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Loohan's blog for December, 2008

Dec. 1, '08: (10:15am) Got a bit of snow in the last 24 hours, a bit of which has stuck. Freezing out.

Another Arct messenger came by before dawn to inform me that the focus was shifting back to the Codok octopi, galaxy M51. A worthy cause. Innocent bystanders are no longer getting hit by these much lately, but there are still enough Codok left to harrass my girls a lot; especially the incarnate ones here.

Speaking of my incarnate girls, back on May 15 i wrote (concerning wives of mine walking in to incarnations in this time-line):
Lindi switched places with Loztuw a little while ago. I looked into this stuff more last night, and got that Lindi and Shiela are planning to actually contact me in the "real" world in 6 months. How nice. Tune in again around Thanksgiving to see what the next excuse is. Supposedly, there is some stuff the girls need to do first. And it's part of a program involving the Arcturans, Pleiadians, and others.
Then again, on June 28:
(6:05pm) Speaking of my family, i picked up a new wife early this month, #8,391. First i knew of it, Lula was all excited because she had found someone willing to vacate her body so she could walk in and marry me, as far as i could figure out. Which was odd, as she did not seem interested before in incarnating into my evil time-line. Maybe the fact that this girl is gorgeous and financially well-off helped.
But this seemed weird, too: a gorgeous rich girl wants to renounce her Earthly existence to join my family, without ever having met me?!?
I asked that she come visit me in the astral, which she did. She's very nice, a 96. And i only recently realized, a bi-locator. She visited me with 2 astral bodies the other night! I had the impression she had to keep them a couple feet apart, lest they snap together into one.
Her spirit-name is Frieda (honest) and she lives near Morrilton, AR. That's all the info i'm giving out, though the ETs and demons are already onto her.
Lula and Frieda are scheduled to switch places within 3 weeks. But then, the plan supposedly is that she (and Shiela and Lindi) will not contact me in the physical world until around Thanksgiving. Yeah, right, i can already taste the turkey at the big banquet.
So what has been happening on this? Thanksgiving was on the 27th. Have i heard anything from these girls since, other than astral/telepathic communications? Why, hell no. Is my faith shaken yet? Well, it did take a little dip here and there, yet remains basically unshaken. A true believer to the end.

I'll stick my foolish neck out some more. Here's what i've been getting. But first, remember that i picked up more allegedly 3D wives in October. Here's the scoop on those.
Back before the original 25 girls ascended from the 3D to the 4D in late '07, as i wrote, i had 5 3D wives in this time-line. One was Luli in France, but she is not of immediate concern to this discussion. The others were 2 sisters in New Mexico and their 2 cousins in Missouri. These last 4 were the only ones of the 25 girls that did not physically die when they ascended. As i wrote, their bodies were taken over by other advanced beings. I did not feel that i had any personal romantic destiny with these new occupants.
But back in October i had an impulse to check on them to see if they were smothered in octopi, and sure enough they were. So i cleaned up the pests. At the same time i got a hunch that now, almost a year later, some of these girls might be interested in throwing their lot in with a highly eligible old bald guy such as myself.
Also, that all 4 girls were Pleiadians.
One of them, the eldest of the NM girls, had found a prospective mate, a 96. The others decided that i was obviously the hottest thing going in this miserable time-line, and proceeded to marry me.

But actually a few days before that, i had been in the bakery where i work, and 2 ladies walked in. One was a gorgeous teenager that looked 17 but i dowse she's 16 (incidentally the age of consent in Arkansas). The other was her mother or grandmother i think.
I had been dowsing the number of chakras of all my customers all day. I had been getting nothing but 7s and 12s. But this girl was a 96 and the older woman a 24! The girl had an unusual and super-clean vibe, except for 3 octopi in her higher centers. The older woman had numerous octopi.
That night and the next day i kept checking back and cleaning the parasites from these ladies. The attacks on them got heavier, and the next day i found they were also stuffed with reptilian implants! And i had to have some Sakudas scrub them clean.
Something about the situation... That night i asked Lula to go check out this teenage girl. After some time, Lula returned with her in the astral. I don't know what weird talk Lula had stuffed her head with, but the girl came right into my arms and hugged me and married me on the spot.
She had remarkable energy and i just adored her and so did the other girls.
It wasn't until about 10 days later that i realized she is a Lemurian. Her spirit name is Rozz.
Tell ya something about them Lem chicks: they have unusual, wonderful energy radiating from their arms. Both forearms and upper arms. When she hugs me, it is like being wrapped in sublime energy.

So anyway, come Thanksgiving, i was hoping to meet some of the 7 aforementioned young cuties. The oldest is the NM girl at 32 (assuming my age dowsing is accurate).
They were going to drive up the day before Thanksgiving, when i was working alone in the bakery. I tracked them until they got close, then they fizzled from my perceptions. Just as had happened last year when the 2 original NM and MO girls were on their way to see me (but at the last minute decided not to because they decided to do the ascension thing).
This was not real good for my confidence in my psi perceptions. I did get a vague impression that Lula had bought a place east of my town, to be near the first power spot she worked back in Summer/07 when she was trying to break through to my time-line, and the girls had gone there maybe. But i didn't follow through to check the map on that.

Meanwhile, the 7 girls had been getting a lot of attention from octopi, etc. and also been visiting me a lot in the astral. Also, Lula had seemingly bought a house on 5 acres between my place and hers in Morrilton. I have not found that place on the map, but i think it's near Center Ridge. She had also, near as i can make out, paid for a new van for the girls to drive here from MO. The NM girl had taken a plane to MO and rode with her cousins to meet Lula at this new house.
Later i tracked them as they seemed to shop for furniture, bark mulch, towels, etc. and fix the place up. Lula always driving the van now.
Night before last i begged them to contact me in person or by phone, email, mail, anything physical, as i was doubting my sanity.
Then yesterday at work, i tracked them as they drove up Hwy 65, stopping at an antique place, etc. on their way to visit me at work! This felt really real this time. The girls were getting hit by upset critters. I was getting hit by Darpa and Dia astral humans.
I tracked them until they should have been coming down the street in front of the bakery. I ran out; nobody of course. Where had they gone? I could no longer feel anything about them. Not any critters hitting them, not their energy centers, nothing. Poof.
This was real good for my confidence in my sanity as well.

