and replaced by a clone since i mentioned him last month), Woody Allen (who is still the same old satanist lizard), and Ex-leader of UK Jewry Lord Greville Janner (who was long dead and replaced by clones). "The passing of Greville Janner marks the end of an era for the Jewish community, our thoughts and prayers are with the Janner family at this most difficult time."
Of course, they don't promote them as the fellow Nazi satanist Freemason SSers they were, but rather as Jews to be proud of. Always doing their utmost to make Jews look as nasty as possible.

Why, O Times of Israhell, is the picture at the top of the article Women simulate virginity with artificial hymens displaying 2 obviously male repticlones nuzzling? Neither of them looks the least bit feminine. Perhaps in order to point out that "gender-reassigned women" now can even have a fake hymen put in their fake vagina (repeatedly?), the better to fool unsuspecting men?

Dec 22, '15: (9:05am) Ugh! Even Anonymous: Anonymous names British MI clone Gary McKinnon the 'most dangerous hacker of all time' when he is just another lying agent.
I think that Anonymous is mostly composed of sincere people. The other 9 hackers they named are humans. But why do they accept McKlonan as a hacker? Because they believe the media wouldn't lie about that? Yo, Anonymous, the media purveys almost total fiction.
Have they seen any proof that he can hack or ever has hacked?
And even the original guy never had an Asperger vibe.

And must they persist in wearing Guy Fawkes repto-masks?

My area featured in a Reptilian Times article: Arkansas massacre of more than 60 dogs. This area is just a few miles south of me. Used to be extremely DORy. Lots of clones, including some werewolf ones, live out that way, but i think humans did this.
None of the dogs had souls. I suspect they were brought in from far away to exterminate there. That's the only impression i get.

Usually when one sees pics of alleged Boko Haram fighters, they are just human mercenaries. But here is a pic of 7 CIA clones.

Dec 24, '15: (9:30am) On the night of the 22nd and yesterday morning i got 1.5" rain. The previous night, 1/10".
Today, sunny, warm, chemmy.

CIA clone named Jihad arrested for threatening 'jihad' on California police and making bomb threat.

Not a hoax: Border Patrol Officer Viciously Beats Elderly Couple for Helping an Injured Woman. Note how realistic the injuries are. The CIA probably could make their stuff equally realistic-looking if they wanted to, but they deliberately make their hoaxes all hokey-looking.

SATANIC TEMPLE HOLDS FIRST STATE-SANCTIONED CEREMONY AT MICHIGAN STATE CAPITOL. These are all humans, and i have to wonder whether they have the slightest inkling of what is going on. There are 7 "satanists" here, plus at 7:30, 2 guys who perform a passionate smooch. Of all these, i only detect a satanist vibe off the speaker, and that one is very weak. I would not have noticed her walking down the street.

Did these people only get into satanism in recent years, after Satan was no longer evil, after most of the demons were gone, after half of all dogs and cats, as well as most humans, lost their souls and became useless for sacrifice?
Do they even know that the church they purport to oppose was the true repository of hard-core satanism? Do they know that they are being useful idiots for the CIA etc. by making a spectacle of themselves? Do they know anything about shapeshifting repts?
I don't know the answer to these questions.

Dec 25, '15: (7:30am) Shocking weather forecast: we are supposed to get around 6" of "possibly severe" stormy rain over tomorrow and the next day.

Yeah, our tax dollars working for us! A studious, hard-working NOAA clone has submitted an analysis which "found that vapor from airplanes may be altering the climate through accidental geoengineering."

Don't buy it: clones are leaking out hints that there is a lack of common vision amongst the SSers:
POLICE WHISPER INTO PROTESTERS' EAR: "KEEP ON PROTESTING". Never mind that the protesters were largely CIA. Hedges, Ellsberg, and many more.

Even the trivial stories are hoaxes: 'Stupid' thief steals rabbi's toxic Ground Zero garb. Then again, maybe i'm too harsh. Maybe this altruistic clone did save his dirty shirt, and was planning to send it to a Daily News clone who wanted to use it to urge Congressclones to renew the Zadroga Act. These clones know how to get things done.

Time to revisit NFL star Adrian Peterson, whom i discussed at the end of the Oct 2014 blog and also the first couple days in Nov 2014.
If only to mention that i just realized "he" is a she. Yet another male-looking football star who probably never had male genitalia. Some of them have the human vibe, and some have the SSer vibe.

Dec 28, '15: (9:50am) It rained up until around dawn this morning. I don't know how much i got, as i neglected to put out a measuring can taller than 6" (which is overflowing). I might have gotten 8 or 10".

I have been meaning to post about the Hollie Greig affair. Sometime back i took a look at this and concluded that it was a hoax, as i can't detect that any of these crimes have occurred.
Originally, years ago, i assumed it was true because all the principal actors are humans who were still ensouled at the time. And the important fact that SSers are known to have a major hard-on for Downs kids.

Targeted CIA extrajudicial executions in Nigeria: It is hard to discern how many of these Boko Haram atrocities one reads about are actual killing events, and which ones are fake, and which ones are a mixture of truth and falsehood. According to this article, which seems legit, the Nigerian military has been targeting specific Shia groups with lethal force.
Nigeria is a CIA colony, whose politics and military are controlled by the CIA, which is in turn controlled by the Jesuit Zionists.

Dec 29, '15: (8:40am) Chilly, overcast.

I got a real strong vibe off this clone fable: Country singer Craig Strickland, 29, missing and feared dead after his boat capsized during a duck hunting trip - as the body of his companion is found. Why the vibe? It was coming from the pic of Strickland-clone. But why would a clone feel so DORy? Ah, he was in close proximity to 3 satanist SSers. Well, they were easy to track down... yes, in an Illinois U base. Whereas his clone pal feels actually dead.
Another obscure CIA band propelled into fame.

Human(?) CIA agent propelled into fame: Idaho student Brady Kissel. She has one shaky-ass vibe to her, which i presume is merely her connections.

Syrian clone journalist exposing ISIS Aleppo atrocities assassinated in Turkey. Why is he still alive, then, i had to wonder. Er, was still alive; they had tucked him into an expendable U base in Finland.

Another cross-dressed repticlone girl: Paolo Gentiloni.

(8:55am) Oh hell, somehow i missed the most important story: California police officer killed protecting Alex Jones from potential killer.

Dec 30, '15: (7:20am) News bordering on satire. BS getting hilariously thick:
Reporters claim PTSD from watching violent news. "Reporters"? "News"?
Infowars Hacked by Turkish Government?
Israeli court sentences Ehud Olmert to 18 months in prison. Ehud's been dead for years.