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Loohan's blog for December, 2005

Dec. 1, '05: Yesterday was a pretty mellow day, with some very sweet vibes prevailing much of the time. Up until around 5pm CST, when things got kind of nasty.
There's a rather vicious coven at Pine Gap (Alice Springs, AU) that's been using the black building above the blue arrow. They may shift locations after this is published. They make and use DOR crystals. They also use another weapon, 7 of them, which might raise your eyebrows if you are able to recognize what it is. I won't say more on the nature of these weapons until i get independent confirmation. That means you; if you can discern what they are, feel free to email me.
This type weapon gives off a very deadly vibe, and is even effective against the dark-matter allies.
For energy, these clowns evoke Baal, and if he is juiced, Ahriman, and if he is juiced, too, Mephistopheles. If you keep on these devils, Yaldabaoth gets fired up. It appears that if the coven is juiced, the weapons are picked up by others and used.
This coven is not only attempting to kill me, but is generally troublesome.

Things remain dirty this morning. Babalon was acting up a bit last night, but not much. I do believe she's a bit indisposed. Yalatha was more active in her stead last night.
We have had the archonic nurses and overseers fairly under control, as far as i know, since last night. At one point i witnessed as the dark allies attacked the 9, in the process getting intensely dirty themselves, but cleaning up most of the DOR everywhere else.

So what happens next when the archonic food source is suppressed? Well, the aeons go ape. As i said, Babalon/Barbelo is well-behaved right now, but i should have beat up on Sophia a lot more the other day. What an evil bitch! "Our Lady Sophia" the gnostics say, but she has changed (i suspect only in recent centuries) since the early days of gnosticism. I isolated her as the apparent #1 DOR source active this morning, and she was strongly evil in vibe. Nothing i did dented her much, until i put my Sedna ring on her. It got real dirty for a long time, but finally polished her up, which also got rid of most of the DOR everywhere.

I haven't found a good list yet of the names of the aeons. "Cosmocrator" could use some attention at times. Also the gnostic god Abraxas or more correctly Abrasax could stand some clean-up.

I received an email from Tim Rifat with more info on the predators. It is in poor taste for me to publish a personal email, but nevertheless i will quote this:
I have found the archons - overseers - nurses are linked and taking them out gains Kudos with their enemies the predators (Super-Allies) who taught the ancient Seers all their knowledge. These super predators are dark energy matter but of a different type they appear as blue cylinders not black shadow like archons that run the human Matrix within a Matrix.
Also he says that, like all dark-matter entities, they feed on the same negative emotions that archons feed on, but they are "addicted to love".

Aha! After cleaning up Sophia, there was still a toxic edge to the universal energies. So i put the ring on Cosmocrator for a few minutes, and things got sweet. Now Sophia is getting nasty again, though.
It may be that there are no other significant evil aeons other than Barbelo, Sophia, and Cosmocrator. We shall see.

from this page on female angels:
Barbelo A great archon (female) "perfect in glory and next in rank to the Father-of-All." She is the consort of Cosmocrator. [Rf. the gnostic "Gospel of Mary" and the "Apocryphon of John."] In the "Texts of the Saviour", Barbelo is the daughter of Pistis Sophia, procreator of the superior angels. (Cosmocrator: in Valentian gnosticism, Cosmocrator is ruler of the material cosmos in the guise of Diabolos (the devil). His consort is Barbelo and together "they sing praise to the Powers of the Light," which would indicate that Cosmocrator is not wholly evil. [Rf. "Pistis Sophia"])
Of course, the other sources i've seen say that Barbelo is the prime aeon, more powerful than Sophia. The above definition says she is next in rank to the godhead, then says she is the daughter of Sophia, which is probably wrong. Also it says she is an archon, whereas the correct term is aeon. Archons were created by Yaldabaoth, the son of an aeon, Sophia.

Incidentally, there are some other evil-vibe females on that page for those going on witch-hunts. Notably, Acamoth [aka Achamoth], daughter of Sophia. Also Apsu. Those are the worst right at this moment. Some of the females on the page are benevolent, but most have a nasty vibe.

