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Loohan's blog for December, 2016

Dec 2, '16: (7:05pm) Amazingly warm yesterday and today. Chem heavier today as the day progressed; storm heading this way.

Another human clone: Tommy Boucher.

Clone pilots plane! That historic moment has arrived. An obnoxious white biplane flew right over my property this morning, piloted by a repticlone. Heretofore i have only noticed SSers and WWs piloting planes, and very rarely, humans.
But pilots have been suffering considerable attrition.

Dec 3, '16: (7:10pm) Raining lightly all day.

Bizarre. CIA enters female repticlone in beauty pageant: Halima Aden. In a burka. All part of their multifaceted Islam psyop.
Why a female all of a sudden, CIA? Quivering in your boots about how Cmdr Loohan would out a tranny? Yeah, must be.
Of course they chose one with high cheekbones.

That WW blaster i mentioned on the 30th is now at 288X its original potency. Mwahaha.
It is actually very effective against WWs, WW clones, reptilian SSers, repticlones, and many other types of evil ETs/hybrids.

I uploaded a pic of a few ice cubes with the new program to OTB 27f along with some minor commentary.

Dec 4, '16: (6:25pm) I got 1/2" yesterday. Overcast and damp today.

Witchsy Is Like Etsy for People Who Want to Sell Jars Full of Fingernails. As you can see, it is run by 2 lovely ladies; DORy spell-drenched serial killing, blood-drinking human satanists. Fleeing the repty Etsy.
I have in the past had to deal with a reader's sister who kept buying black magic items online to use against the reader. I had to keep breaking spells and blasting the vendors. Yes, one can buy this sort of stuff and it works. But it can also be de-activated by psychics. There are spells and often demons connected to the "power objects". These days this stuff is mostly made by human black magicians because there are so few SSers left who have not been replaced by magically impotent clones.
I will be combing through the Witchsy site occasionally. So far i have not actually noticed any stuff there with spells (except for the 2 wenches and the vendors). It all feels DORy, though.

Dec 5, '16: (8:15am) More overcast, drippy weather.

Come one, come all, to the fabulous CIA LibertyFest NYC 2016. Oops, found out about it too late. Damn. Missed a chance to hear a solid lineup of CIA repticlones. At least i can send them love and support with my shiny new Nov2016 ice cubes.

EU parents of daughter raped/murdered by Muslim migrant COLLECT FUNERAL DONATIONS FOR MIGRANTS. Yes, they are definitely using fewer tranny actors lately. There is no reason for them to use an actual female repticlone here other than fear of Cmdr Loohan.
This clone is still alive as i write. Does have a male-ish chin, though.

UK: Muslim Teacher 'Told Class Charlie Hebdo Victims Should be Killed for Insulting the Prophet'. Very MPD CIA human.

Man with assault rifle opens fire in DC pizzeria to 'investigate' Hillary Clinton conspiracy. And a lot of people actually believe these absurd fictions. No pic of the alleged shooter, but the venue, Comet Ping Pong is staffed by lovable CIA repticlones.

Dec 6, '16: (9am) Got another 0.3" last night. Overcast, soggy. Now we are facing a few days of much colder weather, they say.

Something i don't think i've mentioned before: in the cooler parts of the year i sometimes strap on light ankle weights. The weights are lead, which gets the March2015B Program. This feels really good to me, makes my feet and legs feel more alive. The program seems to help the energy circulation or something. And no doubt helps the body cope with EMFs etc.
One can get 2 or 3 pound ankle/wrist weights cheap in the fitness dept at Walmart, etc. I find that the 3 pounders are too light to have exercise value on the ankles, but are a comfortable weight to walk around in all day. I have 10 pounders too but those are more for exercising. [Update: i realized that the weight listed on these Gold's weights is the weight of the pair, not of one weight.]
One could, of course, also wear weights on the wrists, which might be a good idea for people who work a lot with AC tools etc.

Blowjob robot: Actress who offered to perform sex act on everyone who voted 'No' in Italian referendum launches tour of cities to make good on promise. MPD female human clone, elevating humanity's consciousness.
Because voting really matters. Will she actually do it? Doesn't matter, as all the lucky winners are repticlone actors with plenty of access to kinky sex already.
What matters is that humanity's consciousness is liberated from outmoded notions of propriety and morality while "Democracy" is admitted to be a scam, although the details of how it is a scam are garbled.

Dec 7, '16: (11:55am) In case you didn't believe that the live "raped and murdered" girl i mentioned on the 5th is a repticlone, the CIA admits this much: "Her father is Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, a lawyer who works as the right hand man to the legal director of the European Commission."
If you scroll down the page, there is a pic of her with 2 more female repticlones, and further down still, a wide-mouthed live repticlone MTF labeled a "27-year-old woman was similarly raped and murdered just two weeks after this incident in the nearby Endingen forest."

