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Loohan's blog for December, 2017
Dec 1, '17: (11am) Got 1/2" of rain in last night's thundershower. We needed it.

These creatures are so absurd and disgusting. Jewish groups ask Poland to explain naked game of tag in Nazi gas chamber. I watched the first minute of the linked vid. It shows several repticlones (none TG) sauntering into a concrete room and starting to play tag.

Teacher reports six-year-old Muslim boy with Down's Syndrome to police for 'terrorism'. Does this repticlone boy look like he has Down's to you? Sure doesn't resemble other pics i've seen. Looks like an ordinary Egypto-boy with some kind of splints in his ears or something, to make him look like Gollum maybe.

(2:50pm) Some Etoid stalkers to blast. Click for bigger pic.
These have been attacking people with directed energy, demons, etc.
Note that this is 2 separate pix in one.

Dec 7, 2017: (1:30pm) Freezing cold today. 17F predicted tonight.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Company Kaya Holdings, Inc. Cannabis-for-Opioids Swap Program. CIA proprietary will swap your toxic meds for the good stuff -- or at least whatever they grew. And the meds are not wasted, they are re-purposed for the ghetto market. Everyone wins.


For Many Romani Women, Marriage Requires a Reconstructed Hymen. 'I hung out with a Spanish Roma woman while she was having her virginity "reinstalled."'
This story is total fiction. None of the people exist. Almost all Romani are MPD promiscuous, bisexual pedophiles. Before they got replaced by clones, almost all were blood-ritual satanists. The virginity checks are a traditional hoax/joke. I doubt Romani girls get weaned before losing their hymens.
Romani are Egyptoid-reptilian hybrids. Hymens are poison to them. Hymens allow the womb energies to blossom, giving rise to more powerful (gasp) female energy which would undermine everything they hold sacred.

I recently discovered that hundreds of Brazilian human black magicians have been attacking me from Goianesia, Brazil.

Dec 10, '17: (4pm) Lots of Egyptoids are in this area of space, attacking me. They kept me from getting more than a couple hours of sleep last night, and now they are onto me again.
Of course the allies have been taking them out, but they persevere nonetheless.

Dec 11, '17: (8:55am) Thanks for any help. I slept pretty well and they are much weaker today.

Dec 13, '17: (4:15pm) The other day i posted on the forum that Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road guy, is a CIA Egyptoid. So the CIA presumably marketed a bunch of drugs that way (and collected some info on independent vendors).
And Silk Road was heavily tied in to bitcoin -- indeed probably served to get a lot of people into BC who otherwise would not have been that interested. Which suggests that Bitcoin itself was a CIA or NSA project from the start. Now the CIA is sort of admitting this: Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency.
And now they've rolled out CryptoKitties, which i have an even harder time understanding than BC.

Oumuamua: a hoax? I get no vibe off this thing. I detect no metal or stone. Nor any beings.

Leo Zagami, a former SSer, has been replaced by a CIA human clone duplicate. Why not a repticlone as usual? I dunno, i wasn't particularly picking on him. Human clones are much less vulnerable to orgone.

Dec 15, '17: (10:10am) Another CIA human clone: "spiritual" youtuber Quartz Crystal.

Weird ETs i could use some help on:
For years, there have been mysterious, demonic birds in Lagos, Nigeria, which i have never really figured out. They seem to be portals for black magic.
Then along came Rorg, who was able somehow to neutralize them. For a while. But something changed and Rorg can no longer affect them.

I received this pic yesterday, and since i have an ever more powerful and sophisticated collection of orgone devices, i tried blasting it and seeing what happens. What happened is the bird's energy washed away and an area of sky lit up with bad energies. But what is out there? Whatever they are, they seem to be neither jailable nor addressable by physical, military means. I have jailed none and allies have not been able to nail them. I have no idea what is going on except that when i blast pockets of DOR out there, they seem to fade out. Then others light up in a weaker, more dispersed, way.

Then i figured out that my celestite stones have the program which works on them; when i was blasting them with the Channel Program, it was only the celestites being used.

Soon i was guided to plug a wire into my new anti-monitor cone and place my celestites on the wire. Evidently these beings were trying to RV me. Once i did this, the sky lit up much more.
At present i sense these beings in this wide area.
Joe is also making a hardware cloth thing against these.
If you have any celestites, you can get Eenia to program them (this is a newish program of hers) and blast these things.

Dec 16, '17: (5:55pm) Shortly after i posted that, those entities started hammering me, along with the usual WWs, Etoids, Chungoids, etc. and kept it up all day and into the night. But today, no attacks from them, and not much in the way of other attacks.
There no longer is any particular part of the sky most active with them. They seem spread all over the universe but seemingly getting thinned out. It is possible the orgone weapons are killing them; in any case they are much weaker now.

Dec 17, '17: (4:40pm) Got another 1/2" of rain last night. We are officially in a "severe" drought, although with cool weather the effects are not as bad.

Cops seize 18,000 pounds of marijuana from weed 'fortress' in California. I rather doubt that, considering that Stephanie Smith is a CIA repticlone.

Bizarre fable: Fugitive arrested Sunday at local restaurant, Woman who is nine months pregnant helps stop escape of fugitive wanted in Arkansas. What are the chances of a CIA repticlone female impersonator having both "demon" and "witch" in his name? Moreover, a responsible citizen "who is nine months pregnant, grabbed Witcher by the shirt, and he fell into a row of bar stools."
What an amazing world we live in.

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