Dec. 2, '05: Someone wrote me that those beings doing the black magic at Pine Gap are full-blood off-world reptiloids (back again!) and i think he's right.

Things took a turn for the better yesterday evening, and have been pretty nice since.
I have had my ring working over Sophia and the Aeons (sounds like an exotic name for a band) for a couple days now. They sweetened considerably last night, but i feel the need to administer a very deep scrubbing. Sophia still gets dirty once in a while, when nothing else can, hardly.
Her senior aeon, Babalon, is still acting chastened from the whipping i gave her a few days ago. Cosmocrator gets a slight bit dirty.

We've been doing a pretty good job of keeping the archonic nurses and overseers fairly clean. When the bad guys are clean, the blue allies are clean, and so is all dark matter/energy. Rifat says that the dark energy is harmful to us ordinarily, yet i suspect it is the DOR being thrown by the archons at their enemies that gives it that flavor. Dark matter and energy have a very sweet vibe today.

It is very heartening to me to feel that, for long periods, such things as archons, PDF, chem, indeed most everything, remain clean. I envision legions of archons being ripped apart by blue cylindrical sharks. I see the 9 and other baddies being starved for food.

Heavy chemclouds and chemtrails here today, though.

Dec. 5, '05: Heavy chem the 3rd and 4th, too. Clear today.

Pretty nice vibes for the most part today, too. They had been a bit dirty.
Those aeons are tough. Babalon wasn't so hard to beat up the other day, because she had been pre-tenderized for a couple months. Likewise, i gave Lilith (not an aeon) a good spanking too that evening, and she's been a well-behaved little girl since.

But i started in fairly cold on these other aeons. I still have my ring working on them all the time, and they seem to be slowly weakening
I noticed something about Cosmocrator: every time he's dirty, so is Sally water. A couple times he and SW were the only significantly dirty things on my page, suggesting he gives it a high priority. Juicing him sweetens the water back up. Sally says the water is imbued with the energy of the Goddess. I don't know who "the" Goddess is, except that she usually has a great vibe. Except when Cosmocrator is fired up. Some kind of personal vendetta, perhaps.
Also, one of the aeons seems to have a thing for the crystalline grid (as used in Chris' charge) but i haven't isolated which aeon yet. At least, the crystalline grid gets dirty when aeons are, and sweetens when aeons are juiced.

Lots of nasty "goddesses" out there, but a few of them are very nice. Speaking of female energy, i was just reading a new addition to Rifat' site. It's chock-full of typos right now, but has some interesting info.
One of the things he talks about is that natural female energy has been corrupted by black magicians for thousands of years. This may be the main reason for the ritual sex murders of little girls. This corruption is necessary for their black magic to work.
Of course he has a bunch of nice toys you can buy to deal with this. But the economical approach would seem to be to write the targets on paper and blast them.

After reading the page, i wrote "THE NORMAL FEMALE" and "THE TRUE FEMALE" on paper, and circled each. The normal female had a bad vibe, the true female good. I blasted the normal female with my anti-occultist crystal, and it cleaned up momentarily, but then the true female felt dirty! I do not know why this is. I whipsawed back and forth experimentally a few times, sweetening one as the other got dirty, then just nailed them both. But more work is needed. I hate to think what they might be doing to keep females dirty, though.

Then i re-read the page, and wrote "THE CORRUPTED EVE ENERGY" and that was dirty, despite the fact that "normal" felt clean at the time. So that's a good one to keep clean.

Well, things were remarkably clean most of the day, but now as it's getting to be late afternoon, i see i need to do some more focussed work.

Another good target from that page is "THE ANGLO-DEMONIC REALITY". I've started on it. That might be stirring things up.

Another interesting new page on Tim's site says that the Anglo-demonic order was created by a demon named Gap, and is controlled by a special trinity of archons. I found these very dirty and am working on them.