In other fake news, Iraqi asylum seeker arrested for sexually assaulting students in another German horror. Check the totally obvious fake pic of Zaid K. This is some deliberately shabby CGI concoction. Look how close to the sides of the head the eyes are. This person never existed, as far as i can tell.

CIA Repticlone Liberals Agree Nothing Wrong with Incest, Totally Normal.
More "ordinary folks in impromptu street interviews": Sanctuary campus supporters willing to ignore other laws.

Gotta love it: CIA debunks CIA: MORE EVIDENCE PIZZAGATE SHOOTING IS A PSYOP: THE SHOOTER HAS AN IMDB PAGE, HE'S LITERALLY AN ACTOR. Well, gawd bless that "alternative" media. What would i do without them.

One of the many phonies promoted by Icke today: Dr. Katherine Horton "is an Oxford-educated scientist and a victim of the intelligence agencies. She urgently needs your help! She has been harassed for 5 years and is brutally assaulted with military-grade microwave weapons..."
There are plenty of real victims of this stuff out there. Many have written me over the years. But this is another CIA repticlone.

Dec 8, '16: (8:10am) Ah, finally a pic of the Pizzagate marauder Edgar Maddison Welch. MPD CIA human.
Another MPD CIA human male: Greg McKelvey, "the Charismatic Protester Leading the 'Portland Resistance' Against Trump".
Another (but a clone this time): The moment a CIA human clone with breast cancer was 'violated' and reduced to tears by TSA agents who patted down her medical port.

The true poop from the clone who ostensibly leads the very nation-state that indirectly controls virtually all the (hoax-dominated) mainstream media as well as most "alternative" media. "That's right, the Pope also says that people who consume fake news are sick and tend toward coprophagia... eating poop."

Berlin: Migrant gang kick woman down subway stairs. I watched this vid as well as the rawer version several times at 1/4 speed (hit the gear-wheel icon and you can play at different speeds). Here is the comment i posted (in case it disappears):
CGI is impressive these days. At 0:12 a bottle appears out of nowhere and lands on the steps, shortly after clearly displaying that the other guy it seemingly came from had empty hands.
Then towards the end, the Freemasons confess the hoax by making a display of a 3rd thug picking up the bottle. Like, he had qualms about all the littering.
None of these people have any vibe at all. Act For Germany is a Nato channel.
I don't eat the shit, i just inspect it.

Dec 9, '16: (7:35am) It was 14 F before dawn this morning. My cabin is very well insulated and has an ample wood stove, though, so i've been snug.

94-YEAR-OLD WWII VETERAN BEATEN DURING CHICAGO ROBBERY. Now, on the one hand, no obvious clone or MPD vibe off the personalities, but, any story in the media about a black male gratuitously beating up an old white lady veteran, has to be regarded as dubious.
In any case, there is a gofundme page populated in part by CIA repticlone donors. The CIA ones have messages attached to their donations: Peggy Goddard, Carolyn York (MTF), John Mitola, Robert McNealy.

I tell ya, these CIA ni**ers be gettin' out of hand: now Black lawyer: Free anyone charged with murdering whites. Elie Mystal is a scuzzy CIA repticlone credited with plenty of shill articles.

South Korea votes to impeach president over corruption scandal. "The vote to remove Park Geun-hye, the country's first female president, was supported by many members of her own party".
Ain't democracy great? Zillions of people march in the street to get rid of this bad apple, and now it's happening. I'm sure she will be replaced by a much better KCIA repticlone.
"The vote to impeach Ms Park leaves a power vacuum amid chaos in the country that faces a slowdown in growth and heightened tensions with its unpredictable neighbour, North Korea." LOL. No fake news here. Power vacuum, ROFL.

Big Media's Contra-Cocaine Cover-up. I outed Gary Webb as a CIAlizard on June 20, '13.
The CIA has always been in the forefront of confessing to the public what drug dealers they are. Masonic imperative.

(8:20am) Sunny, clear so far.

Bizarre. A CIA newsletter i subscribe to had a link today to this, which is just another link -- just to mysterious satanic pics, no story, no explanation of who these "people" are.
Repticlones, some of them TG. Why is the CIA sticking ritual-party imagery in people's faces with zero explanation?

Illinois Commission Panel Says CIA Repticlone-Owned Bed & Breakfast Must Host Gay Weddings. "We believe homosexuality is wrong and unnatural based on what the Bible says about it. If that is discrimination, I guess we unfortunately discriminate." The bldg has already been soiled by ample gay activities.

Dec 14, '16: (11:55am) Six people killed in bomb blast near the pyramids - Islamists strike along road used to transport tourists in Egypt. "WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT". What i find intriguing is that all the "people" in the pix are repticlones, whereas repticlones are not very common in Egypt.