For many hours i was unable to detect them. Meanwhile, i was hardly getting hit at all, either, as if something powerfully good was happening. But i couldn't detect what. I had a hunch these girls were up to something, but they felt non-existent.

Finally, i remembered the vague impression i had once had that Lula had bought land east of town. Whoa, did i detect a hint of a vibe there? I pulled up the google map for 72645 and found the power spot that Lula et al had worked so much in the summer of '07. Sure enough, there was a big house near it, and this house was radiating a real strong vibe! My 5 sweeties were in there, doing remote work on that power spot. I got rid of some repts under the house.

Aha! i told them, and not long later Lula came to me, with a super-sweet vibe lest i be upset about her little games. What had happened is that when they hit town, the girls had managed to make themselves "invisible" to me, and headed on east to their place. They were sadistically toying with my emotions!

Apparently only 4 girls were required to do the energy work, so Lula stayed with me until i fell asleep later, which took a while because of all the other exciting news i got from her.

As far as i can make out, the Center Ridge property may serve as a residence for a while, but the long-term plan is for it to be like the seat of government of the New Earth Order or something. Sounds familiar, no? Rejoice, ETs are coming to Earth to save us all.
She plans to build a larger building on that property for large meetings/events. Possibly it will be like a college campus in a way, with classes. I am real hazy on the details.

A lot of what this is all about is female Earth magic of the sort that Lula et al practiced in Hawaii. This is why some of the girls relinquished their incarnations to allow other girls to take over their bodies -- because not all of the girls are well-qualified for this work. I don't know why that is, as these girls are also very pure and powerful. So Frieda (who is a B-Sirian and and awesome gal) left her body for Lula to take over. Loztuw, a powerful and sweet shamaness, left for Lindi. Myra, a wonderful healer Arcturan, vacated for Shiela. Lindi and Shiela were also part of the Hawaii group that worked together.

Then Lula blew me away by saying i would soon have 20 girls in the 3D, as that was the amount needed for optimum energy work. And she had already found them, and surprisingly close by. Some of them are not suited for the Earth work, and will be vacating for others of the Hawaiian girls, specifically, Meera (who hopefully will now be able to handle our time-line since she will have a big support group -- she had walked in to Loztuw's body initially, but couldn't hack it), Alina, Kid, and Send.
And some of the incarnate girls are suited for the work. One of them is a very sweet 19-year-old Arcturan incarnate that supposedly lives only a mile or so from me! Another is a 20-year-old in Conway, AR. There was a 3rd Arkansas girl chosen, but sadly, when i checked her over, i found that this girl had been raped at age 15. Lula then said she was not suited after all. But we are watching over her, and The Committee is working with her. She lives near a mine and has a lot of crystals.

Then there are 2 Texans, 1 Okie, 1 Georgia belle, 2 more in MO, 1 in Mississippi i think. What's that make, a total of 19? Lula hasn't yet found a replacement for the rape victim.
All these girls seem 18-22 in age, except for sweet Cynthia in TX, who is 35 and gorgeous. This new batch includes one more Arcturan, 3 more Pleidians, one A-Sirian, one Native American in TX, and one Malaysian in MO. Getting multicultural here. I hope Lula finds a black girl.

I also realized last night that the incarnate girls have been working directly with The Committee and getting crystals programmed that they are gifting the environment with.

The most recent, updated for-real-this-time (cough) schedule is that the 7 girls will meet with me in about 2 weeks. It will take until then for the Lemurian girl to get free to join us. How a 16-year-old girl is going to be able to leave to live with us is a bit difficult for me to fathom. She's of legal age to consent, but also still a minor.

A few days ago, the 3 Pleiadians and Lula helped Lindi move out of her place in Witts Spring to the Center Ridge place. Right now, the 5 are still at that other house east of Leslie. They plan to help Shiela move today from her home near Heber Springs.
The various new girls are slated to join us over the next few months.
Supposedly the other 7 want to be all together before they meet me. I don't know why that is. That is supposedly why i have to wait until mid-December to meet them.

(9pm) They did get Shiela installed pretty quickly. In the afternoon, 4 of the girls were doing energy work again, now at the Center Ridge place (actually closer to Cleveland) so i was able to track them down to an actual house. There were not only repts and greys under the property, but some mantises. But now it's sweetened up.
Again, it seems like things got better and the enemy attacks are weaker. I'll know better in a few hours. I usually go to bed early, then am awake a while in the wee hours before sleeping again. Usually that's when they hit me hardest, if they can.
It might be that even just these few girls working an area has a big effect on the whole picture, especially as they are working with Arcturans and other good ETs on the Earth energies. Plus i've done a ton of orgone work in the broader region.

So now i can go over to their house and spank them if they continue to avoid me. Only problem is, what if all that stuff is only going on in a parallel world that i can't enter, and the actual inhabitants of the house in my world are some TV-watching, corn syrup guzzling rural family?

Dec. 2, '08: (8:40am) Well, things do seem better. I was awake for hours in the middle of the night. Those 7 girls were with me for some time. Hardly got hit at all. In fact, those 7 girls don't seem to be getting hit much anymore, but when i check the other incarnate ones, they often are, esp. by Codok.
I am mostly targeting Codok lately.