Dec. 6, '05: This is totally nuts. This morning things were still kind of dirty. I checked the aeons, and they had regained much power. I also noticed that the godhead was very dirty. Suspicious, i dowsed that the aeons were ripping off energy from the godhead! Of course, gnostic thought proclaims that the godhead is aloof from any possibility of being harmed by evil, and that's what i thought, intuitively, myself.

Working the aeons with my ring was producing no lasting results, as they just kept stealing more energy. Working the godhead didn't help much. Working the aeons and godhead together at the same time didn't help much. I got lots of psychotronic fuel out of the deal, but that's hardly a thing to celebrate under such scary conditions. Of course, the whole universe was also more nasty as this was going on.

Finally, it occurred to me that the aeons may be being helped by some smaller evil entities. I switched to juicing "ALL PARASITES OF THE GODHEAD" with my ring as well as a powerful crystal. Then things finally, gradually, cleaned up quite a bit. Still a bit dirty. Even though "parasites" is pretty clean now (around noon), the aeons, and the godhead too, are still a bit dirty. I do not know how to interpret this. Are the aeons not parasites?

Dec. 7, '05: (Morning) I've been working on it, but we still have problems. As far as i am able to interpret what's going on, the dark-side is still being starved of their usual energy influx from the archonic parasites, and hence are parasitizing and dirtying the godhead. And apparently getting enough energy to keep things somewhat nasty most of the time.

Trying to get a better list of aeons to see who is being bad, i found this page. It lists several under different names (modern English names). Several of these have neutral-to-great vibes right now. A few are not so nice. The main culprit, though, seems to be "the Son" and i am trying to sweeten him up.
It says the Son spawned the lower aeons, yet, as i said, some of these seem OK.
Also according to this page, the angrogynous Son was spawned by the Creator in both the Creator's female and male aspects.
Incidentally, both the male and female aspects of the "son" have bad vibes, usually more one that the other, but it shifts back and forth when i just juice the son.

The female aspect of the Creator is called Thought. Remember, other sources say that the first emanation of the godhead was Thought aka Barbelo. (She's in a diminished state still, fortunately.) So apparently both the godhead's wife/female aspect, and son are the prime problems.

I am having trouble making sense of some of this, because to me the ultimate godhead cannot possibly have inherent gender qualities, as it is the creator of yin-yang. Any kind of separation, differentiation, or dualism, is by definition a departure from the One prime self. Even gnostic doctrine states that the ultimate God is ineffable, incomprehensible, and completely outside any frame of reference. Kinda Zen. Hence, according to my logic, the godhead must have created both its male and female manifestations at once; it could not be that a male prime being created femaleness.
I am pretty sure there have been many times in the last couple months when Babalon was dirty, yet "the godhead" was clean. If Babalon was an inherent part of the godhead, that cannot be. The explanation must be that the godhead emanated its gendered aspects, Depth and Thought, but still remains above gender. I will need to monitor any differences between "the godhead" and "Depth".

The corrupted Eve energy and Gap (and the 3 archons) still need attention, as well.
Sometimes i wonder whether the goddesses were corrupted by means of black magic on Earth.

Note for Sedna PC holders: i have updated the page on that.

Dec. 9, '05: Well, the godhead is definitely not the same being as Depth. Depth stays clean no matter what transpires between his wife and the godhead.

OK, it seems there are, or at least were, some non-aeonic beings parasitizing the godhead. Perhaps they were working for the aeons. Anyway, this afternoon i may have put a stop to their feeding abilities; time will tell. And the archonic feeding system seems pretty well suppressed most of the time lately. After i stopped the feeding on the godhead, it seemed the only significant power left was in Yaldabaoth, so i've been spending some quality time with him, or i should say, it. I'll get back on that after this post, as things are fairly clean again.