Moment repticlone documentary maker 'is punched, kicked and choked by five migrants' after entering 'no-go' zone in Swedish city. No video of the "migrants", just audio effects.

Teen who shot herself dead in front of her horrified parents is STILL getting bullying messages on social media. No repty vibe here, but the story seems like typical cheesy CIA crap, so let's take a closer look.
A search says Brandy had one sister, Jacqueline. So why is Brandy shown in a FB pic twice with Jackie in the center? The right side version is obviously inserted (check the edge of the face) and is wearing braces, whereas the other is not. They both look identical and the same age, and have the same zit or mole on their chin. Maybe FB has an explanation for this odd pic, but i don't go there much. Is this a weird before-and-after-getting-new-braces pic? Or is it just random weirdness the CIA throws in to see if anybody is paying the least bit of attention?
And in the following pic we again have these unexplained "twins" along with the rest of the family. But the center girl (the alleged deceased) is photoshopped in and closely resembles the one next to her.
Also some of the other pics of "Brandy" don't much look like these.
Plus, i get absolutely no vibe off any of these people! Are they all CGI or something else?
Trying to get some answers, i watched the vid on this page. Again, no vibe whatsoever from what appears to be a crowd of mourners who rather unbelievably gathered on a cold, rainy day to have a vigil for Miss Unpopularity.
Why is a Nazi salute held out from the lower left corner for some time around 1:17?
And why does the video and text mention
Also at the vigil was Judith Briggs whose son, John that went to the same school and also took his life at 18 after battling depression back in 2013.
when there is no such story to be found on google? Try googling john briggs suicide 18 depression to see what i mean. Only one suicide comes up under that name, a 39-year-old in CA.

But why no vibe whatsoever from all these realistic-looking people? Advanced CGI? Something very awry with my dowsing? How can there not even be 1 repticlone among them? Why do none of them have the vibe of assemblage points, physical hearts, genitalia, parents?
And if this really was a live girl at one point, there must have been classmates, etc. that knew her. It seems it would be hard to create a convincing artificial history of a nonexistent person at a public school.

The school exists. Its website is here and shows human students. Of course the principal is a repticlone.
But, what is up with these cheerleaders? Why do some of them have identical faces? I marked with a yellow X 3 near bottom who seem the same. Also another further up who could be the same with a cheek smudge added. And some of the other girls look similar to her or to each other. Not that it's the sharpest pic.
Why do only the black kids here have vibes? The rest, even the white boy, do not. No parental vibe yet they do not have the vibe of common human clones either. Human clones have hearts, assemblage points, genitalia, which can be dowsed. These things do not. I have instruments to blast human clones, but they do nothing to this TX bunch including the "deceased"'s family and the mourners.

I am baffled.
It may be just that there are lots of this new type of faux human in this town. Which implies a CIA hatchery/factory nearby. We did find a CIA base here on Bolivar Peninsula that i suspect may have been it.

Just noticed that the Strontium-Barium Program does bite very lightly on these, so they are not just CGI.

Dec 15, '16: (8:10am) Another fake plane in the news: Giant plane circles Manhattan, causing confusion & fear. This illusion was generated from a CIA U base just offshore of Shoreham Country Club on Long Island.
Dunno if it's related, but Manhattan, specifically Central Park, is the big power spot of the region.

(12:45pm) Soulless humans endlessly hunger for lab-grown Jesuit pseudo-humns to guide them on the spiritual path: Pranadi, Tibetan New Method. All humans in the pics of students. Repticlone teachers are not going to tell you much of use about reincarnation, sorry.

Dec 16, '16: (3:10pm) Thai Company Wants to Sell You This $1,500 Ghost Repelling Device. Might actually work somewhat. No orgone, but supposedly has electronics to detect and zap ghosts with radio energy (microwaves).
Or you can save $1500 and just tell me where the ghosts are. I'll get rid of them quickly.

1000 "Muslims" block London streets chanting Allahu Akbar to demand Islamic caliphate. Most if not all repticlones. And the video somehow neglects to take in much of that large crowd. I'm guessing more like 80.

On being presented today with this article CIA Cover-Up on Chile i started wondering whether the whole Allende thing was just another hoax, and the CIA actually took over the country long before the "coup". The Allendes do not have a repty or blood-drinker vibe.
Well, let us look at old Salvador Allende (pic). He could easily have been a FTM or Egyptoid.
So let us check out his daughter (depicted here doing the 666 hand sign). Hmmm, dowses as female but has pseudo-tranny looks. What about her namesake cousin? Another pseud-tranny. Look at that mouth.
But, none of these are Category 1 or Category 2 Egyptoids. I actually have a unit that fries Category 1's now, as well as more stuff for Category 2's. But i have been suspecting a while that there is also a Category 3 of Egyptoids, which heretofore i could not blast. But now my new big H-shaped werewolf fryer happens to work on these! And the Allende ladies are getting their vibes stirred up now. Feel nasty.