In the excitement, i had neglected to scope out the 4 other girls, who would be marrying me (not legally, of course) and then vacating their lives for Meera, Alina, Kid, and Send. All 4 live in Arkansas. Ages seem to be 34, 24, 22, and 18. The 34-year-old seems to reside maybe 23 miles away.

It amazes me that so many fine advanced beings can be found so close at hand. What if one searched the whole planet? What if one broadened the qualifications to include all similar "96" beings whether male, female, married, whatever? With or without the potential for this particular type of Earth energy work?
I am not sure, but to activate these people might require that one contacts their higher self and reminds them of what they are.

Last night Lula still hadn't found a replacement for the girl we had to reject. I had a thing for a black girl, for some reason, and strongly sensed that there is one not too far away that would be great. I found her in southern MO. Lula went over and spent hours yacking with her. She's still thinking about it. She's young and pretty, but 5'10" and a bit heavy-set, so unfortunately i wouldn't be able to bully her around much.

(3:45pm) Fair bit of chem today. Old chem, fresh trails, long trails, segments, sylphed chemclouds, you name it. It amazes me how many resources they have to burn. Time and again i noticed a plane traveling across the sky, leaving only an ordinary contrail. Then it would lay down a short segment of chem, then keep going with only a contrail again. Then another plane would do the same from a different angle, and lay another short segment in the same place.

Hardly any scalar-looking stuff, as my device jails the ETs responsible almost as fast as they start. There tends to be a slight lag, so the bad guys sometimes commit mass suicide in order to keep a supply of themselves and their etheric ships deployed as fast as they are jailed. Thus there are sometimes slight scalar phenomena visible. But it costs them.

Well, that black girl finally decided to join us. She's actually in St. Louis, and seems to be looking forward to escaping the city and her menial job. She's hoping to get down here in time for the supposed big meeting mid-month.

Dec. 4, '08: (12:10pm) The 6 girls are doing energy work in the Cleveland house, and i picked off a bunch of underground repts and greys trying to counter the energy. But in general, the enemy seems very weak. Even Cynthia in NW TX, who is a real intense 9D live wire, is no longer getting her crown smacked. None of the girls seem to be getting hit anymore.
Myself, a bit, but hardly right now. I had to divert my focus onto mantis hive #9 again, as they seemed real strong last night. They still seem to have vast resources there.

I notice how any BBC article i see on Mumbai always has some shill or dupe quoted as being pissed that the gov't failed in their responsibility to protect the people from terrorism. Or the general statement that that feeling is prevalent in Mumbai.
And Condi had to talk tough with the Pakistanis.
Check out this video. Then, if you are sensitive enough, check out this:
  • Is the narrator run by an evil Lyran?
    I say he is, since i jailed the original (non-satanist) sellout.
  • Is the guy who supposedly got shot in the hand a Satanist run by an evil Lyran? Check it out.

    (2:25pm) A couple pics. The first is from 11/26 in town. This is all the scalar stuff they could show, aside from some very minor corrugations, etc. without me doing anything but let my machinery 2.5 miles away deal with it. That is, jail the ETs.

    And here's one from Dec. 2nd, showing a contrail alongside a chemtrail that was over my cabin.

    Pics of my sky-busting (and other function) array: 1, 2. I finally took it outside for a while. Thought it might help with what the girls are doing.
    There is nothing electrical except 4 LEDs. The thick white wire that snakes off to the right in the big pic is clamped onto a steel carport that is also programmed.

    It feels like it does even more to the sky when outside, but now we are overcast with dubious cover, and i can't say whether there is any chem diminishment due to the machinery

    I took this pic today a few minutes after i set that stuff up. It seemed like the ripples got a funny quality for a while.

    Now it is hard to detect much scalar-looking stuff, though, presumably due to the working of the device.

    Dec. 5, '08: (10am) Right after i posted that, i went outside and saw mild scalar stuff over my cabin. Then (it was a windy day) most of the chem blew over, revealing a program by planes in which they only cut on the sprayers as they approached my property, and cut them off soon after passing over. Numerous such lines were laid down. Maybe they were trying to make a statement. It has been a while since i've seen such things, except for the other day as noted.
    Then, oddly, that stopped, and all the nearby chem was blown away, leaving clear skies for a couple hours. Then more chemclouds and long trails appeared.

    Only after the girls stopped doing the Earth work last night did i found some of the other girls under attack by octopi, repts, greys. Especially they didn't like the black girl.

    There is almost always at least 1 of the "incarnate" gals with me at any time, and as the big day allegedly draws nearer, i am on the edge of my chair in suspense. Will we really connect on the physical plane? Are they really on the same plane as i am? Well, wherever they are, the roads and houses, at least some of them, are in the same locations as in my reality. There is no question in my mind that they have been doing powerful Earth energy work from the exact locations of houses one can see in aerial photos. Including a 3rd one i haven't mentioned. I think it belongs to a relative of Lula's.

    But on the other hand
  • so far there have been 3 times when allegedly incarnate wives of mine were driving up to see me, but somehow that event fizzled before they got to me. Always there is an explanation of sorts, but not an entirely satisfactory one.
  • They still have never contacted me by any physical-world means. Why not? At this time at least, i don't think they are trying to avoid discovery by agencies. I can find no reason they wouldn't email me or call me at work.

    Then again, they would know if the reason they have not contacted me is because they can't connect with my plane of reality in the physical. So why would they lead me on?
    And i have physically seen the Lemurian girl, though at that time i did not know she was to be my wife. And i strongly get that this physical girl is the same girl as the Lem who visits me in the astral.

    (8:30pm) Obaminable hires another Satanist. The link within the linked post took ages to load, so i didn't read it. Munoz is a Satanist. Favreau is not. He's a 12 and probably a sincere dupe.