This godhead (or is that another fake-out, an energy construct, a portal to still other realities?) seems awfully non-sentient or something. Doesn't quite add up. For a while i was sticking aeons, one at a time, plus Yaldabaoth, into the center of the godhead. I visualized it as a huge sphere of light energy, though that's just a way for the mind to grasp it. The emplaced victim would apparently be scrubbed clean. I was hoping the godhead would break them down into tiny bits and re-assimilate them. But no, after a while they got dirty again.

I know there are some of you out there anonymously working away at these targets i post, and i greatly appreciate that. When i woke up yesterday morning, things were almost clean, and with some detail work, i got them real shiny for quite some time.

An unseasonable 5 deg. F this morning, but a nice clear sky all day.

Dec. 10, '05: Wild day today. All kinds of stuff happening, most of which i won't elaborate on. Keep 'em guessing.

A while back MaryK posted something about some alleged 5D beings who are around to see that everyone plays by the rules. Don't ask me what the rules are. So, on a hunch this morning, i wrote "WHOEVER ENFORCES THE RULES" and it was very hot. So i wrote "5-D LAW ENFORCEMENT" and it had the same vibe.
These guys are battling the godhead's parasites. The aeons and other parasites throw DOR at them. Give the law guys cover, and they kick ass.
This evening i noticed the 5-D guys were resting or something. They were fairly clean, yet "WHOEVER ENFORCES THE RULES" was still hot. Apparently, there are 6D law enforcement beings, too.
Incidentally, Jesus and Jehovah are dirtied up, apparently fighting the parasites, too.

Dec. 25, '05: I've been too busy to post here the last couple weeks, but i've been posting some at the Y! cloudbuster forum. There's been stuff happening involving a guy named Walt and his pyramid on a vortex. The bad guys hate him about as much as they do me, so he must be into something.

Before i forget, a note about the aeon Depth, which i said was always remarkably clean. Well, shortly after i posted that, he went into DOR production full-time, and hasn't quit. Not that he's that big a deal; i just wanted to mention that.

Parasitism of the godhead remains a constant problem, but usually manageable.

Also, Tim Rifat has come out with new material on his sites lately. He said some interesting stuff about the Yugas here. Essentially, he says that the loss of psi and the increase in rigidity of the material world (which is more dreamlike and malleable in other yugas) is due to natural cyclical factors which are exacerbated by archonic power rings. Well, these rings were pretty hot when i checked, so i've been on them since. And what he didn't mention is that Yaldabaoth and the corrupt aeons also have evil power rings. And my impression is, if you address all these rings well enough, you pretty much disempower the entities.

He also talks more about the blue predator allies on that page.

Incidentally, before you rush to buy the rings he promotes here, remember he says they are for the power-craving types. He does not use them himself. Similar pieces are also offered in an "orb" format (presumably quartz spheres) on his other pages. This format is more suitable for those less desirous of being anchored down by power-over.

Back on Nov. 8 i described how i roll my own anti-demon crystals. Actually the process has gotten streamlined since then. But i wanted to issue a warning. I forgot to mention that each such crystal needs a "bioparticle" partner, for it to be safe and effective. He talks about this on this new page. It is dangerous to make only the single crystal. As i understand it, he makes a black hole in the crystal, which is linked to a white hole in the BPC. As of last night, i have been experimenting with programming BPCs with more specific freqs for a specific target type. A reptilian target requires a different freq than an aeon, for instance. My crude form of dowsing indicates that the toxic freqs for reptiloids is significantly different than for hybrid human-repts, archons, aeons, etc. Seems to me that most of these beings are susceptible to a freq that is not quite sweet to me (though i program the BPC to return to me only those energies most beneficial to myself). The repts require a sweet vibe. Anyway, so far it seems much more effective to make the vibe specific.

The crystals i have made seem to be working very well for me. But some i made for others have not fared as well. Here is something i posted on the forum the other day which i feel is very important right now:
The ones i made for 2 other people have gone corrupt. But both those individuals have werewolf demon possession problems which caused them to have crystals they touch turn corrupt. Apparently my non-professional programming isn't tough enough for that yet. (snip) I have had no such problems with mine, but this morning they were trying to put me throught that program, and i had to deal with a werewolf trying to park in my upper abs. Somehow it kind of had while i slept.