I mentioned my suspicions of a Category 3 a while back in this forum post. Now i can blast suspects to see what gives. Lucia Rijker is definitely one. But what about the cast of falcon rising? I watched this flick for free on YT a while back, and was struck by the fact that 3 of the male actors have pseudo-tranny facial features: Michael Jai White, Neal McDonough, and Jimmy Navarro. No Category 1 or 2 vibe, and now only a tiny bit of Category 3 vibe. Very subtle. But one i did not suspect because he looks normal, Johnny Yang, has a stronger Category 3 vibe.
None of the actors have a repty vibe. All feel human. The director is a repticlone. So strange that a repticlone director would use all-human actors with no trannies.
I do not understand why there would be such energetically-different categories of Egyptoids.

And today i found some more Category 3's. Meet "The Grindmother" (pic). Part of the band Corrupt Leaders (pic of the males). All Categ 3's.

Dec 18, '16: (7:10am) Yesterday morning was ridiculously warm, in advance of the big chill. 10 F this morning according to wunderground, and light trace of snow on the ground.

Even when the fashion industry is not promoting TGs and repticlones, it is still often promoting slut culture. If you saw this woman walking down a city street dressed like that, what would you assume her profession was? And this is what young ladies are encouraged to emulate to be chic and trendy.

Likely CIA hoax: Did Satellites Expose A Secret American Drone Hangar In A Saudi Desert?. The 2 people in the vid dowse as ordinary humans, but logic dictates that they are spooks. This is about an alleged Umm Al Melh Border Guards Airport hidden in the desert. Google map is here. Look at that and the imagery in the vid (full-screenable version of vid is here) and tell me that's not CGI.
I get absolutely no vibe off the place. Nobody's there.

Dec 19, '16: (6:10am) 5.9 F this morning, according to wunderground. I haven't put out a thermometer. Now it's supposed to be a bit milder for a while.

Jordan's Crusader castle siege: 4 gunmen dead after killing 9 people, holding tourists hostage. I watched the first vid. Nothing but repticlones.

Over 40 migrants found stuffed in van hospitalized in Croatia. CO2 poisoning, ya know. Likely story. All the "medical staff" are repticlones.

(1:05pm) Occasionally i have to admire the creativity of some of those CIA hacks. It's hilarious how they sometimes weave complex conspiracy theories into a "gripping narrative" that sounds plausible to the naive but is totally unhinged from any shred of reality.
Only a Counter-Coup Can Save American Democracy. The CIA has long engineered coups in other countries. Now we are approaching at breakneck speed a CIA coup in the USA. "Approaching", LOL. Followed by endless more rib-ticklers. 100% charade.
And people lap this kind of garbage up.
The "author" is a FTM CIA repticlone.

Arab MK allegedly smuggled mobile phones to Palestinian security prisoners. Basel Ghattas has that Scottish Rite vibe.

This just "happened" and there's already a Wikipedia entry. Good ol' Wikipedia, always chronicling history as it happens, or rather didn't happen. Assassination of Andrei Karlov. Old vodka-belly was actually still alive when i read this, hanging out with SSers under west Istanbul. Vibed as a human male, but when i look at pics of him, i suspect he was an Egyptoid. I believe there are many Egyptoids out there i still can't get a vibe from.

Dec 20, '16: (9:30am) Time to crank up the Christmas fear porn. Aren't they great? They give us this disgusting, absurd, trinket-oriented, tasteless Holiday Season to pump us up on ersatz cheer while draining our wallets (and incidentally i have heard that Europeans have been avidly adopting the tackiest types of American Christmas decor lately) and then they interject "sobering reality" into it.

German Official: 'No Doubt' Deadly Attack On Christmas Market Was Intentional.
And so often the stories don't even come with a name or pic of the "perps". Sometimes they trot one out later, but often not.

Unlike his predecessor, Trump's sayin' it! He blames 'Islamist Terrorists' for Berlin Christmas attack.

Armed police are deployed to prevent attacks on British Christmas markets: Eleven forces send out anti-terror squads in bid to stop extremists carrying out an atrocity. Aren't they great? They will threaten you with one hand, while protecting you with the other one, which is also in your pocket for the protection fee. Some old rackets never get old.