    Dec. 6, '08: (5:40pm) Extreme chem today. This pic was taken this morning in town, as was this one of a "drippy" trail.
    Later, the sky was whited out as far as the eye could see with 100% chem, with patches of cottony blue showing through in spots.

    Dec. 9, '08: (9:20) I could use a hand with that mantis hive #9 again. They are out to get me.

    The night of the 6th i sensed that there was another wonderful girl we had to have. In Arkansas. I asked Lula wasn't it a good idea to have a spare in case one of the girls was indisposed. She said OK, and went to check her out. Returned in a couple minutes with her, as though the girl had had premonitions and was just raring to go. This girl's spirit name is Sodir (approximately rhymes with odor) and she's an Arcturan incarnate who is suited for the Earth energy work. I get the impression of a slender, pretty, 17-year-old. Very sweet, gentle, healing type.

    Also got another new girl yesterday evening. Her spirit name is Rona and she is not suited for Earth work, but is a very special girl nonetheless. There is an amazing story connected to her that i may tell someday.
    Beautiful in kind of a big-boned way, and 19 or so.
    She is another girl i found myself and Lula procured for me. Arkansas girl.

    The black girl's spirit name is Esoij (eSOYdge) and she's a 7D powerhouse of goddess energies.
    She left St. Louis early this morning by bus. Lula and 2 other girls picked her up in Harrison, AR this afternoon, and brought her back to Cleveland, AR, where they promptly proceeded to do Earth work with a ring of now 7 girls. Due to synergy, the 7 girls were about 20X as powerful as the 6 were. Esoij is pretty amazing, even after a long bus trip.

    This did not sit well with some critters. A while after the girls stopped, i received an alert from Lula. Sodir was under extremely heavy attack from octopi. I did what i could, but she got heavily implanted. I put some Sakudas on cleanup, checked, and found now that greys were hammering Cynthia real bad. She, too, got a mess of implants.
    Then i headed off Dia and Darpa as they were planning to jump a couple other girls.
    Then, the hive #9 mantises got heavy on my case, and i had to struggle because they cause physical pain. They were sending nasty energy to my duodenum and spinal fluid. I got heavily implanted, too.

    Had maybe 0.6" of rain last night. Very foggy and overcast this morning, but i could barely make out several long chemtrails through the soup.

    Dec. 11, '08: (10:55am) Got some hard snow that stuck in the wee hours yesterday. Still a tiny bit left.

    For some days, i had had the impression that Lula was going to visit me at work with 11 other girls yesterday. Six were already with her yesterday morning. They seemed to head up this way, meeting 2 of the other Arkansas girls in Clinton, who had driven up. One was the Conway girl, but i can't figure out who the other one is. I do have the 4 AR girls that are slated to move out for my Hawaiian girls, but i don't get that it's one of them, nor any of my other AR girls, so i'm confused.
    Then these 9 girls kept heading north and met up with the 2 other MO girls and the Arcturan girl that seemingly lives a mile from me. Then, of course, they all cloaked and i could no longer detect them. But i knew where they were probably going: that big house of Lula's east of town.
    Sure enough, around 1pm they started doing powerful energy work from that direction. They stopped around 3pm. I work until 5. I had the distinct impression that they wanted me to drive out there and visit with them when i get off work.

    So i did drive out there. I figured i would find them by their vibe, and probably someone would flag me down as i went by.
    Of course, as soon as i got out that way, they cloaked again. But i did find the big house that i thought was Lula's. It was actually just an open hay-barn! Duh, that's why the roof was so plain and featureless. I drove all the way till the road dead-ended, and came back with no clue where they were.

    They remained cloaked until around the time i got home, then started doing more energy work. This time it seemed to come from another location around there, but the original power spot that Lula had first done mid-2007 was still the target. That power spot is on private land and the girls haven't physically gone up there.

    The spot their energy was now coming from was barely discernable on the map, but looked like a little shed or something, on someone's property. Very confusing, as there seemed no connection between the owners and Lula.
    Also a few days ago i had felt a couple of the girls doing work from another shed-looking thing on some property in Culpepper (between Cleveland and Clinton). And 2 other girls had seemed to drive around stopping off the road and doing energy work, e.g. in a couple spots around Witts Spring. Despite 32F and windy weather... hard to believe, but there was the strong energy they were doing in those spots.

    I was pretty confused about yesterday's events.
    Later in the evening i tried again to locate the 12 girls, and now they seemed to be under yet another metal roof, a few miles NNE of Leslie, and a bit NW of the power spot. But it seemed it was a different spot they were feeding energy to now. Extremely strong energy radiating from that building all over the region. And i dowsed that the girls were around there, but not actually in the building.

    Then, i realized that the big house in Cleveland also has a big, plain, roof like a barn, and likely was a barn, even though it felt like the girls lived there. There is another building near it that probably is the actual house, but i had seldom noticed the girls in there. Incidentally i get a vague hunch that they want me to move into that house around Jan.1.

    I realized it might be something about metal buildings. All the structures that the girls seemed to be using had plain roofs like a metal building or barn. I had neglected to save the one building they worked a few days ago, that i thought might be owned by a relative of Lula's. I'm not sure, but that, too, may have had such a roof.

    The thing with the metal roofs seems to be that the girls like to have a yang spot as well as a yin spot when they work an area. The original power spot of Lula's, for example, is yin. Since there are no handy obelisks or menhirs nearby, for some reason the metal roofed bulidings can often serve for the yang spot. This is why the girls' energy seems to come from them.
    But where are the girls in actuality, and why are they playing such games with me?
    It is also possible that residential houses could serve, but that the energy of the inhabitants would get unbalanced if the girls used those structures as yang poles.