Beware, folks! The impression i have is that the werewolf demons are being externally boosted as weapons to corrupt our tools. I think they park in the solar plexus region. I feel like a creepy electromagnetic something in the muscles around that center when they mess with me. They have an ugly satanic vibe.

They seem to require the energy of the host to work their magic on quartz. I have seen both clear qtz and amethysts go corrupt so far. Once a crystal gets corrupted, it seems nothing can clear it again. Anyone want to try where Archie, Chris, and myself have failed, i can send you pics.

Anybody looking for another target, werewolf demons are always appropriate. Especially around Walt right now. He has a lot of important crystals in that pyramid.
I also have the impression that they cause their hosts to radiate the demonic energy, using, of course, the host's energy.

Oh yeah, the Pine Gap coven is still at it, though they are usually not using the same weapons they were, for some strange reason (smirk). Another similar group of pleasant souls has been raising hell a lot from Mars. Also very powerful at times. I have not bothered to locate them on a pic yet, as i seldom bother with target locations any more. But if they continue to misbehave much, i will post a pic.

Dec. 27, 2005: Some pics in the news: UFO captured on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. The Chinese ship has the same bad vibe as the UFO.
Cmdr. Loohan sez the pic is real.

Lots of funny things going on lately with funky rings. Elton John's wedding ring for example. This pic does not show his new spouse's ring, which is just like it, vibrationally. Very interesting energy programming in these rings. Not Rifat's work, i trust. And those boys have a certain vibe, too. I seem to recall Sir Elton being officially knighted by Queen Lizzy a few years ago.
I am starting to awaken to the fact that it is not uncommon for the VIP types to have such rings.

And nailing the rings of the evil spirits is turning out to be less of a panacea. Last night the aeons got real strong and nasty without their rings. They had turned to different weapons in response. Now i address all similar evil power tools, but haven't found a good concise wording.

I dowsed the other day that the Hall of Records in the Sphinx is crucially important. It was very DORy. Still needs constant attention. It seems to be inter-connected to everything else going on in a major way. The Hall of Records is under the right front paw of the Sphinx. Archie says "I get that the room is 188' square, extends from under the right paw of the Sphinx out, and the ceiling begins about 20' down, from the base of the paw." And he's probably right.

Dec. 28, '05: Woke up yesterday in the wee hours with a werewolf friend again. But i've figured out something about these things: at least, so far, it seems they are easy to displace onto the solar plexus of a more deserving recipient, where they happily dig in, oblivious of the larger darkside agenda. The simpletons.
So far, the new recipients either haven't noticed or haven't been able to dislodge the beasties. We'll see if anything happens after they read this.

On the subject of evil rings again, i had mentioned to Tim Rifat a few days ago that Yaldabaoth and the aeons had nasty rings, and today he emails that he visited their realm and stole the rings. I think he packed them away somewhere as a power source or something. So that helps.

I seem to be getting increasingly adept at redirecting energies, and displacing things remotely, as with the werewolves. This evening the archonic rings flared up again. I just pictured the offending archons with the rings slipping inside them in such a way as to damage them, moving them around inside a bit, and held that thought-form for some time, after which both the rings and the archons felt pretty null. Hmmm... Still feel clean an hour or so later. Hmmm...
We shall see if they can counter this. They may not have the power to, because they are such burned-out degenerates that like to use mind-controlled human slaves to do their psi work.

Admittedly, the PDF (psi-damping field) has to be pretty much turned off for me to do such things. And they seem to know it.

I finally coughed up over a month's of part-time wages for a set of 4 of Rifat's Silmarillion orbs. I knew they were priceless and necessary. These shred the negative aspects of the circular force, the PDF, the matrices.
They are still thousands of miles away, but earlier today i connected to the orbs and BPCs, and put them to work as best i could. They had a terrific vibe. Even though the BPCs were far away, my personal energy quality and volume shot way up for a short while. But then things got nastier all over. For hours they were red-hot with toxic energy. Lots of nasty energy this afternoon.