But i shall not permit all this negativity to pull me down at such an important time. I'll be spending the next few days in shopping malls running up all my many credit cards looking for Chinese stuff to buy people, and soaking up as many repty Christmas carols as possible. I love having those jingles dance around my head non-stop even after i have to pry myself away from those life-giving speakers.
I always try to avoid shopping the rest of the year so that i can spend as much time as possible listening to mall carols in December. I then try to loiter in stores as long as i can, absorbing this beneficence. And if i get shot by terrorists doing that, i will rest easy, knowing the risks were worth the rewards.

Funniest headline of the morning: Donald Trump Will Ruthlessly Decimate the CIA for Turning on Him. NBC and CIA have exceeded all bounds in their attacks on Donald Trump and the Americans who freely elected him their president. They clearly have no idea who they are dealing with. And the story gets more ridiculous from there.

Dec 21, '16: (10:55am) Ah, more reason for optimism: As Trump-CIA Showdown Escalates, Expect Heads to Roll. Donald Trump is not a man who cowers when attacked or turns the other cheek in the face of massive betrayal.
A thorough purge of the CIA will probably follow, which will leave the Deep State reeling in Trump's first 100 days -- a move that hopefully will bode well for the new president's aims to restart detente with Russia, abandon regime change and seek a new relationship with the world.

OK, i'm on the edge of my chair, ready to watch the fireworks.

Speaking of fireworks, Dozens killed and injured in Mexico fireworks market explosion, just in time for the winter solstice. A real sacrifice or a rigged hoax? I can't tell without pics of alleged victims.
And what is a National Pyrotechnic Festival? Seems like a major accident waiting to happen. And Wikipedia says it "began as celebration in honor of John of God, the patron saint of fireworks makers". John of God (the original, not the modern satanist cult leader) was a Catholic "saint".
The most recent entry here says the 2016 event is scheduled "To Be Confirmed -- Mar 1st, 2016 - Mar 15th, 2016" but i presume they had to delay it. Until the solstice.

I'm not very knowledgable about guns, but i have to wonder: is it credible that a trained police officer would hunch his shoulders way up when firing a pistol? I looked at some pics online, and some shooters do duck their head down as they shoot, bringing their head closer to their shoulders, but this Mevlut Mert Altintas guy raised his shoulders way high in an awkward way that i doubt any combat-trained person would do.

I dunno... isn't anyone's credulity stretched beyond the breaking point yet? How a British College Student Became an ISIS Matchmaker. What, no drag queen? Just a repticlone gal flashing a Masonic hand sign. 'What is clear is that Tooba, like many ISIS recruits, is a "born again" Muslim'... Oh yeah, of course, young people are converting to ISISlam everywhere i look. Everywhere on the streets, all i ever hear anymore is "Allahu Akbar".

Isis 'offers $1m reward' for murder of woman who dropped out of university to fight them. Joanna Palani, 23, is currently behind bars and facing trial in Copenhagen for leaving the country after a 12-month travel ban imposed in June 2015.
Ironically, if found guilty she faces up to two years in prison under the new laws designed to stem the flow of Isis fighters from Denmark to the Middle East.

"Stem the flow" LOL. I tell ya, it's a social movement. And ISIS sure has a lot of money to throw around.
CIA repticlone. Has plenty of cleavage pics online, for some strange reason. Funny how that happens.

CIA sues CIA: Lawsuit Claims Social Media Sites Provided Pulse Nightclub Shooter with 'Material Support'. Damn right. Time to hold them responsible.

Dec 22, 16: (9:40am) Polshikov: Russian diplomat 'shot dead in Moscow'. Riight. This piece of excrement is still alive. Er, was. They stuck him in a DORy U base, too, presumably to ensure i'd find it and him. This one was in 37370 Vesilahti, Finland. FSB. It is connected by tunnels to various other spots.

Found this linked on Icke-istock this morning: Woman beaten with stick in India for resisting sexual assault. What scum! i thought. Degenerate humans. So i slowed the speed down to 1/4 speed (use Settings gearwheel ----> Speed ---->) and watched a couple times. It starts out looking like she's really trying to defend herself with a newspaper or something, and then one guy picks up a bamboo pole and swipes behind her about 3 times, never hitting her.
Anybody making such hoax vids is sick. Women do have a problem.

One of the many ways the media mocks us, is to have the text for a picture strongly disagree with what is depicted. For example, on this page, we have this pic, and the caption? Brutal: White powder used to soak up blood left by the dead - one witness described a 'rivers of blood' running through the market. Luckily, they tastefully omitted the fake blood. Either that or the thinly-spead white powder is phenomenally effective at discreetly mopping it up.

Muslim YouTuber Was Was Kicked off Delta Flight For Yelling, Not For Speaking Arabic, Nor for Being a CIA Repticlone. Because the entire plane was all CIA repticlones. I seriously doubt it was in the air at the time.
I only watched the first couple minutes.

Black Man Burned African-American Church, Painted 'Vote Trump' On The Walls. Andrew McClinton is a CIA repticlone. There are pics of him online.