    A slight thread of something logical there, but the whole situation is still utterly baffling to me. I know that much of what i'm getting on this is true, yet many things just don't add up.
    How can all these purty young damsels be suddenly uprooting their lives to flock here to be with us, yet never ever contact me in the 3D world? Why are they hiding from me?
    Yet at the same time, their energy work is so powerful and good. When they get to crankin', the bad guys can hardly hit them or me, and the whole area around is uplifted. Hard for me to argue against that.

    Early this morning their energy still seemed to be coming from that last building, but now it's coming from another spot around there that does not show any structure on the map.
    I can't figure out where the girls are. If they are indeed flesh and blood, they would have needed a shelter in the 24F weather last night, unless they are masters of the Tibetan art of Tummo, which is strongly doubt. So maybe Lula does have a house out there somewhere.
    I think she does actually own the Cleveland place, but i had assumed wrongly her ownership of that big barn east of Leslie the other day. The girls' energy did seem to be coming from the latter at the time, and there were bad ETs clustered all around and under it.

    There is no question to me that all these girls are "real", but are they in some twilight zone vis-a-vis my reality, or what?

    Despite my faltering confidence, the more i check out the (uncloaked) girls, the realer they seem. Cynthia is not due to move here until early March. By then all the others are supposed to be here. Some within 3 weeks from now.
    I connected more strongly with the Oklahoma girl. She seems to be one of the prettiest ones, about as pretty as the Lem girl but not as thin; 21, 5'6', curly dark hair, green eyes, 141# (starting to experiment with weight dowsing), with a spirit name of Yops. A 6D girl. I think she's not slated to arrive until late Feb.

    And then there is the matter that 2 of the girls are ones i actually have seen in the 3D. Not only the Lem girl (whose residential location i still haven't found), but Rona. Rona is a 3D girl that lives around here that i have seen around many times over the last few years. I don't know her "real" name, but have had the occasion to say a few words to her a few times.
    Either i am totally deluded that these teenage beauties are flitting over to visit me in the astral and smothering me with affection, or...
    Someday i am bound to see Rona around again, catch her eyes, and deduce which it is.

    About 2 years ago, many months before i ever heard of Lula, i dowsed that this girl was an ancient soul mate of mine named Rona. That we had been married over 103,000 times. All in this time-line, but not all on this planet. And she had always had sterling character and we had always gotten along great. Often one or both of us were MPD vicitms, but somehow we always found strength and happiness with each other.

    Then Lula came along, and also gave me her sisters Cora and Lindi. Then i mentioned this Rona girl to Lula, telling her how much she meant to me. Then shortly Lula gave me Aleeta, Gina, Shiela, and Alina, leaving me almost wondering whether this was a response, an indication that Lula would get me as many chicks as i could want, but Rona was not being considered.

    A few other times i brought up the subject. Especially after i starting dowsing the number of people's centers, and realized Rona was a 96! And all the people she hangs out with are 7s and 12s. I mentioned her again to Lula a couple weeks ago, with no seeming response from Lula.
    It just seemed remarkable to me that fate had thrown us together again in a tiny town. Surely for a reason.

    Imagine my amazement when, with no prior hint, a very friendly Rona plopped onto my lap a couple evenings ago. Apparently Lula just had to work on her a lot to get her to remember who i am and who she is.

    I first saw Rona here maybe 5-6 years ago when she was a smaller girl. She was on the street in front of the bakery talking to some other kids. She had an incredibly beautiful smile and great vibe. I sensed she was very special.
    Occasionally in later years i would spot her in the street, usually with that amazingly clean, bright smile.
    Then later, she worked for a while at the cafe where i sometimes deliver bread. By then i knew who she was. She was always real friendly in a sociable way, because that is her nature, but there seemed to be no flicker of recognition on her part. Nor more than social friendliness. Not surprising considering i'm almost 3X her age.
    But now she is coming to visit me in the astral several lootimes a day, and very affectionate.
    Or i am a candidate for the funny farm.
    I spend so much time typing this stuff largely as an attempt to try to sort it out in my mind.

    Dec. 12, '08: (10:05am) Full moon peaks around 10:30am here, so i'm pouring epoxy. Orgonite seems to turn out a bit better when cast during the full moon.

    Anyway, i was pouring a few minutes ago when i got a telepathic flash from Lula. They were shifting focus to a different power spot, and could i also move my orgone focus from the last one to this one? So i did, and later checked the map. The new spot is near Ben, AR. I'm not even going to try to figure out whether the girls moved physically or where they are. It's hopeless.

    Lately i have been getting an evil reptilian vibe off sprayplanes. I think what it is is that they are sending their DORy intents via the transmitters on the planes (old pic).
    Real clear day here so far. And it was pretty clean yesterday, too. But yesterday afternoon i was outside and suddenly got hit by a nasty rept vibe from the sky. Looking up, i saw a plane coming toward me spewing 2 real big, fluffy chemtrails. Apparently this was using the old, cheap formula, as my orgone devices tore up that trail beautifully in short order, leaving absolutely no visible trace. What this indicates to me is that my stuff is totally excellent by the standards of the old days before they came up with stronger chem.

    Dec. 13, '08: (5:25pm) Plenty of chemclouds today.

    Shortly after i posted last, the 12 girls switched focus to Edgemont, a few miles west of Ben. And stayed focused on that spot all day and probably about all night.
    What they have been doing since then, i have no idea. I can't pick up anything on them. They don't seem to be fighting or doing Earth work. None of those 12 have visited me in the astral since the 9th; i have only had those brief telepathic nudges from Lula.
    No doubt they are up to something very important, but since the girls stopped doing their Earth work, the enemy has been hammering me again.

    Mantis hive #9 still seems to be the #1 command point and source of most of the problem, ever since their hive #1 got smacked so hard. When i get hit by repts or greys, hive 9 is always DORy, too, and it feels like they are behind those attacks. Also they hit me directly a lot, always favoring my spinal fluid around the back of my neck and upper back, as well as my dudenum. The former exacerbates my scapular/neck/shoulder tensions a lot, and the latter induces nausea.