I get the impression that i'm getting a lot of unvoiced but powerful help out there. Thanks very much!
We haven't been able to curtail their energy sources entirely for long yet, but they must be getting whittled down pretty badly. I am hopeful to see less and less flare-ups of the magnitude of today's in the future.

Accidentally stumbled across something interesting yesterday. A book review of DMT: THE SPIRIT MOLECULE" by RICK STRASSMAN M.D.
DMT is a short-acting, intense psychedelic drug that we manufacture in our livers in small amounts. It gets shunted from there to our spinal fluid and pineal glands. It and related tryptamines also occur in many plants, some of which are ingredients in ayahuasca brew. DMT is notorious for inducing encounters with bizarre entities.
IMO Strassman was very irresponsible to do a study of the effects in a hospital setting, with no shamanic backup to avert troubles. But anyway, i'd like to quote a couple excerpts. I doubt this guy had ever heard of Icke, etc.
Among the visual effects were intensely coloured geometrical patterns, (sometimes described as "4-D") trees of life, fantastic birds, tunnels, stairways and machinelike forms. The most startling encounter, however, was with human-like, or completely un-human-like, non corporeal entities, some with insectile or reptilian qualities. (snip)

The experiences were so intense and strange that Strassman feared both for himself and them, i.e. that he was getting "in over his head", and that they might have trouble going back to ordinary lives. The male volunteer initially encountered menacing insectoid presences, whose menace seemed to increase the more he tried to fight off their influence. When he finally surrendered to death, with feelings of love for God, they began somehow to feed on him and his emotions. Far from being horrific, this part of the experience felt pleasurable; as though he was somehow making love with them. At the same time he felt his DNA was being manipulated. The volunteer emerged feeling euphoric and deeply changed. In a follow-up assessment Strassman felt the man had fully integrated his DMT experiences and had started pursuing an interest in shamanism and dreams in a more focused way. He also notes the remarkable resemblance between this and other research subjects' reports and many "alien abductees'" accounts.
I haven't read the book, but i have to wonder just how positive the changes actually were in the man, or whether he was just set up for deeper enslavement.

Dec.29, '05: I was being dense yesterday. The main reason Rifat is keeping those rings for is probably to use in programming. I guess in his method, having an extreme source of the energy you're countering is valuable. He even said he used the rings in programming my orbs, the implication being that would make them even better.

In any case it finally occurred to me yesterday evening (after they had cooled down pretty much) to "unpack" the stones, and start using the energy bodies as though they were the physical stones. They have a distinct presence, and indeed, are remarkably powerful. The wildest thing i tried is keeping one orb in each palm, and one in the bottom of each foot, just a bit behind the K1 points. Since the 4 orbs have different energies, i would juggle their positions occasionally. Kind of like having a rocket on each foot and hand. Especially with the synergy of my Sedna PC, it was a wild ride, seemingly chewing and shredding through all kinds of negative energy, packing me full of positive energy. I fell asleep and slept soundly.

This morning things seemed relatively clean, except Walt was being persecuted. New hardware under his place. Weatherships above. Radionics sideways. No more werewolves, but i had to deal with some I-Ching demons on him.

After i posted here about werewolves last night, i only had one more encounter with them. A few minutes after i posted (i guess they hadn't read it yet) a strong one came knocking on my solar plexus, saying "let me in!" Well, i was aware that Cheney hadn't received his yet, so i conjured up an image of him in a suit, with his sideways snarl (this is Cheney #1,) grabbed the werewolf with my right hand, and flung it right in Dick's solar plexus. It's still there now. In fact, W, Bush Sr., Hitlery, Bill, Condo, Rove, Ahnold, Alito, Scalia, Chertoff, Rummy, Solomon, and a few others still have theirs. If any of them want me to get rid of the little nippers, i'm easy. $5000 up front to my paypal account for initial removal. However, depending on future availability, they may find themselves with another one if they fail to come clean and do all they can to help stamp out white-collar crime.