Metallica Frontman: I Escaped California Over 'Elitist' CIA Progressives. James Hetfield is a CIA repticlone. Joe Rogan is a CIA human Mason.

CIA FTM repticlone bemoans a purported paucity of Christmas decorations: PRAGER: Where Have All the Christmas Decorations Gone? A Meditation on Joyless Secularism.
When I compare blocks of homes without Christmas decorations to blocks filled with homes with Christmas decorations, I think of my trips to the Soviet Union and other communist countries. One of the first things that struck any visitor from the West was how gray everything looked. There was essentially no color -- just as today's decoration-free homes appear.

Secularism in the West has a deadening effect. It tends to suck the joy of life out of individuals and the larger society. It is particularly noticeable in young people. Secular kids are more likely to be jaded and cynical than kids raised in religious Christian and Jewish homes...

America is a society in decline because Americans have abandoned the religious foundations of their country. The colorless and joyless Christmas manifested in the increasing number of homes without Christmas decorations is a clear and dispiriting example.
If indeed Americans are becoming less tasteless in December, i, for one, applaud.

Thumbing their noses: Berlin market attack: Police searching for Tunisian man after finding ID in truck -- reports. Several of the human commenters are noting that it is remarkable how many terrorists have a habit of leaving their ID at the scene.

Dec 23, '16: (8:10am) Berlin Truck Attack Suspect Killed In Shootout In Milan. Except this human actor is still alive. Actually i dunno that he ever did any acting, but there is a live human that was used for the photos.

Israeli woman confirmed killed in Berlin attack. Somebody is having problems distinguishing a cadaver from a warm, breathing body. Both of these people are human Freemason actors.

French Mayor To Be Charged With Hate Crime For Decrying "Replacement" of White People. This repticlone, however, expressed no misgivings about lab-grown ET hybrids having replaced 1/3 of humanity.

CIA attacks itself with lurid sex rumors. This is pretty formulaic; think Billy's blowjob in the oval office, etc.
EXCLUSIVE: Facebook 'fact checker' who will arbitrate on 'fake news' is accused of defrauding website to pay for prostitutes - and its staff includes an escort-porn star and 'Vice Vixen domme'.
I get the impression that none of these particular CIA repticlones have ever been involved with the Snopes site.

(10:40am) Actually, Anus Amri has done some acting. He pledged allegiance to ISIS (CIA) in the vid on this page.

Lawyer who was thrown off JetBlue flight for accosting and screaming at Ivanka Trump. Notice anything funny? Both of these humans are the same Freemason guy. Different glasses. I doubt he is even all that gay.

More thumbing their noses at us? This presumably deliberate juxtaposition (note that both are even wearing bright red and have the same hair and skin color) caught my eye on some page which unfortunately i neglected to copy the URL of. Is Barcelo the same person as Jeffries? You decide. They are both CIA MTF repticlones, but i think different copies of the same clone are playing these roles.
Also, both are hoax actresses. Police say booze involved as bat-swinging beauty queen clubs party guest.

This Jeffries pic is from this article: PHOTOS -- Justin Bieber's Ex Chantel Jeffries Working on a Tan Before Deposition in Bieber Lawsuit! They did a good job of making him look female. I wonder how much of that is photoshop. The hips look kind of narrow in the butt pic.

I normally put most of these TG hoax actors on the forum thread but felt this case was extra juicy.

(1:05pm) Hijackers divert Libyan plane to Malta, threaten to blow it up. Look at the pic of the purported plane. A picture taken on December 23, 2016 shows a hijacked Airbus A320 operated by Afriqiyah Airways after it landed at Luqa Airport, in Malta. (AFP/Matthew Mirabelli) Wikipedia says "The aircraft was forced to land at the Malta International Airport which it did on 11:32 am local time." Does that look like a plane that landed at an airport? Why is it on a grassy hillside with no visible ruts? Maybe the angle obscures the ruts? Yet does not obscure the front wheels, which appear to be sitting high on the grass. Uh, freaky, yeah, Afriqiyah.

Dec 25, '16: (7:35am) Drippy, foggy, drizzly and warm lately.

And there's a new "hijacking" of an Uhfreakyyeah plane. No pics yet of the "hijackers who surrendered".

Also we have some lovely pics of the persons associated with the Berlin hoax here. Except for the "perp", all seem to be repticlones except for a few human satanists. Cops doing hand signs.
The Amri family is played by human satanist Masons. The "brother" (not Walid but this "guy") is FTM. The "mother" is MTF.

Reptilian Court Rules Police Can Legally Execute Your Dog If It Does Anything But Sit Silently. All the cops etc are repticlones. Pretty presumptive assertion for pedophile imposter outlaws.