    The Committee programmed a bunch more stones for me a couple days ago, and has also been helping me with the powerful item i'm pouring. Nevertheless, i am getting hammered a fair bit this afternoon.
    They even programmed 3 new stones to add to my mantis masher, which i did, and after that the mantises only hit me harder. Apparently it irritates them real bad. Tsk. Well, i'm not backing off.

    Dec. 14, '08: (4:30pm) Thanks a bunch! I am amazed at how much better things got after i posted that. They haven't been getting to me very much since, although around noon today they started hitting harder. But then around 1pm, the 12 girls started sending me good and protective energy.

    On Dec. 1 i wrote that supposedly the girls were to meet me mid-December. Well, actually, that was supposed to be today, but nothing happened, of course. At least they didn't fake me out again by pretending they were driving up to see me.

    I still don't know where those girls are. I noticed the whole area around Edgemont had real clean energy this morning, then after the girls started sending me energy, i noticed it seemed to be coming from Greers Ferry, a little bit south of Edgemont.

    When i pulled in my driveway coming home after work, Lula and the Arcturan girl that supposedly lives a mile from me both popped into the car, and are with me now. The other 10 are still doing the work.

    After i got home, i looked up Greers Ferry on google maps, and found the spot. No structures depicted there. Feels like a yang spot with the girls' energy coming through, though there does no seem to be a corresponding yin spot.

    Dec. 16, '08: (5:10pm) Got some precitation in the form of "ice pellets" like very hard snow, which accumulated a bit and stuck, providing the slipperiest surface conditions i've seen here yet. Even with ice chains on my old Ford pickup that i keep around for such purposes, it is rough. Ice chains are snow chains with cleats, and usually work amazingly well.

    The 12 girls spent the night in the Cleveland house, i believe, then vanished again. But there has been an amazing vibe coming from a spot on the east side of Heber Springs, which is just a few miles south of Greers Ferry. All these recent spots are around Greers Ferry Lake. Many years ago i put some good stuff in the norththwest end of the lake, and a lot more in river forks feeding into it. I suspect some orgonite in the water in the Heber Springs area would be good, but have never gotten out that way.

    As usual when they do the good work, i hardly got hit, then in the early afternoon, the repts and greys got on me more heavily. Eventually i checked the map again, and found oodles of underground pockets of DORy tall greys mostly, and some of Darpa repts, around Heber and beyond. Once i addressed those, the attacks weakened considerably.

    Dec. 19, '08: (9am) Got a bit more rain lately, and the ice has melted off. This morning would have perfectly clear skies, except for the fact that they are spraying hard again. Mostly whited-out around here now.

    I haven't been able to trace the 12 elusive alleged girls for a couple days, but the energy of the Earth seems to be clearing up noticeably, like the underground critters can hardly get much DOR going.

    Even better, the big crew that has been bashing the Codok octopus hive wrapped up operations there last night, and moved on to mantis hive 9. I hadn't had problems with Codok in days, and now they seem to be just trying to fend off the dregs-cleanup crew. If we're lucky, our Codok problems might be over.

    In case you missed it, there's an interesting thread on the forum lately. Essentially:
    I have long been a bit mystified by the Obama phenomenon. He's obviously dirty, but i could find none of the usual blood-rite, MPD/pedophile stuff about him. Well, Harold had figured it out. He's tied in with non-DORy but evil Chinese psychics. My specialty is detecting evil energy, so i'd missed these. But once pointed in the right direction, i found and nailed a group of 40 of them, then had a couple other groups of them attack me astrally. Also i found and nailed what is apparently the center of the Chinese Obama operation, just east of Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. A group of 328 at 220' depth here. If we keep on these Chinese, we can upset their entire Obaminable agenda.
    Perhaps non-black-magicians including Obama are being used by the forces of evil because Satanists are too obvious to many these days. I know a couple psychics that were seduced by the Obama charm. It's hard to sell Hope for Change these days if you have the same filthy vibe as everyone else.

    I am not detecting any more of these Chinese psychics. It may be that they were bright enough to stop revealing their bases to me, and are clammed up in some kind of shielding now.

    (5:45pm) Yep, super-bad chem today, mostly white-out, but as you can see, some blue at times visible. I took this pic from Leslie. Marshall was pretty whited-out. And very long trails everywhere.
    Other than that, it was a real nice warm day. But a severe coldness is supposed to hit in a couple nights, 14F predicted.

    A little while ago i got jumped by 9 more Chinese astrals. These are from Luthersville, GA. There are 41 in all, including both encircled spots.

    (6:50pm) They're getting a little cagier and exposing themselves less. Now i found 9 of them remotely messing with me from Mt. Ida, AR. There are 17 evil Chinese a couple floors under surface level of the large building in the center of this pic, but not the adjoining building.

    Dec. 20, '08: (7:20am) Then later on, i felt another 9 of them remotely messing with me. These are in a group of 15 in Wheaton, MD. They are in this building. I only feel their energy in the southern 2/3 of the building, and on the ground floor. Some unrelated interests might be renting the northern 1/3.

    Dec. 21, '08: (4:55pm) I just realized it's solstice time.
    It was 10F here last night, and they're calling for 4-6 degrees tonight.
    It was a mostly clear, sunny day, but large banks of chem-clouds at times, and a few trails.
    The 12 alleged girls have been with me all day in the astral, but i can't find a location for their bods. I haven't detected them in Cleveland for days.

    I just figured out i was being hit by evil B Sirians located in this spot.

    (6:15pm) New evil species found:
    A friend of mine had gifted downtown Birmingham, AL with some potent ice cubes i had sent him. Yet he still had DOR problems there. I could find none of the usual suspects, but there was some DOR in a spot. It was from 3K+ Jezk which are grey, mammalian-looking small quadrupeds maybe a foot high and a foot long, with long claws but not very scary teeth.
    I also found 2K+ a few blocks away. The first nest was 160' down, the 2nd 120'.