If you are a good person who perhaps has one of these (and the only bad people i've found them on are the ones i gifted) please and i will, free of charge, determine if you have one, and if so, gently remove it and give it a good home. Perhaps a nice pope, or some British aristocrat. I assure you the procedure will be absolutely painless for both you and your Little Precious.

And they may indeed become valued rarities. Unless the satanists can come up with a new, improved breed, they may not be deploying any of these critters any more.
In retrospect, i wish i had waited another day before posting about where i was putting them. I could have spread a lot more holiday cheer.

Explosions on the Moon: I would just like to point out that these explosion sites are hot with DOR. The pic of the Nov. 7 explosion is an artist's rendition, but the way things work is that even such a rendition made in good faith will bring through the energies of the place.
I do not believe that something slammed in from space. More likely the phenomena were caused by nuclear bombs that were in place.

Dec. 30, '05: DOR has been fairly low overall since the flare-up evening before last. If things continue like this, i may be able to catch up on some chores. I think it may be to a large extent that i'm armed with the orbs now, which i suspect are helping deconstruct the evil empire. Also, Tim ripped off the rings from the heavyweights, and the archons seem inhibited from using theirs after what i did a couple days ago. And they've lost their use of werewolf demons, a tool they were coming to rely on increasingly as other options shrunk. Well, there are still werewolf demons out there, but they know what happens if i find them. Went scouring a few orgone people last night, and found 3. The Pope got 2 and Ashcroft one.
Woke up in the wee hours this morning, feeling slightly off. Took me about an hour to figure it out, but they had infiltrated another nasty one into my solar plexus. It had a different vibe. Perhaps an improved strain. Though i was eager to get rid of it once discovered, i first checked the 3 main people i'd been getting the demons from for deployment. These were all 3 still clean, so it was clear that this was a prototype they were testing on me before they risked putting too many out there.
"This may be more of a challenge," i thought, before i yanked it out and tossed it into Tony Blair's solar plexus, where it still resides.
The benefits of being involved in product testing. Keep 'em coming, guys! Got some needy Rothschilds out there.

I suspect that the werewolves are part of their anti-psi arsenal. Try to use your mind to do remote work, and the little critters immediately dig their claws in, causing the upper abdominal region to go a bit rigid with a fear-like sensation.

Also the Hall of Records and Sphinx have been fairly clean most of the time lately, not to mention Walt's pyramid. The archonic feeding system has been pretty well suppressed, and parasitism of the godhead is much inhibited. All these things and more must be taking their toll on the dark side. If we just keep working on all this stuff...

(Later) Hoowee, i just checked David Icke. He had a werewolf in his solar plexus, plus another one in his throat! Not to mention spiders, and MI radionics blasted at his head. I'm going to have to monitor him some.

(later) Well, we just had a little flare-up. The ring-holding archons are now behind more shielding, and a lot more emphasis is being placed on the PDF. Once they get a little DOR pumping, of course the parasites start nibbling, the sacrificial blood starts flowing, etc. and DOR breaks out everywhere.
I gave up trying to mentally fix the ring-holders again, and just laid back with my 4 orbs, the Sedna crystal, etc. and had them shred the PDF, etc. until things mellowed down some.

So the archonic rings are still a problem. I suspect at least some of the ringholders are in Ahriman's DOR-protected place in the south Pacific, in the center of the more SE circle here.

They even offered me another real nasty wolfy. "Here, Loohan, would you like this?" "Why, thanky!" (fling) I knew a crooked cop who already had one, but could stand another.

Dec. 31, '05: I guess they're still trying to perfect their werewolves. This afternoon i found another mean one on Walt, not to mention the increasingly popular spiders. Also more powerful underground nuke stuff around his house.

It appears the spiders stick, too, when moved to a new host. I am intrigued. I wonder what all other types of demons have this useful property?