(4:30pm) Taiwanese high school holds Nazi-themed parade. Right. A bunch of Taiwanese kids decided to invest bunches of money in flags, signs, boots, uniforms, etc. just on a wild cosplay whim. Gosh, the dumb things people spontaneously do when they have too much time and money.
And i had always read that Chinese kids are such serious students.

Amos Yee, Singapore teen blogger, in US as asylum speculation swirls. His family is human Freemasons. Amos doing some kind of hand sign? Maybe here?
I tried accessing "his" blog, but it requires a password. But Wikipedia says "In late March 2015, shortly after the death of former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, Yee uploaded a video on YouTube criticising Lee. In the video Yee compared Lee to Jesus, and cast both in an unfavorable light. Yee also uploaded to his blog an image depicting Lee and Margaret Thatcher engaged in anal sex. Yee was arrested and charged..." And that Yee was a child actor and that his "trial, which took place on 7 to 8 May 2015, attracted much public interest."

Dec 26, '16: (8:15am) Whew, Christmess is over; i can go into stores again.

Still warm, overcast, and very humid.

Hey, big things are shakin'. End Times are upon us. The UN has gone anti-zionist. Honest. The CIA says so. I didn't realize what a histrionic zionist this Michael Snyder character plays.
  • In Zechariah 2:8 we are told that those that touch Jerusalem touch the apple of God's eye, and in Zechariah 12 we are told that the city of Jerusalem will play a significant role in the last days.
  • By defiantly attempting to divide the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem during the waning days of his presidency, Barack Obama has cursed America.
    You may not believe in blessings and curses, but the Word of God says that those that curse Israel will be cursed, and without a doubt we will most assuredly be cursed as a result of what Barack Obama has done.
    And of course the entire Middle East is going to suffer as well. Instead of bringing peace, this resolution just sets the stage for more conflict.
  • Nothing else that Barack Obama has done during his entire time in the White House even comes close to this. He has greatly cursed America, he has set the stage for the bloodiest war the Middle East has ever seen, and he has defiantly shaken his fist at the one true God that created all things.
    May God have mercy on us all.
Better yet, here he elaborates:
  • Over the past several decades, whenever the U.S. government has taken a major step toward the division of the land of Israel it has resulted in a major disaster hitting the United States. This keeps happening over and over again, and yet our leaders never seem to learn.
  • And now that our government has cursed Israel at the UN, our entire nation will be cursed as a result. In the Scriptures we are repeatedly told that God will bless those that bless Israel and will curse those that curse Israel. When Barack Obama blocked a similar resolution that France wanted to submit for a vote in September 2015, it resulted in America being blessed, and we definitely have been blessed over the past 16 months.
    But now that Barack Obama has reversed course and has betrayed Israel, we will most assuredly be cursed. In the days ahead we will see how this plays out, and perhaps we can get some hints about what may happen by reviewing recent history.
    There have literally been dozens of instances in recent decades when the U.S. has been hit by some sort of immediate disaster when it has made a move toward the dividing of the land of Israel. The following are ten of the most prominent examples that stand out to me...
  • #1 The last time the U.S. government refused to veto an anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council was in 1979. On March 22nd, 1979 the Carter administration chose not to veto UN Resolution 446. Four days after that on March 26th, the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty was signed in Washington. As a result of that treaty, Israel gave up a tremendous amount of territory. Two days later, on March 28th, the worst nuclear power plant disaster in U.S. history made headlines all over the globe.
A yes, i remember old Three Mile Island. In early 1979 i lived in Tampa and was involved with the local anti-nuke group. I think all the members were sincere but the movement was led by SSers. Only recently did it occur to me that 3MI may have been a hoax. It supposedly happened March 28, 1979, whereas, totally by coincidence, the film The China Syndrome was released around the same time. Wikipedia says
The film was released on March 16, 1979, 12 days before the Three Mile Island nuclear accident in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, which gave the film's subject matter an unexpected prescience. Coincidentally, in one scene, physicist Dr. Elliott Lowell (Donald Hotton) says that the China Syndrome would render "an area the size of Pennsylvania" permanently uninhabitable.

Of course at the time i seized on this marvelous coincidence. There was a theater less than 1/2 a mile from where i lived, playing this flick with its satanist tranny lizard actors, so i went over there with my SSer-printed leaflets and was handing them out to people going in. A young couple seemed to politely object to this, and called the manager who shooed me away. The couple said they worked at the nuke plant north of town, and had a child on the way, and were sure it would be all right because nuclear power is perfectly safe under their professional control. Decades later, i realized they were satanist SSers.

How many of the other tragic events he lists were engineered? The list is suspicious. Also, he might be fudging a bit on the coincidentality of some of them.