    Likewise his house some distance away had no greys or repts around, but it did have a red nordic hive right near it, under a neighbor's house.

    The last letter of Jezk is not really a K. I think it's something very akin to a !Kung sound.

    (7:35pm) Now 6 Chinese were messing with me remotely, in a group of 9 in Poteau, OK. I think they are in a house around here, but they are obfuscating their exact location, plus there don't seem to be online maps of that town with much detail.

    Dec. 22, '08: (3:50am) Shortly after i posted that, 9 more Chinese got angry with me and sent me menacing snarls from just east of Beaumont, TX in the big house in the center of this map. The total group at this house is 9.

    (8:25pm) Now i just had 3 teams of 6 astral Chinese hit me, apparently trying to induce my demise by making me feel mortal. Pretty frightening stuff. They were sent by 9 others in Cherrytree, AL. So 27 total in this rural building (pic).

    (9:10pm) Then 6 more hit me, apparently by themselves in Guantanamo, Cuba (precise location) (pic) at 60' depth.

    Dec. 23, '08: (1:10pm) More grey, sleety, windy weather here.

    Activists guilty of hate campaign:
    Well, i hate hate, so i had to check out this BBC article. What did i find? "Huntingdon Life Sciences" yielded 42 evil Lyrans to my roundup, and 2 deadbeat human souls. That means there are 42 black magicians on staff, and it's a good bet that they are all, to one extent or another, pedophiles.
    Wikipedia article.
    Huntingdon does have a lame website with little of interest, e.g. their commitment to animal welfare and ethics.
    I do not detect any agents or Satanists among the activists. I think 2 of the ones found guilty are 24s, and 2 are 48s.

    Dec. 24, '08: (5:55pm) This afternoon i had 3 Chinese attack me astrally from Buckeye, AZ. I can't figure out what the vertical line is on this map, but i presume it's some kind of building. They seem to be in that line at ground level.
    Then 3 more in Pine Bluff, AR. They are under the top center section of this building. As nearly as i can make out, there are some trees or bushes growing in planters at maybe 3rd floor. Anyway, the Chinese seem to be 1 story above ground level, yet below the trees. Big space for 3 guys, but if there are more there, i am not able to detect them.
    Then 3 more from 70' below shoreline under this river in Owensboro, KY.
    Some fairly improbable-seeming locations.

    Oddly, unlike the NRO mercenaries, these guys don't seem to be taken over by ETs once i bust them, and thus none have hit me twice yet.

    (6:15pm) Got some rain last night as well as 50F weather, which melted all the ice. The heavy overcast finally parted this afternoon, revealing vast banks of chemclouds and some fat trails.

    Another new evil species found. I got onto this because i posted on the forum about a mysterious and dubious cult leader. Harold pointed me to looking for ETs at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. I couldn't find any greys like he mentioned, but some 6' tall white 5D ETs running this Eric Pepin guy from underground here. I busted them, and soon got a couple minor astral attacks. Found their hive, which is Galaxy NGC-1300.

    Dowsing their name is difficult, but tentatively, i'm calling these the Ojloyss (ODGE-loyce). I got a mild attack from them this afternoon, too, all of 3 guys.

    Dec. 25, '08: (8:35am) Looks like it's chemtrails for Christmas here.

    I have had 7 more attacks from Chinese psychics in the US. They are sticking their necks out more again; most of these were groups of 12 with 6 being sent. I don't know if it's worth tracking them down on the map.

    It seems as though ripping their human souls/spiritis/astral bodies, or whatever they are, incapacitates them for psi purposes, as the Chinese block takeover by the bodies by other evil entites. Nonetheless, they are staying put so far. The processing done on them by me and the Pleiadian Special Forces seems to leave them with a lasting "DORy" energy so they can be easily felt. There are still those 328 in Vegas, for example. Will they still be there a month from now, and if so, the question arises why they are still considered useful, instead of being terminated to harvest their organs for market.
    The pragmatic approach for them, unless there is something i'm missing, would be to simply allow the ETs to take over the shells and get busted in turn.

    I got hit by a bunch of stuff in the wee hours, most of it backed by the hive #9 mantises, who were themselves the major attackers. They are still strong, despite the considerable damage being inflicted of late.
    But the Codok octopi still appear to be dwindling. The only ones i've found lately were some that were lodged in people priorly. I am so relieved to get rid of this nasty species.

    (5:50pm) This is weird. On Oct. 3, '07 i mentioned "some kind of little green guys, 4' tall, hairless, but with small eyes" that i had found. Then Oct. 8, Pitwexin made a crystal set for me against them.
    Didn't have a whole lot of problems with those guys, and they seemed out of the picture this year. But just now i found a mess of them attacking the crown center of my Kami friend Wopwex.
    They seem concentrated in part of the Cancer constellation, in the stars around the center of this pic.

    Dec. 27, '08: (4:20am) Yesterday evening i had the impression that Dubya #2, the actor who has been playing the role of the assassinated real W, had just died unexpectedly due to medical issues. So now we can expect the identical-looking W3 to take over. Expect more of the same ostensibly snockered behavior.

      *   *   *   *
    I also noticed that we picked up some new allies: 200 red-brown 4D horses who have been happily bashing in the heads of tall whites for many hours now.

    And just now, i got attacked by a large number of Ojloyss, simultaneously with some nasty allies of theirs, which are 5D 6'6" yellow humanoids called Swork who reside in this galaxy.