Of course this Resolution is just the starting point of another gripping controversy: Israel to approve 100s of new homes in East Jerusalem in defiance of UNSC resolution.

Dec. 28, '16: (10:20am) It was overcast all day on the 26th, yet got very warm. Wunderground claims the high was 68, but i measured 72 in the shade early afternoon. I was out working with no shirt.
Total accumulation from several days' drizzle was about 1/10".

Bomb attack hits vehicle in eastern Lebanon, kills local official. Except that Khalid Houry is still alive.

The media comes clean, tells all! Well, sort of...
America Is Awash in Fake News -- Viewers and readers can no longer distinguish between truth and fiction. Wow, yes, that IS the title of an "alter"net article. However, it severely limits what it admits is fake. E.g. Hillary Clinton, contrary to how she often was portrayed during the recent presidential campaign, never fought on behalf of women and children -- she was an advocate for the destruction of a welfare system in which 70 percent of the recipients were children. She is a tool of the big banks, Wall Street and the war industry.
NOT "Hillary Clinton, contrary to how he often was portrayed during the recent presidential campaign, never fought on behalf of women and children -- nor was he ever a woman himself. In fact, we haven't even seen the "real" Hillary in many years, just a succession of clones. Nor was he nor any of his clones ever human. Nor were any of the other presidential "contenders" human. All were TG or pseudo-tranny CIA lab-grown replacements for dead CIA non-humans, pretending to have conflicting ideologies and values in order to give the illusion that democracy exists. None of them were ever real people with ideas of their own."

Then they refer to a Daniel J. Boorstin. Boorstin wrote a book about Pseudo-Events. He may have been a shill or may have been sincere, i dunno, but his Pseudo-Events definitions may have been inadequately broad: Pseudo-events can include press conferences, advertisements, speeches, and other similar events covering issues with little value in terms of content and importance. No mention here of faux bombings, rapes, suicides, murders, plane, train, and lorry wrecks, etc.

Dec 29, '16: (5:55pm) The Gloves Come Off: Media Tycoon Alex Jones (CIA) to Sue Facebook (CIA) and Wash Post (CIA).

Environmentalism, Hollywood-style: I saw a link to a Vice article for Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Young Superhero for Earth depicting this gay-bait teen glamor boy in the spotlight. Any real environmentalist would gag in horror and disgust at a title like Young Superhero for Earth, all the more so within a teen heartthrob hip-hop cult-of-personality context.
CIA Studio Productions. Meet the team. Check out the cool logo. The kid seems like a normal human and might just be conned, i dunno, but the others are CIA repticlones.
This radical kid's work has been featured on PBS, Showtime, National Geographic, Rolling Stones, Upworthy, The Guardian, Vogue, CNN, MSNBC, HBO and many more.

Dec 30, '16: (7:55am) Saudi Arabia jails man for a year after he publically called for end of male control over women. The unnamed man was also fined 30,000 riyals (£6,500) after being convicted of "inciting to end guardianship of women", the daily Okaz newspaper reported.
I wonder why the Saudis withheld the name of this perp. Oh, i got it: they don't want to make a hero out of him. Yeah, that must be it. I'm sure they wouldn't just invent a story out of thin air.

Did Kurt Eichenwald Use Journalism to Shield Himself After Viewing Child Porn 22+ Times? OMG, what are the chances? Of a repticlone MSM reporter being nailed by his fellow repticlones for behavior that is perfectly normal and acceptable, even taken for granted among SSers?

Another amazing story. I can't believe that this stuff really happens! Rampaging Syrian migrants KICK BABY on bus, then attack paramedics trying to treat child, gasp!
Residents were being evacuated following the discovery of a bomb from the Second World War and some had boarded a replacement night bus when a fight broke out. Oh, OK, obviously not staged, then. Pretty believable. Augsburg has only recently been reinhabited after WW2.

So what has really been going on in Aleppo? We see only staged imagery. I have all long had a vague feeling that actually nothing much terrible has been going on there, but i can't be sure.
Here we have PHOTOS BEFORE & AFTER IN ALEPPO, supposedly. But the before and after pics don't match. They are never of the same place from the same location and angle. Scrutinize. The closest pair of images i found is this one. And it does look somewhat plausible. Except that in the top pic, there are lights hanging from the ceiling, whereas it appears that in the 2nd pic, the light is coming from skylights or square holes in the ceiling. Also, are those bars on the left? Is the lower pic of an old prison?
Why are all the Aleppo horror pics we see of dubious veracity?

Repticlones gone to heaven: 'I WANT TO BE WITH CARRIE': ACTRESS DEBBIE REYNOLDS DIED OF A STROKE THE DAY AFTER HER DAUGHTER CARRIE FISHER PASSED AWAY. Feels like these 2 clones were terminated. Carrie was originally a blood-drinking satanist.