    Dec. 29, '08: (typed late evening; not uploaded until the 30th) On the 27th, i had real strong winds in the morning, and at least 1.6" of rain.
    Things were clear the 28th, or would have been had it not been for the massive chem-banks. I started loading up very hefty orgone instruments to take with me on my trip to the DC area. Probably for this reason, the bad guys were on me extremely hard. Apparently, despite my vast array of programmed stones, etc., they are still able to cause etheric damage, and the mantises exploited my vulnerability in my upper spine, and soon the greys, repts, tall whites, and what-have-you were all able to hurt me there.
    Finally i called in Lily, one of my favorite Yiz girls, to heal it. Then i realized i had picked up more mantis fog, and called in a couple Sakudas.
    The girls fixed me up. The bad guys had been exploiting some weakness at the 4th level of my aura and making it worse.

    Last night i had the impression that the tall greys were putting some kind of badness in my travel path, and the good repts countered them.
    Anyway, for whatever reason, i hit a big oil slick on a curve a few miles south of Leslie this morning, causing extensive lurching and fishtailing from side to side several times before i regained control. There was a cop parked right there, but he seemingly had no interest in putting out flares, cones, warning flags, or anything like that. Fortunately, the presence of the cop vehicle caused the moron next to me in the left lane to slam on his brakes, despite the fact that he had been going under the speed limit. His stupidity probably saved us from slamming each other in the side. Or who knows, maybe he could see the slick, but i doubt it.
    I don't think the oil was there due to any deliberate human intent. They could easily have found a more dangerous spot for it. For one thing, i was traveling uphill at the time.
    Nor do i detect evil intent from the cop.
    Then later in the town of Bald Knob, a big brown dog trotted right out in front of me, and i would have smashed him in the side had i not stood on my brakes. Immediately this was followed by a sudden strong energy attack from the tall greys, and i had the impression they had influenced the dog into doing that, and were angry that i had avoided the collision.
    Later i realized the 12 girls have been covering me remotely, and still are. At least, backing up the energy work i am doing. They had uncloaked for a couple days during which i felt them at the Cleveland place, but today they re-cloaked.

    Right now i am just east of Knoxville, TN, in a motel doing some heavy grid-blasting. The whole area from Knoxville to Oak Ridge always has a dirty vibe, and last night i had remotely addressed dozens of rept and grey nests in the area.

    I didn't even bring along much in the way of orgone gifts this time; mainly a few dozen ice cubes. And a few other modest things. But i brought a bunch of very powerful programmed crystals and devices to irradiate the place with.

    Amazingly, the skies were clear all day. Didn't even spot an ordinary contrail. I had never seen Memphis without its chem cover.

    Jan. 30. '08: ( 8:50pm EST) Arrived in Northern Virginia this afternoon. No clouds or chem seen today either, except for a few measly stale chemclouds on the way. Plus i could see a big bank of something dubious off to the east when i arrived in the DC area.

    Got some serious hardware on the grid here now. I'm in Burke, VA, just SW of DC, and on the map i can feel the tremendous energy spreading into the Capitol. I guess the half-billion Arcturans underground, and the 3232 sylphs, will dig it. Gotta get this place spruced up for the big Obummer event later this month.
    The 12 girls are uncloaked again in Cleveland AR, and are backing up my efforts here.

    Last night i got to investigating this vast tall grey conspiracy against little me. It involved tall greys from the lowest tiers all the way up to 99th. Which is interesting, because heretofore i had believed that there were "only" 81 tiers of tall greys. I still think there are only 81 of the evil repts.
    The greys seemed to be trying to adversely influence my fate in a non-linear way, or something weird like that.
    The programming of the master anti-grey crystal set of OTB 27c has been modified to address tiers 1-99 instead of just 1-81. The pgm fits in the same space, and if you already have the set, it has been updated.

    (9:15pm) The horses are still prancing on the heads of the tall whites. On the 28th i got an email:
    About your Dec27 post....I'm a horseman and there is a horse where I am house-sitting that is reddish brown.... his name is Captain. I thought it was cool that he/they showed up right after we talked.
    btw, the color is called 'chestnut' ;)

    Dec. 31, '08: (8:45am EST) Yo, help me blast this target in Goldsboro, NC a bit. What i'm dowsing does not make much sense yet, but maybe if we hammer on them a while things will become clearer.
    The main spot seems to be the southern portion of the big dark building in the center, but there also seems to be activity in those other little structures around there.
    Something to do with gov't pedophile rituals, but i haven't found an agency. And this is probably not the site of the rituals themselves. Nor does this seem to be a child-trafficking spot per se. Email me if you have insights.
    There are 458 evil people associated with this complex, but a lot less are present there now, maybe 232. For some reason this is hard to dowse.

    (8:20pm) Project Camelot just released a video interview with Jim Humble, inventor of MMS. Check it out.
    Incidentally, i have been taking some MMS lately.

      *   *   *  
    Well, we survived 2008 pretty well, unlike certain evil species. The common spider demons which i think are called Kyopwuigly-sojujj appear to be extinct in the wild. (There is a much rarer, more tarantula-like internal spider which i think is called Toyf which still exists, presumably, but i haven't encountered any in a while.) And now the Codok octopi seem near eradication, and haven't been hitting people in a while. And the other bad guys are getting pretty thinned out.
    I just checked out Iceland again: there are 10 Arcturan bases under it with a billion strong in each one. And i only found 1 grey nest and 3 rept nests there! In fact, even with the blasting i'm doing here in VA, i have only found a few such DOR nests trying to counter it. The greys and repts are thinning out. And although i was getting hit by hive 9 mantises up to yesterday, they haven't hit me today! Just a bit of static from repts and greys at times.

    What will things be like in 1 more year? At the rate we're going, we might not have any more problems from demons and ETs in another month or 2.
    The evil Chi-psychics are laying low. Neither they nor the NRO guys have hit me in at least a couple days. But if they make any move that comes to my attention and blows their shielding anywhere, they will shrink more.